Union County Normal Institute

ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY PUPILS IN THE UNION COUNTY NORMAL SCHOOL ( The following was a news clipping dated August 1899 found in a scrapbook made by Hattie Lucas, grandmother of Alfred Lucas)

The attendance at the Union County Normal Institute is increasing. Monday 160 were enrolled and Tuesday there were on the register 180 names, twenty new pupils having entered Tuesday morning. It is expected that there will yet be an increase and next week will likely be at least two hundred in attendance. The work is now well under way the school having been well organized and classified Monday. The sessions are held in the forenoon from 8 a.m. until noon and the afternoons are devoted to study. This will be the plan for this week but next week afternoon sessions may be held. Professor Searlay, president of the state normal school, will arrive Saturday and give special instructions in the normal next week.

Abbott, Maud Thayer Haines, Mary Lorimor Mielke, Nellie Afton
Alderson, Isabelle Creston Hall, Myrt Creston Miller, Ernest Creston
Anderson, Mabel Creston Hatton, Mabel Creston Miller, Jessie Creston
Archibald, Hattie Creston Hayden, Nellie Creston Miller, Perry Creston
Arnold, Chas. P. Creston Henderson, Lizzie Creston Morrow, Bertha Kent
Arnold, Gertrude Kent Herring, Mae Creston Mullen, Prof. W. O. Afton
Arnold, Nellie Kent Higgs, May Creston Mulligan, Agnee Orient
Ashby, Madge Afton Hilton, Mollie Creston Mulligan, Bertie Orient
Ayres, Grace Creston Hoffman, Ethel Nevinville Myers, Effie Creston
Bay, Lula Creston Holiday, Amy Creston Nichols, Mildred Creston
Bayliss, Myrtle Creston Hood, Dora Creston Nicholson, Gertrude Afton
Beard, Blanch Afton Hood, Minnie Creston O'Brien, Daniel Afton
Beard, Susky Afton Hopkins, Alice Creston O'Conner, Ellen Afton
Bell, Prof. W. Creston Hopkins, Mrs. Alice Creston Parsons, A. E. Creston
Belton, Alice Creston Howe, Ada Creston Peppers, Maud Creston
Boyd, Hattie Creston Hower, Emma Creston Pfeiffer, Lucy Creston
Braunberger, Clara Creston Hubbard, Grace Creston Pfeiffer, Myrtle Creston
Brennan, Mary Creston Huntzinger, Myrtle Talmage Pfeiffer, Walter Creston
Burdette, Anna Spaulding Igoe, Addie Creston Ramsey, Susie Creston
Burnes, Katherine Afton Ingham, Iva Afton Reagan, Mary W. Afton
Butler, Basha Creston Jackson, Jennie Lorimor Reeves, Anna Afton
Campbell, Lizzie Kent Jackson, Mayme Arispe Ressler, Etta Creston
Cartlich, May Creston Jamison, Jennie Creston Reynolds, Kathalien Washington, IA
Castor, Mariah Hopeville Johnson, Hannah Creston Riby, Dora Lorimor
Cecil, Blarch Macksburg Johnson, Nellie Creston Ricedorf, Stella Thayer
Chandler, Atta Afton Johnson, Ruby Creston Riggs, Blanch Creston
Clark, Leona Shannon City Jolly, Maud Creston Roberts, Effie Afton
Coan, Mary Creston Jones, Mildred Afton Robinson, Helen Afton
Coen, Tanny Afton Kane, Nellie Creston Rosenberg, Ida Creston
Cole, Jessie Hammond, IN Katzenberg, Iva Hopeville Shehen, Nellie Afton
Converse, Mina Lorimor Kearney, Johana Creston Shuanz, Ida W. Afton
Coogle, Carrie Creston Kennay, Susie Creston Sinnott, Leora Creston
Corder, Grace Creston Kennedy, Mary Creston Sinnott, Leota Creston
Corey, Frank Cromwell Kennedy, Winnie Creston Skinner, Ina Creston
Cunningham, Maud Afton Keye, Lillian Creston Skinner, Rilla Creston
Cushen, Dora Creston Kilburn, Winifred Creston Sprowl, Isabelle Creston
Dahms, Sophie Creston Kilgore, Anna Cromwell Steers, Charlie Creston
Daily, Nellie Thayer Knight, Bertha Lorimor Stevens, Abbie Cromwell
Danielson, Anna Creston Krise, Cora Lorimor Tennis, Anna Shannon City
Davidson, Frankie Lorimor Lafever, Clara Thayer Teny, Ora Orient
Day, Jonie Thayer Lamaster, Mattie Creston Toops, Maud Creston
Delay, Etta Arispe Larey, Oliette Afton Toy, Hattie Creston
Dixon, Laura Creston Larimer, Grace Creston Umbaugh, Muda Afton
Dore, Mary Creston Lauffer, Effie Thayer Urie, Lorena Creston
Dunton, Goldy Nevinville Lawerence, Helen Creston Veterick, Clara Creston
Edwards, Minnie Lorimor Lichty, Elvira Creston Walsh, May Afton
Ellis, Rena Shannon City Lipsett, Laura Creston Walsh, Nellie Creston
Emerson, May Kasson Lipsett, Mable Creston Walsh, Winnie Creston
Emerson, Stella Creston Locks, Lillie Creston Watson, May Creston
Enochs, Lillian Creston Long, Lizzie Shannon City Wheeler, Nettie Afton
Estep, Etta Creston Louck, Lulu Creston Whipple, Edith Creston
Fariday, Edith Creston Lutman, Myrtle Creston Whistler, Gertrude Ellston
Figgins, Emily Afton Mallory, Alice Creston Wilbee, Jennie Creston
Fisher, Maud Creston Martz, Kate Creston Williams, Hattie Creston
Flint, Eva Creston Mason, Mabel Creston Williams, Katie Creston
Floyd, Nellie Shannon City Mason, Pearl Creston Wilson, Hariett Creston
Fluckey, Mamie Afton Mather, Elma Creston Wilton, Marth Creston
Ford, Myrtle Creston McCann, Lizzie Creston Winhafer, Eloise Creston
Foster, Lizzie Afton McCleery, Dell Thayer Wohllaib, Rose Afton
Fugier, Ellen Creston McCracken, Myrtle Orient Wolfe, F. L. Creston
Glass, Lillian Shannon City McMillen, Arlie Creston Yowell, Blanch Creston
Goulden, Jennie Creston Means, Ethel Karson    
Graham, Jo Creston Means, Luella Karson    

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