WRITTEN DEC. 12, 1929.





     The BAPTIST Church of Lorimor was organized on August 21 [no year given] with the following charter members: Lucy and Wm. Harding, Hugh and Chas. Alexander, R. H. Delmege, Mary E. Stalcup, Minnie M. Lord and Harry J. Lord.  Two of these are still living but are not residents of Lorimor, Wm. G. Harding, Shenandoah, IA and Minnie M. Lord of Rapid City, S. D.

     Rev. A. H. Lyons acted as a moderator, M. L. Sigler, clerk and assisted by Rev. E. C. Burnham were the organizers.  Rev. Sigler was the first pastor of the newly organized church.

     The Baptist Church was first organized in Lorimor with the present Church building as the house of worship.  The first Sunday school class was a Union Sunday School with the Methodists, held in the Baptist church.

      The first church services were held in the hall, which later burned.  The business meetings were held in the home of R. H. Delmege.  The first clerk was Harry J. Lord.  Only half time services were held until 1906 when rev. Underwood came upon the field.

      The Baptist parsonage was bought in 1907, which was located 3 blocks west of the church.  In 1916 the church was raised, rebuilt and cleaned, and in 1926 the interior was redecorated.



     The Christian Church of Lorimor grew out of a meeting at Zahlia School House in 1887, when a band of people, after having made the “Good Confession” decided to be known as “Christians only.”  They held together but feebly until the town of Lorimor was established, where a man by the name of B. D. Clarke held a meeting, and the people with a few others became charter members of the new church.  These charter members were Mr. & Mrs. J. K. Hendrich, Mrs. Courtney, Mrs. Carrie Wooduff, Mrs. Scholfield, Mrs. Pansy Bailey, Abbie Holman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Needs, Miss Madge Groesbeck and Miss Edith Groesbeck.

      Shortly after a church was erected in the extreme west part of town next to the park entrance, as now located.  It stood on this location for about 10 years when Bro. Carl Organ held a meeting, at which it was decided to move the building to a more central location.  Land was procured and the building was moved in 1908, to the present site.

      The first located pastor was Rev. E. L. Nickle.

      About three years ago the building ws renovated, redecorated and painted inside and out.  A full basement, a new heating plant, and a fine set of social rooms were also added, making the church a modern building.



      The beginning of Methodism in Lorimor dates from the fall of 1888 when a band of five people including: Ira C. Burkheimer and wife, E. C. Littler and wife, and Mrs. B. F. Tait, united as a Methodist body.  No organization was perfected, however, until September, 1891. During this interval, union services were held with the Baptists, they having previously built their church.

     The ministers of the M.E. denomination holding meetings during the pre-organization period were: Rev. Johnson, Ezra Harvey and Rev. Morrow who served on the Macksburg charge.  To this little band a goodly number was soon added, necessitating a regular organization.

     Rev. William C. Smith was the first pastor of the Lorimor charge with an appointment of at Lasson.  During the first pastorate the old church was built and was dedicated October 1892 by Rev. L. B. Wikershane.  At this time, the main part of the old parsonage was built, the addition being built in 1903.

      The church made a steady growth and about the years 1907 and 1908 a new church was talked of. The membership approved the plan and under the pastorate of Rev. Booth, the new church was built and dedicated in July, 1910.  This church is beautiful and commodious and the Methodist people are proud of their church home.