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snakes den of 300 rattlesnakes klled in Union county. NKT 10 Jan 1924

snakes den of rattlesnakes found BGrove. BTR 26 Aug 1926

snakes Prairie rattle snakes found nr Platteville. BTR 02 Aug 1923

snakes Prof Guthrie of Iowa State College at Ames doing a study on all the snakes in Iowa. NKT 07 Sep 1922

snakes rattlesnake article; guy killed 12 snakes. NKT 23 Sep 1920


Killed 29 Rattlers in One Day - The threshing crew who did the threshing on the Col. Woodburn farm killed 29 rattlesnakes in one day. The farm has been kept from cultivation by the eccentric ideas of Mr Woodburn, and forty acres of it has never been plowed, which is probably the reason for the abundance of reptiles.

Along toward the end of the day the men were pitching from the shock rather gingerly, holding their pitchfork by the blunt and giving the bundles plenty of room. W.T. Brown discovered after he had pitched on a shock that a rattler had been coiled between his feet. He killed the snake, with the remark that it was time to quit and left the field -- Sharpsburg Review

Page County Democrat, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 30, 1917