Bits and Items from Bedford, Iowa newspapers
transcribed by Pat O'Dell:
abbreviations in items / where articles are available
back to Taylor County, Iowa

ads advertisement for a wife from John W. Grant of Truckee, Calif. BTR 24 Jun 1909

agriculture 1st grain combine cuts soy beans in Taylor co. B 26 Oct 1933

agriculture 1st crib of sealed corn. B 07 Dec 1933

agriculture 80 acres in Benton twp sold for #150. BTR 22 Jan 1925

agriculture alfalfa tour; interest in new seeding. BTR 28 Apr 1924: first alfalfa grown in Taylor co 6 yrs ago; a report on it's progress. BTR 26 Jun 1913

agriculture article on how to thresh with a machine. SWD 27 Jan 1888

agriculture coffee 9# for $1. TCR 14 Dec 1882

agriculture corn support price $1.47, good ground beef 29 cts #, BTP $2.50 per yr. B 02 Aug 1956

agriculture corn averages given; almost 40 bu per acre. TCR 14 Dec 1882

agriculture farm loans due in Taylor co for 1882; little less than $350,000. TCR 02 Mar 1882

agriculture farms (18) have recorded names. BTR 19 Oct 1911: registry of official farm names in the county. BTR 04 May 1916

agriculture grain - wheat hit one dollar a bushel. BTR 03 Sep 1914

agriculture grain - cost of producing an acre of corn was $26.57; 35 bu raised on an acre. BFP 27 Mar 1918

agriculture grain - 1100 bushels of corn sealed in Taylor co. BTR 18 Feb 1926

agriculture how to get rid of Canada Thistles. TCD 07 Feb 1895

agriculture land valued at $61.60. BTR 22 Jul 1915

agriculture machinery; 1st Ford tractor arrives in Bfd to Johnson Implement Co. B 07 Aug 1947

agriculture markets in Bfd: corn 30 cents, oats 22 cents, wheat 97 1/2 cents. BTR 13 Oct 1921

agriculture markets: corn 22 cents, wheat 40 cts, oats 12-15 cts, eggs 19 cts, butter 18 cts, timothy hay $4 - $5 per ton, potatoes 50 cts, apples 65 cts - $1, hogs $4.75 - $5, steers $3.75 - $4, butcher's stuff $1.75 to $2.25. TCD 21 Dec 1893

agriculture pic of hay loader, rake & mower. BFP 08 Jul 1897

agriculture real estate transfers in 1924. BFP 31 Jan 1924

agriculture Tractor plowing demonstration. BFP 20 Sep 1923

agriculture wool - 30,000 lbs of wool sold by farmers in Taylor co Friday. BTR 08 Jun 1911

airplane The airplane from StJo which was here for several days last week did a land office business yesterday afternoon at $2.50 per ride. The passengers could not be taken up as fast as the tickets were sold. The plane landed in the field west of the country club. Many cars visited the landing place yesterday afternoon. BTR 27 Oct 1924

Allison post office discontinued; pick up mail at Hopk. BFP 14 Nov 1901

animals alligators found in Crawford county. NKT 17 Jan 1924

animals article abt Cash Evans saw a deer and had seen one abt a yr ago. B 23 Nov 1944

animals catches wolf; Elmer Webb. NKT 15 Jan 1920

animals item abt wolves attacking a man. NKT 20 May 1920

animals Jack Bean's mule. NKT 13 Jul 1922

animals Muggins the dog is dead..BTR 25 Jul 1922

animals mule obit; Earnest Green's mule died aged 20y 14m 32d. BFP 27 Dec 1923

animals Old Charlie the faithful old fire horse died quite suddenly at city hall. BFP 25 Jan 1906

animals panther loose in Polk twp; killed 24 sheep of Aaron Oxley; BA 14 Aug 1879: Oxley says it was neighbors who killed the sheep. BA 04 Sep 1879

animals quail introduced to Taylor co. B 17 Nov 1938

Ath Athelstan News-Letter, Vol 1 No 1; printed. BKT 03 Feb 1898

Ath Athelstan Gleaner in 1894. TCR 10 May 1894

Ath bank closes. BTR 10 Dec 1925

Ath early history by C.M. King. TCH 07 Aug 1941

Ath has rec'd its incorporation papers. BFP 14 Nov 1895

Ath pic of Ath Bank and IA. BTR 15 Jan 1920

autos ad for the small car. BTR 14 Jul 1910

autos began publishing purchase of new cars list in paper. BTR Oct 1923

autos Cars in county 3700. BTR 11 Sep 1924

autos must get driver's license. BTR 12 May 1921: can drivers must secure permits soon. BTR 10 Sep 1931

autos Mvle Autoist vis Bfd. BFP 27 Jul 1911

autos My Flivver - poem. NKT 21 Sep 1922

autos new law says only 30 mph speed when out "burning up the dirt." NKT 04 Aug 1921

Hopk Hopk Bank closes. BTR 01 Jul 1926

Bfd Bedford Mills closed. ISW 23 Feb 1878

Bfd Bfd Air Flying Field, dedicated. BTR 06 Sep 1928

Bfd business; Tyler Cocoa Cola Co; IA. TCH 13 Apr 1933

Bfd businesses. BA 20 Feb 1879, BA 06 Feb 1879

Bfd Centennial issue. B 09 Jul 1953

Bfd Citizen's State Bank of Bfd closes. BTR 03 Oct 1929

Bfd Creamery Business at Bfd; pics & IA. BTR 16 Apr 1908

Bfd downtown lights turned on. BFP 31 Mar 1898

Bfd dry goods & grocery prices. ISW 05 Jun 1875

Bfd electric light franchise question. TCD 05 Jul 1894

Bfd Frosty Trete Shop opens. B 28 Jun 1951

Bfd grandstand torn down in court yard. B 15 Jul 1937

Bfd history. ISW 23 Feb 1878

Bfd Iowa Southwest and Taylor County Democrat consolidated. TCR 19 Jun 1884

Bfd mud, muddy, muddiest; condition of streets. ISW 13 Feb 1869

Bfd name of paper changes from Taylor County Democrat to Bedford Free Press with this issue. BFP 13 Jun 1895

Bfd new funeral home opens. BTR & BFP 30 Aug 1923

Bfd new Ford garage opens. BFP 30 Aug 1923

Bfd new depot; pic. BFP 09 Jan 1917

Bfd old pic of main street. B 25 May 1972

Bfd ordinances of the city of Bfd; where you can park carriage, wagon, sleigh, etc. TCR 12 Oct 1882

Bfd paving of 40-50 blocks of Bfd streets. BFP 10 Jan 1924, BFP 20 Dec 1923

Bfd pic of 1st paving project. B 22 Nov 1973

Bfd pic of Odd Fellows Blfd, Bfd. BTR 10 Apr 1906

Bfd picture series began of business men's childhood pics; for people to guess. B 09 Sep 1971

Bfd Presbyterian church 50th An. BTR & BFP 26 Aug 1909

Bfd Shum-Novinger Funeral Service history; 50 yrs old. B 07 Jul 1983

Bfd Taylor co Gen Soc growning interest. B 12 Feb 1970

Bfd Theatre & Hardin buildings burn; Doc will rebuild the building. B 05 May 1955, B 14 Apr 1955

Bfd wants county courthouse. TCR 18 May 1882, TCR 27 Apr 1882

Bfd work to begin on a grist mill..details. ISW 13 Mar 1869

birth clerk calls for past 5 yrs of birth records be reported immediately. BTR 18 Jul 1918: another plea for everyone to get birth registered. B 01 Dec 1938: birth statistics estimated to be 5% incomplete each yr; even more so during the war; ask parents to be sure to register births. TCH 17 Dec 1942: art abt the inadequate birth reporting. BTR 25 Nov 1909

births 82 boys, 77 girls born in Taylor co 1924. BTR 29 Jan 1925

births article abt does your baby have a birth certificate? B 25 Oct 1934

births clerk says 96 births, 41 deaths, 168 marriages yr ending 01 Oct. BFP 02 Jan 1896

births death and marriage printed: very small to read. TCR 21 Dec 1882

births new registration of birth & death & marriages would become a regular column in newspaper. TCR 18 Nov 1880: new law appointed one or more from each precinct to record births & deaths; they were paid 25 cts per report. BTR 09 Jun 1905

births of 1893 printed in 1894. TCD; issue of 04 Jan 1894 missing

births the law passed by the last session creating a State Board of Health requires that all births be reported to the clerk of the courts by the attending physician or in case there should be none then by the relatives of the child. BTR 03 Jun 1880

births those appointed to keep track of birth & deaths in twp. BFP 28 Jul 1921

Bkt cheese factory building nearly completed with equipment etc. BKT 21 Jul 1898: first cheese. BKT 04 Aug 1898

Bkt IA. BTR 06 Oct 1905

Bkt recollections of Bkt; names people who have come and gone. BTR 31 Oct 1907

Bkt Soldier's monument unveiled at Bkt. BFP 05 Sep 1917

Bkt town pump at Bkt brot there by the Mormans; IA. BFP 02 Mar 1899, BFP 05 Jan 1899

Bkt town description. BFP 20 Apr 1905, BFP 17 Aug 1905

Blue Grove area history. ISW 11 May 1878

bounties 33 wolf bounties paid. BTR 21 Apr 1924

bounty starling bounty stopped; too much money. B 06 Apr 1939

city hall list of articles in the copper box put in the cornerstone of the new city hall; 7 local and near local newspapers. TCR 20 Sep 1883

bridges Bridge across Honey Creek, 4 miles east of town fell in when William Webb was moving cows; with rains it hasn't been fixed; very inconvenient. ISW 12 May 1877

bridges condition of all the bridges in county. TCR 13 Jul 1882

bridges The Odell bridge, in Mason twp, has just been completed, and was accepted and paid for on Monday. It is an eighty-eight foot span and was built by Messrs Raymond & Campbell of Council Bluffs. TCR 12 Sep 1878

Buchanan founded 14 Jun 1856 by James Ingles; hist & business. ISW 09 Feb 1878

Buchanan news. ISW 24 Feb 1877

burials at rear of Old Clifton Hotel found. BTR 29 Jun 1911

burials skelton bones unearthed tells abt others also found under the business district. BTR 05 Jun 1923

CCC memories of CCC camp; article & pics. B 18 Mar 1982

cemetery Article abt the Bfd Mausoleum. BTR 19 Sep 1922, BTR 07 Sep 1922

cemetery bodies removed from Brooks cem to Grove cem; see Frank Johnson

cemetery body of Dorothy Damewood moved from Burlington, Ia to Villisca cem. B 30 May 1935

cemetery body of a newborn infant found under a tree nr Platteville cemetery; wrapped in an old dress shirt & apron. TCR 01 Nov 1883

cemetery body removed from Gwood cem to FBfd c Mrs C.W. Fletcher

cemetery citizens of Cwy having a cemetery laid off ne of town on farm of Mr Hews. Surveyed by W.C. Blackstone. Plan is similar to Lx cemetery. ISW 02 Jun 1877

cemetery Cwy; quite a few burials in Grant twp have been moved there and abt the cemetery. TCR 23 May 1878

cemetery Fairview Bfd is referred to as South Lawn in 1920's

cemetery graves found under house nr Grav. BTR 20 Mar 1930

cemetery Hoover graveyard; The graveyard near Daniel Hoover's farm, has been cleared of rubbish and the graves filled up, which makes it look better than before. TCR 27 Jun 1878

cemetery Luteston cem c Martha Armstrong obit

cemetery Morgan cem south of Kent to have Memorial service; one of the old cemeteries. BTR 24 Jul 1930

cemetery Platteville cem. in obit of Stephen Douglas Large, MD, he was buried in Platteville cemetery, Platteville, Ia in sight of and but a short distance from the place where he was born and near the graves of his parents. His father gave the first acre of ground for the cemetery and also gave the ground for the school and church in that vicinity. BTR 13 Nov 1923

cemetery Titus cem meeting called to organize interested persons in upkeep of Titus cemetery. BFP 17 Feb 1910, BFP 10 Feb 1910

cemetery Titus cemetery name changed to Graceland cemetery. BFP 17 Feb 1910

cemetery Washington twp cem which was laid out in 1876 was filed at the Recorder's office this week. TCR 26 Apr 1883

census 1890 census statistics. TCD 23 May 1895

census 1890 census had 778 foreign born people in Taylor co. TCD 01 Nov 1894

census 1890-1895 population & comparisons. BFP 27 Jun 1895

census notes on the 1880 census; lists all of the oldest people in the county. TCR 09 Sep 1880

Cfd 1st child born in new town..A.B. Allen's dau. TCR 12 Jan 1882

Cfd town description. BFP 13 Apr 1905, BFP 07 Sep 1905

chautauqua in Pages from the Past; #2043. CHJ 29 Sep 1980

chautauqua Nkt chautauqua issue. NKT 10 Jul 1924

chruches Bfd to have new Catholic church. B 20 Jul 1950; cornerstone. B 07 Sep 1950; done. B 04 Jan 1951

churches 1894-1895 many women ministers

churches Baptist ch dedicated; pic; and IA. BFP 03 Jan 1901

churches Baptist ch dedication. BFP 20 Dec 1900

churches Berea Church has first service. TCD 28 Jun 1894

churches Bfd Me ch history. BFP 27 May 1913: 70th An and pic. BTR 22 May 1913

churches Bfd Me ch; pic. BTR 16 Apr 1908

churches Brethren of Honey Grove dedicate church. BKT 30 Jun 1898

churches Catholic church furnishings moved to Granger, Ia; building closed. B 04 Oct 1934

churches Christian ch; pic. BTR 16 Apr 1908

churches Christian church being razed; history of making the church. BFP 03 May 1900

churches Christian church new building. BFP 29 Nov 1900

churches Church of Gilead; orginally Brushy; nice history. BFP 27 May 1913

churches Colored Baptist dedicate new building. TCR 06 Apr 1882

churches Gilead church, 72 yrs old; little history. BTR 17 Oct 1929

churches Grav Me church, 100th An. B & CHJ 22 Sep 1983: new ME church at Grav; pic. BTR 05 Dec 1907

churches list of those baptized at East Mission last Sunday; abt 50 people. BFP 16 Jan 1917

churches list of people who joined the Baptist church in 1888. B 12 Dec 1935

churches Lx Me church to be dedicated. BTR 16 Mar 1906

churches Lx United Presby church organized Sep 19, 1874, tells abt progress. TCR 15 Jul 1880

churches Maple Grove Me ch 100th BR. CHJ 28 Apr 1983

churches Me church at Grav being built. TCR 16 Nov 1882

churches Me church that met at Union school house in Ringgold co moving to new town, Cfd. TCR 02 Mar 1882, TCR 16 Feb 1882

churches Meth church at Maple Grove, Nodaway twp, dedicated 10 Feb. TCR 21 Feb 1884

churches Meth church at Grav to be dedicated 09 Dec. TCR 13 Dec 1883, TCR 29 Nov 1883

churches Old Baptist Church, landmark to be replaced. BFP 26 Apr 1900

churches pic of a wooden fram church that I can't identify. BTR 04 Feb 1909

churches Presby ch pipe organ installed. BTR 30 Jan 1908

churches Presby Church dedication. TCD 12 Jul 1894

churches Presby ch history of Sharps. B 12 May 1938

churches St Patricks Catholic Church at Lx dedicated. BTR 07 May 1914

churches Union Baptist ch in Ross twp mentioned. BFP 06 Mar 1902

Clar class of 1921; pic. CHJ 11 Jun 1981

Clar reopened 2 banks. TCH 11 Aug 1932

coal mines 2nd Coal mine opens nr Grav. BTR 15 Dec 1924

coal mines another one opens at Nkt. BTR 03 Jun 1926

coal mines article about Taylor co coal. TCR 27 Dec 1883

coal mines Bates co Ks freightful explosion in mine killed many. SWD 30 Mar 1888 (there isn't a Bates co, Ks; there is a Bates co, Mo near LyCygne, Ks.)

coal mines coal mine mile east of New Market being put down. TCR 31 Aug 1882, TCR 10 Aug 1882, TCR 22 Jun 1882

coal mines coal mine acci at Grav kills miner Dell Martin. BTR 30 Sep 1926

coal mines Grav Coal co incorporates. BTR 22 Jan 1925

coal mines new coal shaft on Ralph Andres in Nodaway twp. BTR 21 May 1931

coal mines new coal field opens at Grav owned by W.B. Richardson. BTR 23 Oct 1924, BTR 08 Aug 1924

coal mines Nkt Coal Co installs machinery. BFP 08 Dec 1914

coal mines Pullan mine. NKT 21 Aug 1930

coal mines Pullen mine article. BTR 25 May 1922

Coin in Page co, is called the "Magic City" for the reason that it was a vacant corn field in 1880 and is now a town of 700 inhabitants. TCR 05 Apr 1883

Coin see Uncle Bud; #3023. CHJ 05 Mar 1981

Colfax alias Mormantown, acct of all businesses. ISW 26 Jan 1878

colored Emancipation celebration. TCR 27 Jul 1882, TCR 09 Aug 1883

Corning Spring Lake opened at Corning. BFP 12 Jun 1924

county seat article abt Bfd and Lxtn vying for the county seat. BTR 14 Aug 1924

county fair Taylor County Fair history; #7014. B 08 Jul 1976

county fairs TCR 26 Sep 1878, DR 25 Sep 1878, several issues here abt the fair and people involved.

court probates in district court. TCD 05 Oct 1893

courthouse clock; pic and IA; details. BTR 30 Jan 1906

courthouse in Hist. Register of Historical Places. B 13 Aug 1981

courthouse picture with horses tied around it. B 30 Dec 1971

CW Bfd, FBfd, Mohler, FGrove, Lxtn, Graceland, roll of soldier's. BFP 26 May 1914, BTR 28 May 1914

CW letters from D.D. Weir. #7086. CHJ 22 Mar 1982

CW list of veteran's & regiments who registered at the Taylor co fair. BTR 06 Aug 1914

CW list of vets who registered at 4th celebration. BFP 11 Jul 1916

CW vets of Co F 29th Ia enjoy reunion. BTR 24 Oct 1922

CW vets meet in Bfd, names, rank & pic. BFP 14 Sep 1915, BTR 16 Sep 1915

Cwy 450 attend old settlers' picnic nr Cwy. BTR 13 Sep 1928

Cwy bank closes. BFP 29 May 1918

Cwy businesses. ISW 10 Mar 1877, ISW 03 Mar 1877

Cwy businesses. TCD 03 Aug 1893

Cwy Conway Crossing officially changed 24th Sep to Merle Jct. BFP 05 Sep 1916

Cwy Conway Journal in 1894. TCD 18 Oct 1894

Cwy history. ISW 02 Feb 1878, TCR 21 Mar 1878

Cwy IA. BTR 29 Aug 1905

Cwy Crossing losing hopes railroad will go thru there. BFP 21 Oct 1909: train stops there. BFP 18 Nov 1909

Cwy notes. ISW 30 Sep 1876

Cwy Telephone Co formed. TCD 30 May 1895

Cwy tornado. B 13 May 1971

Dallas twp items. TCR 26 Jan 1882, TCR 02 Feb 1882

Dallas twp list of all the movers. BTR 11 Mar 1920

Dawson Dawson IOOF lodge group, Dawson, Mo; #5028. H 21 May 1981

deaths 1910-1913 appendicitis was the big thing

deaths 49 deaths list of yr 1895 in Page co; #7084. CHJ 22 Mar 1982

deaths Death rates and causes, ht dis & kidney dis klld far more than TB. very good article. BFP 24 Aug 1911

deaths diseases listed on death records 1922-26: cancer 22, ht dis 40, acci 12, apoplexy 11, stillbirth 36, senility 63, typhoid 2, brain dis 25, diabetes 10, peritonitis 6, sunstroke 1, appendicitis 4, unk 7, flu 9, pneu 26, TB 6, Bright's dis 9, measles 2, scarlet fever 1, operations 2, smallpox 2, suicide 2, misc 47. BTR 25 Mar 1926

deaths George Green says the son of a widow lady residing in Grant twp was thrown from a horse & killed last Sunday. Name not known. TCR 19 Jan 1878

deaths preventable deaths in Iowa; 2961 babies under 1 yr died ..172 auto acci, 124 railroad acci, 120 typhoid, 45 tetanus. BTR 25 Jul 1922

deaths regulations on contagious dis; printed 1892; #7070. CHJ 18 Feb 1982

deaths woman killed taking a bath and using an electric curling iron. NKT 10 Apr 1924

doctors Dr Hardin decided to stop making house calls. B 09 Jan 1969

dog obits Cricket Mayor Webb's fox terrier obit. BFP 24 Nov 1914

dog obits Theodore, commonly known as Teddy, formerly a stray dog, and everybody's friend, passed away by request of the city officer's Monday June 23. Aged 7 years. In his youth he established fame by walking home from Clarinda. Interment in Dogville Mauseoleum. Was adept at riding on the running board of a car. His death is being mourned by Helen Baker especially. BTR 26 Jun 1924

dogs Speck, the dog who owns local Emmert's garage; moving to Mershon, Ga; his story. B 07 Dec 1961

early history band of gypsies camped north of town. TCR 15 Jun 1882

early history Benton twp, petition to divide it posted. BA 25 Dec 1879

early history Bruce Mahan writes of dry good stores. B 29 Apr 1971: early dress makers. B 10 Jun 1971: boyhood in Bfd, 1898-1908; 1st in a series "Steele's Opera House." B 27 Dec 1956: begins series of "Boyhood in Bfd" B 28 May 1959: old groceries. B 30 Jul 1959: 102 River Valley Camp Trip. B 01 Feb 1962: old drug stores. B 19 Apr 1962: writes abt favorite sports. B 08 Sep 1960

early history cockleburr ridge items. BFP 07 May 1925

early history courthouse, proposition to levy taxes to build. TCR 24 Jun 1880: tax to build voted down. TCR 01 Jun 1882

early history cow ordinance..must be shut up after dark being discussed. ISW 11 Aug 1877

early history Dallas twp items. ISW 12 Jan 1878

early history Dallas doings. BA 29 May 1879

early history Do You Remember column, discusses pros & cons to the seceded south. from Jan 17, 1861 paper. B 01 Feb 1951

early history early documents of Taylor co. BTR 25 Aug 1924

early history Enod..where was it..items. in 1894 papers

early history first court in Ross twp. BTR 11 Sep 1924

early history good early history. BFP 31 Jan 1901: corrections and additions. BFP 07 Feb 1901

early history Grant twp..people that live there. ISW 01 Mar 1879

early history Hoover school burns; has history of the school and some abt Old Pleasant Grove area. B 18 Aug 1949

early history Jesse James gang. ISW 30 Sep 1876

early history list of first for Taylor co. Bfd incorporated in 1866? BTR 29 May 1923

early history many petitions for right of way to build roads in 1880's

early history Memory; as per Aug 20, 1868; #999. CHJ 18 Feb 1980

early history Mrs Hindman's letter. BTR 16 Oct 1924

early history news column from "College Hill." gay twp? BFP 02 Jan 1896

early history note on Icarian settlement. TCR 14 Feb 1878

early history pic of old log cabin where early settlers gathered to protect themselves. BTR 02 Aug 1928

early history Potter, town north of Hastings, 7 mi in Mills co; IA. TCR 29 Apr 1880

early history prairies on either side of road running north of Bfd have been cultivated: allows no pasture for town cows. ISW 12 May 1877

early history reminiscences, prairie fires, etc. BKT 10 Feb 1898, BKT 03 Feb 1898, BKT 27 Jan 1898

early history reminiscences by Houck. BFP 07 Jan 1897, BFP 28 May 1896, BFP 04 Jun 1896, BFP 02 Jul 1896, BFP 30 Jul 1896, BFP 05 Nov 1896, BFP 12 Nov 1896, BFP 26 Nov 1896, BFP 03 Dec 1896, BFP 10 Dec 1896, BFP 17 Dec 1896, BFP 24 Dec 1896

early history reprint of early history from Times Republican 01 Aug 1893. TCH 27 Oct 1932

early history story of Taylor co written by Mrs M.E. Ledgerwood; her father was Miller etc. BTR 29 Jan 1925

early history taxpayer list; amt of land & tax paid. TCR 14 Oct 1880

early history the county poor house will be completed in abt two weeks. TCR 04 Nov 1880

early history the do you remember column has stuff from the 1861 Taylor co Tribune. B Oct 1951

early history treeless prairies of Taylor co mentioned in obit of George Bix. BTR 18 Jan 1912

early history you are an old timer if you can M.B. Dunning. B 18 Sep 1952

editors In the write-up of a funeral an exchange says the deceased lay "quietly in his casket." That was an eminently decorous thing for him to do. There is nothing which mars the solemnity of a funeral more than for the corpse to get to cavorting around among the mourners. BKT 21 Apr 1898

editors Jottings by the Left Hander, JST: begins. B 25 Aug 1960

Elliott's Station going up, 2 1/2 mi west of Grav. TCR 11 May 1882

emigrants Alvin, Tx site of much Taylor co settling. TCD 02 Nov 1893

emigrants An emigrant outfit from Hamilton co, Nebr passed thru Taylor co. TCD 20 Sep 1894

emigrants committees named to send relief to Cheyenne co, Ks. TCD 07 Feb 1895

emigrants condition of farms around the Taylor County Colony in Alvin, Tx. TCD 27 Sep 1894

emigrants five prairie schooners filled with emigrants from Mapleton, Ia going to southwestern Mo. TCD 23 May 1895

emigrants Last Saturday a covered wagon passed north through town bearing upon it the rather novel inscription "gOIN' BaCk IOWa to mY mOtHeRn-LaW" lettered in a manner somewhat like the above. The occupants of the wagon were a man, woman, and two or three children. Evidently they been to Ks. Nodaway Democrat. TCR 23 Dec 1880

emigrants On Tuesday might a company of emigrants consisting of eighty six persons, with seventy one horses, twenty wagons, 5 cows and 3 dogs, camped on the creek about half a mile east of town. The party called itself the Bozman Colony and hailed from Adair co, Mo. It contained a minister and a physician, and of the entire number not a man used liquor. The destination of the colony is Gallatin Valley, Mont and is in charge of Mr Nathan Lay. The caravan passed thru town on Wed morning, presenting a very imposing appearance. They request that a copy of the REPUBLICAN be sent them at Oma. TCR 16 May 1878

emigrants people were sending relief supply wagons to folks in drouth stricken Nebr. late 1894-1895

emigrants Several emigrant wagons, westward bound passed through town this week. It was somewhat cold for the travelers, although some were provided with stoves to shed an occasional ray of comfort as they jogged along. ISW 10 Mar 1877

emigrants Taylor County People now in Gage co, Ne. TCR 26 Jul 1883

emigrants Ten prairie schooners passed thru town last Sat. on the way to Mo. The people along with them are going to work on new lines of railroad in that State. BA 27 Feb 1879

emigrants to Rollo, Canada: Jesse Thompson, Edgar Shepherd. BFP 28 Mar 1912

emigrants to Southey, Canada: M& O.E. Keith, Lon Bristow & dau, Mrs Roy Spurgeon & dau, Mrs J.W. Thompson & children, Mrs Cliff Bothel and dau, Ord Clarey. BFP 28 Mar 1912

emigrants to Drinkwater, Canada: Frank Keith. BFP 28 Mar 1912

fire Bfd's Fire Department; names men; pic. BFP 24 Aug 1915, BTR 26 Aug 1915

first 1st car in Bfd; $600 Olds bot by Dr J.P. Standley at Oma. BFP 04 Aug 1904

first a television set in Bfd. B 06 Oct 1949

first barnstorming plane takes people for their first rides. BFP 03 Sep 1919

first list of people who have bot washing machines. BFP 30 Sep 1897

ads victrola ad..good one. NKT 21 Mar 1918

flailing flailing demonstrations. BTR & BFP 31 Jul 1924

Frog Valley early history NKT 11 Sep 1930

gold story of gold buried underneath a casket nw city limits of Bfd in a 15 acre pasture; see John Hunter. BTR 16 Oct 1930

Grav 1st child born in Grav; son of A.J. Brock. TCR 02 Feb 1882

Grav 1st Masonic meeting in Grav to be 08 Mar "Sunlight Lodge, U.D." TCR 28 Feb 1884

Grav Grav depot burns to ground. BFP 03 Feb 1914

Grav Grav Express shows plat of town with 32 businesses, 21 residences & 6 barns. TCR 07 Sep 1882

Grav Hotel & Gabler Implement store burned. BFP 26 Jan 1915, BTR 28 Jan 1915

Grav last Independent published. B 08 Sep 1949: to be published again. B 12 Jan 1950

Grav mill destroyed by fire. B 27 Apr 1933

Grav Soldier's monument unveiled at Grav. BTR 16 Aug 1917, BTR 23 Aug 1917

Grav squabble over Grav newspaper editor & postmaster. TCR 31 Aug 1882

Grav to incorporate in April. TCR 02 Mar 1882

Grav town description. BFP 06 Apr 1905: nice pic of school & bank & various people. BTR 12 Sep 1905, BFP 10 Aug 1905, BTR 29 Oct 1908: pic of bank. BTR 22 Jan 1920

Grav town; IA. CHJ 04 Dec 1980

Grav wants county seat. TCR 27 Apr 1882

Guss A new post office, named Guss, has just been estimated in Nodaway twp, with A.C. Patterson as postmaster. TCR 16 Aug 1883

Guss post office discontinued. BFP 17 Mar 1904

Guss store burns. BFP 22 Sep 1921

Hawleyville Old Hawleyville mill auctioned to Ed Hakes for $750. BTR 02 Dec 1915

Hawleyville post office discontinued. BFP 15 Jun 1905: business etc. BFP 24 Aug 1905

Hayden Grove centre of the southern part of Holt twp. ISW 11 May 1878

historical soc needed in Taylor co. BTR 20 Jan 1916

history local CCC camp closes. B 15 Jan 1942

history book Taylor co Hist Book, project completed. B 31 Dec 1981

Holt twp history of Holt twp. BTR 06 Nov 1924

Hopk bank closes. BTR 20 Aug 1931

Hopk history; #5026. H 30 Apr 1981

Hopk home life in Colonial Days, making brooms; #5047, 5049. H 09 Sep 1981, H 02 Sep 1981

Hopk Hopk Journal established 01 Jan 1875; has some excerpts from those old papers. BTR 20 Nov 1923

Hopk New Year's party at Hopk; details, roudy. BTR 05 Jan 1878

Hopk picture postcard of corner in 1909; #5020. H 19 Mar 1981

hospital hospital notes begin, tell what was wrong with everyone. B 28 May 1936

hotel Bfd House, pic. BTR 07 Nov 1905

hotel IA; abt the "Gorman House" an old hotel in Bfd, gives all dimensions and materials & history. BTR 17 May 1923

hotels arrivals. ISW 14 Sep 1878

hotels list of patrons of the Pacific House Hotel last week and where they were from. TCR 31 Aug 1882

hunters 6 pair chinese ringneck pheasants turned loose 5 mi east of Bfd. DO NOT SHOOT. BTR & BFP 28 May 1925

hunters H.P. Jaqua found a section of petrified tooth of an American elephant on Nodaway nr Sham. TCD 21 Jun 1894

hunters Pen Spencer killed a real jack rabbit on 102 river bridge. NKT 01 Sep 1921

hunters scores of the shooting match. ISW 30 Jun 1877

Illinois resi 1st Reunion of Former Residents of Illinois now living in Taylor co or Nodaway co. BFP 10 Sep 1896

Illinois resi reunion of all residents of Taylor co & Nodaway co from Knox co, Il. BFP 29 Aug 1895; list those present. BFP 12 Sep 1895, BFP 19 Sep 1895

immigrant wagons see Dick Underwood

indians article abt Custer's Indian captives. ISW 06 Feb 1869

indians in Ks. ISW 12 Oct 1878

indians Indians will not waste a day hunting the bounding buffalo this fall. They say the horses they have captured from the expedition sent to capture Sitting Bull will last them all winter. ISW 07 Oct 1876

indians note abt Indians camped north of Cwy. ISW 24 Jun 1876

indians we will have the Kickapoo Indians in town for the next ten days; matinee shows. SWD 30 Mar 1888

Indians Indian skeleton found in field nr Winterset; Musquawie Indians use to camp there. BFP 07 Jun 1900

Indians Indian died 28 Jul 1901 in Nodaway and buried Nodaway cemetery. His wife & 6 yr old dau probably return to their tribe. BFP 08 Aug 1901

Indians only remnant of once powerful Fox Tribe remains in Tama co; IA. BTR 17 Sep 1914

Isadora town, see M. Brown. SWD 04 May 1888

Iveyville Iveyville store owned by Fred Tanner is closing. BFP 07 Oct 1913

jail jail & residence completed. BFP 11 Jul 1901

jail old jail cells in back of city hall removed after 43 yrs. BTR 08 Jan 1924

KKK KKK demonstrations at Fairground. BFP 19 Jun 1924

Ladoga post office permanently closed as of 1st Jan. BFP 13 Jan 1914

Ladoga Seventh Day Adventist ch at Ladoga dedicated and pic. BTR 11 Jul 1912, BTR 13 Jun 1912, BFP 04 Jul 1912

Ladoga store robbed. BFP 02 Jun 1921

Ladoga store robbed. BTR 16 Jul 1925

Ladoga store see R.E. Roberts

Ladoga Store sold to John Rurody of Clar. BFP 28 Jul 1921

lake Lake of 3 Fires history; #1022. B 10 Apr 1980

lake Lxtn Park or Lake Lxtn suggested for the name of the lake to be northeast of Bfd. B 28 Feb 1935, B 07 Mar 1935: move first dirt. B 04 Jul 1935

Landis items. BFP Mar 1900+

letter abt Women's Rights, gives views of Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. ISW 30 Jan 1869

letter from France by Arthur Abbott. NKT 01 Aug 1918

letter of R.R. Anderson abt their trip to Ne and Ks. NKT 25 Jul 1918

letters copy of John Brown's last letter. BTR 01 May 1924

letters copy of old letter from George H. Ferris of Norwich to wife talks of J.N. Miller & Henry Loranz' release from Andersonville. TCD 08 Nov 1894

letters Dodie Hamblin's letters home. B 19 Jan 1950, 1946-47, churches & religion in Europe B 15 Jan 1948

letters from Eben Slawson Crystal Springs, Mont. TCR 30 Dec 1880

letters from Yaquma, Ore about the country; see J.L. Brown. SWD 09 Nov 1888

letters from a sister city of Bedford, Eng. B May 1941

letters from Tacoma, Wa Terr; see J.L. Brown. SWD 02 Nov 1888

letters from Sheridan, Wyo; see J.M. Works. SWD 26 Oct 1888

letters from Nebr by J.H. Ramsey formerly of Grant twp. TCR 20 May 1880

letters from Floyd Farlow from Great Lakes Naval Base..good letter. NKT 11 Jul 1918

letters from D.W. Erye back home. NKT 21 Mar 1918

letters from L.R. Gray..not too good. NKT 11 Jul 1918

letters from Earl Martin ; service in France. NKT 16 May 1918

letters from C.M. Cavender at Oakland, Ne; describes Camp Pike. NKT 30 May 1918

letters from H.E. Tomlinson going thru the south. NKT 21 Mar 1918

letters from Claude Hamilton in Camp Upton, Long Island, NY. NKT 23 May 1918

letters from Grover Douglas somewhere in France. NKT 16 May 1918

letters from Oakley, Ks where L.R. Gray works on telephone lines. NKT 04 Apr 1918

letters from Harry Wolf in FtLogan, Colo; describes in detail going to boot camp. NKT 30 May 1918

letters interesting letters from Montana from T.G. Woods. TCR 08 Apr 1880, TCR 22 Apr 1880

letters postal card from the hunting party that recently started from Bfd to western Ks informs us that they are in a dug out at Frank Davis' ranch and are as happy as clams..names them all. TCR 25 Nov 1880, TCR 02 Dec 1880

letters some where in France from Arthur Abbott..good. NKT 18 Jul 1918

library Bfd's library opened; dedication. BFP 30 Jan 1917

license list of those who bought license's to hunt. BTR 30 Nov 1911, BTR 19 Oct 1911

locals Gay twp, Buchanan, Lx, Cwy, Ross twp, Platteville. ISW 07 Apr 1877

lodges list of officers in all lodges etc of Bfd for coming year. BFP 11 Jan 1912

Lx description of town. BFP 30 Mar 1905, BFP 28 Sep 1905: IA; lots of pics. BTR 17 Sep 1908

Lx history details. TCR 14 Mar 1878

Lx list of Old settlers, when they came and how long a resident. BTR 25 Jul 1922

Lxtn editor not abt the once town of Lxtn; only one small house left. TCR 04 Apr 1878

Lxtn IA; abt the dining room sign from the old Lxtn hotel; says every building in the town was torn down or moved. B 19 May 1949

Lxtn The old village of Lxtn was sold last Mon. for taxes, under a special act of the legislature. The town being deserted and the lots sill bearing back taxes at town assessment rates, nobody would pay the taxes for the lots. To meet the case a special act authorized them sold for what they would bring. They sold at from four cents to one dollar and a half each, the average price being about fifty cents. TCR 07 Nov 1878

Lxtn town; IA; #8368. B 09 Jun 1983

madstone Nelson Madstone applied to mad dog bites. BFP 17 Jan 1901: article abt madstone. BFP 04 Apr 1901: Healy madstone. BFP 13 Jun 1901: one belongs to J.E. Bennett of Newton. It was taken from the stomach of a deer killed in Douglas co, Ore about 1900. Owner claims it cures; wants state to keep in it state historical Museum. BTR 18 Jul 1905

Mahan, Bruce writes about Old Harness shop. B 27 Nov 1969

mail no rural mail delivery xmas day. BFP 20 Dec 1923

marriage book 3 Taylor co (1868); #5027. H 21 May 1981

marriage licenses issued 09 Apr 1940 to 09 Apr 1941=70; 09 Apr 1941 to 09 Apr 1942=12; new marriage law strikes out. TCH 09 Apr 1942: 3rd marriage license in Taylor co just issued this year. TCH 29 Oct 1942

marriages clipped from paper. ISW 17 Jul 1869

marriages laws changed in Iowa; 5 day waiting period; marriages stopped; only 4 marriages in county in 5 months. BTR 30 Jul 1931

marriages laws changed; in 2 yrs only 22 marriage lic issued. B 20 Apr 1933

Maupin family history: #5056. H 14 Oct 1981, H 07 Oct 1981

Memory abt. ISW 25 Aug 1877

Memory founded Aug 1860 by Abe & William Holiday; hist & business. ISW 09 Feb 1878

Memory is reported to be moving up to Newmarket, the houses being scattered along the road between the two places on wheels, but all heading for the new town. There are now at Newmarket about a dozen dwelling houses and three or four business houses with a much larger number in progress. The location is described as a beautiful one, and for a town only two weeks old it is making rapid progress. TCR 18 May 1882

Memory items. ISW 22 Feb 1879

Memory list of business' recently burned in fire. TCR 26 Sep 1878: business' after the fire. TCR 05 Dec 1878

Memory platt, drawn up by - see obit of J.M. Remick.

Memory saloon: petition out to close it; quite a place, very rowdy. TCR 06 Apr 1882

Memory tells all of the businesses. ISW 02 Jun 1877

Merle Jct 645 acres, sold for $128,000. BTR 17 Jul 1919

Mormantown Centennial booklet note. B 07 Sep 1961

Mormantown history. TCR 28 Mar 1878

Morseman Depot moved to Clar muni airport. CHJ 25 Mar 1982

MtAyr area items. ISW 24 Nov 1877

murders Ax murder; confession. BFP 21 Mar 1917

murders details of ALL the ax murders. BTR 25 Mar 1915: ax murder in Vil. BTR & BFP 13 Jun 1912, BFP 08 Aug 1912

museum Taylor County Museum progress. B 29 Jul 1982

museum Taylor co Hist museum dedicated. B 07 Oct 1982, B 14 Oct 1982

Nboro Nboro centennial committee; #3040, 3043. CHJ 02 Mar 1981: correction. CHJ 05 Mar 1981

newspaper 6 men from Nkt have ordered the newspaper sent their way; Charles Comb..TCR 08 Jun 1882

newspaper after 17 Oct 1861 The Taylor County Tribune was changed to The Taylor County Union: using a bound volume of The Taylor County Tribune for 1860 & 1861 he says no other Civil War paper has been found. B 07 Feb 1952

newspaper Blockton News. TCD 1894 or does this just mean there's Bkt news in this paper?

newspapers 31yrs ago column began in May 1913; 44yrs ago in 27 May 1913

newspapers Bedford Times Republican office burned. BTR 10 Nov 1910

newspapers Bedford Times Republican 45 yrs old. BTR 31 Aug 1922

newspapers Bedford Free Press Jan - 24 Dec 1919

newspapers Bfd markets of 46yrs ago; in Taylor co Republican 31yrs ago lots of vital data. BFP 22 Apr 1913

newspapers Brady Enterprise bot by Clarinda Herald. BTR 04 Nov 1909

newspapers consolidation of the Bedford Free Press and Bedford Times Republican; incorporation of papers; first issue of Bedford Times Press 07 Jan 1932. BTR 17 Dec 1931, BTR 03 Dec 1931

newspapers excerpts from Hopkins Journal of 18 Mar 1881; Journal is 31 yrs old. BTR 22 Mar 1906

newspapers list of people who have paid their subscriptions. ISW 05 Apr 1879, ISW 12 Apr 1879

newspapers Paper was not published during the Civil War; the South-West. BTR 29 Sep 1924: list a bunch of newspapers and their towns: 1859-1861 the South-West, 1872 Bedford Argus; 1878 Taylor co Republican and Bedford Daily Times Republican; 1880 Taylor county Democrat; during Civil War Taylor County Tribune; 1877 Bkt Motor; 1879 Cwy Neutral; 1880 Cwy Champion and Lx Time-Table

newspapers Taylor County Record begun. BFP 16 Apr 1919

newspapers Times Republican Jan 2, 1919 - 25 Dec 1919

newspapers Times Republican paper sold to Record Publishing co. BFP 27 Aug 1919, BFP 03 Sep 1919

Nkt A. Gray sold New Market Herald to A.M. Young. NKT 12 May 1932

Nkt argument over which is bigger, Nkt or Grav, in Grav items. TCR 11 May 1882

Nkt At Newmarket, although the town plat has only been open to the public about a week, six new buildings are nearly completed. A large number of business lots have been sold on main street and about forty residence lots have been disposed of. Dr Weidner is having the frame work of a new store building put up here and will remove it to Newmarket next week. TCR 20 Apr 1882

Nkt Bank Robbery attempt. BFP 28 Oct 1913

Nkt Bill Rice filling station almost completed. NKT 30 Jun 1921, NKT 23 Jun 1921

Nkt business description. TCD 12 Apr 1894

Nkt centennial. CHJ 09 Jul 1981, CHJ 06 Jul 1981

Nkt centennial; IA. CHJ 01 Jan 1981

Nkt Citizen's Bank completed in Nkt. BFP 30 Jan 1902

Nkt early history. NKT 11 Sep 1930

Nkt issue focus mostly on Nkt; not rough profane mining town, etc; inhabitants and businesses; pic of Nkt public school and Bank of Nkt. BTR 08 Aug 1905

Nkt Miller Feed of Nkt; pic of business throught the yrs. CHJ 12 Feb 1981

Nkt new drug store c Milton Smith

Nkt new bank may start in Nkt; Robt & T.M. Daugherty. BFP 03 Oct 1901

Nkt Newmarket held election; 36 votes to incorporate, 3 against. TCR 21 Dec 1882

Nkt Newmarket town opened up for settlement and original business' ..copy. TCR 01 Jun 1882

Nkt Newmarket is one year old today. That is, it has been one year since the first stakes were drove in surveying off the town. She has now 90 houses, 30 of which are business houses and over 300 inhabitants. TCR 12 Apr 1883

Nkt Newmarket spelled as a single word, is the way the new town near Memory is named. We hope it will prove a good market for those living in that vicinity. TCR 06 Apr 1882

Nkt newspaper - Newmarket Sun has semi-occasional issues. TCR 28 Dec 1882, TCR 21 Dec 1882

Nkt Nkt Herald died. BFP 07 Dec 1899

Nkt On Saturday last, the surveyors arrived at Memory for the purpose of laying out a new town to be located at that point, but owing to the inclement weather were unable to do the work and therefore deferred it until after the holidays. We understand that it is at present intended to sub-divide only forty acres of the land purchased, twenty on each side of the road, the design being to keep the town from scattering as it might do if all the land were platted at one. from a 34yr old BTR. BTR 16 Dec 1915

Nkt petition out to change post office from Memory to Newmarket. TCR 20 Apr 1882

Nkt progress. TCR 31 Aug 1882

Nkt progress..copy. TCR 06 Jul 1882, TCR 22 Jun 1882

Nkt second addition filed for record in the Recorder's office on Tues. TCR 26 Apr 1883 (2)

Nkt Soldier's monument in park dedicated. NKT 01 Aug 1918

Nkt Street lights cost 64.80 per month. NKT 10 Oct 1918

Nkt supplies being picked up by Dr C.E. Smith in Pa. between TCR 01 Jun 1882 & 04 May 1882

Nkt ten business buildings burned in town. BFP 12 Nov 1896

Nkt the petition for the incorporation of the town was presented in the Circuit Court on Tuesday. The new town has about 200 inhabitants and is growing. TCR 16 Nov 1882

Nkt The town of Newmarket, located on the central portion of the south half of section 32, twp 69, range 32, near Memory, has been platted and the plat was recorded on Monday, April 3d. The new town contains seventeen blocks and about two hundred lots and the streets and alleys are laid out so that they run parallel to and at right angles with the section lines. The plat is well located and the new town is very favorably situated for business and is destined at no distant day to become a thriving trading point. Parties desiring to purchase lots should apply to Mr S.F. Taylor, on the ground, or to Josiah Litteer, at Conway, Iowa. TCR 06 Apr 1882

Nkt town description. BFP 06 Apr 1905

Nkt We understand that there have been more lots sold in Newmarket already than in Gravity. Memory already is moving her buildings out as fast as possible. A lumber yard has already been started, and the sound of the hammer can be heard from early dawn - until late at night. TCR 04 May 1882

NKT the home of before passing away.? NKT 24 Aug 1922

Noda twp history. BTR 20 Oct 1924

Nodaway twp items. TCR 19 Jan 1882

Ohio resi 1st Ohio reunion; 850 native born Ohioans here; BFP 19 Sep 1895, BFP 26 Sep 1895

orphans 11 yr old boy at county farm needs a home; if George Wallace superintendent there can't find one, boy will be sent to state orphan's home. BFP 05 Aug 1897

orphans A bright ten year old boy would like a home. Willing to work. Can take him on trial. Mother dead. Adoption desired. Inquire of M.R. Brant, Bfd, Ia. BFP 26 May 1910

orphans article about Christian Home Orphanage in CBlu; what it does; who it serves. BTR 08 Mar 1923: care for 250 children daily. BTR 17 Nov 1921

orphans Christian Army has two needy children who need a home; please respond. BFP 01 Dec 1921

orphans Iowa Children's Home Society has placed 21 children in Taylor co; taken 18 children out of county. BFP 08 Apr 1897

orphans note abt the Soldier's Orphan Home in Davenport. BFP 02 Sep 1897

orphans orphan train request - see Mrs Frank Matthews. BTR 29 Feb 1912

orphans see comment on the orphan train kids. ISW 03 May 1879

orphans train child see Mayor Jost

Parnell MtZion school/ 3/4 mi se Parnell 1890 pic; #5053. H 16 Sep 1981

Platt twp sketch, good. ISW 22 Jul 1876

platteville laid out 18 Jun 1855; acct of all businesses. ISW 26 Jan 1878

Platteville history. TCR 28 Mar 1878, BTR 27 Aug 1903

politics proceedings of Greenback State Convention. ISW 31 May 1879

Polk twp history, good. TCR 02 Feb 1882

rationing 4 men went on a fishing trip to Canada; were penalized by the ration board. TCH 27 Jul 1944

rationing of sugar explained, recap tires. TCH 19 Feb 1942

recipes about how to make snake oil and it's uses. NKT 18 Sep 1924

recorder office being microfilmed. CHJ 23 Nov 1981

reunions Iowans at picnic in Seattle, Wa. BFP 01 Oct 1908: Taylor County Iowan picnic, 40 there. BFP 19 Sep 1907

reunions names of those from Bfd at the Long Beach, Calif Iowa picnic. BFP 21 Mar 1917, BTR 24 Aug 1922: list of those at the Iowa Picnic in Calif. BTR 08 Mar 1923

roads change #3 hiway to #2. B 08 Jan 1942

roads grading of primary road 16 north of Grav; 20 cents cubic yard cost. BFP 04 Sep 1924

roads meeting held to lay out; Waubonsie Trail laid out. BFP 13 Apr 1911, BFP 23 Mar 1911

roads Saint's Trail route picked. BFP 26 Sep 1916

roads Saint's highway maps made. BTR 25 Apr 1912

school 1st hot lunches served in Bfd schools. BTR 20 Apr 1922

school 8th grade grad class named. BFP 13 May 1926: 36 who passed 8th grade exams in Taylor co. BFP 04 Apr 1912

school class of 1921, names. BFP 26 May 1921: class of 1923, names & pics. BFP 24 May 1923

school Hardisty school pic 1931; #5033. H 11 Jun 1981

school list of rural teachers. BFP 14 Sep 1915, BFP 30 Aug 1923, BFP 24 Oct 1912, TCR 07 Feb 1884, BFP 10 Oct 1907

school Lx grammar school report. TCR 21 Oct 1880

school names of rural grads. BFP 03 Jul 1918

school statue of Abe Lincoln presented to school. BTR 15 Feb 1912

school teachers in Bkt school and IA's and commencement stuff. BKT 16 Jun 1898

schools An essay on girls & Editors tell the truth. NKT 19 Oct 1922

schools list of Normal Institute teachers included Warren Odell. ISW 17 Aug 1878

schools list of all graduates from Bfd HS 1880-1907. BFP 23 May 1907

schools names students and grades. ISW 05 Jun 1875, ISW 19 Feb 1876: report of Cottage Grove school in Wash twp, students & grades. ISW 02 Jun 1877, ISW 16 Mar 1878

schools Nkt school opened in various church buildings. NKT 07 Sep 1922

schools Patch school report. ISW 04 May 1878, ISW 01 Jun 1878

schools report of Platteville school; names of students and grades. TCR 30 Dec 1880

schools report of Mason twp and Clayton twp. ISW 05 Jan 1878

schools report of Fine school. ISW 01 Jun 1878

schools report of Center school, Wash twp. ISW 08 Jun 1878

schools report of Clayton twp, Hickory Grove. ISW 17 Nov 1877: Clayton twp. ISW 25 Jan 1879, ISW 22 Feb 1879

schools report of Wash twp. ISW 28 Jul 1877

schools report of Marshall #4. ISW 15 Jun 1878: Marshall Center ISW 01 Mar 1879

schools reports of Holt Center school. ISW 12 Jul 1879

schools reports of Polk twp school. ISW 08 Mar 1879

schools reports of Valley twp, Marshall twp, Buchanan, and Polk twp. ISW 19 Jul 1879

schools school sketch; teachers of Bfd etc. BFP 02 Jun 1898

schools Seventh Day Adventist school. B 06 Aug 1981

Sharps cheese factory opened at Sharps. BFP 10 Oct 1916

Sharps IA. BTR 05 Sep 1905

Sharps Sharpsburg most promising new town site. TCR 17 Jan 1884

Sharps The name of the new post office at Sharp's Siding has been changed from Rhoads to Sharp's, there being another Rhoads in the state. TCR 18 Oct 1883

Sharps town description. BFP 30 Mar 1905, BTR 07 May 1908

Sheridan, Bank robbed. BKT 17 Feb 1898

Siam burned. BFP 21 Nov 1907

Siam Eastern Star organized at Siam. BFP 07 Sep 1899

Siam homecoming; IA. CHJ 06 Sep 1982

Siam post office discontinued at Siam. BFP 23 Aug 1906

Siam Some of our young men were trying the speed of their hoses through our streets last Sunday. TCD 26 Apr 1894

slaves article about runaway slave advertisement in the Keokuk newspaper. BTR 07 Aug 1924

snakes a snake story; abt killing a bunch of snakes nr BJct and Dawson. NKT 27 May 1920

snakes den of 300 rattlesnakes klled in Union county. NKT 10 Jan 1924

snakes den of rattlesnakes found BGrove. BTR 26 Aug 1926

snakes Prairie rattle snakes found nr Platteville. BTR 02 Aug 1923

snakes Prof Guthrie of Iowa State College at Ames doing a study on all the snakes in Iowa. NKT 07 Sep 1922

snakes rattlesnake article; guy killed 12 snakes. NKT 23 Sep 1920

society a comment abtthe inappropriateness of church funerals; not public but should be private for the family. BKT 07 Jul 1898

society allowing a young girl to run at large. BTR 14 Aug 1924

society custom of serving meals & manners; #5054. H 30 Sep 1981, H 16 Sep 1981

society list of eligible bachelors in Bfd; appearance, age, jobs etc. BFP 13 Feb 1908

society We have often heard a woman say she has nothing to wear. We saw one in the movies the other day who could have said that and meant every word of it. BTR 05 Jul 1923

state line Ia-Mo squabble going on. BFP 05 Sep 1895

state marker iron marker historical dispute; pic and IA. B 11 Nov 1971

Stone Stone Post Office. Uncle Sam has started a bran new post office in Dallas near the southeast part of the twp, with Tandy Morganson as the Nasby. The post office is to be called Stone, in honor of John Y. Stone. TCR 05 Aug 1880

stores Barrons Supply & Salvage Yard quits business. CHJ 27 Sep 1982

stores Bibbins Store burns. BTR 29 Dec 1910

stores Candy kitchen opens: candies & coffee. BFP 17 Nov 1921

stores John Tracy buys Duncan Jewelry. BFP 03 Nov 1921

stores Thompson Mercantile; 100th BR. B 22 Aug 1968

stores Thompson Merc. Co bot 2 store rooms on ne corner of Main & Court Street. BTR 24 Mar 1910

telephone 84 telephone companies in Taylor co; 61 delinquent in paying taxes. BTR 09 Sep 1915

telephones between Bfd-Grav-Nkt-Clar will be complete next week. TCR 22 May 1884

telephones Bfd goes "dial." B 03 Oct 1963

telephones early ones; c C.A. Brooks

telephones first phone directory in Bfd; numbers and names printed in article. TCR 27 Dec 1883

telephones telphone line being built between Cwy & Bfd. TCD 07 Feb 1895

thieves article about horse thieves. TCR 03 Jun 1880

tornado big tornado hit Taylor co; recounts people's losses. ISW 31 May 1879

tornado results of tornado; people's houses that were destroyed. BA 29 May 1879

towns with early history Bfd, Platteville, Buchanan, Taylor City, Hookerton, Memory, Colfax. BTR 28 Aug 1924

Towns Merle Junct; IA; #2094. B 08 Jan 1981

train first train that ran thru Bfd was from Creston to Hopk Dec 21, 1871 at 7 o'clock AM. TCR 18 Apr 1878

trains article abt the railroad & what it has accomplished. ISW 13 Feb 1869

trains Burlington passenger service to be discontinued. B 02 Aug 1956

trains Clarinda railroad history. CHJ 14 Jan 1982, CHJ 11 Jan 1982: service ends. CHJ 07 Jan 1982

trains Railroad meeting. ISW 28 Apr 1877

trains the first passenger train on the H & S road passed thru Newmarket on Sunday and will run regularly from this time on. TCR 16 Nov 1882

veterans 1st GAR meeting at Cfd 26 Feb. TCR 28 Feb 1884

veterans 20th Annual reunion of soldiers of Civil War; gives names and post office and company. BFP 09 Sep 1909

veterans abt camp life from Herman Franklin in Camp Merrit, SanFran 23 Jun 1898. BKT 07 Jul 1898

veterans boys killed in action before this issue and then continued afterward. BFP 17 Jun 1919

veterans Boys In the Service; column begins. TCH 20 Aug 1942

veterans camp life letter from D.S. Kinser. BKT 04 Aug 1898

veterans Co I returns from war names & ranks & history. BFP 16 Nov 1899, BFP 09 Nov 1899

veterans copies of letters from service boys in all issues & 1943, 1944

veterans draft list. B 31 Oct 1940

veterans from San Fran Camp by Herman Franklin. BKT 25 Aug 1898

veterans GAR organized at Nkt and 34 recruits mustered; names them. TCR 22 Nov 1883

veterans GAR & WRC picnic; names attendence. BFP 24 Sep 1908

veterans GAR column by Isaac Kersey by A.S. Houck; weekly column. BFP 09 May 1901, BFP 02 May 1901

veterans history of 168th Regt 42D div. BTR 29 Aug 1918

veterans history of Detachment 1, Co C 1st Battalion; 168th Inf; Ia Army Natl Guard. CHJ 16 Jun 1980

veterans Howard Cox mem plaque dedicated. B 03 Dec 1970

veterans letters from Carl Propst in Philippine Islands. BKT 15 Sep 1898

veterans list of soldiers; #8204. CHJ 29 Nov 1982

veterans list of draft registrations & serial numbers. BFP 18 Jul 1917, BFP 20 Jun 1917, BFP 13 Jun 1917

veterans list of graves in Bfd, FBfd, & Mohler cem. BFP 27 May 1913: also FGrove. BFP 30 May 1912

veterans list of Taylor co people receiving pensions from govt; why and how much, war service. TCR 22 Nov 1883

veterans list of soldier's in Mem & DalCntr. NKT 23 May 1918

veterans list of soldiers with companies who registered at the Bkt reunion. BFP 10 Sep 1908

veterans list of GAR & WWI. BFP 06 Aug 1919

veterans list of Soldiers in Bfd, FBfd, Mohler decoration day. BFP 18 May 1905, BFP 31 May 1906

veterans Memorial Day - list of soldiers graves in Mohler & Bfd. TCR 29 May 1884

veterans monument project. CHJ 18 Aug 1983

veterans monument unveiled on 4th July. BTR 11 Jun 1914: soldier's monument work contracted to James Salter. BTR 20 Jan 1916

veterans Oak Grove Decoration Day details. NKT 30 May 1918

veterans organized at Cwy; member list. TCR 14 Feb 1884

veterans registrars for the draft named. BTR 17 May 1917, BTR 19 Sep 1918, BTR 12 Sep 1918, BFP 25 Sep 1918

veterans reminisces of SP war series begins. BFP 24 Oct 1907

veterans reunion of Co B 19 Ill Inf at George Dugan's nr Ladoga. BFP 11 Oct 1900

veterans reunion of 51st regt vol. BFP 29 Apr 1909

veterans reunion. BA 29 May 1879

veterans review & article of a book abt Andersonville prison. TCR 15 Apr 1880

veterans roster of soldiers at Bkt & Platteville. BKT 09 Jun 1898

veterans roster of soldiers at reunion. TCR 30 Aug 1894

veterans soldier reunion. ISW 31 May 1879

veterans soldier's reunion. TCR 27 Sep 1883

veterans soldier's reunion. TCR 05 Oct 1882

veterans war report by C.W. Castle; #7086. CHJ 29 Mar 1982

veterans We understand that the remains of soldiers interred in what is known as the Mohler burying ground will be removed to the cemetery southwest of the city next week. Thus the graves of our heroes will be near together, making them convenient for decoration, the 30th of May. BA 24 Apr 1879

vote 1st woman in Taylor co to vote was Orissa Kezziah Anderson Dorrance

war reminiscences of the war. BFP 11 Feb 1897, BFP 04 Mar 1897

welfare families on relief in Taylor co must grow a garden this year, according to Leland Duncan, county supervisor of relief gardens. B 04 Apr 1935

words of wisdom A certain young man who used to call his girl the apple of his eye and a peach, has lost his taste for fruit. BTR 06 Nov 1923

words of wisdom DIED, Jan 9th, 1869, at the Tin Shop in Bfd, Old Credit, who has been a damage to the cash buyers of Taylor co for years. ISW 16 Jan 1869

words of wisdom If you know anything that we don't know which the people ought to know, if it is worth knowing, don't you know that it is your duty to let us know, so that the people may also know what you know we ought to know, but don't know because you won't let us know? TCR 23 May 1878

words of wisdom Look out for the notice of a marriage that is to take place near Cottage Grove school house soon. Madam Rumor told Mrs Busybody, Mrs Busybody told Mrs Gadabout and she told Mr Theysay that it would be soon. TCR 05 FEb 1880

Ykt new town of Ykt. TCR 06 Apr 1882

Ykt pic "Hog Day selling; #3042. CHJ 16 Mar 1981