Taylor County, Iowa
Census Book 1850 - 1900

by Pat O'Dell

 introduction what's in each census, sources/abbreviations
   A. Aamarine to Johnathan Adams
   Jonathan Adams to William Aiton
   B. Frank Akers to Andrew Allen
   Audrey Allen to Edwin Alter
   Isaac Alter to James Anderson
   James Anderson to James Applegate
   George Appelgate to Mary Asher
   Clinton Asher to Benjamin Bailey
   Charley Bailey to Horace Baker
   Iona Baker to Henry Ball
   Henry Ball to James Barngrover
 James Barngrover to Noah Barton
 Noah Barton to John Bates
 John Bates to Amos Beaver
 Carrie Beaver to Margaret Bell
 Riley Bell to Carondolet Bentley
 Crovdeltte Bentley to Catherine Boesen
 Catherine Boeson to Andrew Borg
 Andrew Borg to Josephus Bowers
 Lewis Bowers to William Bradbury
 William Bradbury to G.W. Bratt
 John Bratten to Allen Brock
 Andrew Brock to David Brown
 David Brown to Millard Brown
 Mitchell Brown to James Bryson
 James Bryson to John Burch
 John Burch to William Burlinggame
 T. Burner to Charles Bush
 David Bush to Robert Cadle
 S.A. Cadle to John Campbell
 John Campbell to Thomas Carmicle
 Martha Carnahan to C.C. Carter
 C.S. Carter to Charles Cavender
 Edward Cavender to William Chappel
 William Chappelean to Thomas Chitenden
 Thomas Chitenden to Frank Clark
 Frank Clark to David Clayton
 David Clayton to Joseph Clement
 James Clemma to William Cobb
 William Cobb to Timothy Cole
 W.H. Cole to Francis Combs
 Francis Combs to Johanna Connor
 John Connor to John Cooper
 John Cooper to Levi Corder
 Sarah Corder to J.F. Cox
 James Cox to John Crane
 James Crathers to Lanson Crouch
 David Crouse to Winfield Cunning
 Albert Cunningham to John Dale
 John Dale to Rebecca Darlington
 Arthur Darnald to George? Davis
 Gorge Davis to George Dean
 George Dean to J.I. Dennis
 J.M. Davis to William DeyErmand
 George Dial to David Donaldson
 David Donaldson to Matthew Douglass
 Chris Douning to Jesse Dresher
 John Dresher to James Dunbar
 Oliver Dunbar to Alfonso Dunn
 Alphonso Dunn to George Dutton
 George Dutton to John Ecklin
 John Ecklin to William Eighmy
 Charlotte Eiker to Henry Emmitt
 Irvin Emmitt to Jesse Evans
 Jesse Evans to John Farlow
 John Farlow to Thomas Ferguson
 William Ferguson to Patrick Finn
 Patrick Finn to Eleazer Fleming
 Eleazer Fleming to George Fluharty
 Henry Fluharty to A.B. Fordyce
 A.B. Fordyce to Edward Fowler
 Edward Fowler to Perry Fredrick
 Mattie Free to Tobias Fruits
 Charles Fry to Severe Furgason
 George Furgerson to Joseph Garner
 S.H. Garner to William Gaule
 Lewis Gaunt to Abel Gill
 Abel Gill to George Glassgow
 John Glassgow to Turner Goff
 Warren Goff to William Good
 Athelia Goodale to Daniel Goudie
 Gustave Goudie to Jerry Gray
 John Gray to Orvus Green
 Orvus Green to John Griffey
 Edward Griffin to Joseph Guest
 Joseph Guest to Nathan Hale
 William Hale to Frank Hamblin
 Frank Hamblin to John Handcock
 Mariah Handel to C. Hannon
 Cornelius Hannon to John Harkless
 Thomas Harkness to John Harris
 John Harris to George Hartzell
 William Hartzell to Gilbert Hathaway
 Melvill Hathorn to William Hayes
 William Hayes to William Hays
 William Hays to Thomas Heaton
 Thomas Heaton to James Henderson
 James Henderson to William Henson
 Mary Henthorn to Joseph Hewes
 I.M. Hewit to Ezekiel Hicks
 Ezekill Hicks to William Hills
 William Hills to Nancy Hobble
 Lott Hobbs to John Hollingsworth
 John Hollingsworth to Dick Hopkins
 H.E. Hopkins to Obadiah Houk
 Obi Houk to John Huddleston
 John Huddleston to George Hunt
 Grace Hunt to Jacob Huss
 Jacob Huss to James Ingels
 James Ingles to John Jacoby
 John Jacoby to L.C. Jenkins
 L.C. Jenkins to Alonzo Johnson
 Alonzo Johnson to Mary Johnson
 Mary Johnson to J.H. Jolly
 J.H. Jolly to Thomas Jones
 Thomas Jones to J.P. Keenen
 J.P. Keener to Elias Kemery
 Elias Kemery to Grant Kepner
 Ida Kepner to Samuel Killion
 Samuel Killion to James King
 James King to Abram Kinnison
 Clark Kinnison to Thomas Knox
 Thomas Knox to Peter Lacy
 Philip Lacy to John Lambert
 John Lambert to George Larison
 George Larison to Martha Lawler
 Patric Lawlor to Samuel Lee
 W.H. Lee to Guy Leonard
 Margaret Leonard to William Lewis
 William Lewis to Joseph Litsch
 A.J. Litteer to Allen Long
 Allen Long to Mathias Loucks
 Hugh Loughlin to Albert Ludington
 Frank Ludwig to Andrew Lynd
 David Lyon to Patrick Maher
 Cora Maiden to Elonzo Manroe
 Frances Manroe to Amanda Marshall
 Annis Marshall to Miles Martin
 Miles Martin to John Masters
 John Masters to John Maxwell
 John Maxwell to Avis McAlpin
 Augustus McAlpin to Maranda McClowd
 Thommas Mcclure to Christopher McCracken
 Columbus McCracken to George McDowell
 John McDowell to Mary McKay
 Nora McKay to Charles McMahill
 Charles McMahill to William McPharland
 Samuel McPherren to William Melching
 J. Melhborn to Sol Merriman
 Sol Merriman to Elizabeth Miller
 Erwin Miller to T.H. Miller
 Thomas Miller to George Mitchell
 Hugh Mitchell to Furns Moneyhan
 James Moneyhan to Edward Moore
 Edward Moore to Albert Moran
 Israel Mordick to Adam Morris
 Alfred Morris to Willis Morton
 M.A. Mosah? to Benjamin Murphy
 Benjamin Murphy to William Nash
 William Nash to Richard Nelson
 Richard Nelson to Phillip Newman
 Philip Newman to S.A. Nye
 A.D. Oakley  to Herbert O'Riley
 William Orm to Anna Ottis
 Cathren Ottis to Edward Pace
 Edward Pace to Eli Pangburn
 Eli Pangburn to Wesley Parker
 William Parker to Henry Pasch
 C.M. Paschal to William Pavey
 David Paxton to Charles Peltier
 Charles Peltier to Benjamin Pershin
 C.B. Pershin to J.L. Phillips
 Lewis Phillips to Georg Plowman
 Francis Plumb to Charles Posten
 J. Gilbert Posten to John Preston
 Margaret Preston to Milton Prow
 Philip Prow to David Ramsay
 David Ramsay to Daniel Ray
 David Ray to Joseph Reager
 Leonard Reager to Joseph Reeder
 William Reeder to Charles Remington
 Charles Remington to Charls Richardson
 Edward Richardson to Bennett Rinehart
 Bennett Rinehart to Richard Roberts
 Richard Roberts to Henry Robison
 John Robison to Moses Rogers
 Newton Rogers to James Ross
 John Ross to August Rupert
 August Rupert to William Rutledge
 William Rutledge to Frank Saulsbury
 J.V. Saum to William Scane
 William Scane to Charles Scott
 Cornelas Scott to Samuel Scrivner
 William Scrivner to Edward Sellers
 Edward Sellers to John Shankoltzer
 James Shanks to George Shelden
 Case Sheley to John Shoemaker
 John Shoemaker to Homer Sickels
 Margret Sickels to A.L. Skinner
 Ayres Skinner to Noah Smalley
 Sarah Smalley to Henry Smith
 Henry Smith to Mathew Smith
 Matthew Smith to Oscar Snodgrass
 William Snodgrass to Arthur Spacht
 Frank Spacht to William Spurgin
 Benjamin Spurrier to Delaino Starks
 Delano Starks to John Stephens
 John Stephens to J.W. Stewart
 James Stewart to James Stockton
 James Stockton to Eley Swaim
 George Swaim to William Swett
 William Swift to Finley Taylor
 Frederick Taylor to Miles Templeton
 Miles Templeton to Sylvester Thomas
 W. Scott Thomas to Maris Thomason
 Mary Thompson to Francis Titus
 Frank Titus to E.M. Triggs
 Elija Triggs to Marry Turner
 Mary Turner to Richard Underwood
 Vinnie Underwood to G. Vanhoutan
 Oscar Vanhoutan to Joseph Viles
 Adam Vinage to John Wagoner
 Lawrence Wagoner to William Walker
 William Walker to Silas Walston
 Silas Walston to Samuel Warren
 Samuel Warren to Allie Webb
 David Webb to Gideon Weiser
 Henry Welbourn to Catherine West
 Cyrus West to John Whelan
 C.C. Wherrey to Robert Whitecotton
 Robert Whitecotton to John Wilcox
 John Wilcox to B.A. Willcox
 J. Willcox to Lorenza Willman
 Lorenzo Willman to Isaac Wilson
 Isaaic Wilson to Cassius Wilt
 Catharine Wilt to Hampton Wintermute
 Hampton Wintermute to Robert Wolf
 Robert Wolf to Mark Woodard
 Mark Woodard to Elijah Worley
 Elijah Worley to Jacob Wyant
 Jacob Wyant to Henry Zimmions
Census 1920
Gay Township - family order #001 - 069
Gay Township - family order #070- 113
Nodaway Township - family order #001 - 080
Nodaway Township - family order #081 - 160
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1925 Iowa State Census
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