Taylor County, Iowa Burials
by Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net

Please also check the Gravestone Project list for all the additional burial info added by Julia Johnson.

Each burial in column 1 is followed by a number which corresponds to the cemetery list is column 2.

A place in brackets after a name indicates where the person was "of" not especially where they are buried.

burials ~
 Abarr to Akey
 Albaugh to Amrine
 Andermann to Aytes

Baak to Barger
Barker to Bayer
Beach to Beaver
Bebout to Bedell
Beebe to Belt
Benadom to Beyer
Bibbins to Bixler
Black to Blotcher
Boarts to Bonsteel
Booher to Bovaird
Bowen to Bownes
Boyd to Bozarth
Braden to Braymen
Breach to Britt
Brock to Broyles
Bruce to Bryson
Bubb to Bunting
Burch to Burwell
Busby to Buzzard
Bycroft to Byrns
Cabaret to Cerven
Chadwick to Cirksena
Clabaugh to Clymer
Coan to Colyn
Combs to Copper
Corbett to Cozad
Crabtree to Cutberth
Daggett to Day
DeToy to DeyErmand
Dick to Dixon
Dockstader to Downing
Drain to Drumm
Duckett to Dyer
Eagle to Emrick
Enabnit to Eyres
Fairbanks to FitzRandolph
Fleener to Foy
Frame to Fulwider
Gaddis to Gay
Geagley to Getz
Gibbens to Girton
Glasmann to Glover
Gobel to Gourley
Grace to Grumm
Guenther to Gutschenritt
Haas to Halligan
Hamblin to Hanzie
Harbour to Hawn
Hay to Hazle
Head to Heyle
Hiatt to Hixson
Hoadley to Hoyt
Hubbard to Humphrey
Hunt to Hyde
Idelman to Irwin
Jackson to Jasmer
Jefferies to Jewell
Joachim to Joint
Jones to Juergens
Kaisor to Kauble
Keasling to Keyt
Kibbey to Kite
Klakken to Kyser


Lacy to Layne
Lea to Ledgerwood
Lee to Lemonds
Leo to Lewis
Libby to Livingston
Lock to Lowry
Lucas to Luttrell
Lyck to Lytle
Maccoun to Mapes
Marble to Maynes
McAfee to McCurdy
McDaniel to McLeod
McMahill to McWilliams
Mead to Meyers
Michael to Mitchell
Moats to Moyle
Muckey to Murrenus
Myers to Myott
Nagel to Newton
Nicholas to Nye
Oconnor to Oxley
Pace to Payton
Peach to Phipps
Piatt to Powers
Prather to Pyle
Query to Quinn
Rabourn to Raynolds
Rea to Rhodenbaugh
Rice to Ritchey
Robbins to Roe
Roger to Rozmiarek
Rubart to Rybolt
Safley to Sayre
Schafer to Scroggs
Seabolt to Seymour
Sh-- to Shum
Sickels to Skinner
Slack to Sluss
Small to Smouder
Snead to Snyder
Sobotka to Spurrier
Stackhouse to Staton
Stearns to Stevenson
Steward to Stewart
Stice to Stithem
Stoaks to Stowell
Straight to Stutesman
Sullivan to Symonds
Tackett to Terry
Thiel to Thurman
Tice to Tyler
Udell to Utter
Valentine to Vredenburg
Wackernagel to Wakeman
Waldeier to Walton
Ward to Waugh
Weatherly to Wetmore
Whaley to Whipple
Whitaker to Whyte
Wiand to Willoughby
Wilson to Wixon
Wogan to Worrell
Wray to Wysong
Yadon to Younkin
Zawn to Zook


Athelstan cemetery -1
Bedford cemetery -2
Blockton Rose Hill cemetery -3
Bower cemetery -4
Conway cemetery -5
Dallas Center cemetery -6
Fairview Bedford cemetery -7
Forest Grove cemetery -8
Graceland cemetery -9
Gravity Washington cemetery -10
Grove cemetery -11
Guss cemetery -12
Helm cemetery -13
Holt cemetery -14
Ladoga cemetery -15
Lenox East Fairview cemetery -16
Lenox North Fairview cemetery -17
Lenox West Fairview cemetery -18
Lexington cemetery -19
misc burials -20
Mohler cemetery -21
Platteville cemetery -22
Ross Twp cemetery -23
Siam cemetery -24
St Patrick's cemetery -25
Willard cemetery -26
Memory Garden Cemetery, Lenox, is the south end of West Fairview.