Atlases of Taylor County, Iowa
  Andreas'  Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa
1875 by A.T. Andreas. Published by the Andreas Atlas
Co., Lakeside Building, Chicago, Ills.
Atlas of Taylor County, Iowa containing maps of Townships
of the County and farmer's directory.  Published by The
 Anderson Publishing Co., Des Moines, Iowa, 1923.
Atlas of Ringgold and Taylor Counties, Iowa containing
 Maps, Plats of the Townships, Rural Directory, Pictures,
 and other items of interest. Compiled 1966 by Midwest
Atlas Co., Box 771, Fremont, Nebraska.
Taylor County, Iowa Atlas of 1894 images
Benton Township
Bedford - one - two
Blockton - Platteville
Buchanan [Siam]
Clayton Township
Dallas Township
Gay Township
Grant Township
Grove Township
Holt Township
Iowa - one - two
Jackson Township
Jefferson Township
Lenox - one - two
Marshall Township
Mason Township
New Market
Nodaway Township
Platte Township
Polk Township
Ross Township
Taylor County
Washington Township