History of Taylor County, Iowa: from the earliest historic times to 1910 by  Frank E. Crosson. Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1910
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net)
(page 476-477)

Francis M. Hawkins, living on section 20, Gay township, is the owner of one of the well-developed farm properties in his part of the county, having one hundred and sixty acres of well-improved land. Taylor county has been his home since 1894 for he arrived here when a young man of about twenty-three years. He was born near Galesburg in Knox county, Illinois, July 31, 1871, and is descended from an old southern family. His father, Enoch Hawkins, was born in Kentucky and was there reared. Making his way to Illinois, he settled in Knox county and as a young man was married there to Miss Eliza Hendricks, who was born and reared in Indiana. On the removal to Illinois all of the family rode across the country on horseback. Following his marriage Mr Hawkins opened up a new farm in Knox county, cultivating over five hundred acres of land, which he brought under a high state of improvement. After his farm had been developed for the purpses of raising grain he also turned his attention to the breeding of shorthorn cattle and Poland China hogs. He became well known in that connection, making large sales of his stock. He continued to reside in Knox county until his death which occurred May 25, 1906, while his wife passed away about 1901. Their family numbered three sons and seven daughters: Thomas, a resident of Abingdon, Illinois; W.B., living in Wyoming; Sarah Jane, the wife of James Ennison, living in Knox county, Illinois; Rillie, the wife of J.A. Lomax of Jefferson township, Taylor county, Iowa; Katie, the wife of Nathaniel Swanson, of Abingdon, Illinois; Ella, the wife of Frank Hall, living in Macon county Missouri; Della, the wife of Charles Anderson, a resident of Galesburg, Illinois; Ida, of Abingdon, and Tillie, the deceased wife of Harry Allen, of Hopkins, Missouri.

In the place of his nativity Francis M. Hawkins was reared and acquired his education in the common schools near his father's home and in Abingdon (Illinois) College. Subsequently he returned to the farm and remained in his native state until 1894, when he came to Taylor county, Iowa, and purchased a farm in Jackson township. He commenced here with one hundred and twenty-two and a half acres of land and for about ten years gave his undivided time and attention to the development and improvement of that property. He then traded it for his present farm on section 20, Gay township, and located there in 1905. He is now busily engaged in tilling the soil here and in raising his crops he demonstrates the fact that his methods are practical for he annually gathers good harvests. He also raises high-grade stock and owns some pure-blooded shorthorns. He also fattens a large number of hogs each year and for these finds a ready market, because of their size and excellent condition.

Mr Hawkins was married in Jackson township, this county, on the 17th of February, 1906, to Miss Jessie Grace, who was born in Illinois and came to Iowa with her parents. Her father, Jesse Grace, was a native of Warren county, Illinois, where he was reared and married, the lady of his choice being Miss Jane Sigman, a native of that state. In 1880 they went to Worth county, Missouri and subsequently came to Taylor county, Iowa. Their daughter, Mrs Hawkins, was largely reared and educated in her native county and by her marriage she has become the mother of three children: Velma, Vern and Clarion.

Politically Mr Hawkins is a republican but the honors and emoluments of office have had no attraction for him. His wife belongs to the Baptist church and they are both widely and favorably known in this locality where they have now lived continuously for fifteen years. Their own home is most hospitable and is a favorite resort with their many friends.