History of Taylor County, Iowa: from the earliest historic times to 1910 by  Frank E. Crosson. Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1910
(biographicals transcribed by Linda Kestner: lfkestner3@msn.com)
Page 448
Among the citizens that Sweden has furnished to this section of Iowa, none is held in higher esteem or more justly merits the confidence and respect of his fellow-men than does C. J. Engstrom, who for years was one of the active, industrious and prosperous farmers of Taylor county, and still owns a farm of six hundred and ninety acres in Marshall township.  This is a well-improved and valuable property and he derives therefrom a substantial annual income.  He has lived in the county since 1875.  His birth occurred in Sweden August 1, 1848, and he was there reared to the age of nineteen years, when he came to the new world.  He now has two brothers in the United States -- August Engstrom, who came to America in 1871 and is now located in Henry county, Illinois; and Fred Engstrom, who arrived about 1886 and is living in North Dakota.
While still in his native country, C. J. Engstrom learned and followed the cabinet-maker's trade but the reports which he heard concerning the opportunities of the new world decided him to seek his fortune on this side of the Atlantic, and in 1867 he bade adieu to friends and native country.  He took ship at Gottenberg for New York by way of Hull and Liverpool, and in due time landed safely on American shores.  He did not tarry on the seacoast, however, but continued his journey to Henry county, Illinois, where he worked on the farm for ten years.  He paid his fare across the ocean with his earnings, and with laudable ambition sought the opportunity for investment in farm land on his own account. 
It was in 1875 that Mr. Engstrom arrived in Taylor county, where he has now lived for thirty-four years.  With the money which he had saved from his earnings he purchased one hundred and sixty acres of raw land in Marshall township, on which not a furrow had been turned nor an improvement made.  He did not take up his abode upon the place at that time but in 1877 returned, located upon his land and at once began to farm and cultivate it.  Soon the once barren fields were made to return rich crops and from time to time he purchased more (page 449) land until his possessions aggregate six hundred and ninety acres in two farms, upon which are two sets of good buildings.  He erected a substantial residence, two barns and ample sheds for the shelter of grain and stock.  He also set out shade trees and an orchard and developed an excellent property.  In connection with cultivating the cereals best adapted to soil and climate he also raised and fed stock and became recognized as one of the leading stock men and representative farmers of the community.  He also owns six hundred and forty acres of land in Canada, and his business record has been one attended with excellent success, placing him prominently before the people in this connection.
Mr. Engstrom was married in Taylor county on the 3d of March, 1880, to Miss Georgia Holstine, who was born in Iowa and reared in Jones county.  She died, however, about 1885, and in November, 1887, in Taylor county, Mr. Engstrom wedded Mary A. Dalton, who was born in Clayton county, Iowa, and was there reared to the age of fourteen years, whither she came to this country.  Mr. and Mrs. Engstrom now have one daughter, Bessie Fay, a young lady at home.
In February, 1894, Mr. Engstrom rented his farms and removed to Bedford, where he purchased a neat, attractive and comfortable residence.  He is a well-known and progressive citizen, belonging to that class of substantial men who are never neglectful of duty, whether it be of a public or private character.  Politically he is a republican and has been officially identified with the schools but otherwise has never sought nor held public office.  His wife and daughter are members of the Bedford Baptist church and the family is one of the highest respectability, enjoying the confidence, good will and esteem of all who know them.  Mr. Engstrom has made a most creditable business record and his life shows what may be accomplished by determined and persistent purpose and by the intelligent direction of labor.  He came to America a poor young man but has steadily worked his way upward and is now numbered among the men of affluence in Taylor county.