History of Taylor County, Iowa: from the earliest historic times to 1910 by  Frank E. Crosson. Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1910
(transcribed by Linda Kestner: lfkestner3@msn.com)
Page 301
T. M. Beggs, who owns and operates the Evergreen Stock Farm, a valuable property of two hundred acres located in Grant township, is meeting with creditable success in his business and is numbered among the representative and substantial farmers of that part of the township in which he resides.  One of Iowa's native sons, he was born in David county on the 10th of January, 1857, his parents being William and Margaret (Fry) Beggs, the former born in Virginia and the latter in Indiana.  The father was reared in the Old Dominion and as a young man went to Indiana, where he was married.  He carried on agricultural pursuits in that state for some years, and then came to Iowa in 1852, taking up his abode in Davis county.  He purchased two hundred acres of land, which he operated for several years, and then sold out and removed to Appanoose county, where he invested in two hundred and forty acres, on which he made his home until his demise.  He passed away on the 10th of April, 1889, while his wife survived until the 10th of May, 1909.
T. M. Beggs was but a little lad at the time of the removal of the family to Appanoose county, and there he was reared to manhood, acquiring his education in the common schools near his fathers' home.  At an early date he began assisting in the work of the home farm and in the school of experience he gained a very broad and comprehensive knowledge of the best methods of carrying on agricultural pursuits.  He remained under the parental roof until 1876, when, desiring to start out on an independent business venture, he came to Taylor county and for four years worked by the month as a farm hand.  During the first two years he was employed upon the farm of J. J. Knox, with whom he boarded, while the last two years were devoted to operating the farm which is now in his possession.  Later he resided upon a farm south of Clearfield, which he operated as a renter for about two years, and then he purchased the Holbrook farm from his father-in-law.  This consisted of one hundred and sixty acres in Grant township and formed the nucleus of his present possessions.  In the fall of 1908 he purchased another tract of forty acres adjoining, so that his present farm, which (page 302) is known as the Evergreen Stock Farm, consists of two hundred acres of valuable land, all of which has been brought under a high state of cultivation.  He has erected a comfortable and attractive home, which stands in the midst of a neat lawn adorned with beautiful evergreen trees and well kept shrubbery.  In the rear are found good barns and outbuildings, and he has set out a fine grove and orchard.  He carries on general agricultural pursuits and also engages extensively in raising and feeding stock, fattening as high as seventy head of hogs annually.  He is systematic, methodical and progressive in the conduct of his business affairs, and these characteristics have proved salient elements in the creditable degree of prosperity which he today enjoys.
It was on the 28th of January, 1886, that Mr. Beggs was united in marriage to Miss Cora B. Holbrook, a native of Bureau county, Illinois, and a daughter of W. A. Holbrook.  Her father removed from the Prairie State to Vernon county, Missouri, and later, in 1877, came to Taylor county, Iowa, where he purchased a farm south of Lenox, in Platte township.  After a time he sold that property and purchased the farm which is now the home of our subject.  In 1893, after selling the farm to Mr. Beggs, he removed to Nebraska, and in that state spent the remainder of his life.  The home of Mr. and Mrs. Beggs has been blessed with two sons, namely: Harry Lee, who, in partnership with his father, operates a steam thresher; and Guy Allen, who is also residing with his parents, assisting in the operation of the home farm. 
The family are members of the Christian church of Clearfield, in which Mr. Beggs is serving s deacon, and are people of high standing in the community in which they reside.  Politically Mr. Beggs is a democrat, but the honors and emoluments of office have never had any attraction for him, as he prefers to concentrate his efforts upon his business affairs, which, carefully and wisely managed, are bringing to him a substantial success.  His fellow-citizens respect him for what he has accomplished and admire him for the honorable methods he has followed in attaining his success.