History of Taylor County, Iowa: from the earliest historic times to 1910 by  Frank E. Crosson. Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1910
(transcribed by Linda Kestner: lfkestner3@msn.com)
Page 265
Guy R Akey is one of the younger representatives of farming interests in Taylor county, owning a well improved tract on section 20, Marshall township.  He was born in Linn county, Iowa, December 30, 1871, the only son of William and Sidney (Hubbard) Akey.  The father, a native of Ireland, accompanied his parents to the new world during his boyhood days, the family home being established in Wayne county, Ohio, where the son was reared to mature years.  He learned and followed the cabinetmaker's trade there and was married September 23, 1856, to Miss Sidney Hubbard, who was born and reared in Portage county, a daughter of Rev. Stephen Hubbard, a minister of the Methodist church.  Soon after his marriage William Akey moved to Williams county, Ohio, and took up farming, which he followed there for nine years.  Subsequently he sought a home farther west and finding a suitable location in Linn county, Iowa, bought land there in 1865.  He improved the place by the erection of a good country residence and substantial outbuildings, set out a grove and orchard and made it a good property. After a residence of nine years in Linn county he sold his property there and purchased land in Taylor county, becoming owner of eighty acres in Washington township.  He also made many improvements on this place and continued to cultivate the soil until 1895, when he rented his land and removed to Gravity, where he had prepared a comfortable home in which to spend his remaining days in retirement.  He was not permitted to enjoy his new home for a very long period, however, for his death occurred March 13, 1896.
It will be seen that William Akey had much to do with the development of the farming interests of various sections of Iowa, but with the interests of Taylor county he was identified for many years.  He came here when much of the land was still in a wild state and when the homes of the settlers were widely scattered.  As the years passed others came in and claimed land by purchase and this district became one of the thriving centers of this great state.  His energy was often at the service of his community and he had the love and respect of all among whom he lived.  In daily life he was genial and affable.  Intelligence and goodness were (page 266) his decisions of merit and neither love nor power would make him oblivious to principles of right and duty.  Thus his death caused a great loss to the community, in which he had long lived and labored.
Guy R. Akey is the only son of the family, his sister being Edna, the wife of Arthur Hamblin, of Washington township, Taylor county.  The son was a little lad of three years when the family removed from Linn to Taylor county, so that he was practically reared here.  As he grew in years added duties were assigned him in the work of the home farm and he thus became well qualified to carry on work on his own account in later years.  After the death of the father the mother disposed of her farming property and her town property in Gravity and she and the son removed to Phillips county, Colorado, where they purchased one hundred and sixty acres of raw land besides residence property in Holyoke.  After a brief period of two years, however, they disposed of their interests in the west and returned once more to Taylor county, where the son and mother bought their present farm of eighty acres, located on section 20, Marshall township, his mother residing with him.  Mr. Akey is most enterprising in his work and each year his labors are rewarded by the harvesting of excellent crops.
Mr. Akey is a democrat in his political views and affiliations.  He is busily engaged with his business affairs and has attained a success that many a one of much older years might well envy.
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