Early on the residents of Tama County recognized the need for education and their plan was to have a school in every township to accommodate the county knowing there will be heavy snow in the winter and a need to travel shorter distances for schooling and their desire to have their children well educated.

Excerpting from the History of Tama County: in 1860 the average salary per week for a teacher was $5.70 for men and $3.54 for women. The total paid a teacher during the year was $6,331. By 1865, the rate for male teachers was $6.10 and the femals $4.09 per week, totaling about $9,243 per year.

The list of teachers below was compiled by Von Mings Stachon (vonstac@comcast.net) by collecting the data from the Histories for Tama County listed on IAGenWeb website on 12 July 2011. The years taught were not always clearly defined in the Histories and may be incomplete. Unintentional errors may have been made.

    1860: there were 104 teachers in Tama County. Male teachers received $5.70 per week and females received $3.54.
    1865: there were 145 teachers in Tama County with male teachers receiving $10.13 per week and females receiving $6.85 per week for their services.
    1880: there were 336 teachers: 115 male, 221 female. The salary per week for males had increased to $31.19 per week and for females it was $25.52.

Teachers (township uncertain) Indian Village Twp: Tama Twp: (teachers & principals) cont.
Biggs, Mrs. Glidden, Mr. D. S., 1872 Hazlett, Miss E.
Brown, Mr. H. A., 1875 Hendricks, J. P. Hendry, Miss Nancy
Endicott, Mr. W.J. Maltbie, Mr. S. W., abt 1874-79 Hillman, Miss Abby
Graham, T. A. Morse, Mr. C. A. Hollingshead, Miss H.
Malin, William G. 1865 Paxson, Josiah, abt 1863 Ingham, Miss Serena
Pickett, Martin Peck,Miss Ida F., 1882-3 Kern, Miss Mary
Stoddard, Frank, 1857-58 Roberts, G. A. Knapp, Mr. B. L., abt 1867
Tedford, John L., 1855 Stevens, Chauncy J., 1856, $35/mo. LaDow, Miss
  Ward, Miss Gertie L. Lane, Miss Emma
Bakers Grove Twp: White, Mr. R. Logan, Miss Jennie
Crist, Ethel L.   Loughridge, Miss A. E.
  Lincoln Twp: Loughridge, Miss Ida
Buckingham Twp: Brockway, Mr. A. C., 1864-66 McClelland, Miss A.
Bull, Mr. John G., 1868 King, Miss Angelette, 1862 McCollister, Miss J.
Cummings, Kate, abt 1883   McClung, James, abt 1856
Felton, Jennie 1874 Oneida Twp: McClung, Miss Fannie
Foster, Lucy, 1870 LeRue, Miss Ruth, 1859 McKnight, Miss J.
Frazee, John, 1875   McLain, John
Gaston, John, 1873 Otter Creek Twp: McLaury, Miss Margaret, 1855-6
Goben, Clementine, abt 1858 Caldwell, David 1857 Morton, Miss P.
Gordon, Amelia, 1871 Carpenter, Hulbert 1870 Musser, Miss Etta
Graham, Jennie, 1883 Cleary, Miss Ann, 1875 Newton, Miss Etta
Hester, Miss Charlotte, 1857 Dupre, Mr. P.A., ab 1864-7 Omwake, Miss M.
Holmanis, J. R. 1870 Felter, Rachel 1959 Potter, M. E.
Hopkins, John S., 1859 Hanna, James 1855-6 Reynolds, Miss A.
Jaqua,Hon. Gamaliel, 1856 Hatfield, Harriet, 1855 Roberts, Miss G.
Klingamon, Lizzie Hopkins, Thomas 1868 Rogers, Miss Arrie
Noble, Jane, 1856 Ingham, Miss, 1855 Rose, J. H.
Pinkerton, James abt 1883 Keckley, Olive M. 1875 See, Mrs. A. N.
Sarvey, Mrs. S. J. , 1878 Lamb, Mr. D. C., abt 1856 Shanklin, John
Slade, Aurelia, 1860 Loop, Dudley 1857-8 Shanklin, Mrs.
Taylor, Miss Zoe, 1862 Loop, Ida 1877 Shepard, L.H.
Wager, Del, Miss 1877 Morton, Ann, 1860 Sterrett, Miss A. H.
Wood, Rachel, 1854 Nobles, Miss Jane1956 Stewart, Miss Emma
    Stewart, Mrs. J. R.
Carlton Twp:: Perry Twp: Stoddard, Miss C.
Granger, C. Blackburn, Miss Clara, 1883 Stuble, Miss H.
Myers, Charles, 1879 Felter, Miss Rachel, 1859 Walker, John E. 1855-56
West, J. S., 1881-2 Fuller, Miss Grace, 1883 Wells, Miss Flora
Downs, Mr. T. L., 1863 Gravatt, Miss Luella, 1883 Wheaton, A. J.
  Ingham, Cyrena, 1875 Wilcox, Armenia 1858
Carroll Twp: Jaqua, Gamaliel., Hon. Withingtn, W. H.
Fisher, Martha Ann 1855 Johnson, Jesse, 1883 Wood, Miss Alza
Powers, Robert M., 1876-7 Keckley, Olive M., 1875  
  Livingston, Prof. W. D., 1883 Toledo Twp:
Clark Twp: Loop, Dudley, 1857-1858 Alden, Miss Hattie
Caldwell, Mr. J.R. abt 1878 Loop, Miss Ida, 1877 Andrews, Mr. J.J.
Parmenter, Jacob 1862 McConnell, Miss Lizzie B., abt 1882 Archerd, J. T.
Shaffer, Walter, 1876 Moore, Mr. R. H., abt 1867 Armstrong, Miss C.
Spayde, M. J.L., 1869 Morton, Ann, 1857 Bailey, Miss Irena, 1883
Talmage, Mr. T.S. 1859 Nobles, Miss Jane, 1856 Bailey, Miss Lucy, 1883
Torrence, Annie, 1863-4 Seaman, Mr. M. L. , 1854 Bales, Mr. M.T., 1865
  Shephard, Charles 1872 Barker, Miss Maria, abt 1858-1883
Columbia Twp: Spafford, Mrs. L.M., 1883 Barker, Mrs. E.N., abt 1858-1883
Burley, Elizabeth, abt 1860 Stewart, Isabel, 1872 Bear, S.J.M.
Hazelette,, Mrs. , 1858-9 Stoner, Rebecca, abt 1873 Brackney, Miss J.
Malin, George M. Abt 1875 Wilson, Miss Jane, 1860-1 Bradshaw, Mrs. H.S.
Musser, Nannie, 1865   Brinkerhoff, Mr. W.H.
Powers, Robert M., 1876-7 Richland Twp: Bruner, Mrs. Anna E.
Sanborn, Eliza, 1870 Caldwell, David, 1857-8 Bunce, Miss Sarah, abt 1858-1883
Scott, John, 1870-1 Clark, Miss Lucy, 1861 (recvd $25/mo) Burton, Mr. C. W.
Stoddard, Elvira O., 1855-56; 1861-62 Hanna, James, 1855-6 Burton, Miss
Stoddard, Frank, 1857-8 Hopkins, Thomas, 1868-9 Clark, Miss Anna
  Morford, Miss Clara, abt 1879 Coats, Mrs. M. A.
Crystal Twp: Shephard, Charles, 1872 Conant, Miss Lizzie
Cooper, Charles, 1858-9 Stewart, Isabel 1872 Crawford, Miss M.
Cyrenus, Miss Nettie, 1856 Stoner, Rebecca 1870 Crittenden, Miss
Dickey, Miss Belle M., 1870 Wilson, Jane 1860-61 Dillman, Mr. S. S., 1860-1
Felter, Miss Jennie, 1873-4   Dillman, Mrs. E.L.
Forrey, D. B. Salt Creek Twp: Dodd, Miss Carrie
Hale, Elizabeth Graham, Miss Anna, 1864 Fisher, Miss Carrie
McCosh, Joanna Howard, Daniel 1859 Fletcher, Miss Etta
McNorin, Agnes, 1873 Sears, Miss, 1865 Frazee, John B.
Moore, Miss Ella A., 1872 Shelenbarger, John 1854-5 Frazee, Miss Fannie
Morton, Miss Ann M., 1891 Walker, M. Miss 1959 Galley, Mrs. P.C.
Pine, Judson, 1869   Gallion, Mrs. R.E.
Wheatley, Mr. A., 1871-2 Spring Creek Twp: Gearhart, Miss D.
Willard, Mr. H.F., abt 1861 Dean, W. J. Mrs. 1883 Graham, Miss Ellen
Willey, Miss, 1856 Dick, George 1881 Guilford, Miss H.
  Ellwood, George C., 1879 Hardin, Jeremiah, 1883
Geneseo Twp: French, A, 1875 Harlan, Miss Lide
Baker, Miss Lottie, abt 1883 Kemus, F, 1875 Hazlett, Miss E.
Beach, Elder, 1867 McClung, F. 1875 Hendry, Miss Nancy
Bell, A. L., 1883 Noble, J.L. 1875 Hillman, Miss Abby, 1883
Cheasboro, Mrs. Jared, 1864   Hollingshead, Miss H.
Eaton, Miss Frank Tama Twp: (teachers & principals) Inham, Miss Serena
Estle, Miss Ida, 1883 Alden, Miss Hattie Karn, Miss Mary
Hayward, Jennie, 1868 Andrews, J. J. Knapp, Mr. B. L., abt 1867
Klingaman, Miss Lizzie, 1862 Archard, Mr. J. T. LaDow, Miss
Ladis, Miss Elizabeth, 1869 Armstrong, C. Miss Lane, Miss Emma
Mortin, Miss 1860 Bailey, Miss Irena Logan, Miss Jennie, 1861
Parmenter, Jacob , 1860 Bailey, Miss Lucy Loughridge, Miss A.E.
Pine, E. A. 1867 Barker, E. N. Mrs. Loughridge, Miss Ida
Redfield, Miss Ida, 1883 Barker, Maria McClain, John, 1856-1883
Sherman, Eugene, 1856 Barker, Miss M. A. McClelland, Miss A.
Slade, Miss Mary, 1858 Bear, S.J.M. McCollister, Miss J.
Slade, Sardis V.R. 1856-7 Brackney, Miss J. McKnight, Miss J.
Tallet, Miss Mary, 1883 Bradshaw, Mrs. H. S. McLaury, Miss, 1856-1883
  Bruner, Miss Anna Morton, Miss P.
Grant Twp: Bunce, Sarah L.Wood Musser, Miss Etta
Aldridge, Miss Mary E., abt 1877-1882 Burton, Miss Newton, Miss Etta
Clark, Lucy 1861 Cart, S.M., abt 1866-1883 Omwake, Miss M.
Davis, Mrs Jennie Spicer, abt 1868-1876 Clark, Miss Anna Potter, M. E.
Hopkins, John 1860 Clark, Mrs. Maria, 1858 Reynolds, Miss A.
  Coats, Mrs. M. A. Roberts, Miss G.
Highland Twp: Conant, Miss Lizzie Rogers, Miss Arrie
Clark, Miss Lucy, 1861 Crawford, Miss M. Rose, J.H.
Hopkins, John 1860 Crittenden, Miss See, Mrs A.N.
  Dillman, E. L., abt 1861 Shanklin, John, 1856,7,8-1883
Howard Twp: Dillman, S. S., abt 1860 Shanklin, Mrs. M., 1856-7-8-1883
Bruner, Miss L.J., 1875 Dodd, Miss Carrie Shepard, L.H.
Dexter,Miss E.M., 1875 Churchill, Harry, abt 1880 Shoemaker, Mr.
Giger, Mr. I. F. Fisher, Miss Carrie Simpson, Sarah 1856
Skinner, Mrs, abt 1852 Frazee, John B. Smith, Frank E., abt 1866
Somers, Miss S.V., 1875 Frazee, Miss Fannie Sterrett, Mr. A.H., 1868
  Fletcher, Miss Etta Stewart, Miss Emma
Indian Village Twp: Galley, Mrs. P.C. Stewart, Mrs. J.R.
Black, W. H. Gallion, Mrs. R.E. Stoddard, Miss C.
Blodgett, C. P. Gearhart, Miss D. Struble, Miss H.
Davis, Mrs. Jennie Davis, abt 1862 Graham, Miss Ellen Walker, John E., 1855
Dobson, Dora, 1882-1883 Graham, Mrs. J.L. Wells, Miss Flora
Dobson, S. S., 1882-1883 Guilford, Miss H. Wheaton, A.J.
Flint, W. J. Hardin, Jeremiah 1855 Withington, W. H.
  Harlan, Miss Lide Wood, Alza, 1855-1883


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