Tama County Iowa Obituaries

Sarah "Merrill" Seaman

Obituary from The Journal,
Manson, Calhoun Co, IA
July 20, 1882:

Mrs. H.[Hicks] Seaman, one of our oldest and most highly esteemed citizens, departed this life on the 12th inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, George R. Allison, Esq.

Her last illness was lingering and often very painful; yet no murmuring word escaped her lips. Her calm, firm trust in the Redeemer gave her perfect peace and blessed hope in the hour of her death.

For nearly fifty years she had been connected with the M. E. Church, as a worthy, useful and honored member thereof.

At her request, a former pastor, Rev. Wm. Preston, who, by his faithful labors in a three years' pastorate, had greatly endeared himself to her as well as to the entire community here, was sent for to preach on the occasion and conduct the solemn funeral services. A large and sympathetic audience assembled at the Methodist church to hear the sermon; look once more upon the serene face of the dead, and by their presence cheer the sad hearts of bereaved ones.

Rome, in the state of New York, was her native place, and her earthly life, extending from the autumn of 1820 to the summer of 1882, covered a period of time into which was crowded some of the grandest events known in history; involving the interest and destiny of our country and the enlargement and extension of Zion. In all this she took a lively interest, and toiled with a willing hand to aid every good work.

Mrs. Seaman took great delight in all the services of the sanctuary. She was especially interested in sacred song. With a strong, clear, rich voice, she joined heart and soul in the grand old anthems of the house of God. Her musical taste and talent were fully consecrated to the master's service; and most efficiently did they work for good in his cause.

Though cherishing very strong attachments to the church of her choice, still her catholic spirit embraced all christian people.

A short time before her death she called her friends around her, and told them she was about to die. Calmly, and in full possession of all her mental faculties, she spoke of death as just at hand. With great exultation she spoke of her prospective entrance into the rest of the people of God,--entrance through the gates of pearl into the presence of the Infinite one; and the society of the sainted and glorified on high. Those who heard her dying testimony, and witnessed her peaceful exit from earth to heaven are ready to exclaim: "Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like His."

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