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Nancy Jane Daugherty Chase


Mrs. Eli Chase Dies Tuesday Evening - Funeral Friday

Mrs. Eli Chase died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. H. Tomlinson, in this city, Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, at 9 o'clock, aged 91 years, 3 months and 7 days. No organic disease was given as the cause of death, which seemed to result from the general wearing out of the system. Mrs. Chase was one of the very earliest pioneers of Tama county and made her home in Tama or vicinity for more than sixty years.

Mrs. Chase's maiden name was Nancy Jane Daugherty and she was born in Highland county, Ohio, June 15, 1823. She married Eli Chase Sept. 12, 1841, at Canton, Ill., and the young couple soon thereafter came to Iowa where they lived together for nearly sixty-seven years until the death of Mr. Chase in October, 1908. To this union were born ten children: five boys, deceased, and five girls - Mrs. A.C. Kilmer, of Tama; Mrs. E. P. Spencer, of Wallace, neb.; Mrs. S. C. Carter, of Lamar, Mo.; Mrs. T. A. Toland, of Stickney, S. Dak., and Mrs. C. H. Tomlinson, of Tama.

For the past nine years Mrs. Chase made her home with her daughter, Mrs. C. H. Tomlinson. About a week ago she began to feel ill. Not until Monday afternoon did she take to her bed however, and the morning of that day she spent after her usual manner in hter perusal of religious papers. The end came peacefully on the following evening and she lives her life over in the lives of the many who were blessed by her Christian fidelity. She was converted at the age of 18 years and was consistent member of the Methodist church for over seventy years.

The funeral services will be held from the house Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in the Toledo cemetery.

A second obituary

Funeral of Mrs. Eli Chase

A large number of pioneers of south Tama and of friends and relatives of the bereaved family assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tomlinson Friday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock to attend the funeral of Mrs. Tomlinson's mother, the late Mrs. Eli Chase, whose obituary notice appeared in last week's Herald.

The services were conducted by Rev. O. H. Sisson, pastor of the Baptist church, who preached a thoughtful and deeply sympathetic sermon, paying deserved tribute to the memory of the good Mother in Israel who had passed to her eternal reward. The pall bearers were the following old-time neighbors of the family: L. H. Stoddard, F. B. Sanborn, M. L. Graham, E. C. Graham, N. Schafer and David Rosenberger. Music was furnished by a quartette composed of Mrs. C. G. Harmer, Mr. Robert C. Tindall and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Wonser, with Miss Leah Cleworth at the piano Interment was at Oak Hill

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Here is some more information about Mrs Chase which was not in the obituary:

Daniel Henderson
Died after 1808, before 1811 Adams Co, OH
Died 1819 Adams Co, OH
Dates from tax list and estate settlement


Robert Henderson
married Phebe Hiatt Apr 19, 1807 Adams Co, OH
died before 1850, Phebe died after 1860
9 children in 1830 census

Elenor Henderson
born ca 1792 PA
died 19 Aug 1851 Vermillion Co, IN
married Samuel Davidson 23 Mar 1809 Adams Co, OH

Thomas Henderson
born 10 Jan 1796 Cumberland County PA
died 18 Feb 1875 Fulton Co, IL buried Cuba Cemetary
married India Conner 29 Jan 1816 Adams Co, OH

Rebecca Henderson
married Joseph Dougherty 6 Apr 1813 Adams Co, OH
parents of Nancy Jane Daugherty

Thomas Henderson applied for War of 1812 Pension on 27 Apr 1871
Aged 76, resident of Putnam, Fulton County, Illinois
Wife name India Conner married Adams County Ohio 14 Feb 1816
Served from Adams County Ohio, discharged at Franklin, OH

Thomas Henderson applied for War of 1812 Bounty Land 29 June 1853
Resident of Fulton County Illinois, age 59.
He substituted for Joseph Daugherty who was drafted at town of West Union Ohio about 23 July 1813.
Affidavit from Edgar County Illinois Joseph Connely JP 26 June 1853
undersigned Samuel Davidson and Kelly Tucker swore Thomas Henderson was a private
in Robert Russels Company....and that he entered the service as aforesaid as a substitute
for Joseph Daugherty. Signed by Samuel Davidson and Kelly Tucker.

Thomas Henderson applied for War of 1812 Bounty Land 25 Jan 1851
Resident of Fulton County Illinois age 56

Volume 10 pages 338 and 339 (Adams County,OH)
This indenture made this 2nd Day of September in the year of our Lord 1816 between Joseph Daugherty and Rebecca his wife on the one part of Adams County & State of Ohio and Samuel Davidson of state and county aforesaid on the other part for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the said Samuel Davidson the receipt whereof is hereby confessed and acknowledged hath bargained sold and quit claim said Samuel Davidson and to his heirs assigns forever all of the one fourth part of a tract of land lying and being on the waters of Three Mile Creek formerly known by the name of Daniel Henderson's tract of which the aforementioned tract is one fourth part of the whole tract containing two hundred acres....

Volume 11 pages 39 and 40
This indenture made the second day of November in the year of our Lord 1819 between Robert Henderson and Phebe his wife of the County of Adams and State of Ohio and Samuel Davidson ... part of the survey of Samuel Brady ... are their equal fourth part of the lands of the real estate of Rebekah Henderson (dec'd) containing six acres or thereabouts....

Here is a note from Adams County Ohio records. I am still trying to track down what it means:
1825. Nancy Jane Daugherty, only (Ohio) legal heir of Rebecca Daugherty. Samuel Davidson, Guardian. Statement indicated in 1825 fees for taking action in Fayette County, Ky, to prove heirship. Expenses to receive money from State of New York in obtaining money for keeping and schooling Nancy Jane Daugherty 4 1/2 years, from time she was 2 years 6 months old until she was 7 years old, at $30.00 per year. 26 May. 1826- debit cash received of the Adm.of Eleanor Wharton's estate in New York.

It is interesting that Nancy married Eli Chase in Fulton County IL where Thomas Henderson was living. Perhaps she moved there with that family. Thomas Henderson and Samuel Davidson maintained close contact. Samuel moved to Vermillion County, IN about 1830.

Submitted by Ernest Davidson (erdavid@earthlink.net) on 7 Jun 2014.

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