Tama County Iowa Obituaries

Clair Finch

Traer Star-Clipper
25 Jan 1918


Clair Finch a Victum of Pneumonia in Camp, Long Island,

PARENTS ARRIVE TOO LATE, Body Due in Traer Yesterday Failed to Arrive

Funeral in Opera House on Arrival" - One Traer boy has already been sacrificed upon the altar of the country.

Clair Finch died in camp at Long Island Thursday morning last after a week's illness of pneumonia, followed by hemorrhage.

Thursday noon his parents received a letter from him saying his company had left for France, but that he was detained by sickness. However, he was recovering and would soon be all right. The same afternoon a message came saying he was dangerously ill. He was doubtless dead at that time. The parents left for Long Island, but death had come two days before they reached the hospital.

A military funeral was held there Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Finch left that night for home. The body was supposed to have been shipped on the same train or earlier. The parents arrived early yesterday morning, but the body did not and at this writting no trace of it has been found.

All arrangements had been made for the funeral at the opera house at 2 p. m. yesterday. The Red Cross was to attend in a body, business houses were to close as well as the public schools. It is guite likely the body will arrive by this morning, in which event the funeral will be in the opera house at 2 today. It will be in charge of Rev. Billingsley.

Two soldiers of the dead boy's company, one of them Earl Everts, are here as military escort.

Deceased is nineteen years of age. He enlisted last summer, being one of the first Traer boys to volunteer. He was born in Boone but had lived in Traer most of his life. He was a manly young fellow fellow and an honor and joy to his parents. He has given his life for his country as much as if he had died on the firing line in France.

He is the second Tama county soldier boy to give up his life, Frank Benda, of Chelsea, having died January 12, at Fort Riley, Kan. He too was a victum of pneumonia, following measles. His relatives did not reach him until after he had passed away.

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