Tama County Iowa Obituaries

Ella L. Free Alden

Toledo Chronicle
Toledo, Tama Co. Iowa
July 15, 1875

On Tuesday afternoon of last week. July 6th. Mrs. Ella L. Alden.

Mrs. Alden was born in Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 9th, 1848, and was consequently at her death, aged 26 years and 10 months, lacking 3 days. She came with her parents Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Free, to this county in 1853.

November 16th, she was married to W. H. Alden, who sorrowfully survives her. She's well known, and beloved by all her acquaintances. Mr. and Mrs. Alden were one of the first couples with whom we became acquainted when we came to Toledo, about 2 years ago and having been near neighbors and intimate friends ever since, we can testify to her lovable disposition and purity of character. When we heard of her death it almost seemed as if the grim monster had invaded our own home. For several years she has been suffering from heart disease, and was subject to frequent attacks of prostration, but having been, of late under the care of skillful physicians, she was thought to be improving in health. Her husband was absent from town on business and returned home Thursday, July 1st to find her suffering from another attack of her old disease. All thought she would recover and even she did until about noon of Tuesday, when she told her husband she thought she was going to leave him. But she ready to go. Her parents and friends had been summoned to her bedside previous to this time, her parents arriving only about half an hour before she died. She was in full possession of all her faculties up to the last. She bade her weeping friends and relatives good-bye, telling them she was going to meet her baby boy who died several years ago, and giving them tokens to remember he by and then, as Dickens says, " She drifted out upon that dark and unknown sea that rolls round all the world." "Her little bird- a poor slight thing the pressure of a finger would have crushed-was stirring nimbly in its cage; and the strong heart of its mistress was mute and motionless forever." " The old, old fashion! The fashion that came in with our first garments and will last unchanged until our race has run its course and the wide firmament is rolled up like a scroll. The old, old fashion-Death! Oh, thank God, all who see it for that older fashion yet, of Immortality!"

When it was noised about that she was dead it cast a gloom over the whole community. It seemed as if each person had lost a friend.

The heartfelt sympathy of all their acquaintances is extended to the bereaved husband in his great sorrow. The funeral took place in the M. E. Church last Thursday, and was attended by an immense audience to whom Rev. Robertson preached an eloquent and touching discourse.

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