The following comprises a list of the brave men from Tama county, who laid down their lives in defense of the Union. Words are feeble in the expression of the gratitude due to these gallant unfortunate comrades; weak in the expression of the honor with which their names are held in remembrance by those whom they died to benefit. May their names be handed down from generation to generation; may their children, and children’s children, speak of them and recount their deeds with reverence, inspired by the remembrance and admiration of their noble sacrifice. May their suffering, their death and their rude burial upon the hot and dusty battle-fields of the South, all tend to strengthen the land they died for, and make patriotism’s watchword, “Tis sweet and honorable to die for one’s country.”

Lieutenant S.S. Dillman, was killed September 19, 1864.

Lieutenant G.H. Conant, killed at Mission Ridge.

Lieutenant Simon F. Eccles, prisoner at Shiloh, died at Madrid, Ga., August 26, 1862.

Lieutenant Myers, died August 14, 1863, At Helena, Ark.

Appelgate, J.W., died April 21, 1863, at Memphis, Tenn., of smallpox.

Alexander, C.F., died July 10, 1864, at Shiloh, Tenn., of wounds.

Armstrong, W.G., killed September 3, 1863, in battle at White Stone Hills, D. T.

Bixby, Truman, died at Mound City, Ill. November 27, 1861.

Budka, Joseph, killed in battle at Champion Hills, Miss. , May 1, 1863.

Bryon, William H., died at Clark Creek, Miss. , July 26, 1862.

Bowen, L., died of measles at Benton Barracks, December 22, 1861.

Beatty, William W., died at Keokuk, Iowa, of disease, November 13, 1862.

Beck1ey, E.S., missed at Winchester, September 19, 1864.

Bigg, H.L., died May 16, 1863, at Champion Hills, Miss.

Brick, J., died July 21st 1864.

Bunce, H.A., died at Helena, Ark. , August 7,1864.

Betts, M.D., died in Dakota, Sept. 8, 1862, of wounds.

Bricker, G.W., died Aug. 1 1864 at St. Louis.

Bartlett, J.F., died July 6, 1862.

Clark, Eli died at Farmington, Miss., May 30, 1862, of disease.

Camp, Luke, died Aug. 27, 1863, at Vicksburg', Miss.

Clark, R.F., died May 15th, 1862 at Mobile, Alabama.

Crowhurst, H.H., died at Memphis, Tenn., August 3, 1864.

Davis, Chas. T., died at Toledo, Iowa, on May 12, 1862.

Dykeman, E., died July 19, 1861, at Columbus, Ky.

Dykeman, S., died July 8, 1863, at St: Louis, Missouri.

Dew, A.J., died May 12, 1862, at St. Louis, Missouri.

Devore, N., died August 27, 1863, at Corinth, Iowa.

Edmonds, J.S., died Sept. 22, 1863.

Emerson, D.W., died March 19, 1863, at Helena, Ark.

Filloon, A.J., was wounded in May 1864, at Vicksburg, and died July 25, 1863, at Milliken's, Bend, La., of typhoid fever.

Fielding, J.W., died Oct. 24, 1863, at New Orleans, La.

Freeman J., died May 11, 1863, on James plantation.

Finch, T.S., died February 6, 1863, at St. Louis.

Fee, Francis, killed May 16, 1863, at Champion Hills, Miss., in battle.

Gray, Geo. M., died at Cape Giardean, Nov. 2, 1861.

Galll1gher, William, missed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862.

Godfrey, A.S., died August 18, 1863.

Grubb, Wm., missed at Winchester, Va., Sept. 19, 1864. .

Herrick, C.J., killed May 16, 1863, at Champion Hil1s, in battle.

Hillmon, George, wounded May 16, 1863, at battle of Champion Hills, and died May 21, 1803.

Harris, M., died June 30, 1864, on Hospital boat on the Mississippi river .

Hiatt, J.W., wounded May 16,1863, at Champion Hills, and died there on June 7, 1863.

Hopkins, J.C., died Jan. 29, 1863, on steamer Emma, near Cairo.

Hammitt, S.W., killed at the battle of Champion Hi1ls, May 16, 1863 :

Hate, John, died April 18, 1865, Savannah, Ga.

Hall, S.E., died at Helena, Ark. , July 1, 1864.

Howard, H.M., died April 3, 1863, at Helena, Ark.

Howard, E.D. , died Jan. 15, 1863, at Vicksburg, Miss.

Hancock, J.B. , killed in battle of Champion Hills, May 10, 1863.

James, G.T., wounded May 16, 11863, at Champion Hills, and died Aug. 18, 1863, at Corinth, Iowa.

Knight, William J., died June 18, 1863, near Vicksburg Miss.

Laughlin, Thomas, captured Dec 12, 1862, on the Cairo & Fulton R. R., and died Jan. 22, 1863, a prisoner of war.

Lux, Jacob, died March 27, 1862, near Madrid, Mo., of typhoid fever.

Lamm, J., died in hospital at New Orleans, May, 11, 1864.

Myers, M. M., died May 18, 1864, at Madison, Ind., of disease.

Miles, David, died May 27, 1862, at Montgomery, Ala., while a prisoner of war.

McKune, J.E. , died August 9, 1862, at Macon, Ga., while a prisoner of war.

Mink, M., wounded October 19, 1864, at Cedar ,Creek, Va., severely in the left thigh, died December 7, 1864, at Winchester, Va. of wounds.

McGee, C.F., died at Muscatine, October 28, 1862.

Myers, John, died August 14, 1863,at Helena, Ark., of disease.

Miller, H.M. , wounded May 16, 1863, at Champion Hills, and died June 7, 1863, of wounds.

Millage, James, died at Corinth, July 26, 1862.

Mitchell, L., died September 1, 1863, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

Newport, Geo., died December 3, 1863, at Mound City Hospital, Ill.

Newport, James, died at Mound City, Ill,

McNair, C.L. , died in January 22, 1863, at Helena, Ark.

Nance, D., died. June 30, 1863, at St. Louis,

Nicodemus, died August 30, 1864, at Washington, D. C.

Peck. C.W. , killed in battle at Champion Hills, Miss, May 16, 1863.

Pugh, II. R. , died of disease at Bird’s Point, January 15, 1862

Pope, J. A. died at Mound City, July 11, 1862, of fever.

Perkins, T. N. died April 21, 1863, at Helena, Ark., of disease.

Parcher, G., died September 28, 1864, at Centralia Ill..

Paxton, William killed in skirmish at Monterey, April 29, 1862.

Ramsey, Philip, killed in battle at Champion Hills, May 16, 1863.

Randall, Wesley, wounded October 4, 1863, at Corinth Miss. , and died November 8, 1863.

Rouse, J. C. , killed in battle at Champion Hills, May 16, 1863.

Ronbad, C. , died November 16, 1862, at David Mills, Miss., of accidental shot.

Rug, Van Buren, died at Clear Creek, Miss., July 14, 1862.

Reed, J. B., died April 10, 1863, at Helena, Ark.

Russell, B. W., killed in battle at Champion Hills, Miss., May 16, 1863..

Reedy, D. N., died at Bird's Point, December 24, 1862.

Stebbing, John M., killed October 4, 1862, at Corinth, Miss.

Smith, James, died at St. Louis, Mo., September 6, 1861.

Shanklin, J. A., missed at Shiloh.

Stoddard, George w. killed in battle at Champion Hills, Miss., May 16, 1863

Swarthout, A. A., died before reaching his company.

Sipes, C. W., missed September 19,1864, at Winchester.

Shelton, D. , killed in battle at Champion Hills, May 16, 1863.

Sheldon, F., died at Philadelphia, November 14; 1864.

Southern, T. , killed in battle at Champion , Hills, May 16, 1863.

Snap, J. A. , killed in battle at Champion Hills, May 16, 1863.

Sullivan, J. A. killed in battle at Iuka, September 19, 1862.

Strain, H. P. , died at Birds' Point, February 7,1862.

Stevens, B. C., musician, died, June 30,1862.

Strong, S. , died, June 8, 1865, at Crow Creek, D. T.

Tompkins, S. W. , died at St. Louis, May 24, 1862.

Townsend, William S. , killed in action, April 9.1864.

Tolland, J. J ., died at West Plains, Missouri, in 1862.

Van Horn, .N. killed in battle at Champion Hills, May 16, 1863.

Vincent, Joseph, killed in battle at Pea Ridge, March 7,1862.

Vancuren J. S., died at Helena, Ark, August 23, 1864.

Vancuren, F. A., died at same place, August 12, 1864 .

Wi1liams, G., killed in battle at Champion Hills, May 16, 1863.

Wade, William, died, April 1, 1864.

Young, J., died, October 20, 1864, at Martinsburg, Va.