Toledo Chronicle
January 1879

Marriage Licenses
These were issued during the month of December, 23 Marriage Licenses as follows:
Jas. Stickel and Mary J. McClain

Wm. H. Derham and Callie Alden

David F. Mahana and Eva M. Kroh

John F. Cooper and Ella Levis

Morgan Alexander and Stella Ellis

W. L. Forbes and Ida McMillan

Wm. E. Turnbull and Ida Wilkinson

Parker C. Walraven and Theresa J. Cole

T. W. Higgins and Hattie Smith

Chas. Wallace and Martha A. Shafer

John N. Fee and Jennie Long

John Veit and Elizabeth Waters

Oscar Smigh and Alice Barnes

Alison Forder and Mary Connell

John McGarry and Mary S. Fultz

Jno Katovsky and Josephine Hadachek

John Halopek and Barbara Hadachek

Albert F. Lucas and Sarah F. Davis

Harvey Davis and Ida Jarvis

J. Havens and Helen Schnare

John Muirhead and Helen Law

Claus Tode and Mary Gelbert
Wells M. Blodgett and Isabel Price

No. issued in Dec. 1878 ….. 22

No. issued during the year 1879….. 184

No. issued during the year 1878….. 177

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