Toledo Chronicle
November 4, 1880

During the month of October, Licenses to the number of one dozen were issued from the clerk's office for the marriage of the following parties:

Chas. Lee and Clara E. Morrison

Lyman Carlton and Ella A. Onan

J. M. Laughlin and Eveline Cooper

Thos. Kapachek and Rosi Benosh?

S. W. Johnson and Lulu Sink

Sam'l Laughoff and Ida Wheaton

A. Butler and Catherine Hiranyanus

J. Y. Campfield and Maggie I. Elwood

Peter Voge and Tressa Kock
Geo. I Robb and Phebe ? Rob???

Michael Pokorney and Francee Stubek

Frank Choulpak and Mary Jarousek

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