Toledo Chronicle
February 1, 1883

Marriage Licenses
The marriage license business opens out very well this year. There were 22 licenses issued during the month of January, 8 more than was issued during the same month last year.

J. P. Wailes and Helen Smith Edwil Statlemyre and Eliza J. smith

I. L. Hartsock and Marth A. Coy

George Temke and Alvina Ohde

James Vaorach and Barbara Palker

John Palker and Fannie Prusha

Joseph Stactler and Frank Dragoon

M.McSherry and Lizzie Barrett

Henry Eckhart and Lillie Minkle

E. H. Fahler and Jennie Balls

Claus Franzenburg and Lizzie Pingel

A. L. Moore and Cora Brown

John Cerveny and Barbara Kesl

E. A. Prazek and Josie Staskora

James F. Guinn and Hattie Norton

Frank Reinig and Hattie Jackson

Jno. H. Jansen and Eva May Parkham

G. W. Kidd and M. L. Davis

J. R. Swealt and Ida Vass

Ralph Brock and Annie Sireck

A. V. John and Cora B. Roberts

James A. Whitely and Alice West

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