Toledo Chronicle
March 4, 1880

issued during the month of February

J. R. McCoy and Eva Mate

John Tutha and Josephine Cekal

Joseph Tedvine and Mary Holupinek

John Swan and Sarah F. McDowell

Luther L. Fellows and Sarah J. Smith

John Swan, Jr. and Elizabeth McMath

John Hach and Anna Stepanek

Louis Barnes and Maggie J.Whitmore

W. H. Fostle and Elizaebth DeFrance

C. N. Townsend and Minerva F. Barden

Levi Berger and Florence Goodnow

W. C. Gressinger and Laura Resser

J. C. Memmer and Clara M. Yates

Hans Jacobson and Mary Gehl

W. B. Louthan and Lillie W. Stivers

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