Post Offices
in Tama County, Iowa

Transcribed by William Haloupek on 10 Nov 2014, from one page of
Iowa Post Offices 1833-1986 by Alan H. Patera and John S. Gallagher.

C means Changed
re means Re-established
OP means Operating
RB means Rural Branch

Post OfficeNotesEstablishedDiscontinuedMail To
Badger Hill30 Oct 186712 Jul 1880Gladbrook
Berlin27 Dec 18839 Jul 1918C to Lincoln
Bovina14 Jan 186826 Dec 1873Buckingham
Bruner22 Jul 185622 Nov 1858
Buckingham12 Aug 185323 Mar 1854
    re6 Aug 18586 Oct 1859
    re20 Mar 18602 Apr 1875Traer
    re31 May 1900OP
ButlervilleFormerly Indian Town15 Jul 185614 Feb 1901Montour
Chelsea22 Jul 18621 Sep 1862
    re20 Mar 1863OP
Clutier29 May 1900OP
Coldville21 May 187222 Aug 1881Gladbrook
Collins Grove21 May 185720 Mar 1860
Connell16 May 187219 Nov 1880Traer
Crystal14 Sep 185720 Feb 1861
    re18 Jun 186130 Jun 1902Traer
De Novo19 Dec 187914 Jan 1880C to Garwin
Disndale30 Dec 188930 Nov 1956C to RB of Reinbeck
Dinsdale RB1 Dec 195614 Jan 1967Reinbeck
Dryden23 Jan 186812 Oct 1881Waltham
DysartFormerly Ettie3 Jan 1873OP
Elberon9 Jan 1882OP
Ettie24 Sep 18692 Jan 1873C to Dysart
Eureka16 Sep 185626 Aug 1859
Evergreen11 Jan 186915 Nov 1900Dysart
Fairhaven12 Jun 18721 Nov 1883Gladbrook
    re4 Dec 188314 Nov 1891Gladbrook
Fifteen MileFormerly Fifteen Mile Grove18 Jun 18831 Nov 1900Grundy Center
Fifteen Mile Grove8 May 186717 Jun 1883C to Fifteen Mile
Forks18 Feb 186129 Jun 1866
Fox Point18 Jun 18799 May 1881Walthoe
GarwinFormerly De Novo15 Jan 1880OP
Geneseo24 Mar 188828 Feb 1895Traer
Gladbrook26 May 1880OP
Gladstone7 Apr 188215 Apr 1935Tama
Haven16 Nov 187015 Jun 1903Tama
Heath10 Jan 185917 Aug 1861
Helena21 Aug 18566 Oct 1859
    re11 Jun 186015 Feb 1896Tama
Howard14 Feb 186830 Dec 1868Toledo
Indian Town27 Feb 185414 Jul 1856C to Butlerville
IrvingFormerly West Irving5 Jan 187512 Oct 1881Belle Plaine
    reIn Benton County 1891-1895 and 1901-190427 Jan 188230 Apr 1919Belle Plaine
    re22 May 191931 Jul 1935Elberon
Iuka19 Feb 186319 Dec 1866C to Tama City
Kara5 Dec 18779 Mar 1880Toledo
Kinisaw27 Feb 185420 Aug 1864Chelsea
LincolnFormerly Berlin10 Jul 1918OP
Long Point24 Jul 189030 Dec 1893Gladstone
    reOfficially spelled “Longpoint” from 1 Dec 1895 to about 190515 Oct 189415 Nov 1920Tama
Midland24 Mar 188815 May 1902Buckingham
MontourFormerly Orford8 Apr 1873OP
Mooreville19 Jul 187115 Nov 1900Dysart
Oakwood21 Jul 186828 Sep 1868Toledo
Ola8 Aug 185423 Oct 1863Iuka
Orford16 Aug 18647 Apr 1873C to Montour
Potter2 Jan 188231 Oct 1893Dunbar
    re28 Jul 189414 Aug 1906Tama
Ramona6 Jul 188831 Mar 1890Tama
Redman28 Sep 18546 Jun 1863West Irving
Salt Creek14 Jun 189330 Apr 1894Traer
Spring Creek21 May 185716 Jun 1880Badger Hill
TamaFormerly Tama City, Formerly Iuka11 Apr 1887OP
Tama CityFormerly Iuka20 Dec 186610 Apr 1887C to Tama
Tamaville16 May 185526 Oct 1863Toledo
Toledo13 Dec 1853OP
TraerFormerly Wolf Creek21 Aug 1873OP
Vineyard3 Jun 187923 Jan 1879Montour
Vining21 Mar 1882OP
Waltham23 May 186316 May 1884Elberon
West Irving9 Nov 18584 Jan 1875C to Irving
Wolf Creek21 May 185720 Aug 1873C to Traer
Kinno30 Jan 18942 Jun 1894No Papers
Otterman25 Mar 1896Never OP

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