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Edward Brennan

History of Tama County, Iowa 1878. Samuel D. Chapman. [Toledo:] Toledo Times Office, 1879.

Edward Brennan was an early settler of Tama county, coming to Geneseo township in 1856. He first entered the east half of the southeast quarter of section 1; but was afterward notified that the railroad company had entered it previously; so he was obliged to purchase it, paying $5 per acre. He first erected a log cabin, in which he lived until 1868. During that year he built the frame house in which he now lives. Mr. Brennan is a native of county Kilkenny, Ireland, born in 1811. In 1849, he left his native land and came to the United States, landing at Boston. From there he went to Bolton where he engaged in farming for a few months, then made another change, going to Brunswick, Maine, where he followed railroading, thence he went to Vermont, where he followed the same line of business at Ludlow. In 1852, Mr. Brennan went to Quebec, where he served on the police force for four years, and in 1856, came to Tama county, as stated. Mr. Brennan was married in 1847, to Miss Margaret Casey. They have been blessed with seven children, four of whom are now living: Patrick, Edward, James and John. Thomas, born October 27, 1851, died January 27, 1875, of heart disease. He had gone into the timber for a load of wood, and a moment before his death, had been talking with his companions. When he was taken with the disease he fell over and expired instantly. Mary, a married daughter, was born March 24, 1848, died May 4, 1874, leaving two little children, one of whom soon followed her mother, the other is now living with her grandmother, Mrs. Brennan. Bridget, another daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brennan, was born in 1850, died in 1854.

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