Union Cemetery, Hardin Township, Hardin County, Iowa

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Union Cemetery, Hardin Township, Section 13

Owned and operated by the Ladies Social Gathering, Inc. since 1859.  
Located in northwest Iowa Falls, 1310 Cedar St.  In 1995, the board 
members walked the cemetery and recorded inscriptions. The board 
combined those records and the cemetery records and, in July 1998, 
published a book of the burials within Union Cemetery.

Sections 5 - 11 only listed here.
        SECTION 5 
Row 1                
Woods, Lawrence "Woody"    S.5 B1 L1 s1    23Mar 1925--    Woods, Lawrence    (NOT A BURIAL, ssFlo "Ike"Woods), Parents of Rick, Darcie, Rocky, Penny
Woods, Flo "Ike"    S.5 B1 L1 s2    7Apr 1930--     Woods, Flo    (NOT A BURIAL, ssLawrence "Woody" Woods)
Clingerman, Mary A.    S.5 B1 L2 s1    8Aug 1915--     Clingerman, Clint    (NOT A BURIAL)
Clingerman, Clint    S.5 B1 L2 s2    21Mar 1900-8Feb 1965     Clingerman, Clint    (ssNeta Clingerman)
Clingerman, Neta (Leta Anita)    S.5 B1 L2 s3    9Oct 1901-2May 1941    Clingerman, Clint    (ssClint Clingerman)
Kessell, Earl W.    S.5 B1 L6 s1    4Jun 1897-27Sep 1990     Kessell, Earl    WWI
Kessell, Wallace E.    S.5 B1 L6 s2    9Aug1926-24Aug1956     Kessell, Earl    Son of Earl&Merle Kessell WWII US Vet
Kessell, Merle L.    S.5 B1 L6 s3    3Apr 1903-10Nov 1932     Kessell, Earl    Wife of Earl Kessell

Row 2                
Remhof, Judy Kay    S.5 B1 L1 s4    17Dec 1954, only date     not known    Dau of Fred&Gloria Remhof
Remhof, Jane Ann    S.5 B1 L1 s4    17Dec 1954, only date     not known    Dau of Fred&Gloria Remhof
Remhof, Ella    S.5 B1 L1 s5    13Dec 1893-8Aug 1938     Remhof, Ella    Mother
Clemons, Barry Leon    S.5 B1 L1 s6    12Nov 1943-27Mar 1944     not known   
Remhof, Harry Lloyd    S.5 B1 L1 s7    1925-1933     Remhof, Charles   
(Remhof, Anna M.)    S.5 B1 L1    (28Aug 1971)     Remhof, Charles    (no marker)
Anderson, Tillie M. (Mrs. Alfred Anderson)    S.5 B1 L2 s4     1879-(23Jul)1960    Anderson, Alfred C.      Mother (ssAlfred C. Anderson)
Anderson, Alfred C.    S.5 B1 L2 s5    1870-(27Sep)1948     Anderson, Alfred C.    Father (ssTillie M. Anderson)
KESSELL    S.5 B1 L6 s5        Kessell, Earl    MONUMENT
McDowell, Allen G.    S.5 B1 L7 s2    1846-1923     McDowell, Allen G.    Father (ssSarah C. McDowell)
McDowell, Sarah C.    S.5 B1 L7 s3    1849-1921     McDowell, Allen G.    Mother (ssAllen G. McDowell)
Wear, John W.    S.5 B1 L10 s1    1864-(7Aug) 1948     Wear, J. W.     Father (ssMaggie J. Wear)
Wear, Maggie J. (Mrs. J. W. Wear)    S.5 B1 L10 s2     1870-1933    Wear, J. W.     Mother (ssJohn W. Wear)
Houghtaling, Arthur    S.5 B1 L10 s3    1886-1921     Houghtaling, Arthur, Mrs.   
Thurston, Josie Stout    S.5 B1 L11 s1    1Apr 1892-6Dec 1991    Stout, Belle   
Stout, Belle    S.5 B1 L11 s2    5Sep 1870-1May 1953     Stout, Belle   
Stout, Georgiana M.    S.5 B1 L11 s3    6May 1895-23Dec1918     Stout, Belle   
Carroll, Phillip Vail    S.5 B1 L11 s4     30Nov1916-21Apr1998    Stout, Belle     (This burial is North and South, east end of lot) (ssMargaret Thurston)
Thurston, Margaret    S.5 B1 L11 s4    2Jun 1917--     Stout, Belle    (NOT A BURIAL, ssPhillip Vail Carroll)
Lawson, William    S.5 B1 L15 s1    1839-1913     Lawson, William   
Lawson, Josephine    S.5 B1 L15 s2    1845-1918     Lawson, William   
(Lawson, Louzetta)    S.5 B1 L15    (no dates)     Lawson, William   

Row 3                
Henderson, Alvin C.    S.5 B1 L3 s1    1873-(7Jun) 1937     Henderson, A. L.     (ssS. Christie Henderson)
Henderson, S. Christie    S.5 B1 L3 s2    1878-(7Sep) 1961     Henderson, A. L.     (ssAlvin C. Henderson)
Schlosser, Caroline B.    S.5 B1 L3 s3    1882-(21Sep)1971     Schlosser, Andrew, Mrs.    (ssAndrew C. Schlosser)
Schlosser, Andrew C.    S.5 B1 L3 s4    1865-1931     (ditto)    (ssCaroline B. Schlosser)
Dean, Robert Mitchell    S.5 B1 L5 s1    28Oct 1850 16Apr 1938    Dean, R. M. & Edith    (ssEdith Alvena Dean)
Dean, Edith Alvena    S.5 B1 L5 s2    26Mar1861-21Oct1939     Dean, R. M. & Edith    (ssRobert Mitchell Dean)
Creager, Albert    S.5 B1 L8 s1    1845-1928     Creager, Albert    Father (ssJemima Creager)
Creager, Jemima    S.5 B1 L8 s2    1846-1918     Creager, Albert    Mother (ssAlbert Creager)
(Creager, Maude)    S.5 B1 L8    buried 27May 1964     Creager, Albert    (no marker, cremation)
Wolfe, Marjorie M.    S.5 B1 L9 s1    (25Mar)1899 (21Mar)1998    Wolfe, George A., Rev.    (ss Rev. George A. Wolfe)
Wolfe, George A. Rev.    S.5 B1 L9 s2    1896 (16Jun)1982     Wolfe, George A. Rev.    Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life" (ssMarjorie M. Wolfe)
McGowan, Charles A.    S.5 B1 L12 s1     1874-(6Apr) 1951    McGowan, Charles    Husband (ssDessa McGowan)
McGowan, Dessa    S.5 B1 L12 s2    1881-1917     McGowan, Charles    Wife of Charles A. McGowan (ss)
Nichols, Infants    S.5 B1 L16 s3    no dates     Nichols, A. W.     Infant sons of AW&IM Nichols
Smith, Edith M. (Mrs.)    S.5 B1 L14 s4     17Sep1885-19Mar1964    Smith, J. B.     
Smith, Gwendolyn    S.5 B1 L14 s5    21Nov 1916-11Jul1917     Smith, J. B.     (ssKenneth Smith)
Smith, Kenneth    S.5 B1 L14 s6    9Oct 1915-12Oct 1915     Smith, J. B.     (ssGwendolyn Smith)

Row 4                
Holbrock, Catherine    S.5 B1 L4 s2    10Sep1861-17Oct1915     Holbrook, Henry    Wife of Henry Holbock, At Rest
(Holbrook, Henry)    S.5 B1 L4    no dates     Holbrook, Henry    (no marker)
Strong, Henry A.    S.5 B1 L4 s3    1867-19__ (8Sep 1949)     Strong, Henry    Father (ssClara B. Strong)
Strong, Clara B. (Mrs. Henry Strong)    S.5 B1 L4 s4     1875-1934    Strong, Henry    Mother (ssHenry A. Strong)
Olmstead, John W.     S.5 B1 L5 s3    1884-(14Oct) 1961     Olmstead, Jack    (ssViola M.& Lawrence Olmstead)
Olmstead, Viola M. (Melissa)    S.5 B1 L5 s4    1882-1939     Olmstead, Jack    (ssJohn W. Olmstead)
Olmstead, Lawrence    S.5 B1 L5 s5    1919-1919     Olmstead, Jack    (ssJohn W. Olmstead)
Creager, Mary L.    S.5 B1 L8 s3    1887-1917     Creager, Albert    (ssFlorence M. Creager)
Creager, Florence M.    S.5 B1 L8 s4     1883-1923     Creager, Albert    (ssMary L. Creager)
(Mullin, Dan)    S.5 B1 L9 s4    (no dates)     Lewis, Bertha E.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Lewis, Bertha Ellen    S.5 B1 L9 s5    1876-1918     Lewis, Bertha E.   
McGOWAN    S.5 B1 L12 s4        McGowan, Charles    MONUMENT
Weaver, Alvah A.    S.5 B1 L13 s4    1849-1916     Weaver, A. A.    
Nichols, Clara M.    S.5 B1 L16 s4    1906-1929     Nichols, A. W.    
Nichols, Albert W.    S.5 B1 L16 s5    1867-1910     Nichols, A. W.    
Nichols, Ida Mae    S.5 B1 L16 s6    1875-1914     Nichols, A. W.    
Mann, A. J.     S.5 B1 L17 s1    (*died 10Oct 1915)     Mann, A. J.     CoA 12th Ia Inf (*Pvt) GAR marker
Mann, Eliza J.    S.5 B1 L17 s2    1854-(19Aug) 1940     Mann, A. J.     Wife of Ansel J. Mann
Mann, James O.    S.5 B1 L17 s3    18Jul 1871-12Oct 1913     Mann, A. J.     Son of A.J. & Eliza Mann, Woodmen of the World
Ramey, Harry    S.5 B1 L18 s1    31Jul 1944, only date     Mann, A. J.     Son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Ramey

Row 5                
McLeod, Dorothy I.    S.5 B2 L1A s1    1899-(29Oct)1982     McLeod, C. L. & Mrs.    (ssChester L. McLeod)
McCleod, Chester L.    S.5 B2 L1A s2    1897-1968     (ditto)    (ssDorothy I. McCleod)
Burk, Clara Cocking    S.5 B2 L1A s3    1903 --     Burk, Harold, Mr & Mrs    (NOT A BURIAL, ssHarold Leonard Burk)
Burk, Harold Leonard    S.5 B2 L1A s4    1901-(5May)1982     (ditto)    (ssClara Cocking Burk, cremation)
Clingerman, Dorothy M.    S.5 B2 L5A s1    1910 --     Clingerman, Guy    (NOT A BURIAL, ssEdward G.)
Clingerman, Edward G. (Guy)    S.5 B2 L5A s2     1908-(1Jul)1965    Clingerman, Guy     FLT, IOOF 100 (ssDorothy M. Clingerman)
Pepperling, Selma B. "Honey" (Kappen)    S.5 B2 L5A s3     30Mar 1925-3Jan 1975    Kappen, Harold, Mrs.    
Kappen, Harold K.    S.5 B2 L5A s4    16May 1921-1Nov 1965     (ditto)   
Mullin, Arlene W.    S.5 B2 L8A s1    1919-(16Jun)1986     Mullin, Richard, Rev.    "With the Lord"
Mullin, Richard (Rev.)    S.5 B2 L8A s2    1918-(29Sep)1980     Mullin, Richard, Rev.    "With the Lord"
Jones, Helen M.    S.5 B2 L9A s1    1900-(28Jul)1990     Jones, Paul& Helen    (ssPaul E. Jones)
Jones, Paul E.    S.5 B2 L9A s2    1900-(3Jun)1974     Jones, Paul & Helen    (ssHelen M. Jones)
Lentz, Wilma A.    S.5 B2 L9A s3    1907--     Lentz, Wilma & Arthur    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Arthur I. Lentz)
Lentz, Arthur I.    S.5 B2 L12A s1    1901-(15Dec)1980     (ditto)    (ssWilma A. Lentz)
Pyle, Minnie M. (Riley) (Mrs. George Pyle)    S.5 B2 L12A s3     1870-(8Feb)1964    Pyle, George, Mrs.   
Pearce, William     S.5 B2 L13 s1    17Apr 1871-7Mar 1942    Pearce, W.   
Pearce, Maude Meeks    S.5 B2 L13 s2    15Jun1872-5Jan 1915     Pearce, W.   
(Hoffman, Leonard H.)    S.5 B2 L13A s3,4 L17A s1-4    no dates    Hoffman, Leonard & Alice    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Hoffman, Alice)    (ditto)    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Lemley, Mamie C.    S.5 B2 L16A s1    1897-(12Dec)1988     Lemley, H. C.     (ssHenry C. Lemley)
Lemley, Henry C.    S.5 B2 L16A s2    1895 (2Sep)1987     Lemley, H. C.     (ssMamie C. Lemley)

Row 6                
Lutterman, George J.    S.5 B2 L1 s1    1882-1954     Pierce, Alf    IOOF, (ssBess M. Lutterman)
Lutterman, Bess M.    S.5 B2 L1 s2    1892-(20Jul)1976     McNab    Eastern Star, (ss George J.)
Burk, Patrick T.    S.5 B2 L1 s3    1872-1934     Cutting, Ellis   
Burk, Nellie C.    S.5 B2 L1 s4    1877-1956     Cutting, Ellis    Eastern Star
DUNN    S.5 B2 L5 s2        Dunn, E. D.     MONUMENT
Fall, Arthur J.    S.5 B2 L8 s2    1876-1935     Fall, A. J.    
Eddy, Bell (Mrs. O. M.)    S.5 B2 L9 s1    3Mar 1872-30Jul 1961    Eddy, O. M.     Mother
EDDY    S.5 B2 L9 s2        Eddy, O. M.      MONUMENT
Eddy, Orlando M.    S.5 B2 L9 s3    4Mar 1871-26Dec 1959     Eddy, O. M.    
Riley, Phredima    S.5 B2 L12 s1    22Nov 1829-3Jan 1916     Riley, John    His Wife, (ssJohn Riley)
Riley, John    S.5 B2 L12 s2    18Nov1826-23Jun1919     Riley, John    (ssPhredima Riley)
Riley, Florence    S.5 B2 L12 s3    20Aug1900-25Feb1905     Riley, John    Dau of HS&MJ Riley
PEARCE    S.5 B2 L13 s1        Pearce, W.    MONUMENT
Brock, Sarah    S.5 B2 L16 s1    11Jun1842-22Jun1923     Brock, Sarah    His Wife (ss C. l. Brock)
(Smith, Albert E.)    S.5 B2 L16    no dates     Brock, Sarah    (no marker)
Brock, Calvin L.    S.5 B2 L16 s2    20Apr 1841-2Jan 1915     Brock, Sarah    Corpl Co F 104th Ill INF GAR, (ss Sarah Brock)
Bickner, Chris    S.5 B2 L17 s1    25May1866-25Aug1913     Bickner, Chris    FLT IOOF 196
LEFFLER-BICKNER    S.5 B2 L17 s3         Bickner, Chris    MONUMENT
(Fordyce, Steve)    S.5 B2 L17    no dates     Bickner, Chris    (no marker)
(Bickner, Mrs.)    S.5 B2 L17    no dates     Bickner, Chris    (no marker)

Row 7                
Cutting, Ellis    S.5 B2 L1 s5    1837-1924     Cutting, Ellis    Veteran 61-65 marker (Crimean War) (ssBessie Cutting)
Cutting, Bessie    S.5 B2 L1 s6    1847-1931     Cutting, Ellis    (ssEllis Cutting)
Mullane, Mary Catherine    S.5 B2 L1 s7    1913-1918     Cutting, Ellis   
Hazlitt, Anna Anderson    S.5 B2 L2 s3    1902-1927     Anderson, J. C., Mrs.   
(Hazlitt, James R.)    S.5 B2 L2s4    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Anderson, Rachel    S.5 B2 L2 s5    1915--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL) Dau of Frank & Elma
Wilson, Clara (Mrs. Charles O. Wilson)    S.5 B2 L3 s1     30Jun1877-30Apr1960    Wilson, Charles O.    
(Wilson, daughter)    S.5 B2 L3    no dates     Wilson, Charles O.    (no marker)
Wilson, Charles (O.)    S.5 B2 L3 s3    26Sep1872-20Apr1944     Wilson, Charles O.   
Pierce, Alfred    S.5 B2 L4 s2    1880-1925     Pierce, Alf   
Daggett, Clara Pierce    S.5 B2 L4 s3    1892-1969     Pierce, Alf   
Dunn, E. D.     S.5 B2 L5 s4    1860-1925     Dunn, E. D.    
Dunn, Ertie E.    S.5 B2 L5 s5    1866-1917     Dunn, E. D.     Wife of E. D. Dunn
Campbell, Johanna (Mrs. J. J. Campbell)    S.5 B2 L6 s2     1868-(18Jun)1940    Wood   
CAMPBELL    S.5 B2 L6 s2        Wood     MONUMENT
Campbell, Richard    S.5 B2 L6 s3    1863-1916     Wood   
Fall, W. Arthur    S.5 B2 L8 s4    1903-1915     Fall, A. J.     (ssinfant son)
Fall, infant son    S.5 B2 L8 s4    1918, only date     Fall, A. J.     (ssW. Arthur Fall)
Eddy, Earl    S.5 B2 L9 s4    14Nov 1899-21Jul 1915     Eddy, O. M.     Son of OM&Bell Eddy
Eddy, Inez    S.5 B2 L9 s5    4May 1901-29Dec1920     Eddy, O. M.     Dau of OM&Bell Eddy
Pearce, Tillie    S.5 B2 L13 s3    1906--     Pearce, W.     (NOT A BURIAL)
Pearce, Clifford    S.5 B2 L13 s4    1900-(1Mar) 1963     Pearce, W.     WWI
Leffler, Amanda    S.5 B2 L18 s2    23Sep 1843-9Jun 1919     Leffler, Joe   
(Leffler, Joe)    S.5 B2 L18    no dates     Leffler, Joe    (no marker)

Row 8                
ANDERSON    S.5 B2 L2 s1,2         Anderson, J. C., Mrs.     MONUMENT
YAW-WILSON    S.5 B2 L3 s2        Yaw, Harry    MONUMENT
DAHL-CAMPBELL    S.5 B2 L6 s2         Wood    MONUMENT
TIDMAN    S.5 B2 L7 s2        Tidman, John, Mrs.    MONUMENT
Stowe, Quentin A.    S.5 B2 L10 s1    1909-1933     Stowe, Charles   
Riley, Sophia J. (Mrs. F. G. Riley)    S.5 B2 L11 s1     1868-(20May)1963     Riley, Frank G.     Mother (ss Frank G. Riley)
Riley, Frank G.    S.5 B2 L11 s2    1865-(26May)1953     Riley, Frank G.    Father (ssSophia J. Riley)
(Van Patter), Antoinette    S.5 B2 L11 s3     16Mar1892-22Nov1915    Van Patter, Lee    
McMillen, E. H. (Earl)    S.5 B2 L14 s1     23Apr1837-17Mar1924    McMillen, E. H.      Father, GAR, (ssMary A. McMillen) (*Pvt Co G 1.IA Cav)
McMILLEN    S.5 B2 L14 s2         McMillen, E. H.      MONUMENT
McMillen, Mary A.    S.5 B2 L14 s3    24Aug1835-24Oct1914     McMillen, E. H.     Mother, Wife of E. H. McMillen, (ssE. H. McMillen)
Simpson, Eliza A.    S.5 B2 L15 s1    1863-1917     Simpson, John    Wife of J. W. Simpson
SIMPSON    S.5 B2 L15 s2        Simpson, John    MONUMENT
(Simpson, Ruby)    S.5 B2 L15    no dates     Simpson, John    (no marker)
Simpson, John W.    S.5 B2 L15 s3    1862-1931     Simpson, John   
Canham, George    S.5 B2 L19 s1    6Feb 1829-28Apr 1909     Canham, David   
Canham, Susan    S.5 B2 L19 s2    22Dec1827-16Jul1901     Canham, David   
(Canham, Agnes)    S.5 B2 L19    (no dates)     Canham, David    (no marker)

Row 9                
Anderson, James C.     S.5 B2 L2 s4    1860-1922     Anderson, J. C., Mrs.   
Anderson, Anna K.    S.5 B2 L2 s5    1865-(10Feb) 1954     (ditto)   
Anderson, Edna M.    S.5 B2 L2 s6    1900-1917     (ditto)    Dau of JC&Anna Anderson
Yaw, Eliza    S.5 B2 L3 s4    1854-1918     Yaw, Harry   
Yaw, LaMay B.    S.5 B2 L3 s5    1850-1915     Yaw, Harry   
Dahl, Frank    S.5 B2 L6 s4    1878-(20Nov)1948     Dahl, Peter   
Dahl, Elna    S.5 B2 L6 s5    1843-1921     Dahl, Peter    Mother
Dahl, Peter    S.5 B2 L6 s6    1840-1923     Dahl, Peter   
Tidman, Anna    S.5 B2 L7 s4    1855-1951     Tidman, John, Mrs.    (died California)
Tidman, John    S.5 B2 L7 s6    1854-1915     Tidman, John, Mrs.   
Chaplin, Dorothy L.    S.5 B2 L10 s3    (no dates)     Chaplin, Dorothy L.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssLeo G. Chaplin) Parents of Karen, James, Janice & Marion
Chaplin, Leo G.    S.5 B2 L10 s4    1901-(22Sept)1960     Chaplin, Dorothy L.    (ssDorothy L. Chaplin)
Chaplin, Alice M. (Marie)    S.5 B2 L10 s5    1904-1933     Chaplin, Les    (ssDorothy L. Chaplin)
(Hife, Joe)    S.5 B2 L10    no dates     Hife, Joseph    (no marker)
VanPatter, Martha    S.5 B2 L11 s4    1867-1950     VanPatter, Lee    Mother (ssLee VanPatter)
VanPatter, Lee    S.5 B2 L11 s5    1859-(3Mar) 1944     VanPatter, Lee    Father (ssMartha VanPatter)
Haines, Clara J.    S.5 B2 L14 s4    30Jun1868-5Jul 1948     McMillen, E. H.    
Marsh, Cora L.    S.5 B2 L14 s5    17Mar1867-30Sep1930     McMillen, E. H.    
Simpson, Louise E. (Ellen)    S.5 B2 L15 s4    3Jul 1889-16Oct 1952    Simpson, John   
Simpson, Riley L.    S.5 B2 L15 s6    2Sep 1888-28Nov 1945     Simpson, John   
Christensen, Christian    S.5 B2 L20 s1     22May1861-27Sep1913    Christensen, Chris     Gone but not forgotten (ssMattie Christensen)
Christensen, Mattie    S.5 B2 L20 s2    22Mar1862-25Jun1926     Christensen, Chris    (ssChristian Christensen)

Row 10                
(Buzzell), Henry    S.5 B3 L5 s1    1852-1933     Buzzell, Henry    Father
(Buzzell), Emily H.    S.5 B3 L5 s2    1858-1928     Buzzell, Henry    RNA, Mother
(Buzzell), Harry L.    S.5 B3 L5 s3    29Apr1888-23Apr1914     Buzzell, Henry    RNA
Stewart, Andrew W.     S.5 B3 L9 s1    15Apr 1845-1Apr 1915    Stewart, Andrew W.   
Sawdey, Dell    S.5 B3 L9 s2    1870-1931     (ditto)   
Healy, Anna Lee    S.5 B3 L9 s3    23Mar1839-5Jan1914     (ditto)   
Winterfield, Minnie (Mrs. Fred Winterfield)    S.5 B3 L11 s1     1856-1939    Winterfield, Fred, Mrs.   
WINTERFIELD    S.5 B3 L11 s2         (ditto)    MONUMENT
Winterfield, Fred    S.5 B3 L11 s3    1846-1920     (ditto)   
Winterfield, Iva    S.5 B3 L12 s1    1890-(19Oct)1974     Winterfield, Orrie, Mrs.    (ssOrrie S. Winterfield)
Winterfield, Orrie S.    S.5 B3 L12 s2    1887-1914     (ditto)    (ssIva Winterfield, also separate marker)

Row 11                
Hofmann, Eva B. (Bell)    S.5 B3 L4 s2    1890-(10Nov) 1947     Newland,T. C.     Mother
Newland, Marshall Wayne    S.5 B3 L4 s3    1916-1917     Newland, T. C.   
Clifton, Mervin C.    S.5 B3 L5 s1    1939-1939     Buzzell, Henry    Son (baby)
Speers, William Hale    S.5 B3 L8 s1    11Dec 1856-11Jul 1936    Speers, W. H.    
Speers, Ethol May     S.5 B3 L8 s2    1882-1914     Speers, W. H.    
Fitz, Caroline    S.5 B3 L13 s2    13Mar1845-27Nov1914     Fitz, John A.    Wife of John A. Fitz (ssJohn A. Fitz) GAR marker
Fitz, John A.    S.5 B3 L13 s3    14Mar1836-20Mar1925     Fitz, John A.    (ssCaroline Fitz) (*Pvt Co A 13th IA Inf, Civil War)

Row 12                
Gomer, Philip J.    S.5 B3 L1 s2    1883-(8May) 1938     Gomer, Philip J.    Father
(Gomer, Phillip, Mrs.)    S.5 B3 L1    1880-(21Dec)1978     Gomer, Philip J.    (no marker)
(Gomer, Winifred, Mrs.)    S.5 B3 L1    (8Jul 1945)     Gomer, Phillip J.    (no marker)
Hall, Emma (Mrs. Byron)    S.5 B3 L3 s1    1879-(24Aug) 1944     Hall, George    (ssByron Hall)
Hall, Byron    S.5 B3 L3 s2    1882-(1Mar) 1952     Hall, George    (ssEmma Hall)
Newland, Lena F.(Mrs.)    S.5 B3 L4 s4     27Jul1884-11Dec1957    Newland, T. C.      (ssLeslie C. Newland)
Newland, Leslie C.    S.5 B3 L4 s5    28May1881-27Jul1965     Newland, T. C.     (ssLena F. Newland)
Clifton, Arloene E.    S.5 B3 L5 s4    1912-(16Oct)1986     Buzzell, Henry    (ssHenry N. Clifton)
Clifton, Henry N.    S.5 B3 L5 s5    1906-(12Nov)1979     Buzzell, Henry    (ssArloene E. Clifton)
Speers, Hal (William)    S.5 B3 L8 s4    5Oct 1907-26Dec 1995    Speers, W. H.     (ssJoyce Speers)
Speers, Joyce (Mrs. Hal)    S.5 B3 L8 s5     23Jan1914-22Aug1965    Speers, W. H.      Married June 16, 1941 (ssHal)
Sawdey, Carrie B.    S.5 B3 L9 s5    4Apr 1876-7Jun 1957     Stewart, Andrew   
Stewart, Olive F.    S.5 B3 L9 s6    23Jul 1845 19May 1930     Stewart, Andrew   
Winterfield, Emma C.    S.5 B3 L11 s4    1898-(8Mar)1985     Winterfield, Fred, Mrs.    (ssLeonard L. Winterfield)
Winterfield, Leonard L.    S.5 B3 L11 s5    1898-(19Jun)1975     (ditto)    WWI marker, (ssEmma C.)
Thompson, Ernest S.    S.5 B3 L12 s3    27Feb1916-12Jun1922     (ditto)    Son of EA&E Thompson (died Davenport, IA)

Row 13                
Roberts, Phoebe    S.5 B3 L2 s1    1866-1938     Roberts, Hale, Mrs.   
Roberts, Hale    S.5 B3 L2 s2     1858-1918     Roberts, Hale, Mrs.   
Roberts, Hale Holland    S.5 B3 L2 s4    1900-1918     Roberts, Hale, Mrs.   
Hall, Phoebe C.    S.5 B3 L3 s3    9May1853-31Dec1930     Hall, George    Mother, His Wife (ssG. W. Hall)
Hall, G. W. (George Washington)    S.5 B3 L3 s4     27Jun1843-30May1923    Hall, George     CoG 9th IA Cav Vet 1861-65 (ssPhoebe C. Hall)
Koon, Mabel E.    S.5 B3 L6 s3    1877-(6Dec) 1968     Koon, Claude    (ssClaude H., Emily H.& Charles H.)
Koon, Claude H.    S.5 B3 L6 s4    1876-(3Sep)1969     Koon, Claude    (ssMabel E. Koon) (WWI)
Koon, Charles H    S.5 B3 L6 s1    1841-1920     Koon, Claude    GAR (ssMabel E. Koon)
Koon, Emily H.    S.5 B3 L6 s2    1845-1915     Koon, Claude    (ssMabel E. Koon)
(Clarke, Louis M.)    S.5 B3 L7    no dates     Carrick, F. C.   
Carrick, Louise M.    S.5 B3 L7 s3    1880-1916     Carrick, F. C.     Wife of F. C. Carrick
Larsen, Chris    S.5 B3 L10 s1    1866-(20 May/Jun)1942     Larsen, Chris    In Memoriam Sexton of Union Cemetery 1906-1941 (ssMarn)
Larsen, Marn    S.5 B3 L10 s2    1867-1918     Larsen, Chris    Wife of Chris Larsen (ssChris Larsen)
Larsen, Frank C.    S.5 B3 L10 s3    26Apr1895-26Oct1940     Larsen, Chris    IA BN Sgt Major 55th Inf 7th Div, WWI marker

        SECTION 6    
Row 1                
Folks, Emily C. (Crocker)    S.6 B1 L11 s1     20May1886-15May1941    Benshoof, A. J.     

Row 2                
Benshoof, Ella    S.6 B1 L11 s2    1853-1914     Benshoof, A. J.     FLT
Benshoof, A. J.    S.6 B1 L11 s3    1850-(25Jan 1939)     Benshoof, A. J.    

Row 3                
Thomas, Agnes G. (Mrs. M. M. Thomas)    S.6 B1 L12 s3     1864-(9Apr) 1938    Thomas, Marshall, Mrs.    
Thomas, M. M.     S.6 B1 L12 s4    1850-1913     (ditto)   

Row 4                
Wilbur, Eva M.    S.6 B1 L5 s1    4Apr 1885-1Mar 1973     Wilbur, C. F.    
Wilbur, Naoma    S.6 B1 L5 s2    24Feb 1890-9Oct 1918     Wilbur, C. F.     Wife of George A. Wilbur
Grant, Norman A.    S.6 B1 L13 s1    20Apr 1880-8Jun 1935     Grant, A. B.     Stand Fast, A Good Man, Philosopher of Common things and friend to all
Havens, Nellie Grant    S.6 B1 L13 s2    1876-(24Apr) 1959     Grant, A. B.     (see appendix)
GRANT    S.6 B1 L13 s3        Grant, A. B.     MONUMENT, Hoc Signo CFS In the Haven of Rest
Bogardus, Wallace K.    S.6 B1 L13 s3    7Mar 1930-19Dec 1974    Grant, A. B.     SN US Navy (cremation, buried 1Feb 1975)
Havens, Floyd W.    S.6 B1 L13 s3    25Mar-1898-12Jan1963     Grant, A. B.     Iowa Pvt Stu Army Tng Corps WWI (Cremation)
Bogardus, Phyllis E.    S.6 B1 L13 s4    3Sep 1903-3Jul 1995     Grant, A. B.     How sweet to sleep where all is peace and pain is lulled to rest, Eastern Star
Hart, Leona Havens    S.6 B1 L13 s5    1900-(29Aug)1981     Grant, A. B.     Eastern Star, cross and staff (see appendix, cremation)

Row 5                
WILBUR    S.6 B1 L5 s2        Wilbur, C. F.     MONUMENT
King, Anna Fitz     S.6 B1 L7 s2    1Sep 1888-11Oct 1953    King, Raleigh, Mrs.   
FITZ    S.6 B1 L7 s3        King, Raleigh, Mrs.    MONUMENT
(King, Raleigh W.)    S.6 B1 L7    (no dates)     King, Raleigh, Mrs.    (no marker)
Fitz, Harry    S.6 B1 L7 s4    19Dec1885-13Sep1917     Fitz, Harry, Mrs.   
(cement base)    S.6 B1 L10 s5         not known   
FULTS    S.6 B1 L9 s1,2        Fults, Helen, Mrs.    MONUMENT
(Mason, Ralph)    S.6 B1 L10 s5,6,7    no dates     Mason, Ralph    (NO BURIALS, lot only, no marker)
Lansing, Ida C.    S.6 B1 L10 s8    1856-1914     Lansing, L. W.    
Grant, A. B.     S.6 B1 L14 s1    20Aug1851-30May1934     Grant, A. B.    Cross and crown, anchor, and HTWSSTKS (see appendix)
Grant, Louisa    S.6 B1 L14 s2    2Oct 1851-18Oct1915     Grant, A. B.    Wife of AB Grant (see appendix)
VanDorn, Bessie Grant    S.6 B1 L14 s3     28Feb1888-11Oct1912    Grant, A. B.      Eastern Star, (see appendix)
Clocksin, Ayleen Havens    S.6 B1 L14 s4     25Nov1901-15Dec1933    Grant, A. B.      Eastern Star marker, In all things faithful (ssInfant son)
Clocksin, Infant son    S.6 B1 L14 s4    no dates     Grant, A. B.     (ssAyleen Havens Clocksin)

Row 6                
Stiles, Martin T.    S.6 B1 L1 s4    1876-1936     Stiles, M. T.     Father (ssAnna M. Stiles)
Stiles, Anna M.    S.6 B1 L1 s5    1878-1956     Stiles, M. T.     Mother (ssMartin Stiles)
Stiles, Carolena V.    S.6 B1 L1 s6    25Aug1901-19May1913     Stiles, M. T.     Dau of MT&AM Stiles
(Stiles, Floyd Frederick)    S.6 B1 L1    22May1898-4May1941     Stiles, M. T.     (cremation, no marker)
Brown, Frank H.    S.6 B1 L2 s3    15Apr 1862-9Jul 1912     Haas, Roy, Mrs.   
(Cook, F. M. )    S.6 B1 L3    no dates     Cook, F. M., Mrs.    (no marker)
Bailey, Fern A.    S.6 B1 L3 s5    1900-(18Nov)1981     Cook, F. M., Mrs.    American Legion Aux. marker, (ssLloyd R. Bailey)
Bailey, Lloyd R.    S.6 B1 L3 s6    1896-(2Dec) 1940     Cook, F. M., Mrs.    Am.Legion marker, (ssFern A. Bailey) (WWI)
Barkey, Infant    S.6 B1 L4 s4    29May 1917, only date     Barkey, W. N.     Son of WN&JM Barkey
Barkey, Anna M.    S.6 B1 L4 s5    1858-1935     Barkey, W. N.     (ssWilliam R. Barkey)
Barkey, William R.    S.6 B1 L4 s6    1851-1933     Barkey, W. N.     (ssAnna M. Barkey)
Wilbur, C. F.     S.6 B1 L5 s3    26Apr1856-13Dec1919     Wilbur, C. F.     (ssFlora P. Wilbur)
WILBUR    S.6 B1 L5 s3,4        Wilbur, C. F.    MONUMENT
Wilbur, Flora P.    S.6 B1 L4 s4    25Nov 1857-26Feb1917     Wilbur, C. F.     VFW, Ladies Aux. marker, (ssC. F. Wilbur)
Jones, William A.    S.6 B1 L6 s1    1853-(17May) 1913     Jones, Ella Mrs.    (ssNancy Ella Jones)
Jones, Nancy Ella    S.6 B1 L6 s2    1860-(24Apr) 1952     Jones, Ella Mrs.    (ssWilliam A. Jones)
VanHouten, Grace M. Hedges    S.6 B1 L8 s1    1887-(13Oct) 1964    Hedge, Grace Mrs.    Mother
Hedges, Daniel E.    S.6 B1 L8 s2    1912-1913     Hedge, Grace Mrs.    Baby
Hedges, William L.    S.6 B1 L8 s3    1865-1921     Hedge, Grace Mrs.    Father
Fults, Helen M.    S.6 B1 L9 s1    31May 1841-2Oct1931     Fults, Helen Mrs.   
Fults, James M.    S.6 B1 L9 s2    7Dec 1840-11Feb1913     Fults, Helen Mrs.   
Burton, Margaret    S.6 B1 L15 s1    1871-(2Oct) 1952     Burton, Bill    Mother, RNA (ssWilliam L. Burton)
Burton, William L.    S.6 B1 L15 s2    1866-(28 Sep) 1940     Burton, Bill    Father, FLT, IOOF (ssMargaret)
Comly, Fannie Mitchell    S.6 B1 L16 s1    1857-1939     Comely, C. H.    Mother (ssCharles Hunter Comly)
Comly, Charles Hunter    S.6 B1 L16 s2    1856-1938     Comely, C. H.     Father (ssFannie Mitchell Comly)

Row 7                
(Killim, Velva)    S.6 B2 L1A s1,2, 4A s1,2, 5A s1    no dates    Killum, Leo & Velva    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Killim, Leo)    same as Velva    no dates     Killum, Leo & Velva    (ditto)
(Ketchum, Isabelle)    S.6 B2 L5A s2    no dates     Ketchum, Richard&Isabelle    (ditto)
(Ketchum, Richard)    S.6 B2 L8A s1    no dates     (ditto)    (ditto)
Walters, Marlys R.    S.6 B2 L12A s1    1916--1987     Dowell    Together Forever (ssMarlin F.)
Walters, Marlin F.    S.6 B2 L12A s2    1915--     Walters, Marlyn    (NOT A BURIAL, ssMarlys R.)
Dixon, W. Wallace    S.6 B2 L17A s1    1904-(23Mar) 1968     Dixon, Wallace   

Row 8                
Flaig, John F.    S.6 B2 L1 s1    1872-1925     Flaig, John Mrs.    IOOF, FLT, (ssLottie Flaig Freese)
Freese, Lottie Flaig    S.6 B2 L1 s2    1871-(29Jun) 1939     Flaig, John Mrs.    (ssJohn F. Flaig)
Dunning, Mable Leslie    S.6 B2 L5 s3    1897-1929     Dunning, William & Leslie, Harry   
Esplen, Margaret Leslie    S.6 B2 L8 s1    1829-1918     (ditto)   
(Leslie), Anna Margaret    S.6 B2 L8 s2     21Jan1854-11June1913    (ditto)   
Silvest, Marion    S.6 B2 L9 s1    1923-1929     Silvest, Lee    (ssRay, Vernice F. Silvest & Joan Marie Silvest Larue)
Silvest, Ray    S.6 B2 L9 s2    1925-1929     Silvest, Lee    (ssMarion Silvest)
Silvest, Vernice F.    S.6 B2 L9 s3    19Sep1909-28Mar1915     Silvest, Lee    (ssMarion Silvest)
(Silvest, Louis)    S.6 B2 L9    no dates     Silvest, Lee    (no marker)
Larue, Joan Marie Silvest    S.6 B2 L9 s4     1935-(11Jul)1987    Larue, Joan Marie     (ssMarion Silvest)
Kane, Cora V.    S.6 B2 L12 s1    1871-(15Sep) 1955     Kane, Cora    Eastern Star, In Hoc Signo Vinces, (ssWilliam Kane)
Kane, William    S.6 B2 L12 s2    1861-1917     Kane, Cora    (ssCora V. Kane)
Vaux, Rita M.    S.6 B2 L12 s3    1895-(16Oct) 1959     Vaux, Rita M.    Mother
Wright, Bertha    S.6 B2 L20 s2    1882-(30Mar) 1934     Wright, Ernie    Mother (ssErnest & Infant Wright)
Wright, Infant Son    S.6 B2 L20 s3    19Feb 1908, only date     Wright, Ernie    Son of EM&B Wright (ssBertha)
Wright, Ernest    S.6 B2 L20 s4    1878-(21Jan) 1946     Wright, Ernie    Father (ssBertha Wright)

Row 9                
Reed, Ada R.    S.6 B2 L2 s2    1886-(24Dec) 1948     Reed, Walter & Bert    (ssBerto J. Reed)
Reed, Berto J. (Jesse)    S.6 B2 L2 s3    1887-1936     Reed, Walter & Bert    (ssAda R. Reed)
Kane, Anna R.    S.6 B2 L4 s4    1891-(25Sep)1979     Kane, Will    (ssWilliam L. & Marjorie M. Kane)
Kane, William L.    S.6 B2 L4 s5    1891-(29Dec)1966     Kane, Will    (ssAnna R. Kane)
Kane, Marjorie M.    S.6 B2 L4 s6    22Jul 1913-14Jan 1915     Kane, Will    Daughter of WL&AR Kane (ssAnna R. Kane)
Dunning, Lillie J. (Mrs. William Dunning)    S.6 B2 L6 s1     1873-1958    Leslie, Harry & Dunning, William     (ss William Dunning)
Dunning, William    S.6 B2 L6 s2    1869-1955     (ditto)    (ssLillie J. Dunning)
LESLIE    S.6 B2 L7 s4        (ditto)     MONUMENT
Silvest, Tillie M.    S.6 B2 L9 s5    6Jan 1882-11Mar 1918     Silvest, Lee    Wife of Lee Silvest (ssLee&Dora)
Silvest, (Albert) Lee    S.6 B2 L9 s6    4Sep 1885-30Dec 1938    Silvest, Lee    (ssTillie M. Silvest)
Silvest, Dora    S.6 B2 L9 s7    1900-(6Jun)1978     Silvest, Dora    Mother, (ssTillie M. Silvest)
Sherman, Borden    S.6 B2 L13 s3    1855-1920     Sherman, John    (ssEmma J. Sherman)
Sherman, Emma J.    S.6 B2 L13 s4    1865-1914     Sherman, John    (ssBorden Sherman)
(Dixon), Christiana    S.6 B2 L16 s4    1845-1931     Dixon, Thomas   
DIXON    S.6 B2 L16 s5        Dixon, Thomas    MONUMENT
(Dixon), Thomas    S.6 B2 L16 s6    1843-1925     Dixon, Thomas    Father
Dixon, Zelma A.    S.6 B2 L17 s4    1872-(25Sep) 1958     Dixon, Zelma    (ssJohn H. Dixon)
Dixon, John H.     S.6 B2 L17 s5    1867-1914     Dixon, Zelma    (ssZelma A. Dixon)

Row 10                
(Leslie), Harry B. (Benton)    S.6 B2 L5 s4     12Mar1870-25Oct1943    Leslie, Harry & Dunning, William   
(Leslie), Lydia L. (Mrs. Harry Leslie)    S.6 B2 L5 s5     31Oct1870-14May1963    Leslie, Harry & Dunning, William   
Smith, Mary E. L.     S.6 B2 L7 s1     24May1904-15Oct1989    (ditto)     Daughter
Leslie, Noah R.    S.6 B2 L7 s3    22Sep1900-26Dec1933     (ditto)    Father
(Johnson), Ira B.    S.6 B2 L19 s1    9Apr 1878-5Aug 1886     Johnson, Ben J.   
(Johnson, Ben J., Mrs.)    S.6 B2 L19 s2    9Aug 1840-12Apr1914    Johnson, Ben J.    Mother
Johnson, Ben J.    S.6 B2 L19 s3    29Mar1836-14Sep1879     Johnson, Ben J.    Father

Row 11                
Duckworth, Everett    S.6 B2 L2 s6    21Sep 1921 4Dec 1923     Reed, Walter & Bert    Son of B.F.&E.J. Duckworth
Reed, Jane A.    S.6 B2 L2 s7    1854-1916     Reed, Walter & Bert    (ssMelvin H. Reed)
Reed, Melvin H.     S.6 B2 L2 s8    1851-1928     Reed, Walter & Bert    (ssJane A. Reed)
(Reed, Jessie)    S.6 B2 L2    no dates     Reed, Walter & Bert    (no marker)
(Allison, baby)    S.6 B2 L2    (11Jan 1943 only date)     not given    (no marker)
McMillen, W. Gordon    S.6 B2 L3 s4    31May 1885 22Jun 1960     McMillen, Gordon    (ssCameron G. & Margaret M. McMillen)
McMillen, Margaret M. (Maggie)    S.6 B2 L3 s5    2Jun 1884 5Dec 1969    McMillen, Gordon    (ssW. Gordon McMillen)
McMillen, Cameron G.    S.6 B2 L3 s6    1911-1915     McMillen, Gordon    (ssW. Gordon McMillen)
(Bower, Pamela)    S.6 B2 L3    no dates     McMillen, Gordon    (baby, no marker)
LESLIE    S.6 B2 L8 s4        Dunning, William & Leslie, Henry    MONUMENT
Brown, Emma    S.6 B2 L10 s4    1876-1916     Brown, Jack    Wife of J. W. Brown
(Campbell, James K.)    S.6 B2 L10    no dates     Campbell, James K. & Jean B.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Campbell, Jean B.)    S.6 B2 L10    no dates     Campbell, James K. & Jean B.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Lanterman, Abram, Mrs.)    S.6 B2 L11 s3    no dates     Lanterman, Abram    (no marker)
LANTERMAN    S.6 B2 L11 s4         Lanterman, Abram    MONUMENT, In Memoriam
(Lanterman), Abram W.     S.6 B2 L11 s5    1840-1915     Lanterman, Abram    IOOF
Hartman, Kathrine R.    S.6 B2 L15 s3    21Apr 1854-7Nov 1917    Hartman, John    (ssJohn G. Hartman)
Hartman, John G.    S.6 B2 L14 s4    22Aug1849-11Dec1925     Hartman, John    GAR marker (*Pvt Co B 18th OH Inf)(ssKathrine R. Hartman)
Ray, Agnes (Hartman, Ray Agnes)    S.6 B2 L14 s5     15Mar1876-30Oct1886    Hartman, John   
Hartley, Thomas S.    S.6 B2 L14 s4    1854-1932     Hartman, John    (ssEtta Amy Hartley)
Hartley, Etta Amy    S.6 B2 L14 s5    1866-1945     Hartman, John    (ssThomas S. Hartley)
Chase, Anna M.    S.6 B2 L14 s6    1865-1926     Hartman, John   
Mulford, Walter W.    S.6 B2 L18 s3    7Jun 1851 28Sep 1914     Mulford, Ervin & Lynn    (ssBertie C. Mulford)
Mulford, Bertie C.    S.6 B2 L18 s4    9Dec 1856 13Oct 1924     (ditto)    (ssWalter W. Mulford)
JOHNSON    S.6 B2 L19 s6        Johnson, Ben J.    MONUMENT

Row 12                
Surls, Charles L. ("Bud")    S.6 B3 L1A s3     1916-(1Aug)1983    Surls, Charles "Bud"    
Combellick, Bessie M.    S.6 B3 L4A s1    1895-(2Feb)1979     Combellick, Mary Jane    Eastern Star, DAR marker (ssLester A. Combellick)
Combellick, Lester A.    S.6 B3 L4A s2    1884-(20Feb) 1970     (ditto)    Masonic emblem, DAV, (ssBessie M)
Hager, Alice Dunning    S.6 B3 L5A s1    27Jun 1899-29Jam 1999    Hager, Alice Mrs.    Wife of H. S.
Dunning, Florence M.    S.6 B3 L5A s2    7Dec 1904-9Aug 1984     Dunning, Florence Miss   
Dunning, Margaret M.    S.6 B3 L8A s1    16Sep1914-22Sep1997     Dunning, W. H., Mr&Mrs   
Dunning, William H.    S.6 B3 L8A s2    4Jul1908-25May1978     (ditto)    PHM3 US Army WWII, WWII marker
Brown, Mayme A.    S.6 B3 L9A s1    4Oct 1892-18May1968     Brown, Jack   
Brown, J. W. "Jack"    S.6 B3 L9A s2     3Jun1875-24Dec1957    Brown, Jack   
Long, Glenn H.    S.6 B3 L12A s1    1896-(24Jan)1989     Long, Glenn & Maude    WWI, (ssMaude E. Long)
Long, Maude E.    S.6 B3 L12A s2    1897 (14Nov)1988     (ditto)    (ssGlenn H. Long)

Row 13                
(Hagensick, Josephine Abie)    S.6 B3 L1    no dates     Hagensick, Gus    (no marker, sp4 on map)
Combellick, John David    S.6 B3 L1 s2    1929--     Combellick, John D. & Mary     (NOT A BURIAL ss Mary Ann Combellick)
Combellick, Mary Ann    S.6 B3 L1 s3    1929-(8Sep)1986     (ditto)    (ssJohn David Combellick)
(Combellick), John B.    S.6 B3 L4 s1    1849-1918     (ditto)    (ssMary J. Combellick)
COMBELLICK    S.6 B3 L4 s2         (ditto)    MONUMENT
(Combellick), Mary J.    S.6 B3 L4 s3    1853-(24Dec)1938     (ditto)    (ssJohn B. Combellick)
Kempthorne, Charles (G.)    S.6 B3 L5 s1    1904-(14Nov)1941     Kempthorne, Charles G.    (ssNetha Kempthorne)
Kempthorne, Netha    S.6 B3 L5 s2    1906--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL ss Charles)
Martin, Christena    S.6 B3 L5 s3    1881-1914     Martin, Frank    (ssFrank Z. Martin)
Martin, Frank Z.    S.6 B3 L5 s4    1876-1956     Martin, Frank    (ssChristena Martin)
Kaufman, Silie B.    S.6 B3 L8 s1    1879-(9Nov)1974     Kaufman, Harley    (ssE. Harley Kaufman)
Kaufman, E. Harley    S.6 B3 L8 s2    1875-(20Sep)1968     Kaufman, Harley    (ssSilie B. Kaufman)
Nelson, Mary    S.6 B3 L9 s1    1845-1929     None given    (ssFred Nelson)
NELSON    S.6 B3 L9 s2        None given     MONUMENT
Nelson, Fred    S.6 B3 L9 s3    1844-1914     None given    (ssMary Nelson)
HASTINGS    S.6 B3 L12 s1,2         Hastings, George    MONUMENT
Craig, Kathryn    S.6 B3 L13 s1    1863-1919     Craig, J. D.     Wife of J. D. Craig
Craig, John D.    S.6 B3 L13 s2    6Aug 1863-4Dec 1930     Craig, J. D.    
Nickels, Edward Craig    S.6 B3 L13 s3    1925-1932     Craig, J. D.    
Sanders, George A.    S.6 B3 L16 s1    1899-1919     Sanders, Arthur    American Legion marker
Sanders, B. Luella    S.6 B3 L16 s2    1879-1923     Sanders, Arthur   
Sanders, C. Arthur    S.6 B3 L16 s3    1874-1936     Sanders, Arthur   
cement base    S.6 B3 L17 s2         Porter, U. A.   
Porter, Elva    S.6 B3 L17 s3    1902-1920     Porter, U. A.    
SHAFFER    S.6 B3 L20 s1,2         Shaffer, Emma Mrs.    MONUMENT, Woodmen of the World dum tacit clamat
Shaffer, Melvin T.    S.6 B3 L20 s3    1893-1919     Shaffer, Emma Mrs.   

Row 14                
Kness, Alice N    S.6 B3 L5 s6    25Aug1903-13Jan1962     Kness, Alice   
Kness, George Owen    S.6 B3 L5 s7    d.29May 1941     Kness, Alice    IA Carpenter's Mate 2CL USNRF, (IOOF, WWI markers)
Kaufman, Glyde    S.6 B3 L8 s3    17Aug1902-18Apr1997     Kaufman, Lester    (ssLester Kaufman)
Kaufman, Lester    S.6 B3 L8 s4    25Apr1904-15Apr1995     Kaufman, Lester    Married 10Feb 1926 (ssGlyde)
Nelson, Bertha B.    S.6 B3 L9 s4    20Jul1886-25Sep1973     Not listed    (ssAugust B. Nelson)
Nelson, August B.    S.6 B3 L9 s5    4Jan 1884-5Mar 1957     Not listed    (ssBertha B. Nelson)
(Hastings), George W.    S.6 B3 L12 s6    1848-1918     Hastings, George   
Nickels, Freda Craig    S.6 B3 L13 s5    1888-(11Aug)1976     Craig, J. D.     (ssJoseph E. Nickels)
Nickels, Joseph E.     S.6 B3 L13 s6    1885-1951     Craig, J. D.     (ssFreda Craig Nickels)
Manley, Kate (Ruhamah)    S.6 B3 L16 s5    1867-(31Jan)1952     Manley, Kate    (ssGeorge Manley)
Manley, George    S.6 B3 L16 s6    1869-1931     Manley, Kate    (ssKate Manley)
Shaffer, Emma J. (Jane)    S.6 B3 L20 s5    1852-1946     Shaffer, Emma Mrs.    (ssPeter C. Shaffer)
Shaffer, Peter C.    S.6 B3 L20 s6    1889-1932     Shaffer, Emma Mrs.    (ssEmma J. Shaffer)

Row 15                
Hardcastle, Wm (Rev.)    S.6 B3 L2 s1    1870-1934     Hardcastle, Wm, Mrs.    (ssLula M. Hardcastle)
Hardcastle, Lula M. (Mrs. Wm Hardcastle)    S.6 B3 L2 s2     1872-1936    Hardcastle, William, Mrs.     DAR marker, (ssWilliam Hardcastle)
Gardner, Mary P.    S.6 B3 L2 s4    1835-1914     Gardner, Raleigh    Mother
Folks, William C.    S.6 B3 L3 s1    31Oct1881-30Aug1946     Folks, W. C.     Father
Pepperling, George H.    S.6 B3 L3 s2    22Feb1895-10Sep1947     Pepperling, Hazel Mrs.    IA COOK 130INF 33 DIV WWI, American Legion marker
Pierce, Alberta    S.6 B3 L3 s3    15Apr 1872-1Nov 1914     Pierce, A. D.    
(Pierce, Bertha)    S.6 B3 L3    no dates     Pierce, A. D.     (no marker)
(Jones, infant)    S.6 B3 L6    no dates     Jones, Lee    (no marker)
Farr, Samuel B.    S.6 B3 L7 s1    1878-1937     Houghtaling, James, Mrs.    Father
Farr, Ira Bruce    S.6 B3 L7 s2    1908-1937     (ditto)   
Houghtaling, James F.    S.6 B3 L7 s3    1850-1914     (ditto)   
(Manning, Hi)    S.6 B3 L10    no dates     Manning, Hi    (no marker)
(Manning, Hi, Mrs.)    S.6 B3 L10    no dates     Manning, Hi    (no marker)
Neff, Harriett M.    S.6 B3 L11 s3    1870-1923     Mills    Wife of Fred B. Neff
(Mills)    S.6 B3 L11    no dates    Mills     (no marker)
(Johnson, Chas, Mrs.)    S.6 B3 L14    no dates     Johnson, Charles    (no marker)
(Johnson, child)    S.6 B3 L14    no dates     Johnson, Charles    (no marker)
(Johnson, Charles)    S.6 B3 L14    (16May 1946)      Johnson, Charles    (no marker)
Sanders, Rebecca E.    S.6 B3 L15 s1    1853-1914     Sanders, Fred    His Wife, (ssF. E. Sanders)
Sanders, F. (Ferdinand) E.    S.6 B3 L15 s2    1850-(15Feb) 1937    Sanders, Fred    (ssRebecca E. Sanders)
Ellison, Charles F.    S.6 B3 L18 s1    1841-1918     Ellison, John    War Vet marker Co E 3d VOL INF Civil War
Mulford, Nettie R.    S.6 B3 L18 s2    1893-(4Nov) 1970     Mulford, Nettie    RNA marker
Mulford, Leon W.    S.6 B3 L18 s3    1887-1936     Mulford, Nettie    Father
Davis, Mary E.    S.6 B3 L19 s1    1855-1912     Davis, John    His wife (ssSamuel Davis)
Davis, Samuel    S.6 B3 L19 s2    1850-1915     Davis, John    (ssMary E. Davis)
Smith, Donald    S.6 B3 L19 s3    no dates     Smith, Harvey   
Smith, Iva Loretta    S.6 B3 L19 s4    1882-(22Sep) 1945     Smith, Harvey    Mother (ssHarvey M. Smith)
Smith, Harvey M.    S.6 B3 L19 s5    1884-(28Mar) 1954     Smith, Harvey    Father (ssIva Loretta Smith)
Smith, Orlay M.    S.6 B3 L19 s6    1911-1986     Smith, Harvey    WWII marker

        SECTION 7  
Row 1                
Huff, Kleber L.    S.7 B4 L1A s1    1889-(23Jan) 1946     Huff, K., Mrs.    Father, American Legion marker (ssFlorence I. Huff)
(Morehead), Florence I. Huff    S.7 B4 L1A s2     1896-(10Jun)1974    Huff, K., Mrs.     Mother (ssKleber L. Huff)
Huff, Frances Maxeine    S.7 B4 L1A s3    1Apr 1920-12Jan 1923    Huff, K., Mrs.    Children of Florence & Kleber Huff (ssClifton Huff), also sep. stone
Huff, Clifton Dale    S.7 B4 L1A s4         Huff, K., Mrs.    (ssFrances Maxeine Huff, see appendix)
Huff, Melvin Corporal    S.7 B4 L1A s5    12Jul 1925-20Jan 1945    Huff, K., Mrs.    WWII marker, (Picture on stone, see appendix)

Row 2                
Silvest, Vernice I.    S.7 B4 L1 s5    1929--     Silvest    (NOT A BURIAL)

Row 3                
(Sheldon, Charles)    S.7 B4 L2    no dates     Sheldon, Charles    (no marker)
Sheldon, C. Albert    S.7 B4 L2 s3    1861-1931     Sheldon, Charles    Father (ssMary E. Sheldon)
Sheldon, Mary E.    S.7 B4 L2 s4    1864-1955     Sheldon, Charles    Mother (ssC. Albert Sheldon)
Boyer, Edith Sheldon    S.7 B4 L2 s5    1902-1928     Sheldon, Charles   
(Croot, Barb)    S.7 B4 L2 s6    no dates     Croot, Karl & Barb    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Croot, Karl)    S.7 B4 L2 s7    no dates     Croot, Karl & Barb    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)

Row 4                 
Johnson, Aaron    S.7 B4 L3 s3    1874-(9Nov) 1950     Gilbert, Mary O.    (ssMary Johnson, Frank Gilbert, died Calif.)
Johnson, Mary (Olive)    S.7 B4 L3 s4    1883-(27Aug) 1968     Gilbert, Mary O.    (ssAaron Johnson)
Gilbert, Frank    S.7 B4 L3 s5    1876-1927     Gilbert, Mary O.    (ssAaron Johnson)
Croot, Edeltraud    S.7 B4 L3 s6    no dates     Croot, Andrew & Edeltraud    (NOT A BURIAL, ssAndrew B.)
Croot, Andrew B.    S.7 B4 L3 s7    25Jun1925-12Oct1997     Croot, Andrew & Edeltraud    (ssEdeltraud Croot) WWII marker, Parents of Karl, Married 27Aug 1947
(Canham), William E.    S.7 B1 L1 s5    1863-1927     Canham, Wm., Mrs.    Father
Smith, Edith C. (Canham)     S.7 B1 L1 s6     (21Mar)1875-(3Jul)1950    Canham, Wm., Mrs.     Mother
CANHAM    S.7 B1 L1 s7        Canham, Wm., Mrs.    MONUMENT
(Canham), Gladys I.    S.7 B1 L1 s8    1900-(9Aug)1993     Canham, Wm., Mrs.    Wife
(Canham), Alva E.     S.7 B1 L1 s9    1896-(8Dec) 1962     Canham, Wm., Mrs.    WWI

Row 5                
Wildman, Oliver S.    S.7 B4 L4 s2    1854-1929     Wildman   
WILDMAN    S.7 B4 L4 s3        Wildman     MONUMENT
Wildman, Jennie S.    S.7 B4 L4 s4    1858-1927     Wildman   
Wildman, Webb V.    S.7 B4 L4 s5    1887-(3Apr)1984     Wildman, Webb V.    (ssAlice C. Wildman, cremation)
Wildman, Alice C.    S.7 B4 L4 s6    1887-(18Jan)1978     Wildman, Webb V.    (ssWebb V. Wildman)
Croot, George H.    S.7 B1 L2 s1    1865-(17Feb) 1941     Croot, George    (ssAnnie Croot)
Croot, Annie (Mrs.)    S.7 B1 L2 s2    1868-1938 (3Jan 1939)     Croot, George    (ssGeorge H. Croot)
Croot, Elizabeth D. (Mrs. Clarence Croot)    S.7 B1 L2 s3     1895-(22Dec)1976    Croot, Clarence     Eastern Star, (ssClarence E. Croot)
Croot, Clarence E.    S.7 B1 L2 s4    1894 (1Oct)1977     Croot, Clarence    Masonic Lodge, (ssElizabeth D. Croot)
Croot, Byrdie R.    S.7 B1 L2 s5    1902-1984     Croot, Byrdie R. & Lavere    (ssLavere Croot)
Croot, LaVere    S.7 B1 L2 s6    1892-1980     Croot, Byrdie R. & Lavere    (ssByrdie R. Croot) (WWI)
Mears, Andrew F.    S.7 B1 L7 s1    1887-1934     Mears, A. M., Mrs.   
McClelland, Joyce E. (Mears)    S.7 B1 L7 s2    1923 (15Aug)1964    Mears, A. M., Mrs.   

Row 6                
Weatherman, Leo    S.7 B1 L3 s1    8Aug 1914 16Jul 1924     Weatherman, Barnie   
Weatherman, Tina P. (Mrs. B. Weatherman)    S.7 B1 L3 s2     18Nov 1883 Nov8 1964    Weatherman, Barnie    
Weatherman, L. B. Sr. (Luther Burnett)    S.7 B1 L3 s3     1Mar 1877 23Nov 1948    Weatherman, Barnie    
Abbas, Verna L.    S.7 B1 L3 s4    20May 1922 20Dec 1987     Weatherman, Barnie   
Frazier, Mary E. (Elizabeth)    S.7 B1 L3 s5    25May 1853 9Apr 1938    Weatherman, Barnie    Mother
Reagan, Bertha M.    S.7 B1 L6 s1    1904--     Reagan, Arthur    (NOT A BURIAL, ssHoward A. Reagan)
Reagan, Howard A.     S.7 B1 L6 s3    1894 (17Aug)1995     Reagan, Arthur    (ssBertha M. Reagan) WWI marker)
(Burns, Marlys)    S.7 B1 L7    21Feb1932-27Feb1932     Burns, Dane    (Infant daughter of Dane Burns buried 1932, disinterred 1969)
(Meyer,----)    S.7 B1 L7    no dates     Meyer    (no marker)
(Reed, Harold infant)    S.7 B1 L7    no dates     Reed, Harold    (no marker)
(Sowderland)    S.7 B1 L7    no dates     Sowderland    (no marker)
(Folks, Dorothy Irene)    S.7 B1 L7    (3Apr 1924? 34?)     Folks, W. C.     (no marker)
Ellefson, Mary Ann    S.7 B1 L7 s5    1873-1944     Ellefson, Marion    Mother (ssCarl Ellefson) (Old book has Lot14)
Ellefson, Carl    S.7 B1 L7 s5    1871-1937     Ellefson, Marion    Father (ssMary Ann Ellefson)
Mason, Ada Astling (Mrs. Daniel Mason)    S.7 B1 L9 s2     1885-1935    Mason, Mary, Mrs.   
Tidman, Murine W.    S.7 B1 L8 s2    1939, only date     Mason, Mary, Mrs.    Baby, dau of Mr&Mrs Howard Tidman, (Block marker)
Mason, Daniel W.    S.7 B1 L9 s3    1881-1946     Mason, Mary, Mrs.   
(Ross, Barbara)    S.7 B1 L8    no dates     Ross    (no marker)
(Smith, Jane M.)    S.7 B1 L8    no dates     Smith    (no marker)
(Unknown)    S.7 B1 L8    no dates    not given    (no marker)
(Burr, Daniel)    S.7 B1 L8    no dates     Burr    (no marker)
Latch, Dale Lee    S.7 B1 L8 s6    1927-1930     Latch    Son of CH&ER Latch

Row 7                
Hansen, Edith Ann (Mrs. Ed Hansen)    S.7 B4 L5 s3     1890-(6Jul) 1962    Bradley, Martha Mrs.    
Bradley, Ariel Bird    S.7 B4 L5 s4    1855-1939     (ditto)    Father
Bradley, Martha    S.7 B4 L5 s5    1893-     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssRay Bradley)
Bradley, (C.) Ray    S.7 B4 L5 s6    1893-1927     (ditto)    (ssMartha Bradley)
Truex, Martha Bradley    S.7 B4 L5 s7    1893-(28Jan 1988)     (ditto)   

Row 8                
(Cronk), Mayme (May Ann)    S.7 B4 L6 s3     12Oct1874-25Jan1961    Cronk, May   
Cronk, Sarah Ann    S.7 B4 L6 s4    1844-1927     Cronk, May    (ssJames Cronk Jr.)
Cronk, James Jr.    S.7 B4 L6 s5    1843-1928     Cronk, May    (ssSarah Ann Cronk)
Hillhouse, R. Stuart    S.7 B1 L4 s1    1866-1934     Hillhouse, Stuart    (ssEdith B. Hillhouse & Lois Hillhouse Gallwas)
Gallwas, Lois (Hillhouse)     S.7 B1 L4 s2     1900-1964(buried8Apr)    Hillhouse, Stuart     (cremation, ssR. Stuart Hillhouse)
Hillhouse, Edith B.    S.7 B1 L4 s3    1864-1930     Hillhouse, Stuart    (ssR Stuart Hillhouse)
Thomas, Charles Linsey    S.7 B1 L5 s1    d28Mar 1941     Thomas, John    Iowa Carpenters Mate 1 Cl US Navy, Am.Legion marker (WWI)
Parker, Richard J.    S.7 B1 L5 s3    1879-(8Sep) 1962     Thomas, John    Father
REAGAN    S.7 B1 L6 s2        Reagan, Arthur    MONUMENT
MASON    S.7 B1 L9 s2        Mason, Mary, Mrs.    MONUMENT
Newton, Louis S.    S.7 B1 L10 s1    14Sep1885-25Dec1976     Newton, Lewis    Father (ssSusie P. Newton)
NEWTON    S.7 B1 L10 s2        Newton, Lewis    MONUMENT
Newton, Susie P.    S.7 B1 L10 s3    10May1892-26Feb1981     Newton, Lewis    (ssLouis S. Newton)
(Newton, Larry)    S.7 B1 L10    no dates     Newton, Lewis    (no marker)
Dodge, Dolores    S.7 B1 L12 s2    1911-(7Jun)1980     Dodge, H. A., Mrs.   
Dodge, Stanley M.    S.7 B1 L12 s4    1903-1934     Dodge, H. A., Mrs.   
Anderson, June R.    S.7 B1 L13 s1    1915-1924     Buchanan, Ernest, Mrs.   
Weaver, John Wilbur    S.7 B1 L14 s3    22May1847-7Oct1913     Weaver, Oresa   
(Weaver, Elizabeth)    S.7 B1 L14    no dates     Weaver, Oresa    (no marker)
(Weaver, Oressa)    S.7 B1 L14    (28Oct 1958)     Weaver, Oresa    (no marker)

Row 9                
Hillhouse, Nada    S.7 B1 L4 s4    1897-(29Dec)1982     Hillhouse, Marlyn   
Hillhouse, Marlyn W.    S.7 B1 L4 s5    1894-(5Oct)1977     Hillhouse, Marlyn    WWI marker
Stuart, Edith Eleanor    S.7 B1 L4 s6    1925-1927     Hillhouse, Marlyn    (ssCharles Stuart)
Stuart, Charles    S.7 B1 L4 s6    2May 1921, no d. date     Hillhouse, Stuart    (ss Edith Eleanor Stuart)
Thomas, Emma J. (Jane)    S.7 B1 L5 s5    1860-(29Mar) 1947     Thomas, John    (ssJohn F. Thomas)
Thomas, John F.    S.7 B1 L5 s6    1858-1935     Thomas, John    (ssEmma J. Thomas)
(Thomas, Will)    S.7 B1 L5    no dates     Thomas, John    (no marker)
Reagan, Ethel    S.7 B1 L6 s4    1870-1924     Reagan, Arthur    Mother
Reagan, Arthur    S.7 B1 L6 s5    1862-1925     Reagan, Arthur    Father
(Jacobsen, Dorothy F.)    S.7 B1 L6    no dates     Reagan, Arthur    (no marker)
(Mason), Neta L.    S.7 B1 L9 s4    1895-1923     Mason, Mary Mrs.   
(Mason), Mary E. (Mrs.)    S.7 B1 L9 s5    1859-1937     Mason, Mary Mrs.    (ssSamuel J. Mason)
(Mason), Samuel J.    S.7 B1 L9 s6    1853-1927     Mason, Mary Mrs.    (ssMary E. Mason)
(Newton), Wendell L.    S.7 B1 L10 s4    26Jan1919-12 Apr1920    Newton, Lewis   
(Newton), Lois S.    S.7 B1 L10 s5    26Aug 1914-1Apr1920     Newton, Lewis   
Barber, Morton D.    S.7 B1 L11 s3    1888-1918     Barber, Morton, Mrs.   
Gregory, Mae Dodge    S.7 B1 L12 s6    1881-(8Feb) 1965     Dodge, H. A., Mrs.   
Dodge, Horace Abram    S.7 B1 L12 s7    1878-1918     Dodge, H. A., Mrs.   
Buchanow, Ernest J.    S.7 B1 L13 s4    1871-1925     Buchanan, Ernest, Mrs.   
Buchanow, Marie E.    S.7 B1 L13 s5    1873-(29Jun) 1944     (ditto)    Mother
Buchanow, F. E.    S.7 B1 L13 s6    1901-1918     (ditto)   
WEAVER    S.7 B1 L14 s5        Weaver, Oressa    MONUMENT
Shipman, Edgar W.    S.7 B1 L16 s2    14Jan1848-24Apr1911     Shipman, Edgar, Mrs.    GAR marker, (*Pvt Co I 46th IL Inf)

Row 10                
Beer, Elmer William    S.7 B4 L8 s1    7Apr 1922-24Jun 1991     Beer, Elmer & Gloria    Pfc US Army WWII 414 Serv Co 104 Inf Div Timberwolf, WWII mark.
Beer, Gloria Ottist    S.7 B4 L8 s2    8Nov 1921--     Beer, Elmer & Gloria    (NOT A BURIAL), The Lord was our Shepherd
Wear, Robert William    S.7 B4 L8 s3    19Jan1922-25Aug1944     Beer, Elmer & Gloria    Pfc US Army KIA, WWII, see appendix
Bottke, Anna C.    S.7 B4 L8 s4    27Oct 1898-7Oct 1989     Bottke, O. A.     John 3:16
Bottke, Otto August    S.7 B4 L8 s5    28Aug1889-13Sep1939     Bottke, O. A.     Iowa, Cpt Co A 126 Engineers WWI, WWI marker
Bottke, Marvin E.    S.7 B4 L8 s6    19Jun1926-27Dec1926     Bottke, O. A.     Son of Otto and Anna Bottke
Reagan, Marlyn Howard    S.7 B2 L1A s1    1956-(18Dec)1962     Reagan, Ruth   
Johnson, Gladys A.    S.7 B2 L4A s1    1899-(14Jan)1972     Johnson, Sig, Mr&Mrs    (ssJohn Sigfrid Johnson)
Johnson, John Sigfrid (Sig)    S.7 B2 L4A s2     1892-(22May)1964    Johnson, Sig, Mr&Mrs     (ssGladys A. Johnson)
Wickham, Leslie    S.7 B2 L4A s3    1906-(13Mar)1968     Wickham, Leslie   
Austin, Bernetta A.    S.7 B2 L5A s2    1915-(8Nov)1993     Austin, Frank    (ssFrank T. Austin)
Austin, Frank T.    S.7 B2 L5A s3    1911-(6Aug)1968     Austin, Frank    (ssBernetta A. Austin)
Boyington, Wanda Mills    S.7 B2 L8A s1,2    no dates     Boyington, Wanda Mills    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Wickham, Vivian Mills    S.7 B2 L9A s1,2    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Waggoner, Esther E.    S.7 B2 L12A s1    (19Aug)1904 (7May)1998    Waggoner, Joseph    (ss Joseph M. Waggoner)
Waggoner, Joseph M.    S.7 B2 L12A s2    1906-(12Jun)1967     Waggoner, Joseph    (ssEsther E. Waggoner)
Brooks, Grace E. (Mrs. D. D. Brooks)    S.7 B2 L12A s3     1883-(2Sep)1966    Barhite, Don, Mr&Mrs     (ssDarrell D. Brooks)
Brooks, Darrell D.    S.7 B2 L13A s1    1879-(23Jan)1975     (ditto)    (ssGrace E. Brooks)
Oliver, Margaret E. (Mrs. Eldon Oliver)    S.7 B2 L16A s1     2Aug191-30Aug1961    Oliver, Eldon     (ssElden M. Oliver)
Oliver, Elden M.    S.7 B2 L16A s2    5May1915-28Jan1973     Oliver, Eldon    (ssMargaret E. Oliver)
Nassen, Linden B.    S.7 B2 L16A s3    1902 -6Dec)1989     Nassen, Linden, Mrs.    (ssAlbert J. Nassen)
Nassen, Albert J.    S.7 B2 L16A s4    1889-(20Nov)1962     (ditto)    (ssLinden B. Nassen)
Mills, Joanne L.    S.7 B2 L17A s1    1935--     Mills, Erwin    (NOT A BURIAL, ssL. Erwin Mills)
Mills, L. Erwin    S.7 B2 L17A s2    1926-(7Feb)1983     Mills, Erwin    US War II marker (ssJoanne L.)
Mills, Lela Lake (Mrs. Francis Mills)    S.7 B2 L20A s1     31Dec1892-7Mar 1982    Mills, Francis O.     Mother, Rebekah, (ssFrancis O. Mills)
Mills, Francis O. (Frank)    S.7 B2 L20A s2     18Aug1884-16Sep1969    Mills, Francis O.     Father, IOOF marker (ssLela Lake Mills)
Beaman, Edith E.    S.7 B2 L21A s1    1884-(1Apr)1967     Beaman, W. N.    Rebekah, (ssWilliam N. Beaman)
Beaman, William N.    S.7 B2 L21A s2    1877-(2Dec)1972     Beaman, W. N.     IOOF marker (ssEdith E. Beaman)

Row 11                
Hayden, Iza Irene    S.7 B4 L9 s2    1897-1927     Hayden, Warren C.    Mother
Pickering, James W.    S.7 B4 L9 s3    1841-(*29Oct)1927     Hackbarth    Father GAR marker, Co H 21Wis Inf
Pickering, James W.    S.7 B4 L9 s4    1867-1926     Hackbarth   
??, Vione V.    S.7 B4 L9 s5    1903-1942     Hackbarth   
(Hackbarth, Alice Vione)    S.7 B4 L9    no dates     Hackbarth   
Hackbarth, Emma P. (Pickering)    S.7 B4 L9 s6     1866-(24Sep) 1942    Hackbarth     (ssWilliam H. Hackbarth)
Hackbarth, William H.    S.7 B4 L9 s7    1866-1937     Hackbarth    (ssEmma P. Hackbarth)
(Hackbarth, Verna Florence)    S.7 B4 L9    no dates     Hackbarth    (no marker)
Conrad, Lettie    S.7 B2 L1 s4    1878-1921     Conrad, John    (ssJohn Conrad)
Conrad, John    S.7 B2 L1 s5    1865-(24Jun) 1944     Conrad, John    (ssLettie Conrad)
Manley, Willis    S.7 B2 L4 s3    1862-1920     Harken, George   
Manley, Viola V.    S.7 B2 L4 s4    1866-1926     Harken, George   
Reysack, Timothy Vernon    S.7 B2 L5 s4     14Dec1969-14Dec1969    Harken, George   
Harken, George M.    S.7 B2 L5 s5    1876-(16Feb) 1962     Harken, George    Father
Harken, Bessie E.    S.7 B2 L5 s6    1879-1920     Harken, George    Mother
Holmes, Fredrick A.    S.7 B2 L8 s4    5Sep1874-12Aug1955     Holmes, Frederick    (ssJulia A. Holmes)
Holmes, Julia A. (Mrs. F. A. Holmes)    S.7 B2 L8 s5    8Apr 1880-29Nov 1963    Holmes, Frederick    (ssFredrick A. Holmes)
Knight, Vera M. (May)    S.7 B2 L8 s6    1911-1919     Knight, Bert    Daughter
Barrett, Charlotta A.    S.7 B2 L9 s5    1868-1919     Barrett, G. Howe   
(Barrett, G. Howe)    S.7 B2 L9    no dates     Barrett, G. Howe    (no marker)
Bradley, William Arthur    S.7 B2 L12 s4    1873-1919     Bradley, Edith    Hoc Signo Vinces
Batten, B. Roy    S.7 B2 L13 s4    1884-1918     Batten, T. E.     (ssFaye & Thomas E. Batten)
Batten, Faye    S.7 B2 L13 s5    1898-1918     Batten, T. E.     (ssB. Roy Batten)
Batten, Thomas E.    S.7 B2 L13 s6    1860-1922     Batten, T. E.     (ssB. Roy Batten)
Wickham, Harold    S.7 B2 L16 s4    1924-1931     Wickham, Ernest    (ssJoy Marlys Wickham, twin brother Gerald says birth date is 1923, not 1924)
Wickham, Joy Marlys    S.7 B2 L16 s5    1928-1930     Wickham, Ermest    (ssHarold, Merle & Wesley Wickham)
Wickham, Merle    S.7 B2 L16 s6    1917-1919     Wickham, Ernest    (ssJoy Marlys Wickam)
Wickham, E. (Ernest) G.    S.7 B2 L16 s7    1878-(29Jul) 1946    Wickham, Ernest   
Wickham, Grace M. (Myrtle)    S.7 B2 L16 s8    1886-(19Mar) 1941    Wickham, Ernest    Mother
Wickham, Wesley    S.7 B2 L16 s9    1906-1918     Wickham, Ernest    (ssJoy Marlys Wickham)
Mills, Sanford E.    S.7 B2 L17 s4    1856-1918     Mills, Sanford    FLT, IOOF marker, (ssIda L. Mills)
MILLS    S.7 B2 L17 s5        Mills, Sanford    MONUMENT
Mills, Ida L. (Lee)    S.7 B2 L17 s6    1863-1941     Mills, Sanford    (ssSanford E. Mills)
Kamberling, Dossy A.    S.7 B2 L20 s4    23Aug1877-20Jan1917     Kamberling, Claude    Wife of C. B. Kamberling
Shipman, Charles P.    S.7 B2 L21 s3    31May 1874-3Oct1914     Shipman, Metta   
Shipman, Metta (Buckton)     S.7 B2 L21 s4     17Jul1877-26 Apr1935    Shipman, Metta    

Row 12                
(Henry, Diane)    S.7 B4 L10 s1    no dates     Henry, Richard & Diane    (NOT A BURIAL)
Henry, Richard    S.7 B4 L10 s2    17Jun 1950-13Sep 1998     Henry, Richard & Diane    (temporary marker)
(Kness, Elizabeth L. "Betty")    S.7 B4 L10 s5     no dates    Kness, Warren & Betty     (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Kness, Warren E.)    S.7 B4 L10 s6    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Watson, William R. (Bill)    S.7 B4 L10 s7    4Oct 1931-2Oct 1987    Watson, William R.    US Navy, WWII marker
Austin, T. E.     S.7 B2 L2 s1    1949, only date     Austin    (ssJ. R. Austin) Sons of FT&BA
Austin, J. R.     S.7 B2 L2 s1    1947, only date     Austin    (ssT. E. Austin) Sons of FT&BA
Thomas, (Phyllis Ann)    S.7 B2 L2 s2    8Mar 1947, only date    not given    Twin daughters of Philip & Ann Thomas (ssEleanor Nan Thomas)
Thomas, (Eleanor Nan)    S.7 B2 L2 s2    8Mar 1947, only date    not given    (buried at foot of Charlotte Clara Clark, ssPhyllis Ann Thomas)
Austin, Michael Lee    S.7 B2 L2 s3    1951-(23May) 1952     Austin    Son of FT&BA Austin
Kopp, Maude Kiley    S.7 B2 L6 s2    19May1885-18Jan1973     Kiley, Thomas, Mrs.   

Row 13                
Ingebritson, Maude A. (Mrs.)    S.7 B2 L2 s4    1888-1920     Ingebritson, O. M.     Mother
Ingebritson, Ole    S.7 B2 L2 s5     1881-1952     Ingebritson, O. M.     Father
(Wampler, baby)    S.7 B2 L2    no dates     Wampler    (no marker)
Clark, Charlotte Clara (Lottie)    S.7 B2 L2 s6    27Jul 1901-18Feb 1947    Clark, Patricia    Mother
(Nelson, infants)    S.7 B2 L3    no dates     Nelson, Phillip    (no marker)
(Kiley), Thomas    S.7 B2 L6 s4    17Jan1872-1Dec1919     Kiley, Thomas, Mrs.   
KILEY    S.7 B2 L6 s5        Kiley, Thomas, Mrs.    MONUMENT
(Kiley, Mary)    S.7 B2 L6    no dates     Kiley, Thomas, Mrs.    (no marker)
Kopp, Charles H. (Henry)    S.7 B2 L6 s6    17Sep 1940, only date    Kiley, Thomas, Mrs.    Minnesota Pvt 339MG 88Div Bn WWI
Robinson, A. J.     S.7 B2 L7 s4    1859-1919     Robinson, A. J.     Father
ROBINSON                 MONUMENT
(Conklin), Zelma T.    S.7 B2 L7 s6    1862-(3Aug) 1945     Robinson, A. J.     Mother(ssOra A. Robinson)
Robinson, Ora A.    S.7 B2 L7 s7    1903-1925     Robinson, A. J.     (ssZelma T. Conklin)
Lamb, Hulda C. Smith    S.7 B2 L10 s4    1858-1919     Lamb, Mitchell    Wife of M. M. Lamb
Lamb, M. M.     S.7 B2 L10 s5    15Dec1854-24 Oct1925     Lamb, Mitchell   
McBurney, Orlan S. (Stanley)    S.7 B2 L11 s4    1917-1918     McBurney, Logan    Son (ssLogan W. & Goldie M. McBurney)
McBurney, Goldie M. (Mrs.)    S.7 B2 L11 s5    1889-(12Jan) 1965    McBurney, Logan    Mother (ssOrlan S. McBurney)
McBurney, Logan W.    S.7 B2 L11 s6    1886-(27Oct) 1963     McBurney, Logan    Father (ssOrlan S. McBurney)
Bunce, F. E. (Frank)    S.7 B2 L14 s4    1844-(*11Mar)1918     Bunce, Eva    Co M 1.IA Vol Cav, 1861-65 marker (*Pvt)
BUNCE    S.7 B2 L14 s5        Bunce, Eva     MONUMENT, Masonic emblem
Bunce, Eva    S.7 B2 L14 s6    (d. 18Jan 1949)     Bunce, Eva   
Jones, George E.    S.7 B2 L15 s4    1844-1918     Jones, Myrtle    (ssLois Jones)
Jones, Lois (Mrs. George E. Jones)    S.7 B2 L15 s5     1856-1934    Jones, Myrtle    (ssGeorge E. Jones)
Sisam, Jesse E.    S.7 B2 L18 s4    1868-1949     Sisam, Jesse E.    Father, (ssNellie H. Sisam)
Sisam, Nellie H.    S.7 B2 L18 s5    1876-1927     Sisam, Jesse E.    Mother, (ssJessie E. Sisam)
Derbyshire, Charles B.    S.7 B2 L19 s5    1878-(16Oct) 1945     Hadley, Darrell    (ssEtha C. Derbyshire)
Derbyshire, Etha C.    S.7 B2 L19 s6    1877-1950     Hadley, Darrell    (ssCharles B. Derbyshire)
Hadley, Ben J.    S.7 B2 L22 s3    31Jul1847-12Jan1929     Hadley, Darrell    (ssEliza A. Hadley)
HADLEY    S.7 B2 L22 s4        Hadley, Darrell    MONUMENT
Hadley, Eliza A.    S.7 B2 L22 s5    31Jan1852-28Oct1916     Hadley, Darrell    (ssBen J. Hadley)

Row 14                
Calkins, A. Romaine    S.7 B4 L11 s2    1868-(22Dec) 1967     Calkins, A. R.     Father (ssEdith A. Calkins)
Calkins, Edith A. (Kelsey)    S.7 B4 L11 s3    1871-1946     Gunn, Garnet    Mother (ssA. Romaine Calkins)
Brown, Garnet V. (Garnet Brown Gunn)    S.7 B4 L11 s4     31Jan1875-17May1961    Gunn, Garnet     (ssHarry F. Brown)
Brown, Harry F.    S.7 B4 L11 s5    30Jan 1870 20May 1925     Gunn, Garnet    (ssGarnet V. Brown)
Calkins, Velma    S.7 B2 L11 s6    21Jun1904-24Dec1986     Calkins, Emerson&Velma    (ssEmerson R. Calkins)
Calkins, Emerson R.    S.7 B2 L11 s7    20Feb 1901-8Feb1988     (ditto)    (ssVelma Calkins)
Stotser, Banche C.(Cora)(Thomas)    S.7 B3 L5A s1     1893-(19Apr)1952    Stotser, Merl & Ella     Wife (ssMerl J. Stotser)
Stotser, Merl J.    S.7 B3 L5A s2    1894-(4Feb)1974     Stotser, Merl & Ella    WW marker, Husband (ssBanche C. Stotser)
Stotser, Ella M.    S.7 B3 L8A s1    1890-(2Apr)1975     Stotser, Merl & Ella    (sister of Merl C. Stotser)
Clark, Charles Dave (Archie)    S.7 B3 L8A s2    5Nov 1893-2Dec 1964    Clark, Duane    IA Pvt Btry B.53 Artillery CAC, WWI marker
Claude, Marie I. (Mrs. George Claude)    S.7 B3 L9A s1     22Oct1903-10Oct1963    Claude, George   
Claude, George E.    S.7 B3 L9A s2    25Jul1903-29Nov1983     Claude, George   
Kiley, Merna M.    S.7 B3 L9A s3    1908-1998     Kiley, Glen N. & Merna M.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssGlen N. Kiley)
Kiley, Glen N.    S.7 B3 L12A s1    1907-(2Jul)1979     (ditto)    (ssMerna M. Kiley)
Chase, James A. (Albert) Jr    S.7 B3 L13 s1    1948-1949     Chase, James, Mrs.    Son of James and Frances
(Chase), Irene J.    S.7 B3 L13 s2    1863-(4Sep) 1946     Chase, James, Mrs.    Mother
(Chase), James A.    S.7 B3 L13 s3    1866-1920     Chase, James, Mrs.    Father (see appendix)
CHASE    S.7 B3 L13 s2,3        Chase, James, Mrs.    MONUMENT
(Gibson, Verna)    S.7 B3 L13A s2    no dates     Gibson, George & Verna    (NOT A BURIAL, no marker)
Gibson, George L.    S.7 B3 L13A s3    1917-(21Feb)1975     Gibson, George & Verna    WWII marker (double stone, other half unmarked)
Peisen, Jessie F.    S.7 B3 L16 s1    d.Sep13 1969     Harvey, Clyde C.   
Love, Lois Elizabeth    S.7 B3 L16A s1    1932-1974     Love, Lois    For me to live is Christ, To die is gain
Harvey, Clyde C.    S.7 B3 L16 s3    1885-1919     Harvey, Clyde C.   
Gillespie, Lois D. Davis    S.7 B3 L17A s1    14Aug 1934-2Feb 1983    Gillespie, Howard & Lois    Married 1 June, 1952, Parents of Harland D., Cheryl A., James S. (ssHoward E. Gillespie)
Gillespie, Howard E.    S.7 B3 L17A s2    2Oct 1932--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssLois D.)
Henry, Mary E.    S.7 B3 L20A s1    1919-(19Jul)1986     Henry, David & Mary E.    American Legion Auxiliary marker, (ssDavid H. Henry)
Henry, David H.    S.7 B3 L20A s2    1916--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Mary E. Henry)
Sisam, Leonard H.    S.7 B3 L20A s4    4Jan 1915-25Nov1982     Sisam, Leonard   
Leslie, Marian    S.7 B3 L21 s1    1912-1922     Leslie, Frank    (ssAlta & Warren Leslie)
Leslie, Alta (Mrs. Frank)    S.7 B3 L21 s2    1884-1949     Leslie, Frank    (ssMarian Leslie)
Leslie, Warren    S.7 B3 L21 s3    1887-1918     Leslie, Frank    (ssMarian Leslie)
Warnock, Anita M.    S.7 B3 L24A s1    1896-(16Sep)1991     Warnock, C. H. & Anita    (ssClifford H. Warnock)
Warnock, Clifford H.    S.7 B3 L24A s2    1890-(16Sep)1980     (ditto)    (ssAnita M. Warnock) (WWI)
Wickham, Lenora M.    S.7 B3 L25A s1    19Jul1920-15Apr1992     Wickham, Gerald & Lenora    Parents of David & Martha (ssGerald D. Wickham)
Wickham, Gerald D.    S.7 B3 L25A s2    25Oct 1923--     Wickham, Gerald & Lenora    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Lenora M. Wickham) US Navy 1942-46

Row 16                
Williams, Vergil W.    S.7 B3 L1 s1    1857-1928     Williams, Virgil   
Williams, Emma(Mrs.Vergil)    S.7 B3 L1 s2    1866-1957     Williams, Virgil   
Funk, Floy Elizabeth    S.7 B3 L1 s3    1887-1976 (3Jan 1977)    Funk, Raymond, Mrs.   
Wilson, Maria A.    S.7 B3 L4 s1    1848-1928     Wilson, R. P.    Mother
WILSON-GARRISON    S.7 B3 L4 s2         Wilson, R. P.    MONUMENT
Wilson, Robert P.    S.7 B3 L4 s3    1841-(*29Mar)1929     Wilson, R. P.     GAR marker, Father (*Pvt Co H 46th IL Inf)
Mark, Eva E.    S.7 B3 L5 s1    (8Jan)1877(17Feb)1950     Mark, Eva E.    RNA marker, Mother
Steward, Dorthy Bernice    S.7 B3 L5 s2    d30Aug 1920     Steward, O. A.     Infant daughter of OA&H Steward
Stotser, George W.    S.7 B3 L8 s1    1862-(28Apr)1938     Stotser, Geroge   
Stotser, Martha A. (Mrs. George Stotser)    S.7 B3 L8 s2     1865-(Oct) 1956    Stotser, George   
Bennett, Maude E.    S.7 B3 L8 s3    1886-(Sep) 1971     Stotser, George    (ssR. Jay Bennett)
Bennett, R. (Robert) Jay    S.7 B3 L8 s4    1886-(Jul) 1936     Stotser, George    (ssMaude E. Bennett)
Fiddler, Rebecca    S.7 B3 L9 s1    1851-1920     Fiddler, Humphrey    Wife of W. H. Fiddler (ssW. H.)
FIDDLER    S.7 B3 L9 s2        Fiddler, Humphrey    MONUMENT
Fiddler, W. (William) H.    S.7 B3 L9 s3    4Nov 1848-5May 1930    Fiddler, Humphrey    (ssRebecca Fiddler)
Wilson, Erma I.    S.7 B3 L12 s1    11Oct 1906-4Apr 1920     Wilson, I. T.     (ssCecil L. Wilson)
Wilson, Cecil L.    S.7 B3 L12 s2    25Mar1908-6May1921     Wilson, I. T.     (ssErma I. Wilson)
(Wilson, I. T., Mrs.)    S.7 B3 L12    no dates     Wilson, I. T.     (no marker, sp3 on wall map)
(Wilson, Irvin Thomas)    S.7 B3 L12    (8Jan1877) (30Jul1949)    Wilson, I. T.     (no marker, sp4 on wall map)
FOOTE-HARVEY    S.7 B3 L12 s2         Wilson, I. T.     MONUMENT
Klopp, Margaret E.    S.7 B3 L17 s1    1Mar 1841-26May 1924     Simpson, John    His wife (ssIsrael B. Klopp)
Klopp, Israel B. (Israel B. Simpson)    S.7 B3 L17 s2     4May 1836-6Mar 1919    Simpson, John     (ssMargaret E. Klopp)
(Simpson, John, Mrs.)    S.7 B3 L17    no dates     Simpson, John    (no marker)
Hibner, Myrtle L.    S.7 B3 L20 s3    1883-1919     Hibner, Fred W.    Wife of Fred W. Hibner
Adams, Henry (B.)    S.7 B3 L24 s1    1855-1937(27Mar1938)     Adams, H. B.     Father
Adams, Elizabeth J.    S.7 B3 L24 s2    1859-(11Oct) 1944     Adams, H. B.     Mother
Kingsbury, Vera Hostak    S.7 B3 L25 s1    1Jun 1909-23May 1945    Wood, Jennie    Daughter of Mr&Mrs Will W. Wood
Wood, Merton B.    S.7 B3 L25 s2    6Jun 1899-21Jun 1985     Wood, Jennie    US Army WWI, WWI marker (Cedar Rapids mortuary)

Row 17                
Funk, Christian    S.7 B3 L1 s4    1848-1933     Funk, Raymond, Mrs.   
Funk, Jennie B.    S.7 B3 L1 s5    1845-1933     (ditto)   
Funk, Raymond E.    S.7 B3 L1 s6    1884-1928     (ditto)   
Wilson, Mollie (Mollie Garrison)    S.7 B3 L4 s4     1881-1930    Garrison, Claude    Wife of C. O. Garrison
Garrison, Claude V.    S.7 B3 L4 s6    1875-(Mar)1957     Garrison, Claude    (Block marker)
(Nelson, Irvin)    S.7 B3 L4    no dates     Garrison, Claude    (no marker)
(Thatcher), Pearl F. Hall    S.7 B3 L5 s3     1898-(19Dec)1983    Hall, A. E.      (ssArlo E. & Effie L. Hall)
Hall, Arlo E.    S.7 B3 L5 s4    1877-(5Jan) 1969     Hall, A. E.     (ssPearl F. Hall)
Hall, Effie L.    S.7 B3 L5 s5    1877-1927     Hall, A. E.     (ssPearl F. Hall)
Leslie, Mary E.    S.7 B3 L8 s5    1860-(11Jan) 1944     Leslie, William H.    Mother, (ssWilliam H. Leslie)
Leslie, William H.    S.7 B3 L8 s6    1858-1936     Leslie, William H.    Father, (ssMary E. Leslie)
Cary, Mary M. (Mrs.)    S.7 B3 L8 s7    1860-(21May) 1946     Cary, William, Mrs.    Mother
CARY    S.7 B3 L8 s8        Cary, William, Mrs.    MONUMENT
Cary, William H.    S.7 B3 L8 s9    1844-1928     Cary, William, Mrs.    Father
Fiddler, Minnie S.    S.7 B3 L9 s4    1869-(Jun) 1957     Fiddler, Humphrey    (ssH. Y. Fiddler)
Fiddler, H. (Humphrey) Y.     S.7 B3 L9 s5     1875-(24Oct)1978    Fiddler, Humphrey     (ssMinnie S. Fiddler)
Chase, Ernest L.    S.7 B3 L13 s4    7Jul 1926-26Dec 1926     Chase, James, Mrs.    (ssOva J. Chase)
Chase, Fannie J.    S.7 B3 L13 s5    11Nov1898-4May1967     ditto    Married 28 Nov 1914 (ssOva J.)
Chase, Ova J.    S.7 B3 L13 s6    14Oct1892-17Apr1976     ditto    (ssFannie J. & Ernest L. Chase)
(Huff, Francis Marion)    S.7 B3 L13    Buried 1949, removed     ditto    (no marker)
Foote, Frances    S.7 B3 L16 s4    1856-1931     Foote, F. C.     (ssFred C. Foote)
Foote, Fred C.    S.7 B3 L16 s5    1865-(5Sep) 1939     Foote, F. C.     (ssFrances Foote)
Klopp, S.(Sarah) Elizabeth Harris    S.7 B3 L17 s3     1871-(3Nov)1936    Klopp, Margaret     (ssJames W. Klopp)
Klopp, James W.    S.7 B3 L17 s4    187- (12Mar)1959     Klopp, Margaret    (ssS. Elizabeth Harris Klopp)
Hibner, Grace A.    S.7 B3 L20 s5    (d.1Aug 1981)     Hibner, Fred W.    WWI marker (ssFred W. Hibner)
Hibner, Fred W.    S.7 B3 L20 s6    188-(21Aug) 1947     Hibner, Fred W.    WWI marker (ssGrace A. Hibner)
Leslie, Nellie Patterson (Mrs. Frank Leslie)    S.7 B3 L21 s4     1867-(2Jul) 1940    Leslie, Frank   
Leslie, Frank    S.7 B3 L21 s5    1860-(27Oct) 1952     Leslie, Frank   
Adams, Charles H.    S.7 B3 L24 s3    1896-1918     Adams, H. B.     Son
Adams, Alma J.    S.7 B3 L24 s4    1882-1932     Adams, A. B.     Daughter
Wood, Will W.    S.7 B3 L25 s4    1871-1915     Wood, Jennie    (ssJennie Bowman Wood)
Wood, Jennie Bowman    S.7 B3 L25 s5    1870-(8Jun) 1968     Wood, Jennie    (ssWill W. Wood)
Wood, Robert E., Sgt.    S.7 B3 L25 s6     19Jul1924-12Mar1944    Wood, Jennie     WWII marker, Killed in action at Bougainville in the Solomon Islands

Row 18                
Brannick, Marvin B.    S.7 B3 L2 s1    1926--     Brannick, Bert    (NOT A BURIAL, ssDelores E.)
Brannick, Delores E.    S.7 B3 L2 s2    1931-1992     Brannick, Bert    (ssMarvin B. Brannick)
(Brannick, Frank)    S.7 B3 L2    no dates     Brannick, Bert    (no marker)
Brannick, Margie Jane    S.7 B3 L2 s4    1918-1921     Brannick, Bert   
Havens, Leroy Vern, Corp.    S.7 B3 L3 s3    1898-1921     Nelson, Albert    11th Inf Band AEF St. Mihiel Sector Meuse, Argonne, WWI marker
Johnson, Elizabeth (Mrs. Sig Johnson)    S.7 B3 L6 s3     1898-1918    Johnson, Sig    Mother
Hayden, Mary J.    S.7 B3 L7 s4    1863-1926     Hayden, Roy    Mother (ssReynolds Hayden)
Hayden, Reynolds    S.7 B3 L7 s5    28Mar1855-26Apr1918     Hayden, Roy    (ssMary J. Hayden)
Boucher, Sophronia (Mrs. Ferdinand Boucher)    S.7 B3 L10 s1     1846-1937    Boucher, Ferdinand, Mrs.     (ssFerdinand Boucher)
Boucher, Ferdinand    S.7 B3 L10 s2    1840-1913     (ditto)    (ssSophronia Boucher)
Hendryx, Pearl K.    S.7 B3 L10 s3    1907-1925     Hendryx, D. E.    
Fredrickson, Anna S.    S.7 B3 L11 s1    1843-1917     Nilander, Frederick    Mother
Schalk, John    S.7 B3 L14 s2    9Sep 1916-19Jul 1917     Schalk, K. W.     Son of KW&MG Schalk
Colberg, Gus    S.7 B3 L15 s1    12Oct1866-14Feb1937     Colberg, Gus   
Colberg, Anna    S.7 B3 L15 s2    (15Oct)1873(9Jan)1952     Colberg, Gus   
Nelsen, Crist    S.7 B3 L15 s3    14Mar1877-17Mar1917     Colberg, Gus   
Henry, William C.    S.7 B3 L18 s2    1886-1919     Howe, Addie    (ssMary J. Howe)
Howe, Mary J. (Jane) Henry    S.7 B3 L18 s3    1896-1917     Howe, Addie    (ssWilliam C. Henry)
Taylor, Joseph M.    S.7 B3 L19 s2    25May1875-16Dec1916     Taylor, Joseph, Mrs.    Woodmen of the World, FLT marker (perpetual care pd by Carrie L. Zufall, 17Jan 1956)
(Micklewright, Harvey)    S.7 B3 btw L23&24    no dates     Micklewright, John    (no marker)
Munce, Mary A.    S.7 B3 L26 s1    1871-1923     Ball, Albert   
Ball, Mary    S.7 B3 L26 s2    1845-1918     Ball, Albert    Wife of J. W. Ball

        SECTION 8
Row 1        (map next page)         
(Lewis, Virgil B., Mrs.)    S.8 B3 L1    no dates     Lewis, Virgil B.    (no marker)
(Weatherman, Marcella)    S.8 B3 L2 s1    no dates     Weatherman, Marcella    (NOT A BURIAL, lot owner only)
Thornton, Bruce R.    S.8 B3 L4 s1    1May 1895-28Mar1959     Thornton, Bruce    WWII marker, Ia Pvt 1 Co 159 Depot Brig WWI
McDonough, Florence Gail    S.8 B3 L4 s3    28Jul 1916-31Jul 1984    McDonough, Gail   
Blake, Thelma A.    S.8 B3 L4 s4    1922-(22May1996)     Blake, Fred & Thelma   
Blake, Fred P.    S.8 B3 L4 s5    1924-(20Apr)1992     (ditto)   
Mulford, Maud    S.8 B3 L4 s6    1886-(26Mar)1965     Mulford, Irvin, Mrs.    (ssIrvin Mulford)
Mulford, Irvin    S.8 B3 L4 s7    1881-(Nov)1958     Mulford, Irvin, Mrs.    (ssMaud Mulford)
Peterson, Jessie M. (Mrs. Clarence W. Peterson)    S.8 B3 L4 s8     1886-(26Mar)1959    Peterson, Clarence W.     (ssClarence W. Peterson)
Peterson, Clarence W.    S.8 B3 L4 s9    1885-(9Mar)1961     (ditto)    (ssJessie M. Peterson)

Row 2                
Remhof, Gloria A.    S.8 B2 L1A s1    18Mar 1924--     Remhof, Fred & Gloria    (NOT A BURIAL, ssFred G. Remhof)
Remhof, Fred G.    S.8 B2 L1A s2    21May1919-15Mar1980     (ditto)    WWII marker, (ssGloria A. Remhof)
Remhof, Anna M.    S.8 B2 L1A s3    1880-1971     Remhoff, Charles    (ssRemhof, Charlie P.)
Remhof, Charlie P. (Charles)    S.8 B2 L1A s4     1890-(6Mar)1976    Remhoff, Charles     (ssAnna M. Remhof)
Crawford, Lovina (Mrs. J. H. Crawford)    S.8 B2 L6A s1     1903-1954    Crawford, Jake H.   
Craig, Clara Fossler     S.8 B2 L6A s3     2Mar1883-23Jun1957    Craig, Fred, Mrs.     Mother

Row 3                
Yaw, Harvey C.    S.8 B2 L1 s2    27Apr1843-24Nov1931     Yaw, H. C.     (ssMary E. Yaw)
Yaw, Mary E.    S.8 B2 L1 s3    10Apr1846-28Dec1936     Yaw, H. C.     (ssHarvey C. Yaw)
Yaw, George S.    S.8 B2 L1 s4    1867-1931     Yaw, George    Father MWA, (ssNellie A. Yaw)
Yaw, Nellie A.    S.8 B2 L1 s5    1871-(26Jan) 1959     Yaw, H. C.    Mother, RNA, cross & crown (ssGeorge S. Yaw)
Yaw, Verne    S.8 B2 L6 s1    1896-1903     Yaw, George    Sons of GS&NA Yaw (ssAlbert J.)
Yaw, Albert J.    S.8 B2 L6 s2    1903-1920     Yaw, George    Sons of GS&NA Yaw (ssVerne)
Thomas, Hazel G.    S.8 B2 L6 s3    11Mar1894-23Sep1970     Thomas, Arthur A.    OBC
Thomas, Arthur A.    S.8 B2 L6 s4    20Jul 1884-27Jun 1935     Thomas, Arthur A.    IOOF

Row 4                
Yaw, William H.    S.8 B2 L1 s7    11Apr1870-20May1965     Yaw, H. C.     (ssGertie M. Yaw)
Yaw, Gertie M. (May)    S.8 B2 L1 s8    12Apr1872-27Nov1952     Yaw, H. C.     (ssWilliam H. Yaw)
Barnhart, Mary Anna    S.8 B2 L5 s1    13Mar1922-16Sep1929     Barnhart   
Barnhart, Anna S.    S.8 B2 L5 s2    13Jul 1891-11Jul 1967     Barnhart    (ssEdwin O. Barnhart)
Barnhart, Edwin O.    S.8 B2 L5 s3    12May1887-20Nov1931     Barnhart    (ssAnna S. Barnhart)

Row 5                
Nichols, Eleanor    S.8 B2 L4 s1    1919-1929     Nichols, Ralph   
Hunt, Mildred    S.8 B2 L4 s2    1894-(28April)1980     Hunt, Virgil & Mrs.    (ssVirgil Hunt)
Hunt, Virgil    S.8 B2 L4 s3    1893-(31Aug)1985     Hunt, Virgil & Mrs.    (ssMildred Hunt, Quit claim deed from Eleanor Nichols)

Row 6                
Brink, Charles V.    S.8 B2 L3 s2    1884-1929     Brink, Charles, Mrs.    Husband
Noble, Keith Herman    S.8 B2 L3 s3    30Nov 1928, only date     Brink, Charles, Mrs.    Son of Herman & Virginia Noble
Klemme, Charwon D. (Dee)    S.8 B2 L3 s4     30Apr1935-18May1935    Brink, Charles, Mrs.    

Row 7                
Weaver, Merle O.    S.8 B1 L6 s1    1894-(10Jun) 1946     Weaver, Gertrude Mrs.   
Weaver, Verne A.    S.8 B1 L6 s2    1901-1928     (ditto)   
(Shillington)    S.8 B2 L3    no dates     Brink, Charles, Mrs.    (no marker)

Row 8                
Young, Bernice A.    S.8 B1 L1 s1    1917--     Young, Robert T.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssRobert T. Young Jr.)
Young, Delores A.    S.8 B1 L1 s2    1945--     Young, Robert T.    (ditto)
Young, Robert T. Jr.    S.8 B1 L1 s3    1947--     Young, Robert T.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssBernice A. & Delores A. Young)
WEAVER    S.8 B1 L6 s3        Weaver, Gertrude, Mrs.    MONUMENT

Row 9                
Young, Robert T Sr.    S.8 B1 L1 s4    1917-(11Feb 1996)     Young, Robert T.   
Young, Marilee    S.8 B1 L1 s5    1930--     Young, Robert T.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssRobert J.)
Young, Robert J.    S.8 B1 L1 s6    1971--     Young, Robert T.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssMarilee Young)
Stewart, Kenneth Dale    S.8 B1 L5 s1    30Oct1923-10Feb1928     Stewart, Clarence    (ssJames C. Stewart)
(Stewart, Clarence)    S.8 B1 L5    no dates     Stewart, Clarence    (no marker)
Stewart, Constance L.    S.8 B1 L5 s2     11May1903-(6Dec1996)    Stewart, Clarence     (ssJames C. Stewart)
Stewart, James C.    S.8 B1 L5 s3    27Jul 1897-12Jun 1956     Stewart, Clarence    (ssConstance L. & Kenneth Dale)

Row 10                
Elliott, Herbert J. (Jr.)    S.8 B1 L4 s1     16Sep1923-18Sep1923    Elliott, V. H.      Children of Mr&Mrs Vern H. Elliott (ssMina H. Elliott)
Elliott, Doris I.    S.8 B1 L4 s2    18Feb1925-18Dec1927     Elliott, V. H.     (ssMina Elliott)
Elliott, Mina H.    S.8 B1 L4 s3    1897--     Elliott, V. H.     (NOT A BURIAL, ss Herbert J., Doris I. & Vern Elliott
Elliott, Vern H.    S.8 B1 L4 s4    1900-(31Aug)1974     Elliott, V. H.     (ssMina H. Elliott)
Kaster, Herman R.    S.8 B1 L4 s5    1884-(24Mar)1976     Kaster estate    Masonic Lodge 63y, Eastern Star 62y

Row 11                
Felland, Dorothy     S.8 B1 L2 s7    1914-(9Apr)1991     Felland, Marvin N. & Dorothy E.    Parents of David & Norman (ssMarvin N. Felland)
Felland, Marvin N,.    S.8 B1 L2 s8    1910-(18Jul)1994     (ditto)    (ssDorothy Felland)
(Felland, David A.)    S.8 B1 L2    no dates     Felland, David A. & Bertha    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Felland, Bertha)    S.8 B1 L2    no dates     Felland, David A. & Bertha    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Felland, Norman)    S.8 B1 L2     no dates     Felland, Norman    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Folkers, Sophia C. (Christena)    S.8 B1 L3 s1     1847-(4Jun) 1936    Folkers    Mother (ssEdward W. Folkers)
Folkers, Edward W.    S.8 B1 L3 s2    1840-1903     Folkers    Father (ssSophia C. Folkers) Buried in Oakhill Cemetery, Kirkwood, Missouri
Folkers, Carrie H.    S.8 B1 L3 s3    16Feb1875-25Apr1946     Folkers   

        SECTION 9    
Row 1                
Busch, Herbert Fred     S.9 L79 s2     2Jan1910-21Aug1963    Busch, Herbert     IA Cpl 725 Air Mat SQ AAF WWII, US Veteran marker
Busch, Augusta    S.9 L79 s3    1876-(7Sep)1953     Busch, Henry    (ssHenry Busch)
Busch, Henry    S.9 L79 s4    1875-(9Nov1959)     Busch, Henry    (ssAugusta Busch)
Findley, Lillian May    S.9 L79 s5    1869-(8Feb)1952     Findley, W. B.     (ssWilliam Bell Findley)
Findley, William Bell    S.9 L79 s6    1890-(3Mar)1976     Findley, W. B.     (ssLillian May Findley)
Lange, Anna B.    S.9 L79 s7    1884-(28Aug)1974     Lange, Frank W.    (ssFrank W. Lange)
Lange, Frank W.     S.9 L79 s8    1884-(19Sep)1975     Lange, Frank W.    (ssAnna B. Lange)
Wolf, Winifred M.    S.9 L78 s1    1912--     Wolfe, George E.    (NOT A BURIAL) Parents of Mary Ann and Georgene, (ssGeorge E.)
Wolf, George E.    S.9 L78 s2    (25Jun)1912(3Feb)1998     Wolfe, George E.    (ssWinifred M. Wolf)
Wolf, Minnie S.(Mrs.W.A.)    S.9 L77 s1    1880-1951     Wolf, W. A.     (ssWilliam A. Wolf)
Wolf, William A.    S.9 L77 s2    1878-(12Aug)1952     Wolf, W. A.     (ssMinnie S. Wolf)
Anderson, Willard (Hans)    S.9 L76 s1    1923-(2Dec)1953     Anderson, E. H.    
Baxter, Edwin A. (Alfonso)    S.9 L76 s3     25Sep1876-11Mar1947    Baxter, Edwin Alfonso    

Row 2                
Lyman, Jeffrey F.    S.9 L73 s1    27Jan 1957-1Feb 1957     not known    Son of SE&J Lyman
Meyer, Walter F.    S.9 L73 s2    1911-(11Nov)1967     Meyer, Walter   
(Poland, baby)    S.9 L73    (b8Jun1951-7Oct1952)     Poland, Robert   
Frossard, Jesse    S.9 L73 s3    1890-(15Dec)1953     Frossard, Jesse   
Bryant, Mildred E. (Mrs. G. H. Bryant)    S.9 L73 s4      1876-1952    Bryant, G. H.      Mother (ssGeorge H. Bryant)
Bryant, George H.    S.9 L73 s5    1875-(3Oct)1964     Bryant, G. H.     Father (ssMildred E. Bryant)
Bundy, Alma H.    S.9 L73 s6    6Sep1887-15Aug1985     Bundy, Clarence    (ssClarence Bundy)
Bundy, Clarence (E.)    S.9 L73 s7    25Nov1888-26May1959     Bundy, Clarence    IA Cook 10 Casual Co WWI, WWI marker, (ssAlma H. Bundy)
Arends, Gertrude    S.9 L72 s3    1901-(19Jun)1976     Arends, Fred, Mrs.    Mother (ssFred L. Arends)
Arends, Fred L.    S.9 L72 s4    1895-(26Aug)1950     Arends, Fred, Mrs.    Father (ssGertrude Arends)
Tjarks, Myrtle    S.9 L71 s1    1904-(5Mar)1987     Tjarks, Richard H.    Wife (ssRichard H. Tjarks)
Tjarks, Richard H.    S.9 L71 s2    1892-(31Jan)1984     Tjarks, Richard H.    Husband, WWI marker (ssMyrtle Tjarks)
Anderson, Ruth H.    S.9 L70 s1    1891-(28Sep)1973     Anderson, E. H.    (ssEdward H. Anderson)
Anderson, Edward H.    S.9 L70 s2    1890-(23Feb)1976     Anderson, E. H.    (ssRuth H. Anderson)
Burdick, Nora    S.9 L70 s3    (18Oct)1902 (2Jun)1998     Burdick, Bert    (ssBert E. Burdick)
Burdick, Bert E.    S.9 L70 s4    1901-(17Aug)1984     Burdick, Bert    (ssNora Burdick)
Hinton, Dennis Allen    S.9 L69 s1    d.3Dec 1946     Hinton, Howard    Son of Mr&Mrs Howard T. Hinton
Petrie, Laura    S.9 L68 s1    1878-(8Oct)1951     Petrie, Jonas    Wife, (ssJonas W. Petrie)
Petrie, Jonas W.    S.9 L68 s2    1873-(31Oct)1952     Petrie, Jonas    Husband, (ssLaura Petrie)

Row 3                
(Brown, Arden Leon)    S.9 L67 s1    (Jan 1952)     Brown, A. L., Mr &Mrs    (infant, no marker)
Kolpin, Herbert L.    S.9 L67 s2    27Sep1907-25Dec1974     Kolpin, Herbert L.   
Ites, Barbara Ann    S.9 L67 s4    (3Sep1934) (24Jan1997)     Ites, Maynard    (temporary marker)
Ites, Floyd M.    S.9 L67 s5    10Feb1933-12Apr1994     Ites, Maynard    Korea marker
Ites, Merna L.    S.9 L67 s6    1914--     Ites, Maynard    (NOT A BURIAL, ssMaynard Ites)
Ites, Maynard    S.9 L67 s7    1911-(19Jan)1991     Ites, Maynard    (ssMerna L. Ites)
Meyers, Emma L.    S.9 L66 s1    1889-(2Apr)1974     Myers, Jake & Emma    (ssJake H. Meyers)
Meyers, Jake H.    S.9 L66 s2    1896-(19Apr)1972     Myers, Jake & Emma    (ssEmma L. Meyers)
Hamilton, Kathryn L.    S.9 L66 s3    13Oct1924-15May1962     Hamilton, Harold    That He might be exalted Phil.2: 9-11
Hamilton, Walter H. Sgt.    S.9 L66 s4    7Jan 1928-30Jul 1948    Hamilton, Harold    He walked with God, Gen. 5:24 WWII marker
Hamilton, Elva    S.9 L65 s1    27May1894-7Apr1974     Hamilton, Harold    (ssHarold M. Hamilton)
Hamilton, Harold M.    S.9 L65 s2    20Apr 1893-2Apr 1968     Hamilton, Harold    WWI marker (ssElva Hamilton)
Cook, Fred C.    S.9 L65 s3    1895-(18Mar)1993     Cook, Fred    WWI marker
Price, Norman    S.9 L64 s1    1921-(7Apr)1948     Price, John H.    Son (ssHazel A. Price) (WWII)
Price, Hazel A.    S.9 L64 s2    1898-(19Feb)1985     Price, John H.    Mother (ssNorman & John H. Price)
Price, John H.    S.9 L64 s3    1892-(10Sep)1969     Price, John H.    Father (ssHazel A. Price)
Huston, Grace E.    S.9 L63 s1    1878-1960     Huston, Grace E.    (ssA. Gardner Huston)
Huston, A. Gardner    S.9 L63 s2    1875-(3Mar)1947     Huston, Grace E.    (ssGrace E. Huston)
Orris, Dave E.    S.9 L62 s1    1883-(24Mar)1958     Orris, D. E.     Father
Orris, Louisa K. (Mrs.)    S.9 L62 s2    1886-(15Jun)1946     Orris, D. E.     Mother

Row 4                
Ahlberg, Douglas R.    S.9 L61 s1 (3')    1951     Ahlberg, James    Infant son of James & Louise
Johnston, Jeanne (Jennie)    S.9 L61 s3    1903-(23May)1974     Johnston, Jeanne Mrs.   
Johnston, Cecil B. (Burton)    S.9 L61 s4    1903-(3Jul)1950     (ditto)   
Sebber, Doris M.    S.9 L61 s6    1905-(22Mar)1950     Sebber, Leslie    (ssLeslie T. Sebber)
Sebber, Leslie T.    S.9 L61 s7    1902-(12Jul)1972     Sebber, Leslie    (ssDoris M. Sebber)
(Chalmers, Thomas A.)    S.9 L61, 10', (s5?)    no dates     Chalmers, Jim    (no marker)
(Chalmer, infant)    S.9 L61 (s5?)    (28Jul 1949)     Sebber, Leslie    (no marker)
Lekwa, Ella A. (Mrs. H. M.)    S.9 L60 s1     1894-(25Apr)1967    Lekwa, Henry M.     (ssHenry M. Lekwa)
Lekwa, Henry M.    S.9 L60 s2    1892-(18Mar)1985     Lekwa, Henry M.    (ssElla A. Lekwa)
O'Kelly, Minnie M. (Mrs. Lloyd O'Kelly)    S.9 L59 s1     1886-(25Jan)1964    O'Kelly, L. T.     American Legion Auxiliary marker (ssLloyd T. O'Kelly)
O'Kelly, Lloyd T.    S.9 L59 s2    1891-(6Sep)1965     O'Kelly, L. T.     WWI marker (ss Minnie M. O'Kelly
Stockdale, Sophia (Mrs. Arthur Stockdale)    S.9 L59 s3     189- (29Mar)1965    Stockdale, Art     (ssArthur Stockdale)
Stockdale, Arthur    S.9 L59 s4     1885-(10Oct)1973     Stockdale, Art    (ssSophia Stockdale)
Roske, Harold D.    S.9 L58 s2    24Nov 1938--     Roske, L. O.     (NOT A BURIAL)
Roske, Grace J.    S.9 L58 s3    (18Jun)1915 (14Apr)1998     Roske, L. O.    (ssLouie O. Roske)
Roske, Louie O.    S.9 L58 s4    1898-(24Jun)1991     Roske, L. O.     (ssGrace J. Roske)
Harty, Bessie I. (Irene)    S.9 L57 s1     25Nov1906-29May1946    Harty, V. E.      Wife of Vincent Harty
Harty, Vincent E.    S.9 L57 s2    30Jan1894-31Dec1960     Harty, V. E.     IA Pfc CO G 137th Inf. WWI, WWI marker
Brannick, Bert    S.9 L56 s1    1875-(28Mar)1946     Brannick, Gladys Mrs.    (ssGladys P. Brannick)
Brannick, Gladys P.    S.9 L56 s2    1895-25Aug)1967     Brannick, Gladys Mrs.    (ssBert Brannick)

Row 5                
(Richmeier, Lynette)    S.9 L55    (31Mar 1955)     Richmeier, Lynette Sue    (no marker, infant)
Sheldon, (Cora) Blanche    S.9 L55 s3    1880-(6Apr)1968     Sheldon, Blanche    (ssLeslie Sheldon)
Sheldon, (Thomas) Leslie    S.9 L55 s4    1875-(2Oct)1950     Sheldon, Blanche    (ssBlanche Sheldon)
Kuns, Flora B.    S.9 L55 s6    1889-(21Dec)1977     Kuns, E. A., Mrs.    (ssEdward A. Kuns)
Kuns, Edward A.    S.9 L55 s7    1887-(12Apr)1950     Kuns, E. A., Mrs.    (ssFlora B. Kuns)
Roske, Minnie C.    S.9 L54 s1    1895-(16Nov)1987     Roske, Albert    (ssAlbert J. Roske)
Roske, Albert J.    S.9 L54 s2    1891-(9Mar) 1974     Roske, Albert    WWI marker (ssMinnie C. Roske)
Knott, Arlene E.    S.9 L53 s1    15Jan 1915--     Knott, Ernest, Mrs.    (NOT A BURIAL)
Knott, Ernest C. (Coleman)    S.9 L53 s2     17Dec1896-28Jun1947    Knott, Ernest, Mrs.    
(Peterson, Christopher Lee)    S.9 L53    (18Apr 1969)     Knott, Ernest, Mrs.    (no marker, same line in book as Ernest C. Knott)
Mensing, Christina    S.9 L53 s3    1889-(25Apr)1972     Mensing, Ted L.    (ssTheo L. Mensing)
Mensing, Theo L.    S.9 L53 s4    1884-1975     Mensing, Ted L.    FLT, RNA (ssChristina Mensing)
Haydock, Jennie E.    S.9 L52 s1    1896-1975     Haydock, William, Mrs.    (ssWilliam T. Haydock)
Haydock, William T.    S.9 L52 s2    1891-(2Mar)1947     (ditto)    (ssJennie E. Haydock)
Sprague, Clinton    S.9 L51 s1    13May1877-24May1959     Straley, S. A., Mrs.   
Straley, Minnie    S.9 L51 s2    1878-(15Dec)1965     Straley, S. A., Mrs.    Mother (ssSanford Straley)
Straley, Sanford (A.)    S.9 L51 s3    1876-(20Mar)1946     Straley, S. A., Mrs.    Father (ssMinnie Straley)
Straley, Dena C.    S.9 L50 s1    1907--     Straley, N. T.     (NOT A BURIAL, ssNewton T. Straley)
Straley, Newton T.    S.9 L50 s2    1904-(17Jul)1971     Straley, N. T.     (ssDena C. Straley)

Row 6                
Ford, Infant    S.9 L49 s1    1957-1957     not known    (Block marker)
Pomeroy, Jean Rae    S.9 L49 s2    1956-1956     not known    (Block marker)
Zech, James Scott    S.9 L49 s3    1956-1956     not known    (Block marker)
Meyer, Minnie M.    S.9 L49 s4    1874-1952     Meyer, Herman    Mother (ssHerman Meyer)
Meyer, Herman    S.9 L49 s5    1872-(6Dec)1960     Meyer, Herman    Father (ssMinnie M. Meyer)
Reed, Genevra (Mrs. A. J. Reed)    S.9 L49 s6     1882-(11Feb)1969    Reed, Andrew J., Mrs.     (ssA. J. "Tobe" Reed)
Reed, A. (Andrew) J. "Tobe"    S.9 L49 s7     1897-(13Oct)1949    Reed, Andrew J., Mrs.     (ssGenevra Reed)
Bunn, Noma    S.9 L49 s8    1912--    Bunn, Axen, Mrs.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssAxen Bunn) Parents of Junior, Darrell, Charlaine
Bunn, Axen    S.9 L49 s9    1913-(22Mar)1995     Bunn, Axen, Mrs.    (ssNoma Bunn)
Meyer, Maxine A.    S.9 L48 s1    1925--     Meyer, Harm & Maxine    (NOT A BURIAL, ssHarm G. Meyer) Trust in the Lord with all thine heart
Meyer, Harm G.    S.9 L48 s2    1920--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssMaxine A.)
Tidman, Lula M. (Mrs. M. F)    S.9 L48 s3     1886-(29May)1961    Tidman, Lulu     (ssMaurice F. Tidman)
Tidman, Maurice F. (Fletcher)    S.9 L48 s4     1885-(13Apr)1948    (ditto)    (ssLula M. Tidman)
Duncan, Hobert J. (James)    S.9 L47 s1    1897-(22Jul)1946     Duncan, H. J., Mrs.    Father, American Legion marker (ssHilka Duncan)
Duncan, Hilka    S.9 L47 s2    1901-(19Oct)1996     Duncan, H. J., Mrs.    Mother (ssHobert J. Duncan)
Duncan, Elaine Evelyn    S.9 L47 s4    4Jan 1948     Duncan, H. J., Mrs.    Dau of Frank & Evelyn Duncan
Stockdale, Clinton B.    S.9 L46 s1    1Jan 1888-18Dec 1946     Stockdale, Zera Mrs.    Father (ssZera D. Stockdale)
Stockdale, Zera D.    S.9 L46 s2    16Jun 1890-12Jul 1977     (ditto)    Mother (ssClinton B. Stockdale)
Collins, Raymond R.    S.9 L46 s3    1Mar 1915-27Jan 1988     Collins, Raymond R.    WWII marker
Haas, Minnie    S.9 L45 s1    1893-(6Aug)1977     Haas, J. Jay, Mrs.    (ssJohn Jay Haas)
Haas, John Jay    S.9 L45 s2    188- (8Feb)1946     Haas, J. Jay, Mrs.    (ssMinnie Haas)
Haas, Birdie M. (Mrs. Roy)    S.9 L44 s1    1884-(16Oct)1963     Haas, Roy B.    (ssRoy B. Haas)
Haas, Roy B.    S.9 L44 s2    1880-1951     Haas, Roy B.    (ssBirdie M. Haas)

Row 7                
Bunn, Laura B.    S.9 L43 s1    24Mar 1889-1Jan 1954     Bunn, Milo Keith    FLT IOOF, Mother (see appendix)
Tate, James Daniel, Jr. "Sonny"    S.9 L43 s2     24Jan 1944-2Mar 1952    Tate, James & Wanda    
Klein, Pearl E.    S.9 L43 s3    1892-1957     Klein, William & Pearl    (ssWilliam L. Klein)
Klein, William L.    S.9 L43 s4    1880-1971     Klein, William & Pearl    (ssPearl E. Klein)
Miller, Cynthia Lynn    S.9 L43 s5    18Oct 1958     not known    My beloved daughter
Miller, Junior Edward Pvt 1/Cl    S.9 L43 s6     31May1929-26Apr1947    not known    (see appendix ), WWII
Bunn, Milo Keith    S.9 L43 s7    11Jun 1921-2Mar 1987     Bunn, Milo Keith    Brother (WWII)
Blackmore, Esther E.    S.9 L43 s8    31Oct 1900-6Mar 1983     Blackmore, Esther E.   
Blackmore, Ralph T. (Thomas)    S.9 L43 s9     2Sep1892-14Dec1947    Blackmore, Esther E.     Ia WWI Cook 5 Inf 2 Div, US Vet marker
Sanders, Charles Haven    S.9 L42 s1    1874-1956     Sanders, Charles H.    (ssLotta Sanders)
Sanders, Lotta (Lucretia)     S.9 L42 s2     1874-(22Apr)1947    Sanders, Charles H.     (ssCharles Haven Sanders)
Stowe, Lena M. (Mrs. Charles Stowe)    S.9 L41 s1     1889-(7Sep)1959    Stowe, Charles     (ssCharles V. Stowe)
Stowe, Charles V.    S.9 L41 s2    1887-(19Sep) 1978     Stowe, Charles    (ssLena M. Stowe)
Gatliff, Chester L.    S.9 L41 s3    1899-(4Sep)1946     Gatliff, Chester, Mrs.    (ssFerne I. Gatliff)
Gatliff, Ferne I. Toney    S.9 L41 s4    1908-(27Dec)1980     Gatliff, Chester, Mrs.    Each duty done, they rest in peace, (ssChester L. Gatliff)
Evans, Karolyn Kay Gatliff    S.9 L41 s4    11Nov 1942-3Junl 1997    (ditto)   
Cessford, Richard W. (William)    S.9 L40 s1    24 Jan 1948 (22Jan1949)    Cessford, Richard W.    Son of William & Edna Cessford
Swift, Bessie    S.9 L40 s2    (30Aug)1903-(13Mar)1999     Swift, Charles    (ssCharles W.)
Swift, Charles W.    S.9 L40 s3    1903-(9Jul)1960     Swift, Charles    (ssBessie Swift, engraving of brick wall and trowel)
Waldo, (A.) Glen    S.9 L39 s1    25Sep1870-27Aug1962     Waldo, A. G.     Father (ssMary S. Waldo)
Waldo, Mary S.    S.9 L39 s2    16Jun1871-30Aug1945     Waldo, A. G.     Mother (ssGlen Waldo)
Butler, Frances L.    S.9 L38 s1    1873-(22Sep)1966     Butler, William G.    (ssWilliam G. Butler)
Butler, William G. (George)    S.9 L38 s2    1871-1949     Butler, William G.    (ssFrances L. Butler)

Row 8                
Williamson, Cora L.    S.9 L37 s1    1869-(21Jun)1949     Williamson, Allen A.    (ssAllen A. Williamson)
Williamson, Allen A.     S.9 L37 s2    1884-(6Nov)1961     Williamson, Allen A.    (ssCora L. Williamson)
Feaker, Louisa     S.9 L37 s3    1876-(12Nov)1949     Feaker, William    Mother (ssJ. William Feaker)
Feaker, J. William    S.9 L37 s4    1875-(21Nov)1950     Feaker, William    Father (ssLouisa Feaker)
Salle, Joseph B. (Backstone)    S.9 L37 s5     14Oct1882-25Mar1948    Salle, Joseph Backstone     American Legion marker IA WWI Sgt 1 CL 5 Engrs 7 Div
(Chaplin, Theola)    S.9 L37 s6    no dates     Chaplin, Merle & Theola    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Chaplin, Merle)    S.9 L37 s7    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Waldron), Stella K.    S.9 L35 s1    1933--     Karrys, Ernest G.    (NOT A BURIAL)
Waldron, John N.    S.9 L35 s1    1929-(6Jul)1985     Karrys, Ernest G.    SM 3 US Navy Korea, Korean Vet 1950-53 marker (cremation, under stone)
Karrys, Deno    S.9 L35 s4    23Jul1927-15Oct1997     Karrys, Ernest G.    WWII
KARRYS    S.9 L35 s4        Karrys, Ernest G.    MONUMENT
Karrys, Hellen E.    S.9 L36 s1    9Jul 1898-28Jun 1946     Karrys, Ernest G.    Mother (on back of stone KAPAMHT-IANH-)
Karrys, Ernest G.    S.9 L36 s2    27Apr1889-10Sep1977     Karrys, Ernest G.    Cpl US Army WWI, US WWI marker
(Karrys), Kalopy E.    S.9 L36 s3    15Mar1940-23Jan1996     Karrys, Ernest G.    Daughter
Fryslie, Ray W.    S.9 L34 s1    16Apr 1907-2Nov 1958     Fryslie, Ray W.    Sgt Co B 59 Medical BN IA WWII, US WWII marker
(Fryslie, Cora M.)    S.9 L34    (30Oct 1945)     Fryslie, Ray W.    (no marker)
(Fryslie, Oscar)    S.9 L34    (16Oct 1964)     Fryslie, Ray W.    (no marker)
Tidman, Frances M.    S.9 L33 s1    1919--     Tidman, Milton R.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssRobert M.)
Tidman, Robert M.    S.9 L33 s2    1919-(5Sep)1980     Tidman, Milton R.    Parents of Bruce, Richard, Dianne, Denise, WWII marker (ssFrances)
Tidman, Grace R.    S.9 L32 s1    1887-(13Nov)1970     Tidman, Milton R.    (ssMilton R. Tidman)
Tidman, Milton R.    S.9 L32 s2    1887-(1Dec)1953     Tidman, Milton R.    (ssGrace R. Tidman)

Row 9                
Helvig, (A.) Lucille    S.9 L31 s2    (20Dec)1906 (3Aug)1996     Helvig, Arthur B. & A. Lucille    (ssArthur B. Helvig)
Helvig, Arthur B.    S.9 L31 s3    1904-(6Jul)1992     (ditto)    (ssLucille Helvig)
Larsen, Doris L.    S.9 L31 s4    1913--     Larsen, Herbert    (NOT A BURIAL, ssHerbert R. Larsen)
Larsen, Herbert R.    S.9 L31 s5    1912-(4May)1981     Larsen, Herbert    (ssDoris L. Larsen), WWII
Larsen, Marie (Mrs. Niels Larson, Marie Richardson)    S.9 L31 s6     1882-(10Mar)1964    Larsen, Marie Mrs.     Mother, (ssNiels Larsen)
Larsen, Niels    S.9 L31 s7    1875-(29Sep)1947     Larsen, Marie Mrs.    Father (ssMarie Larsen)
(Conte, Mabel Cole Lee)    S.9 L31 s8    (25Jul 1947)     Schubert, Walter, Mrs.    (dau. purchased lot, died Waterloo, no marker)
Anderson, Yvonne A.    S.9 L30 s1    2May1925-28Feb1982     Anderson, John    American Legion Auxiliary, Parents of Laura, Barbara, John & Paul (ssRalph M. Anderson)
Anderson, Ralph M.    S.9 L30 s2    15Apr 1922--     Anderson, John    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Yvonne A.)
Anderson, Flossie L.    S.9 L30 s3    1895-(12Sep)1970     Anderson, John    (ssJohn W. Anderson)
Anderson, John W.    S.9 L30 s4    1890-(15Jul)1986     Anderson, John    (ssFlossie L. Anderson)
Anderson, Mildred Willems    S.9 L29 s1    21Oct 1924-31Jul 1998    Anderson, Frank    Parents of Del Marie, Jim, Jeff, Joel, Betty, Rachel, Julie (ssEvan Frank)
Anderson, Evan Frank    S.9 L29 s2    31Oct 1919--     Anderson, Frank    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Mildred Willems Anderson)
Anderson, Elma Janssen (Mrs. Frank Anderson)    S.9 L29 s3     1894-(3Nov)1995    Anderson, Frank    (ss Frank C. Anderson)
Anderson, Frank C.    S.9 L29 s4    1894-(15May)1976     Anderson, Frank    Parents of Rachel, Maxine, Evan (ssElma Janssen Anderson)
Huse, Wava Faye    S.9 L28 s1    21Dec1914-31Oct1995     Huse, Guy O. & Marjory C.   
Huse, Margie C. (Marcia Claire)    S.9 L28 s2     1891-(11Oct)1945    Huse, Guy O.     Mother (ssGuy O. Huse)
Huse, Guy O.    S.9 L28 s3    1888-(25Sep)1967     Huse, Guy O.    (ssMargie C. Huse)
Bates, Carl E.    S.9 L27 s1    26Nov1920-20Apr1993     Bates, C. E.     (ssMildred E. Bates)
Bates, Mildred E.    S.9 L27 s2    25Aug1922-2Apr1989     Bates, C. E.     (ssCarl E. Bates)
Bates, Marlys Kay    S.9 L27 s3    5Mar 1944-21Jul 1945     Bates, C. E.     Dau of Mr&Mrs Carl E. Bates
Borschel, Kenneth    S.9 L26 s1    (12Sep)1921 (15Aug)1992     Borschel, Kenneth    Pfc US Army, WWII marker, Married 10 Oct 1942 (ssBertha Borschel)
Borschel, Bertha    S.9 L26 s2    1923--     Borschel, Kenneth    (NOT A BURIAL, ssKenneth)
Borschel, Infant    S.9 L26 s3    4June 1943     Borschel, Kenneth    Infant son of Mr&Mrs Kenneth

Row 10                
Roberts, Ethol Mae "Bette"    S.9 L25 s1     1915-(3Oct)1991    Roberts, Flossie   
Roberts, Florence Speers (Flossie)    S.9 L25 s2     1887-(28Jan)1975    Roberts, Flossie   
Roberts, Frank Harp    S.9 L25 s3    1884-(26Aug)1948     Roberts, Flossie   
(Pierce), Alvin    S.9 L25 s4    13Aug 1870-3Oct1945     Pierce, Pauline   
(Pierce), Parlina    S.9 L25 s5    30Oct1873-27Dec1977     Pierce, Howard A.   
Pierce, Howard A. (Dr.)    S.9 L25 s6    18Nov1893-12Nov1979     Pierce, Howard A.    (ssLela R. Pierce)
Pierce, Lela R.    S.9 L25 s7    9May 1893-16Aug 1984     Pierce, Howard A.    (ssHoward A. Pierce, Storm Lake mortuary)
Tatom, Irene Weyrauch    S.9 L24 s1    17Dec 1887-8Jun 1970     Weyrauch, Charles & Irene    Mother
Weyrauch, Charles (G.)    S.9 L24 s2    23Oct1882-20Jan1956     (ditto)    Father
Smalldridge, Laura L.    S.9 L24 s3    1883-(23Feb)1978     Smalldridge, A. R.     (ssArthur R. Smalldridge)
Smalldridge, Arthur R.    S.9 L24 s4    1876-(30Sep)1949     Smalldridge, A. R.     (ssLaura L. Smalldridge)
Powell, Caroline Calkins    S.9 L23 s1    1907--     Swift, Chester H.    (NOT A BURIAL) Women's Nat'l Relief Corps, Aux to GAR 1888
Swift, Lucille    S.9 L23 s2    1897-(21Mar)1988     Swift, Chester H.    (ssChester H. Swift)
Swift, Chester H.    S.9 L23 s3    1888-(13Dec)1977     Swift, Chester H.    Married 13 Feb 1932 (ssLucille)
Swift, Jane H.    S.9 L23 s4    1861-(21Feb)1946     Swift, Chester H.    Mother
Millett, Arthur W.    S.9 L22 s2    1882-(12Apr)1965     Millett, Arthur W.    (ssCarrie L. Millett)
Millett, Carrie L.    S.9 L22 s3    1891-(17Jul)1945     Millett, Arthur W.    (ssArthur W. Millett)
Warner, Dennis W.    S.9 L21 s1    14Sep 1945     Warner, Ed    Son of F&M Warner
Warner, Dickie (Richard)    S.9 L21 s2    11Mar 1941-5Nov1956    Warner, Ed    Our Son
(Warner), Lee Reynolds    S.9 L21 s3    1904-(7Feb)1978     Warner, Ed    Son
(Warner), Betty Lou    S.9 L21 s4    1927-(21Feb)1974     Warner, Ed    Daughter
Warner, Lela, (Mrs. Ed Warner)    S.9 L20 s1     1886-(28Apr)1971    Warner, Ed   
Warner, Ed    S.9 L20 s2    1885-(28Dec)1968     Warner, Ed   

Row 11                
Eason, Naomi J. (Mrs.)    S.9 L19 s2    13Aug1889-27Apr1949     Eason, John H.    Mother
Eason, John H.    S.9 L19 s3    5Apr 1880-25Nov1955     Eason, John H.    Father
Taylor, Julia Mae (Roberts)    S.9 L19 s4    3Aug 1876-3Oct 1965    Taylor, Harley L., Mrs.    (ssHarley L. Taylor)
Taylor, Harley L.    S.9 L19 s5    20Nov1876-21Sep1948     (ditto)    (ssJulia Mae Taylor)
Sommerville, Della F.    S.9 L19 s6    1900-(24Aug)1952     Sommerville, A. L.    
(Lowe, Nancy Anne)    S.9 L19    (12Sep 1947)     Sommerville, A. L.     (no marker)
Barkey, Jessie M.    S.9 L18 s1    1893-(7Feb)1977     Barkey, Jessie & Willard    (ssWillard N. Barkey)
Barkey, Willard N. (Newlon)    S.9 L18 s2    (17Mar) 1889 (20Nov)1947    Barkey, Jessie & Willard    (ssJessie M. Barkey)
Clark, Emma C.    S.9 L17 s1    1882-(6Nov)1972     Christenson, Nels    (ssJess W. Clark)
Clark, Jess W.    S.9 L17 s2    1879-(17Aug)1958     Christenson, Nels    (ssEmma C. Clark)
(Clark, Donald infant twins)    S.9 L17    Dec 1947     Christenson, Nels    (no marker)
Christensen, Eva Mae (Mrs. Nels Christensen)    S.9 L17 s4     1906-(5Dec)1973    Christenson, Nels     RNA (ssNels M. Christensen, see appendix)
Christensen, Nels M.    S.9 L17 s5    1892-(7Aug)1995     Christensen, Nels    IOOF, WWI marker, (ss Eva Mae)
Christensen, Elva June    S.9 L17 s6    17Jul1929-23Apr1932     Christenson, Nels   
Sanders, S.(Sylvester) Marvin    S.9 L16 s1     14May1878-27Feb1947    Sanders, S. Marvin     Father (ssNettie M. Sanders)
Sanders, Nettie M. (Mae)    S.9 L16 s2     21Jul1876-21Jul1945    Sanders, S. Marvin     Mother (ssS. Marvin Sanders)
Kesler, Julia S. (Mrs.)    S.9 L15 s1    1882-(30Nov)1961     Kesler, Julia S.    (ssElmer S. Kesler)
Kesler, Elmer S.    S.9 L15 s2    1879-(2Sep)1968     Kesler, Julia S.    (ssJulia S. Kesler)
Bacon, Cady    S.9 L14 s1    1884-(Jun)1945     Bacon, Cady, Mrs.    (ssAnna J. Bacon)
Bacon, Anna J.    S.9 L14 s2    1886-(2Feb)1981     Bacon, Cady, Mrs.    (ssCady Bacon)
Harman, Lincoln H.    S.9 L13 s1    1866-(5Jul)1945     Harman, H. L., Mrs.    Father, RNA (ss Minnie M. Harman)
Harman, Minnie M.    S.9 L13 s2    1875-(7Jul)1948     Harman, H. L., Mrs.    Mother, RNA (ssLincoln H. Harman)

Row 12                
Franklin, John E.    S.9 L12 s2    10Dec1919-6Feb1967     Franklin, John E.    WWII marker
Franklin, Alma B. (Mrs. Ernest Franklin)    S.9 L12 s3     1894-1948    Franklin, E. A.      (ssErnest A. Franklin)
Franklin, Ernest A.    S.9 L12 s4    1892-(9Jul)1980     Franklin, E. A.     (ssAlma B. Franklin)
Bonk, Lena    S.9 L12 s5    1892-(13Oct)1967     Bonk, Arend & Lena    (ssArend Bonk)
Bonk, Arend    S.9 L12 s6    1888-1951     Bonk, Arend & Lena    (ssLena Bonk)
Kennedy, Dora Ethel    S.9 L11 s1    24Dec1885-19Sep1948     John H. Kennedy    Mother, In God we trust (ssJohn Harvey Kennedy)
Kennedy, John Harvey    S.9 L11 s2    23Feb1885-19Feb1966     Kennedy, John H.    Father, (ssDora Ethel Kennedy)
Reed, Steve    S.9 L11 s3    1870-1951    not known    Father (ssPearl Reed)
Reed, Pearl    S.9 L11 s4    1878-1946    not known    Mother (ssSteve Reed)
(Reed, Jennie Mrs.)    S.9 L11    (5Jun 1946)     Reed, A. S.     (no marker)
(Reed, A. S.)    S.9 L11    (21Jun1870) (19Sep1951)     Reed, A. S.     (no marker)
Kerr, Robert Hartley    S.9 L10 s1    1910-1981 buried 27Jun 1982    Kerr, Robert, Mr&Mrs    (Died in California, cremation, ssRuby Wood Kerr) (WWII)
Kerr, Ruby Wood    S.9 L10 s2    1922--     Kerr, Robert, Mr&Mrs    (NOT A BURIAL,ss Robert Hartley Kerr)
Wood, Hazel F.    S.9 L10 s3    1891-(22Jul)1965     Wood, William H.    (ssWilliam H. Wood)
Wood, William H.    S.9 L10 s4    1888-(31Oct)1962     Wood, William H.    (ssHazel F. Wood)
MoBey, Walter H.    S.9 L9 s1    1892-(16May)1945     MoBey, Walter, Mrs.   
MoBey, Minnie    S.9 L9 s2    1913--     MoBey, Walter, Mrs.    (NOT A BURIAL)
Largent, Cecil D., Pfc.    S.9 L8 s1    18Apr1926-14Apr1945     Cole, Jane, Mrs.    IA PFC 87 MT INF 10 MT DIV WWII, WWII marker (see appendix)
Cole, Ann Jane Largent (Mrs. Jane Cole Tresmer)    S.9 L8 s2     1892-(6Nov)1951    Cole, Jane Mrs.     Resting in God's arms, Our beloved Mother (d. St. Anthony Hosp., Rockford, IL)
Stubbings, Pearle F. (Mrs. W. G. Stubbings)    S.9 L7 s1     1891-(13Nov)1958    Stubbings, Wiliam G.     (ssWilliam G. Stubbings)
Stubbings, William G.    S.9 L7 s2    1885-(24Jun)1960     (ditto)    (ssPearle F. Stubbings)
Triplett, Fay (William)    S.9 L6 s1    1879-(12May)1945     Triplett, F. W., Mrs.    (ssMillie Triplett)
Triplett, Millie (A.) (Mrs. Fay William Triplett)    S.9 L6 s2     1883-(13Jul)1976    Triplett, Millie     FLT, IOOF (ssFay Triplett)

Row 13                
McClure, Elsie R.    S.9 L5 s1    1887-(23May)1978     McClure, I. D.     (ssIrvin D. McClure)
McClure, Irvin D.    S.9 L5 s2    1882-(16May)1968     McClure, I. D.     (ssElsie R. McClure)
(McClure, Ralph C.)    S.9 L5 s2    (27Apr 1989)     McClure, I. C.     (no marker, cremation)
Aldinger, Agnes    S.9 L5 s3    1898-(10Jan)1989     Aldinger, Henry    (ssBetty & Henry Aldinger)
Aldinger, Betty    S.9 L5 s4    1941 only date     Aldinger, Henry    (ssAgnes Aldinger)
Aldinger, Henry    S.9 L5 s5    1893-(10Jun)1960     Aldinger, Henry    USWar Veteran marker (ssAgnes)
Severs, Marian A. (Mrs.)    S.9 L5 s6    1911-(10May)1945     Nielson, N. P., Mrs.    Dau of NP&RM Nielson
Nielson, Rose M. (Mae)    S.9 L5 s7    1877-(28Oct)1945     Nielson, N. P., Mrs.    Mother (ssN. Peter Nielson)
Nielson, N.(Nels) Peter    S.9 L5 s8    1871-(5May)1947     Nielson, N. P., Mrs.    Father, Veteran WWI marker (ssRose M. Nielson)
Anderson, Elise Marie    S.9 L5 s9    1882-(23Dec)1953     Anderson, Andrew    Mother (ssAndrew E. Anderson)
Anderson, Andrew E.    S.9 L5 s10     1883-(27Jan)1955     (ditto)    Father, FLT, IOOF (ssElsie Marie)
(Anderson, Elizabeth)    S.9 L5    (2Aug 1942)     (ditto)    (no marker)
(Anderson, Andrew S.)    S.9 L5    (13Apr 1937)     (ditto)    (no marker)
Ites, Ethel L.    S.9 L4 s1    1902-(8Dec)1973     Ites, Ben    (ssBen H. Ites)
Ites, Ben H.    S.9 L4 s2    1905-(3Jul)1971     Ites, Ben    (ssEthel L. Ites)
Gatton, Abiram H.    S.9 L3 s1    1866-(21Apr)1945     Gatton, A. H., Mrs.    (ssAmanda E. Gatton)
Gatton, Amanda E. (Mrs. A. H. Gatton)    S.9 L3 s2     1870-1Jun)1962    Gatton, A. H., Mrs.     (ssAbiram H. Gatton)
Townsend, Eliza E. (Mrs. Will Townsend)    S.9 L2 s1     1874-(7Dec)1963    Townsend, Esther L.     Mother (ssWilliam R. Townsend)
Townsend, William R.    S.9 L2 s2    1872-(19Jan)1950     (ditto)    Father (ssEliza E. Townsend)
Townsend, Esther L.    S.9 L2 s3    1914-(2Aug)1990     (ditto)   
Townsend, Ethel    S.9 L2 s4    1914--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssJohn R.)
Townsend, John R.    S.9 L2 s5    (20Dec)1911 (10Mar)1998     (ditto)    (ssEthel Townsend)
Townsend, John R. Jr.    S.9 L2 s6    1949--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, son of John)
(Townsend, Steven)    S.9 L2 s7    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, no marker, son of John)
Leonard, Thomas E.    S.9 L1 s1    1869-(17Apr)1945     Leonard, Thomas E.    (ssEmma W. Leonard)
Leonard, Emma W. (Wolford)    S.9 L1 s2    1871-(3Jun)1947     Leonard, Thomas E.     (ssThomas E. Leonard)

        SECTION 10         

(Linn, Jean)    S.10 Ls 146,147,148    no dates     Linn, Leonard & Jean)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Linn, Leonard)    (ditto)    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)

Row 1                
(Brown, Barbara)    S.10 L120 s1    no dates     Brown, Don & Barb    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Brown, Don)    S.10 L120 s2    no dates     Brown, Don & Barb    ((NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Johnson, Geraldine    S.10 L119 s1    4Dec1924 -3May1996     Johnson, Geraldine    Mom, Grandma
(Clark, Vivian)    S.10 L119 s3&4    no dates     Clark, Vivian    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)

Row 2                
Williams, Dorothy A.    S.10 L115 s1    10Jun 1914--     Williams, Kenneth L.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssKenneth L.)
Williams, Kenneth L.    S.10 L115 s2    3Apr 1916--     Williams, Kenneth L.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssDorothy A.)
Wing, Dorothy M.    S.10 L116 s1    20Jul1923-13May1994     Wing, Dorothy M.    Together Forever (ss Harley E.)
Wing, Harley E.    S.10 L116 s2    24Aug1920-9Dec1989     Wing, Harley E.    US Army WWII (ssDorothy M.)
(Clark, Robert)    S.10 L117    no dates     Clark, Robert    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Clark, Emma I.    S.10 L118 s1    1Apr 1919-13Apr 1989     Clark, Emma I.    (ss Lewis J. Clark)
Clark, Lewis J.    S.10 L118 s2    29Apr 1912--     Clark, Lewis J.    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Emma I. Clark)
Pickering, M. Jeanine    S.10 L118 s3    (11Sep)1931 (19Jun)1998    Pickering, Glen E. & M. Jeanine     (ssGlen E. Pickering)
Pickering, Glen E.    S.10 L118 s4    1929--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssM. Jeanine)

Row 3                
(Steding, Ruby E.)    S.10 L97,98,99    no dates     Steding, Ruby E. & Larry K.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Steding, Larry K.)    S.10 L97,98,99    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
McBurney, Robert L. (Lee, Jr.)    S.10 L96 s1     27May1969-19Jun1988    McBurney, Robert Lee, Jr.    
Berry, Hester Mae "Tiny"    S.10 L96 s2    20Mar 1913--    Berry, Hester Mae    (NOT A BURIAL)
Walker, Mildred L.    S.10 L95 s1    1919--     Walker, Robert & Mildred    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Robert F. Walker)
Walker, Robert F.    S.10 L95 s2    (26Jan)1909 (13Dec)1997     Walker, Robert & Mildred    (ss Mildred L. Walker)
Brown, Mildred I.    S.10 L94 s1    20Mar 1920-3Mar 1984     Brown, Mildred I.   
Gilbert, Margaret    S.10 L93 s2    31May1913-23Feb1978     Gilbert, Dewey   
Nyberg, Charlotte    S.10 L92 s2    1900-(8Nov)1972     Nyberg, Charlotte   
Allen, Julia M. (Mary)    S.10 L91 s1    1890-(23Sep)1981     Allen, W. C.    
Allen, William C.    S.10 L91 s2    1893-(15Jan)1965     Allen, W. C.    
POW * MIA (stone)    S.10 L91 s3          Meyer, Aldrich J. & Laura     You are not forgotten
Meyer, Aldrich "A. J."    S.10 L91 s4    1Jul 1926--    (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Laura May)
Meyer, Laura May    S.10 L91 s5    28May1931-21Feb1988     Meyer, Aldrich J. & Laura    Parents of Barbara & James (ssA. J. Meyer)

Row 4                
Meyer, Rosa    S.10 L81 s1    24Jun1879-15Jul1958     Meyer, Rosa, Mrs.    (ssJesse Meyer)
Meyer, Jesse    S.10 L81 s2    10Dec1879-13May1954     Meyer, Rosa, Mrs.    (ssRosa Meyer)
Daniels, Esther    S.10 L82 s1    5Sep 1912 11Apr 1991     Daniels, Esther   
Parker, Christena M.     S.10 L82 s2    1928--     Parker, Christena M.    (NOT A BURIAL)
Thomas, Ann M.    S.10 L83 s1    1930--     Thomas, George E. & Ann M.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssGeorge E. Thomas)
Thomas, George E.    S.10 L83 s2    1928--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssAnn M.)
Riley, Geraldine V.    S.10 L84 s1    20Mar 1920-4Mar 1990     Riley, Geraldine V.   
Riley, Raymond C.    S.10 L84 s2    18Oct1918-24Jun1983     Riley, Raymond C.    S. Sgt. US Army WWII
Anderson, Marvin E.     S.10 L85 s2    1945--     Anderson, Eddie    (NOT A BURIAL)
Anderson, Leota M.    S.10 L86 s1    1928-(8Nov)1968     Anderson, Eddie    (ssEdward E. Anderson)
Anderson, Edward E.    S.10 L86 s2    1919-(18Dec)1984     Anderson, Eddie    (ssLeota M. Anderson)
Adams, Elizabeth    S.10 L87 s1    15Jul 1892-21Feb1971     Adams, G. W., Mrs.    (ssGilbert A. Adams)
Adams, Gilbert A.    S.10 L87 s2    9Oct1884-25Sep1955     Adams, G. W., Mrs.    (ssElizabeth Adams)
Pierce, Ida Jane (Mrs.)    S.10 L88 s1     17Dec1884-26Aug1955    Pierce, Frank     (ssFrank Pierce)
Pierce, Frank    S.10 L88 s2    3Aug 1879-20Oct1972     Pierce, Frank    (ssIda Jane Pierce)
Ashman, Mayme    S.10 L89 s1    1884-(12Feb)1971     Ashman, James G.    Eastern Star (ssJames G. Ashman)
Ashman, James G.    S.10 L89 s2    1882-(7Jan)1952     Ashman, James G.    Masonic Lodge (ssMayme)
Stotser, Cheryl A.    S.10 L90 s1    21Dec 1964--     Allen, W. C.     (NOT A BURIAL, ss Michael T.)
Stotser, Michael T.    S.10 L90 s2 (2')     20Aug1963-7Feb1990    Allen, W. C.      Parents of Brandon, Tara & Katie (ssCheryl A. Stotser, cremation)
Ziemer, Leona R.    S.10 L90 s3    1915-(5Aug)1950     Allen, W. C.    
Seghi, Marie E.    S.10 L90 s4    1923-(4Apr)1981     Ostrem, Maria, Mrs. (now Seghi)   
Ostrem, Kitty    S.10 L90 s5    9Jul 1945-23Feb 1954     Ostrem, Maria, Mrs.    Our Darling
Frizzell, Daniel Lee    S.10 L90 s6    18Mar1951-20Mar1951     Frizzell, Robert L.    Son of Mr&Mrs Robert Frizzell
Row 5                
Deibler, Rachel M. (Mrs. S. C. Deibler)    S.10 L75 s1     1890-(Dec)1958    Deibler, S. C.      Mother, (ssSidney C. Deibler)
Deibler, Sidney C.    S.10 L75 s2    1884-(13Nov)1970     Deibler, S. C.     Married 19Feb 1913, Father (ssRachel M. Deibler)
Dougan, Darlene E.    S.10 L74 s1    1920--     Dougan, Horace E.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssHorace E.)
Dougan, Horace E.    S.10 L74 s2    1915-(27Jan)1961     Dougan, Horace E.    (ssDarlene E. Dougan)
Blake, Ruby Pauline (Mrs. R. E. Blake)    S.10 L73 s1     4Oct1896-31Jul1960    Blake, R. E., Mrs.    
Blake, Raymond (E.)    S.10 L73 s2    21Aug1898-18May1953     Blake, R. E., Mrs.    Iowa Pvt Grand Div TC WWI
Fitz, Clara L.    S.10 L72 s1    1886-1953     Fitz, George A.    (ssGeorge A. Fitz)
Fitz, George A.    S.10 L72 s2    1876-(24Jan)1958     Fitz, George A.    (ssClara L. Fitz)
McMillen, Mary Clarke (Mary Clark)    S.10 L71 s1    2Feb 1903-7Apr 1977    Clark, Mary   
Clarke, Carl C. (Pat)    S.10 L71 s2    4May 1901-28Feb1953     Clark, Mary    Masonic Lodge
Wheeler, Ida E.     S.10 L70 s1    16Mar 1879-9Sep 1953     Gilbert, Margaret   
Riley, Ethel E. (Mrs. Albert Riley)    S.10 L70 s2     1893-(5Sep)1970    Riley, Albert, Mr &Mrs.     (ssAlbert L. Riley)
Riley, Albert L.     S.10 L69 s1    1889-(22Jan) 1963     (ditto)    (ssEthel E. Riley)
Clatterbuck, Olga    S.10 L69 s2    1887-(25May)1966     Clatterbuck, Olga    (ssHyten L. Clatterbuck)
Clatterbuck, Hyten L.    S.10 L68 s1    1889-(13Apr)1988     Clatterbuck, Olga    (ssOlga Clatterbuck)
Bahr, Margaret O.    S.10 L68 s2    1914-(18Feb)1953     Bahr, Floyd F.    Thy will be done (ssFloyd F. Bahr)
Bahr, Floyd F.     S.10 L67 s1    1912--     Bahr, Floyd F.    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Margaret O.)
Jacobsen, Ida M. (Hulsebus)    S.10 L66 s1    (8Nov)1900 (1Dec)1992    Hulsebus, Ida M.   
Hulsebus, Jacob, Sr.    S.10 L66 s2    1865-(13Nov)1952     Hulsebus, Ida M.   
Riley, Christel (Gertrude)    S.10 L65 s1    1920-1952     Riley, Keith    Ladies Auxiliary VFW, Mother (ssKeith Riley)
Riley, Keith    S.10 L65 s2    1915-1957     Riley, Keith    Father (ssChristel Riley)
Rudisell, Freda Magee (Mrs. Kenneth Rudisell)    S.10 L64 s1     15Apr 1910-30Jul1949    Rudisell, Kenneth R.    
Thies, Hazel M. (Mrs. Henry Thies)    S.10 L64 s3     1892-(29Jul)1966    Thies, Henry S.     (ssHenry S. Theis)
Thies, Henry S.    S.10 L64 s4    1890-(21Jan)1961     Thies, Henry S.    FLT IOOF 196 marker, (ssHazel M. Thies)
Thies, (daughter)    S.10 L64 s5     28Jul 1950, only date    not known    Infant dau of Ruth& Wallace Thies
Parker, (son)    S.10 L64 s6    16Sep 1955, only date     Parker, L. F.    Infant son of Loran & Janet Parker

Row 6                
Funkhouser, V. Viola    S.10 L51 s1    23Jan1908(30Jul 1997)     Funkhouser, Carl, Mrs.   
Funkhouser, Carl W. (Wesley)    S.10 L51 s2     13Jan1904-28Aug1953    Funkhouser, Carl, Mrs.    
Bracken, Lucy M. (Lucille)    S.10 L52 s1     1901-(28Dec)1978    Bracken, Carlos, Mrs.     (ssCarlos Bracken)
Bracken, Carlos     S.10 L52 s2    1898-(28Aug)1953     (ditto)    Woodmen of the World (ssLucy M.)
Meyer, Minnie    S.10 L53 s1    30Mar1913-23Aug1985     Meyer, Harry, Mrs.   
Meyer, Harry Allen    S.10 L53 s2    6Feb 1910-5Aug 1953     Meyer, Harry, Mrs.    WWII
Bracken, Erna M. (Marie)    S.10 L54 s1    1899-(27Nov)1954     Bracken, Shirley    Woodmen of the World (ssShirley)
Bracken, Shirley    S.10 L54 s2    1894-(11Apr) 1973     Bracken, Shirley    (ssErna M. Bracken)
Borschell, Bessie M. (Mrs. E. Borschell)    S.10 L55 s1     (8Jul)1898 (20Mar)1953    Borschell, Ernest J.     (ssErnest J. Borschell)
Borschell, Ernest J.    S.10 L55 s2    1894-(24May)1972     Borschell, Ernest J.    (ssBessie M. Borschell)
Jones, Susie F.    S.10 L56 s2    1880- (Oct10)1972     Jones, J. R.     (ssJoseph R. Jones)
Jones, Joseph R.     S.10 L56 s3    1868-(20Mar)1958     Jones, J. R.     (ssSusie F. Jones)
Hinton, Marjorie L.    S.10 L57 s2    1914--     Hinton, William B.    (NOT A BURIAL)
Hinton, William J. (Pfc)    S.10 L58 s1    17Aug 1933-3Oct1952 Burial 4May1954    Hinton, William B.    Ia Pfc CoC 7Mar 1.Mar Div Korea PH, Korean Veteran
Hinton, William B.    S.10 L58 s2    1913-(31Jan)1992     Hinton, William B.   
Brown, Ella Mae    S.10 L59 s1    1879-(27Mar)1950     Brown, G. M.     (ssGeorge Montie Brown)
Brown, George Montie    S.10 L59 s2    1880-(9Dec)1981     Brown, G. M.     (ssElla Mae Brown)
Crecelius, Edith P.    S.10 L60 s1    1888-(2Apr)1969     Crecelius, Charles, Mrs.    (ssCharles L. Crecelius)
Crecelius, Charles L.    S.10 L60 s2    1882-(29Jul)1952     (ditto)    (ssEdith P. Crecelius)
Walsh, Minnie E.    S.10 L61 s1    1890-(12Apr)1979     Walsh, U. T.     (ssUllman T. Walsh)
Walsh, Ullman T.    S.10 L61 s2    1891-(11Mar)1963     Walsh, U. T.     (ssMinnie E. Walsh)
Schalk, Mabel G.    S.10 L62 s1    1893-(8Mar)1950     Schalk, K. W.     Mother
Schalk, Karl W.    S.10 L62 s2    23Mar1889-11Mar1961     Schalk, K. W.    
Palmer, Thean A. (Acel)    S.10 L63 s2    1866-(13May)1949     Palmer, Acel, Mrs.    Grandfather

Row 7                
Brockway, Albert    S.10 L50 s2    28Apr 1887-9Mar 1953     Brockway, Emily, Mrs.    Ia Pvt CoK 329th Inf WWI
Snook, Eliza S. (Mrs.)    S.10 L49 s1    1862-(3Aug)1955     Snook, Eliza Mrs.    (ssCharles A. Snook)
Snook, Charles A.     S.10 L49 s2    1862-(4Oct)1952     Snook, Eliza, Mrs. or F. H.     (ssEliza S. Snook)
Hayden, Frances M.    S.10 L47 s1    1891-(6Dec)1980     Hayden, Frances M.    (ssJames A. Hayden)
Hayden, James A. (Allen)    S.10 L47 s2    1886-(18Aug)1952     Hayden, Frances M.    (ssFrances M. Hayden)
Meyer, Bessie F. (Mrs. Walter E. Meyer)    S.10 L46 s1     1885-(16Dec)1961    Meyers, Walter, Mrs.     Mother (ssWalter E. Meyer)
Meyer, Walter E.    S.10 L46 s2    1882-(19Sep)1951     (ditto)    Father (ssBessie F. Meyer)
Miller, Evelyn B.    S.10 L45 s1    28Jan1909-10May1950     Miller, M. P.   
Jones, Charlotte    S.10 L44 s1    1892-(5Feb)1975     Jones, Charlotte    (ssArthur E. Jones)
Jones, Arthur E.    S.10 L44 s2    1892-(22May)1951     Jones, Charlotte    WWI (ssCharlotte Jones)
(Kane), Sandra Lea    S.10 L43 s1    1943-(16Jul)1949     Kane, Lewis E.    Dau of Roger&Thelma Kane (see appendix)
Kane, Roger L. (Louis)    S.10 L43 s2    2Jan 1914-20Oct1953     Kane, Lewis E.    WWII Vet IaPvt HQ Co 41 Armored Reg't.
Kane, Lillie Walton    S.10 L42 s1    1894-(13Dec.)1982     Kane, Lewis E.    (cremation)
Kane, Louis Edward    S.10 L42 s2    1883-(30Aug)1971     Kane, Lewis E.   
Radley, Alma M.    S.10 L41 s2    19Mar1883-16Dec1950     Radley, Alma M.   
Wolfe, Luella I.    S.10 L40 s1    1901-(5Dec)1981     Wolfe, R. C.     (ssRalph C. Wolfe)
Wolfe, Ralph E.    S.10 L40 s2    1901-(19Nov)1990     Wolfe, R. C.     (ssLuella I. Wolfe)
Riley, Merle E. (Lt.)    S.10 L39 s1    11May1922-24Aug1944     Riley, Glenn, Mr&Mrs    2ndLt 464thAAF Bomb Gp WWII Ia Amvets
Riley, Fannie C. (Coulter)    S.10 L39 s2    1891-5Mar)1952     (ditto)    Mother (ssGlen W. Riley)
Riley, Glen W.    S.10 L38 s1    1888-1957     (ditto)    Father (ssFannie C. Riley)
Highley, Ira J. (Jackson)    S.10 L38 s2    1882 -22Apr)1949     Ostheimer, Harold, Mrs.   

Row 8                
Amundson, James C. (Clark)    S.10 L37 s1     1941-(21Nov)1961    Amundson, Omer    Son
Amundson, Claude L.    S.10 L37 s2    (24Aug)1932 (11Jul)1950    Amundson, Omer    Son
Amundson, Borghild G. (Mrs. Omer Amundson)    S.10 L36 s1     1901-(4Mar)1969    Amundson, Omer A.     (ss Omer A. Amundson)
Amundson, Omer A.    S.10 L36 s2    1891-(23Feb)1968     Amundson, Omer A.    (ssBorghild G. Amundson)
(Kappel, baby girl)    S.10 L36     (7Aug 1978)     Amundson, Omer A.    (no marker)
Doud, Alma G.    S.10 L34 s2    1910--     Doud, Henry, Mr&Mrs    (NOT A BURIAL, ssHenry L. Doud)
Doud, Henry L.    S.10 L33 s1    1910-(11Jun)1988     (ditto)    (ss Alma G. Doud)
Doud, Lowell Vernon    S.10 L33 s2    1Nov 1940-2Feb 1950     (ditto)   
Marsh, Wallace Wesley Pfc    S.10 L32 s2    7Sep 1921-28Feb1945    Marsh, Roy&Marie    WWII (see appendix) (buried 19Jul 1949)
Marsh, Marie    S.10 L31 s1    1899-(25Feb)1995     Marsh, Roy&Marie    (ssRoy H. Marsh)
Marsh, Roy H.    S.10 L31 s2    1897-(23Jun)1972     Marsh, Roy&Marie    (ssMarie Marsh)
Cottrell, Ada C.    S.10 L30 s1    28Nov 1883-4Nov1964     Cottrell, Ada C.   
Cottrell, Frank M.    S.10 L30 s2    16Apr1871-28Mar1949     Cottrell, Ada    QM Sgt 49th Ia Inf., Sp-Am War
Quasdorf, Milton B.     S.10 L29 s1     25Nov1924-7Oct1949    Quasdorf, Fred & Clara     WWI Veteran, RNA
Quasdorf, Clara B.    S.10 L29 s2    9Feb 1891-28Nov 1965     (ditto)    RNA
Quasdorf, Fred F.     S.10 L28 s1    31May 1891-5Feb 1952    (ditto)    US WWII Veteran
Reinhardt, Jennie    S.10 L27 s1    1890-(6Dec)1968     Reinhardt, Jennie    (ssWilliam Reinhardt)
Reinhardt, William    S.10 L27 s2    1890-(5May)1949     Reinhardt, Jennie    (ssJennie Reinhardt)
Campbell, Harold A.    S.10 L26 s2    (25Oct)1894 (18Apr)1949    Campbell, Harold, Mrs.    US WWI Veteran
Hoy, Grace P.    S.10 L25 s1    1908-(23Dec)1993     Hoy, I. W.     (ssIsaac W. Hoy)
Hoy, Isaac W.    S.10 L25 s2    1897-(31Jul)1987     Hoy, I. W.     (ssGrace P. Hoy)
Hoy, Christine Marie    S.10 L25 s4    1958-1958     Hoy, I. W.     (Block marker)
(Hoy, John David)    S.10 L25    (28May 1949)     Hoy, I. W.     (no marker)
Jones, Pamela Ann    S.10 L25    8Dec 1948-9Dec 1948     Jones, Phillip    Dau of Phillip & Betty Jones

Row 9                
(Johnson, LaVonne)    S.10 L13A,14A, 15A s1,2    no dates     Johnson, LaVonne    (NOT A BURIAL, lots only, no marker)
Burnett, Annabelle    S.10 L13 s1    1892-(4Jun)1977     Burnett, Ivan, Mrs.    (ssIvan G. Burnett)
Burnett, Ivan G.    S.10 L13 s2    1888-(7Nov)1950     Burnett, Ivan, Mrs.    (ssAnnabelle Burnett)
Derbyshire, Minnie M.    S.10 L14 s1    1887-(5Apr)1977     Derbyshire, Minnie M.    (ssRay R. Derbyshire)
Derbyshire, Roy R. (Ray)    S.10 L14 s2    1885-(21Mar) 1950     Derbyshire, Minnie M.    (ssMinnie M. Derbyshire)
(Reynolds, Russell, Mrs.)    S.10 L15     no dates     Reynolds, Russell, Mrs.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Reynolds, J. (James) Russell    S.10 L16 s2     22May1909-15Mar1950    (ditto)    (double stone, no other inscription)
Brady, Bessie    S.10 L17 s1    1891-(26Sep)1972     Brady, Bessie, Mrs.   
Brady, Joseph R.    S.10 L17 s2    (30Aug)1886 (10Jan)1950     Brady, Bessie, Mrs.   
Brady, Lester F.    S.10 L18 s1    1916-1981     Brady, Bessie, Mrs.    Tec 5 US Army WWII
(Surls, Raymond)    S.10 L19 s1    no dates     Surls, Raymond    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Surls, Kenneth L.     S.10 L19 s2    1920-(4Feb)1974     Surls, Kenneth L.    engraved hammer and saw
Keller, Sadie M.    S.10 L20 s1    1900-(29Nov)1989     Keller, Sadie M., Mrs.    (ssLawrence S. Keller)
Keller, Lawrence S.    S.10 L20 s2    1897-(6Jan)1950     (ditto)    (ssSadie M. Keller)
(Aldinger), Randall    S.10 L21 s2    1949, only date     Aldinger, Lloyd    Infant son of Lloyd& Lavonn
(Aldinger), Larry Paul    S.10 L21 s2    13Apr1954-30Apr1954     Aldinger, Lloyd    Infant son of Lloyd& Lavonn
(Aldinger), Bobby Dene    S.10 L22 s1    29May 1956, only date    Aldinger, Lloyd    Infant son of Lloyd& Lavonn
(Aldinger), Lori Lavonn    S.10 L22 s1    (4Mar)1963, only date    Aldinger, Lloyd    Infant dau of Lloyd& Lavonn
Aldinger, Lavonn M.    S.10 L22 s2    1930-1990     Aldinger, Lloyd    Mother
(Chaplin), Emma L.    S.10 L23 s1    19Dec 1884-1Mar 1980     Chaplin, Emma    Mother
Chaplin, William H.    S.10 L23 s2    28May1884-4May1950     Chaplin, Emma    Father
Pederson, Ronald Lee    S.10 L24 s1    1949-(18Feb)1949     Pederson, Harold D.    (Block marker)
Pederson, Harold J.    S.10 L24 s1    1945-(2Nov)1948     Pederson, Harold D.    (Block marker)
Fuhrman, Eva    S.10 L24 s2    22Feb 1903-13Mar1999     Fuhrman, Eva   
Munnell, Nan M. (Mrs. Nancy Munnell)    S.10 L24 s3     1862-(27Mar)1959    Munnell, Nancy, Mrs.     Mother

Row 10                
Hickether, Harold R.    S.10 L12 s1    1916-(19May)1948     Hickether, Eva   
Shaver, Ruth M.    S.10 L11 s1    (18May)1901 (6Jun)1998     Shaver, Ilene    (ssDane Shaver)
Shaver, Dane    S.10 L11 s2    1911-(22Jul)1985     Shaver, Ilene    (ssRuth M. Shaver)
Kelderhouse, Maude F. (Florence)    S.10 L10 s1    1906-1949     Kelderhouse, C. A.     (ssChester A. Kelderhouse)
Kelderhouse, Chester A.    S.10 L10 s2    1897-(30Jan)1973     Kelderhouse, C. A.     (ssMaude F. Kelderhouse)
Rotgers, Tillie    S.10 L9 s1    1890-(7Aug)1967     Rotgers, R&Tillie    (ssRichard Rotgers)
Rotgers, Richard    S.10 L9 s2    1890-(14Dec)1948     Rotgers, R&Tillie    (ssTillie Rotgers)
Fitz, Emma L. (Mrs. Ed)    S.10 L8 s1    1885-(20May)1961     Fitz, Ed    (ssEdward J. Fitz)
Fitz, Edward J.    S.10 L8 s2    1884-(2Apr)1968     Fitz, Ed    (ssEmma L. Fitz)
Blair, Alice M. (Mrs. Charles Blair)    S.10 L7 s1     1898-(31Jan)1967    Blair, Charles     Married 30Sep 1914 (ssCharles H. Blair)
Blair, Charles H.    S.10 L7 s2    1896-(22Feb)1967     Blair, Charles    (ssAlice M. Blair)
Johnson, Fannie (M.) (Mrs. W. F. Johnson)    S.10 L6 s1     1876-(Oct)1955    Johnson, W F.    
JOHNSON    S.10 L6 s2        Johnson, W F.     MONUMENT
Johnson, William F.    S.10 L6 s3    1874-(May)1958     Johnson, W F.    
Surls, Bessie    S.10 L5 s1    (1Dec)1895 (16Mar)1948     Surls Charles    Mother (ssCharlie Surls)
Surls, Charlie (Charles)    S.10 L5 s2    1895-(18Jun)1962     Surls, Charles    Father (ssBessie Surls)
Pierce, Marion M.    S.10 L4 s1    1899-(5Mar)1993     Pierce, J. J., Mrs.    (ssJoseph J. Pierce)
Pierce, Joseph J.    S.10 L4 s2    1895-(12Mar)1948     Pierce, J. J., Mrs.    Am. Legion (ssMarion M. Pierce) (WW!_
(Frisbie), Lottie (B.)    S.10 L3 s1    1875-(19Sep)1949     Frisbie, Charles H.   
Frisbie, C. (Charles) H.    S.10 L3 s2    1879-(9Dec)1950     Frisbie, Charles H.   
Chantrill, Viola M.    S.10 L2 s1    1910-(17Jan)1949     Chantrill, Fred W.    (ssFred Chantrill)
Chantrill, Fred (W.)    S.10 L2 s2    1904-(18Oct)1983     Chantrill, Fred W.    (ssViola M. Chantrill)
Fuhrman, Emma A. (Mrs. Albert Fuhrman)    S.10 L1 s1     23Mar1897-23Feb1948    Fuhrman, Albert H.     (ssAlbert A. Fuhrman)
Fuhrman, Albert A.    S.10 L1 s2    12Dec1894-26Dec1968     Fuhrman, Albert H.    WWI marker, (ss Emma A.)
Folks, Robert W.    S.10 L1 s3    14Sep 1923 15Jun 1944 bd29Dec1948    Folks & Rasmussen    Ia Pfc 18thMarines 2ndMarine Div. WWII, AMVETS (KIA Saipan)
        SECTION 11         

Row 1                
(Rininger, Jane)    S11 B1 L133 s3-6    no dates     Rininger, Eugene & Jane    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only, no marker)
(Rininger, Eugene)    (ditto)    no dates     (ditto)    (ditto)
Elkin, Jane E.    S11 B1 L139 s5    1948--     Elkin, Mike & Jane    (NOT A BURIAL, ssMichael B. Elkin), Parents of Michelle, Jon, Joseph, Melanie
Elkin, Michael B.    S11 B1 L139 s6    1948--     Elkin, Mike & Jane    (NOT A BURIAL, ssJane E. Elkin)
(Meyer, Harold L.)    S11 B1 L139 s7,8 L40 sp1,2    no dates     Meyer, Harold & Deloris    (NOT A BURIAL, lots only)
(Meyer, Deloris E.)    (ditto)    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lots only)
Chukker, Raejean G.    S11 B1 L140 s3    23Mar 1943--     Chukker, Kenneth & Raejean    (NOT A BURIAL ss Kenneth M. Chukker)
Chukker, Kenneth M.    S11 B1 L140 s4    23Dec 1942-7Jan1991     (ditto)    (ssRaejean G. Chukker)
Musson, Pennie L.    S11 B1 L140 s5    (19Feb)1947 (13May)1998    Musson, Douglas & Pennie    Married 12Nov 1971, Parents of Troy, Mark, Tracy, Scott (ssDouglas J. Musson)
Musson, Douglas J.    S11 B1 L140 s6    1947--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssPennie L.)
Reingardt, Vivian D.    S11 B1 L141 s4    20Sep 1920-8Jun 1992    Reingardt, Vivian    Mother of Angine & Marlene
Vaughn, Sheila E.    S11 B1 L141 s5    27Jul 1942-2Dec 1989     Vaughn, Gary & Sheila    (ssGary A. Vaughn)
Vaughn, Gary A.    S11 B1 L141 s6    13Oct 1943--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssSheila E.)
(Barhite, Patricia A.)    S11 B1 L143 s1    no dates     Barhite, Donald R. & Patricia A.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Barhite, Donald R.    S11 B1 L143 s2    21Sep 1921-4Jun 1991     (ditto)    Pfc US Marine Corps WWII
(Barhite, Jeffrey A.)    S11 B1 L143 s3    no dates     Barhite, Jeffrey A.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)

Row 2                
Cervetti, Bret    S11 B1 L132 s2    18Feb1960-19Oct1997     Cervetti, Brenda    (temporary marker)
Chambers, William Chester    S11 B1 L130 s8     1891-(12Jan)1968    Chambers, William   
Ryan, Hattie M.    S11 B1 L129 s1    1888-(31Oct) 1970     Ryan, Glenn    (ssH. Glenn Ryan)
Ryan, H. Glenn    S11 B1 L129 s2    1889-(Aug)1957     Ryan, Glenn    United Commercial Travelers (ssHattie M. Ryan)
Parsons, Gloria A.    S11 B1 L129 s5    11Apr 1928--     Parsons, Donald D. & Gloria M.    (NOT A BURIAL) Beloved wife, Devoted Mother (ssDonald D.)
Parsons, Donald D.    S11 B1 L129 s6    30May1922-15Mar1992     Parsons, Donald D. & Gloria M.    Pfc US Army WWII Purple Heart (ssGloria A. Parsons)
Benson, Alvin Wendell    S11 B1 L128 s2    20Sep 1926-28Aug 1998    Alvin & Patricia Benson    (temporary marker)
Ruigh, Patricia J.    S11 B1 L128 s3    1Nov1921-23May1995     Donald E. Ruigh    Parents of Dale,David, Mary and Patricia, (ssDonald E. Ruigh)
Ruigh, Donald E.    S11 B1 L128 s4    19Mar 1922--     Donald E. Ruigh    (NOT A BURIAL, ssPatricia J.)
(Beaman, Evelyn E.)    S11 B1 L127    no dates     Beaman, Glen & Evelyn    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Beaman, Glen H.)    S11 B1 L127    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Ford, Edna Marie    S11 B1 L126 s3,4,5    1913--     Ford, Edna M.    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Jeanne Louise)
Ford, Jeanne Louise    S11 B1 L126 s6    1941--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Edna Marie)
(Myers, Marlene R.)    S11 B1 L126 s7    no dates     Myers, Fred R. & Marlene R.    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Myers, Fred R.)    S11 B1 L126 s8    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Campbell, Edna Mae    S11 B1 L125 s2    1912--     Campbell, Irving    (NOT A BURIAL, ssIrving)
Campbell, Irving    S11 B1 L125 s3    1912-(22Oct)1993     Campbell, Irving    Parents of David (ssEdna Mae)
Bolken, Wanda    S11 B1 L125 s4    1925-(14May)1979     Bolken, Wanda   
Mills, Faye Ann    S11 B1 L125 s5    1913-(23Sep)1978     Mills, Dean&Faye    (ssDean Mills)
Mills, Dean    S11 B1 L125 s6    1918-1989     Mills, Dean&Faye    WWII (ssFaye Ann Mills)
(Bjorensen, Roger)    S11 B1 L125 s7,8, 124 s1    no dates     Bjorensen, Roger    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
Bjorensen, Don Alan    S11 B1 L124 s2    20Mar 1962-4Jul 1977    Bjorensen, Roger   
Wilson, Emma    S11 B1 L124 s3    28Jan1882-29Sep1978     Wilson, Emma   
Campbell, Beulah    S11 B1 L124 s5    1911-(2Apr)1993     Campbell, Ray & Beulah    Mom (ssRay Campbell)
Campbell, Ray    S11 B1 L124 s6    1906-(5Jun)1975     (ditto)    Dad (ssBeulah Campbell)
Campbell, Florence    S11 B1 L124 s7    1917--     Campbell, Lawrence    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Lawrence)
Campbell, Lawrence    S11 B1 L124 s8    1914-(14Oct)1961     (ditto)    (ssFlorence Campbell)
Brass, Robert "Jack"    S11 B1 L123 s1     1943-(14Oct) 1961    Brass, John    Son of John & Myrtle Brass. God will take care of you
Brass, John W.    S11 B1 L123 s2    15Aug1915-20Jul1985     Brass, John   
Stackhouse, Hugh    S11 B1 L123 s3    8Jan 1910-3Jul 1986     Stackhouse, Hugh    Husband, Father
Warner, Jeanette E.    S11 B1 L123 s4    1908-(17Dec)1970     Warner, Jeanette   
Ingebritson, Joan Doan    S11 B1 L123 s5    1Sep 1921--     Ingebritson, Norman    (NOT A BURIAL)
Ingebritson,Norman D    S11 B1 L123 s6    9Dec 1918-13Dec1968    (ditto)    WWII Ia Pvt Co B 65 Inf TNG BN
Cessford, Mary E.    S11 B1 L123 s7    1917--     Cessford, Wm    (NOT A BURIAL, ss William B.)
Cessford, William B.    S11 B1 L123 s8    1900-(19Oct)1981     (ditto)    (ssMary E. Cessford)
Ward, Bessie A. (Amelia)    S11 B1 L122 s1     1890-(19Mar)1973    Ward, Ed    Mom (ssEdgar B. Ward)
Ward, Edgar B.    S11 B1 L122 s2    1876-(14Jun)1967     Ward, Ed    Dad (ssBessie A. Ward)
Warner, Ben A.    S11 B1 L122 s3    1947-(25Jan)1968     Warner, Howard    (ssHoward O. Warner)
Warner, Howard O.    S11 B1 L122 s4    1908-(14Aug)