Union Cemetery, Hardin Township, Hardin County, Iowa

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                         June 2000

Union Cemetery, Hardin Township, Section 13

Owned and operated by the Ladies Social Gathering, Inc. since 1859.  
Located in northwest Iowa Falls, 1310 Cedar St.  In 1995, the board 
members walked the cemetery and recorded inscriptions. The board 
combined those records and the cemetery records and, in July 1998, 
published a book of the burials within Union Cemetery.

1st Addition N 1/2 & S 1/2 listed here only.

        1st ADDITION, N. 1/2        

Row 1, East 1/2                
(Bonin, Timothy Dean)    Babyland    no dates     Bonin, Henry    (Son of Herman, stillborn, no marker)
Blanco, Bianey Barriga    1.A. L114A s13    1997-1997 (Jun19)    Blanco    (Block marker)
Arends, Zackery Scott    1.A. L114A s11    1Mar 1996     Arends, Zackery Scott    Resting in God's arms, We love you
Krukow, Tara Lynn    1.A. L114A s10    (17May 1982)     Krukow, Dennis & Jackie    (Block marker)
Caruth, Faith Marie    1.A. L114A s9    1982-(19Apr)1982     Caruth, Dale    Dau of Dale & Gayle Caruth (block marker)
Sanders, Derek A.    1.A. L114A s8    16Jul 1981     Sanders, Beverly & Bob    (Block marker)
Tharp, Alexis A. (Angel)    1.A. L114A s6    30Aug 1977     Tharp, Stephen    Beloved Daughter (child of Stephen& Diane Nelson Tharp)
Strother, Brandon    1.A. L114A s5    5Aug 1977     Strother, Dale    Our Angel (Son of Dennis & Rebecca Strother)
Banner, Gina D.    1.A. L114A s4    1972-1972 (Sep)     Banner, Dale    (dau of Dale Banner, Block marker)
Helmers, Scott A.    1.A. L114A s3    1971-(11Oct)1971     Helmers    (Block marker)
Leeps, Angela Louise    1.A. L114A s2    1970-(12Aug) 1971     Leeps, Ken    (dau Ken Leeps)
Spry, Rodney J.    1.A. L114A s1    22Apr1966-23Nov1969     Spry, Merle    Son of Merle&Betty Spry

Row 2 West 1/2 Catalpa St.                
Granzow, Bradley Craig    1.A. L116A s34     18Oct1970-27Oct1970    Granzow, Craig     Son of Craig & Sharon Granzow
White, Steven Gary    1.A. L116A s33    29Jul 1970     White, Dennis   
Stott, Angela Jo    1.A. L116A s32    1968-(5Oct) 1968     Stott, Dale    (Block marker)
Klaver, Joanne Marie    1.A. L116A s31    1969-1969     Klaver, Rich    (Block marker)
Rasmussen, Harold Robert    1.A. L116A s30     18Apr1969-25May1969    Rasmussen, Carl    
Stott, Roy Eugene    1.A. L116A s29    1970-(14May) 1970      Stott, Dale    (Block marker)
Smith, David Neal    1.A. L116A s28    1968-(30Apr) 1968     Smith, Larry    (Block marker)
Sanders, Infant    1.A. L116A s27    1968-(23Mar) 1968     Sanders, John Edward    (Block marker)
Havens, Timothy Paul    1.A. L116A s26    1964-(15Mar) 1968     Havens, Jim    Now I lay me down to sleep
Banner, Baby Boy    1.A. L115A s25    1966-(1Oct) 1966     Banner, Dave    (son of Dave Banner, Block marker)
Murra, Bobby Lee    1.A. L115A s24    7Jul 1966-6Aug 1966     Murra, Dick    Twin (son of Dick Murra)
Williams, April    1.A. L115A s23    14Apr 1966     Williams    Twin (of Dawn Williams)
Williams, Dawn    1.A. L115A s23    14Apr 1966     Williams    Twin (of April Williams)
Scott, Kernel Acorn    1.A. L115A s22    1966-(25Jan) 1966     Scott, Harry    (Block marker)
Countryman, Junior    1.A. L115A s21    1965-(2Oct) 1965     Countryman, Junior    (Block marker)
Erickson, Alan D. (David)    1.A. L115A s20    1961-(21Aug) 1965    Erickson, Alan David    Son
Janes, Susan Kay    1.A. L115A s19    1Jan 1965-6Jul 1965     Kracht, Susan    Our Angel
Hayes, Rex Allen    1.A. L115A s18    (3) Apr 1965     Hayes, Rex Allen    Infant son of Laura & Bernard
Bailey, Vern Thomas, Jr.    1.A. L115A s17    29Aug 1964     Bailey, Tom   
Rodamaker, David L.    1.A. L115A s16    1964-(17Mar) 1964     Rodamaker, David    (Block marker)
Warnecke, Jackie Sue    1.A. L115A s15    7Aug 1963-4Dec 1963    Warneke, Jack   
Jackson, Daniel Joseph    1.A. L115A s14    24Jun1961-2Aug 1963    Jackson, Eleanor Mrs.    Son of Geo R & Eleanor Whitman Jackson
Nicholson, Jacqueline Ann    1.A. L115A s13    1962-(10Jun) 1963    Nicholson, Jacqueline    Born to be an Angel
Greenfield, Vincent D.    1.A. L115A s12    1963-(18Mar) 1963    Greenfield, Vincent    (Block marker)
Jones, Julie Diane    1.A. L115A s11    1963-(14Mar) 1963     Jones, Virgil    (Block marker)
Nolte, Linda Lee    1.A. L115A s10    13Mar 1963     Nolte, Adrian   
Lange, Lisa Joyce    1.A. L114A s9    25Feb1963(26Mar1963)     Lange, Donald   
Shaver, Jane Elizabeth    1.A. L114A s7     17Jul1962-18Aug1962    Shaver, Merle   
Ingle, Belinda Marie    1.A. L114A s6    1962-(6Mar) 1962     Ingle, Keith    (Block marker)
Mills, Larry Dean    1.A. L114A s5    1962-(24Sep) 1962     Mills, Gerald    (Block marker)
O'Brien, Baby Boy    1.A. L114A s4    1961-(23Sep) 1961     O'Brien    (Block marker)
Murray, Ralph, Jr.    1.A. L114A s3    (13) Jul 1961     Murray, Ralph   
Schmidt, Jennifer Lee    1.A. L114A s2    1960-1960 (17Aug)     Schmidt, William H.    (Block marker)
Johnson, Steven J.    1.A. L114A s1    (10Jul) 1958     Johnson, Ernest T.    (Block marker)

Row 3                
Weaver, Silas Matteson (Judge)    1.A. L117 s4    18Dec 1843-6Nov 1923    Weaver, S. M.    
Weaver, Sarah Catherine (Lucus)    1.Add L117 s5     17Sep1847-18Jan1942    Weaver, S. M.     
(Weaver), George    1.A. L117 s6    3Aug1878-25Sep1911     Weaver, S. M.    
(Weaver), Clarence    1.A. L117 s7    (no dates)     Weaver, S. M.    
(Weaver), Harold    1.A. L117 s8    (no dates)     Weaver, S. M.    
Stoddard, L. Francis (Frank)    1.A. L116 s1    1836-1917     Carleton, J. H.     Soldier GAR marker
Stoddard, Louisa Herbert (Lou)    1.A. L116 s2    1844-1890     Carleton, J. H.    
Carleton, John Jay    1.A. L116 s3    1871-1944     Carleton, J. H.    
Carleton, Lillian Stewart    1.A. L116 s4    1873-(27Sep) 1953    Carleton, J. H.    
CARLETON    1.A. L116 s5,6         Carleton, J. H.    MONUMENT
Carleton, Sarah A.    1.A. L116 s7    1834-1912     Carleton, J. H.     Mother
Carleton, J. H.     1.A. L116 s8    1832-1912     Carleton, J. H.     Father
Pulis, Harvey Lee    1.A. L116 s10    19Oct1904-18Jan1933     Pulis, George   
(Pulis), Norine    1.A. L116 s11    1Jul 1882-6Mar 1936     Pulis, George    Wife of George A. Pulis
Pulis, George A.    1.A. L116 s12    26Jul1880-16Sep1960     Pulis, George   
(Nichols), Ben C.    1.A. L115 s2    1864-1928     Nichols, William   
(Nichols), Martin C.    1.A. L115 s3    1869-1925     Nichols, William   
NICHOLS    1.A. L115 s4,5         Nichols, William    MONUMENT
(Nichols), George H.    1.A. L115 s6    1859-1907     Nichols, William   
(Nichols), Helen M. (Mrs. W. E. Nichols)    1.A. L115 s7     2Sep1832-25May1903    Nichols, William     Wife of H. W. Armstrong, Mother
Nichols, William E.    1.A. L115 s8    2Jul 1830-23Jul 1884     Nichols, William    (GAR) (*PA State Militia 1.Lt)
Armstrong, Jane Kent    1.A. L114 s1    3Feb 1837-1Nov 1893     Armstrong, H. W.     Wife of H. W. Armstrong
Armstrong, H. W.     1.A. L114 s2    1825-1902     Armstrong, H. W.     (GAR) (*Pvt.Co E 5th WI Inf, Civil War)
Armstrong, Josephine    1.A. L114 s4    1858-1937     Armstrong, H. W.     Wife of A. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG    1.A. L114 s5         Armstrong, H. W.      MONUMENT
Armstrong, Henry W.    1.A. L114 s5    21Sep1825-19Feb1882     Armstrong, H. W.    
Armstrong, Adelbert    1.A. L114 s6    1855-1944     Armstrong, H. W.    

Row 4                
Whitesell, William N.    1.A. L1 s1    17Mar1849-24Aug1927     Whitesell, William   
Whitesell, Sarah P.    1.A. L1 s2    21Apr1856-30Jun1884     Whitesell, William   
Whitesell, Caroline    1.A. L1 s3    27Dec1862-4Aug1920     Whitesell, William   
Whitesell, John L.    1.A. L1 s4    1880-1935     Whitesell, William   
Whitesell, Olive M.    1.A. L1 s5    1888-(19Mar)1973     Whitesell, William   
Whitesell, Paul S. (Silas)    1.A. L1 s6    1899-(4Apr)1948     Whitesell, William   
Kesler, Vera Pearl    1.A. L1 s8    28Mar1897-25Dec1897     Whitesell, William   
Swartz, John L.    1.A. L24 s1    1844-(*26Mar1932)     Swartz, J. L.     (GAR) (*Co A 46th IL Inf)
Swartz, Laura F. (Francis)    1.A. L24 s2    1855-(9Jul)1947     Swartz, J. L.     Age 91
Swartz, Roy J.    1.A. L24 s3    1886-(28Nov)1955     Swartz, J. L.     (d. 1508 N. Larrabee St.Chicago IL, Graceland Crematory, Konitzer-Rowland Funeral Home)
(Jensen, Mary Katherine)    1.A. L24 s4    (buried 15 May)     Swartz, J. L.    (Stillborn, no marker)
Spencer, Jesse H.    1.A. L24 s5    1878-1933     Spencer, Jesse   
Spencer, Hulda A. (Mrs. J. H. Spencer)    1.A. L24 s6     1880-(13Jun)1968    Spencer, Jesse   
(Morris, George)    1.A. L24 s7    no dates     Morris, George    (no marker)
(Morris, George, Mrs.)    1.A. L24 s8    no dates     Morris, George    (no marker)
Helvig, Iva Neoma    1.A. L24 s9    1904-1929     Helvig, Harley   
HELVIG    1.A. L24 s10        Helvig, Harley    MONUMENT
Helvig, Harley W.    1.A. L24 s10    1903-(20Jun)1981     Helvig, Harley   
Helvig, Vera B.    1.A. L24 s11    1897-(2Apr)1974     Helvig, Harley   
Convis, C. Z.     1.A. L25 s1    d4Oct 1897, 73y5m27d     Convis, C. Z.     Father
Convis, Mary A.    1.A. L25 s2    d.3Sep1884,63y6m24d     Convis, C. Z.     Mother, Wife of C. Z. Convis
Fletcher, Charles W., Rev.    1.A. L25 s7    1865-1935     Fletcher, C. W. Lash, Martin   
Lash, Martin L.    1.A. L25 s8    dJun281881, 39y11m26d     Lash, Martin Fletcher, C. W.     GAR marker, (Old stone, broken)
Rauch, H. M.    1.A. L48 s1    d11Jan 1880, 76y     Rauch     Father
Rauch, Hannah    1.A. L48 s2    d31Jan1885,70y3m25d     Rauch     Mother, Wife of H. M. Rauch
Rauch, Henry    1.A. L48 s3    d4Apr 1881, Aged 4 m     Rauch    Son of J&L Rauch
Pierce, William B.    1.A. L48 s5    7Apr 1842-8Oct 1918     Pierce, William B.    (GAR) (*Co C 8th IN? Inf)
Pierce, Sarah    1.A. L48 s6    7Apr 1843-11Nov 1912     Pierce, William B.    His wife
Pierce, Lydia J.    1.A. L48 s7    9Aug 1859-4Nov 1880     Pierce, William B.    Wife of E. Dowdell

Row 5                
Sanders, Cecil Merrill    1.A. L2 s2    d7Oct 1898, 3y,5m,12d    Sanders, Cecil    Son of Rev. JH&MO Merrill
PERCY    1.A. L2 s4,5        Percy, M. S.     MONUMENT
Pierce, Lilly A.    1.A. L2 s6    d.7Apr 1881,12y,3m,9d     Percy, M. S.     Dau of MS&L Percy
Percy, Louisa    1.A. L2 s7    15Mar1892?,70y?m?d     Percy, M. S.     Wife of M. S. Percy (illegible)
Percy, Marvin S.    1.A. L2 s8    d21Jul1902-74y1m10d     Percy, M. S.    
Eddy, Hosmer S.    1.A. L23 s1    4Oct 1839-16Dec 1893     Eddy, Hosmer    GAR marker
Eddy, Mary A.    1.A. L23 s2    2Nov 1847-15Aug 1923     Eddy, Hosmer    Mother
EDDY    1.A. L23 s4,5        Eddy, Hosmer    MONUMENT
Eddy, Celestia F.    1.A. L23 s6    3Dec 1835-16Nov 1904     Eddy, Hosmer   
Eddy, Mary W.    1.A. L23 s7    14May1810-23Sep1882     Eddy, Hosmer    All is Peace (ssSpalding Eddy)
Eddy, Spalding    1.A. L23 s8    1Jun 1807-25Dec 1885     Eddy, Hosmer    All is Peace (ssMary W. Eddy)
Myer, William    1.A. L23 s10    1864-1929     Myer, Wm. & Anna   
Myer, Anna    1.A. L23 s11    1865-1941     Myer, Wm. & Anna   
Niece, Harriet L.    1.A. L26 s1    1865-1933     Simplot, Eva   
Huyck, Elizabeth M.    1.A. L26 s2    10Mar 1881, 53y,10m     Parmelee    Wife of J. M. Huyck
(Parmelee), Jennie Francis    1.A. L26 s3    d 1872, Aged 3y,3m,2d    Parmelee    Daughter of JV&EE Parmelee
Mossman, Archibald    1.A. L26 s4    23Jan 1844-1Feb 1919     Parmelee   
Simplot, Walter L.     1.A. L26 s7    1857-1933     Simplot, Eva   
Simplot, Eva    1.A. L26 s8    1857-1935     Simplot, Eva   
(Mohler, Elizabeth)    1.A. L47 s2    no dates     Moler    (marker illegible)
Moler, Daniel T.    1.A. L47 s3    1841-1936     Moler   
Knapp, T. B.     1.A. L47 s6    1821-1905     Knapp    (*Sutler Co F 32nd IA Inf)
Knapp, Henry Hamlin    1.A. L47 s7    3May 1866-23Jul 1879     Knapp    (see appendix)
(Knapp, T. B., Mrs.)    1.A. L47 s8    no dates     Knapp    Mamma

Row 6                
Whiteman, Hanna (Mrs.)    1.A. L3 s1    1867-1923      Harp   
Harp, Sibil    1.A. L3 s2    d21Jul 1884,11y9m18d     Harp    Children of JA&MA Harp(ssJames, Mary, Samuel & Harry Harp)
Harp, Samuel    1.A. L3 s3    d22Aug 1869, 1m,20d     Harp    (ssSibil Harp)
Harp, Harry H.    1.A. L3 s4    d25Sep 1856, 2m,30d     Harp    (ssSibil Harp)
Simpson, Darlie K. (Keziah)    1.A. L3 s5     1869-(24Sep)1942    Harp   
Harp, Mary A.    1.A. L3 s6    28Jan 1838-25Jan1920     Harp    (ssSibil Harp)
Harp, James A.    1.A. L3 s7    13Dec1831-14Nov1902     Harp    (ssSibil Harp)
(Hale), Jacob    1.A. L22 s1    no dates     Hale    Loyal Order of the Moose (Jacob or Hayes)
(Hale, Mrs.)    1.A. L22 s2    no dates     Hale    (no marker)
HALE    1.A. L22 s2        Hale     MONUMENT
(Hale), Hayes    1.A. L22 s3    no dates     Hale    Loyal Order of the Moose (Jacob or Hayes)
(Hale), Addie    1.A. L22 s4    no dates     Hale   
Welden, John Francis (Frank)    1.A. L22 s6     14Jan1867-24Sep1940    Welden, J. F.      (ssLois, Hatta M. & JF Welden)
(Welden), Lois    1.A. L22 s7    4Jul 1891-7Jul 1892     Welden, J. F.     Daughter (ssJohn Francis Welden)
(Welden), Hatta M. Bates    1.A. L22 s8     24May1867-17Aug1905    Welden, J. F.      Wife of John Francis Welden (ssJohn Francis Welden)
WELDEN    1.A. L22 s9        Welden, J. F.     MONUMENT
Stanbro, Mary Ann    1.A. L22 s12    1922-1930     Welden, J. F.     (ssD. Arlene Stanbro)
Stanbro, D. Arlene    1.A. L22 s13    1920-1934     Welden, J. F.     (ssMary Ann Stanbro)
Parmelee, John B.    1.A. L27 s1    1845-(*20July1926)     Parmelee, Horace, Rev.    (GAR) (*Co H 51.WI Inf)
Parmelee, Nora K.    1.A. L27 s2    1850-1928     (ditto)   
Parmelee, Mary F.    1.A. L27 s3    1884-1970     (ditto)   
PARMELEE    1.A. L27 s4        (ditto)     MONUMENT
Parmelee, Ella M. (Mary)    1.A. L27 s5    1852-1933     (ditto)   
Parmelee, Emma W.    1.A. L27 s6    1855-1930     (ditto)   
Parmelee, Francis B.    1.A. L27 s7    7Apr 1816-15Mar 1901     (ditto)    Wife of H. M. Parmelee, He gave his beloved sleep (ssRev. H. M. Parmelee, illegible)
Parmelee, H. M., Rev. (Horace)    1.A. L27 s8    30Aug 1816-1Jul 1880    (ditto)    (ssFrances B. Parmelee)
Barber, Samuel    1.A. L46 s1    d27Aug 1884     Barber, Samuel    Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age--Job 5:26
Barber, Sarah E.    1.A. L46 s2    22May1807-8Sep 1882     Barber, Samuel    Born in Mexico, NY, Rest in Peace (illegible)
Latson, Ralph Joel (Jo)    1.A. L46 s5    31Mar 1875-3Oct 1946    Latson, J. W.   
Latson, Elsie May (Mrs. Ralph Latson)    1.A. L46 s6    1Aug 1892-9Jun 1969    Latson, J. W.   
Latson, Joel (W.)    1.A. L46 s7    d29Sep 1877 30y,11m,19d     Latson, J. W.     Masonic Lodge, A. O. C? W (illegible)
Latson, Belle (Meade)    1.A. L46 s8    26Jun1854-26Jun1943     Latson, Belle Meade   

Row 7 Dahlia St.                
Reed, Luretta (Mrs. Chris)    1.A. L4A s1     16Aug1885-10Feb1954    Reed, Chriss     (ssChriss Reed)
Reed, Chriss    1.A. L4A s2    18Sep 1886-4Jan 1955     Reed, Chriss    (ssLuretta Reed)
(Reed, infant)    1.A. L4A s2    (28May 1954)     Reed, Harold or Chris    (no marker)
Creagan, Francis W.    1.A. L4A s6    8Aug 1899-7Jul 1955     Creagan, Francis W.    IA Pfc Btry C 13 Field Arty WWI,WWI
Fryslie, Hannah L.    1.A. L4A s7    1882-(16Nov)1963     Fryslie, Hannah    (Block marker)
Meyer, Mollie M.    1.A. L4A s8    1893-(17Jun)1976     Meyer, Fred    Mother
Meyer, Fred Nicholas    1.A. L21A s1    1890-(10Oct) 1953     Meyer, Fred    Father
Wampler, Martha (Henrietta)    1.A. L21A s2     1902-(16Feb)1953    Wampler, Homer     (ssHomer Wampler)
Wampler, Homer    1.A. L21A s3    1893-(8Apr) 1955     Wampler, Homer    (ssMartha Wampler), WWI marker
Mills, Lydia    1.A. L21A s4    25May1883-6Feb1953     Mills, Jesse    (ssJess Mills)
Mills, Jess    1.A. L21A s5    9Feb 1885-7Nov 1973     Mills, Jesse    (ssLydia Mills)
Robinson, Donald G.    1.A. L21A s7    1921-(23Apr) 1953     Robinson, Donald    T Sgt US Army Korea, WWII, Father of Donna, Wayne & Margaret
Robinson, Merna L.    1.A. L21A s8    1918--     Robinson, Glenn L. & Merna L.    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Glenn Robinson)
Robinson, Glenn L.    1.A. L21A s9    1918--     Robinson, Glenn L. & Merna L.    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Merna Robinson)
Cormaney, Grace E.    1.A. L28A s1    14Feb1895-28Nov1952     Cormaney, Guy    Mother, RNA (ssGuy Cormaney)
Cormaney, Guy    1.A. L28A s2    19Dec 1897-9Apr 1955     Cormaney, Guy    Father (ssGrace Cormaney)
Hoffman, George F. (Ferdinand)    1.A. L28A s6     26Mar1885-12Dec1952    Hoffman, Rosa A.     (ssRosa Hoffman)
Hoffman, Rosa A. (Mrs. G. F. Hoffman)    1.A. L28A s7     14Apr 1888-14Jul 1962    Hoffman, Rosa A.     (ssGeorge F. Hoffman)
Rieks, Cynthia Lee    1.A. L45A s6    16Aug1952-24Jan1953     Rieks, Marlyn    Daughter of Marlyn& Kathryn Rieks
Rieks, Kathryn D.    1.A. L45A s7    29Jan 1931--     Rieks, Marlyn    Mother of Cynthia& Christine (NOT A BURIAL)

Row 8                
Reynolds, Brazillar    1.A. L4 s1    7May 1833-8Nov 1911     Reynolds, Brazillar    GAR marker (ss Emaline,Nelson, Jessie Reynolds & Rosella Dunn) (*Pvt Co E 49th Ind Inf)
Reynolds, Emaline    1.A. L4 s2    3Nov1835-only date     Reynolds, Brazillar    His wife (ssBrazillar Reynolds)
Reynolds, Nelson C.    1.A. L4 s3    15Dec1858-14Jan1884     Reynolds, Brazillar    (ssBrazillar Reynolds)
(Reynolds), Jessie J.    1.A. L4 s3    18Nov 1880-7Nov 1884     Reynolds, Brazillar    (ssBrazillar Reynolds)
Dunn, Rosella A. Reynolds    1.A. L4 s3     17May1864-18Jan1889    Reynolds, Brazillar     (ssBrazillar Reynolds)
Reynolds, Elizabeth J.    1.A. L4 s7    1874-1950     Reynolds, Brazillar    (ss Charles Reynolds)
Reynolds, Charles    1.A. L4 s8    1874-(15Aug)1966     Reynolds, Brazillar    (ss Elizabeth J. Reynolds)
O'Neil, Marie    1.A. L21 s1    1896-(27Dec)1956     O'Neil, William, Mrs.   
Wright, David    1.A. L21 s2    1850-1928     O'Neil, William, Mrs.    Father
Wright, Anna (Mrs.)    1.A. L21 s3    1854-(22Aug)1944     O'Neil, William, Mrs.   
O'Neil, William A.    1.A. L21 s4    1868-1934     O'Neil, William, Mrs.   
O'Neil, Minnie    1.A. L21 s5    1873-1953     O'Neil, William, Mrs.   
Holmes, Sarah E.    1.A. L21 s7    d1Mar 1894, 35y1m10d     O'Neil, William, Mrs.    Wife of Edward Holmes
Holmes, Edward    1.A. L21 s8    d10Feb 1890, 40y8m5d     O'Neil, William, Mrs.   
Helvig, Dorothy M.    1.A. L21 s9    13Mar 1910--     Helvig, Edward G.    (NOT A BURIAL)
Helvig, Bena M.    1.A. L21 s10    (6Oct)1875 (29Nov)1957     Helvig, Edward G.    Mother (ssEdward G. Helvig)
Helvig, Edward G.    1.A. L21 s11    (26Feb)1876 (10May)1930     Helvig, Edward G.    Father (ssBena M. Helvig)
(McCollough, Baby)    1.A. L28 s2    no dates     McCollough    (no marker)
(Unknown)    1.A. L28 s3    no dates     McCollough   
McCollough, Maggie (Mrs.)    1.A. L28 s4     d1Aug1882,19y?m28d    McCollough    Wife of H. A. McCollough (illegible)
(Stewart), Myrtle Claudia    1.A. L28 s5    1889-1908     Stewart, Ed    Our Darling
(Stewart, Ed)    1.A. L28 s7    no dates     Stewart, Ed    (no marker)
(Stewart, Ed, Mrs.)    1.A. L28 s8    no dates     Stewart, Ed    (no marker)
Pierce, Benjamin F. (Frank)    1.A. L45 s1    d2Jan1879, 26y7m29d    Pierce    Son of B&LA Pierce (ssEdith Pierce)
Pierce, Edith    1.A. L45 s2    d1879 1y,7m,19d     Pierce    Dau of DJ&S Pierce (ssB. Frank,Lydia, Sarah ,Benjamin & David Pierce)
Pierce, Benjamin    1.A. L45 s3    d30May1905-94y8m16d     Pierce    GAR marker (ssEdith Pierce)
Pierce, Sarah    1.A. L45 s4    d18Apr1909, 65y11m18d     Pierce    (ssEdith Pierce)
Pierce, David J.    1.A. L45 s5    d2Jan 1882 37y,7m,16d     Pierce    (ssEdith Pierce) (*Pvt Co E 69th Ind Inf)
PIERCE    1.A. L45 s6        Pierce     MONUMENT
Pierce, Lydia A.    1.A. L45 s7    d18Jul 1900 82y,9m,29d     Pierce    His Wife (ssEdith Pierce)

Row 9 Iris St.                
Webb, Esther P.    1.A. L5A s1    7Feb 1919--     Webb, J. Ellis & Esther    (NOT A BURIAL)
Webb, J. Ellis, Rev.    1.A. L5A s2    21Feb 1920--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL)
(Meyer, Annabelle & Leonard)    1.A. L5A s4,5    no dates    Meyer, Leonard & Annabelle    (NOT A BURIAL, no markers, lot only)
Gatliff, Monty Lee    1.A. L20A s2    (24Sep)1949 (8Aug)1997     Gatliff, Monty Lee    Vietnam marker (temporary marker)
Misner, Peggy L. Gatliff    1.A. L20A s3     17Nov1953-28May1992    Misner, Peggy L.     Beloved Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother
Gatliff, Ramah Christene    1.A. L20A s4     11Sep1928-16May1988    Gatliff, James L.    
Gatliff, Lewellen "Jim" (James L.)    1.A. L20A s5     14Oct 1926-12Dec 1967    Gatliff, James L.    
Smit, Arlene A.    1.A. L20A s6    23May 1928--     Smit, Willard W. & Arlene A.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssWillard W. "Bill" Smit)
Smit, Willard W. "Bill"    1.A. L20A s7    13Dec 1929--    Smit, Willard W. & Arlene A.    Married 23Feb 1962 (NOT A BURIAL, ssArlene A. Smit)

Row 10                
Crawford, (Martha) Esther    1.A. L5 s1    1858-1951     Crawford, John    (ss John Crawford)
Crawford, John    1.A. L5 s2    1851-1920     Crawford, John    (ss Esther Crawford)
(Crawford), Mabel C.    1.A. L5 s4    1883-1968     Crawford, John    (ssEthel M. Crawford)
(Crawford), Ethel M.    1.A. L5 s5    1888-(1Aug)1980     Crawford, John    (ssMabel C. Crawford)
(Crawford, Esther)    1.A. L5    no dates     Crawford, John    (Infant, no marker)
Crawford, Eliza    1.A. L5 s7    no dates     Crawford, John    Mother, His Wife (ss Alexander)
Crawford, Alexander    1.A. L5 s8    no dates     Crawford, John    Father (ssEliza Crawford)
Beurer, William C.    1.A. L20 s1    7Feb 1872-16Jan 1933     Beurer    Father (ssIda M. Beurer)
Beurer, Ida M.    1.A. L20 s2    17Oct1879-27Aug1936     Beurer    Mother (ssWilliam C. Beurer)
Beurer, Anita K.    1.A. L20 s3    15Feb 1899-4Apr 1986     Beurer    Daughter
(Conner, John)    1.A. L20 s7    no dates     Conner, John    (no marker)
(Conner, John, Mrs.)    1.A. L20 s8    no dates     Conner, John    (no marker)
Fitts, Nora    1.A. L20 s9    10Jan1887-18Sep1974     Fitts, Ralph&Nora    (ssRalph L. Fitts)
Fitts, Ralph L.    1.A. L29 s1    30Sep1887-25Apr1957     Alvard, David    (ssNora Fitts)
Fitts, George H.    1.A. L29 s3    1842-1908     Alvard, David   
Fitts, Hattie A.    1.A. L29 s4    1855-1928     Alvard, David    Rebekah marker
Alvord, Mary A.    1.A. L29 s5    d26Feb1900,77y1m10d     Alvard, David   
Alvord, David J.    1.A. L29 s6    d21Oct1896,79y1m18d     Alvard, David   
Alvord, Susanna    1.A. L29 s7    d1Feb 1882, 92y,10m     Alvard, David    Wife of Obed Alvard
Alvord, E. H. (*Edward)    1.A. L29 s8    d.4Aug1876, 34y9m8d    Alvard, David    GAR marker (*Pvt.Co I 3rd NY Inf, Civil War)
Alvord, Horace    1.A. L29 s11    23Jul 1817-18Sep 1899     Alvard, David   
Titus, Robert S.    1.A. L44 s1    13Sep1819-23Feb1897     Peabody   
Titus, Hannah C. Byrd    1.A. L44 s2    15Jan 1814-15Feb 1905    Peabody   
Peabody, Margaret B.    1.A. L44    4Apr 1831-17Feb 1880     Peabody    Born at Flushing, NY, Died Brooklyn, NY (ssAlvin Peabody)
Peabody, Alvin    1.A. L44 s6    1833-1903     Peabody    (ssMargaret B. & Elman Peabody)
Peabody, Elman    1.A. L44 s8    18Jun1831-30May1884     Peabody    (ssAlvin Peabody)

Row 11 Forest St.                
Reed, Willis P. (Pearl)    1.A. L6A s1    1903-(23Jul)1956     Reed, Willis Pearl   
Stole, Oliver    1.A. L6A s2    1875-1957     Stole, Oliver   
Chaplin, Claude L.    1.A. L6A s4    1898-(Apr)1958     Chaplin, Claude L.   
Reynolds, Alex    1.A. L6A s5    1889-(27Oct)1958     Reynolds, Alex    Father
Reichert, Ralph R.    1.A. L6A s6    18Oct 1896-2Jan 1959     Reichert, R. R.     WWI IA Pfc Base Hosp 130, American Legion marker
Reichert, Esther M. (Mrs. R. R. Reichert)    1.A. L6A s7     5Apr 1896-26Nov1966    Reichert, Esther (Mrs. R. R. Reichert)    (American Legion Auxiliary marker)
Clark, Betty I.    1.A. L19A s1    b1927--     Clark, Clyde & Betty    (NOT A BURIAL, ss Rev. Clyde E.)
Clark, Clyde E., Rev.     1.A. L19A s2     1921-(18Jul)1956    Clark, Clyde & Betty     WWII marker, Bessed are the dead which die in the Lord Rev14:13 (ssBetty I. Clark)
Kidd, Eva C.    1.A. L19A s3    1891-(30Jan)1987     Kidd, Floyde    (ssFloyde M. Kidd)
Kidd, Floyde M.    1.A. L19A s4    1888-(8Jan)1983     Kidd, Floyde    (ssEva C. Kidd)
Rieken, Orpha (Mrs. John)    1.A. L19A s5     1890-(19Jul)1962    Rieken, John   
Rieken, John    1.A. L19A s6    1883-(28Nov)1961     Rieken, John   
Glade, Mary J.    1.A. L19A s7    1894-(17Jul)1972     Glade, Henry    Mother (ssJ. Henry Glade)
Glade, J. Henry    1.A. L19A s8    1890-(16Aug)1956     Glade, Henry    Father (ssMary J. Glade)
Shaner, Merna    1.A. L19A s9    b1923--     Meyers    (NOT A BURIAL) Dau of Golda & Lloyd, Sister (ssGlen Shaner)
Shaner, Glen (V.)    1.A. L19A s10    1921-1992     Meyers    Son of Golda & Lloyd, Brother & Husband (cremation,ssMyrna & Pearl Shaner)
Shaner, Pearl Apple    1.A. L19A s11    b1924--     Meyers    (NOT A BURIAL) Wife, Parents of Glenda & Ronald, (ss Glen Shaner)
Meyers, Charles    1.A. L30A s1    1902-(15Dec) 1994     Meyers, Golda, Mrs.   
Meyers, Golda Shaner    1.A. L30A s2    1898-(12Jun)1987     Meyers, Golda   
Shaner, Lloyd S.    1.A. L30A s3    1897-1938     Shaner, Lloyd    Vet WWI marker, American Legion marker
Bushbaum, Louis (G.)    1.A. L43A s1    25Sep1885-16Apr1960     Bushbaum, Louis G.   
Basye, Ike (Isaac) H. (Hue)    1.A. L43A s2    12Sep 1895-15Jul 1960    Bayse, Isaac (Basye on stone)    IA Pvt Co L 144 Infantry WWI
Reed, Melvin H.    1.A. L43A s3    9Feb 1879-27Jan 1965     Reed, M. H.    
Hoffman, Kenneth M.    1.A. L43A s7    7Jun 1906-7Sep 1965     Hoffman, Kenneth    IA Pvt HQ Det 8 GP Ertc WWII

Row 12                
Holbrook, Henry    1.A. L6 s1    1821-1886     Holbrock, William    Father
Holbrook, Hannah    1.A. L6 s2    1828-1907     Holbrock, William    His Wife, Mother
Holbrock, William    1.A. L6 s3    1885-1929     Holbrock, William    Son
Holbrock, Mary (Melissa)    1.A. L6 s4    1871-1953     Holbrock, William    Wife of William Holbrock
Weddle, Mary W.    1.A. L6 s5    1911-(7Feb)1989     Weddle, Mary    (ssJohn H. Weddle)
Weddle, John H.    1.A. L6 s6    1897-(2Jun)1989     Weddle, Mary    (ssMary W. Weddle)
Sailer, Sophia (Mrs.)    1.A. L6 s7    1892-1959     Sailer, John A.    (ssJohn A. Sailer)
Sailer, John A.    1.A. L6 s8    1889-1962     Sailer, John A.    (ssSophia Sailer)
Holbrook, August    1.A. L6 s9    1868-(6Dec)1945     Holbrook, August   
Rice, J. L.     1.A. L19 s1    1859-1938     Rice, John    Father
Rice, Susie    1.A. L19 s2    1864-1939     Rice, John    Mother
Rice, Minnie M.    1.A. L19 s3    1890-1967     Rice, John    Daughter
FOSTER    1.A. L19 s5        Foster, H. C.     MONUMENT
Foster, Mary E.    1.A. L19 s7    d5Dec1880, 37y8m22d     Foster, H. C.     Wife of H. C. Foster
Foster, H. C.     1.A. L19 s8    d19Nov 1881 48y,1m,25d     Foster, H. C.    Member of the 35th IA Inf Vol (*IA Inf Civil War) Gone but not forgotten
Reynolds, Joel    1.A. L19 s9    16Jun 1841-18Apr 1932     Reynolds, Joel& S. Ellen    (ss S Ellen Reynolds)
Reynolds, S. Ellen    1.A. L19 s10    16Sep1850-16Apr1930     (ditto)    Mother (ssJoel Reynolds)
Brown, Abraham H.     1.A. L30 s1     31Dec1824-30May1892    Brown    (ss Melissa Brown)
Brown, Melissa     1.A. L30 s2    30May 1827-1Jan 1889     Brown    Wife of A. H. (ssAbraham H.)
Whitesell, Isabella    1.A. L30 s3    d19Mar 1902 75y,11m     Whitesell    Our Mother "Frederick"
Frederick(s), Jane    1.A. L30 s4    d10May 1884, 21y     Fredericks    Our Sister
Whipple, Lewis B.    1.A. L43 s1    13Jun1842-13Jul 1887     Smith, J. S.    Brother
Boody, Caroline    1.A. L43 s2    4May 1873-4May 1926     Smith, J. S.    Wife of C. M. Boody
Boody, C.(Chase) M.    1.A. L43 s3    11Mar1863-31Mar1938     Smith, J. S.     Charley
Smith, Effie W.    1.A. L43 s4    11Aug1875-16Feb1943     Smith, J. S.    Effie
Smith, Rhoda W.    1.A. L43 s6    30May1838-28Aug1910     Smith, J. S.    Mother
Smith, James S.    1.A. L43 s7    27May1832-8Aug1919     Smith, J. S.    Father
Smith, Lydia P.    1.A. L43 s8    7May1801-12Aug 1887     Smith, J. S.    Mother
(Wilkins, Eileen)    1.A. L42A s1    no dates     Wilkins, Eileen & Verne    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)
(Wilkins, Verne)    1.A. L42A s2    no dates     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, lot only)

Row 13                
Hopkins, Orlando W.    1.A. L7 s1    d3Jan1899,81y11m12d     Hopkins, Orlando    (ssGrace Hopkins)
Hopkins, Grace    1.A. L7 s2    d11Feb 1889, 56y     Hopkins, Orlando    Wife of O. W. Hopkins, ss (illegible)
Hife, Luemma Cunningham    1.A. L7 s3    1867-1931      Hife, Luemma    RNA marker
Keagy, Edson F.    1.A. L7 s4    17Aug 1886 23y2m11d,1887on back    Hife, Luemma    Son of P&MJ Keagy (see appendix)
ELLIOTT    1.A. L7 s5&6         Elliott    MONUMENT
Elliott, Eliza    1.A. L7 s7    16Aug1822-13Aug1896     Elliott    Asleep in Jesus (ss William Elliott)
Elliott, William    1.A. L7 s8    5Apr 1812-12Jul 1886     Elliott    (ssEliza Elliott)
Brande, J. A.    1.A. L18 s1    1861-1924     Brande, J. A.    
Brande, Ldora (Freeman)    1.A. L18 s2    1866-1941     Brande, J. A.    
Brande, Allie    1.A. L18 s3    1905-1954     Brande, J. A.    
Brande, Jennette B.    1.A. L18 s4    9Apr 1834-9Nov 1892     Brande, J. A.     (ssBirdie W. P. Brande)
Brande, Birdie W. P.     1.A. L18 s5    2Oct 1866-29Mar 1867    Brande, J. A.     Children of JD&JB Brande (ssNettie & Jennette Brande, illegible poem)
Brande, Nettie B.    1.A. L18 s5    d15Aug 1872     Brande, J. A.     (ss Birdie W. P. Brande)
(Brande), Infant Dau    1.A. L18 s5    d7Jun 1877     Brande, J. A.     (ssBirdie W. P. Brande)
(Brande, Claracie)    1.A. L18 s6    no dates     Brande, J. A.     (no marker)
(Brande, J. B. )    1.A. L18 s7    no dates     Brande, J. A.     Mother
(Brande, J. D. )    1.A. L18 s8    no dates     Brande, J. A.     (no marker)
Maybaum, Henry    1.A. L18 s10    6Sep 1891-27Mar 1948     Maybaum, Phillip, Mrs.   
Maybaum, Carrie (Mrs. Phillip Maybaum)    1.A. L18 s11     24Dec1853-20Jun1930    Maybaum, Phillip, Mrs.     (ssPhillip Maybaum)
Maybaum, Phillip    1.A. L18 s12    25Oct 1858-1Mar 1932     (ditto)    (ssCarrie Maybaum)
(Gould, S. J.)    1.A. L31 s1    no dates     Bennet   
Sutcliffe, Emma E. Gould    1.A. L31 s2    d30Mar 1886, 27y     Bennet    Only child of SJ Gould & wife of Leo Sutcliffe
(Unknown)    1.A. L31 s3    no dates     Bennet    illegible
Brown, Emerette C.    1.A. L31 s5    d1871, 30y,1m,21d     Brown, George D.    Dau of BF&EBrown, Asleep in Jesus
Brown, George D.    1.A. L31 s6    d.Oct(?)1862, 19y,21d     Brown, George D.    Son of BF&E Brown, Killed at the battle of ?? (ssEmerette C. Brown) (*GAR) GAR marker
Brown, Billings F.    1.A. L31 s9    4Apr 1814-15Oct 1908     Brown, George D.    Father (ssEmeline Hale Brown) GAR marker (*Pvt Co C WI Bat)
Brown, Emeline Hale    1.A. L31 s10    21Apr 1816-3Feb 1899     Brown, George D.    Mother, His Wife (ssBillings F.)
Arundell, Maude Wymer    1.A. L31 s11    5Mar 1886-(31Jul 1973)    Arundell, Harold & Maude    (cremation, buried same grave on same day as Harold)
(Arundell, Harold)    1.A. L31 s11    (31Jul 1973)     (ditto)    (cremation, no marker)
Wymer, George W.    1.A. L31 s12    16Apr1880-21Apr1945     Wymer, George W.    Father
Cowan, Cornelius (n. side)    1.A. L42 s1     20Jan1834-21Aug1906    Cowan, C. C.      Father (ssMinnie, Lois& LeMyra Cowan, Lena Cowan Garrison)
`Cowan, LeMyra    1.A. L42 s2    no dates     Cowan, C. C.     (no marker)
COWAN-GARRISON    1.A. L42 s4         Cowan, C. C.     MONUMENT
Garrison, Lena Cowan (s. side)    1.A. L42 s6    d25Jul 1887 16y,10m,17d    Garrison    Rest, Dau of C&LD Cowan & wife of Frank E. Garrison (ssCornelius Cowan)
Cowan, Lois (e. side)    1.A. L42 s7    d9Feb 1877, 4y,1m,9d     Garrison    Child of C&LD Cowan (ssCornelius Cowan)
Cowan, Minnie E.    1.A. L42 s8    d18Dec 1873, 10y     Garrison    Child of C&LD Cowan (ssCornelius)

Row 14                
Taylor, Glenn E.    1.A. L8 s1    1886-1936     Taylor   
Taylor, Anna E. (Mrs. Glenn Taylor)    1.A. L8 s2     1885-1963    Taylor   
Eakin, James    1.A. L8 s3    1987-(23Oct)1987     Taylor    (Twin son of Rob't& Mary Eakin, Block marker)
Eakin, Robert    1.A. L8 s3    1987-(23Oct)1987     Taylor    (Twin of Robert, ss)
Elliott, Elenah A. (w. side)    1.A. L8 s6    d10Sep 1898, 97y,8d    Elliott    Wife of W. H. Elliott (ssRay D. Elliott)
Elliott, Elizabeth (s. side)    1.Add . L8 s7    9Jun 1838-3Sep 1885    Elliiott    Wife of S. M. Elliott (ssRay D. Elliott)
Elliott, G. Maud (s. side)    1.A. L8 s8    9Dec 1883-5Sep 1896    Elliott    Child of BW&CE Elliott (ssRay D.Elliott)
Elliott, Roy S. (n. side, twin)    1.A. L8 s8    2Dec 1884-20Jan 1885    Elliott    (ssRay D. Elliott)
Elliott, Ray D. (n. side, twin)    1.A. L8 s8    2Dec 1884-1Sep 1885    Elliott    (ssElizabeth, Elenah, G. Maud & Roy Elliott)
Jones, John    1.A. L17 s1    1862-1961     Jones, John   
Jones, Jane Ann    1.A. L17 s2    1861-1938     Jones, John    Mother
Wood, Maria    1.A. L17 s3    b 1794-2Oct 1889     Jones, John    Grandmother (ssEmmarenza,Matie F. & Judson Slocum)
Slocum, Matie F.    1.A. L17 s4    2Aug 1869-31Jan 1891     Slocum    (ssMaria Wood)
SLOCUM    1.A. L17 s5        Slocum     MONUMENT
Slocum, Emmarenza Wood    1.A. L17 s8    13Jun 1831-9Dec 1893    Slocum    Wife of J. W. Slocum (ssMaria)
Slocum, Judson Wayne    1.A. L17 s9    12Jul 1825-4Jan 1899     Slocum    Veteran 1861-65 marker, (ssMaria Wood) (*Pvt Co D 17 PA Cav)
(Pagelson), Otto H. (Dr.)    1.A. L32 s1    1870-1956     Pagelson, O. H.    
PAGELSON    1.A. L32 s2        Pagelson, O. H.     MONUMENT
(Pagelson), Nellie A. (Mrs.)    1.A. L32 s3    1878-1930     Pagelson, O. H.    
Ashton, Avanelle (Pagelson)    1.A. L32 s4    1908-1957     Pagelson, O. H.    
Marks, Iva I.    1.A. L32 s8    d7Sep 1867     Marks, Hiram    Dau of HB&AA Marks (ssFrankie)
Marks, Frankie E.    1.A. L32 s9    d22Nov1887, 16y10m22d     Marks, Hiram    (ssIva Marks)
MARKS    1.A. L32 s10        Marks, Hiram    MONUMENT
(Marks, Hiram, Mrs.)    1.A. L32 s10    no dates     Marks, Hiram    (no marker)
Marks, Hiram    1.A. L32 s11    no dates     Marks, Hiram    GAR marker, Co H 74th ILL INF
Buzzell, Lottie E.    1.A. L32 s12    1870-(6Mar)1945     Buzzell, Lottie    In Hoc Signo Vinces
Burgess, George    1.A. L41 s1    no dates     Burgess, William (Billy)    (ssEllen Burgess)
Burgess, Ellen    1.A. L41 s2    no dates     (ditto)    (ssGeorge Burgess)
Burgess, Maggie    1.A. L41 s3    no dates     (ditto)   
Burgess, Maria    1.A. L41 s4    no dates     (ditto)   
Burgess, Almira    1.A. L41 s7    no dates     (ditto)   
Burgess, (Harriet)    1.A. L41 s8    no dates     (ditto)    Mother
Burgess, William    1.A. L41 s9    no dates     (ditto)   

Row 15                
(Langner), Thankful (s. side) (Olds)    1.A. L9 s1     11Jan1822?-19Feb1886    Olds, Henry     Wife of G. Langner, (ss Henry Olds)
Olds, Henry    1.A. L9 s2    6Sep1820-21Aug1889?     Olds, Henry    (ssThankful Olds, illegible poem)
Langner, Lucretia    1.A. L9 s3    no dates     Languer, George    Wife of G. Langner (illegible)
(Langner, G.)    1.A. L9 s4    no dates     Languer, George    (no marker)
(Lang, Mrs.)    1.A. L9 s5    no dates     McDowell, Aaron    (no marker)
McDowell, Frankie    1.A. L9 s6    1851-1919     McDowell, Aaron    (illegible poem)
McDowell, Belle (Mrs. Aaron McDowell)    1.A. L9 s7     1859-1940    McDowell, Aaron    His Wife (cremation)
McDowell, Aaron    1.A. L9 s8    1851-1919     McDowell, Aaron   
Fuller, Benjamin    1.A. L16 s1    d25Sep 1895 63y,6m,27d     Fuller    At Rest, GAR marker (* Pvt Co H 95th IL Inf)
Fuller, Harriet (Mrs.)    1.A. L16 s2    1847-1929     Fuller   
(Fuller), Fred    1.A. L16 s3    no dates     Fuller   
Fuller, Elias (e. side)    1.A. L16 s4    d19Sep 1877, 4m,12d    Fuller    (ssWilliam Fuller) Children of B&H Fuller
Fuller, William (s. side)    1.A. L16 s5    d20May 1876, 2m     Fuller    (ssElias Fuller)
Barber, Joseph    1.A. L16 s6    2Apr 1819-17Feb 1904     Barber    Father, They walked with God in this world ------ Be ye also ready (ss Hannah Barber)
Barber, Hannah    1.A. L16 s7    16Nov1815-15Sep1904     Barber    His Wife (ssJoseph Barber)
King, William E.    1.A. L16 s9    9Sep 1869-7Nov 1895     King    In Memory of
Green, Joseph F.    1.A. L16 s11    1852-(25Sep)1943     Green, Joseph F.    (ssLouisa M. Green)
Green, Louisa M. (Mrs.)    1.A. L16 s12    1857-1937     Green, Joseph F.    (ssJoseph F. Green)
Boddy, Robert    1.A. L33 s1    1844-(*21Jan)1922     Boddy    GAR marker, Father, (ssFrank Boddy) (*Pvt Co J? 7th IL Cav)
Boddy, Hannah M.    1.A. L33 s3    1849-1921     Boddy    Mother (ssFrank Boddy)
BODDY    1.A. L33 s4&5        Boddy     MONUMENT
Boddy, Frank H.    1.A. L33 s6    1887-1887     Boddy    Infant (ssRobert, Hannah Boddy)
(Pierce, Alfred)    1.A. L40 s1    no dates     Pierce, A.    (no marker)
Pierce, Sarah Ann    1.A. L40 s2    5Jun 1844-24Jul 1900     Pierce, A.    Wife of Alfred Pierce
Pierce, Lulu H. (w. side)    1.A. L40 s3    12Nov 1883, 16y7m11d    Pierce, A.    Dau of A&SA Pierce
PIERCE    1.A. L40 s4        Pierce, A.     MONUMENT
Hunt, Howell, Anna E.    1.A. L40 s5    1853-1890     Pierce, A.    Wife of Charles C. Hunt
(Mateer, Mary Eola Sawyer)    1.A. L40 s7    (10Jan 1942)     Pierce, A.    (no marker)
(Unknown)    1.A. L40 s8    no dates     Pierce, A.     (no marker)

Row 16 Lebanon St.                
Oleson, Merton E.    1.A. L 10A s1    10Oct1926-28Apr1996     Oleson, Merton & Martha   
Colby, Josephine M.    1.A. L10A s3    1Jun 1913--     Colby, Cecil D. & Josephine    (NOT A BURIAL, ssCecil D. Colby)
Colby, Cecil D.    1.A. L10A s4    30Aug1910-28Jun1997     Colby, Cecil D. & Josephine    Parents of Lyntha, Mary Jo, Alan (ss Josephine M. Colby)
Staley, Robert Eugene    1.A. L10A s8    11Apr 1940-27Jul 1987    Staley, Glenn    Son of Glen & Merna Staley

Row 17                
Vaughn, Rial D.    1.A. L10 s1    1820-1886     Vaughn    At Rest (ss Harriet A. Vaughn)
Vaughn, Harriett A.    1.A. L10 s2    2Jul 1822-24Aug 1885     Vaught    (ssRial D. Vaughn)
Starr, Absalom    1.A. L10 s4    23Jul1832-30Aug1909     Vaughn   
Anderson, Elizabeth (Wicks)    1.A. L10 s5    18Dec 1875-2Aug 1942    Vaughn    Mother
Anderson, A. S.     1.A. L10 s6    15Sep1863-9Apr1937     Unknown    Father
Staley, Glen I.    1.A. L10 s7    1909-(22Aug)1995     Staley, Glenn    (ss Merna Staley)
Staley, Merna M.    1.A. L10 s8    1912-1968     Staley, Glenn    (ssGlen I. Staley) Parents of Jerald, James, John, Darrell, Robert&Judith
Staley, John Charles    1.A. L10 s9    21Sep1934-18Mar1935     Staley, Glenn    Son of Glen & Merna Staley
Morton, Sarah Jane    1.A. L15 s2    27Aug1832-14Nov1913     Morton, William   
Morton, William C.    1.A. L15 s3    7Jun 1825-15Oct 1905     Morton, William    GAR marker (*Pvt Co K 7th IA Cav)
MORTON    1.A. L15 s4        Morton, William    MONUMENT
Morton, Edward B.    1.A. L15 s5    11Jan1865-23Oct1892     Morton, William   
Morton, David V.    1.A. L15 s6    11Sep 1855-9Feb 1875     Morton, William   
Fromm, Cora I. (Mrs. Ed Fromm)    1.A. L15 s9    1876-(Aug) 1930    Fromm, Ed    Mother (ssEdward F. Fromm & Marie F. Fromm Garner)
Fromm, Edward F. (Ed)    1.A. L15 s10    1874-(11Mar) 1963     Fromm, Ed    Father (ssCora I. Fromm)
Garner, Marie F. Fromm    1.A. L15 s11    1904-(Aug) 1930     Fromm, Ed    Daughter (ssCora I. Fromm)
(Fromm, Lou)    1.A. L15 s12    no dates     Fromm, Ed    (no marker)
Shaw, Charles E.    1.A. L34 s1    1855-(21Feb)1941     Shaw, Charles   
Oswood, Marie    1.A. L34 s2    1877-(13Mar)1956     Oswood, Joseph or Marie    Mother (ssJoseph Oswood)
Oswood, Joseph    1.A. L34 s3    1874-1938     (ditto)    Father (ssMarie Oswood)
Holly, Lydia VanValkenburgh    1.A. L34 s5    1826-1903     Lyman, George   
Lyman, Mary H.    1.A. L34 s6    d27May 1872 26y,2m,18d     Lyman, George    Wife of G. Lyman, God gave, He took, He will restore. He doeth all things well.
(Unknown)     1.A. L34 s7    no dates     Lyman, George    (no marker)
Carleton, S. L.    1.A. L39 s1    1842-1910     Carleton, R. A.    GAR marker
Carleton, C. C.    1.A. L39 s2    12Jan 1840-9Nov 1886     Carleton, R. A.    GAR marker, (*1.Lt Co K 23rd IA Inf)
Van Meter, John C.    1.A. L39 s4    1872-1908     Carleton, R. A.   
Carleton, Richard A.    1.A. L39 s6    1843-(*13Mar)1908     Carleton, R. A.    (GAR) (*Pvt Co B 2nd IA Cav)
Carleton, Ellen M.    1.A. L39 s7    1846-1915     Carleton, R. A.   
Burlingame, Harriet E.    1.A. L39 s9    1910-1916     Carleton, R. A.   
(Johnson, Donna)    1.A. L39A s2            
(Johnson, James)    1.A. L39A s3            
Johnson, Margaret Eloise    1.A. L38A s4    1919-1933     Pyle, S.   
(Johnson, Robert)    1.A. L38A s5            

Row 18                
(Williams, Daniel)    1.A. L11 s1    no dates     Williams, D.    (no marker)
Williams, Allie    1.A. L11 s2    dMar31?188? , 75y     Williams, D.    Wife of A. Williams, Dearest mother--(illegible)
Simpson, Alta    1.A. L11 s4    d26Aug 1899, 6m,18d     Simpson, J.    Daughter of T & Z T Simpson
Simpson, Robert    1.A. L11 s5    no dates     Williams, D.    Infant Brother (Son of Alta & John)
(Simpson, infant)    1.A. L11 s5    no dates     Simpson, J.    (no marker, daughter of Alta)
Simpson, William P.    1.A. L11 s6    5Jul 1843-23Nov 1882     Simpson, J.    
Simpson, Mary (Mrs.)    1.A. L11 s8    1833-1883     Simpson, J.     Wife of J. W. Simpson
Simpson, John W.    1.A. L11 s9    no dates     Simpson, J.     Co A 13th IA INF, GAR marker (*Pvt)
Shearer, Edla M. (Martha)    1.A. L14 s1    1871-1953     Shearer, W. F.     (ssWilliam F. Shearer)
Shearer, William F.    1.A. L14 s2    1866-1939     Shearer, W. F.     (ssEdla M. Shearer)
Goodell, Charles S.    1.A. L14 s3    1891-6May 1942     Goodell, Charles    Father, S.Dak.Pvt 1CL. 350th Inf 88Div (ssFannie Goodell)
Goodell, Fannie    1.A. L14 s4    1893-1968     Goodell, Charles    Mother (ssCharles Goodell)
Mittelstadt, Emil, Jr.    1.A. L14 s5    13Feb1910-27May1938     Mittelstadt, Emil   
(Winslow), M. Adelle    1.A. L14 s6    no dates     Winslow, Gene    (ssAngell Winslow)
ANGELL-WINSLOW    1.A. L14 s7         Winslow, Gene    MONUMENT
Angell, Ann Fidelia    1.A. L14 s8    11Sep1826-28Dec1907     Angell    (Birth date from Hardin Co. records)
Williams, Maud L.    1.A. L14 s10    14Jan1874-23Aug1907     Williams, Riley    Dau of WR&E Williams, God's will be done
Williams, Floyd (W.)    1.A. L14 s11    20Aug1872-19Apr1909     Williams, Riley   
Shepard, DeLoss    1.A. L35 s3    19Apr 1870-7May 1953     Shepard, Deloss   
Shepard, Jesse B.    1.A. L35 s4    9Apr 1877-26Oct 1930     Shepard, Deloss    GAR marker
Shepard, Augusta    1.A. L35 s5    1850-1941     Shepard, Deloss    Mother (ssJesse S. Shepard)
Shepard, Jesse S.    1.A. L35 s6    1826-1907     Shepard, Deloss    Father, (ssAugusta Shepard)
Shepard, Grace A.    1.A. L35 s7    28May1874-8Mar 1962     Shepard, Deloss    Mother
Shepard, Mary A.    1.A. L35 s8    3Apr 1791-3Apr 1874     Shepard, Deloss   
Pyle, George C.    1.A. L38 s1    1852-1935     Pyle, S.    (ss Deborah V. Pyle)
Pyle, Deborah V. (Mrs. George Pyle)    1.A. L38 s2     1856-1932    Pyle, S.    (ss George C. Pyle)
Pyle, Gracie    1.A. L38 s3    d30Jan 1883, 2y,1m     Pyle, S.    Dau of GC&DV Pyle, Of such is the kingdom of Heaven
Johnson, Warren T.    1.A. L38 s5    1881-1958     Pyle, S.    Father
Johnson, Miriam P.    1.A. L38 s6    1883-1966     Pyle, S.    Mother
Pyle, Louisa    1.A. L38 s7    5Dec 1818-15Apr 1888     Pyle, S.    In Remembrance (ssJehuh Pyle)
Pyle, Jehu H.    1.A. L38 s8    5Sep 1811-18Nov 1869     Pyle, S.    In Remembrance (ss Louisa Pyle)

Row 19 Spruce St.                
Bair, Amanda D.    1.A. L12A s3    1886-(17Mar)1972     Bair, L. M.     (ssLonnie M. Bair)
Bair, Lonnie M.    1.A. L12A s4    1882-(5Oct)1981     Bair, L. M.     Married 15Aug 1906 (ss Amanda D. Bair)
Eakin, Ruth E.    1.A. L12A s5    1923-(2Oct)1980     Eakin, Ruth   
Eakin, Stewart G.    1.A. L12A s6    1904-(30Dec)1987     Eakin, Ruth   
Pundt, Eva L.    1.A. L12A s7    1913-(22Jan)1986     Pundt, Herbert    (ss Herbert W. Pundt, service at Marshalltown)
Pundt, Herbert W.    1.A. L12A s8    1909-(8Oct)1980     Pundt, Herbert    ssEva L. Pundt)
Roske, Daniel W.    1.A. L13A s1    1907-(2Feb)1981     Roske, Daniel    Son
ROSKE    1.A. L13A s2-4        Roske, Daniel    MONUMENT
Dannenberg, George    1.A. L13A s6    1899-(11Jul)1983     Dannenberg, George    WWI
Duncan, Hobert, Jr.    1.A. L13A s7    1928-(24Feb)1988     Duncan, Hobert    WWII marker
Ott, Harold F.    1.A. L36A s8    13Jan 1907--     Ott, Harold& Martha    (NOT A BURIAL,ss Martha Ott)
Ott, Martha B.    1.A. L36A s9    10Jun 1904--     Ott, Harold& Martha    (NOT A BURIAL,ss Harold Ott) Parents of Gerald O. Ott
Peters, Lydia B., Mrs. Rev.    1.A. L37A s1     12Aug1905-11Aug1982    Peters, Peter     (ssRev. Peter H. Peters)
Peters, Peter H., Rev.    1.A. L37A s2     22May1897-27Sep1978    Peters, Peter     (ss Lydia B. Peters) (WWI)
Johnson, Helen    1.A. L37A s5    16Jun 1899-10Apr 1999     Johnson   

Row 20                
(Lilley, J. M. )    1.A. L12 s1    (no dates)     Lilley, J. M.     (no marker)
Simons, Eva L.    1.A. L12 s2    15May1808-15Mar1883     Lilley, J. M.     Wife of J. M. Lilley, Beneath this stone reposes---(illegible)
Blair, Hulda R.    1.A. L12 s3    1858-1945     Blair, D. H.     Mother (ssDaniel N. Blair)
Blair, Daniel N.    1.A. L12 s4    1859-1935     Blair, D. H.     Father (ssHuldah R. Blair)
McDowell, Clinton L.    1.A. L12 s5    (*died 1898)     McDowell, Dave    Co B 52nd IA INF Spanish-American War (*Pvt NG)
(McDowell, child)    1.A. L12 s6    no dates     McDowell, Dave    (no marker)
(McDowell, Dave, Mrs.)    1.A. L12 s7    no dates     McDowell, Dave    (no marker)
(McDowell, Dave)    1.A. L12 s8    no dates     McDowell, Dave    (no marker)
Roske, Paulina (Mrs. Fred)     1.A. L13 s1     1868-(29Jul)1945    Roske, Fred   
Roske, Henry F.    1.A. L13 s2    1905-1957     Roske, Fred    Son
Roske, William E.    1.A. L13 s3    1894-(8Jun)1988     Roske, Fred    Son
Roske, Fred E., Jr.    1.A. L13 s4    1892-1968     Roske, Fred    Son, WWI
Roske, Fred (Sr.)    1.A. L13 s5    1862-(6Jun) 1950     Roske, Fred   
(Wickersham), Susan (H.)    1.A. L13 s6    6Nov 1885-52y,9m,19d    Wickersham   
(Wickersham), Susanna    1.A. L13 s7    18Mar1893- 92y1m22d     Wickersham   
Wickersham, E. J.     1.A. L13 s8     18Feb1882-78y11m16d    Wickersham   
Seaver, Minnie R.    1.A. L13 s9    1860-1932     Seaver, Lewis K.   
Seaver, Lewis K.    1.A. L13 s10    1856-1928     Seaver, Lewis K.   
Bowman, Ansel J.    1.A. L36 s1    24Feb 1842-23Jul 1930     Bowman, A.    Father, (GAR) (*Co K 6th IA Cav)
Bowman, Lucy Martin    1.A. L36 s2    19Jul1846-7May1924     Bowman, A.    Mother
BOWMAN    1.A. L36 s3        Bowman, A.     MONUMENT
Bowman, Lena    1.A. L36 s4    30Jan1874-29Nov1874     Bowman, A.   
Bowman, Frank E.    1.A. L36 s5    17Dec 1867-2Apr 1912     Bowman, A.   
Black, Gertrude Martin    1.A. L36 s7    12Dec1864-17May1893     Martin, H.   
Proctor, Charles L. (Lambert)    1.A. L36 s8     17Jan1865-28Aug1949    Martin, H.     Beloved husband of Addie Martin (cremation, ssAddie M. Proctor)
Proctor, Addie M.    1.A. L36 s9    30Aug1870-18Aug1955     Martin, H.    Beloved wife of Charles Proctor (ssCharles L. Proctor)
Martin, Emily A.    1.A. L36 s10    3Dec 1829-1Mar 1896     Martin, H.    Wife of H. C. Martin (ssHarvey C.)
Martin, Harvey C.    1.A. L36 s11    26Oct 1822-22Oct 1872     Martin, H.    (ss Emily A. Martin)
Evans, Daniel    1.A. L37 s1    d 29Mar 1900, 72y     Evans, Daniel    Father
(Evans, A.? Mrs. Daniel?)    1.A. L37 s2    no dates     Evans, Daniel    Mother
Evans, Hannah A.    1.A. L37 s2    d16Oct 1860, 7y6m24d     Evans, Daniel    Dau of D&A Evans (ssMary Evans)
EVANS    1.A. L37 s3        Evans, Daniel    MONUMENT
Edwards, Mary L. Evans    1.A. L37 s4    d9Jul1888, 28y,7m,19d    Evans, Daniel    Wife of E. E. Edwards
Ellison, Zelma    1.A. L37 s5    1890-19__ (no d. date)     Ellison, Zelma& Alvin    (ss Alvin J. Ellison, cremation)
Ellison, Alvin J.    1.A. L37 s7    1888-14Oct 1938     Ellison, Alvin & Zelma    WWI IA Pvt Med Dpt (ssZelma Ellison)
(Unknown)    1.A. L37 s8    no dates     (ditto)    (no marker)

Row 21 Haven St.                
(Straatsma, Sylvia)    1.A. L12B s1    no dates     Straatsma, Sylvia    (NOT A BURIAL)
(Straatsma, Stanley)    1.A. L12B s1    no dates     Straatsma, Sylvia    (cremation, buried elsewhere)
(Straatsma, Steven)    1.A. L12B s2    no dates     Straatsma, Sylvia    (NOT A BURIAL)
(Straatsma, Timothy)    1.A. L12B s2    no dates     Straatsma, Sylvia    (NOT A BURIAL)
Carlson, Virginia M.    1.A. L13B s1    1Apr 1933--     Carlson, Dean & Virginia    (NOT A BURIAL, ssDean T. Carlson)
Carlson, Dean T.(Terrill)    1.A. L 13B s2     30Jan1932-17Sep1996    Carlson, Dean & Virginia     Parents of Diane & Steve (ssVirginia M. Carlson)
Harper, Ann B.    1.A. L13B s3    19May 1926--     Harper, Al & Ann    (NOT A BURIAL, ssAlbert S. Harper) Parents of James, William, Robert
Harper, Albert S., DDS    1.A. L13B s3    2Oct 1920--     Harper, Al & Ann    (NOT A BURIAL, ssAnn B. Harper)
Welden, Ruth E.    1.A. L13B s9    3Dec 1910--     Welden, R. W. & Ruth    (NOT A BURIAL)
Welden, R. (Richard) W. "Dick"    1.A. L13B s10     11Jul 1908-12Jun 1992    Welden, R. W. & Ruth    
Welden, Eleanor C.    1.A. L36B s1    1911-(1Mar)1989     Welden, Robert & Eleanor    (ssRobert G. Welden)
Welden, Robert G.    1.A. L36B s2    1910-(20Apr)1995     (ditto)    (ssEleanor C. Welden)
(Mensing, Janene)    1.A. L36B s7,8    no dates     Mensing    (NOT A BURIAL, lots only)
(Mensing, Verlyn)    1.A. L37B s1-4    no dates     Mensing    (NOT A BURIAL, lots only)

Row 22                
COURTNEY    O.P. LA s3,4         Courtney, William H.    MONUMENT
Courtney, Alonzo C.    O.P. LA s5    8Feb 1877-3Jul 1880     Courtney, William H.   
Courtney, Carrie E.    O.P. LA s6    16Apr 1868-9Dec 1869     Courtney, William H.   
McCullough, Clifford A.    O.P. LD s1    16Mar 1892-8Sep1962     McCullough, Fred    Son of FE&FW McCullough
McCullough, Jeanette L.    O.P. LD s2    24Sep1887-12Apr1972     McCullough, Fred    Wife of C. A. McCullough
Diamond, Jeanette P.    O.P. LD s3    12Jan 1857-18Apr1927     McCullough, Fred    Wife of John Diamond
McCULLOUGH    O.P. LD s4,5         McCullough, Fred    MONUMENT
McCullough, Fred W.    O.P. LD s6    12Mar 1857-5May 1936     McCullough, Fred   
McCullough, Frances E.    O.P. LD s7    24Apr 1855-4Aug 1923     McCullough, Fred    Wife of F. W. McCullough
McCullough, Roy T.    O.P. LD s8    4May 1883-5Jan 1909     McCullough, Fred    Son of FW&FE McCullough
Welden, William Ely    O.P. L 04 s1    1883-(6Mar)1942     Welden, William Ely & E. E.    (ssBess E. Welden)
Welden, Bess E.    O.P. L 04 s2    1884-(7Oct)1972     (ditto)    (ss William Ely Welden)
Welden, Helen    O.P. L 04 s3    1885-(28Aug)1979     (ditto)    (ssErnest Welden)
Welden, Ernest (E.)    O.P. L 04 s4    1886-1969     (ditto)    (ss Helen Welden), (WWI)

Row 23                
Courtney, William H.    O.P. LA s11    18Apr1840-18Jan1912     Courtney, William H.   
Courtney, Elizabeth    O.P. LA s12    5Nov 1840-5Jan 1914     Courtney, William H.   
Courtney, George A.    O.P. LA s13    10May1873-22Jul 1936     Courtney, William H.   
Courtney, Anna Rachel    O.P. LA s15    26Sep1870-14May1905     Courtney, William H.    Wife of Edwin L. Wood
Courtney, William B.    O.P. LA s16    14Sep 1866-5Apr 1890     Courtney, William H.   
Christner, Orvie Godfrey    O.P. LA s17     25Jul1911-28Sep1995    Christner, Meno, Mrs.    
Christner, Meno    O.P. LA s18    14Aug 1874-2May 1941     Christner, Meno    (ssEvalina Christner)
Christner, Evalina (Eva, Mrs. Menno Christner)    O.P. LA s19     24Dec 1883-3Feb 1962    Christner, Meno     (ss Meno Christner)
Houck, Edwin C.    O.P. LD s10    1883-1939     Houck, Ed C.    (ssMayme M. Houck)
Houck, Mayme M.    O.P. LD s11    1893-(21Mar)1987     Houck, Ed C.    Eastern Star, (ssEdwin C. Houck)
Oswood, Nettie L.    O.P. LD s12    1897-1938     Oswood, C. J.     (ssCecil I. Oswood)
Oswood, Cecil I.    O.P. LD s13    1896-(4Sep)1993     Oswood, C. J.     WWI, (ssNettie L. Oswood)
Gardner, John    O.P. LD s14    8Dec 1811-3Apr 1892     Gardner, John    At Rest
Adams, Donald J. (James)    O.P. LD s15    1927-1939     Adams, O. E.     Son of OE&EH Adams
Wood, Elizabeth B. (Mrs. H. J. Wood)    O.P. L 03 s1    1Sep 1893-4Jul 1971    Wood, H. J.     (ssHarley J. Wood)
Wood, Harley J.    O.P. L 03 s2    13Aug1882-12Sep1957     Wood, H. J.     (ssElizabeth B. Wood)
Anderson, Jane Elizabeth    O.P. L 03 s3    10Jan 1917-1Oct 1977    Anderson, Arnold & Jane    (ss Arnold Eugene Anderson)
Anderson, Arnold Eugene    O.P. L 03 s4    26Oct 1915-9Jun 1994    (ditto)    (ssJane Elizabeth Anderson)

Row 24                
(Montgomery), Humphrey    O.P. LB s1    1840-1920     Montgomery, Humphrey    GAR, GAR marker
(Montgomery, Humphrey, Mrs.)    O.P. LB s2    no dates     (ditto)    (no marker)
HETTLER    O.P. LB s3,4        (ditto)     MONUMENT
(Brown, Loren)    O.P. LB s6    (6Oct 1978)     (ditto)    (no marker)
Montgomery, Millicent Brown    O.P. LB s7     1888-(17Mar)1955    Montgomery, Humphrey     Mother
Brown Baby    O.P. LB s8    11Jan 1918     (ditto)   
Brown, Marguerite Hettler (Mrs. George Brown)    O.P. LB s9         Montgomery, Humphrey    Mother of Virginia& Maxine
(Hettler, Charles)    O.P. LC s1    no dates     Hettler, George Sr.    (no marker)
(Hettler, George)    O.P. LC s3    (24Apr 1938)     Hettler, George Sr.    (no marker)
(Hettler, Ed)    O.P. LC s4    no dates     Hettler, George Sr.    (no marker)
HETTLER    O.P. LC s4,5        Hettler, George Sr.    MONUMENT
(Hettler, Fred)    O.P. LC s6    no dates     Hettler, George Sr.    (no marker)
Hettler, Mary E. Antes    O.P. LC s7    21Nov1842-27Aug1894     Montgomery, Humphrey    Mother, Wife of George Hettler
(Hettler, George Sr.)    O.P. LC s8    no dates     Hettler, George Sr.    (no marker)
Bleeker, Hazel F.    O.P. L 02 s1    1892-(16Oct)1971     Bleeker, I. B.    
Bleeker, Irvin B.    O.P. L 02 s2    1886-(4Apr)1944     Bleeker, I. B.    
Allen, Mayme H.(Mrs. Earl)    O.P. L 02 s3     1890-(19Oct)1971    Allen, Earl, Mr&Mrs     (ssEarl R. Allen)
Allen, Earl R.    O.P. L 02 s4    1889-(13Jan)1978     Allen, Earl, Mr& Mrs    (ssMayme H. Allen)
Allen, Virginia M.    O.P. L 02 s5    18Feb 1925-4Nov 1993     (ditto)    (ss Robert F. Allen)
Allen, Robert F.    O.P. L 02 s6    15Oct 1920--     (ditto)    (NOT A BURIAL, ssVirginia M.)

Row 25                
(Mellinger, William)    O.P. LB    no dates     Mellinger, William    (no marker, sp10 in bok)
Mellinger, Dorcas    O.P. LB s11 in book     10Oct1828-14Dec1891    Mellinger, William     Wife of William Mellinger, So He giveth his beloved sleep
MELLINGER    O.P. LB s12         Mellinger, William    MONUMENT
Hanson, Lindley M.    O.P. LB s13    1857-1934     Hanson, Lindley M.    Father
Hanson, Harriett J. (Mrs. Lindley Hanson)    O.P. LB s14     1859-(24Oct)1939    Hanson, Lindley M.     Mother
HANSON    O.P. LB s15        Hanson, Lindley M.    MONUMENT
Humphrey, Minnie    O.P. LB s16    19May 1871-5Aug 1932     Humphrey, James    Wife of James Humphrey
Humphrey, James    O.P. LB s17    27Jul 1872 16Nov 1921     Humphrey, James    (*Sp-Am War Veteran) Sp-Am marker
(McGee, Sam infant)    O.P. LC s9    no dates     Shipley, S. R.     (no marker)
Armstrong, Lester E.    O.P. LC s11    1892-(29Jun)1974     Shipley, S. R.     (ssBeulah Shipley Armstrong, cremation)
Armstrong, Beulah Shipley    O.P. LC s12    1890-(29Jul)1989     Shipley, S. R.     (ssLester E. Armstrong, cremation)
Maxon, Lydia D.    O.P. LC s14    1848-(4Mar)1940     Shipley, S. R.    
Shipley, Jennie Maxon    O.P. LC s15    1866-(13Sep)1943     Shipley, S. R.    
Shipley, W. (William) V.    O.P. LC s16    1863-1939     Shipley, S. R.    
Shipley, S. R.     O.P. LC s17    1Mar 1838-24Apr 1903     Shipley, S. R.    
Purcell, Florence    O.P. L 01 s1    1849-(18May)1926     Purcell, B. E.     (ssLawrence M. Purcell)
Purcell, Lawrence M.    O.P. L 01 s2    1843-1926     Purcell, B. E.     (ssFlorence Purcell)
Glidden, Ivy Charity Camp Duffield (Mrs.)    O.P. L 01 s3     1854-1941    Purcell, B. E.    
Purcell, Bert E., MD    O.P. L 01 s4    15Sep1873-15May1944     Purcell, B. E.    
Purcell, Ethel B. (Mrs. B. E. Purcell)    O.P. L 01 s5     23Jun 1878-17Jul 1964    Purcell, B. E.     

        1st ADDITION, S. 1/2   
Row 1                
Wright, Geo. (n. side)    1.A. L113 s1    d.25Jul 1881, 63y     Wright, Sarah   
WRIGHT    1.A. L113 s2        Wright, Sarah    MONUMENT
Wright, Sarah E.    1.A. L113 s3    21Dec1825-24Nov1908     Wright, Sarah    Wife of George Wright
Langford, Gertrude    1.A. L113 s4    1870-(6Jan)1951     Langford, William   
Langford, Opal    1.A. L113 s5    1895-(2Apr)1987     Langford, William   
Langford, William (M.)    1.A. L113 s6    1869-(8Dec)1937     Langford, William   
Wright, Hattie (w. side)    1.A. L113 s7     28Oct1875-2Mar1888    Wright, Sarah     Dau of RJ&ME Wright
Wright, Mary E.    1.A. L113 s8    29Aug1857-12Dec1907     Wright, Sarah    Wife of R. J. Wright
(Wright, Robert)    1.A. L113    no dates     Wright, Sarah    (no marker)
Tower, George M.    1.A. L112 s1    31May1885-25Aug1905     Tower, George   
Tower, Margaret    1.A. L112 s2    24May1840-24Nov1925     Tower, George   
TOWER    1.A. L112 s3        Tower, George    MONUMENT
Tower, William F.    1.A. L112 s4    18Jun 1871-20Mar 1917     Tower, George   
Tower, Elizabeth A.     1.A. L112 s5    31May 1865-8Jan 1935    Tower, George    (cremation)
(Rummel, Luetta, Mrs. James Rummel)    1.A. L112 s7     (1862-7Dec 1943)    Rummel, James, Mrs.     (no marker)
Rummel, Hamer L.    1.A. L112 s8    1862-1943     (ditto)    Mother
Rummel, Cornelius V.    1.A. L112 s9    1862-(1Mar)1945     (ditto)    Father
Ives, Ancil    1.A. L111 s1    1833-1921     Ives, Anson    Father (ssRetta Ives)
Ives, Retta    1.A. L111 s2    1852-1922     Ives, Anson    Mother (ssAncil Ives)
(Ives, infants)    1.A. L111 s3&4    no dates     Ives, Anson    (no marker)
(Ives, William H.)    1.A. L110    no dates     Ives, Anson    (no marker, sp1 in book)
(Ives, Catherine)    1.A. L110    no dates     Ives, Anson    (no marker, sp2 in book)
Brower, Catherine    1.A. L110 s1    1Jun1847-9Dec1877     Ives, Anson    Wife of William H. Brower (ssWilliam H. Brower)
Brower, William H.     1.A. L110 s2    22Aug 1807 28Aug 1877    Ives, Anson    Son of SN&CA Brower In God We Trust (ssCatherine Brower)
Wilson, Ella M.(Mrs. Ralph)    1.A. L109 s1    1876-1926     Wilson, D. V.    
(Wilson, Ralph)    1.A. L109 s2    no dates     Wilson, D. V.     (no marker)
Wilson, Delbert V.    1.A. L109 s3    1848-1934     Wilson, D. V.    
Wilson, S. Addie    1.A. L109 s4    1853-1934     Wilson, D. V.    
Wilson, Leo D.    1.A. L109 s6    1888-1889     Wilson, D. V.    
Ellis, C. Melissa    1.A. L109 s8    1845-1923     Wilson, D. V.     Sister
Ellis, S. Dexter    1.A. L109 s9    1850-1926     Wilson, D. V.     Brother

Row 2                
Evans, F. J., Dr. *    1.A. L49 s1    1845-1917 (d. *22May)     Evans, F. J.     GAR marker (*Pvt Co A 1.NY Lt Arty)
Evans, Emma A. Smith    1.A. L49 s2    5Jul 1837-17Sep 1879     Evans, F. J.     Wife of Dr. F. J. Evans
(Evans, Edith A.)    1.A. L49 s3    no dates     Evans, F. J.     (cremation, no marker)
Riley, Preston W. (William)    1.A. L49 s3     1857-(29Oct)1942    Riley, Preston     Father
Riley, Rhoda E. (Mrs. Preston Riley)    1.A. L49 s4     1866-1938    Riley, Preston    Mother
Evans, Hibert    1.A. L49 s5    14Aug1897-20Jun1899     Evans, R. J.     Little son of HA&GA Johnson, Hope, Love, Life
Bessman, John A.    1.A. L49 s6    1892-(23Sep)1964     Bessman, John, Mr & Mrs    WWI, American Legion markers (ssTillie K. Bessman)
Bessman, Tillie K. (Mrs. John Bessman)    1.A. L49 s7     1895-(8Apr)1975    Bessman, John, Mr & Mrs     American Legion Auxiliary marker (ssJohn A. Bessman)
Mossman, Irene Keller    1.A. L49 s8    1904-(18Dec)1938     Riley, Preston   
Cavana, Martin P. (e. side)    1.Add L72 s1    d31Mar1897, 69y9m5d    Cavanna, Martin    Father (ssMary, Lydia, Nettie & Kattie Cavana)
Cavana, Mary (Mrs. M. P. Cavana, n. side)    1.Add L72 s2     d31Oct 1895 61y,1m,16d    Cavanna, Martin     (ssMartin P. Cavana)
Cavana, Kattie E. (w. side)    1.Add L72 s3    d.16Dec 1880, 23y,1m    Cavanna, Martin    (ssMartin P. Cavana)
Cavana, Lydia (s. side)    1.Add L72 s4    d11Oct 1878, 20y,1m    Cavanna, Martin    (ssMartin P. Cavana
Cavana, Nettie (s. side)    1.Add L72 s5    d19May 1878, 7y,7m    Cavanna, Martin    (ssMartin P. Cavana)
Marshall, Moses    1.A. L72 s6    1858-1930     Marshall, Moses    Father
Marshall, Catherine (Mrs.)    1.A. L72 s7     1856-(21Jun)1948    Marshall, Moses     Mother
Marshall, Katie E.    1.A. L72 s8    1881-(19Dec)1966     Marshall, Moses   
Marshall, Moris    1.A. L72 s9    1885-(14Dec)1943     Marshall, Moses   
Cavana, Mabel V. (Mrs. W. E. Cavana)    1.A. L72 s10     1872-1931    Cavana, William E.   
Cavana, William E.    1.A. L72 s11    4Jan 1868-10Jan 1950     Cavana, Willaim   
McGowan, Robert James Orr (n. side)    1.A. L73 s1     10Feb1839-16Jun1907    McGowan, R. J.      b.Balleyhalbert, Co. Down, Ireland, d. Ocheydan, Ia., Father, Capt Co E 47thWis INF GAR post 141, GAR marker (ssEmma McGowan)
McGowan, Edith A. (Mrs.)    1.A. L73 s2    6Apr 1849-16Nov 1929    McGowan, R. J.     b. Westport, NY, d. Ocheydan, Ia. (ssEmma McGowan)
McGowan, Charlie (s. side)    1.A. L73 s3    d2Apr 1881, 4y,2m,6d    McGowan, R. J.     Child of RJ&Edith A. McGowan (ssEmma McGowan)
McGowan, Emma (s. side)    1.A. L73 s4    d7Jun 1874, 3y,2m,21d    McGowan, R. J.     Child of R. J & Edith A., ss Edith, Rob't & Charlie McGowan)
Horne, Mary A.    1.A. L96 s1    20Jul1817-19Apr 1889     Hoag, J. L.     (see appendix)
Hoag, Emma A.    1.A. L96 s2    1837-1912     Hoag, J. L.    
Hoag, Joseph Lindley    1.A. L96 s3    1834-1900     Hoag, J. L.     In Hoc Signo Vinces
Hoag, Lou M.    1.A. L96 sp4    11Jan 1871-19Jun 1871     Hoag, J. L.     (behind tree)
Hoag, Lindley Murray    1.A. L97 s1    29Sep1808-25Nov1880     Hoag, Lindley    (ssAnna C. Darlington Hoag)
Hoag, Anna C. Darlington    1.A. L97 s2    16May 1832-5Aug 1913    Hoag, Lindley    His Wife (ssLindley Murray Hoag)
Crapser, Victor E., Jr.    1.A. L97 s3     18Feb1889-23Feb1889    Hoag, Lindley   
Crapser, Victor E.    1.A. L97 s4    2Feb 1855-5Jun 1901     Hoag, Lindley   
Crapser, Ella Hoag    1.A. L97 s5    1856-1933     Hoag, Lindley    (ssAnna H. Crapser)
Pope, Anna H. Crapser    1.A. L97 s6    1890-(15Aug)1959     Hoag, Lindley    (ssElla Hoag Crapser)
Pope, Harry C. (Carl)    1.A. L97 s6    1885-(11Apr)1966     Hoag, Lindley    Husband of Anna Crapser Pope (cremation)
Hoag, Anna Mary Griffith    1.A. L97 s7    14Jul 1849-15Apr 1922    Hoag, Lindley    His Wife (ssZeno K. Hoag)
Hoag, Zeno K.    1.A. L97 s8    10Oct 1839-2Oct 1920     Hoag, Lindley    (ssAnna Mary Griffith Hoag)

Row 3                
Gray, P. S. (n. side)    1.A. L50 s1    22Dec 1812-4Apr 1884     Gray    Father (ssAbram Gray)
Gray, Alice K. (n. side)    1.A. L50 s2    17Oct 1816-9Mar 1879    Gray    Mother (ss Abram Gray) Wife of P. S. Gray. Not lost, but gone before
Gray, Lucy B. (w. side)    1.A. L50 s3    9Apr 1839-11June 1883    Gray    (ssAbram Gray)
Gray, Wealthy S.    1.A. L50 s4    12Nov 1849-2Feb 1907     Gray    Wife of A. Gray (ssAbram Gray)
Gray, Abram (e. side)    1.A. L50 s4    4Mar 1842-1Dec 1931     Gray    (east side of stone,ss Alice K., Lucy B., P.S. & Wealthy S. Gray)
Evernham, Charles D.    1.A. L50 s5    18Dec1883-13Aug1965     Evernham, A. J.    
Evernham, Sophia    1.A. L50 s6    1859-1935     Evernham, A. J.     Mother (ssWatson Evernham)
Evernham, Watson    1.A. L50 s7    1857-1943     Evernham, A. J.     Father (ss Sophia Evernham)
Evernham, A. J. Capt.    1.A. L50 s8    15Nov 1879, 52y,10m     Evernham, A. J.     GAR marker (*Capt US Navy Tender)
Schultz, Arthur A. (Albert)    1.A. L50 s9    5Jul 1905-12Jan 1941    Schultz, Arthur Albert   
Osgood, Jennie Lee     1.A. L71 s1    9Mar 1843-16Nov 1929    Osgood, Jerome    (ssW. Jerome Osgood)
Osgood, W. Jerome    1.A. L71 s2    21Aug1839-23May1896     Osgood, Jerome    (ssJennie Lee Osgood)
Osgood, Minnie     1.A. L71 s4    29Dec 1876, 3y,3m     Osgood, Jerome    Little Minnie
Gilbert, Jesse G.    1.A. L71 s5    4Aug 1877-29Sep 1878     Gilbert, Charles   
Schulz, G. Ward    1.A. L71 s6    1906-1938     Shultz, Eva & G. Ward    (ss Alvie Bahr Schulz)
Schulz, Alvie Bahr (Alvie Bahr)    1.A. L71 s7     1907-(23Apr)1983    Shultz, Eva & G. Ward     (ssG. Ward Schulz)
Gilbert, Charles E.     1.A. L71 s9    9Apr 1853-7Sep 1902    Gilbert, Charles E.    Most loved when best known
Warner, Grace    1.A. L71 s10    1884-1949     Warner,Wm&Grace    (ssWilliam&Isabell Warner)
Warner, William H.    1.A. L71 s11    1870-1954     (ditto)    (ssGrace Warner)
(Gilbert, Minnie)    1.A. L 71    no dates     Gilbert    (no marker)
Warner, Isabell    1.A. L71 s12    1865-1930     Warner,Wm&Grace    (ssGrace Warner)
Arnold, Otis B.    1.A. L74 s1    30Jul 1809-8Jan 1878     Arnold, O. B.   
Arnold, Harriet B.    1.A. L74 s2    20Nov1816-20Sep1892     Arnold, O. B.    
(Arnold, Mary)    1.A. L74 s3    no dates     Arnold, O. B.     (no marker)
Martin, Charlott    1.A. L74 s3    27Jun 1903, 74y     Arnold, O. B.    
Martin, John S.    1.A. L74 s4    20Mar 1902, 74y     Arnold, O. B.    
Soule, E. Olin    1.A. L95 s1    d.9Aug 1918     Soule, Olin    In Hoc Signo Vinces (ssMary Arnold Soule)
Soule, Mary Arnold    1.A. L95 s2    d.23Jul 1922     Soule, Olin    (ssE. Olin Soule)
Macy, Agusta C.     1.A. L95 s4    d.8Apr 1908     Soule, Olin    He giveth His beloved sleep
Macy, William P.    1.A. L95 s5    22Aug1840-27Mar1926     Soule, Olin   
Macy, Mary A.    1.A. L95 s6    21May 1874-4Jan 1895     Soule, Olin   
Olmstead, Zoelena     1.A. L98 s4    1877-1958     Olmstead, Zoelena    Nee Riley
Riley, Julia    1.A. L98 s5    d.M?20 187?, 8y 11d     Riley, Mike    Wife of M. S. Riley (illegible verse)
(Riley, child)    1.A. L98 s6    no dates     Riley, Mike    (no marker)
Riley, Hetty    1.A. L98 s7    1844-1917     Riley, Mike   
Riley, Michael    1.A. L98 s8    1833-1910     Riley, Mike   

Row 4                
Purdy, Edwin    1.A. L51 s1    d4Nov 1881, 45y     Purdy   
Purdy, Clarissa    1.A. L51 s2    d.Jun13 1877, 6y     Purdy    Dau of ES&ZI Purdy
Purdy, Joanna Z. I.     1.A. L51 s3    1844-1923     Purdy    IOOF
Purdy, Elizabeth (Ann)    1.A. L51 s4    27Sep1873-23Jun1957     Purdy, George    
(Stebbins, Edwin Lyman)    1.A. L51 s5    (d. Jan.1901, 82y7d)    Stebbins, Edwin    (no marker, d. Oelwein, IA)
(Stebbins, Clarissa Babcock)    1.A. L51 s6    no dates     Stebbins    (no marker)
(Stebbins, Nettie, infant)    1.A. L51 s7    no dates     Stebbins    (no marker)
(Unknown)    1.A. L51 s8    no dates     Stebbins    (no marker)
Cunningham, Martha A.    1.A. L51 s10    1860-1940     not known   
Huff, I. B. (w. side)    1.A. L70 s1    d.29Jan 1878, 71y,8m     Huff    Father, Beloved and kind, GAR marker
Huff, Sarah (s. side)    1.A. L70 s2    d.9Sep 1888, 63y     Huff    Wife of I. B. Huff
Huff, Amos B. (n. side)    1.A. L70 s3    d.24Dec 1874, 33y,8m    Huff    GAR marker (*Civil War Veteran)
Lininger, Josephine (n. side), (Josephine Huff)    1.A. L70 s4     d.Oct 1871, 24y,6m    Huff   
HUFF    1.A. L70 s5        Huff     MONUMENT
Knoll, Edith J.    1.A. L70 s6    1870-1913     Huff   
Brown, Jessie E.(Mrs. Charles Brown)    1.A. L70 s7     1853-1933    Huff   
Brown, Charles M.    1.A. L70 s8    1851-1915     Huff   
Scott, G. E. Rev (George)    1.A. L70 s9    b.1Apr1848 (no d. date)    Scott, George   
Scott, Mary Blanche    1.A. L70 s10    6Feb1848-(12Mar1939)     Scott, George    His Wife (ssG. E. Scott)
Simplot, Francis    1.A. L75 s1    1817-1893     Simplot    (ssJulia Simplot)
Simplot, Julia    1.A. L75 s2    1827-1920     Simplot    His wife (ssFrancis & Julia Simplot)
Simplot, Julia    1.A. L75 s3    1850-1909     Simplot    Daughter (ssFrancis Simplot)
Simplot, Frank    1.A. L75 s4    d.21Apr1881, 25y9m5d     Simplot    IOOF
Simplot, Willie    1.A. L75 s5    d.3Jun1887, 22y,3m,1d     Simplot    IOOF, FLT
(Wiggins, E. F. )    1.A. L94 s1    no dates     Wiggins, E. F.     (no marker)
(Simplot, Carriel)    1.A. L94    no dates     Simplot    (no marker)
Carriel, Arthur R.    1.A. L94 s4    1884-1933     not known   
(George), Burnham    1.A. L99 s1    no dates     George, J. F.     (small, oddly shaped stone)
GEORGE    1.A. L99 s5        George, J. F.     MONUMENT
George, J. Albert    1.A. L99 s6    16Oct1863-25Apr1899     George, J. F.     FLT, Father
George, Mary L. (s. side)    1.A. L99 s7    8Apr 1831-6Nov 1905    George, J. F.     (ssJ. F. George) Mother
George, J. F., Dr. (w. side)    1.A. L99 s8     24Jan1832-24Nov1881    George, J. F.      (ssMary L. George)

Row 5                
Ellsworth, Orlando    1.A. L52 s1    13Jan1813-27Jun1872     Ellsworth    GAR marker (*Co K 24th WI Inf Capt)
(Northrup)    1.A. L52 s4    no dates     Ellsworth    (no marker)
Northrup, J. Allen    1.A. L52 s5    1859-1930     Ellsworth    (ssAda Brewster Northrup)
Northrop, Ada Brewster (Mrs.)    1.A. L52 s6    1859-1932     Ellsworth    (ssJ. Allen Northrup)
(McGee, James)    1.A. L52 s9    no dates     McGee, James    (no marker)
Brown, S. W. (Spencer)    1.A. L69 s1    (*d.17Apr 1894)     Brown, S. W.     (*Corp) Co H 96th ILL, Vet 1861-65 marker
Brown, Helen L.    1.A. L69 s2    2Aug 1838-21Sep 1923     Brown, S. W.    
Brown, Ernest G.     1.A. L69 s3    10Feb1870-10Feb1875     Brown, S. W.    
Brown, Edward L.    1.A. L69 s4    6Mar 1878-19Oct 1894     Brown, S. W.    
BROWN    1.A. L69 s5&6        Brown, S. W.     MONUMENT
McBirney, Sarah A.    1.A. L69 s9    17Dec 1879-8Nov 1929     McBirney, Sarah A.    Mother
Bryan, Vella D.    1.A. L76 s1    1888-1939     Bryan, Albert    (ssAlbert M. Bryan)
Bryan, Albert M.    1.A. L76 s2    1878-1965     Bryan, Albert    (ssVella D. Bryan)
(Unknown)    1.A. L76 s3    no dates     Bryan, Albert    (no marker)
(Unknown)    1.A. L76 s4    no dates     Bryan, Albert    (no marker)
Hill, Margaret A.    1.A. L93 s1    3Sep 1898- 4Jul 1899     Oviatt   
Canham, Edna    1.A. L93 s2    1870-1890     Oviatt    (ssCharles Canham)
Canham, Charles    1.A. L93 s3    1861-1931     Oviatt    (ssEdna Canham)
Oviatt, Christiann G.    1.A. L93 s4    d2Mar1890, 79y8m23d     Oviatt    (n. side, ssJames M. B. Oviatt)
Oviatt, James M. B.     1.A. L93 s5     d19Mar1879,66y9m11d    Oviatt    Father (s. side, ss Christiann G.)
(Dowdell, Grandma)    1.A. L 100 s1    no dates     Dowdell    (no marker)
(Dowdell, Daughter)    1.A. L 100    no dates     Dowdell    (no marker, sp5 in book)
(Dowdell), Eddie    1.A. L 100 s6    no dates     Dowdell    tree stump marker
(Dowdell, Edward, Mrs.)    1.A. L 100 s7    no dates     Dowdell    Mother
(Dowdell, Edward)    1.A. L 100    no dates     Dowdell    (no marker, sp8 in book)

Row 6                
Abel, O. E., Mrs.     1.A. L53 s1    1822-1907     Abel    (ssO. E. Abel)
Abel, O. E.    1.A. L53 s2    1831-1907     Abel    (ssMrs. O. E. Abel)
Jaspar, William    1.A. L53 s4    30Jul 1848-20Mar 1930     Abel   
Hadley, Mary Isabel    1.A. L53 s5    11Aug 1853- 8Oct 1942     Hadley, Wm. & Mary   
HADLEY    1.A. L53 s6,7        Hadley, Wm. & Mary    MONUMENT
(Kelley, child)    1.A. L53 s8    no dates     Hadley, Wm. & Mary    (no marker)
Thuesen, Thue M. (Mathew)    1.A. L53 s9    7Jul 1942 only date    Thuesen, Mathew    Pvt 89thAero Sq. IA, American Legion marker IOOF (WWI)
Moseley, Henry    1.A. L68 s1    10Mar 1818- 19Jul 1890     Moseley    (ssSarah A. Moseley)
Moseley, Sarah A.     1.A. L68 s2    11Jan 1829- 9Feb 1875    Moseley    (ssHenry Mosely)
Moseley, Millie    1.A. L68 s3    10Feb 1876- 6Mar 1876     Moseley   
Moseley, David    1.A. L68 s4    8Aug 1861- 5Nov 1884     Moseley   
Moseley, George    1.A. L68 s5    4Oct 1848-11May 1886     Moseley   
Moseley, David H.    1.A. L68 s6    17Oct 1832-8Dec 1883     Moseley   
Moseley, Amelia Jones    1.A. L68 s7    17Feb1789-21Feb1878     Moseley    Wife of Theodore Moseley, b.in Hebron, Conn., d at Iowa Falls
Moseley, Theodore    1.A. L68 s8    1Aug 1790-4Nov 1871     Moseley    b.in Westfield, Mass, d.at Ia Falls
Barrett, Joseph    1.A. L68 s9    1844-1907     Barrett, Joseph   
Barrett, Gertrude    1.A. L68 s10    1844-1917     Barrett, Gertrude   
Northrup, Joseph Allen    1.A. L77 s1    8Apr 1810-1Dec 1880     Northrup    J.A.N. (ssCharles S. Northrup)
Northrup, Harriet Parsons    1.A. L77 s2     20Sep1812-30May1881    Northrup     H.P.N., (ssCharles S. Northrup)
Moseley, Spencer    1.A. L77 s3    1827-1921     Northrup    (on top of stone,ss Frances)
Moseley, Frances C.    1.A. L77 s3    26Nov 1832-2Oct 1894     Northrup    (on front of stone,ss Spencer)
Northrup, Charles S.    1.A. L77 s4    1856-1919     Northrup    (ssJoseph & Harriet Northrup)
Farwell, Belle    1.A. L92 s1    21Mar1869-21Nov1876     Farwell    Too pure for earth (ssMadaline, Silas Farwell)
Farwell, Madaline    1.A. L92 s2    10Apr1820-18Sep1903     Farwell    His Wife (ssBelle Farwell)
Farwell, Silas    1.A. L92 s3    9Aug 1818-13Oct 1892     Farwell    (ssBelle Farwell)
FARWELL    1.A. L92 s4        Farwell     MONUMENT
(Calkins), Mary E.    1.A. L101 s1    1883 only date     Calkins, E. R.    
(Calkins), Clarence    1.A. L101 s2    1921-1922     Calkins, E. R.    
(Calkins), Harry N.    1.A. L101 s3    1878-1883     Calkins, E. R.    
CALKINS    1.A. L101 s4        Calkins, E. R.     MONUMENT
(Calkins), Mark E.    1.A. L101s5    1876-1882     Calkins, E. R.    
Calkins, Ethel E. (Evers)    1.A. L101 s6    1882-1908     Calkins, E. R.    
(Calkins), Frankie A.    1.A. L101 s7    1867-1883     Calkins, E. R.    
Calkins, Sabra C.    1.A. L101 s8    1848-1941     Calkins, E. R.     Mother, Women's Nat'l Relief Corps, Aux. to GAR 1863
Calkins, Emerson R.    1.A. L101 s9    1842-(*9Aug)1919     Calkins, E. R.     Sergt 8thWis L.A. (*Artlly) GAR marker

Row 7                
Smith-Rigg Mausoleum    1.A. L 54 s1-6         Smith, S. Palmer    SMITH--1901
Smith, M. Theresa    1.A. L54    15Aug1842-13Jun1929     Smith, S. Palmer    (Engraving inside mausoleum)
Smith, S. Palmer    1.A. L54    23Sep 1827-1Aug 1904     Smith, S. Palmer    (Engraving inside mausoleum)
Smith, F. Arzelia Hardin, Mrs. S. Palmer Smith    1.A. L54     10Sep1830-26Jan1900    Smith, S. Palmer     (Engraving inside mausoleum)
Follett, Nelson    1.A. L67 s1    d.9Apr 1890, Aged 54y     Follett, N.    GAR marker
Follett, Ann E.    1.A. L67 s2    d.10Apr 1875, 40y     Follett, N.   
FOLLETT    1.A. L67 s3        Follett, N.    MONUMENT
Follett, Willie    1.A. L67 s4    no dates     Follet, N.   
Follet, Ada    1.A. L67 s5    no dates     Follet, N.   
Bean, Louis C.    1.A. L67 s9    1880-1929     Bean   
(Allison, Louisa C.)    1.A. L67 s10    (1929)     Allison, Elizabeth    (small flat marker, illegible)
(Allison, Lloyd L.)    1.A. L67 s11    (1932)     Allison, Elizabeth    (no marker)
(Allison, Elizabeth)    1.A. L67 s12    (25Jan 1949)     Allison, Elizabeth    (small flat marker, illegible)
(Bean, Clark) (*Beam)    1.A. L78 s1    no dates     Bean    (no marker) (GAR)
Bean, Sarah J.    1.A. L78 s2    7Apr 1815-29Oct 1882     Bean    Wife of Clark Bean (see appendix. illegible)
Bean, George Edgar    1.A. L78 s3    1844-1895     Bean    Vet 1861-65 marker (*Pvt Co D 46th IA Inf)
Martin, Mary (Bean)    1.A. L78 s4    1847-1926     Bean   
Sullivan, Florence    1.A. L91 s5    1876-1954     Bean    (ssW. R. Sullivan)
Sullivan, W. R.     1.A. L91 s6    1871-1958     Bean    (ssFlorence Sullivan)
Sullivan, Mattie L.    1.A. L91 s7    1852-1938     Sullivan, A. R.     (ssArthur R. Sullivan)
Sullivan, Arthur R.    1.A. L91 s8    1850-1927     Sullivan, A. R.     (ssMattie L. Sullivan)
Jones, William     1.A. L102 s1    20Jun1813-25Jan1901     Jones, William    (ssMary Jones) (*CoH 6th IA Cav) GAR marker
Jones, Mary     1.A. L102 s2    1Aug 1821-24Feb 1901     Jones, William    (ssWilliam Jones)
Jones, Albert W.    1.A. L102 s3    27Jul 1851-16Aug 1901     Jones, William   
Jones, William H.    1.A. L102 s4    10Apr 1816-2Oct 1882     Jones, William   
Griffith, Susan Tompkins    1.A. L102 s7    6Sep 1840-27Jul 1882    Griffith    His Wife (sister's ashes, see old book)
Griffith, George P.    1.A. L102 s8    14Jan 1835-10Apr 1868     Griffith    IOOF marker

Row 8 Race St.                
McCleod, Arthur H.    1.A. L 66A s1    6Nov 1865-3Nov 1939     McLeod, Mrs.   
McLeod, Elizabeth, (Mrs. A. H. McLeod)    1.A. L 66A s2     9Mar 1866-4Sep 1959    McLeod, Mrs.   
McLeod, M. Louise    1.A. L 66A s3    12Apr 1898-6Jun 1956     McLeod, Mrs.   
Fiske, Helen McLeod    1.A. L 66A s4    3Mar 1894-12Dec 1984     McLeod, Mrs.    (ssDouglas A. Fiske)
Fiske, Douglas A.    1.A. L 66A s5    1926--     McLeod, Mrs.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssHelen McLeod Fiske)
King, Charlotte    1.A. L 66A s6    no dates     King, Solomon & Charlotte    Mother
KING    1.A. L 66A s7        (ditto)     MONUMENT
King, Solomon    1.A. L 66A s8    no dates     (ditto)    Father

Row 9                
Smith, Joseph    1.A. L55 s1    d.25Nov 1866, 71y,4m     Smith   
Wilson, Hazel M.    1.A. L55 s2    1889-1973     Wilson, Howard & Hazel    (ssHoward L. Wilson)
Wilson, Howard L.    1.A. L55 s3    1885-1957     (ditto)    (ssHazel M. Wilson)
SMITH-HARDIN    1.A. L55 s4         Hardin, Chauncey    MONUMENT
Hardin, Sally    1.A. L55 s7    d10Apr1885,90y5m17d     Hardin, Chauncey   
Hardin, Chauncey    1.A. L55 s8    d10Dec1876,91y11m2d     Hardin, Chauncey   
(Bailey, Henry)    1.A. L66 s1    no dates     Bailey, Richard    (no marker)
Bailey, Richard    1.A. L66 s2    28Mar 1821, 72y1m7d     Bailey, Richard   
Bailey, Sophia (Mrs. Richard Bailey)    1.A. L66 s3    9May 1824-27Dec 1909    Bailey, Richard    Wife of Richard Bailey
Reynolds, Charles (H.)    1.A. L66 s4    1863-1927     Reynolds   
Reynolds, Clara L.    1.A. L66 s5    1872-1949     Bailey, Richard   
Reynolds, W. Morton    1.A. L66 s6    1904-1923     Reynolds    American Legion marker (WWI)
Reynolds, Jacob (R.)    1.A. L66 s7    1815-1883     Reynolds    (ssMartha Reynolds)
Reynolds, Martha (R.)    1.A. L66 s8    1841-1905     Reynolds    (ssJacob Reynolds)
Fults, Guy L.    1.A. L66 s9    1883-(27Feb)1951     Fults, Guy L.    Father
Fults, Flora M.    1.A. L66 s10    1887-(10Sep)1976     Fults, Guy L.    Mother (ssLeverett R. Fults)
Fults, Leverett R.    1.A. L66 s11    1911-1930     Fults, Guy L.    Son (of Guy and Martha Fults, ssFlora M. Fults)
(Mott)    1.A. L79 s1    no dates    Mott     (no marker)
Mackey, Ira     1.A. L79 s2    1867-1938     Mackey, Ira & Mabel    (ssMabel Mackey)
Mackey, Mabel    1.A. L79 s3    1876-(29Feb) 1950     Mackey, Ira    (ssIra Mackey)
(Gibson, DeCasta)    1.A. L79 s4    no dates     Mackey, Ira    (no marker)
(Brower, Joe, Mrs.)    1.A. L90 s7    no dates     Brower    (no marker)
Brower, Jos.    1.A. L90 s8    no dates     Brower    Co K 8th Mich Inf, GAR marker
Bishop, Minnie (E.)    1.A. L103 s1    1869-1914     Bishop    RNA, Dau of AD&JE Bishop
(Bishop, A. T.)    1.A. L103 s4    (*Mar1931)     Bishop    (no marker, GAR*)
COULTER    1.A. L103 s5        Coulter     MONUMENT
Coulter, J. R.     1.A. L103 s6    1841-1919     Coulter    GAR marker
Coulter, Janet Parland    1.A. L103 s7    b1842, only date     Coulter   
Parland, Mary    1.A. L103 s8    1807-1881     Coulter   

Row 10                
Davis, Warren L.    1.A. L56 s1    1832-1917     Davis, Warren & Nutter   
Davis, Helen M.    1.A. L56 s2    1840-1918     (ditto)   
Nutter, Emma C. (n. side)    1.A. L56 s3    d.20Oct1879, 23y,11m    (ditto)    Dau of M&LO Nutter
NUTTER    1.A. L56 s4,5        (ditto)     MONUMENT
Nutter, Sarah (s. side)    1.A. L56 s6    d.8Feb 1887, 64y     (ditto)   
Palmer, Mary    1.A. L56 s7    26May1833-2No 1919     Palmer, Avery    Wife of Avery Palmer (ssAvery)
Palmer, Avery    1.A. L56 s8    6Sep 1827-2Nov 1890     Palmer, Avery    (ssMary Palmer)
Rush, Sarah K. (Katherine)    1.A. L56 s9     1881-(16Oct)1940    Rush, Sarah Katherine    
Horr, Recellus R.    1.A. L65 s1    1837-1900     Harr    (ssAllena T. Horr)
Horr, Allena T.    1.A. L65 s2    1839-1878     Harr    (ssRecellus R. Horr)
FISKE    1.A. L65 s5             MONUMENT
Fiske, Edgar E.    1.A. L65 s6    1876-1900     Fiske    Our Son (shield with B-A-Y,W-C-P, ss Sarah T. & Ellsworth M. Fiske)
Fiske, Sarah T.    1.A. L65 s7    1847-1905     Fiske    Mother (ssEdgar E. Fiske)
(Fiske), Ellsworth M.    1.A. L65 s8    1850-1877     Fiske    Father (ssEdgar E. Fiske)
Bond, Flora E.    1.A. L65 s9    1858-1925     Bond, Silas    Wife of Silas W. Bond
BOND            Bond, Silas     MONUMENT
Bond, Walter    1.A. L65 s11    1850-1938     Bond, Silas    Only son of Ely Bond
(Bond, Silas)    1.A. L65 s12    1850-1938     Bond, Silas    Father
(Bond, Maggie)    1.A. L65 s13    1858-1925     Bond, Silas    Mother
(Unknown)    1.A. L80 s1    no dates     Jackson, T. C.     (no marker)
Jackson, Lou M.    1.A. L80 s2    1865-1932     Jackson, T. C.     PEO, DAR markers (ssJames C.)
Jackson, James C.    1.A. L80 s3    1856-1946     Jackson, T. C.     f
Repp, Clara V., (Mrs. D. W. Repp)    1.A. L80 s4    7Jan 1878-2Jun 1964    Repp, D. W.     (ssDave W. Repp)
Repp, Dave W.    1.A. L80 s5    21Sep 1877-9Apr 1951     Repp, D. W.     (ssClara Repp)
Tennyson, Henrietta A.    1.A. L89 s1    d.15Jul 1877, 36y     Tennyson    Wife of Thos. Tennyson
(Hamilton, Wheeler)    1.A. L89 s4    no dates     Hamilton    (base of marker on space 4)
Jones, Arthur    1.A. L89     7Jan 1878-2Jun 1964     Repp, D. W.    
Dayton, Frank D.    1.A. L104 s1    1888-1924     Dayton-Boddy    (ssAda Coggshall Dayton)
Coggshall, Ada Dayton    1.A. L104 s2    1889-(4Feb)1978     Dayton-Boddy    (Nevada, Ia., ssFrank D. Dayton)
(Holbrook, Harry)    1.A. L104 s3    no dates     Dayton-Boddy    (no marker)
(Holbrook, Louis)    1.A. L104 s4    no dates     Dayton-Boddy    (no marker)
Boddy, Lottie    1.A. L104 s5    no dates     Dayton-Boddy   
Boddy, Willie    1.A. L104 s6    d.30Sep 188? Aged?     Dayton-Boddy    (illegible)
Dayton, Emma    1.A. L104 s7    1870-1946     Dayton-Boddy    (ssJames Dayton)
Dayton, James    1.A. L104 s8    1862-1934     Dayton-Boddy    (ssEmma Dayton)

Row 11                
(Stebbins, Edson Lyman)    1.A. L57 s1    no dates     Stebbins    (no marker, 120 S. Belment, Wtchita, Kansas)
(Stebbins, Clarissa Babcock)    1.A. L57 s2    no dates     Stebbins    (no marker)
(Stebbins, Mettie, infant)    1.A. L57 s3    no dates     Ransom    (no marker)
Schweertman, Louie (Louis)    1.A. L57 s3    1879-1957     Schweertman, Lewis   
Schweertman, Anna    1.A. L57 s4    1879-1939     (ditto)   
Reardon, Charley A. (s)    1.A. L64 s1    16Jun 1833-4Sep 1892    Davis    GAR marker (*Pvt Co B 2nd WI Inf)
Reardon, Eugenie (w.)    1.A. L64 s2    27Apr1877-10Jun1891     Davis    Dau of CA&SE Reardon
Cannon, Zelma L.    1.A. L64 s3    8Jul 1900-9Aug 1902     Davis    Dau MW&MC Cannon (see appendix)
Reardon, Sarah E.    1.A. L64 s4    no dates     Davis    Wife of Charles A. Reardon & Mother of Eugenie
Davis, Aaron    1.A. L64 s5    no dates     Davis    In memory, Son of Jacob H. Davis
Davis, Sarah (n. side)    1.A. L64 s6    d.24Apr 1890, 75y     Davis    Mother (ssJacob Davis)
Davis, Jacob (w. side)    1.A. L64 s7    d.21Jan1882, 72y     Davis    (ssSarah Davis)
Powell, Mary    1.A. L64 s8    17Mar 1826-2Jan 1879     Powell, Mary    Wife of Thomas Powell
Hillhouse, Margaret L.    1.A. L81 s1    1821-1924     Carpenter, O. S.    
Henry, Oral G. (Mrs.)    1.A. L81 s2    4Feb 1896-4Oct 1970     Carpenter, O. S.     (ssRichard F. Henry)
Henry, Richard F.    1.A. L81 s3    6May1885-10Aug1922     Carpenter, O. S.     Corp 168th Inf 42nd Div, American Legion marker (WWI) (ssOral G. Henry)
Carpenter, Lurana J. (Mrs. O. S. Carpenter)    1.A. L81 s4     1868-(3Apr)1959    Carpenter, O. S.      (ssOrval S. Carpenter)
Carpenter, Orval S.    1.A. L81 s5    1868-1935     Carpenter, O. S.     (ssLurana J. Carpenter)
(Carpenter), Lester L.    1.A. L81 s6    1900-1905     Carpenter, O. S.    
Bird, Katie    1.A. L88 s1    7Apr 1866-22May 1929     Bird    (ssCharles H. Bird)
Bird, Charles H.    1.A. L88 s1    6Jun 1856-13Sep 1945     Bird    Father (ssKatie Bird)
Bird, Ruth E.    1.A. L88 s2    22Feb1894-25Sep1904     Bird    (ssErnest C. Bird)
Bird, Edith M.    1.A. L88 s2    3Jan 1898-26Sep 1904     Bird    (ssErnest C. Bird)
Bird, Ernest C.    1.A. L88 s2    24Feb1900-26Sep1904     Bird    Children of CH&K Bird (ssEdith M. & Ruth E. Bird)
Brown, Mary C. (n. side)    1.A. L88 s5    1837-1898     Bird    (ssEliza & E. M. Bird)
Bird, Eliza    1.A. L88 s5    d.9Mar1881, 60y1m11d     Bird    Wife of EM Bird (ssMary C. Brown)
Bird, E. M.    1.A. L88 s5    Oct 1820-May 1901     Bird    (ssMary C. Brown)
Cummings, Henry    1.A. L105 s1    14Feb1831-12Sep1925     Cummings    (ss Persis Cummings)
CUMMINGS    1.A. L105 s2,3         Cummings    MONUMENT, At Rest, Bessed are they that sleep in Jesus
Cummings, Persis    1.A. L105 s4    14Feb 1836-8May 1913     Cummings    Wife of Henry Cummings (ssHenry)
(Whiteacre, Wilfred, Mrs.)    1.A. L105 s7    no dates     Whitacre    (no marker)
Whitacre, Wilford    1.A. L105 s8    d.7Jul 1880, 47y     Whitacre    (see appendix)

Row 12 Lebanon St.                
Long, John Henry    1.A. L58 s7    1870-1934     Long, Anna   
Long, Cora Ann    1.A. L58 s8    1872-1938     Long, Anna   
Tyler, Jocelyn    1.A. L58A s9    1901-(10Nov) 1975     Long, Anna    (cremation)

Row 13                
Howland, Sarah L. (Lavina)    1.A. L58 s1     1848-(15Sep)1942    Howland, E. A.      Mother, Eastern Star
Howland, E. A. (Erwin)    1.A. L58 s2    1832-1905     Howland, E. A.     Father, Masonic Lodge
Howland, Fidelia A.    1.A. L58 s3    (no d date)36y,1m,10d     Howland, E. A.     Wife of E. A. Howland
Howland, Orin R.    1.A. L58 at ft of 3&4     d.20Dec1888,9y3m17d    Howland, E. A.     Son of EA&SL Howland
Howland, Fidelia A.    1.A. L58 s5    d.1Sep 1873, 5m,26d     Howland, E. A.    
Long, Grace N.    1.A. L58 s6    1906-(5Apr)1979     Long, Jerry    (cremation)
LONG    1.A. L58 s6,7        Long, Anna     MONUMENT
HOWLAND    1.A. L58        Howland, E. A.     Children of FA&SL Howland (illegible)
Wallace, Charles Rayburn    1.A. L58 s9    1878-(18Feb) 1946     Wallace, Charles R. & Jessie    (cremation, ssJessie Helen Wallace)
Wallace, Jessie Helen (Mrs. C. R. Wallace)    1.A. L58 s10     1878-(25Nov)1964    Wallace, Charles R. & Jessie     (ssCharles Rayburn Wallace)
Perkins, George J.    1.A. L63 s1    22Jul 1853-23Aug 1897     Pollock   
Pollock, Genevieve    1.A. L63 s2    1Aug 1893-1Mar 1894     Pollock    Our Darling Dau of BB&CB Pollock
Pollock, Luella    1.A. L63 s3    d.8Dec 1880, 3y3d     Pollock    Dau of J&W Pollock
(Pollock), infant dau.    1.A. L63 s4    1883-1883     Pollock   
Pollock, Emeline    1.A. L63 s5    1864-1907     Pollock   
Pollock, George V.    1.A. L63 s6    1872-1899     Pollock   
POLLOCK    1.A. L63 s7        Pollock     MONUMENT
Bond, Maggie L.    1.A. L63 s8    1865-1876     Bond   
Bond, Mary A.    1.A. L63 s9    1842-1932     Bond, Mary A.   
Bond, Josiah H.    1.A. L63 s10    1838-1919     Bond, Josiah   
(Taylor, E. B. )    1.A. L82 s1-4    no dates     Taylor, E. B.     Lot owner, no burials
Gummert, Clarence F.    1.A. L87 s1    d.16Jan1881, 7y2m16d     Gummert, Fred    Son F&LH Gummert, CFG (on brick)
(Gummert), Lucy H.    1.A. L87 s2    1841-1897     Gummert, Fred    Mother
Matthews, Ada Gummert    1.A. L87 s3    1874-1939     Gummert, Fred   
(Gummert, Fred)    1.A. L87 s4    no dates     Gummert, Fred    (no marker)
Schaffer, Rose Adelia    1.A. L87 s5    10Mar 1943 only date     Gummert, Fred   
(Hogan, Emma Gummert)    1.A. L87    (19Mar1869) (12Jul1951)     Gummert, Fred    (no marker)
Fawcett, Mary T.    1.A. L106 s1    1858-1880     Fawcett    (ssLula E., Emma L., & Clara M. Lane)
Lane, Lula E.    1.A. L106 s2    1877-1880     Fawcett    (ssMary T. Fawcett)
Lane, Emma L.    1.A. L106 s3    1853-1879     Fawcett    (ssMary T. Fawcett)
Lane, Clara M.    1.A. L106 s4    1879-1879     Fawcett    (ssMary T. Fawcett)

Row 14                
(Nelson, Gussie)    1.A. L59 s2    no dates     Nelson, J. C.     (no marker)
(Unknown)    1.A. L59 s3    (illegible)     Scott, Mira    (illegible)
Scott, Fern    1.A. L59 s4    1891-1946     Scott, Mira   
Scott, Mira    1.A. L59 s5    1867-1941     Scott, Mira    (ssWilliam Arthur Scott)
Scott, William Arthur    1.A. L59 s6    1857-1935     Scott, Mira    (ssMira Scott)
Wilson, W. H.     1.A. L59 s7    7Oct 1813-13Apr 1891     Wilson    Father (ssMary A. Wilson)
Wilson, Mary A.    1.A. L59 s8    23Mar1820-17Sep1889     Wilson    Mother, Wife of W. H. Wilson (ssW. H. Wilson)
Boddy,William H.    1.A. L59 s9    1867-1938     Boddy, W. H.     (ss Hannah Boddy)
Boddy, Hannah    1.A. L62 s1    1868-1942     Boddy, W. H.     (ssWilliam H. Boddy)
Robinson, Andrew    1.A. L62 s2    6May 1809-18Mar 1885     Robinson    Father (ssElizabeth Robinson)
Robinson, Elizabeth    1.A. L62 s3    10Jun1812-18Apr1879     Robinson    Mother, Rest in Peace (ssAndrew)
(Hattman), Nora (E.)    1.A. L62 s4    1875-(5Apr 1967)     Pratt, Lewis    Sisters (ssTillie Pratt)
(Pratt), Tillie    1.A. L62 s4    1868-1955     Pratt, Lewis    Sisters (ssNora E. Hattman)
(Pratt, Sarah M.)    1.A. L62 s5    (d. 16Dec, 1955)     Pratt, Lewis    (no marker)
Pratt, Lewis    1.A. L62 s7    16Sep1835-23Mar1913     Pratt, Lewis    (ssNancy Pratt)
Pratt, Nancy    1.A. L62 s8    20Oct 1835-3Dec 1900     Pratt, Lewis    (ssLewis Pratt)
Pratt, Alice C.    1.A. L62 s9    no dates     Pratt, Lewis    (illegible)
Farrington, J. L.     1.A. L83 s1    1844-(*17July)1928     Farrington, J. L.     GAR marker, Co B 126th Vol ILL INF
Farrington, Mary    1.A. L83 s2    1850-1907     Farrington, J. L.     Wife of J. L. Farrington
(Farrington), Maude    1.A. L83 s3    no dates     Farrington, J. L.     (ssHarry Farrington)
Farrington, Harry    1.A. L83 s4    no dates     Farrington, J. L.     Infants (ssMaude Farrington)
Beck, Jane Eveline    1.A. L86 s1    19Feb 1834-1Mar 1918     Beck    Mother, Wife of W. F. Beck (ssW F. Beck)
Beck, W. F., Sr.    1.A. L86 s2    25Jan1834-27Nov1907     Beck    FCL, Vet 1861-65 marker, Father (ssJane Eveline Beck)
Ely, James (n. side)    1.A. L107 s1    d11May1893, 72y6m3d     Ely    (ssSarah Ely) GAR marker (*Pvt Co I 179th NY Inf)
Ely, Frederick (w. side)    1.A. L107 s2    d29Aug 1888, 27y,2m    Ely    d.Los Angeles, CA (ssSarah Ely)
Ely, William (s. side)    1.A. L107 s3    d16Feb1887 22y10m10d    Ely    (ssSarah Ely)
Ely, Sarah (Mrs. James Ely)    1.A. L107 s4    1826-1918     Ely    Wife of James Ely, Womens Relief Corps IA Dept 357 (ssWm, Frederick & James Ely
Buhlman, Nancy D. (w. side)    1.A. L107 s5    7Mar 1844-8Jun 1913    Buhlman    Wife of Jacob Buhlman (ssJacob)
Buhlman, Jacob (w. side)    1.A. L107 s6     22Nov1843-6Mar1931    Buhlman    (ssNancy D.Buhlman & Grace Buhlman Sheldon)
Sheldon, Grace Buhlman (e. side)    1.A. L107 s7     17Aug1875-11May1947    Buhlman     (ssJacob Buhlman)
(Taylor, children)    1.A. L107    no dates     Taylor    (no marker, sp6,7 in book)
Taylor, Levinna    1.A. L107 s8    1853-1915     Taylor    Wife of C. B. Taylor

Row 15                
Patterson, Charles Edward    1.A. L60 s1    1859-1927     Patterson   
Patterson, Margaret    1.A. L60 s2    1859-1934     Patterson   
PATTERSON    1.A. L60 s3         Patterson    MONUMENT
Patterson, Gertrude A.    1.A. L60 s4    1891-(11Apr)1980     Patterson    (cremation)
Patterson, Wendell C.    1.A. L60 s5    1886-1946     Patterson   
Lane, O. P.     1.A. L60 s6    (* died 26Aug 1907)     Lane    GAR marker, Co D 141.Ill INF
(Lane, Jerry)    1.A. L60    no dates    Lane     (no marker)
(Lane, Abbas)    1.A. L60    no dates    Lane     (no marker)
Wilson, Mabel    1.A. L60 s7    no dates     Wilson, George   
(Wilson, George)    1.A. L60    no dates     Wilson, George    (no marker)
(Wilson, infant)    1.A. L60    no dates     Wilson, George    (no marker)
(Hemphill, Fred)    1.A. L60    (26Jul 1939)     Hemphill, Fred    (no marker)
Boddy, John    1.A. L61 s1    1872-1875     Boddy, E.   
Boddy, Edward    1.A. L61 s2    1839-1924     Boddy, E.   
BODDY    1.A. L61 s3        Boddy, E.     MONUMENT
Boddy, Jane F.    1.A. L61 s4    1840-1929     Boddy, E.   
Buchanan, Archie P.    1.A. L61 s6    6May 1874-25Jan 1939     Buchanan, Archie    Father
Buchanan, May Cutting    1.A. L61 s7    23Jan1881-16Oct1938     Buchanan, Archie    Mother
Cutting, Walter E.    1.A. L61 s8    25Jul 1880-22Mar 1906     Buchanan, Archie    Masonic Lodge
Coleman, Ada (Mrs. Louie Coleman)    1.A. L61 s9     1867-(9Oct)1935    Coleman, Louie W.     Wife of L. W. Coleman
Coleman, L. W. (Louie)    1.A. L61 s10    1861-1936     Coleman, Louie W.   
Coleman, Harriet M.    1.A. L61 s11    16Sep1898-18Nov1907     Coleman, Louie W.   
Till, John    1.A. L84 s1    25Oct1818-28Nov1903     Baldwin    At rest
Till, Maria    1.A. L84 s2    b13Feb 1837 only date     Baldwin   
Plowman, Cora L.    1.A. L84 s3    29Aug1876-22Sep1950     Baldwin or Plowman, Paul    Mother
(Baldwin, Grace)    1.A. L84    no dates     Baldwin    (no marker)
Plowman, Paul H.    1.A. L84 s4    21Nov 1938 only date     Baldwin or Paul Plowman    US WWI IA Pvt 213rd Engrs, WWI marker
Lowe, Lawrence    1.A. L85 s1    19Jan1860-22Jan1888     Allendorfer    (ssKathie Lowe)
Lowe, Kathie    1.A. L85 s2    9Sep 1887-4Mar 1888     Allendorfer    (ssLawrence Lowe)
Allendorfer, Katrina Althen    1.A. L85 s3    9Sep 1834-28Jan 1879    Allendorfer    Mother, His Wife (ss Friedrich)
Allendorfer, Friedrich    1.A. L85 s4    21Apr1830-24Dec1916     Allendorfer    Father (ssKatrina Althen)
Theisen, Catherine    1.A. L108 s2    5Apr 1809- 3Sep 1879     Althon, J.   
(Althen, Frederick)    1.A. L108 s5    no dates     Althen, J.    (no marker)
(Althen, Catherine)    1.A. L108 s6    no dates     Althen, J.    (no marker)
(Althen, Lewis C.)    1.A. L108 s7    no dates     Althen, J.    (no marker)

Row 16                
Buttolph, J. T.     O.P. LE s1    10Dec1827-13Dec1900     Buttolph, J. T.    
Buttolph, Maria W. (Mrs. J. T. Buttolph)    O.P. LE s2     28Oct1838-30Jan1913    Buttolph, J. T.     
Woodruff, Nancy    O.P. LE s8    10Dec 1815-7Sep 1890     Buttolph, J. T.    
Yaw, Clara M.    O.P. LH s1    1867-1955     Yaw, Albert    (ssAlbert F. Yaw)
Yaw, Albert E.    O.P. LH s2    1865-(25Oct)1954     Yaw, Albert    (ssClara M. Yaw)
Day, Mavis A.    O.P. LH s3    2Jun 1926-8Jul 1995     Day, Ray&Mavis    Married 20Feb 1946 (ssRaymond E. Day)
Day, Raymond E.    O.P. LH s4    20Jan 1916-9 Aug 1998     Day, Ray&Mavis    (NOT A BURIAL,ss Mavis Day)
Hartkopp, Anna B.    O.P. LH s5    1894-(14Dec)1967     Hartkopp, Charles, Mr. & Mrs.   
Hartkopp, Charles J.    O.P. LH s6    1893-(6Dec)1972     (ditto)    WWI marker

Row 17                
Steere, Katherine    O.P. LE s9    18Jan1916-22Feb1917     Buttolph, J. T.     Dau of Kenneth David & Grace Duffield Steere
(Steer, Kenneth)    O.P. LE    no dates     Buttolph, J. T.     (no marker)
(Carleton, Jonathan)    O.P. LE, w.1/2    no dates     Buttolph, J. T.     (no marker, cremation)
(Carleton, Letta)    O.P. LE, w.1/2    no dates     Buttolph, J. T.     (no marker, cremation)
(Carleton, Burdette)    O.P. LE, w.1/2    no dates     Buttolph, J. T.     (no marker, cremation)

Row 18                
Noble, Godfrey B. (Bates)    O.P. L F s1    1893-1948     Simpson, E. G., Wadsworth, Geo.   
Shannon, Mildred S. (Simpson)    O.P. L F s2     1890-(18Jun)1954    Simpson, E. G., Wadsworth, Geo.    
Shannon, Archibald L. (Lawrence)    O.P. L F s3    1892-1952     Simpson, E. G. , Wadsworth, Geo.    US Vet WWI marker
Simpson, Emily    O.P. L F s4    1866-(18Apr)1959     Buttolph, J. T.    
Simpson, E. G.     O.P. L F s5    1865-1925     Simpson, E. G. , Wadsworth, Geo.   
Wadsworth, Jane Thornton    O.P. L F s6    1845-1909     (ditto)    Wife of George Wadsworth
Wadsworth, George    O.P. L F s7    1838-1921     (ditto)   

Row 19                
Miller, Kathryn Gohring    O.P. L F s10    22Jun 1922--     Miller, Barton, Mr & Mrs.    (NOT A BURIAL, ssBarton Alden Miller)
Miller, Barton Alden    O.P. L F s11    9Jul 1922- 29Apr 1985    Miller, Barton, Mr & Mrs    (ssKathryn Gohring Miller) WWII marker
Simpson, Louisa Thompson    O.P. L F s14    1842-1908     Simpson, E. G. , Wadsworth, Geo.    Wife of J. C. Simpson
Simpson, J. C.    O.P. L F s15    1836-1929     (ditto)   
HATCH--WISNER    O.P. LG s3,4,5         Wisner, Lyman    MONUMENT
(Wisner), Lyman    O.P. LG s7    1Jul 1832-2Aug 1889     Wisner, Lyman   
Warschkow, Minnie (Mrs. Albert Warschkow)    O.P. L G s9     7Feb 1890-27Jan 1962    Warschkow, Albert    
Warschkow, Albert    O.P. L G s10    24Apr1882-14Mar1977     Warschkow, Albert   
Fryslie, Mary    O.P. L G s11    1873-(1Mar)1954     Fryslie, Edward    Mother
Fryslie, Edward    O.P. L G s12    1873-(28Apr) 1952     Fryslie, Edward    Father
Hatch, Moses    O.P. L G s13    9Jul 1819-28Jan 1879     Wisner, Lyman   
Hatch, Sophia    O.P. L G s14    1Sep 1818-7Mar 1978     Wisner, Lyman