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The following documents are approved by the IAGenWeb leadership team for use by County Coordinators to publicize the county site.  They can be downloaded and personalized with county-specific data. All items are saved in formats that should be easy to download so they can be used with any software on your computer.

If you have items to add, please send the file to the State Coordinator for review and approval of the IAGenWeb leadership team.

Business Cards: Use with Avery 5871 Template - saved as .rtf files
Created by Barbara Hug, CC for Jasper County, 2007.
Business card without logo Business card with logo CC business card w/o logo CC business card with logo
Created by Linda Ziemann, CC for Monona, Plymouth and Sioux counties and Barbara Hug, CC for Jasper County.
If none of these versions work for you, please write to Barbara Hug.
If you do not have PowerPoint software on your computer and want it, you can download it for free at OpenOffice.org.
IAGenWeb PowerPoint version 2003      IAGenWeb Presentation .doc     IAGenWeb PowerPoint Using OpenOffice Impress
Promotional Items
A terrific way to promote the IAGenWeb project, this handy tri fold brochure was created by our own Laura Blair starting in 2015. Here is the latest November 2017 update!
IAGenWeb Brochure .pdf      
News Releases:
Created by Connie Street, CC for Louisa and Winneshiek counties.
The Iowa Newspaper Association site allows you to search by city or county; this site lists the staff and e-mail addresses of the papers. Begin a conversation with the staff at the paper. You might actually have better reception from the weekly papers than the daily in the county.
Appointment as the CC .rtf Election as ASC .rtf News items for CCs .rtf  

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