Sioux County, Iowa

Photos - Konz family


This is the Matt  & Margaret(Everling) Konz Farm, Homesteated in 1870,
Alton, Iowa.  Matt is the father of Peter Konz.

This is a wedding picture of Peter and Elizabeth(Koob) Konz, married on 10-26-1883 in Alton, Iowa at St. Mary's Church. These are my mother's parents.

Contributor: Darvin Jemming
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Peter & Elizabeth Konz pictured with nine of their fourteen children.

Here are three later children.

The last child of Peter & Elizabeth Konz, Bernard Konz.

Born 12-28-1908, Alton, IA
Died 10-14-1960, Lincoln, NE

Peter & Elizabeth Konz Daughters


Married on 1-10-1911, Anna was a Mousel.

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Konz


Joe Konz: Born 7-4-1895, Alton, Iowa
Died 10-26-1948 Alton, Iowa
Joe & Emma(Mousel) Konz marriage, 2-14-1921

Matthew Probst and Susan Konz Wedding


John Konz: Born 1-11-1893 at Alton
Died 2-10-1983 at Alton
John & Teresa(Mousel) Konz Marriage, 1-11-1916

Theresa Mousel married to  John Konz 

b 10-15-1891
d 11-17-1972

Left to right: Margie Konz, Elizabeth Konz, Ben and Hazel Konz, who were married 4-5-1934

Frank & Mary (Konz) Mousel marriage, 1-11-1909

Click this link for photos of the children of Frank & Mary Mousel


Anna Konz, born 9-4-1888 at Alton
died 5-11-1943 at Alton

Married on 1-26-1909

Can anyone help identify any of these folks?

This could be St. Mary’s School or Sister’s School as it was called then. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The Eight Konz Sisters, Circa 1920's

Elizabeth b. 10-17-1867 Dubuque, IA
d. 10-28-1957, Alton, IA

Peter b. 10-04-1854, Machtum, Luxembourg
d. 12-22-1921, Alton, IA


This is my mom! Margie Konz--Youngest of the daughters.
Born 7-12-1906 Alton
Died 3-8-1994 Lincoln, NE
Contributor: Darv Jemming

Joe & Viola (Konz) Marriage, 2-16-1925, Margie Konz, Bridesmaid

Henry and Christina (Konz) Vortherms Wedding, Married 2-9-1926. Bridesmaid, Margie Konz, Bestman unknown.

~became the husband of Christina Konz

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Very close Sisters!


St. Mary's Church, Alton, Iowa, Dedication day photo.

Photo Caption:

These six Alton, Pioneers were honored at the 50th-year Celebration of St. Mary’s church in 1920. St. Mary’s parishioners announced this week they are making preparations for St. Mary’s Centennial to be celebrated this summer, Early settlers are (left to right), Peter Hansen, John Konz, Peter Frantzen, Mrs. Peter Hansen, Peter Konz and P. M. Konz.



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