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September 2021

During the month of SEP, 84 OBITs and 52 BIOs (with photos), and 2 DOCs were posted to this website.

Thanks to the Volunteers who have researched, typed-up & spent their time sharing this fabulous county history!!

August 2021

[Complete record] Sioux Co. School GRADUATES - 1945 Maurice High School, Sioux Center HS, 8th Grade Grads & Sioux Center Christian School Grads

During the month of AUGUST, 88 OBITs and 26 BIOs (with photos) were posted to this website.


July 2021

"NEW INDEX Completed" (approx 400 entries) located on the Sioux County main page

Alpha Index of BIOs Board on this website -- Also Includes Family History Story Pages

During JULY there were 100 OBITs and 21 BIOs (with photos) posted to this website.

May & June 2021

During JUNE there were 144 OBITs and 15 BIOs (with photos) posted to this website.

During the month of MAY, 173 OBITs, 1 DOC and 7 BIOs (with photos) were posted to this website.

April 2021

Photos - People **Added from Rock Valley, the Yunker Family History, with photos & detail submitted by various family members.

During the month of APRIL, 131 OBITs and 7 BIOs (with photos) were posted.

March 2021

During the month of MAR, 100 OBITs and 11 BIOs (with photos) were posted to this website.

February 2021

Townships of Sioux County Early History - [Complete record]

Sioux County in 1878 - Buncombe Twp, East Orange Twp, Nassau Twp, Rock Twp, Settlers Twp, Lincoln Twp, Sheridan Twp, Sherman Twp, Reading Twp, Grant Twp. Compiled & submitted by Wilma VB & formatted by L. Ziemann

During the month of FEB, there were 142 OBITs and 7 BIOs posted to this website.

January 2021

During the month of JAN, there were 159 OBITs and 2 BIOs posted to this website.

December 2020

*** Telephony History added: Miss Sophie C. Schneider, Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. Operator, Hawarden, Iowa (abt 1920)

***During the month of DEC, there were 173 OBITs and One BIO posted to this website.

November 2020

*** Sioux County Courthouse Death Records 1914-1915 -- Compiled & submitted by Wilma V. & formatted by L. Ziemann. [Complete Record]

***During the month of NOV, there were 200 OBITs posted to this website.

October 2020

***During the month of OCT, there were 231 OBITs and 1 BIO posted to this website.

***October 2020-- Sioux County PASSED IAGenWeb Fall Review!


Researcher Comments About This Website

"Again...many, many thanks to you and all of your volunteers for their great work....the best in Iowa!!" ~Deb E.
"Just a couple of comments re: J.J. Baker's parents' names... (they are my great-great-grandparents) -I've seen his father listed as John D. A. Baker in a Ypsilanti, MI census where Julius John was born. And, his mother's full maiden name was Hulda Adelia Hubbard. Thanks for posting and saving obits so people like me can find them! ~Best regards, M. Taylor"
"I do want to tell you that adding the obits to your site is such a wonderful tool for genealogists.  I wish the other states had a site as excellent as what yours is.  I have visited many of the genweb sites but yours is the BEST.  I thank you for that your work is appreciated by more of us than you could know." ~ G.G.
"This IaGenWeb site is great.  It has been tremendously helpful in my genealogy research." ~C. Family History
"No problem! I'm glad I could help and that you appreciate it. :) Thanks for the good work you do, I appreciate websites like yours to help me with fact checking." ~M. Gasero
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