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~Last update 8/1/2020


July 2020

***During the month of JUL, there were 244 OBITs and 1 DOC posted to this website.

May & Jun 2020

***During the month of MAY, there were 199 OBITs and 22 BIOs [most with a photo] posted to the Sioux County IAGenWeb site. Fabulous History!

***During the month of JUN, there were 152 OBITs and 2 DOCs posted to this website.

April 2020

*** Photos-People -- Alexander Johnson & Family Bio page now added. Thanks to Wilma VandeBerg for all the research & transcription with/pics.

***ALSO take note of Wilma's research & BIOs added to BIO board on this website!

* * * During the month of APRIL, there were 350 OBITs and 15 BIOs posted to this website! "FANTASTIC ACCOMPLISHMENT!"


March 2020

*** Churches topic -- Added : Methodist Church, Ireton, Iowa

* * * During the month of MAR, there were 291 OBITs and 5 BIOs posted to this website!

February 2020

*** Military topic -- Introducing the Vietnam War Vets page/s -- Cpl. Terry "Mike" Westergard. Thanks to volunteer Marjorie Brunsting for sharing.

* * * Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa -- Vintage postcard from the David Shedlock collection

* * * Hosper's Iowa First Telephone Operator -- Miss Angeline "Angie" Langenhorst

* * * During the month of FEB there were 361 OBITs & 2 BIOs posted to the Sioux County Obits board. "Great Job!"

January 2020

*** Hawarden High School Senior Class Rosters 1910-1912 - Complete Record transcribed & posted to this website by Linda Ziemann, Co. Coordinator

* * * During the month of JAN, there were 260 OBITs posted to the Sioux County Obits board.

October - December 2019

***During the month of DEC, there were 325 OBITs posted to this website.

***During the month of NOV, there were 185 OBITs posted to this website.

***During the month of OCT, there were 311 OBITs posted to this website.

***October 2019-- Sioux County PASSED IAGenWeb Fall Review time!

September 2019

***[Complete Record] of Perkins Christian School history now posted--Original text transcription by L. Ziemann with History and Photos submitted by former teacher, Mrs. Krommendyk. ~Thanks to the GSCGS for providing the materials for transcription & posting!

***During the month of Sept, there were 283 OBITs posted to this website.

June & July & August 2019

***During the month of August, there were 214 OBITs and 1 DOC posted to this website.

***During July, there were 119 OBITs and 2 BIOs posted to this website.

***During the month of June, there were 234 OBITs posted to this website.

May 2019

*** An 1896 YesterYear Cold Case--Unsolved Murder Transcription by Wilma VandeBerg

***During the month of May, there were 427 OBITs and 2 BIOs posted.

April 2019

***In April 2019-- Sioux County PASSED IAGenWeb SPRING Review time!

***During April there were 350 OBITS & 2 BIOS posted to this website.


Researcher Comments About This Website

"Again...many, many thanks to you and all of your volunteers for their great work....the best in Iowa!!" ~Deb E.
"Just a couple of comments re: J.J. Baker's parents' names... (they are my great-great-grandparents) -I've seen his father listed as John D. A. Baker in a Ypsilanti, MI census where Julius John was born. And, his mother's full maiden name was Hulda Adelia Hubbard. Thanks for posting and saving obits so people like me can find them! ~Best regards, M. Taylor"
"I do want to tell you that adding the obits to your site is such a wonderful tool for genealogists.  I wish the other states had a site as excellent as what yours is.  I have visited many of the genweb sites but yours is the BEST.  I thank you for that your work is appreciated by more of us than you could know." ~ G.G.
"This IaGenWeb site is great.  It has been tremendously helpful in my genealogy research." ~C. Family History
"No problem! I'm glad I could help and that you appreciate it. :) Thanks for the good work you do, I appreciate websites like yours to help me with fact checking." ~M. Gasero
Digital Preservation Specialist
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