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September 2016

***During the month of September, there were 242 OBITS posted to the Obituary Board on this website.

August 2016

***During this past month of August, there were an additional 423 OBITS posted on this website. FANTASTIC work to all who helped accomplish this task! An awesome job. So much history for Sioux County Researchers to find!

July 2016

***During the month of JULY, there were 260 OBITS & 2 DOCS posted to the Boards on this website.

June 2016

***Complete Record Set: 1911 County Rural Teacher List & Town School Teachers now posted--from the Alton Democrat, October 28, 1911

***During the month of JUNE there were 268 OBITS posted to the Obituary Board on this website.

May 2016

***During the month of May there were 199 OBITS posted to the Obituary Board on this website.

April 2016

***During April there were 342 OBITS posted to the Obituary Board on this website. Great job of posting sent out to all those who helped with this effort!

***In April 2016-- Sioux County PASSED IAGenWeb SPRING Review time!

March 2016

***Wilma VandeBerg found and shared her transcription of an 1872 newspaper, which covered an interesting and vivid description of the early days of East Orange (which later became Alton.) Thanks to Wilma for sharing this. Look for the1872 news item on the following page: East Orange, under the topic of TOWNSHIPS.

***During the month of March, an additional 341 OBITS were transcribed and posted to the corresponding board on this web site. One DOC was also posted in March.

February 2016

***A family page is now posted of photographs submitted by researcher, Jeff Jahn. Beautiful photos for the Henry Mueller and WilhelminaOstermann Mueller family. Check out the link and thanks to Jeff for sharing this history!! Fabulous!

***During the month of February, there were 293 additional obits posted to the OBITS board--Also, One DOC and One BIO. Good work, Everyone.

January 2016

***Complete Record Set of 1910 County School Teachers Thanks to volunteer Wilma VB, for transcribing and sharing this list of names for the Town and Township Teachers of the year 1910.

***During the first month of this year, JAN, there were 346 OBITS added to the Obits board on this website. And there were also 13 BIOS typed up and added to the Bios Board. The Year 2016 is off to a fantastic start. Thanks to the ever diligent volunteers and researchers who share and add these bits of history for all to see!! Keep up the great work effort! You are certainly appreciated!!

***In the month of January 2016*** The number of OBITS posted reached and surpassed the amount posted right now--which is 30,251***

December 2015

***During December there were 318 OBITS posted -- What a great effort by all who have shared their time and willingness to keep posting this history for Sioux researchers to find.

November 2015

***During the month of November, there were 309 additional obituaries posted to the OBITS board on this web site. Despite the busyness of this Holiday month, the obits kept coming in. Thanks to all who have labored consistently to make this happen. The TOTAL of Obituaries posted at this moment is (DRUM ROLL, please):

29,602 ----and counting!

October 2015

***During the month of October, there were 447 additional obituaries posted to the OBITS board; also one DOC was posted. Everyone did a great job of submitting this history! Thanks again for all the volunteers helping with this endeavor!!

***In October -- Sioux County PASSED IAGenWeb FALL Review time!


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