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Shelby County


1875 Shelby County Map

Clay Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Armentrout, Geo.Section 5FarmerRichland County, Ohio1872Elkhorn
Baird, JohnSection 16FarmerGrayson Co., Kentucky1842Walnut
Brigham, G. F. Section 16 Farmer Newark, New Jersey 1869 Marne
Jenson, Prof. H. Section 12 Magician Denmark 1869 Elkhorn
Kenworthy, Ellslin   Farmer Cedar County, Iowa 1842 Walnut
Perkins, L. H. Section 10 Farmer Montreal, Canada East 1870 Elkhorn
Porter, M. H. Section 20 Farmer Yorkshire, England 1874 Walnut
Peterson, Peter I.   Farmer N. Schleswig, Denmark 1873 Walnut
Reeves, R. H.   Farmer Guernsey County, Ohio 1858 Walnut
Willmarth, A. C. Section 15 Farmer Ashtabula County, Ohio 1867 Walnut
Winters, T. W. Section 14 Farmer Jefferson County, N. Y. 1867 Walnut

Douglas Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Buckman, A. N. Section 18 Supt. of Schools Buck County,  Pa. 1868 Harlan
Douglas, E. Section 31 Farmer Delaware Co.,  N. Y. 1867 Harlan
Harris, J. C. Section 36 Farmer Tuscarawas Co., Ohio 1865 Harlan
Kimball, C. J. Section 10 Farmer Lawrenceburg, Ind. 1865 Harlan
Peerman, T. F. Section 21 Farmer Campbell County, Va. 1868 Harlan
Wyland, T. J. Section 36 Farmer Elkhart Co., Indiana 1861 Harlan
Young, Wm. Section 10 Farmer Washington Co., Pa. 1869 Harlan

Fairview Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Beckley, Horace Section 9 Farmer, & Co. Super. Otsego Co., New York 1873 Avoca
Bunge, John Section 32 Farmer Hanover, Germany 1871 Avoca
Bunnell, B. L. Section 23 Farmer Portage County, Ohio 1852 Avoca
Brown, Japheth Section 35 Farmer Monmouth Co., N. J. 1870 Avoca
Curtis, Samuel R, Section 17 Farmer Warren Co., Illinois 1871 Avoca
Carter, W. A. Section 10 Farmer Wayne Co., Indiana 1838 Avoca
Caldwell, W. H. Section 9 Farmer Hancock Co., Indiana 1853 Avoca
Hayward, George Section 10 Farmer Scott County, Iowa 1838 Avoca
Johnson, Rev. A. Section 32 Farmer Ontario County, N. Y. 1865 Avoca
Jones, George H. Section 18 Farmer Belknap County, N. H. 1869 Avoca
Klauer, J. W. Section 22 Farmer Berlin, Prussia 1867 Avoca
Lee, Henry   Farmer Blount Co., Tennessee 1856 Avoca
McDonald, Thomas Section 4 Farmer Ennis, Shannon, Ireland 1867 Avoca
Ruffcorn, W. H. Section 15 Farmer Ashland County, Ohio 1857 Avoca
Scheel, August Section 80 Farmer Holstein, Germany 1853 Avoca
Schmidt, Charles Section 84 Farmer Prussia 1859 Avoca
Waterbury, Lewis Section 16 Farmer Onondaga Co., N. Y. 1845 Avoca

Greely Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Tibbett, William Section 36 Farmer Cambria County, Pa. 1868 Harlan

Grove Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Benjamin, Daniel Section 29 Farmer Terrehaute, Indiana 1859 Dunlap
Barr, Alex Section 86 Farmer Jefferson County, Pa. 1854 Shelbyville
Culver, C. C Section 18 Farmer Hartford Co., Conn. 1856 Manteno
Doyle, Michael Section 23 Farmer Wexford Co., Ireland 1846 Manteno
Ford, Robert Section 18   Gloucestershire, Eng. 1871 Manteno
Holcomb, Z. B. Section 23 Farmer Essex Co., New York 1852 Manteno
Hinkle, Joseph Section 82 Farmer North'mtn Co., Pa. 1858 Manteno
Howorth, Daniel Section 18 Farmer Lancashire, England 1854 Manteno
Holcomb, Oliver E. Section 11 Farmer Essex Co., New York 1853 Manteno
Lake, D. R. Section 16 Far-Saw Mill Vinton County, Ohio 1852 Manteno
McCord, Alex Section 10 Farmer New York, City 1846 Manteno
McIntosh, John A. Section 16 Farmer Logan Co., Kentucky 1842 Manteno
Reed, William W. Section 18 Gen'l Mdse Cheshire Co., N. H. 1850 Manteno
Tingle, William J. Section 21 Farmer Guernsey Co., Ohio 1870 Manteno
Young, John Section 11 Farmer Jackson Co., Tenn. 1860 Manteno

Harlan Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Bayer, F. A. Harlan Physician Livingston Co., N. Y. 1868 Harlan
Bishop, H. M. Harlan Drayman Otsego County, N. Y. 1864 Harlan
Billeter, P. Section 8 Farmer Grant County, Ky. 1856 Harlan
Barton, Merrills Section 9 Farmer Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 1864 Harlan
Baugh, Harmon Section 8 Farmer Fayette County, Ohio 1858 Harlan
Booth, N. Section 9 Farmer London, England 1871 Harlan
Baugh, W. L. Section 8 Farmer Fayette County, Ohio 1858 Harlan
Cass, R. Harlan Architect and Builder Chautauqua County, New York 1854 Harlan
Chichester, E. Jr. Section 6 Farmer Suffolk County, N. Y. 1870 Harlan
Cadwell, T. J. Section 10 Farmer & Stock Dealer Hancock County, Indiana 1853 Harlan
Chance, W. P. Section 19 Farmer Grant County, Indiana 1853 Harlan
Chatburn, J. W. Harlan Flouring Mill England 1850 Harlan
DeSilva, J. W. Harlan Attorney at Law Schoharie Co., N. Y. 1869 Harlan
Davis, W. J. Section 19 Farmer Portage County, Ohio 1860 Harlan
Dickinson, H. A. Section 8 Farmer Kent County, England 1865 Harlan
Frost, L. D. Harlan Drugs, Groc' and Notions Monroe County, Ohio 1858 Harlan
Forrest, James Section 19 Farmer Meigs County, Ohio 1875 Harlan
Griffith, W. H, Harlan Carpenter and Builder Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1852 Harlan
Gish, David Section 3 Farmer and Physician Roanoke County, Virginia 1858 Harlan
Gish, J. P. Section 2 Farmer Roanoke County, Va. 1858 Harlan
Goodyear, B. W. Section 27 Farmer Elkhart Co., Indiana 1860 Harlan
Graves, Horace Section 24 Farmer Jo Daviess Co., Illinois 1869 Harlan
Holcomb, A. F. Section 18 Recorder La Grange Co., Ind. 1870 Harlan
Holcomb, H. C. Section 7 Deputy Auditor Essex Co., New York 1853 Harlan
Humphreys, J. B. Section 4 Farmer Carter Co., Tennessee 1853 Harlan
Jackson, Joseph Harlan Harlan House Columbiana Co., Ohio 1854 Harlan
Long, J. M. Section 18 Farmer Shelby Co., Kentucky 1856 Harlan
Louis, J. H. Harlan County Auditor Union County, Pa. 1866 Harlan
Longcor, P. H. Harlan Shoes, Harness Groceries Athens County, Ohio 1855 Harlan
Mastick, B. B. Harlan Ag.  Implements Geauga County, Ohio 1870 Harlan
Miles, John T. Section 11 Farmer Chester County, Pa. 1871 Harlan
Miller, J. J. Section 13 Farmer Germany 1857 Harlan
McIntosh, F. H. Harlan Ed. & Pub. of the "Hearld" Blair County, Pennsylvania 1852 Harlan
Nance, F. M. Harlan Furniture and Undertaking Floyd County, Indiana 1864 Harlan
Newby, James Section 17 Farmer Pasquotank County, North Carolina 1866 Harlan
Polling, Martin Section 24 Farmer Barbour Co., West Va. 1842 Harlan
Ross, George D. Harlan Livery, County Clerk, Mdse Jefferson County, New York 1872 Harlan
Stutsman, J. B. Harlan General Mdse Montgomery Co., Oh. 1848 Harlan
Stamm, A. N. Harlan  Deputy Sheriff & Nursery Columbia County, Pennsylvania 1852 Harlan
Sunderland, L. D. Section 4 Farmer Fayette County, Ohio 1842 Harlan
   Stutzman, Jacob Section 23 Farmer Wayne County, Ohio 1856 Harlan
Swinehart, George Section 12 Farmer Summit County, Ohio 1857 Harlan
Smith, R. M. Harlan Physician & Surgeon Coshocton Co., Ohio 1865 Harlan
Wood, H. L. Section 18 Ed. & Pub. of the "Record" Fairfield County, Connecticut 1865 Harlan
Wyland, C. J. Harlan County Treas' and Farmer Elkhart County, Indiana 1861 Harlan
Wyland, D. M. Harlan Real Estate Elkhart Co., Indiana 1861 Harlan
Wyland, William Harlan General Mdse Mercer County, Ohio 1856 Harlan
Wood, Thomas Harlan General Mdse Fairfield Co., Conn. 1865 Harlan
Worts, D. C. Harlan State Agent of Bible Society Cumberland County, Pennsylvania 1857 Harlan
Wyland, S. Section 26 Farmer Elkhart Co., Indiana 1870 Harlan
Wyland, Wash. Section 34 Farmer, Co. Surveyor Mercer County, Ohio 1857 Harlan

Jackson Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Boyd, J. R. Section 6 Farmer Charter County, Tenn. 1855 Harlan
Moore, G, A. Section 7 Farmer Appanoose Co., Iowa 1855 Harlan
Meyers, Eliab. Section 6 Farmer Waterloo County, Canada, West 1870 Harlan
McQueen, George Section 8 Farmer Carroll County, Ohio 1856 Harlan
Sweat, A. R. Section 6 Farmer Geauga County, Ohio 1845 Harlan
Sweat, L. Section 6 Farmer & Sheriff Geauga County, Ohio 1845 Harlan
Philson, J. H. Section 7 Farmer Somerset County, Pa. 1868 Harlan

Jefferson Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Bell, A. L. Section 15 Farmer Montgomery Co., N. Y. 1873 Harlan
Darling, George Section 21 Farmer Franklin County, N. Y. 1872 Harlan
Irwin, E. W. Section 31 Farmer Cambria County, Pa. 1868 Harlan
Irwin, D. S. Section 80 Farmer Cambria County, Pa. 1865 Harlan
Klingbell, G. Section 16 Farmer Berlin, Prussia 1873 Harlan

Lincoln Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Anderson, John Section 15 Farmer Fluvanna County, Va. 1870 Harlan
Bacon, William A. Section 7 Farmer Cayuga County, N. Y. 1874 Harlan
Goreham, W. M. Section 17 Farmer St Lawrence Co., N. Y. 1861 Harlan
Harvey, James Section 25 Farmer Sussex Co., England 1857 Harlan
Hathaway, T. M. Section 25 Farmer Darke County, Ohio 1865 Harlan
Hardman, J. C.   Farmer South Wales 1871 Harlan
Johnsen, J. G. Section 21 Farmer Norway 1874 Harlan
Johauesen, Martin   Farmer Norway 1869 Harlan
Livingston, A. S. Section 25 Farmer Washington Co., N. Y. 1864 Harlan
Long, J. L. Section 13 Farmer Hendricks Co., Indiana 1865 Harlan
Pool, S. G. Section 23 Farmer Delaware County, Ohio 1870 Harlan
Paulk, J. W.   Farmer Hanover, Germany 1865 Harlan
Pierce, George D,   Farmer Montgomery Co., Ind. 1857 Shelby
Ramsey, J. O. Section 36 Farmer Harford County, Md. 1873 Harlan
Soesbe, Daniel Section 22 Farmer Michigan 1839 Harlan
Stamm, E. L. Section 16 Farmer Columbia County, Pa. 1852 Harlan
Stevens, Ira Section 81 Farmer Wyoming County, N. Y. 1870 Shelby
Vaughn, E. J. Section 18 Farmer Renfrew County, C. W. 1865 Harlan
Watland, Jacob Section 17 Farmer Norway 1868 Harlan

Monroe Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Arkwright, D. C. Section 33 Farmer Preston, England 1869 Walnut
Bliss, A. P. Section 14 Farmer Mercer County, Pa. 1874 Walnut
Carmichael, N. Section 6 Farmer Argyle Co., Scotland 1870 Avoca
Clark, John M. Section 23 Farmer & Twp. Assessor Knox Co., Tennessee 1871 Walnut
Johnston, B. Section 18 Farmer St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 1851 Harlan
McClure, Samuel Section 18 Farmer Grant County, Indiana 1873 Avoca
Oakes, Thomas M. Section 18 Farmer & Blacksmith Franklin Co., Indiana 1856 Walnut
Uptegrove, Whe'lr Section 18 Farmer Yates Co., New York 1875 Walnut

Polk Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Snyder, H. M. Section 30 Farmer Berks County, Pa. 1856 Harlan
Sewell, Samuel Section 8 Farmer Martin County, Pa. 1847 Harlan

Shelby Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Collins, E. A. Section 5 Deer Ridge Stock Farm Highland County, Ohio 1871 Avoca
Campbell, J. W. Shelby Gen'l   Mdse Drugs Franklin County, Pa. 1870 Shelby
Clark, Rufus Section 13 Farmer Newburyport, Mass. 1867 Avoca
Edwards, W. E. Section 16 Farmer Cardiganshire, S. W. 1865 Shelby
Edwards, J. E. Section 16 Farmer Cardiganshire, S. W. 1865 Shelby
Heflin, S. G. Section 13 Farmer Knox County, Illinois 1872 Avoca
Harrod, H. Shelby Gen'l Mdse & P. Master Knox County, Ohio 1867 Shelby
Lawson, N. Section 4 Farmer Niagara County, N. Y. 1855 Shelby
McEwen, J. P. Shelby Farmer& Real Estate Fulton County, N. Y. 1856 Shelby
McLaughlin, C. J. Section 4 Farmer Bedford County, Pa. 1869 Shelby
Pierce, D. B. Section 4 Farmer Bedford County, Pa. 1849 Shelby

Union Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Fry, Daniel Section 14 Farmer Franklin County, Ind. 1872 Defiance
Flaugher, John C. Section 14 Farmer Washington County, Md. 1867 Defiance
McDonald, John Section 25 Farmer Donegal Co., Ireland 1870 Harlan
Spielman, J. L. Section 23 Farmer Washington County, Md. 1869 Defiance

Washington Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Calhoun, Charles Section 10 Farmer Yates County, New York 1875 Dunlap
Crandell, George Section 26 Farmer& S'tk D'lr Hancock County, Illinois 1850 Dunlap
Thompson, J. M. Section 12 Farmer Meigs County, Ohio 1869 Dunlap

Westphalia Township

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to statePost Office
Flusche, Emil Section 23 Farmer & Colony Agent Westphalia, German 1872 Westphalia
Kuhl, Joseph Section 21 Farmer Fondulac Co., Wisconsin 1856 Westphalia

Transcribed and contributed by Phyllis A. Heller (2004)