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Shelby County 1917-1922 & 1935-1939

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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Shelby County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

Abrell, Harriett Isabell Reed01 Oct. 1862Indiana20 Sept. 1939ShelbyMitten083-0108D2913
Adams, William R.01 July 1853England19 Mar. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0023D2811
Ahrenholtz, Berhard H.17 Apr. 1872Germany04 Oct. 1937ShelbyStilbranH83-0104D2846
Ahrenholtz, Walter Wesley11 Aug. 1911Iowa15 May 1918ShelbyHulsebus83-0805D2496
Ahrenkiel, Anna M.09 Sept. 1851Denmark20 Mar. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0781D2496
Ahrenkiel, Soren H.08 July 1847Denmark17 Nov. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0122D2846
Allison, Margarette02 Nov. 1846Pennsylvania04 Jul 1920ShelbyStenson83-1149D2496
Alloway, Caroline15 June 1842Pennsylvania29 Mar. 1919ShelbyGayman83-0971D2496
Alloway, George Washington23 Nov. 1835Pennsylvania13 Jun 1918ShelbyAnderson83-0818D2496
Alloway, Mary Alice08 Nov. 1909Iowa16 Dec. 1919ShelbyReddon83-1053D2496
Alpine, Marx03 Oct. 1834Germany19 Aug. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0153D2497
Altman, Joseph N.10 Dec. 1873Luxembourg26 Dec. 1918ShelbyKlepper83-0897D2496
Alwill, James Robert11 June 1865Illinois24 Apr. 1938ShelbyBellJ83-0037D2880
Alwill, Martha31 Oct. 1884Iowa07 May 1938ShelbyPerryJ83-0046D2880
Ames, Emily A.04 Oct. 1870Pennsylvania21 Nov. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0105D2777
Ames, George Franklin18 July 1866Iowa17 Apr. 1939ShelbyDye083-0050D2913
Ames, Roy15 July 1889Iowa07 Jul 1939ShelbySlates083-0079D2913
Ames, Velarah02 July 1838Ohio03 Jul 1918ShelbyRogan83-0824D2496
Andersen, Andrew Chris16 Feb. 1876Denmark07 Apr. 1939ShelbySteiner083-0047D2913
Andersen, Andrew Peter04 May 1864Denmark06 Mar. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0972D2496
Andersen, Anna11 May 1848Denmark08 Dec. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0186D2497
Andersen, Ejlert Christian24 Oct. 1866Denmark24 Dec. 1937ShelbyPetersenH83-0132D2846
Andersen, George M.24 Oct. 1890Iowa01 Aug. 1936ShelbyNielsonG83-0088D2811
Andersen, Gerta08 Dec. 1898Denmark08 Jan. 1919ShelbyJensen83-0934D2496
Andersen, Jens Peter14 Apr. 1858Denmark01 Jul 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0073D2880
Andersen, Marie31 May 1849Denmark18 Jul 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0825D2496
Andersen, Peter28 Mar. 1834Denmark30 Dec. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0898D2496
Andersen, William Henry11 Mar. 1901Iowa09 Mar. 1939ShelbyBoettger083-0030D2913
Anderson, Henry Arthur05 Oct. 1885Illinois30 Jun 1935ShelbyNeilsonF83-0065D2777
Anderson, Janet Joyce04 May 1932Iowa01 Mar. 1935ShelbyJensenF83-0042D2777
Anderson, Kary Marie16 June 1877Iowa25 Feb. 1920ShelbyAkren83-1069D2496
Anderson, Peter H.02 Oct. 1851Denmark27 Jan. 1917ShelbyAnderson83-0630D2496
Anderson, Sarah Agnes19 Dec. 1871Nebraska10 Oct. 1937ShelbyRoseH83-0105D2846
Anstine, Theodore P.28 Apr. 1843Ohio07 Jan. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1189D2496
Anthony, E.S.06 July 1854Iowa07 Aug. 1918ShelbyDonaldson83-0831D2496
Anton, Lynn Ivan13 Aug. 1939Iowa22 Sept. 1939ShelbyBrue083-0128D2913
Arentsen, Andrew13 July 1880Iowa30 Nov. 1939ShelbyAnderson083-0132D2913
Arentsen, Mary21 Sept. 1857Denmark24 Sept. 1936ShelbyNorgaardG83-0099D2811
Arkfeld, Frank H.30 Sept. 1899Iowa16 Oct. 1918ShelbyBlum83-0851D2496
Arkfeld, Magdelene25 Sept. 1863Wisconsin23 Aug. 1938ShelbyKaufmanJ83-0105D2880
Arkfeld, Mary Elizabeth15 Mar. 1902Iowa24 Apr. 1939ShelbyBlum083-0052D2913
Armstrong (Baby Boy)09 Jan. 1917Iowa09 Jan. 1917ShelbyLane83-0631D2496
Armstrong, Thressa14 Jan. 1918Iowa25 Jan. 1918ShelbyLinc83-0751D2496
Arnett, Alva Amos27 Dec. 1866Illinois11 Dec. 1938ShelbyHeroldJ83-0110D2880
Ashby, Sarah Ann25 Feb. 1850Illinois17 Feb. 1936ShelbyBarlowG83-0012D2811
Assman, Helen E.31 Oct. 1929Iowa14 Jul 1936ShelbyHusbertG83-0082D2811
Assmann, Anton15 May 1900Iowa20 Jul 1935ShelbyFahnF83-0064D2777
Atherton, H.D.29 Oct. 1846Ohio28 Feb. 1919ShelbyFranklin83-0959D2496
Atherton, Ruth11 Sept. 1850Illinois25 Dec. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0634D2496
Austin, Dean Elbert07 Feb. 1917Iowa14 Feb. 1917ShelbyEllas83-0632D2496
Austin, Fay29 Jan. 1920Iowa29 Jan. 1920ShelbyEllas83-1060D2496
Austin, Ray29 Jan. 1920Iowa29 Jan. 1920ShelbyEllas83-1061D2496
Axland, Lars J.29 Sept. 1866Norway25 Jul 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0064D2880
Babcock, Isie Irene19 May 1863Iowa23 Nov. 1938ShelbySouthwickJ83-0103D2880
Bachsen, Jackob04 Oct. 1840Germany25 Jun 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1138D2496
Baechker, Pauline22 Mar. 1846Denmark08 Dec. 1917ShelbyBoeck83-0640D2496
Baer, Charles22 Jan. 1884Pennsylvania05 Mar. 1919ShelbyMyrider83-0973D2496
Baker, LaVonne Alta21 Sept. 1937Iowa10 Feb. 1938ShelbyMertensJ83-0012D2880
Bamsey, Elizabeth McMurry01 Mar. 1842Ireland10 Apr. 1920ShelbyWoods83-1113D2496
Bandow, Albert F.23 June 1875Illinois22 Jun 1939ShelbyWhittenburg083-0067D2913
Barber, John Kniecly24 Mar. 1838Pennsylvania12 Jan. 1921ShelbyMaize83-1190D2496
Bare, John Sr.11 Aug. 1830Pennsylvania01 Jan. 1922ShelbyMiller83-0062D2497
Bargenquast, Helen09 Apr. 1911Iowa20 Jan. 1919ShelbyWendt83-0935D2496
Bargenquast, Lyle Henry15 Jan. 1933Iowa07 Dec. 1937ShelbyLaverH83-0129D2846
Barnes, Adam12 Nov. 1856Ohio26 Oct. 1936ShelbyPolingG83-0107D2811
Barnes, Emily26 Feb. 1834West Virginia02 Dec. 1919ShelbyParks83-1054D2496
Barnes, Jacob Painter03 Mar. 1868Ohio04 Aug. 1918ShelbyPoling83-0832D2496
Barratt, Bruce Barnner30 Oct. 1885Iowa02 Jul 1936ShelbySennerG83-0068D2811
Barrett, Thomas (Mrs.)10 July 1855Germany04 Apr. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0982D2496
Bartles, Eva Jane15 Nov. 1892Iowa09 Oct. 1920ShelbyMiller83-1167D2496
Bartlett, Beatrice Leona01 Aug. 1905Iowa29 Oct. 1939ShelbyCuppy083-0119D2913
Barton, Elsie Swett03 Feb. 1864Iowa13 Aug. 1938ShelbyLinsleyJ83-0077D2880
Bartrug, Jacob Eddie21 Feb. 1869West Virginia06 Dec. 1938ShelbyMittangJ83-0109D2880
Bauer, Joseph26 Aug. 1853Germany05 Jan. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0003D2811
Bauer, Marlene Jean03 Mar. 1938Iowa26 Dec. 1938ShelbyReinigeJ83-0115D2880
Bauer, Peter02 Aug. 1853Germany13 May 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1191D2496
Baughman, Hezakiah N.12 Jan. 1840Indiana18 Jan. 1917ShelbyWeil83-0635D2496
Baughman, Nancy Jane22 Aug. 1860Iowa22 Sept. 1939ShelbyLiscomb083-0097D2913
Baxter, Margret14 May 1855Indiana26 Jul 1937ShelbyRosenbachH83-0072D2846
Beard, Rhoda B.24 Sept. 1837New York24 Sept. 1922ShelbyBedell83-0158D2497
Beaty, Duke Wellington23 Feb. 1853New York10 Jul 1919ShelbyNichols83-1013D2496
Beebe, Harry A.29 Mar. 1881Iowa01 Jun 1939ShelbyStotts083-0069D2913
Beebe, Mary Jane Stotts12 Jan. 1857Missouri31 Mar. 1937ShelbyBaileyH83-0045D2846
Bell, Allen B.1865Ohio01 Apr. 1922ShelbyMcMorris83-0155D2497
Bell, Thomes14 Mar. 1825England02 Apr. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1114D2496
Bendon, D.A. Demetrus19 Jan. 1841Pennsylvania14 Jun 1922ShelbyTempler83-0130D2497
Benham, Lewis A.07 Nov. 1847Ohio03 Jul 1920ShelbyVan Horn83-1150D2496
Benson, Malinda1845Norway07 Jun 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1002D2496
Benson, Morten25 June 1844Norway05 Feb. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0766D2496
Berger, Chris M.10 Jan. 1849Denmark21 Apr. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0099D2497
Berger, Elizabeth Bowman24 Feb. 1834Ohio22 Nov. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1045D2496
Berndt, Harold Richard17 Aug. 1908Iowa25 Jul 1938ShelbyThompsonJ83-0063D2880
Bertke, Minnie Louise Escher29 Apr. 1882Iowa08 Jul 1922ShelbyGrauel83-0137D2497
Best, Eliza G.25 Oct. 1845Ohio08 May 1921ShelbyGay83-1192D2496
Best, Mary A.04 Oct. 1832Ohio05 Apr. 1922ShelbyRandall83-0165D2497
Bicker, August Sr.18 Jan. 1856Germany25 Sept. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0100D2913
Bingham, Theresia Mary11 Oct. 1834Germany07 Dec. 1918ShelbyTherroot83-0900D2496
Bittle, Stella Rubeca20 Feb. 1890Iowa10 Feb. 1918ShelbySmith83-0767D2496
Black, Edgar Lee15 Mar. 1919Iowa27 Feb. 1920ShelbyHufman83-1070D2496
Black, Gaillard Wilson15 Apr. 1917Iowa05 Sept. 1917ShelbyJohnson83-0639D2496
Blair, Louis Elmer14 June 1881Iowa19 Mar. 1938ShelbyTaylorJ83-0021D2880
Blair, Martha M.05 July 1844Iowa03 Mar. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0074D2497
Blair, Milton Edgar05 Apr. 1878Iowa20 May 1921ShelbyBufkins83-1193D2496
Blair, William29 Nov. 1826Kentucky16 Sept. 1921ShelbyAtkinson83-0016D2497
Blair, William James19 Nov. 1846Ohio03 Mar. 1936ShelbyG83-0022D2811
Blakely, Archie Beggs26 Sept. 1890Iowa26 Oct. 1939ShelbyBeggs083-0118D2913
Blakley, Charles Wineford03 Oct. 1876Iowa06 Mar. 1917ShelbyAdamson83-0637D2496
Blank duplicateShelby83-0149D2497
Block, Harold Erickson10 Nov. 1921Iowa17 May 1935ShelbyEricksonF83-0048D2777
Block, Herman28 Dec. 1867Iowa24 Mar. 1922ShelbyBolte83-0094D2497
Bloom, Keneth23 Aug. 1914Iowa12 Dec. 1921ShelbyKobolt83-0048D2497
Blum, Gerald Arthur05 Sept. 1930Iowa26 Mar. 1935ShelbyHoffmanF83-0033D2777
Blum, Mary Anna13 Jul 1932Iowa03 Sept. 1935ShelbyPauleyF83-0080D2777
Boardman, Eugene Emmerson13 Aug. 1919Iowa19 Jun 1937ShelbyStewartH83-0067D2846
Bock, Christian Fredrick Sr.06 Apr. 1859Germany07 Mar. 1939ShelbyMaket083-0033D2913
Bock, Howard Fredrick26 Mar. 1914Iowa20 Sept. 1936ShelbyChristiansenG83-0098D2811
Bocken, Henry15 Feb. 1862Germany27 Apr. 1936ShelbyWarnkeG83-0039D2811
Bocken, Josephine12 Aug. 1859Minnesota25 Jul 1938ShelbyJohnsJ83-0070D2880
Boeck, William Herman30 Dec. 1864Iowa10 Aug. 1937ShelbyScheelH83-0082D2846
Boettger, Frederik Wilhelm09 Nov. 1843Germany11 Feb. 1918ShelbySchroder83-0768D2496
Bohnk, George W.22 Feb. 1895Iowa24 Sept. 1922ShelbyPaulsen83-0166D2497
Bohnk, Hans F.04 May 1868At Sea24 Mar. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0042D2846
Book, Ernest George05 Sept. 1878Missouri09 Oct. 1919ShelbyHytecker83-1035D2496
Book, Hulda11 Jan. 1866Europe26 Nov. 1935ShelbyRahnF83-0107D2777
Book, Louisa27 Feb. 1833Germany22 Apr. 1918ShelbyBulle83-0799D2496
Book, Mary26 Aug. 1848Luxembourg19 Jan. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0752D2496
Book, Walter Joseph06 Apr. 1897Iowa22 Feb. 1937ShelbyKuhlH83-0030D2846
Boose, Nels Jorgen10 Nov. 1861Denmark07 Feb. 1935ShelbyF83-0022D2777
Booth, Ann Philips27 July 1850California08 Dec. 1936ShelbyDavisG83-0119D2811
Bornholdt, Anna Maria18 May 1875Iowa26 Apr. 1917ShelbyThomsen83-0638D2496
Bosch, Amelia30 June 1867Germany18 Jul 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0071D2811
Boucher, Steven10 Oct. 1861Illinois25 Aug. 1939ShelbyDouglas083-0093D2913
Boughn, Herbert Adams17 Dec. 1884Iowa06 Sept. 1938ShelbyAdamsJ83-0089D2880
Boyce, Lucile Kay26 Dec. 1936Iowa16 Feb. 1937ShelbyWoodardH83-0028D2846
Boyens (Baby Boy)06 Jul 1919Iowa06 Jul 1919ShelbyCarr83-1014D2496
Boysen, Andrew J.20 Mar. 1864Denmark07 Jan. 1922ShelbyGorskensen83-0067D2497
Boysen, Christine21 May 1872Denmark09 Jun 1938ShelbyBelchnerJ83-0053D2880
Boysen, John Julilus21 Nov. 1879Iowa20 Jan. 1937ShelbyHammanH83-0009D2846
Brewster, Glen George15 Sept. 1889Iowa10 Apr. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0046D2777
Bricker (Baby Boy)15 Jan. 1917Iowa22 Jan. 1917ShelbyMaharry83-0636D2496
Bricker, Melvin Le Roy29 Dec. 1917Iowa24 Sept. 1918ShelbyMaharry83-0843D2496
Brix, John08 Aug. 1886Iowa11 Nov. 1937ShelbyJorgensenH83-0119D2846
Brock, Hugh Lee03 Aug. 1888Iowa27 Mar. 1937ShelbyPerryH83-0043D2846
Brockman, Ernest Ferdinand30 Jan. 1918Iowa11 Apr. 1920ShelbyWolf83-1115D2496
Brown, Adam28 July 1865Iowa12 Jan. 1937ShelbyStoneH83-0007D2846
Brown, Charles20 Sept. 1867Illinois18 Feb. 1937ShelbyZinserH83-0026D2846
Brown, Edith Lucelle27 Sept. 1902Iowa28 Oct. 1918ShelbyPotter83-0852D2496
Brown, Elizabeth Ann20 Dec. 1848Illinois02 Jan. 1920ShelbyRidgway83-1062D2496
Brown, Fred Floyd07 Apr. 1904Iowa26 Sept. 1921ShelbySmithers83-0019D2497
Brown, Ida L.03 Nov. 1878Illinois08 Apr. 1936ShelbyBurgeG83-0025D2811
Brown, Louis Arthur16 Oct. 1873Iowa10 Jul 1935ShelbyFrazeyF83-0063D2777
Brown, Rachel05 Jan. 1839Pennsylvania21 Dec. 1920ShelbyLyon83-1181D2496
Bruck, Charia Julia04 Apr. 1920Iowa04 Apr. 1920ShelbyWindeshansen83-1116D2496
Bruck, Margaret28 Jan. 1868Luxembourg19 Apr. 1937ShelbyVogenH83-0047D2846
Brugge, Marie E.02 Sept. 1864Germany18 May 1937ShelbyHasptH83-0057D2846
Buch, Elizabeth29 Apr. 1879Iowa30 Oct. 1939ShelbyWehr083-0120D2913
Buch, John N.14 Oct. 1870Iowa31 Aug. 1938ShelbyLeuckJ83-0082D2880
Buch, Nick M.20 Feb. 1866Iowa01 Aug. 1935ShelbyLeuckF83-0073D2777
Bucham, Jane E.26 Apr. 1844England10 Jun 1935ShelbyBurtonF83-0055D2777
Buckley, Annie E.27 Oct. 1873Iowa14 Apr. 1921ShelbyThompson83-1194D2496
Buckley, Margret18 Dec. 1843Pennsylvania22 Feb. 1921ShelbyAmbrose83-1196D2496
Buckley, Timothy John12 Nov. 1919Iowa19 Mar. 1920ShelbyHannan83-1101D2496
Buckley, Timothy Sr.04 Mar. 1832Ireland28 Feb. 1918ShelbyRiordan83-0769D2496
Buckly, Cathrine V.31 May 1880Ohio22 Feb. 1921ShelbyKennedy83-1195D2496
Buman, John15 Dec. 1880Iowa24 Nov. 1939ShelbyButcher083-0125D2913
Buman, Ludvig22 July 1854Germany23 Jun 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0057D2880
Burck, Katherina05 Sept. 1857Luxembourg14 Mar. 1939ShelbyVoger083-0025D2913
Burger, Walter08 May 1885Kansas04 Mar. 1919ShelbyHoosier83-0974D2496
Buss, Elizabeth31 Dec. 1857Illinois23 May 1918ShelbyGriffin83-0782D2496
Buss, Hattie23 Aug. 1880Iowa17 Jul 1922ShelbyPerry83-0134D2497
Buss, John Thomas16 July 1855Wisconsin22 Dec. 1936ShelbyJonesG83-0122D2811
Butts, Elizabeth06 Mar. 1836Ohio16 Dec. 1919ShelbyEnglish83-1055D2496
Byers, Eliza Ann25 Feb. 1850South Carolina07 Nov. 1919ShelbyLee83-1046D2496
Byers, Robert M.27 Nov. 1842Georgia26 Jun 1920ShelbyBurch83-1139D2496

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