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Scott County Probates and Wills



            This index contains probate records which are available on microfilm at the Davenport Public Library and through the Family History Centers. Two types of wills are included in this index: Prowills and Codewills. Prowills refer to probate packets, which contain information about the decedentís heirs and property distribution. Codewills are wills that were filed at the Scott County Courthouse for safekeeping, but were never probated.        


Testator                                               Case No.  Will Type

Yancey                W P Jr                           11849     Prowill
Yarrow                Carl                             12123     Codewill
Yarwood               Rcahel                           1175      Prowill
Yocum                 James                            3138      Prowill
Yocum                 Lydia E                          11674     Prowill
Yocum                 Mary J                           6172      Prowill
Yocum                 William                          4061      Prowill
Yohn                  Samuel B                         7265      Prowill
Yost                  Frederick                        10947     Prowill
Yost                  Rose                             12318     Codewill
Youmans               James                            3833      Prowill
Young                 David                            24650     Codewill
Young                 John B                           9115      Prowill
Young                 William                          13956     Prowill
Young                 William F                        875       Prowill

Zabel                 Wilhelmine                       10481     Prowill
Zarrahn               Carl                             4095      Prowill
Zebley                Ester B                          1773      Prowill
Zernechel             Fred                             11765     Prowill
Ziebarth              Carl                             16107     Codewill
Zierdt                Frederica                        1857      Prowill
Zimmerman             Carolina                         13647     Prowill
Zimmerman             Henry Christopher                15762     Codewill
Zimmerman             Johann C F                       9435      Prowill
Zimmerman             Lillie B                         4065      Prowill
Zimmerman             William Christian Friderich      18163     Codewill
Zimmerman             Laura                            7180      Prowill
Zindel                John R                           12209     Prowill
Zirngibl              Theresa (Spieler, Theresa)       5496      Prowill
Zoeckler              Bruno                            16219     Codewill
Zoeckler              Caroline                         14373     Codewill
Zoeckler              Charles Frederick                14258     Codewill
Zoeckler              John I                           6216      Prowill
Zogg                  John                             2493      Prowill
Zoller                Amalie                           6084      Prowill
Zoller                August                           13559     Prowill
Zoller                George F                         8891      Prowill
Zoller                Rosina                           8569      Prowill
Zornig                Jacob Frederick                  9556      Prowill
Zschiesche            August                           14087     Prowill
Zuber                 John                             1182      Prowill
Zurcher               Ulrich                           8305      Prowill

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