sc_leafPROBATE and WILLS 1835-1928

      Transcribed by Elaine Rathmann

This index contains probate records which are available on microfilm at the Davenport Public Library and through the Family History Centers. Two types of wills are included in this index: Prowills and Codewills. Prowills refer to probate packets, which contain information about the decedentís heirs and property distribution. Codewills are wills that were filed at the Scott County Courthouse for safekeeping, but were never probated.

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Testator or Main Party Will Type Case Number
O'Brien, Agnes L. Prowill 9652
O'Brien, Bridget E. Prowill 10196
O'Brien, Catharine Prowill 2749
O'Brien, Christopher Prowill 7490
O'Brien, Cornelius F. Codewill 22951
O'Brien, John Prowill 8945
O'Brien, Margaret Prowill 3749
O'Brien, Martin P. Prowill 6673
O'Brien, Mary Prowill 4313
O'Brien, Michael D. Prowill 6488
O'Brien, Nellie Prowill 13413
O'Brien, Peter Prowill 6453
O'Brien, Sarah Prowill 6259
O'Brien, Thomas Prowill 3860
O'Connell, Anthony Prowill 11897
O'Conner, John J. Codewill 11220
O'Connor, Edward J. Prowill 9298
O'Connor, Elizabeth Prowill 12157
O'Connor, Michael Codewill 15658
O'Connor, Stephen Prowill 12144
O'Connor, T. J. Prowill 10946
O'Dea, Bridget Prowill 5182
O'Dea, Patrick Prowill 5028
O'Donnel, James Prowill 6644
O'Hern, Al F. Prowill 11246
O'Keefe, Catherine Prowill 5538
O'Meara, Thomas Prowill 4989
O'Neil, Louise Codewill 21478
O'Neil, Winifred (Bernard)† Prowill 2940
O'Shaughnessey, Annie Codewill 7603
O'Shaughnessy, Patrick Codewill 11595
O'Shea, Cornelius Codewill 19294
Oakes, William P. Prowill 2275
Ochs, Estelle L. Codewill 18600
Ochs, Francis Prowill 3025
Ochs, Harold Arthur Codewill 16524
Ochs, Henrietta Prowill 1805
Ochs, Jette Prowill 3153
Ochs, Joseph Prowill 7726
Ochs, Lippmann Prowill 2280
Ochs, Louis† Prowill 247
Ochs, Louis A. Prowill 7230
Ochershausen, George F. Prowill 10988
Odell, Mary A. Prowill 2842
Odgers, Ella E. Codewill 22610
Odgers, John H. Prowill 9392
Oelkers, Theodore Prowill 7212
Oelkers, Wilhelmine Prowill 7538
Oelkers, Wilhelmina Prowill 6573
Oerman, William Prowill 5022
Oetzmann, Claus Prowill 3905
Oetzmann, Jurgen Prowill 3568
Offermann, Adolph Prowill 13094
Offermann, Dorathea (John) Prowill 6879
Ogden, John B. Prowill 10693
Ogden, Thomas J.† Codewill 21317
Ogle, Mary Jane Prowill 12283
Ohm, John Frederich Prowill 6905
Oldenburg, Dorathea Prowill 6722
Oldenburg, Frederick Prowill 5086
Oldsen, Hans Nicolaus Prowill 5059
Oldsen, Heinrich Codewill 10695
Olinger, Carl A. Codewill 21795
Oliver, Albourne Prowill 2204
Oliver, Margaret Mary Prowill 2559
Olsen, Henry Prowill 6281
Olshausen, John J. Prowill 2973
Oltzen, John J. Prowill 6219
Oman, Ernest Codewill left blank
Orendorff, Amelia Prowill 7126
Orendorff, W. J. Prowill 8517
Orr, Ann E. Prowill 11292
Orth, Anna Louise Prowill 930
Osbar, Carl (Charles) Prowill 2895
Osbar, Fred Prowill 9917
Osbar, Hans Prowill 6641
Osbar, Margaretha Prowill 2537
Osbar, Ottillie (Hans) Prowill 2935
Osborn, George Prowill 6726
Osborn, Margaret J. Codewill 14318
Osborn, Marietta Prowill 8846
Osborn, Nelson L. Prowill 6070
Osborn, Lars J. Prowill 9632
Oslund, Lars J. Prowill 9632
Ott, Catharine Prowill 10569
Ott, Edward Prowill 13539
Ott, Herman R. Prowill 10529
Ott, Hinrich Prowill 3032
Otten, John H. Prowill 11054
Otten, Joseph Prowill 3478
Ottesen, Otto Prowill 5806
Otto, Anna Catharina Prowill 7309
Otto, Anna Catherine Codewill 7309
Otto, Charles A. Prowill 5646
Otto, Johann Adolph Edvard Prowill 7061
Otto, John A. Prowill 2151
Otto, Luisa Prowill 9102
Otto, Luisa† Prowill 9102
Otto, P. Th. Walter Prowill 5723
Overdieck, Elise Prowill 7663
Overdieck, Gustav L. F. Prowill 1391
Owen, Charles Prowill 11087
Owen, W. E. Prowill 12279
Owens, Hermann Prowill 7120
Owens, Thomas J. Prowill 8273
Oze, Hans Prowill 1594
Ozias, Charity J. Prowill 11453

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