sc_leafPROBATE and WILLS 1835-1928

      Transcribed by Elaine Rathmann

This index contains probate records which are available on microfilm at the Davenport Public Library and through the Family History Centers. Two types of wills are included in this index: Prowills and Codewills. Prowills refer to probate packets, which contain information about the decedentís heirs and property distribution. Codewills are wills that were filed at the Scott County Courthouse for safekeeping, but were never probated.

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Testator or Main Party Will Type Case Number
Nabstedt, Jacob Prowill 11808
Nabstedt, Katie Codewill 18987
Nabstedt, Martin E. Prowill 8440
Nadler, Frank Prowill 6893
Naeckel, Chas. Prowill 9246
Naeve, Frederick Sr. Prowill 6808
Naeve, Jurgen Prowill 806
Nagel, Calra M. Codewill 24522
Nagel, Henry Sr. Prowill 6825
Nagel, Isidor Prowill 12215
Nagel, John Jacob Prowill 10469
Nagel, Louise Prowill 2487
Nagel, Reimer Prowill 12256
Nagle, James Prowill 3883
Nagle, Mary A. (aka Doyle) Codewill 10621
Nagle, William Prowill 3446
Nahrgang, Anton Prowill 1294
Nares, Frank Codewill 24737
Nason, Harriet A. Prowill 7052
Navin, R. D.† Prowill 10512
Nay, James Prowill 783
Nazaremus, Catherine (aka Brendel) Prowill 10950
Neal, Louise Ada Prowill 13754
Nebendahl, J. Detlef Prowill 4089
Nebendahl, Mina Prowill 5664
Nebergall, Felicity B. Prowill 9158
Neelson, Claus Henry Prowill 7576
Neeskern, Charles Prowill 13409
Neibert, George Prowill 6187
Neiffer, Mary A. Prowill 11269
Neil, James Prowill 6134
Neil, Mary Ann Prowill 5209
Neil, Robert A. Prowill 7520
Neils, William D. Prowill 13945
Nelson, Alex F. Codewill 24787
Nelson, Emma M. Codewill 20286
Nelson, George D. Prowill 13162
Nelson, Mary L. Prowill 12017
Nelson, Nels W. Codewill 15210
Nesbit, Rebecca H. Prowill 6209
Nesbit, William A. Prowill 2291
Neubert, Elise Prowill 7676
Neuenhaus, GerhardMary L. Prowill 9364
Neufeld, Conrad Prowill 2343
Neuhaus, Mary L. Prowill 9955
Neuman, George F. Prowill 5818
Neuman, Louise Prowill 6173
Neumann, Emily N. Codewill 15239
Neumeister, Fred J. Prowill 10089
Neumiller, Peter Prowill 3757
Neuwirth, Ignatz Prowill 4555
Newbern, Horace K. Prowill 5285
Newberry, Cornelius L. Prowill 3303
Newbold, Edward Prowill 3355
Newcomb, Patience Viele Prowill 3182
Newell, Nettie B Prowill 13085
Newill, W. A. Codewill 15952
Newhouse, Elizabeth Prowill 9313
Newhouse, William Prowill 4362
Newman, Birstal Codewill 15211
Nichols, Jno. Prowill 799
Nichols, Oscar P. Prowill 7678
Nickels, Anna Caroline Prowill 10751
Nickels, Fritz Prowill 9365
Nickels, Wilhelm Ludwig Eduard Prowill 7224
Nicklaus, John Henry Prowill 6928
Niebuhr, Earl W. Codewill 19432
Nielandt, Henrich Prowill 7398
Niels, Jennie Prowill 10061
Nielsen, Charlie Walderman Codewill 18146
Nielsen, Chris Prowill 13255
Nielsen, Jens Codewill 17654
Nielsen, Marie Anna Prowill 11544
Niemann, Harry Paul Codewill 14535
Nienstedt, William Codewill 22679
Niesch, Heinrich Prowill 6297
Nissen, Gertrude Prowill 6032
Nissen, Hans Prowill 6165
Nissen, Margaretha Prowill 12706
Nissen, Paul Christian Prowill 2598
Nixon, Eliza Codewill 10692
Noble, Aron A. Prowill 10401
Noble, Carolina (Caroline A.) Prowill 14060
Noble, Lewis C. F. Prowill 795
Noble, Revilo Prowill 869
Noe, Marsh Prowill 6895
Noel, Adam Prowill 885
Noel, John T. Prowill 8370
Noll, August Prowill 11213
Noonan, Michael Prowill 5790
Nordengren, Fred Prowill 12539
Norgorat, Alfed Frederick Codewill 18962
Norgordt, Sam Prowill 9271
Norling, Anna C. Prowill 11875
Norton, Nell H. Codewill 16302
Norval, Agnes (see French, Agnes) Prowill 8525
Noth, Theresa Prowill 7844
Noth, Wilhelmina Prowill 13950
Nott, Robert H. Prowill 10780
Nottingham, Ellen M. Prowill 7630
Nugent, David Prowill 11238
Nugent, Minna Prowill 13466
Numsen, Henry C. Jr. Prowill 5026
Nutting, Della M. Prowill 9523
Nutting, Grant H. Prowill 8589
Nutting, Ida E. Prowill 2621
Nutting, Martha Prowill 7197
Nutting, William Prowill 953
Nuzum, John Prowill 803
Nuzum, Nancy Prowill 6201

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