sc_leafPROBATE and WILLS 1835-1928

      Transcribed by Elaine Rathmann

This index contains probate records which are available on microfilm at the Davenport Public Library and through the Family History Centers. Two types of wills are included in this index: Prowills and Codewills. Prowills refer to probate packets, which contain information about the decedentís heirs and property distribution. Codewills are wills that were filed at the Scott County Courthouse for safekeeping, but were never probated.

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Testator or Main Party Will Type Case Number
Abbott, Carrie W. Prowill 12451
Abbott, Robert M. Prowill 10802
Abel, Bertha Prowill 6534
Abeln, Bernhard Heinrich Prowill 3149
Abeln, Joseph Prowill 13636
Aberle, John B. Prowill 2710
Aberle, John S. Prowill 6083
Abey, Alice L. Codewill 22439
Abrahamson, Olaf Prowill 10032
Abt, Adam Prowill 3291
Ackerman, Agnes Francisca (see Muth, Agnes F.) Prowill 6994
Ackerman, Henry Prowill 10170
Ackley, Jacob Prowill 6906
Ackley, John S. Prowill 2232
Adam, Ernst Prowill 9565
Adams, Catharine B. Prowill 13249
Adams, Clarence E. Prowill 11805
Adams, Eliza Prowill 8508
Adams, Gault Fleming Prowill 11247
Adams, Mary P. Prowill 7790
Adams, Rosalie Mae Prowill 13535
Adams, Ruth B. Codewill 14935
Adams, Walker Prowill 2627
Adamson, Fred Prowill 12246
Ade, Esther Prowill 1986
Ade, John Prowill 245
Ade, Joseph Prowill 5310
Ade, Maria M. Prowill 8447
Ade, Sarah M. Prowill 13760
Ade, Sophia F. Prowill 6111
Ade, William Prowill 6565
Adolphson, Anna Prowill 5985
Aeuckens, Ottlie Prowill 3915
Ahrens, Detlef Prowill 2062
Ahrens, Guy T. Prowill 10619
Ahrens, John Prowill 11698
Ahrens, Peter Prowill 5289
Ahrens, Rudolph T. Codewill 19796
Ahrensdorf, Christian M. Prowill 10220
Aim, Johanna Prowill 13336
Albers, Nick Prowill 6674
Alberti, Rudolph Prowill 4366
Albrecht, Nicholas Prowill 6674
Albrecht, Otto Prowill 5645
Albrecht, Otto Jr. Prowill 3802
Alex, Ernestine Prowill 8810
Alexander, John H. Prowill 6519
Alford, E. D. Prowill 2696
Allan, John B. Prowill 4
Allars, Lizzie L. Prowill 13921
Allemann, Anna Prowill 7
Allemann, George Prowill 6
Allen, Ebenezer Prowill 7226
Allen, Elbridge Gerry Prowill 3198
Allen, Georgia Prowill 10439
Allen, Joseph G. Prowill 3409
Allen, Lewis Prowill 9
Allen, Nora Prowill 3867
Allen, William L. Prowill 14009
Allison, D. M. Prowill 7837
Alt, Catharine Prowill 11347
Altman, Mary Frances Prowill 10909
Altmann, James S. Prowill 9721
Alvord, Aruba Prowill 6381
Alvord, Clarinda Prowill 3060
Ames, Emma Codewill 10180
Amlong, Mary Codewill 16894
Amory, George F. Prowill 13
Anders, H. O. Sr. Prowill 13141
Andersen, Anna (see Hintz, Anna) Prowill 12747
Andersen, Carsten Prowill 9907
Andersen, Jens Krumpeter Prowill 5815
Andersen, Johann Prowill 5642
Anderson, Alex L. Prowill 11492
Anderson, Andrew (see Andreson, Andrew) Prowill 11023
Anderson, John H. Prowill 8388
Anderson, John T. Prowill 11064
Anderson, Justina Codewill 24214
Anderson, Priscilla Prowill 9257
Anderson, S. G. Prowill 12495
Andre, Lucy Carney Codewill 16865
Andreas, Elizabeth Prowill 5169
Andresen, Andreas Christian Prowill 11122
Andresen, H. H. Prowill 6240
Andresen, Ingeburg Prowill 5203
Andresen, Juergen Prowill 12518
Andresen, Ludwig M. Prowill 2192
Andreson, Andrew (see Anderson, Andrew) Prowill 11023
Andress, Roderick Prowill 6160
Andrews, Elizabeth B. Prowill 19678
Andrews, Emaline S. Prowill 10902
Andrews, Margaretha Wiese Prowill 8196
Andrews, Mary C. Prowill 10578
Anken, David Prowill 6788
Ankerson, Paul P. Prowill 13491
Annable, John Prowill 7407
Appel, Louise Prowill 13069
Armil, George F. (Gertrude) Codewill 14546
Armil, Henry B. Prowill 6399
Armil, Robert Taylor Prowill 13672
Armil, William Prowill 7721
Armil, Jesse Prowill 7394
Armitage, George Henry Prowill 6438
Armstrong, Benjamin Prowill 25
Armstrong, Rachel B. Prowill 2116
Arnold, E. S. Prowill 7257
Arnould, Julius J. Prowill 12280
Arp, Catharina Codewill 18968
Arp, Detlef Prowill 5756
Arp, Dora Prowill 3868
Arp, Ernst C. Prowill 11167
Arp, H. B. Prowill 13256
Arp, Henry Prowill 6668
Arp, Henry C. Prowill 1158
Arp, Hinrich Prowill 12945
Arp, Timm Prowill 3045
Arthur, William Clarence Codewill 13147
Asbahr, Hans Prowill 6145
Asbahr, Juergen Prowill 2775
Aschermann, Ferdinand Prowill 7356
Ashby, Julia Prowill 13153
Ashford, Frank Gilbert Prowill D6757
Ashford, Joseph W. Prowill 7066
Ashford, Lottie, (see Kuehl, Lottie) Prowill 11586
Ashford, Margaret L. Prowill 11284
Ashford, Walter N. Prowill 12937
Ashton, Lydia Ann Prowill 3593
Asmus, Frederick Prowill 4417
Asplund, Luther E. Codewill 20425
Ast, Franklyn C. Codewill 20657
Ast, Hinrig (aka Henry) Prowill 9314
Atherton, Israel Prowill 30
Atkinson, Charles Prowill 1137
Atkinson, Ellen Codewill 14961
Atkinson, Mary R. Prowill 2563
Atkinson, W. O. Codewill 13830
Auerochs, Mary E. Prowill 3781
Aufderheide, B. F. Prowill 11322

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