ED. Ralph W. Cram. Davenport, Iowa: Scott Co. Council of National Defense.

The Nurses

.....The following record is furnished for this volume by Miss Clara L.Craine, Chairman of the Red Cross Enrollment Committee:

Wilhelmina Hohnsbeen, Camp Grant, Ill., France, and with Army of Occupation at Coblenz, Germany; in service eighteen months

Bernadine Wirtz, Camp Lewis, Wash., France; in service fourteen months.

Olive Whitlock, Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas, France; in service fourteen months.

Hildegaard Anderson, Camp Travis, Texas, France; in service fifteen months.

Agnes Puck, Fort Logan Roots,France; still in service

Alma Hartz, stationed at Athens, Greece; entered service Octorber 1918.

Grace Van Evers, France.

Elizabeth Weiman, France (deceased); in service eighteen months.

Bessie Whitaker, Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas, France; in service fourteen months.

Martha Stokley, Camp Custer, France.

Cora Beiver, service in France; Bessie Baldwin, service in France; Lynn Freeland, service in France; Beatrice Corridon, service in France; Stella Mallette, service in France; Ella Horst, service in France.

Mrs. Elizabeth Flynn, Porto Rico

Edna Athinson, Camp Dodge, Iowa; united States Hospital, Denver, Colo.; in
service twelve months.

E. Julia Beale, Fort Des Moines, Iowa. Still in service October, 1918

Blanche Schuttler, Fort Des Moines, Iowa; United States Hospital, Denver, Colo.; United States Hospital, New Jersey. Still in service.

Mildred Laemer, Fort Riley, Texas. In service 1917.

Anna Marie Goetsch, Camp Dodge, Iowa; in service four months.

Lenore Schroeder, Camp Travis, Texas; in service three months.

Margaret Matheson, Fort Des Moines, Iowa; United States Hospital, New Jersey; still in service; entered June 1918.

Martha Oakes, organized Red Cross classes; Chief Nurse Camp Gordon, Ga.; still in service; entered August 1918.

Daisy Marsden, United States Hospital, New York.

Cora Hicks, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas.

Edith Muhs, Superintendent Emergency Hospital during influenza epidemic; theoretical instructor of Red Cross classes in the Tri-Cities.

Mary E Flynn, prepared for service overseas.

Jane Garrod, Fort Sheridan and Camp Dodge, Iowa. Still in service.

Marie Edwards, Camp Dodge.

Elizabeth Sieler, Camp Dodge.

Clara Fecker, Walter Reed base Hospital, Van Couver, Wash., six months.

Clara Reistroffer, Camp Custer and Camp Grant.

Amanda Bard, preparing to enter service when stricken with typhoid fever; later served at Emergency Hospital.

Catherine Kane, Camp Donaphan, Fort Sill, Okla.; returned from service on account of ill health (deceased).

Clara L. Craine, served in Emergency Hospital during Spanish influenza.

Graduate Nurses Who Served During Spanish Influenza Epidemic

Ila White, Camp Dodge, Iowa

Alba Smith, Great Lakes.

Genevieve Malloy, Camp Dodge, Iowa

Lucy Howarth, Camp Dodge, Iowa

Anna Fundell, Camp Dodge, Iowa and Great Lakes

Dorothy Lorenzen, Camp Grant

Marie Dickinson, Ames.

Gertrude Shanley, Camp Grant

Agnes Joynt, Ames.

Susan Smith, Camp Dodge; Emergency Hospital, Davenport.

Bessie Tuey, Camp Dodge; Emergency Hospital, Davenport.

Saidee Murphy, took care of soldiers at Detention Hospital, Rock Island

Mrs. Ethel Westbay Alden, relief work during influenza epidemic, Wyoming,Iowa.


Home Defense Nurses Emergency Hospital During Influenza Epidemic

Penelope Brown, Kate Jepsen, Agnes Conway, Mary F Secombe, Mrs. Louise Harding Gansworth, Mrs. Alice Huston Berg, Mrs. Kate Martin Lowery, Martha Baker, Mrs. Elfrieda Litcher, Mrs. Dan Sayles, Mrs. Roma Wallaser Henry (died in service), Mrs. Ira Gleason Foley, Mrs. Monta Kelley Buckingham, Henrietta Gablestein, Helen Nagel, Adelaid Phelan, Genevieve Gough and Mary Lawler.

Mary Winkler, in charge of influenza patients at St. Ambrose College (died in service).

Mrs. Amanda Machirus, Emergency Hospital during influenza epidemic.


Pupil Nurses of Davenport Hospital Giving Service During Influenza Epidemic

Martha Cornel and Mary Freund, Camp Dodge, Iowa

Winnie Mortter, Irene Duggleby, Mae Campbell, Sena Christensen, Evelyn Robinson, and Naomi Sandstedt, Emergency Hospital, Davenport.


Pupil Nurses of Mercy Hospital Giving Service During Influenza Epidemic

Winifred Scanlin, Gloria Cranor, Margaret Severs, Julia Hecklinger, Nellie Watterson, Ruth Wolfe, Hattie Menzenberg, Lydia Bauman, Josephine Moylan,Carman Flannery, and Frances Cant, Emergency Hospital, Davenport.


Pupil Nurses of St. Luke's Hospital Giving Service During Influenza Epidemic

Leone Van Meechlen, and Esther Amidon, Camp Dodge, Iowa

Mabel Walker, Maud Snyder, Lola Spaid, Lucile Fox, Esther Thulin, Aves Garetson, Esther Hansen, Alice Petri, Hazel Carlson, Amanda Schluns, Edith Hill, and Blanche Wainwright, Emergency Hospital, Davenport.