ED. Ralph W. Cram. Davenport, Iowa: Scott Co. Council of National Defense.

Charles T. Kindt, Major


     Immediately after the declaration of war by the United States, as our National Guard was enlisted into the army, it was deemed necessary to form some kind of military organization that would safeguard our community. The result was the organization of what is now known as the Scott County Home Guard.
    A regular military organization was promulgated and incorporated. R.B. Cook was elected President; L.M. Marks, First Vice-President; Paul Lagomarcino, Second Vice-President; Charles T. Kindt, Secretary, and Otto Rieche, Treasurer. The Board of Directors chosen consisted of: John Ploehn representing the Manufacturers, M. Landauer representing the Merchants, Otto Hill representing the Banks, and R.A. Thomson representing the Home Guards. R.B. Cook acting as Secretary and Otto Rieche as Treasurer of the board.
    The organization was divided into two parts, one a sustaining membership to finance the organization and the other an active membership which was the military end of the organization. Six thousand dollars was subscribed by the various business organizations of Davenport for the purpose of furnishing uniforms, etc., to the military members.
    A battalion was formed of some two hundred men. Many changes were made in the personnel of the battalion due to men constantly answering the call for army service. Most of the Home Guard men who were inducted into the service were non-commissioned officers within a few weeks after their entrance into the army as a result of the training they had received in the Home Guard. At the time the armistice was signed most of the men who had composed the battalion were business and professional men who could not qualify for the army.
    Charles T. Kindt was selected Major of the battalion, and officers of the four companies were:
    Company "A"- Captain, Frank A  Hetzel; First Lieutenant, R.P. Hayes, Second Lieutenant, H.R. Smythe.
    Company "B"-Captain, R.E. Beede; First Lieutenant, Frank L. Davis; Second Lieutenant, C.E. Alford.
    Company "C"- Captain, E.A. Sanford (resigned and replaced by Geo. T. Crowder); First Lieutenant, W.A. Hutton; Second Lieutenant, J.D. Cantwell (resigned and replaced by J.A. Kerrigan.)
    Company "D"- Captain, C.L. Leigh; First Lieutenant, A.H. Reupke; Second Lieutenant, Chas. F. Cameron.
    Lieut. R.A. Thomson was appointed Battalion Adjutant by Major Kindt.
    The military organization immediately became active in drilling and in a very short time the entire battalion was in such condition as to be able to give the city any assistance it might require in the way of police protection or guard duty. The organization was called upon on many occasions and proved very efficient. It was on duty for nearly twenty-four hours, continuously, at the time of the celebration of the signing of armistice, when the handling of the excited throng of thousands of celebrators without a serious accident marring the happy occasion was properly credited in large part to the efficient service of the Home Guard.
    A short time after the armistice was signed, the question of disbanding arose, but the battalion was prevailed upon to remain in existence until such time as the city and county may have other military organizations take its place.