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Grand Army of the Republic

James B. Armstrong Post #513, G.A.R. Princeton, Iowa

Chartered: July 20, 1894  Mustered by Frederick Worth
Members: Charter 25 Total 35
Disbanded: November 20, 1900

Property: none listed

Named for:
Armstrong, James B.

Died May 10, 1862, Farmington, Miss
War Record: PVT Co C 2nd Iowa Cav
Age 29. Residence Princeton, nativity Pennsylvania.
Enlisted Aug 14, 1861. Mustered Sept 1, 1861. Wounded May 9, 1862, Farmington, Miss. Died of wounds.

NameBornWhere BornDiedWhere DiedBurialWar Record
Bigelow, Thomas A H1810Vt12 Aug 1906I.S.H. Marshalltown IAI.S.H. Marshalltown IA, Gr 524Bugler 45th IL Inf
Brink, G Washington     PVT Co G 126th IL Inf
Brownell, William H14 Jan 1844Pittsburgh PA18 Sep 1923Clinton IASpringdale Cem, Clinton IAPVT Co L 9th MI Cav
Carter, Alvin B1832PANov 1904 Summitt Cem, LeClaire IAPVT Co K 20th IA Inf
Chase, Jason B     PVT Co I 85th NY Inf
Criswell, William1841PA1896 Salem Lutheran Cem, Davenport IAPVT Co K 20th IA Inf
Crouse, William Center Co PA09 Aug 1897Princeton IAOak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co K 37th IA Inf
Drennen, Jacob     PVT Co G 47th IL Inf
Gale, William Newton01 Mar 1845 10 Apr 1915Boster MA Seaman US Navy
Guinn, John     PVT Co B 106th PA Inf
Irwin, John McVeytoon PA27 Nov 1933  Corp Co M 16th PA Cav
Kelsey, Hugh PA  Nowlin Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co C 2nd IA Cav
McCausland, Thomas W19 Feb 1842Chambersbay PA26 Nov 1910McCausland IAMcCausland Cem, Butler Twp, Scott Co IACorp Co G 20th IA Inf
Marshall, Austin H     PVT Co C 16th IL Inf
Martin, Peter H OH  Oak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co G 20th IA Inf
Martin, William A PA   PVT Co G 20th IA Inf
Martin, William G     PVT Co G 20th IA Inf
Mound, Jacob W27 Mar 1844PA19 Dec 1902Long Grove IASalem Lutheran Cem, Princeton Twp, Scott Co IAPVT Co F 14th IL Cav
Ney, Daniel W  12 Dec 1896 Oak Ridge Cem, Princeton IACapt Co A 88th PA Inf
Nowlin, Forest PA   PVT Co E 11th IA Inf
Rook, George PA  Oak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co M 8th IA Cav
Rook, Nicholas1822PA07 Feb 1913Princeton IAOak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co E 13th IA Inf
Shaw, William H OH  Oak Ridge Cem, Princeton IABugler Co C 2nd IA Cav
Sheppard, William      
Shirk, William A03 Oct 1829Lancaster PA01 Mar 1934LeClaire IAGlendale Cem, LeClaire IACapt Co E 13th IA Inf
Sixberry, Henry L NY   PVT Co C 16th IA Inf
Slaughter, Fayette08 Nov 1841Essex NY12 Jan 1930Davenport IAOak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co A 14th IA Inf
Strong, Parmalee Davis NY04 Nov 1910I.S.H. Marshalltown IAI.S.H. Marshalltown IAWagon Master Co C 2nd IA Cav
Wall, William1831Somersetshire England17 Jul 1903Oakland Twp Louisa Co IAConesville IAPVT Co A 2nd IA Cav
Wallace, Henry C04 Feb 1836NY29 Dec 1912 Oak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co K 20th IA Inf
Wendt, Carl Germany16 Jun 1901 City Cem, Davenport IAPVT Co B 16th IA Inf
White, William F  Aug 1912Marshalltown IAOak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co H 51st IL Inf
Yohn, Samuel B1834  Princeton IAOak Ridge Cem, Princeton IAPVT Co I 2nd PA Art

Transcribed and contributed by Conni McDaniel Hall for Scott County IAGenWeb, September 2020; Source: FamilySearch.org

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