From The Effects of William Work "Mike" Drummond [1895-1978]
Submitted by Donald E. McLatchie, nephew of "Mike" Drummond

These photos were in the effects of William Work "Mike" Drummond who lived on the Drummond family farm on the Wapsi until a few years before his death. These lands were homesteaded by his father, William "Dick" Drummond [1840-1923], a veteran of the Civil War - Company "C", 2nd Iowa, upon his return from the war.

Capt. L.S. HITE

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Capt. L.S. Hite of Fort Wingate, New Mexico. I have been told that the uniform worn by Capt. Hite is of the Tenth Infantry Regiment; however, the U.S. Army Military History Institute has advised me that there were no officers in the U.S. Army, during the indicated time period, named HITE. They do confirm that the uniform is  of the 10th Infantry, although the sword is an 1858 calvary sword. The 10th was in Panama in the early 20th century, and a history of the area mentions a Capt. Hite several times. One record I reviewed stated that the 10th left Fort Union for Fort Wingate in 1902.


Unknown Group of Men in Various Stages of Uniform

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Civil War - Probably Company "C", 2nd Iowa Infantry

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This photo may contain some of the following men from Scott Co:

Co. C-Captain.
William G.J. Piepgrass.

Charles Fleury.

James Cunningham,
Richard Gear.

Charles D. Rogers.

Burns, Patrick
Cook, John F.
Campbell, William
Curran, Charles E.
Drummond Robert
Donaldson, James R.
Durham. George H.
Drummond, William
Hutchinson, William
McCoy, James
Smith, Henry
Mills, Alanson


Assumed to be Soldiers of the Spanish-American War

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There were several DRUMMONDs, HITEs, and WORKs who would have been of proper age to have been in the Spanish-American War.

2001, Donald E. McLatchie