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From History of Scott County, Iowa 1882 Chicago:  Interstate Publishing Co."

Surnames:  Allen, Hendricks, Fuller, Dunn, Thompson, Hines, Halburt, Gee, Frederick, Conners, Lathrop, Stephens, O'Neil, Rothstein, Donahue, Curtis, Stokes, Winebrenen, Wertz, Hustie, Krause, Cronkleton, Hank, Kepford and Basore.

Allen's Grove Township is bounded on the east by Winfield Township, on the west by Liberty, on the south by Hickory Grove, and on the north by the Wapsipinecon River.  The grove was first settled by a Mr. Allen, in 1836, taking and being known by his name.  When the precinets were first organized the northwestern portion of the country was made a precinct, which was given the name of Allen's Grove.  When the townships were organized the name was still retained.  Allen's Grove Township originally comprised all the territory now comprising the two townships of Allen's Grove and Liberty.

Among the early settlers of this township, as it now exists, were Mr. Hendricks, Dennis R. Fuller, John Dunn, John E. Thompson, Mr. Hines, Mr. Halburt and Mr. Gee.  All these opened farms on the prairies at the edge of the grove.

Allen's Grove postoffice was established in August, 1850, and George Frederick appointed postmaster.  John Conners succeeded Mr. Frederick, and served about 10 years.  Charles Lathrop came next and served one year, followed by James Stephens, who served two years, and succeeded by Martin O'Neil, who dispensed the favors of the office four years.  In 1872 W. B. Stephens was appointed and yet serves.

The first store was established at the Grove in 1859 by F. E. Rothstein, on section 28.  Mr. Rothstein also built a steam saw and grist mill in 1860, which he removed to Wapsipinecon River in 1865.  He continued his store, however, until 1867, when he moved to Clinton County, selling his stock to Martin O'Neil, who continued the business until 1872, when he sold to W. B. Stephens, who still has it in connection with the postoffice, at his residence on section 27.  Mr. Stephens has met with good success in the business, and carries a general line of goods.

The Davenport & St. Paul, now the Chicago & Milwaukee, passed through the township, and has one station, which was established shortly after the advent of the cars, and around which has grown a small village, Donahue, named in honor of Hon. Michael Donahue, of Davenport.  The village was commenced by Phineas Curtis.  The first store opened in the place was by R. C. Fuller and H. A. Stokes.  There are now two stores,  two blacksmith shops, and a saloon in the place.

The religious element of the township is represented in an organization called the Church of God, but more commonly known as the Winebrenarians, from its reputed founder, John Winebrenen.  The church in Allen's Grove Township was organized in 1860, by Rev. Daniel Wertz, with 22 members.  Its first elders were Thomas Hustie, Phineas Curtis and David Lathrop; its first decons, Jermiah Krause and Ezra Cronkleton.  The first meetings of the church were held in a log school-house in the grove by Rev. John Hank.  Rev. Joseph Kepford was the first pastor.  The present pastor is Rev. J. H. Basore.  A house of worship was erected by the society a few years since at a cost of $1,600.  A Sunday-school is maintained by the church during the summer.

Allen's Grove Township is well provided in the way of schools, this township being a township school district, in which there are six sub-districts, each having a good frame school-house, the total value of which is $7,000.  In the year ending October, 1881, there were 264 persons between the ages of 5 and 21, of which number 208 were enrolled in the public schools.

The village of Dixon is partly located in Allen's Grove Township.


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