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Mount Ayr High School

There stands our school house on the street,
A foster mother watching
Around her still, the children flock,
To duty's call they're marching.
Within the teaching force is seen,
Pedagogical rules, applying,
While boys and girls, with watchful eyes
To pass their notes are trying.
In various games with other schools,
Our skilled athletes contending.
Have many honors nobly won
To our school's glory lending.
In future years, where 'er we roam,
New friends and places finding,
The Black and Blue will be a tie,
Mount Ayr's Alumini binding.
Thelma Richey '27


Vaughn Manners. . . . . . . .Editor-in-Chief
Leland Campbell. . . . . . . .Business Manager
Naomi Price. . . . . . . .Literary Editor
Marian WIlliams. . . . . . . .Society Editor
Faye Osborne. . . . . . . .Music Editor
Marion White. . . . . . . .Music Editor
Doris White }
Merritt Morse
. . . . . . . .
Athletic Editor
Rudolph Skarda }
Raymond Johnston
. . . . . . . .
Ciculating Manager
Orren Willey. . . . . . . .Humorous Editor
Fern Bastow. . . . . . . .Art Editor
Mary F. Genung. . . . . . . .Class Sponsor

President. . . . . . . .Raymond Johnston
Vice President. . . . . . . .Merritt Morse
Secretary and Treasurer. . . . . . . .Leland Campbell
Sponsor. . . . . . . .Miss Mary Genung


     Long, long ago, away back in 1913, four eager boys, namely: Orren Willey, Stanley Horne, Leland Campbell and Vaughn Manners, and one tiny girl, Marian Williams, with fifty other little boys and girls trudged along our way to the school house for the first time. Our purpose was to begin our education. Bess Beswick met us with a smile, and it was she, who helped us to endure our first year at school while we were trying to learn a few new things. During the year fourteen of the fifty-five were dropped and at the end of the year eight more left us.

     At the beginning of the second year, twenty-one new pupils entered bringing our number back to fifty-five. A few days later we were joined by Margaret McCandless. Under the guidance of Blanch Good, we learned a few essentials and spent a most enjoyable year. That year we lost eleven but during the summer nine little boys and girls had heard of this good bunch and came to join us in the second grade. One of these was Doris White who is still a member of the class of 1927. During that year nine of the group moved away and the rest of us under Miss Gladys Lynch struggled thru the second grade.

     Mis Carson was our third grade teacher and we all enjoyed the year very much.

     At the beginning of the next year our number reached fifty-three. Neva Sloan and Lois Combs joined us remained loyal and by our good attendance won a half holiday. Our teacher was Miss Elma Ballew who enjoyed our good times as much as we did and it was she, who gave us our first experience in taking examinations.

     The next year our attendance was forty-three but twelve left us during the year. Miss Beatrice Hanley was the fifth grade teacher and she made the year very interesting and enjoyable for us.

Mrs. Ada Rhoades was our teacher in the sixth grade. Only thirty-four entered at the first of the year and six of those soon left. The rest of us worked hard and attended school regularly, for which we received two half holidays. Mrs. Rhoades was always ready for some picnics with us and we had some very happy times.

     Our career as seventh graders started with a bang. The first day at school, we greeted the new members, among whom were Harry Milligan, Leland Campbell and Stanley Horne. The last two mentioned had been [clipped]

     As Freshman we gathered in the auditorium on the third day of September, 1923, for our first day in high school. It made us feel funny to be called 'greenies' and to have upper classmen clap us in and out, so we found an unoccupied corner of the room and assembled there. We passed safely thru the days of initiation and were soon accustomed to our new surroundings. There were a great number of new faces that year, namely, Jerald and Cleora Armstrong, Clayton Bagley, Roy Baker, Marie and Velma Blair, Effie Campbell, Irene, Waive and Nona Cole, Elizabeth German, Nellie Hacker, Orval Hollen, Ruby Humphreys, Doris Jackson, Ernest Kling, Glen Kreamier, Vernon Lantz, Vernon Long, Gordon Main, Hazel Marsh, Orrina McDowell, Winnie Miller, Raymond Minnick, MildredMosier, Fay Osborne, Naomi Price, Geraldine Reynolds, Edwin Ricker, Thelma Richey, Louise Robinson, Rudolph Skarda, Cleve Sanford, Darlien Smithson, Lola Stephens, Loren Stringham, Kenneth Summers, Ora Walters, Marion Watts, Wanda and Wylma Woods, Kenneth Wright, Helen and Dorothy Wasner and Lawrence Johnston. In the middle of the year a former member of our class, Kathlene Crawford, came back, so we had a total of seventy-one members and with this number of enthusiastic students we held our first class meeting. The following officers were elected: President, Fern Bastow; Vice Pres., Marian Williams; Secy.-Treas., Ernest Kling; Miss Timby, Sponsor.

     That year was filled with numerous parties and picnics which we will not forget soon, especially the picnic which we held north of town in honor of Supt. Lee Jones, who was leaving us that year. That year we didn't get very far in football, basket ball or track, but were well represented in them and all other school activities.

     Then came the day we received our report cards showing us that we were no longer Freshman, but Sophomores. We thought we could look down upon the greenies and help initiate them. We didn't have that pleasure though, for Mr. Hamersly said "absolutely no initiation."

     On the first day of our Sophomore year we were joined by Victor Dalbey, Jim Thompson, Marion White and Georgia Skinner. That year was noted for the advancement made by the class in school affairs, such as athletics and social life. Our team won second place in the inter-class track meet and basket ball games. Four of our members were on the football teams which with their aid made a very good record. Our officers that year were: Pres., Cordon Ross; Vice Pres., Vaughn Manners; Secy.-Treas., Raymond Johnston. Sponsor. Mr. Stewart.

     [clipped - would be Junior year] officers: Pres., Vaughn Manners; Vice Pres., Marion White; Secy.-Tres., Dorothy Wasner; Sponsor Miss Genung.

     In the fourth year of our high school life we are beginning to realize how fast time flies. Nevertheless, the Seniors have succeeded in doing many things. On December 4 we held a very successful carnival which furnished entertainment and the finances necessary to make this Ayrian a success. We are proud of our athletic honors, for our class won the inter-class basket ball tournament and has six men on the football team. Rudolph Skarda and Raymond Johnston received honorable mention on the Register's All-State team. In declamatory, Darlien Smithson won first over all and Marion White, first in Oratorical. Marian Williams is on the state debate team.

     The class officers for the Senior year are: Pres., Raymond Johnston; Vice Pres., Merritt Morse; Secy.-Treas., Leland Campbell. Sponsor, Miss Genung. We feel that the Commencement events will close a very happy and successful year for the class of 1927.

-- Orren WIlley '27.

Class of 1927 Roll

Cleora Armstrong   Jerald Armstrong   Roy Baker   Ferne Bastow
Marie Blair   Effie Campbell   Leland Campbell   Nona Cole
Waive Cole   Lois Combs   Sloan Coverdell   Elizabeth German
Nellie Hacker   Orville Hollen   Stanley Horne   Doris Jackson
Keith Johnston   Raymond Johnston   Haven Kidney   Ernest Kling
Vernon Lantz   Vaughn Manners   Hazel Marsh   Margaret McCandless
Harry Milligan   Winnie Miller   Merritt Morse   Mildred Mosier
Frances Mowry   Fay Osborn   Naomi Price   Edwin Ricker
Thelma Richey   Louise Robinson   Rudolph Skarda   Cleve Sanford
Neva Sloan   Darlein Smithson   Lola Stephens   Kenneth Summers
Marion Watts   Doris White   Orrin Willey   Marion Williams
Leona Wimer   Kenneth Wright   Marion White   Winona Scott
Glen Schardein   Paul Shidler   Ferne Lovely


President. . . . . . . .Mary Allyn
Vice President. . . . . . . .Orlan Mapel
Secretary. . . . . . . .Anna White
Treasurer. . . . . . . .Versye Caldwell
Sponsor. . . . . . . .Miss Ruby Neill
Colors. . . . . . . .Green and White


Mary Allyn   Lucile Austin   Lorene Bagley   Mabel G. Bartley
Charles Bastow   Margaret Beard   Lola D. Bellamy   Lodema Bennett
Luther Beymer   Iowa A. Bowman   Robert K. Buck   Fern L. Burnside
Frances Cabaret   Milo "Clemon" Cain   Versye F. Caldwell   Ferne Cambell
Clair A. Davis   Mary Lucile Dinkel   Edna Dowling   Bernadine Downie
George Farmer   Ruth A. Ferber   Maurine Fisher   Alice M. Ford
Crystal Foreman   Chrystal Funkhouser   Vernice K. Hudson   Lowell Irving
Lucinda Jennings   Leila M. Knight   Wilbur Lay   Orlan E. Mapel
Blanche Maynard   Pauline McAninch   Maxine McFarland   Kenneth McGhee
Lee Miller   Verle Murphy   Dale Perkins   Jessie H. Pine
Lynden Price   Esther E. Pritchard   Paul E. Reynard   Edna Reynolds
Joseph Robinson   Bernetta C. Roe   Pauline Dorothy Roe   Olyn Clair Rogers
Alden M. Sackett   Dola Dale Saltzman   Margaret Saltzman   Eva Faye Sawyer
Maurice L. Sheil   Blanche Sheldon   Jean Leslie Sheppard   Kenneth R. Sloan
Dorothy Snethen   Arzella E. Spencer   Lyndon Taylor   Lila L. Thompkins
B. Louise Todd   Anna White   Orr Willey   Irene E. Wimer

Sophomore Proposition, MCMXXIX

     Problem: To construct a Sophomore Class 100 percent perfect in M. A. H. S. consisting of one freshman, one junior and one senior class.

     Given: The Mt. Ayr High School.

     Required: To construct a perfect Sophomore class in M. A. H. S.

     Construction: Select 67 students and organize a Sophomoe Class.

Consider the wholesom humility of the freshman No. 1930. Observe the traditional ignorance of the juniors No. 1928. Avoid the unwonted hautiness of the seniors No. 1927. Summon the faculty for infrequent discipline. HYP. Then, the Sophomore class is the desired class. Q.E. D.

     Proof: Suppose the Sophomore class to be composed of perfect parts. HYP. For: Herbert Summers, Jesse Reynolds, Ralph Long, Oma Dickerson, Orpha Combs, Edythe Clayton -- Perfect Athletes. Axiom 9. And: Gladys Calhoun, Charles Lesan, Katherine Liggett -- Perfect Debaters. Moreover: Chas. Lesan, Jack Dalbey, Fred Trimble, Keith Rogers, Thelma Lown, Harrison Link, Katherine Liggett, Mildred Kitselman -- Perfect Musicians. Axiom 5. Then: Evan Kling, Mary Palmer, Edythe Clayton, Audrey Richey -- Perfect Students. Post I. Inlike Manner: Evan Kling, Matthew Bevington, Aubrey Williams -- Perfect Collar Ads. Post 2. Also: Katherine Liggett, Oma Dickerson, Herbert Summers, Ned Dowling, John Dowling, Edythe Clayton --Perfect Cut-ups. And: Mildred Kitselman, Orpha Combs -- Perfect Flappers. And: Each and all of the following: Wilbur Blake, Keith Cole, Japp Dalbey, Velma Hacker, Mary Horne, Doris Schardein, Doris Swank, George Young, Ollie Kimball, Loren Rush, Margaret Buck, Kenneth Cole, Wilbur Faris, Magel Hagans, Vivian Pratt, Earl Schardein, Hazel Swank, Lois Zarr, Oma Huntsman, Keith Rogers, Ira Campbell, Alice Comer, Lavaun Fry, Hugh Grubb, Meda Stuck, Ralph Scott, Coline Wright, Mabel Heaton, Ruby Kling, Mabelle Kreamier, Ruby Gilliland, Theresa Reynolds, Lyle Saltzman, Dorothy Lovely, Burl Sackett, Bertha Sutherland, Mona Trullinger, Felma Richardson, Genevieve Lockwood, Marjorie Noble -- Perfect Class Spirit.

Finally: Miss Mary Hughes. . . . . . . .
  Fred Trimble. . . . . . .
  Katherine Liggett. . . . . . . .
Vice President
  Mildred Kitselman. . . . . . . .
  Maxine Terwilliger. . . . . . . .

11 Perfect Class Officers   Axion 9.

The Sophomore Class is 100 Percent Perfect.     Q. E. D.


President. . . . . . . .Beatrice Kelley
Vice President. . . . . . . .Elma Stephens
Treasurer. . . . . . . .Ruth Robinson
Secretary. . . . . . . .Luella Tullis
Sponsor. . . . . . . .Mr. Leffingwell

Motto -- "We build the ladder by which we climb."
Flower -- Red Rose.
Colors -- Red and Gold.


Jennell Austin   Ernest Bastow   Ilah Bennett   Celete Caldwell
Alberta Campbell   Flora Clayton   Arnold Combs   Earl Defenbaugh
Leland Duffield   Marietta Edwards   Lily Glendenning   Marjorie Guess
Luther Hickerson   Clarice Hudson   Walter Kirkendall   Beatrice Kelly
Esther Laird   Fern Lance   Thomas Liggett   Lucille Lucas
Marion Main   Ima McAninch   Ina Napier   Esther Newton
Vincent Patterson   Ralph Perkins   Homer Poore   Evla Potter
Orville Ray   Mark Richardson   Bernard Ricker   Ruth Robinson
Marion Sheldon   Carroll Shields   Bessie Stanley   James Stanley
Elma Stephens   Merle Stephens   Robert Stone   Noel Stuck
Mildred Swank   Luella Tullis   Marjorie Wilkerson   Harold Willey
    Maxine Willey   Christine Wright


First Row -- Dinkel, A. White, Liggett, Bastow, D. White, Sheldon, Combs, Clayton, Funkhouser, V. Hudson.
Second Row -- Horne, Foreman, Wright, Fisher, Williams, Mrs. Mapel, Director, Beard, Allyn, Mapel, Spencer.
Third Row -- Kelley, Osborne, Lown, Kitselman, Edwards, Robinson.
Fourth Row -- Caldwell, C. Hudson, Buck, Mills.


President. . . . . . . .
Fern Bastow
Vice President. . . . . . . .
Margaret Beard
Secretary and Treasurer. . . . . . . .
Marion Williams
Director. . . . . . . .
Mrs. Pearl Mapel
Pianists. . . . . . . .
Mary Allyn and Mildred Kitselman

These girls represented Mt. Ayr at the District Music Contest at Lamoni. Their selections were:

"Row Us Swiftly". . . . . . . .
"Rain". . . . . . . .
Harriet Turner
"The Echoing Green". . . . . . . .
John Ireland
"To Spring:. . . . . . . .


First Row: White, Manners, Davis, Dabley, Johnston, Kirkendall.
Second Row: Robinson, Mapel, Farmer, Swank, Buck, Stone.
Third Row: J. Swank, Mary Allyn, Pinist; Mrs. Pearl Mapel, Director; Irving.
Not-In-Picture -- Jack Dalbey, Orren Willey, Luther Hickerson, C. Bastow, Aldin Shidler, Paul Reynard.

     The Boys' Glee Club was organized in September, 1926 with the following officers: Vaughn Manners, Pres.; Marion White, Secy.; and Mrs. Pearl Mapel as director. Mary Allyn is the accompanist.

     They made their first appearance February 16 at the home Declamatory contest. The club san also when Mt. Ayr H. S. broadcasted a program from KSO at Clarinda.


First Row -- T. Liggett, Rogers, Buck, T. Lown, Jack Dalbey, Davis, Forest Leffingwell-Director, Taylor, Trimbel, Poore, Bastow, Lesan.
Second Row -- Shidler, T. Lown (sic), Irving, F. Bastow, Sheldon, Mapel, Manners.
Third Row -- E. Bastow, Saltzman, A. White, Beard, Mary Allyn - Accompanist, K. Liggett, M. White, Swank, Kirkendall.
Not in picture -- Harrison Link.


Top Row -- Moiser, Liggett, Supt. Hamersly, Mr. Leffingwell, Price, Buck, Campbell.
Middle Row -- Caldwell, Dinkel, Mr. Henderson, Williams, Kirkendall, Saltzman, Bastow.
Lower Row -- Lay, Lesan, Robinson, White, Mrs. Bliss, Lown, Hudson.
Seated in Front -- McCandless, Calhoun, Swank.


1st Row -- Kidney, Maloney, *Morse, *Davis, Lantz, Skarda.
2nd Row -- Beymer, *Buck, Tidrick, *Keating, *Downie, Lay.
3rd Row -- Willey, *Summers, *Johnston, Palmer, Coach Greenway.
Star marks the letter winners.


Top Row -- *Reynolds, *Coverdell, *Morse, *Dalbey, *Johnston, *Davis.
Second Row -- Coach Greenway, Long, *Kidney, *Capt. Skarda, Stone and Sheppard.
Third Row -- Rogers, *Stephens, *Baker, *Horne, *Lantz, Schardein.
Fourth Row -- Summers, Mosier
* -- Indicates winners of the letter in Foot Ball.


Upper Row -- Schardein, *Davis, *Morse, *Coverdell, *Johnston, *Dalbey, Mapel.
In center of picture -- Stephens, White.
Lower Row -- Coach Greenway, Stone, Robinson, Milligan, Willey
* -- Indicates those who have won letters this year.


Miss Boyer, Coach; Neva Sloan, center; Lorene Bagley, forward; Orpha Combs, guard; Mary Dinkel, guard; Anna White (captain) guard; Lois Combs, center; Oma Dickerson, forward.

     All of these girls won letters by playing in three fourths of half of the games.


First Row -- Lola Stephens, Doris White, Crystal Foreman, Anna White, Blanche Sheldon, Ruth Ferber, Burnetta Roe, Elma Stephens.
Second Row -- Marion Williams, Hugh Steele, Versye Caldwell.
Third Row -- Luella Tullis, Beatrice Kelly.

     The 1926-'27 hiking club was organized under the leadership of Hugh Steele.The officers this year are: Pres., Marian Williams; Vice Pres., Crystal Foreman; Secy.-Treas., Anna White. The club started this year with a membership of twenty, but the number has diminished until there are thirteen.

     Tuesday evening after school is the regular night for hiking and a special effort to attend all hikes is made, for, by being receptive, one may learn many things as well as having the exercise, fresh air, and a jolly good time.

     The planned hikes for the year are the five, ten, fifteen and twenty [clipped].

1927 Ayrian courtesy of Shaun Hayse Kniep's 2016 Publications Class, Mount Ayr Community High School

Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, April of 2017

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