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Kellerton Community School
1956 - 1957 Tomahawk

Kellerton, Iowa


Editor-in-Chief. . .Elizabeth CORLL
Assistant Editor. . .Sharon BIERLEIN
Business Manager. . .Gerald PAYTON
Assistant. . .Dennis PADGITT
Advertising Sales Mgr. . .Ronnie KASTER
Assistant. . .Fredrick TROWER
Sales Manager. . .Joan MEADOWS
Assistant. . .Richard RAINEY
Assistant. . .Roy DOOLITTLE
Assistant. . .Max NEWTON
Assistant. . .Sydney SICKELS
Class Editor. . .Joan MEADOWS
Alumni Editor. . .Marsha HANKS
Activities Editor. . .Gerald PAYTON
Activities Editor. . .Mike McDOWELL
Layout Mat Preparation. . .Diane McDOWELL
Layout Mat Preparation. . .Sharon HEMBRY
Supervisor. . .Mr. James A. ROOD



     With the realization that we are still very young in heart and experience,
with the knowledge that with their counsel there is yet peace and love, and a
deeper, calmer faith for us to seek: we gratefully dedicate this, the 1957
Tomahawk, to our Mothers and Fathers>

(Advertiser) SICKELS WELDING AND REPAIR    Mount Ayr, Ia.

Members of the 1957 Senior Class
Kellerton High School
Kellerton, Iowa

Dear Seniors of 1957:

My past year with you and the members of the Kellerton high school faculty have been indeed very happy ones. And, since administrative counsel is in order at this time, I would like to commit to your very serious consideration the words of Van Dyke, who said:

"Four things a man must learn to do if he would make his record true:
          To think without confusion clearly;          To love his fellowmen sincerely:
          To act from honest motives purely;
          To trust in God and Heaven securely."

If you will memorize this immortal character-building-formula, which is one of my favorites, and apply it daily to your thoughts, words and deeds, you'll be a success in life, regardless of your station or your line of endeavor.

We are proud of the many graduates of this school who set high standards and ideals for themselves, who worked hard and are now good witnesses of Kellerton High School. We believe we will be proud of the class of 1957. We congratulate you.




(Advertiser) Phone 79   KELLERTON OIL COMPANY   Kellerton, Iowa

B.S. Secondary Education
M.A. Simpson College
Grad. Northwest Missouri
State College
Grad. Northwest Missouri
State College

Ph.B. University of Chicago
University of Iowa
M.A. Columbia University
Grad. University of Chicago

Missouri University
B.S. Secondary Education
Northwest Missouri
State College

B.S. Secondary Education
Northwest Missouri
State College

B.M.E. Central Missouri
State College













(Advertiser) Phone 191  KELLERTON LUMBER & COAL COMPANY  Kellerton, Ia.

(Advertiser) Phone 45   MEADOWS BROS. GARAGE   Kellerton, Ia.

(Advertiser) POLLAD'S ROYAL BLUE STORE   Kellerton, Ia.



     Being as this is our last year at Kellerton High, we have decided to make the most of it. Our year began with the pleasure of initiating the freshmen and we certainly appreciated their co-operation in this activity.

     Since we were junior high students, we have looked forward to our senior trip. With our determination and the help that we have received from our parents, the faculty, and the community, we are sure to fulfill our plan of a trip to Washington, D.C.

     In May the Junior-Senior Banquet will be one of the main spectaculars. This will be a part of high school that each member of the class will long remember. The final climax of our four years of high school will be commencement and receiving our diplomas.

History of the Class of 1957

      One bright day in September, twelve gayly dressed children marched into the primary room at Kellerton Independent School. We were greeted by our teacher, Mrs. Imogene Slezak, who enrolled us as the following: Lois Ann Davis, Sharon Bierlein, Janice and Jo Ann Kneedler, Marsha Hanks, Rita Gatenby, Joan Meadows, Judy Fugate, Delbert Sissel, Richard Rainey, Jimmy Emig and Bobby Lutz. During this first year we had a substitute teacher, Nadine Allen.

      In the first grade we started out with an enrollment of twelve. During the year we lost Jimmy Emig and Bobby Lutz, and Lois Ann Davis, leaving us with only nine. Later in the year we gained Jim Hunt, Bobby Baker, Gerald Payton and Elizabeth Corll. Our teacher again this year was Mrs. Slezak.

     All of us came back to attend the second grade, but Elizabeth Corll and Rita Gatenby. During this year Patty Ruchman joined our class. Mrs. Murray was our teacher.

     In the third grade we were sent to a new room. Not one of us seemed to care. We were a little tired of the same old room we had had for the past three years. Our new teacher was Miss Smith. This year we did not lose anyone. We gained Ronnie Thomas, Joan Kay Redding, Cullon Arnold and Elizabeth Corll. This gave us a total of 16 members.

     In the fourth grade we gained Larry Manning and Helen Cox, who left during this same year. We, also, lost Ronnie Thomas, Cullon Arnold, Patty Ruckman and Joan Kay Redding. During this year we enjoyed taking part in the operetta "Rumplestiltskin."

     In the fifth grade we were happy to change rooms again. Our teacher was Miss Treichler. We presented another operetta "Peter Rabbit" during this year. We gained Sydney Sickels and Mike and Diane McDowell.

     In the sixth grade we changed rooms again. This time our teacher was Mrs. Young. Our class now consisted of 17 members until we lost Delbert Sissel and gained Frederic Trower, Billy Moree and Carol Shaffer.

     In the seventh grade we went back to the same room, where we also had the same teacher. We started this year with 24 members. We gained Dennis Moffett, Helen Cox, Peggy Thurman, and Judy Becker. Later we lost Helen Cox and Dennis Moffett.

     In the eighth grade we were moved up-stairs to a new room. Our teacher was Mr. Campbell. We had a total number of 21 members. We were glad to welcome Roy Doolittle, Louise Priest, Delbert Sissel, Allan Hunt and Dennis Padgitt to our class. Judy Becker and Billy Moree left us during this year. We had 24 in the graduating class. During our eighth grade year we had a Jr. High basketball team that played several games. Our boys won 2nd in the Jr. High Tournament. Our girls won four games out of six games. We took an interesting Iowa history trip. As history goes, the eight year span was very satisfactory. It was a period of almost uninterrupted peace, it was a time of growth, both physically and mentally; it was a time of happiness and inspiration.

     During our Freshman year we gained Myrna Gibson, Sharon Hembry, Sandra Boyd and did not lose anyone. The main activity of this year was Freshman Initiation.

     Starting our Sophomore year we had 23 students. We gained Max Newton and lost Delbert Sissel, Bob Baker, Myrna Gibson, and Louise Priest giving us a total of 20 students.

     In our Junior year with a class of 20 students we enjoyed the Junior Class Play and the Junior-Senior Banquet. During this year we lost Judy Fugate, Leonard Weeter, and Jo Ann Kneedler, leaving us 17 students.

     In our Senior year we started with 15 classmen. We lost Janice Kneedler and Sandra Boyd. Activities during our Senior year were Senior Class Play and Junior-Senior Banquet. Included in the graduating class of '57 were Gerald Payton, Mike McDowell, Ronald Kaster, Joan Meadows, Sharon Hembry, Marcia Hanks, Diane McDowell, Elizabeth Corll, Sharon Bierlein, Frederic Trower, Max Newton, Roy Doolittle, Richard Rainey, Dennis Padgitt, and Sydney Sickels.


      Have you ever heard of fairy dust? Let's sprinkle some on us and take a magic trip into the year 1977.

     We can't think of better people to visit than the Kellerton High School graduates of 1957. These Seniors are scattered all over the world but the first one we are to visit, Ronnie Kaster, is right here in Kellerton. We'll have to take a taxi because Ronnie has done the impossible --- he has made Kellerton into a city. Let's head for the factory district; that's where Ronnie can usually be found this time of day. You see, he is President of the Kaster Autoplane factory which manufactures Ronnie's own design, the Autoplane 12. Ronnie asks us to visit his suburban home and we accept, for there we will meet his wife and three children. Ronnie married a local girl and is very happy.

     After talking awhile with Ronnie, he tells us where we will find our next senior, Richard Rainey, and insists we use an Autoplane 12 for our trip.

     We fly to, and land at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska. We find him in the control tower, reporting on a new flight test which he has just completed. He asks us to dine with him, his wife, and two children. On the way to his home, he tells us how he became a test pilot, and about a plane he has just designed and tested. He does not tell us (because we already know) that he holds the record of being the first to fly 20,000 miles per hour. Over dinner he tells us where we may find our next senior, Roy Doolittle.

     We depart for Seattle, Washington, where Roy is head of the corporation manufacturing Roy's invention, "Doolittle's Do-Much." The "Do-Much" is a robot which does housework and takes care of the children. We visit his home and are surprised to find that he has no "Do-Much" there. We ask his wife why this is so. This is her reply, "It's not that we don't trust the children with the "Do-Much", it's that we don't trust the "Do-Much" with the children!" After viewing their six children we don't wonder why.

     Now we're off to visit Max Newton, who is halfway around the world in Tibet, on top of Mt. Everest. You see, Max is a scientist and he is readying himself for a trip to the moon. He hasn't much time to talk with us for he wants to leave on schedule, but he tells us where to find Elizabeth Corll. We wave good-bye to his departing rocket and head for Paris.

     Liz is married to a French painter and has four children. She is very happy with her life now, but she tells us she was happy, too, when she won the title of he world's fastest typist before marriage. She tells us where to find Sharon Hembry, and we leave for New York.

     We find Sharon very easily in her New York apartment, where she has just moved after selling her house. Sharon, her two children, and her lawyer husband -- a local boy, incidentally --- are preparing to move to Washington, D.C. in a few weeks. Sharon's husband is taking the position of United States Attorney General. Sharon sends us on to New Jersey where we find Sydney Sickels.

     Sydney is a Five-Star General in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Dix. We meet his charming wife and five children, and from them we get the inside story of how he became a Five-Star General at the age of thirty-seven. Sydney tells us to hurry to Washington to catch Dennis Padgitt before he starts his tour of the Southern states.

     We find Dennis in his office, preparing to leave. His wife and four daughters are proud of his recent promotion to the office of Secretary of Agriculture. They're also proud of their dairy farm, which is the best in the state of Iowa. Dennis gives us Sharon Bierlein's address in Florida, and we leave him to his task of preparing for his journey.

     We find Sharon in her especially built General Foods testing laboratory. She is the Betty Crocker of her time; she studied at the University of Florida. Sharon is happily married, and has two little recipe tasters. From Sharon we receive directions to the Texas home of Diane McDowell.

     Diane lives in Houston in her town house during this season. She, her oil millionaire husband, and their three children live on their Rio Grande Ranch the rest of the year. Diane tells us her twin brother, Mike, has done well for himself, both in producing and directing pictures in oil. We leave for Hollywood to find him.

     We land our Autoplane 12 on a recently completed air strip and whom do you suppose we encounter? Why, Mike McDowell, producer, director, and oil millionaire. We alight from our Autoplane and chat over coffee with Mike and his wife. They tell us their six children have already flown to their Texas Panhandle ranch, and they are flying down in their private plane to join them. Mike tells us he made his first million producing and directing movies, then bought a small ranch of 500,000 acres and discovered oil on it. He tells us he has just finished a movie starring Fred Trower, and then gives us Fred's address. We see them off; then drive into the Hollywood traffic.

     We find Fred in his luxuriant home in Beverly Hills. His beautiful actress wife sits beside him and his two children swim in the pool a few yards away. We tell him of our talk with Mike and he fills in the details. His newest movie is "Sagebrush Serenade" and he has a television program given to western music. Fred has realized great fortune with his guitar and his voice. He tells us of another senior, Marsha Hanks, whose voice has brought her fame, and who is a performer in the San Francisco Opera.

     After her last ovation, Marsha rushes backstage and greets us. Her husband, Roger Greenman, and her two children chat with us, and tells us Marsha's story. She lived in Iowa for five years, and then went to Europe with Roger on a business trip. While there, she had a chance to study voice, so she began a long, extensive course. When she returned to the United States, she was hailed as best in her field. But Marsha shoos us off by telling us where we can find Joan Meadows, and then she lies down to rest before her evening performance.

     Joan is in Ames, Iowa, living the life of the wife of the Dean of Iowa State College. She's the queen of the campus, but she is going to have to watch her charming daughter, or she will lose her title. Joan sent us to Iowa City to visit our last senior, Gerald Payton.

     Gerald is the coach at S.U.I. and his athletes are listed in the highest standings of the Inter-collegiate ratings. Gerald also has three sons and a wife to add to his credit. We find him relaxing at home with his family, planning to spend the summer on his large farm. We chat for awhile, and then we leave them to their plans.

     We went [on] our weary way home, for we have had a long trip, but we enjoyed it immensely. We visited some very nice people and found them as friendly as next door neighbors in our home town. Come to think of it; that's what they are.

President Diane McDowell
Vice-President Ronnie Kaster
Secretary-Treasurer Sharon Bierlein
Purple and White
"We're not afraid of tomorrow,
for we have seen yesterday,
and we love today."
White Carnation

Senior Class of 1957


We, the Senior class of '57, seeing before us the expiration of our school days in K. H. S., do hereby make this final will and testament.

I, Roy Doolittle, will my favorite teacher to Bob Bagley. May he get along with him better than I did.

I, Diane McDowell, will my written papers in American Problems to Jean Bear. Maybe she'll know what I've written.

I, Elizabeth Corll, will to Eileen Maloney my knowledge of Saints. May you profit much from it.

I, Sydney Sickels, will my ability to get arrested for speeding to Rosetta Akes. Here's hopeing (sic) you get off easier than I did.

I, Ronnie Kaster, will my morning and noon-hour conversation to Larry Doolittle.

I, Marsha Hanks, will all my old boy friends to Susan Hoffman. May she take as good of care of them as I did.

I, Dennis Padgitt, will all the Junior girls to Bob Bagley, may he profit more than I did. That wasn't much, Bob.

I, Frederic Trower, will my seat in front of one of the most beautiful girls in the Junior Class to Sam Davis. May he make better use of it than I did.

I, Mike McDowell, will my ability to take books home to Allan Heggs. He can use them.

I, Sharon Bierlein, will my cheerleading suit to Donna Mercer. May she enjoy it as much as I have. Yah Bo!

I, Sharon Hembry, leave my love for tests in bookkeeping to Marie Jensen. Maybe I should leave my grades too.

I, Gerald Payton, will to Larry Walters, the last seat in the senior row. You can keep out of trouble, Larry.

I, Richard Rainey, will my ability of wearing cowboy boots to Sam Davis. May he walk quieter than I did.

I, Joan Meadows, will my ability to have at least one of the family cars in my possession to John Meadows. It's not the years, it's the miles.

I, Marsha Hanks, will my small stature to Kathryn Holmes. May she always profit by it.

I, Roy Doolittle, will my seat in the back of the room to Jerry Hall, may he watch Mr. Rood's room better than I did.

I, Diane McDowell, will my basketball suit and position on the team to Joyce Gibson. May she make more points than I did for K.H.S.

I, Elizabeth Corll, will my basketball sweat socks, just as they stand, to Linda Virden.

I, Sydney Sickels, will my ability to work in study hall to Donald Epps when a member of the faculty is out of sight.

I, Ronnie Kaster, will to Richard Kaster all the good times I had during my last two years of high school. May he have as much fun as I had.

I, Marsha Hanks, will my little feet to Elaine Hohneke. May they always get her as many places as they me.

I, Dennis Padgitt, will my good biology grades to Clarence Templeton, may he get better ones that I did.

I, Frederic Trower, will my ability to always have my car broken down to Bob Bagley. May he have better luck fixing it than I did.

I, Mike McDowell, bequeath my timid giggle and fear of the dark to that shy, withdrawn Lloyd Reed.

I, Sharon Bierlein, will all my extra-curricular activities to anyone who wants them. May they have as much trouble getting them all in as I have.

I, Sharon Hembry, will my ability to get through physics to Kay Akers. It's really not bad, Kay.

I, Gerald Payton, will my ability to stay out late to Lloyd Reed, as if you need it, Lloyd.

I, Richard Rainey, will my bashfulness, quiet nature to Glenn Payton. You can learn much by listening.

I, Joan Meadows, will my ability to have connections with boys at college to Carolyn Scott. May you have as much fun on Sunday as I have had.

We, the Senior Class, leave with a measure of regret yet with a sense of pride for our record, the last two rows of seats in K.H.S. to all who brave the first eleven years of educational endeavor to become holders of that cherished title of "Seniors".

(Advertiser) GALBRAITH FEED STORE   Kellerton, Ia.

(Advertiser) Phone 189   POWERS PRODUCE   Kellerton, Iowa

(Advertiser) E. & L. DRESS AND GIFT SHOP   Lamoni, Iowa

(Advertiser) KELLERTON INSURANCE AGENCY   Kellerton, Ia.


Back row: Bob Bagley, Lloyd Reed, Larry Walters, Mr. Hunsicker, Sam Davis, Allan Heggs, David Holmes, Ernest Mercer.
Front row: Thelma Maudlin, Kay Akers, Jean Bear, Carolyn Scott, Linda McColloch, Rosetta Akes, Sharon Fugate, Elaine Hohneke.


     This year has been a full and exciting year. Immediately after school started we elected officers for the year. They are: President - David Holmes, Vice-president - Elaine Hohneke, Secretary and Treasurer - Kay Akers. We are glad to take part in the Freshman initiation by serving refreshments at the party. We presented our class play "A Feudin' Over Yonder" November 14 and 15. Everyone participated. Another activity throughout the year was serving at the ball games. We are planning the annual Junior-Senior banquet in honor of the seniors which will be held in the spring. We are all looking forward to our senior year and the many activities that are connected with that year.


Back row: Bill Priest, Donald Epps, Mr. Millard, Jerry Fugate, Ernie Smith, A. C. Newton
Front row: Richard Kaster, Marie Jensen, Joyce Gibson, Eileen Maloney, Larry Doolittle


On August 27, 1956, ten members enrolled in the sophomore class, all ready to start back to work for another year.

We had our first class meeting and elected the following officers: President ~ Joyce Gibson, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer ~ Eileen Maloney, Reporter ~ Marie Jensen. Richard Kaster and Marie Jensen were elected as Student Council representatives.

One of the activities of the sophomore class for this year was the decorating of the gymnasium for the freshman initiation.

Several members of this class have taken part in basketball this year. In fact, we are proud of the fact that Bill Priest, Eileen Maloney, and Ernest Smith are playing on the first team. Marie Jensen, Joyce Gibson and Jerry Fugate have also made the squad.


Back row -- L. to R. John Meadows, Ronnie Gillespie, Dick Priest, Mr. Hascall, Glenn Payton, Junior Wicker, Gerald Priest.

Front row -- R. D. Baker, Carolyn Templeton, Kathryn Holmes, Susan Hoffman, Linda Virden, Linda Kay Higday, Jerry Hall.


On August 27, 1956, K.H.S. saw fourteen freshmen walk up the long stairs to begin their four years of high school.

Four days later we officially became members of K.H.S. and by the end of this long day we were glad initiation would only happen to us this one time. We were happy to bid farewell to onions, lipstick, false costumes, and fire escapes.

Before the end of the first semester we had gained two classmates and lost one. Donna and Donald Mercer joined us and Carolyn Templeton moved away.

Mr. Hascall was chosen as our class sponsor and the following class officers were elected: President - Kathryn Holmes, Vice-President - Dick Priest, Secretary and Treasurer - Susan Hoffman. Two class members were elected to the Student Council - Meredith Morrison and Linda Virden.

Required subjects for us this year were general math, general science and English I. The electives were citizenship and agriculture. Six boys enrolled in agriculture and the remainder of the class in citizenship.

We had three girls and five boys participating in basketball and six boys participating in baseball activities.

(Advertiser) Phone 40   McNEILY DRUGS   Mount Ayr, Ia.

(Advertiser) Ph. 7  LAMONI AUTO COMPANY  125 South Linden St., Lamoni, Ia.


Back row -- L. to R. -- Don Allen, Barry Walker, Steven Padgitt, James Fugate, Phillip Godden, Gary Grose, Gary McFarland.

Third row -- Carol Ethington, Kay Linthicum, Anne Garrity, Mrs. Young, Suzanne Sissel, Judy O'Dell, Marlene Turner.

Second row -- Dick Jackson, Jean Baker, Betty Bear, Linda Newton, Linda Andrew, Phyllis Hall, Ruth Epps, Margurite Priest, Morris Gillespie.

Front row -- Raymond Doser, Melvin Doolittle, Jerry Hightshoe, Dwayne Templeton, Darrell Hall, Kenneth Baker.


On August 27, 1956, seventeen seventh graders were welcomed by a former teacher, Mrs. Young, and thirteen eighth graders. Soon after school started we lost Kay Linthicum and Dwayne Templeton, who moved away. We gained Dola Mercer.

During the first few weeks of school we organized a citizenship club called, "Little Injuns." We elected room officers who were: President - Don Allen, Vice-President - Anne Garrity, Secretary - Linda Andrew, and Treasurer - Jerry Hightshoe. The main purpose of our club is to learn to live democratically.

We have girls and boys basketball teams. We have played some games and have more planned.

At Christmas time this year, instead of exchanging gifts, we brought toys and mended them for a children's home in Des Moines. We also bought a basketball for them.

During the first of the year we had a skating party at Mt. Ayr skating rink. We also plan to have another party sometime next spring.


Back row -- L. to R. Harold Jensen, James Sissel, David Rainey, Terry Sickels, Merritt Padgitt, Ronnie Powers, James Crecelius, Eldon McFarland.

Third row -- Janet Priest, Sandra Epps, Judy Bowen, Sharon Sickels, Miss Million, Hazel O'Dell, Beverlee Barnes, Gerrie Gorman, Anna O'Grady.

Second row -- Virginia Payton, Nancy Powers, Minerva Newton, Alice Minthorn, Joy Jackson, Sue Kaster, Jean Meadows, Marion Nash.

Front row -- Denny Brooks, Dale Allen, Denny McFarland, Jackie Ross, Ronnie Newton, Doyle Templeton, Jackie Garrity, Teddy Bear, Lyle Harris.


We started the school year with thirty-three in our room, fourteen in the fifth grade and nineteen in the sixth grade. Miss Million is our teacher.

We elected President Beverlee Barnes, Vice-President Gerrie Gorman, Secretary and Treasurer Eldon McFarland. The purpose of our club is to learn to conduct a business meeting. We are paying class dues so we may have a mother's day party in the spring.

Those who have been neither absent or tardy the first semester are: Jean Meadows, Sue Kaster, Virginia Payton, Anna O'Grady, Jackie Ross and Ronnie Newton.


Back row -- L. to R. -- Ronnie Frenzen, Larry Huss, Raymond Godden, Jimmy Ethington, Melvin Ogier, Keith Templeton, Dennis Epps.

Third row -- Laura Kay Pollard, Deanna Bagley, Carolyn Epps, Mrs. Carter, Kathleen Garrity, Judy Ross, Charlotte Combs, Jane Sissel, Patricia O'Grady.

Second row -- Nancy Wicker, Teresa Gillespie, Judy Clough, Vicki Virden, Paulette Orth, Edna O'Dell, Mary Jane Virden, Cynthia Edgington, Bonnie Minthorn, Ethel Sissel.

Front row -- Charles Sissel, John Holmes, Gary McDowell, Harold Baker, Monte Akers, Larry Trower, Ronnie Rainey.

Absent -- Marjorie Payton.


Thirty-three students started school in third and fourth grades this year. But Keith Templeton's moving at Christmas time leaves twelve third graders and twenty fourth graders.

The third graders are enjoying playing their tonettes this year. Most of the fourth graders are playing in beginner's band.

We had a good attendance for Education Week in November, when the parents came to visit. Also for our study group in November.


Back row -- L. to R. Lynn Sickels, Larry Gross, Dennis Ryan, Cynthia Brimmer, Betty Templeton, Suzan Van Pelt, Tommy Drake, Allan Campbell, Dwayne Virden, Frederic Hainine, Jimmy Hoffman, Terry Barnes, Barbara Harris, Mr. Ballentyne.

Second row -- Frances Epps, Jo Ellen Hainline, Henry Baker, LeRoy Morris, Roger O'Dell, Anthony Ogier, Darold Frenzen, Timothy Edgington, Terry McDowell, Donna Wicker, Rhea Rea Andrew, Joyce Rainey.

Front row -- Dickie Ross, Alan Van Pelt, Terry Baker, Linda Epps, Shirley Greene, Bobby Greene, Carolyn Crecelius, Patty Bowen, Mitzi Virden. [three more students not listed].

Not shown -- Ronald Tuller.


Twenty-one first graders entered our room last August to add their bit to the hum of industry created by seventeen sage second graders. As the year has progressed, so have they, and we still have all twenty-one members.

The second grade has done their fair share progressively speaking, but their already meager ranks have been depleted by two: Ronald Tuller left in October to live in Carthage, Mo., and Betty Templeton moved at Christmas time to Mt. Mariah, Mo.

Our teacher, Mrs. Linthicum, left in November to join her husband at Atlantic, Iowa. Mr. Ballantyne of Lamoni replaced her.

The first graders feel quite proud this year because they go to school in two rooms. Because Mrs. Murray has a small kindergarten she is teaching the first grade reading and phonics.


Back row -- Ronal Van Pelt, Phyllis Lesan, Lois Ryan, David Hammond, Linden Bowen, Michael Brimmer.

Front row -- Peggy Combs, Connie Ross, Patricia Garrity, Paula Greimann, Pamela Wilcoxson, Beverly Epps, Donita Hainline.


Thirteen children enrolled in the Kindergarten August 27. Later Russell Evans joined the group. Linden Bowen was the only resident pupil. The others all came in on the buses.

This was the first year that the children attended in the mornings only. Mr. Shaner took them home at noon.

The first grade, a group of 21 pupils, worked under the direction of Mrs. Murray in the afternoons.

Study Group met in our room October 18. Forty-one adults and ten pre-school children attended.

Mrs. Wilcoxson and Mrs. Greene, our room mothers, helped to make several parties enjoyable for everyone.

All of the children of the Kindergarten, First and Second Grades ate in our room when the Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners were served.

Frank Snethen Ph. 28FM23    Clarence Snethen Ph. 215W


Back row -- L. to R. -- Kathryn Holmes, Dennis Padgitt, Dick Priest, Diane McDowell, Meredith Morrison, Mike McDowell, David Holmes, Marie Jensen.

Third row -- Stephen Padgitt, Denny Brooks, Jerry Hightshoe, Kay Akers, Dick Jackson, Susan Hoffman, Jean Meadows, Gerrie Gorman, Marion Nash, Barry Walker.

Second row -- Beverlee Barnes, Anna O'Grady, Joan Meadows, Anne Garrity, John Meadows, Linda Virden, Suzanne Sissel, Joy Jackson, Nancy Powers, Sharon Bierlein.

Front row -- Carol Ethington, Marsha Hanks, Eileen Maloney, Instructor -- Mr. Millard.


Back row -- L. to R. Judy O'Dell, Merritt Padgitt, James Sissel, Alice Minthorn, Jane Ellen Sissel.

Second row -- Jimmy Ethington, Marjorie Payton, Pat O'Grady Kathleen Garrity, Lyle Harris.

Front row -- Bonnie Minthorn, David Rainey, Johnny Holmes, Monte Akers, Mary Jane Virden, Keith Templeton, Cindy Edgington.


Back row -- L. to R. Susan Hoffman, Marsha Hanks, Linda Virden, Joyce Gibson, Sharon Hembry, Sharon Bierlein, Donna Mercer.

Front row -- Elizabeth Corll, Kay Akers, Joan Meadows, Kathryn Holmes, Eileen Maloney, Marie Jensen, Diane McDowell.


Back row -- L. to R. David Holmes, Gerald Payton, Sam Davis, Mike McDowell, Sydney Sickels.

Front row -- Dick Priest, Richard Rainey, Frederic Trower, Meredith Morrison, Johnnie Meadows.


L. to R. Marsha Kay Hanks, Joyce Gibson, Kay Akers, Diane McDowell, Sharon Kay Hembry, Sharon Bierlein.


Back row -- L. to R. David Holmes, Gerald Payton, Meredith Morrison, Richard Rainey.

Front row -- L. to R. Marsha Kay Hanks, Elizabeth Corll, Sharon Hembry, Suzan Hoffman.


L. to R. Linda Virden, Marie Jensen, Eileen Maloney, Kathryn Holmes, Elizabeth Corll, Suzan Hoffman.






The Music Department has grown considerably during the past school year. Mr. Millard replaced Miss Bradley. The Senior Band has grown to thirty-one; the Junior Band now has fourteen members and there are many beginners on the way up. The Brass Sextet has appeared several times during the year and the Trumpet Quartet and Clarinet Quartet are busy preparing for the Spring Contests. Several soloists have appeared during the year at P.T.A. programs and other function. A new bell lyre, cymbals and other equipment was added to the band. The band performed at Ellston and other out-of-town appearances are planned. February 9th the Senior and Junior Bands presented their big program of the year. Enough money was earned from ticket sales and concessions to buy new uniforms to outfit the entire senior band.

Mr. Millard began a new Ringgold County Band Festival. The first program was held at Mt. Ayr and the bands of Mt. Ayr, Diagonal and Kellerton participated.

The vocal department was well represented during the year. The main program was given at Christmas. a new stage was built and decorated. The chorus of high school and 7th and 8th graders processed and recessed by candlelight. The girls chorus sang at several of the P.T.A. programs and both boys and girls sang for the World Day of Prayer. This year the boys chorus outnumbered the girls chorus.

The entire Senior Band entered the competition at Centerville for All-State Band. Although none made it the experience was well worth the effort.

March 23rd Mr. Millard took fourteen of the high school students to Kansas City for the day and in the evening they attended the Metropolitan Opera production of "Carmen." Other trips are in the making for summer performances of the Starlight Theater.

Programs are being planned for the summer band concerts and it is hoped most of the senior band members will be available.

The Music Department can be proud of the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to an even more interesting year to come.

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STANDING -- L. to R. -- Mr. Hunsicker, Ronnie Gillespie, Glenn Payton, Junior Wicker, Ernie Smith.

Front row -- L. - R. -- Jerry Hall, Gerald Priest, Donald Epps.


Frederic Trower, Mike McDowell, Richard Rainey, Roy Doolittle, Dennis Padgitt, Sydney Sickels. Mr. Hunsicker, standing.


The Kellerton Agriculture Club, instructed by Mr. Everet Hunsicker, consists of fifteen members, six seniors and nine sophomores and freshman. The boys are required to have an animal or crop project for the year and keep a record of the project monthly. The club collected dues of two dollars a piece in the shop department of the new gym October 31. The high school faculty was invited along with the home economics girls. We had games of apple bobbing and etc. and refreshments consisted of pie and apple cider. The Agriculture Club is going to sponsor a Slave Day on March 16, 1957. Posters have been distributed throughout the community advertising it. The receipts from the Slave Day are going to be used in sponsoring a Father and Son Banquet on April 5, 1957. The Home Economics girls are going to serve the food and Professor F. B. Houghton of N.W. Missouri State College will be our guest speaker.

We have had six field trips this year. The first trip was to a near-by corn field to examine the ears and stalks of the corn. The second trip was to Mr. Sherman Baker's purebred Columbia sheep. We judged his herd ram and found him an excellent breeder. The third trip was to Lenox to a conservation practice program. This proved and showed the need of conservation in southern Iowa. The fourth trip was to Mr. Frenzen's home to place sebestral pills in one of his calves' ear. This will improve the gain of the calf and increase the profit. The fifth trip was to Creston, Iowa to a conservation exhibition program. The program was put on by the Iowa State College. The sixth trip was to Des Moines, Iowa where a co-operative gave us facts and figures on artificial insemination.

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Back row -- L. to R. Richard Kaster, Michael McDowell, Larry Walters, Meredith Morrison, Mr. Frenzen.

Second row -- Elizabeth Corll, Marie Jensen, Kay Akers, Linda Virden.

Front row -- Gerald Payton.


Back row -- L. to R. Sharon Bierlein, Mr. Frenzen, Richard Rainey, Fred Trower, Sydney Sickels, Ronnie Kaster, Dennis Padgitt, Max Newton, Roy Doolittle.

Front row -- Marsha Hanks, Elizabeth Corll, Diane McDowell, Joan Meadows, Sharon Hembry, Mike McDowell, Gerald Payton.


Back row -- L. to R. Gerald Sickels, Ronnie Gillespie, Glenn, Payton.

Second row -- Jerry Hall, Linda Higday, Linda Virden, Susan Hoffman, Carolyn Templeton.

Front row -- John Meadows, Kathryn Holmes, R. D. Baker.


     On Friday, October 26, 1956, one of the big events of the school year was held, the Kellerton High School Carnival. The carnival was sponsored by the senior class under the supervision of Mr. Frenzen.

     We feel the carnival was a big success. There was a large attendance and everyone, including the merchants, gave us their co-operation.

     The king and queen contest was a special event of the evening. There were four king candidates and four queen candidates. Two candidates were elected from each class. The freshman class candidates, Dick Priest and Suzan Hoffman, were crowned king and queen. The king and queen attendants were Richard Kaster and Joyce Gibson from the sophomore class, Allan Heggs and Kay Akers from the junior class and Ronnie
Kaster and Diane McDowell from the senior class.

     We hope our carnival of 1956 will long be remembered. We express our thanks to all who gave us their kind co-operation.

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JUNIOR CLASS PLAY ~ A Feudin' Over Yonder ~ November 14 & 15, 1956

The Junior Class of 56-57 presented their play November 14-15, 1956. The name of the play was A Feudin' Over Yonder. The play was of hillbilly nature and there was a continuous feud between the Fry and the Popoff Families. Carolyn SCOTT and Sam DAVIS' portrayal of their characters was excellent. As a whole the play was a tremendous success.


Mountain Maggieold woman who is quite a characterElaine HOHNEKE
Maw Frymiddle-aged woman with 4 childrenSharon FUGATE
Emmy Frya very sweet girlRosetta AKES
Izzie Frytall, handsome boyDavid HOLMES
Clem Frya tall, thin individualLarry WALTERS
Rosie Belle Frya pain to the entire familyCarolyn SCOTT
Aunt Harry Hornhonkera domineering womanJean BEAR
Becky Mae Hornhonkera pretty girl with blonde curlsKay AKERS
Willy Hornhonkertall, homely mountain boySam DAVIS
Pappy Popoffhead of feudin' PopoffsBob BAGLEY
Zeke Popoffslow-movin' easy-goin' fello'Lloyd REED
Travelin' Preacherserious, hard-workin' manAllan HEGGS
Wedding Guest man of few wordsErnie MERCER
Musician Fred TROWER

     It is indeed regrettable that were unable to include a picture of the entire cast in this annual, but the pictures taken of the cast were unsuitable for reprinting.

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Back row -- L. to R. Larry Walters, Gerald Payton, Jerry Fugate, Mike McDowell.

Second row -- Coach-Mr. Rood, Glenn Payton, Ronnie Gillespie, Junior Wicker, Ernest Smith, Allan Heggs.

Front row -- John Meadows, Gerald Priest, Dick Priest, R. D. Baker, Bill Priest.

     The Kellerton baseball team started the fall season with three returning lettermen and a determined crew of freshman. Several of these freshmen were used extensively throughout the season and turned in fine performances in view of their inexperience.

Due to the short season only three scheduled games were played.


Kellerton, 12   Afton, 9
Kellerton, 22   Tingley 3
Kellerton, 8   Afton, 12

     As the team progressed into a working unit, the boys won the Sectional Tournament which was held here in Kellerton. The scores were as follows:


Kellerton, 4   Lorimor, 2
Kellerton, 11   Tingley 2
Kellerton, 8
   Grand River, 7
   extra innings

     Mike McDowell did a commendable job of pitching throughout the season. His top performance was undoubtedly against Blockton in the District Tournament. He registered an 8 to 5 win by striking out 14 batters and scattering seven hits. This enabled us to reach the finals of the tournament, which cast us against a strong St. Mary's team. We got off to a bad start and dropped this well-played game 3 to 7.


Kellerton, 8   Blockton, 5
Kellerton, 3   St. Mary's, 7

     We feel that in winning six games and only losing two, our squad did a fine job. The Spring season should find us in good shape. With the valuable experience our young team gained plus the improvement of the whole squad we should be able to give KHS a good representation.

(Advertiser) Phone 69   GLENN ROBINSON SERVICE STATION    Kellerton, Ia.

Back row -- Linda McColloch, Kathryn Holmes, Carolyn Scott, Marie Jensen, Kay Akers, and Coach Jim Rood.

Front row -- Eileen Maloney, Diane McDowell, Elizabeth Corll, Joyce Gibson, and Donna Mercer.


     A veteran girls team, minus one of last year's regulars, began the basketball season this year. The forward court consisted mainly of Carolyn Scott, Diane McDowell, and Kay Akers, with Joyce Gibson filling in as a fine substitute. Linda McColloch, Elizabeth Corll, Eileen Maloney, and Marie Jensen proved to be a good guard combination. The guards with Linda's fine ability and Elizabeth's aggressive spirit played several fine defensive games. Carolyn Scott developed into an outstanding post forward and the other girls improved throughout the season.

     The girls jumped off to a good start during the first half of the season by winning several games before Christmas. They lost several games after Christmas as they seemed to be in an after vacation slump. The girls were beaten in the first round of the county tournament. Toward the end of the season the girls played some fine ball as they came through with some impressive victories. The thriller was the finals when they beat a strong Beaconsfield sextet. The girls were paired with Tingley in the district, who had beaten them in three previous encounters. Kellerton dropped this game in the final seconds of play on Myrna England's field goal. This was a tough loss since Tingley went on to win the district and advance to the state tournament. The girls felt that they could have gone to the state tournament if Diane McDowell had not been sick the week previous to the district.

     All in all, the girls had a fine season in compiling a 12-10 won and loss record which is the best girls record for several years. This was the first time since 1942 that the girls had won a sectional. The girls will lose a fine forward in Diane McDowell and a fine guard in Elizabeth Corll, but they are looking forward to a good season next year with the addition of girls from the eighth grade.

Nov. 6, Here Kellerton
Nov. 16, Here Kellerton
Nov. 20, There Kellerton
Nov. 27, There Kellerton
Dec. 4, There Kellerton
  North Harrison
Dec. 7, There Kellerton
Dec. 11, There Kellerton
Dec. 14, Here Kellerton
Dec. 18, Here Kellerton
Dec. 20, Here Kellerton
  Shannon City
Jan. 2, Here Kellerton
Jan. 4, Here Kellerton
43, OT
49, OT
Jan. 17, Here Kellerton
Jan. 25, Here Kellerton
Jan. 29, There Kellerton
Feb. 1, There Kellerton
  Shannon City
Feb. 12, Here Kellerton


  Shannon City


* Denotes Victories


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Top row -- L. to R. Jerry Fugate, Jerry Hall, Richard Rainey, Glen Payton, Ernie Mercer, Gerald Priest, R. D. Baker, Coach Jim Rood.

Bottom row -- L. to R. Dick Priest, Larry Walters, Gerald Payton, Mike McDowell, Junior Wicker, Ernest Smith, Bill Priest.

     As a result of several different developments only two letter winners were among the fifteen boys who turned out for basketball this year. Needless to say, a terrific rebuilding process took place during the season. We were blessed with several good freshmen boys which helped immensely.

     This young and inexperienced group practiced many long hours before a unit was developed capable of winning. Most of us realized early in the season that our weakness lie in the inability to score so special emphasis was given to defense. As a result many of our opponents were shocked when the game was over to find that they hadn't scored enough points to win.

     Mike McDowell proved to be a fine all around ballpayer. He hit 45% of his field goal attempts in piling up 400+ points for the year which was about 20 points per game. Gerald Payton played good defensive ball throughout the year and also turned in some good games offensively. Bill Priest as a sophomore did an excellent job at the guard position. In many games his ball handling was superb and his eye for the bucket came in handy in several games. Larry Walters, Ernie Smith, and Junior Wicker did a lot of rebounding for us besides turning in some good defensive performances. It was good to have reliable reserves such as Dick Priest and Ernie Mercer handy at the bench too. Most of these boys are young and should come into their own next year.

     The highlight of the year was winning the County Championship. Three good teams - Diagonal, Beaconsfield, and Tingley were defeated by Kellerton in capturing the coveted title. The big thrill for everyone was in beating Diagonal. The boys really did a fine job defensively, especially McDowell who held Austin to only 11 points. This was the first county title for Kellerton in 32 years, the only other time being in 1925.

      Besides winning the county title, the team compiled a respectable win and loss record which was 14 and 8. Several of these eight losses were by only three or four points or less.

     We lose two fine boys via the graduation route but with a little experience next year's club will be tough to beat. Several young boys gained valuable experience this year and if they live up to their potential, should become fine ballplayers.

Nov. 6, Here Kellerton
Nov. 9, There Kellerton
Nov. 16, Here Kellerton
Nov. 20, There Kellerton
Nov. 27, There Kellerton
Dec. 4, There Kellerton
  North Harrison
Dec. 7, There Kellerton
Dec. 14, Here Kellerton
Dec. 18, Here Kellerton
Dec. 20, Here Kellerton
  Shannon City
Jan. 2, Here Kellerton
Jan. 4, Here Kellerton
Jan. 17, Here Kellerton
Jan. 25, Here Kellerton
Jan. 29, There Kellerton
Feb. 1, There Kellerton
  Shannon City
Feb. 12, Here Kellerton
Feb. 15, Here Kellerton



* Denotes Victories

(Advertiser) Member of F.D.I.C.  DECATUR COUNTY STATE BANK    Leon, Ia.



       Mike McDowell was one of the best ballplayers around here. he not only played good offensive ball but turned in some fine defensive games. His average of nearly twenty points per game in twenty-two games was very good, especially with a primarily defensive ball club. From the field he consistently hit around 45%. He hit 28 points in three different games this year. Mike put in many hours of extra practice and earned much respect from all of us. Much of the success of our team can be credited to him.






       Rich, as with many other boys, is one of the unsung heroes of a basketball team. These boys seldom get to play except maybe a few minutes at the end of a game. Yet, they come to practice regularly, work hard and obey all training rules. Most of the general public never get to see them play. Boys such as Richard are invaluable to a basketball team. The better they perform, the better the first team will perform since they work against each other. A good second team is a must if the first team is to enjoy any success. Because of his courage and stictuitiveness, Rich Rainey has won a letter.





       Gerald Payton proved to be the workhorse of our ball club. While not a high scorer, he could be depended on to turn in a good defensive game. We could always count on a few points from him especially from the free-throw line. His high game in points was in the Beaconsfield game in which Gerald hit 19. No doubt Gerald's best game was in the County Tourney when we beat Diagonal. His rebounding was superb against much taller opposition. We could always count on Gerald to give every game all he had.




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(Advertiser) MINOR STUDIO   Lamoni, Iowa

       Although Diane McDowell was not the most outstanding basketball player around here, she was one that could always be counted on for a good steady game. One of her best efforts was in the finals of the sectional tournament when we knocked off Beth Walters and Beaconsfield. Her floor play and shooting was excellent. During the past two seasons Diane worked as hard as anyone and harder than most. Much of our success can be credited to her as a result of her long hours of practice. It is felt by many that if she had been feeling up to par, Tingley would not have eliminated us in the district tourney. She was one of the best representatives a school could possibly have and will certainly be missed around here next year.



       Elizabeth Corll played a lot of good basketball at her position in the back court. She was one of the most aggressive guards around here and impressed many fans with her fine play. As a result of being so short, she was caught many times hanging on to the arms in her effort to reach the ball. Some people criticized her extensively for her fouling but we felt that because of her size this was the only type of game she could play in most instances. Liz was indeed a fine guard and will be greatly missed next basketball season.




Top -- Carol Ethington, Right -- Thelma Mauldin, Bottom -- Sharon Bierlein, Left -- Linda Andrew


1956 - 1957 Tomahawk courtesy of GV Museum
Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, June of 2017

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