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Joseph FOLTZ was born in Germany and died in 1791 in Heidelberg Township of what was then Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Joseph was the ancestor of the FOLTZ Family from Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Joseph immigrated to Pennsylvania aboard the ship "Anderson" which was under the command of Captain Hugh CAMPBELL, landing at Philadelphia on August 26, 1751. Joseph settled in Heidelberg Township of what is now Lebanon County, and acquired 130 acres of land. His will, dated March 12, 1791, bequeathed his property and 100 pounds in Pennsylvania currency to his wife, Catharine Elizabeth (?) FOLTZ. Catharine Elizabeth (?) FOLTZ was born circa 1733 in Germany. Family historians state that Catharine and Joseph were married in Germany. Catharine died in Heidelberg Township of what was then Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, May 25, 1789. Joseph and Catharine Elizabeth FOLTZ were the parents of six children:

1) Francis FOLTZ, born circa 1754, Heidelberg Township, Dauphin Co. PA
    descendants resided in Heidelberg Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

2) Frederick FOLTZ

3) Margaret FOLTZ, born Heidelberg Township of what was then Dauphin Co. PA

4) Maria FOLTZ, born Heidelberg Township of what was then Dauphin Co. PA; died unmarried 1821, PA

5) Catharine FOLTZ, born Heidelberg Township of what was then Dauphin Co. PA

6) Elizabeth FOLTZ, born Heidelberg Township of what was then Dauphin Co. PA

NOTE: One of Joseph and Catharine Elizabeth FOLTZ'S daughters married John KERPER.


Frederick FOLTZ, son of Joseph and Catherine Elizabeth (?) FOLTZ, was born near Schafferstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, circa 1757; died December 28, 1822, Upper Strasburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Frederick served during the Revolutionary War under Captain DENNIS and Captain Joseph DAVISES Company, Patton's Regiment, 5th Continental Troops. He moved to Franklin County, Pennsylvania, around the year 1790, settling on a farm in Upper Strasburg, at the foot of the North Mountain. Prudent in business, Frederick was a good farmer and a man of pleasant manners. He married in 1789, PA, Mary Eve DICE (a.k.a. Maria Eva THEISS), born October 14, 1763, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died March 28, 1840, Upper Strasburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Mary Eve (DICE) FOLTZ was the daughter of Johannes "John" DICE (1732, Germany - 1890 PA) and Anna Regina Sophia (KOPPENHOFFER or KOPPENHAVER) DICE (1763, PA - 1840, PA).

Children of Frederick and Mary Eve (DICE) FOLTZ:

1) Mary Catherine FOLTZ, born 30 Aug 1782, Schaefferstown PA
    married Conrad GOLDSMITH

2) Johannes "John" FOLTZ, born 16 Oct 1785, Schaefferstown PA
    moved to Clinton Township of Wayne County, Ohio 1836; died Sep 1842, Wayne Co. OH
    married 1804 PA Mary REED, born circa 1787/89, PA; 15 children:
      1. Gideon FOLTZ, born 24 Sep 1806 PA
      2. Joseph FOLTZ, born 28 Feb 1808 PA
      3. David FOLTZ, born 13 Jul 1809 PA; died 06 Aug 1854
          interment Shreve Cemetery, Wayne Co. OH
      4. Elizabeth FOLTZ, born 01 Feb 1811 PA
      5. Jonathan FOLTZ, born 16 Jul 1812 PA; died 1875
          interment Shreve Cemetery, Wayne Co. OH
      6. John FOLTZ, born 16 Dec 1812 PA; died 1875
          interment Shreve Cemetery, Wayne Co. OH
      7. Samuel FOLTZ, born 11 May 1815 PA
      8. Eliza FOLTZ, born 18 Feb 1816 PA
      9. Rebecca FOLTZ, born 20 Dec 1817 PA
      10. Mary A. FOLTZ, born 20 Apr 1819, Franklin Co. PA
      11. William FOLTZ, born 19 Mar 1821, Franklin Co. PA
      12. Adam FOLTZ, born 12 Apr 1823, Franklin Co. PA; died 1904 OH
      13. Frederick FOLTZ, born 22 Apr 1825, Franklin Co. PA
      14. Julia Ann FOLTZ, born 07 Jul 1827, Franklin Co. PA
      15. Eli Jackson FOLTZ, born 28 May 1832, Franklin Co. PA; died 07 Jun 1864
            interment Shreve Cemetery, Wayne Co. OH

3) Jonathan FOLTZ
    born 24 Feb 1778 PA; died 18 Jan 1854, interment Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster Co. PA
    married Susannah "Susan" RICHARD, born 17969; died 1859, inter: Harrisburg Cem., Harrisburg PA
                daughter of Jacob & Polly (RADEBAUGH) RICHARD of Letterkenny Twp. Franklin Co. PA.

4) Frederick FOLTZ

5) David FOLTZ, born 05 Dec 1786 PA; married Barbara HOUSER, born circa 1789 PA; 10 children

6) Joseph FOLTZ, born 04 Oct 1787 PA; married a daughter of John DICE; 3 children

7) Christian FOLTZ

8) Elizabeth FOLTZ, born 10 Apr 1795 PA; died 01 May 1815, inter: Flickinger's Graveyard near
    Fannettsburg PA; married Joseph FLICKINGER, farmer from Path Valley PA
    Joseph and Elizabeth residing in Franklin Co. PA, 1850 Federal Census

9) Samuel FOLTZ

Frederick FOLTZ, son of Frederick and Mary Eve (DICE) FOLTZ, was born December 5, 1757, and died June 14, 1860. Frederick, like his father, was a farmer of Upper Strasburg and was a Democrat. He married Catharine GROVE, born August 20, 1794, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and died May 9, 1894; the daughter of John Grove of Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Children of Frederick and Catharine (GROVE) FOLTZ:

1) Anna Maria FOLTZ, born 24 Nov 1811, Schafferstown PA; died 21 Feb 1846

2) Christian FOLTZ, born 02 Aug 1815, Franklin Co. PA; died 06 Sep 1891; a noted hunter

3) Joseph FOLTZ, born 1821, Franklin Co. PA; died 1897 PA
    married Mary C. ZIMMERMAN, born 1822 PA; died 1905
    Joseph and Mary C. (ZIMMERMAN) FOLTZ interred Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Franklin Co. PA
    Joseph and Mary C. (ZIMMERMAN) FOLTZ were the parents of 4 children:
    1. David D. FOLTZ, born circa 1840, Franklin Co. PA; married Minnie TAYLOR
        Children: Forrest and Mary FOLTZ
    2. Emma Cathrine FOLTZ, born 01 Mar 1841, PA; died 17 Apr 1925
        married David Burkholder KOHR, born 1837 PA; died 1923 PA
        Emma and David interred Otterbein Cemetery, Franklin Co. PA
        Emma Catherine (FOLTZ) & David B. KOHR were parents of 6 children:
          1. Nellie M. KOHR, born Dec 1861; died 1969
              inter: Lurgan Cem., Franklin Co. PA
               married 1st circa 1881 Harry Denton SWANGER, born 18 Jul 1866 PA; died 1919; 2 children
               married 2nd circa 1921 Ruther F. WARREN, born 12 Sep 1876 PA; died Jul 1961 PA
          2. Emma KOHR
          3. Mary Jane "Jennie" KOHR, born 18 Aug 1864
              married Edward Franklin MINTDROP; 3 children
          4. Carrie Louella KOHR, born 18 Aug 1866; died 1969
              inter: Spring Hill Cemetery
              married Wilbur Cornelius SNOKE; 5 children
          5. Bertie Evelyn KOHR, born 05 May 1873 PA; died 08 Sep 1926 PA
              inter: Otterbein Cem., Franklin Co. PA
              married Eber Clarence SHUMAN; 6 children
American Flag.jpg           6. Roswell Earl KOHR, born 15 Sep 1875 PA; died 05 Sep 1976 PA
              inter: Otterbein Cemetery, Franklin Co. PA
              WW I Veteran, PA 79th Division
              married Edna Mae RIFE; 2 children
    3. Ella M. FOLTZ, born 19 Mar 1843, PA; died 21 Jan 1941, Cumberland Co. PA
        married Willis Albert KOHR, born circa 1838; died 04 Jun 1924
        Ella and Willis interred Spring Hill Cemetery, Shippensburg PA
        Ella M. (FOLTZ) and Willis Albert KOHR were the parents of 3 children:
          1. Grace KOHR, born PA; died Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA
              married Clarence M. SMITH
          2. Effie KOHR, born 10 Dec 1882 PA; died 26 Dec 1970 PA
              married Robert Joseph ALLISON (1879-1932)
              Effie & Robert inter: Spring Hill Cem.
          3. Stewart Willis KOHR, born 31 May 1894 PA; died 25 May 1972
              married Estella G. HALE (1895-1980)
              Stewart & Estella inter: Spring Hill Cem.
    4. Sarah V. FOLTZ, born circa 1846, Franklin Co. PA; married William SEITSINGER

4) William FOLTZ, born circa 1822, Franklin Co. PA

5) Melinda FOLTZ, born 06 Feb 1824, Franklin Co. PA; died 06 Nov 1899 PA
    married 17 Dec 1850 John S. BRAKE, born 13 Dec 1825; died 04 Dec 1911 PA
    John was a farmer of Letterkenny Twp, Franklin Co. PA; township director
    Melinda (FOLTZ) and John S. BRAKE interred Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg PA
    Melinda (FOLTZ) and John S. BRAKE were the parents of 4 children, including:
    Child: John Tyler BRAKE died at age 8 yrs, 6 mo. 13 days of scarlett fever 20 Feb 1863
    Child: Benjamin S. BRAKE died at age 10 mo. 25 days of scarlett fever 04 Mar 1863

6) John FOLTZ, born circa 1825, Franklin Co. PA

7) Franklin "Frank" FOLTZ, born circa 1827, Franklin Co. PA

  Christian FOLTZ, son of Frederick and Mary Eve (DICE) FOLTZ, born May 12, 1790, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and died September 15, 1862, St. Thomas, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Christian was a farmer until he was a steward of Marshall College, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, 1837-40. He returned to farming with his final years spent in St. Thomas. Christian was a Lutheran and his wife was a member of the Reformed Church. Christian married first on January 17, 1816 to Hannah KEEFER, born August 15, 1796, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and died February 3, 1851, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; the daughter of Christian KEEFER or KEIFFER (1768-1822) and Elizabeth (GSELL or SELLS) KEIFFER or KEEFER (1768-1800). Christian and Hannah were interred at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Children of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ:

1) Barnet FOLTZ, twin, born Dec 1816; died 08 Dec 1816

2) Elizabeth FOLTZ, twin, born Dec 1816; died 11 Dec 1816

3) Barnett FOLTZ

4) George W. FOLTZ

5) Elizabeth FOLTZ, married Rev. Isaac S. WEISZ

6) Mary Ann FOLTZ, married Rudolphus PALSGROVE

7) Hannah Jane FOLTZ, married Rev. John William LESCHER

Civil War Flags.jpg 8) Christian C. FOLTZ, born 02 Nov 1826, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 17 Nov 1902, with interment at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Christian C. was a coachmaker with the firm of PEIFFER & FOLTZ, 1860-64. Early in the Civil War Christian performed important duties as a scout and was a Captain of a Cavalry Company of 47 men in 1862. Was a constable and detective for Chambersburg, deputy sheriff from 1871-75. Christian C. married Elmira BETZ (1841-1869) and had children: Jennie who married Charles B. SMILEY and had a daughter Helen and a son H. Clay FOLTZ of Ventura CA. Elmira (BETZ) FOLTZ was interred beside Christian C. at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

9) Daniel FOLTZ

10) Frederick P. FOLTZ

11) Cyrus FOLTZ

Civil War Flags.jpg 12) Rebecca Lucinda FOLTZ, born 27 Jan 1835, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; married Cyrus SMITH, son of William and Eliza (GELWICKS) SMITH. Cyrus served during the Civil War in Company B of the 1st Maryland Volunteers. Son of Rebecca Lucinda (FOLTZ) and Cyrus SMITH - Calvin, born circa 1853, Maryland and moved to Kansas.

13) Moses FOLTZ

14) Martin Luther FOLTZ

Christian FOLTZ married second Catharine PALMER, the daughter of Michael and Catharine (REDSECKER) PALMER and the widow of John BRINDLE of St. Thomas Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Christian and Catharine did not have children.

Samuel FOLTZ, son of Frederick and Mary Eve (DICE) FOLTZ, born 17 Feb 1802, Upper Strasburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 28 May 1884, Shreve, Wayne County, Ohio. Samuel was a farmer of Shreve, Wayne Co. OH. Samuel married on December 18, 1821, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth KEEFER or KEIFER, born 27 Sep 1802/03, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 08 Feb 1882; daughter of Christian and Mary (POORMAN) KEEFER. Samuel and Elizabeth interred Shreve Cemetery, Wayne County, Ohio. Samuel and Elizabeth (KEEFER) FOLTZ were the parents of 13 children:

1) George Augustus FOLTZ
    born 23 May 1823, Upper Strasburg, Franklin Co. PA; died 15 Sep 1834, Franklin Co. PA

2) Benjamin Franklin FOLTZ, born 04 May 1825, Upper Strasburg, Franklin Co. PA; died 12 Mar 1898
    interment Shreve Cemetery, Wayne Co. OH

3) Frederick Philip FOLTZ, born 17 Sep 1827, Franklin Co. PA; died 15 Sep 1829, Franklin Co. PA

4) Mary Eve FOLTZ, born 15 Feb 1829, Franklin Co. PA
    married Thomas Woodland LEE, born circa 1826; 6 children:
      1. Mary Eve LEE, born circa 1850
      2. Emma Jane LEE, born circa 1852
      3. David Don LEE, born circa 1854
      4. Ella Iris LEE, born circa 1856
      5. Grant LEE, born circa 1858
      6. Earl LEE, born circa 1862

5) Julia Ann FOLTZ, born 26 Feb 1821, Franklin Co. PA; married 1st Robert MANLEY; 7 children:
    1. William Allen MANLEY, born circa 1860
    2. Joseph Hartman MANELY, born circa 1861
    3. Robert Hartman MANLEY, born circa 1863
    4. Robert Wilson MANLEY, born circa 1865
    5. Annie MANLEY, born circa 1868
    6. Samuel MANLEY
    7. Rosanna MANLEY, born circa 1871
  Julia Ann FOLTZ married 2nd William CALVER; no children from this marriage

Civil War Flags.jpg 6) Guy R. "Samuel" FOLTZ, Jr.* born 03 Oct 1833, PA; died 08 Dec 1917
    interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Ringgold Co. IA
    enlisted as a Private, age 30, on May 3, 1864, Company H, 166th Ohio Infantry
    He was mustered out of service at Camp Cleveland, Ohio, September 9, 1864
    farmer; married 1st Mary ADAIR, born circa 1836; 9 children:
    1. Lewis FOLTZ, born circa 1854, OH
    2. Frank FOLTZ, born circa 1855, OH
    3. George FOLTZ     4. Samuel "Sam" FOLTZ, born circa 1858, OH
    5. Mary Eve (FOLTZ) CRITCHFIELD, born circa 1863, OH
    6. Charles "Charley" Simon FOLTZ, born circa 1865, OH
    7. Simon FOLTZ, born circa 1865, OH
    8. Henry FOLTZ, born circa 1867
    9. Emma Bell (FOLTZ) HUNTERborn circa 1868, IA

Samuel FOLTZ married 2nd second 31 Dec 1873 Alsada "Sarah" FINLEY, born November 9, 1852, and died May 21, 1922, interment at Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Ringgold County, Iowa. Samuel and Alsada were the parents of 9 children:

Gravestone of Samuel and Alsada (FINLEY) FOLTZ
Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Iowa

Children of Samuel and Alsada (FINLEY) FOLTZ:

    1. Irene FOLTZ married 1893 David E. CULVER, born 08 Oct 1873; died 04, May 1959
        Irene and David interred Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Ringgold Co. IA

~ ~ ~ ~


Irene Foltz CULVER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel FOLTZ, was born August 2, 1875, in Ohio, and departed this life at her home east of Beaconsfield, Iowa, March 6, 1932, aged 56 years, seven months and four days.

At the age of five years she came to Ringgold county and settled on a farm west of Kellerton. In 1893 she was united in marriage to John CULVER (sic, David E. CULVER) [born October 8, 1873; died May 4, 1959] and to this union were born seven children, all of which are living except Pearl, who died 14 years ago. The living are Samuel, Noel, Evan, Mrs. Marie ELLIS, Mrs. Anna GIBSON, Maude at home and Richard [SHELDON], a grandson who has made his home with Mr. and Mrs. CULVER since the death of his mother.

Mrs. CULVER was converted and joined the Methodist church at the Valley Chapel near Creston when she was a young woman. She was a kind and loving wife and mother, never complaining of her lot, always willing and ready to help when needed. She is going to be missed greatly by her husband and children and all who knew her.

Six children and 12 grandchildren mourn her going. She also leaves three sisters, Mrs. O. L. LESAN of Chanute, Kan., Mrs. Clint R. ROSS of Pomona, Kan., and Mrs. W. H. CLUM of Harrisville, Mo.; four brothers, Michael FOLTZ of Mount Ayr, Jess FOLTZ of Kellerton, Lloyd FOLTZ of Mount Ayr and Orr FOLTZ of Lamoni; four half-brothers, Charley, Henry, Sam and Simon; two half-sisters, Emma HUNTER and Mary CRITCHFIELD.

Funeral services were held at the Rhoades Funeral Home in Mount Ayr Tuesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. E. S. MENOHER, pastor of the M. E. church, and interment was in the Kellerton cemetery [Maple Row].

~ ~ ~ ~

    Children of David C. and Irene (FOLTZ) CULVER:
        1) Marie (CULVER) ELLIS
        2) Anna (CULVER) GIBSON
        3) Samuel D. CULVER, born 1894; died 1965, interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
        4) Noel Carl CULVER, born 21 May 1895; died 22 Jan 1968
            interment Rose Hill Cemetery, Mount Ayr IA
        5) Evan G. CULVER, born 1898; died 1963, interment Rose Hill Cemetery, Mount Ayr IA
        6) Pearl (CULVER) SHELDON, born 17 Apr 1899; died 06 Aug 1918, inter: Maple Row Cem.
            Child: Richard SHELDON
        7) Maude CULVER

    2. Michael J. FOLTZ, born 22 Jan 1877; died 19 May 1941, interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton
        married 25 Apr 1901 Clara E. FERBER, born 25 Feb 1879

    3. Infant Daughter FOLTZ, born 15 Jan 1881 [Mrs. O. L. LESAN? - see Irene's obituary]

    4. Jesse C. "Jess" FOLTZ
        born 17 Apr 1882; died 29 Nov 1948, interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
        married 24 Dec 1901 Cora I. CAMPBELL, born 25 Jun 1883

    5. Martha FOLTZ, born 04 Jul 1886
        married 26 Jul 1904 W. H. CLUM

    6. Charles FOLTZ, born 16 Dec 1884

    7. Katherine FOLTZ, born Aug 1888
        married 24 Feb 1915 Clinton ROSS, Sr.

    8. David "Lloyd" FOLTZ
        born 04 Jan 1891; died 04 Sep 1953, San Diego CA, inter: Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
        married 29 Oct 1912 (divorced) Mona "Florence" SCOTT
            Mona "Florence" SCOTT
              born 30 May 1886; died 21 Sep 1970, Clearview Nursing Home, Mount Ayr IA
              interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA


David Lloyd FOLTZ Gravestone and Funeral Card

~ ~ ~ ~


Florence FOLTZ was a resident of the Clearview Home in Mount Ayr for the last five years, where she passed away on September 22, 1970, at the age of 84 years and four months. She was a member of the Methodist Church during her lifetime.

Florence SCOTT, daughter of Perry and Catherine SCOTT, was born May 30, 1886. She was united in marriage with David Lloyd FOLTZ of Kellerton and of this union were born five children - Mrs. Kathryn MILLER of Woodward, Mrs. Cleora COHRON of Whittier, Calif., Mrs. Floretta JOHNSTON of Chandler, Ariz., David FOLTZ of San Diego, Calif. and Cloydene FOLTZ, who died in 1955.

Preceding her in death were husband, Lloyd, in 1954, and a son-in-law, Frank COHRON of Centerville.

She is survived by her four children; a brother, Cloyde SCOTT of Des Moines; two sisters, Flossie SMITH of Morongo Valley, Calif. and Velva HUKILL of Des Moines; fourteen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Funeral services were held September 24 from the Kellerton United Methodist Church, conducted by the Rev. Jerrold SWINTON. Burial was in the Maple Row Cemetery at Kellerton.

        Children of David Lloyd and Mona "Florence" (SCOTT) FOLTZ:

Katheryn (FOLTZ) and Lee MILLER

           1) Katharine FOLTZ, born 1913, Mount Ayr IA; died 01 Apr 2001 USA Healthcare, Woodward IA
               services 03 Apr 2002 Woodward U. Methodist Church; inter: Violet Hill Cemetery, Perry IA
              married Lee MILLER


Mrs. Kathyrn MILLER, age 88 of Woodward, IA died Monday, Apr 1, 2002 at USA Healthcare of Woodward, IA.

Mrs. MILLER was born in Mount Ayr, IA and grew up in Kellerton, IA. She had lived in the Woodward, IA since 1957. She was a retired school Teacher at Saydel elementary school in Norwoodville (Des Moines, IA).

Mrs. MILLER was a member of the Woodward United Methodist Church, Alpha Delta Kapp-Rio Chapter and Drake University Alumni. She enjoyed flower gardening.

Preceding her in death were her husband, Lee MILLER and grandson Jamie MILLER.

Survivors include sons, Greg MILLER of Perry, IA, Joe MILLER of Altoona, IA and Mike MILLER of Nekossa, WI., and six grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

Funeral Services were held Wed., Apr 3, 2002, at Woodward United Methodist Church, Woodward, IA. Burial was in the Violet Hill Cemetery, Perry, IA.

Cleora Kathlynn (FOLTZ) COHRON

           2) Cleora Kathlynn FOLTZ
               born 28 Apr 1915; died 23 Nov 2001, Long Beach, Los Angeles Co. CA
               memorial services 04 Oct 2003, ashes on family gravesite, Oakland Cemetery, Centerville IA
               married 26 Dec 1936 Frank White COHRON, died Jun 1957
Vet Flag.jpg                  Child: James Derwin COHRON, born 11 Nov 1936; died 12 Jan 1968, Laos

Jimmie was among the first 100 men to be chosen by President John F. KENNEDY for the newly organized "Green Berets." He was in his second tour of duty in Viet Nam when he went missing on January 12, 1968.


James Derwin "Jimmie" COHRON was born in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa, on November 11, 1936, the son of Cleora Kathlynn (FOLTZ) and Frank White COHRON. At the age of 25, Jimmie enlisted in the service. Upon arriving in Viet Nam, Jimmie was attached to MACV-SOG [Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observation Group], Command and Control North. The MACV-SOG was a joint-service high command unconventional warfare task force engaged in highly classified operations throughout Southeast Asis. The 5th Special Forces channeled personnel into MACV-SOG (though it was not a Special Forces group) through Special Operations Augmentation (SOA), which provided their "cover" while under secret orders to MACV-SOG. The teams performed deep penetration missions of strategic reconnaissance and interdiction which were called, depending on the time frame, "Shining Brass" or "Prairie Fire" missions.

On January 12, 1968, SSgt. COHRON, was a member of Spike Team "Indiana" [FOB-1, Ph Bai, Ops 35], the second man from the rear of the team formation and assigned as the rifleman. The Spike Team "Indiana" was on a reconnaissance combat missing deep within enemy-held territory. This area of eastern Laos was considered to be a major artery along the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail. This border road was used by the Communists to transport weapons, supplies and troops from North Vietnam into South Vietnam although it frequently was no more than a path cut through the jungle-covered mountains. The U.S. objective was to stop this flow of men and supplies from moving south and into the war zone.

When the team was approximately 48 miles due west of Hue, South Vietnam; south of Khe Sanh; 1 mile south of the Lao/Vietnamese border and 8 miles north-northeast of Tavauac, Salavan Province, Laos, it was ambushed by an enemy force of unknown size. After an extensive and fierce exchange of gunfire, the Spike team broke contact by evading through a gully and set up a defensive position on a small hill. The team set up a defensive position. A head count was taken, and it was determined that SSgt. COHRON and two indigenous personnel were missing. The team's view of their path of evasion was obstructed by tall elephant grass, and they were unable to visually locate SSgt. COHRON and the others. Attempts to raise them by radio failed.

Because of the tactical situation and the reconnaissance team's mission had been compromised, the men were forced to call for helicopter extraction. The team was extracted without locating SSgt. COHRAN and the two other men.

Two days later, a search and rescue (SAR) team made its way to the ambush site. They did not locate the missing team members but did find a small spot of blood where the initial contact was made. Further, they found SSgt. COHRAN's food ration which was identified by the empty cigarette package inside. When no other trace of the missing men was found, all ground search efforts were terminated. SSgt. COHRON was immediately classified as Missing In Action.

The MACV-SOG teams earned a global reputation as one of the most combat effective deep-penetration forces ever raised.

SSgt. James Derwin COHRON is one of nearly 600 Americans who disappeared in Laos. Many of these men were known to be alive on the ground. Although the Lao stated they held "tens of tens" of American prisoners, not one man held in Laos was ever released - or negotiated for by either direct negotiation between Vietnam and the United States or through the Paris Peace Accords, which ended the Vietnam War since Laos was not a party to that agreement.

Since the end of the Vietnam War, well over 21,000 reports of American prisoners, missing and otherwise unaccounted for have been received by the U.S. government. Many of these reports document live American P.O.W.s remaining captive throughout Southeast Asia today. With evidence mounting that hundreds of these men could still be alive, the question rises, "Where is James COHRON?"

SSgt. COHRON, among hundreds of other M.I.A. servicemen, were administratively declared dead during Presumptive Finding of Death (PFOD) hearings which occurred from one year after the date of loss through September of 1994 when the "last" P.O.W., Charles E. SHELTON, was declared dead. SSgt COHRON was administratively declared dead on May 7, 1978.

James Derwin COHRON E6/Army 5th SF Unit C&CMACV-SOGLaos-MIA
From: (Naso)
Hello, I am compiling a file on James Derwin COHRON for his two children, I am their mother. I have delved into what happened to Jim when he was on a mission in Laos in 1968, off and on. I have not had much luck on finding out what happened to him. I have read the reports from the Library of Congress, and wait to get his military records from St. Louis, and wait, and wait. I realize a lot happened a long time ago, but in some ways it seems like it just happened. I also know that some of the men on Jim's last mission are dead, or unknown about in Laos too. I do have their names from the Library of Congress and was able to find out at least about the team leader, John H. ROBERTSON. Jim was a member of a Spike team called "Indiana". I have questions about MACV-SOG that I can't answer to put in the file. Is there a good book on SOG that would explain personal questions? I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I teach in a Middle School, and also try to cover subjects like the Vietnam War. If you could help me in any way as I try to trace Jim through becoming a Green Beret and then a member of MACV-SOG, and then just disappearing, I would appreciate the help. Is the fact he disappeared in Laos part of the difficulty in learning much? Is it the fact that he was "sterile" {no identification} when he crossed over into Laos that makes this search for facts so bleak? My name is Mary, and my Email address, if you would care to reply, is: P.S. I was not with Jim when he entered the Army. All that I know is from reading and research, so I know very litlle about SF. I have however, met through the 5th Special Forces Association off the internet, some very nice men who have gone out of their way to let me know they did not know Jim, etc. Thanks for putting up with this long EMail. It is hard to be otherwise.

To: (Naso)
I hope I can provide some help, I have the following information: 12 Jan 68, James Derwin COHRON, SSG E-6, USASF and two Vietnamese Team Members (names unknown), Spike Team "Indiana," FOB-1, Phu Bai, Ops 35, Spike Team Members on Recon in Laos when ambushed. MIA Presumptive finding of death. (The team moved to a predetermined location at which time SSG COHRON and the two Vietnamese were unaccounted for. COHRON was the second man from the rear of the team formation, when the team was ambushed, 1 mile inside Laos, south of Khe Sanh. Initially, the team broke contact and set up a defensive position on a small hill, after evading through a gully. The terrain was heavily vegetated with "elephant grass" which obstructed the teams view of COHRON as well as well as their ability to effect any contact with him. Air Support was requested and the team being extracted. Two days later a search team was inserted and these three individuals were not found).


Photograph by Sharon R. Becker, April of 2005

SSgt. James Derwin COHRON is listed on the
Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Wall, Washington, D.C., Panel 34E, Row 35


Our Lord and Savior called Cleora Kathlynn FOLTZ COHRON of Long Beach, California, to her everlasting home on November 23, 2001. She passed away gently at 4:30 AM at her condominium in her daughter's arms. She was born April 28, 1915, in Mt. Ayr, Iowa, the daughter of David Lloyd FOLTZ and Mona SCOTT FOLTZ, who both preceded her in death. On December 26, 1936, in Creston, Iowa, Cleora married Frank White COHRON of Bowling Green, Kentucky, who preceded her in death in 1958.

She is assumed preceded in death by her oldest son, James D. "Jim" COHRON, a U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret, who has been missing in action in Viet Nam since January 1969. The unknown fate of her oldest child was first and foremost on her mind and in her heart for 32 years 10 months 11 days.

She was also preceded in death by her beloved son-in-law of 32 years, Damon FUDGE, two sisters, Cloydene FOLTZ and Floretta JOHNSTON, one brother, David FOLTZ and one nephew, William "Billie Lee" JOHNSTON.

She is survived by two children, Debra Kathlynn COHRON FUDGE of Columbia, Kentucky, and Jon Patric COHRON of Long Beach, California, Jim's two children, Stephen COHRON and Kelly COHRON JONES in California, and these nephews and nieces: Cheri FOLTZ LOVE and husband David in Utah; Paul FOLTZ and wife Janet, and Annette FOLTZ BURSTEIN and husband Mike in California; Donna BARKER JOHNSTON (Billie Lee's widow) in New Mexico; Andy JOHNSTON and wife Joyce in Texas; Diane JOHNSTON HILL and husband Jack and Suzi JOHNSTON WEAVER and husband Tooter in Arizona; Mike MILLER in Wisconsin; and Joe MILLER and Greg MILLER in Iowa. She is also survived by a host of other relatives and friends.

Cleora resided in Centerville, Iowa from 1940 to 1963, where her husband and she owned the F. W. COHRON Construction Company that was based in Centerville from 1940 until her husband's death in 1958. While residing in Centerville, she was a member of the Methodist Church, PTA, Mother's Club, Band Mothers and a Boy Scout leader and a Girl Scout leader.

She resided in Long Beach, California from 1969 until passing to her everlasting home. She retired from Federal Government Civil Service in 1977. Cleora was the President of the Anchor Arms Condominium Association for 32 years and a member of the First United Methodist Church of Long Beach.

During her retirment years, Cleora volunteered untold thousands of hours at the Long Beach Senior Center and was honored by that organization as the "Senior Volunteer of 1994." In addition, during each of her 24 years of retirement, she hand-crafted 300 items and contributed them to the Long Beach Crippled Children's Leauge for their annual fund-raising bazaar.

Cremation arrangements were handled by McKenzie Cremation of Long Beach. Her ashes will be scattered some in Long Beach, California, some at her son-in-law's and daughter's rural property in Adair County, Columbia, Kentucky, where Cleora spent 20 years of annual vacations lasting from two weeks to six months, and some in Centerville, Iowa, at Oakland Cemetery where her husband is buried and their grave monument is located. A Memorial Service will be conducted when her ashes are scattered in Kentucky.

Floretta (FOLTZ) and Robert Leighton JOHNSTON

Robert L. and Floretta (FOLTZ) JOHNSTON, circa 1974

           3) Floretta FOLTZ, born 1918, Redding, Ringgold Co. IA; 16 Apr 1993, Mesa, Maricopa Co. AZ
               interment Mountain View Memorial Gardens, Mesa AZ
               married 07 Sep 1937 Robert Leighton JOHNSTON
              Robert Leighton "Bob" JOHNSTON, born 26 Sep 1916; died 21 Jun 1984, Mesa AZ
                 Child: William Leighton "Bill" JOHNSTON
                           born 21 Feb 1939; died 21 Jan 1999, Paulson AZ
                           interment beside his parents, Mt. View memorial Gardens, Mesa AZ
                           married May 1958 Donna Rae BARKER, born 24 Feb 1940


Floretta JOHNSTON, daughter of Lloyd and Florence FOLTZ, was born on February 3, 1918, in Redding [Ringgold County], Iowa.

On September 7, 1937, she was united in marriage to Robert L. JOHNSTON. To this union four children were born: Bill, Andy, Ann, and Suzi.

Bob and Floretta lived in Mount Ayr, Iowa, until 1962 when, along with their daughters, moved to Mesa, Arizona. Floretta was a homemaker and mother and remained very active until her illness.

Floretta was taken to Mesa Lutheran Hospital on April 14, 1993 and passed away April 16, 1993, with her twin daughters by her side.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Bob, and is survived by her sons: Bill and his wife Donna JOHNSTON of Chino Valley, Arizona, and Andy and his wife Joyce JOHNSTON of San Antonio, Texas; and her twin daughters, Ann and her husband Jack HILL of Redondo Beach, California; and Suzi GAY of Mesa, Arizona, with whom she shared a home; six grandchildren and two sisters, Cleora COHRON and Kathryn MILLER.

Services were held [at 3:00 p.m. April 19, 1993, at Mountain View Memorial Gardens in Mesa, Arizona.

Gravestone of Floretta (FOLTZ) and Robert Leighton JOHNSTON
Mountain View Memorial Gardens, Mesa, Arizona

           4) Cloy Dene "Dene" Lloyd FOLTZ
               born 28 Feb 1920, Kellerton IA; died 10 Jan 1954, Mount Ayr IA
               interment beside her mother, Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Ringgold Co. IA
               Dene was the manager of the Clinton Motel, Mount Ayr, IA

Gravestone of Cloy Dene "Dene" FOLTZ and Mona "Florence" (SCOTT) FOLTZ
Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Iowa

           5) David Scott FOLTZ, born 06 Jun 1929, Athens Twp., Ringgold Co. IA; died 1987, Hayward CA
              married 1947 (divorced) Esther Ramona NICKOLS VINCENT
              married Joanne CHRISTENSEN, born 1930
              married Rachel Isabel SWIFT, born 04 Jun 1927

    9. Infant FOLTZ, twin, born 22 Mar 1893; died 26 Mar 1893

    10. Infant FOLTZ, twin, born 22 Mar 1893; died 15 Apr 1893

    11. Orr FOLTZ, born 1894, IA; died 1952, Ringgold Co. IA, inter: Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
          married Elva (?), born 1888

7) Jeremiah Wesley FOLTZ, farmer
    born 09 Jun 1836; died 19 Feb 1883, interment Shreve Cemetery, Wayne Co OH
    married 1863 Mary Ann DYE, born 1840; died 1921, interment Shreve Cemetery; 8 children:
      1. Daniel FOLTZ, born circa 1860
      2. Elmer FOLTZ, born 1864; died 1934, interment Shreve Cemetery, Wayne Co. OH
      3. David E. FOLTZ, born 1864; died 1934
      4. Ella FOLTZ, born circa 1865
      5. Nora B. FOLTZ, born 1866; married 1884 Adam MILLER
      6. Adaline "Addie" FOLTZ, born circa 1867/68; married 1894 Pearle HOOVER
      7. Harry W. FOLTZ, born circa 1879
      8. Orpha E. FOLTZ, born 1871; died 1948; married 1889 George COMISKEY

8) Elizabeth Jane FOLTZ
    born 21 Mar 1838, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH; died 17 Oct 1843, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH

9) William Henry FOLTZ
    born 07 Feb 1840 OH; died 08 Aug 1909, interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
    farmer Kellerton, Ringgold Co. IA
    married Sep. 18, 1862 Harriet DYE
    Harriett (DYE) FOLTZ, daughter of Daniel & Orpha (McCONKEY) DYE, died at age 39, 21 Jul 1882
    William Henry and Harriet (DYE) FOLTZ were the parents of 5 children:

      1. Ida E. FOLTZ, born 1864; married Virgil WEARS
      2. Emma Edith FOLTZ, born 15 Feb 1866; died 30 Nov 1946
          married Sherman T. BECK, born 04 Jul 1864; died 16 Feb 1948
      3. Earl G. FOLTZ, born 1869
      4. Clyde FOLTZ, born 1871; married Ora SCOTT
      5. Elizabeth FOLTZ, born 1874; died 1878
      6. Ernest KEEFER FOLTZ, born 1875; married Cora WOODS

Harriet (DYE) and William Henry FOLTZ

10) David Elmer FOLTZ


Civil War Flags.jpg David E. FOLTZ, [son of] Samuel and Elizabeth (KEIFER) FOLTZ,was born in Wayne county, on the 14th of March, 1842. In this county [Wayne County, Ohio], May [23 or] 28, 1879, he was united in marriage with [Eleanor J.] "Ella", daughter of D. K. and Elizabeth (RAYL) JONES. She was born in Wayne county, March 10, 1847, and they have one daughter, Ethel K[eifer]., born July 6, 1882, and one son, David Clark, born January 23, 1885. Mr. FOLTZ has been twice married, and his first wife [married September 28, 1867] was Mary M[argaret]. POMEROY, born December, 1845, died May 29, 1877. The children of this marriage were: Esther, born May, 1868, died June, 1868; [William Henry] "Willie" H., born March 12, 1871, died November 9, 1879; Helen, born December 22, 1873. Mr. FOLTZ is proprietor of a saw and planing mill [and a lumber dealer] at Shreve, Wayne county [Ohio].

David Elmer FOLTZ served during the Civil War as a Corporal with Company A of the 120th Ohio Infantry, mustered into service on August 13, 1862, and mustered out of service on July 7, 1865 at Columbus, Ohio. David was assigned to special duty on February 23, 1864 at Plaquemine, Louisiana, conducting soliders to their regiments, a responsibility he performed for a year. David Elmer FOLTZ died at his home, Norwalk, Ohio, on January 14, 1926, leaving his widow Ella and one son, Clark. David was a member of the G.A.R. He was interrred at Oak Grove Cemetery, Shreve, Wayne County, Ohio. His widow Ella was born in 1847, and died in 1927 with interment beside David at Oak Grove Cemetery.
- Hardesty's Historical & Geographical Encyclopedia, Wayne County, Ohio

11) Zephaniah Keefer FOLTZ
      born 01 Jul 1844, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH; died 09 Sep 1845, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH

12) James Keys FOLTZ
      born 24 Oct 1846, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH; died 29 Oct 1864, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH

13) Martha FOLTZ
      born 15 June 1848, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH; died 15 Aug 1849, Shreve, Wayne Co. OH

Barnett FOLTZ, son of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ, was born 23 Jan 1818, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 02 May 1899. Barnett was a salesmen of agricultural implements; 1844-48 "Gap Plow" for the SEYLERS at Cove Gap, now Foltz. He was also an agent of Pomeroy Wagon Jack Company, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. Barnett married October 22, 1857 Sophia SHINDLE, born Sep 1830; died 14 Feb 1899; daughter of George C. & Ann M. (ALBRIGHT) SHINDLE of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Barnett and Sophia (SHINDLE) FOLTZ were the parents of 5 children:

1) Warder FOLTZ, born 18 Feb 1859; died 24 Jul 1859

2) Edward B. FOLTZ, born 25 Jul 1860; clerk for Jas. LEFFEL & Company; later the manager of Grand Opera House, Springfield OH

The Grand Opera House was built in 1881 on Limestone Street, the former site of the old Leffel Water Wheel industry. John W. BOOKWATER built the Grand Opera House which had a seating capacity of 1,200 and featured a ground-floor which gave this building an advantage over the Black Opera House.

~ ~ ~ ~

The New York Times
Wednesday August 3, 1897

John W. Bookwater Quits Springfield (Ohio) for Good.

SPRINGFIELD, OHIO - Aug. 2 - John W. BOOKWATER, the Springfield and New York millionaire, has created a big sensation by placing all of his large real estate holdings here except his factory in the hands of C. B. KISSELL, a real estate agemt, for immediate sale. The property includes the Grand Opera House, the Bookwater Block, the Lagonda Hotel, and several other lots.

Mr. BOOKWALTER'S action is due to the city tearing down a stairway he built in an alley six weeks ago. He declared that he would not own property here if he could not have his way, and at once ordered the Grand Opera House closed. Manager FOLTZ in consequence had to cancel over seventy contracts.

Mr. BOOKWALTER was a candidate last Fall for the Democratic nomination for Presidet. He sailed last Thursday for Europe, where he expects to spend the remainder of his life.

~ ~ ~ ~

3) Oscar C. FOLTZ, born 22 Sep 1862; machinist for Heist & Foltz Company
    married 10 Nov 1888 Carrie E. BUCHTLE

4) Della Shindle FOLTZ, born 13 Sep 1864; died 24 May 1867, 2 years, 11 months 11 days

5) Stella L. FOLTZ, born 27 Oct 1868; married 06 Dec 1891, Clarke Co. OH to Claude FLICK

George W. FOLTZ, son of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ, was born May 29, 1819, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died March 11, 1875. He was a carpenter of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, and a contractor & bridge builder; resided at Messersmith farm south of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania until his death. George married January 26, 1847 Anna BONEBRAKE, born July 17, 1822, and died January 23, 1897; the daughter of Jacob & Susan (HOLLINGER) BONEBRAKE. George W. and Anna (BONEBRAKE) FOLTZ were interred at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. George W. and Anna (BONEBRAKE) FOLTZ were the parents of 8 children:

1) Augustus Christian FOLTZ, born 03 Sep 1847, Waynesboro, Franklin Co. PA; school teacher, and then in 1872 a brakeman of Pennsylvania Railroad; promoted to train agent for a passenger train in 1876; express messenger to Adams Express Co. 1877; agent for Adams Express Co. 1887 at Harrisburg PA, resigned 1896 to accept an appointment by the Governor to fill an unexpired term of his father-in-law Alderman KINNEARD for 3rd Ward of Harrisburg; 1898 appointed Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue under Collector HERSHEY.

Augustus Christian FOLTZ married 1st 05 Jan 1871 to Emma Claudine HUTZ, born Nov 1847; died 06 Jan 1872, the daughter of Hiram H. & Anna B. (GROVE) HUTZ of Chambersburg PA. Augustus Christian and Emma Claudine (HUTZ) FOLTZ were the parents of 1 child:
    1. Emma Claudine Hutz FOLTZ, born 03 Jan 1872; died 05 Nov 1876

Augustus Christian FOLTZ married 2nd Mary Elizabeth KINNEARD, the daughter of John D. and Mary A. (BROWN) KINNEARD. They were the parents of three children:
    1. Grace FOLTZ, born 11 Nov 1883
    2. Martha Ann FOLTZ, born 01 Jan 1889
    3. Mary Catharine FOLTZ, born 11 Mar 1897

2) George Barnett FOLTZ, born 25 Aug 1849, Waynesboro PA
    married 21 Dec 1876 Catharine Thomas LATSHAW, born 19 Oct 1854, daughter of John K.
    & Margaret (THOMAS)
    George Barnett and Catharine Thomas (LATSHAW) were the parents of 6 children:
      1. Lillie Margaret FOLTZ, born 13 Mar 1878
      2. Anna May FOLTZ, born 29 Aug 1880; died 29 Dec 1880
      3. Beverly Augustus FOLTZ, born 24 Jul 1882
      4. Mary Elizabeth FOLTZ, born 24 Jul 1882
      5. Emma Catharine FOLTZ, born 02 Aug 1887
      6. Georgia Barnett FOLTZ, born 21 Sep 1896

3) Daniel Frederick FOLTZ, born 13 Sep 1851; died 11 Oct 1880
    baggage master Northern Central Railroad

4) Hannah Susan FOLTZ, born 23 Aug 1853, Waynesboro PA; died 20 Oct 1861

5) John David FOLTZ, born 02 Jul 1855, Waynesboro PA; died 29 Jan 1884
     clerk National Bank of Waynesboro & agent Adams Express Co.

6) Cyrus Moses FOLTZ, born 18 Oct 1857, Waynesboro PA; died 20 Dec 1888
    printer with Public Opinion, Chambersburg PA

7) Alvin Martin FOLTZ, born 16 Oct 1859, Waynesboro PA
     married 18 Nov 1890 Mrs. Georgiana B. SMITH,
     the daughter of George J. & Catharine S. (FUNK) BALSLEY

8) William Jacob FOLTZ, born 19 Nov 1861, Waynesboro PA
    married 24 Dec 1895 Edith Cassat HUDSON, born 24 Dec 1879,
    the daughter of George T. and Mary Jane (ELY) HUDSON
      Child: Frederick FOLTZ

Elizabeth Sells FOLTZ, daughter of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ, was born, born April 12, 1821, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and died June 25, 1869. She was married June 4, 1843 Rev. Dr. Israel Shuman WEISZ.


This faithful servant in the vineyard of Christ was the son of Rev. George WEISZ, of blessed memory, and was born November 27, 1821, in Lancaster, Ohio. He was received in infancy through holy baptism into the covenant of grace, and at a proper age received into full membership of the Reformed Church through the rite of confirmation.

He received his early education in the public schools of his native place. He then went to Mercersburg. Pennsylvania, and prepared himself for the office of the holy ministry. Subsequently he was licensed and ordained by Lancaster Classis, Ohio, probably in 1843. His first ministerial labors were performed in Fairfield County, Ohio, as assistant to his father.

In 1847 he entered the Newville Charge, Pennsylvania, and, after serving it two years, he returned to Ohio, and for ten years labored in the field once occupied by his father. In 1859 he came back to Pennsylvania and labored for two years in the Nittany Valley Charge, serving at the same time as principal of the Jacksonville Union Seminary. In 1861 he removed to Miftlinburg, Pennsylvania. In 1865 he located at Williamsport. In 1868 he went to the Mt. Bethel Charge, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Here his first wife, nee Miss Elizabeth Zell FOLTZ, of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania., to whom he was married in 1844. Elizabeth died June 25, 1869. Several years later he was married to Miss Emma L. TROIEL, of Stone Church, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

During the Civil War, several Mifflinburg clergy came under fire from a writer for the Chronicle. Although one of the clergymen under fire was not named, it was widely known that the German Reformed minister who delivered a Thanksgiving sermon in November of 1863 entitled "The Position Which a Christian Minister Should Occupy in These Troublous Times" was Reverend WEISZ. The death of Reverend WEISZ'S son on the battlefield a few months later silenced his critic. Reverend WEISZ maintained his position until the war was over.

In 1873 he became pastor of the Paradise Charge, in York County, Pennsylvania. Here he labored successfully, and was officially connected with his people to the time of his death, which occurred Monday, January 15, 1894, aged 72 years, 1 month and 18 days. His remains were borne to Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pennsylvania, and consigned to their resting-place.

Dr. WEISZ's ministry covered a half century, in recognition of which an appropriate memorial was adopted by Xion's Classis, at Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvani, May, 1893. He was a man of great earnestness and zeal. He was strong intellectually as well as physically, a logical thinker and a fluent preacher in both the English and German languages, an excellent reader and a fine pulpit orator.

Elizabeth Sells (FOLTZ) and Dr. Israel Shuman WEISZ were the parents of 12 children:

Civil War Flags.jpg 1) John Calvin WEISZ, born circa 1843 PA; K.I.A. at York Co. PA
    Enlisted 02 Jan 1862 with Co. H 39th PA Volunteer Infantry

Civil War Flags.jpg 2) Charles William WEISZ, born circa 1845
    Enlisted 02 Aug 1862 with Co. A, 131 PA Volunteer Infantry
    Mustered out 23 May 1863
    Re-enlisted 2nd Heavy Artillery; K.I.A. 27 Jun 1863, York Co. PA

3) Emma Catharine WEISZ, born 24 Mar 1847 PA

4) George Foltz WEISZ, born 04 Jul 1849 PA; died 03 Feb 1905
    in the agricultural implement & insurance business, Sioux City IA
    married 14 Feb 1871 Mifflinburg PA Sadie Amelia DECKARD, born 06 Oct 1849, Mifflinburg PA
    Sadie Amelia DECKARD was the daughter of Jacob and Anna Mary (STITZER) DECKARD.
    George Foltz and Sadie Amelia (DECKARD) WEISZ were the parents of 9 children:

      1. Charles Deckard WEISZ, born 04 Dec 1871, Mifflinburg, Union Co. PA
          married Aice FILKINS, died 11 Apr 1918
      2. James Shuman WEISZ, born 02 Apr 1874, Mifflinburg, Union Co. PA
          married 15 Aug 1900, Sioux City IA Clara May SHIREY
      3. Horace Raymond WEISZ, born 13 Jun 1876, Mifflinburg, Union Co. PA
      4. Mary Estella WEISZ, born 23 Sep 1878, Mifflinburg, Union Co. PA
      5. Harry Granger WEISZ, born 26 Jul 1881, Fort Dodge, Webster Co. IA
      7. Alice Augusta WEISZ, born 07 Dec 1883, Sioux City, Woodbury Co. IA; died 22 Feb 1886
      8. Sarah Irene "Sadie" WEISZ, born 07 Sep 1886, Sioux City, Woodbury Co. IA
      9. George Shuman WEISZ, born 07 Sep 1886, Sioux City, Woodbury Co. IA
      10. Josephine Vivian WEISZ

5) Zacharias Ursinus "Doc" WEISZ, born 14 Dec 1850 PA; learned trade of printer with uncle M. A.
    FOLTZ in office of Public Opinion, Chambersburg PA; married with one child: Frederick FOLTZ

6) Jane Ellen Miner WEISZ, born 30 Apr 1852 PA; married Christian WEAVER of Northampton Co. PA

7) Williamson Nevin WEISZ, born 12 Dec 1854 PA

8) Cyrus Kieffer WEISZ, born 18 Nov 1856 PA

9) Elizabeth Alice Main WEISZ, born 15 Nov 1858 PA; married Mr. YELLIS

10) Anna Mary WEISZ, born 03 Aug 1860 PA

11) Israel Shuman WEISZ, born 14 Oct 1861 PA

12) Arthur Edmund WEISZ, born 13 Jun 1869 PA; died in infancy circa 1879

Mary Ann FOLTZ, daughter of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ, was born 24 Nov 1822, Litterkenny, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 14 Mar 1907, Hagerstown, Maryland; married Rudolphus PALSGROVE, a shoemaker and a farmer, born 22 Jan 1820, Peters Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 17 Aug 1889, Hagerstown, Maryland; son of John George "William" and Maria Barbara "Mary" (?) PALSGROVE. Mary Ann (FOLTZ) and Rudolphus PALSGROVE were the parents of 12 children, who spelled their surname "PAULSGROVE":

1) Christian Rudolphus PAULSGROVE married 07 Feb 1886, Hagerstown MD to Hannah B. FREY
    Christian Rudolphus and Hannah B. (FREY) PAULSGROVE were the parents of 7 children:
    1. Maurice Steck "Morris" PAULSGROVE
    2. Martha Hazel PAULSGROVE
    3. Abner Randall PAULSGROVE
    5. Silas Daniel PAULSGROVE
    6. Cora Mae PAULSGROVE
    7. David Frey PAULSGROVE

2) John Hill PAULSGROVE, born 1859; died 1950
    married 23 Feb 1888, Abingdon IL Jennie M. FRANKLIN, born 1865; died 1941
    John Hill and Jennie M. (FRANKLIN) PAULSGROVE interred Abingdon Cemetery, Knox Co. IL
    Child: James PAULSGROVE, born IL; married Altha HATCH

3) George W. PAULSGROVE married 28 June 1866 Isabella L. BARR; 7 children:
    1. Alex Bill PAULSGROVE
    2. Caroline Elizabeth PAULSGROVE
    3. John Daniel PAULSGROVE, born 09 Sep 1870, Hagerstown MD; died 06 Jan 1906, Galesburg IL
        married Miss SEWARD
    4. Mary Florence PAULSGROVE
    5. Clara Rose PAULSGROVE
    6. Lillian Lula PAULSGROVE
    7. Lula Ragen PAULSGROVE

4) Martin Luther PAULSGROVE
    born 12 Feb 1850, Washington Co. MD; died 21 Nov 1906, St. Louis MO
    married Addie STERLING, bor 15 Jan 1855; died 02 Oct 1903, Abingdon IL
    Child: Martin PAULSGROVE

5) Thomas Barnett PAULSGROVE, born 23 Apr 1863, Hagerstown MD; died 06 Dec 1945, Macomb IL
    married 18 Apr 1863, McDonough Co. IL Lucy Elveretta LOCKE, 18 Apr 1863 - 07 Aug 1942
    Thomas Barnett and Lucy Elveretta (LOCKE) PAULSGROVE were the parents of 2 children:
      1. Huldah Locke PAULSGROVE, born 17 Jun 1898, Walnut Grove, McDonough Co. IL           married Carl Henry ROUEBUSH, born 24 Apr 1896, McDonough Co. IL; 2 children:
            1. Ethel Maxine ROUEBUSH
            2. Dorothy Lee ROUEBUSH
      2. Herbert Thomas PAULSGROVE








Hannah Jane FOLTZ, daughter of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ, was born 19 Oct 1824, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died 24 Jan 1901, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois; married 12 May 1845, Pennsylvania, to Rev. John William LESCHER, born 23 May 1817, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; died 27 Jan 1875, Millersburg, Pennsylvania, interment at St. David Church Cemetery.
John William LESCHER entered the Theological Seminary, Mercersburg PA in 1841; licensed to preach by the Eastern Pennsylvania Classis of the Reformed Church in 1844; missionary at Wilkesbarre; 1854 superintendent of public schools of Luzerne County; taught at a private school at Bloomsburg; conducted a 30 year ministery of the churches of Bloomsburg, Selinsgrove, and Lyken's Valley PA. Hannah Jane (FOLTZ) and Rev. John William LESCHER were the parents of 9 children:

1. Hannah "Eleanor" (LESCHER) GUTELIUS, born 1846, Wilkes-Barre PA
    died of pneumonia 26 Jan 1925; interment Riverview Cemetery, Northumberland Co. PA
    married Calvin William LESCHER, son of Israel & Sarah (HAAS) GUTELIUS; 6 children:
      1. N. N. GUTELIUS married Martin WITHINGTON; 1 child
      2. William Lescher GUTELIUS married Catherine Maud HOWELL; 2 children:
          1. Catherine Howell GUTELIUS married Roscoe REEVES
          2. Frances Eleanor GUTELIUS
      3. C. Warren GUTELIUS
      4. Laurence L. GUTELIUS
      5. Donald L. GUTELIUS
      6. Nelson Theodore GUTELIUS, born 06 Dec 1870, Sunbury PA; died 1931, Detroit

2) Dr. Theodore Neander LESCHER was born 20 May 1848, Wilkes-Barre PA; died 01 May 1918, Galesburg IL.; a prominent retired physican who for the past 17 years made his home in Galesburg. Dr. LESCHER died due to complications of diseases attributed by decline of old age. Three years ago [1915] he suffered a nervous breakdown and at the time he and his wife moved in with his brother. His father was a minister of the Reformed church of which he was a member. He attended schools in Pennsylvania and studied medicine in New York and Pennsylvania, then practiced medicine in Pennsylvania. Dr. LESCHER was interred at Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox county, Illinois.

3) George C. LESCHER, born 14 May 1850 PA; died 12 Mar 1919
    married Laurette WISWELL, born 10 Sep 1857; died 18 Mar 1886
    George C. and Laurette (WISHELL) LESCHER interred Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox Co. IL

Miss Katharine Keefer LESCHER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George LESCHER, was born December 21, 1891, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, and died suddenly at the family residence, Galesburg, on July 19, 1916. The physician pronounced death due to heart failure. She had been quite prominent in a social circle younger group until her health failed. After graduating High School attended Hood college at Maryland for a year until health forced her to give it up. While residing at Sanitorium in Baltimore she continued to take special work in domestic science and French. She was a member of Presbyerian church since age 10 and took active interest in Sunday School. Interment was at Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Illinois.

4) Zacharias U. LESCHER

5) Lizzie LESCHER

6) William LESCHER

7) Clara Jane (LESCHER) ALBERT
    born 1862; died 14 Sep 1930, interment Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier CA

8) Edmund LESCHER, born 1864 PA; died 1932, interment Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox Co. IL
    married Marcia M. (?), born 1870; died 1958, interment Hope Cemetery, Galesburg IL

9) Nevin G. LESCHER, born 1866 PA; died 1928, interment Hope Cemetery, Galesburg IL

Civil War Flags.jpg Daniel FOLTZ, son of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ, was born 15 Oct 1828, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He was a moulder and journeyman, In 1856 went with a party of emigrants to newly organzied territory of Kansas & settled in Shawnee County. Daniel enlisted as a Sergeant with Union Army on September 19, 1861 into Co. C, 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry; served most of the time in the 4th Army Corps.; received 1st promotion after Battle Chickamauga, and was commissioned as 1st Lieutenant before close of war, and was in command of his company at the last Battle of Nashville. Sgt. FOLTZ was mustered out of service at San Antonio, Texas on November 28th of 1865. During his service, Sgt. FOLTZ marched about 13,000 miles After the War, Daniel was a farmer at Burlingame, Kansas until he sold out in 1893. He moved to Oklahoma where resided until his death On December 4, 1856 Daniel married Mary Ellen SEYLAR of Cove Gap [present-day Foltz], the daughter of Frederick and Sarah SEYLAR. Mary (SEYLAR) FOLTZ was born April 11, 1834, and died August 26, 1884, with interment at Burlingame City Cemetery, Osage County, Kansas. Daniel was interred at Burlingame City Cemetery. Daniel and Mary Ellen (SEYLAR) FOLTZ were the parents of 6 children:

1) Son FOLTZ, born 12 Oct 1857

2) Belle FOLTZ, born 21 Oct 1859; died 11 Jul 1901; married 1881 Mr. ROCKEY & had 5 children

3) Alvah FOLTZ, born 12 Sep 1861

4) Hannah Jane FOLTZ, born Oct 1863; married G. H. LEITH, Glencoe OK; 5 children

5) Daniel FOLTZ, born 24 Nov 1868; married 13 Mar 1900 Mrs. Nettie ROSS of Jennings OK

6) Edward FOLTZ; resided in Prescott AZ

Fredrick P. FOLTZ, son of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ.

Frederick P. FOLTZ

Frederick P. FOLTZ is the son of Christian and Hannah (KIEFFER) FOLTZ, and was born November 15, 1830, near Strathburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

The family is of German and French-Huguenot ancestry. His paternal great-grandfather was Frederick FOLTZ, who emigrated from Toterdam on the ship "Tyger," George Johnson, master, November 19, 1771, and settled near Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. His grandfather, also named Frederick, moved to Letterkenny Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, in 1798. He had nine children, seven sons and two daughters, of whom Christian, the father of Frederick P., was the sixth. His great-great-grandfather, on the maternal side, was Abraham KIEFFER, a French-Huguenot, who came to America in 1750. He had three sons and two daughters. His son, Dewalt, had seven sons and two daughters, the youngest son, Christina, being F. P. FOLTZ'S grandfather.

The FOLTZ and KIEFFER families come of excellent stock, and in France, Germany, and America, have been noted for their intelligence, enterprise, thrift, and usefulness. Many of the Kieffers were, and still are, prominent in church and State as teachers and ministers. Ex-Governor BEAVER, a distinguished officer in the Civil War, and at present a member of the Superior Court, is a grandson of Catherine KIEFFER. Ex-Speaker and General KIEFFER, of Ohio, came from the Maryland branch of this family. Some of the most eminent divines in Maryland and Pennsylvania are named KIEFFER, and include Dr. J. Spangler KIEFFER, of Hagerstown, Maryland; Dr. Harry KIEFFER, of Easton, Pennsylvania; and Professor J. B. KIEFFER, of Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Mr. FOLTZ'S brothers, Daniel, Cyrus, and Martin L., served in the Civil War, southwestern army, and Christian C. was Captain of an emergency company. His brother, George, was a successful contractor and builder. Another brother, Moses A., of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, has been, for many years, editor and proprietor of Public Opinion. He is an influential republican, has been a member of the legislature, and was appointed by President McKINLEY, Postmaster of Chambersburg.

Mr. FOLTZ was educated, and learned the carpenter's trade in Pennsylvania, which occupation he engaged in until his removal West. He was married in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, October 08, 1855, to Melinda C., daughter of George and Susan (BELL) JACOBS. She was born in Waynesboro, December 07, 1833. In 1857, Mr. FOLTZ moved with his family to a farm in Kansas, but owing to the disturbed condition of that part of the country, he returned to Pennsylvania and worked at his trade until the close of the war. He then made a second trip to Kansas, which, like the first, proved disappointing, and he located at Abingdon, Illinois, where he has for many years been a leading citizen of the town and county. He has taken a conspicuous part in all matters pertaining to the advancement of Abingdon, and was prominently concerned in securing the construction of what is now the Iowa Central Railroad, of which he was a director; he also acted as collector for the company for sometime, in which capacity he was very successful. He was among the first to erect modern brick business blocks in the city of Abingdon, and built and owned the FOLTZ Opera House. He is the owner of much valuable property in the city. He was pioneer in the introducing and manufacture of tile for drainage purposes, and was a member of the first manufacturing company formed for that purpose. He is now a stock holder in the Abingdon Paving Brick and Tile Company. Mr. FOLTZ is a druggist, and has been in the business since 1865. He is the discoverer and manufacturer of a valuable antiseptic germ-destroyer and pain alleviator called "Presto," which has proved a boon to suffering humanity.

Mr. and Mrs. FOLTZ are the parents of seven children: Louise Belle, born at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; Jennie Augusta, born in Shawnee County, Kansas; Frederick Luther, born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and died in Kansas, April 18, 1864; Linnie M., born in Abingdon; and Lillie M. and Helen D., twins born in Abingdon. Lillie M. died September 15, 1870. The family are connected with the Congregational church. In politics, Mr. FOLTZ is a republican; he has been Alderman of the city of Abingdon several terms. He is highly esteemed by his fellow townsmen.
- Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, "Knox County", 1889

~ ~ ~ ~

Frederick P. FOLTZ

Frederick P. FOLTZ is among the prosperous business men of Abingdon, and who has long been closely identified with the best interests of the city, is the gentleman whose name heads this notice. He embarked in the drug business there in 1865, but to this line subsequently added groceries and farm implements. Since 1879, however, he has dealt exclusively in drugs, paints, oils, books, stationery, wall-paper and farm implements, and carries an average stock of about $4,000.

Mr. FOLTZ was born in Franklin County, Pa., Nov. 15, 1830, and is the son of Christian and Hannah (KIEFFER) FOLTZ. He was reared and educated in his native county and there served a regular apprenticeship to the carpenter trade, after which he was continuously occupied in that work during the year he remained a resident of that State. He was married at Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, October 8, 1855, to Miss Melinda C., the accomplished daughter of George and Susan JACOBS. Mrs. FOLTZ was born at Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, December 7, 1833. In 1857 our subject, with his family, moved to Kansas and was there engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1860, when, on account of the unsettled condition of affairs at that time, it being just prior to the war, he returned to his native State. There he worked at his trade until the close of the war, in 1865, when he again came to Kansas. Not being favorably impressed with the portion of that State which he visited, he came to Abingdon [Illinois] and engaged in the mercantile business, and has been prominently identified with the growth, not only of Abingdon, but of Knox County, since that time. He took an active part in aid of the construction of the Peoria & Farmington, now the Central Iowa Railroad, and was a member of its Board of Directors. He was an earnest worker in securing local aid in the interest of the road. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Union Bank of Abingdon, and has been its Vice-President since 1880. In addition to his drug and stationery business, he is extensively engaged in the sale of agricultural implements, together with wagons and buggies. He is also a farmer and stock-raiser, having a fine farm of 310 acres, lying on the west line of Cedar Township. On this splendid place he keeps an average herd of 40 head of full-blooded Short-horn cattle and also a herd of 75 head of high grades. He is a gentleman of more than ordinary ability as a business man, and what he possesses of this world’s goods, which is an abundance, he has acquired through his own energy and perseverance.

Mr. and Mrs. FOLTZ are the parents of six children, two sons and four daughters: Louisa Belle was born at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, July 17, 1856, and died Sept. 22, 1857; Jennie Augusta was born in Shawnee County, Kansas, March 20, 1858; George F.J., was also born in that county, Nov. 5, 1859, and died April 18, 1864; Frederick Luther was born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Feb. 25, 1862, and died April 18, 1964 in Kansas. Linnie M. was born Nov. 23, 1867, in Abingdon; Lillie M. and Helen D. (twins) were born at Abingdon, Aug. 25, 1870; the former died Sept. 15, 1870.

Mrs. FOLTZ united with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in June 1849, and Mr. FOLTZ, Nov. 23, 1850. On coming to Abingdon and finding no church of their denomination, they united with the Cumberland Presbyterian, with which they have since held fellowship. This, however, is now known as the Congregationalist.
- Portrait & Biographical Album of Knox County, Illinois, 1886

Frederick P. and Malinda C. (JACOBS) FOLTZ were the parents of 7 children:

1) Louise Bell FOLTZ, born 17 Jul 1856, Chambersburg PA; died 22 Sep 1857

2) Jennie Augusta FOLTZ, born 20 Mar 1858, Shawnee Co. KS

3) George Jacobs FOLTZ, born 05 Nov 1886, Shawnee Co. KS; died 31 Apr 1954
    interment Abingdon Cemetery, Knox Co. IL
    married 01 Jan 1885 Lucy M. GIVENS, born 30 Jul 1866; died 29 Jun 1944, inter: Abingdon Cem.
    Lucy M. (GIVENS) FOLTZ was the daughter of Strawther and Julia (CARTER) GIVENS of Abingdon
    George Jacobs and Lucy M. (GIVENS) FOLTZ were the parents of 5 known children:
      1. Infant Daughter FOLTZ, interred Abingdon Cemetery, Knox Co. IL
      2. Frederick P. "Fred" FOLTZ, Jr., born 14 Nov 1886; died 09 Nov 1950
          married Madge E., born 05 Jun 1890; died 16 Jan 1933
          Fred and Madge interred Abingdon Cemetery, Knox Co. IL
      3. Mary L. FOLTZ, born 27 Aug 1887; died 27 Jan 1890, interred Abingdon Cemetery
      4. Merle H. FOLTZ
      5. Jennie Laura FOLTZ

4) Frederick Luther, born 25 Feb 1862, Waynesboro PA; died 18 Apr 1864 KS

5) Linnie Mary FOLTZ, born 23 Nov 1867, Abingdon, Knox Co. IL

6) Lillie May FOLTZ, twin, born 25 Aug 1868, Abingdon, Knox Co. IL
    died age 2 yr. 3 mo. 13 d. on 15 Sep 1870, Abingdon, Knox Co. IL
    interment at Abingdon Cemetery, Knox Co. IL

7) Helen Daisy FOLTZ, twin, born 25 Aug 1868, Abingdon, Knox Co. IL

Cyrus FOLTZ, son of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ.


Cyrus FOLTZ, County Commissioner of Riley County, P. O. Manhattan [Kansas], was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, January 18, 1833. In 1855 moved to Fulton County, Illinois, engaged in the trade [of a carpenter and coachmaker] until the spring of 1857, when he moved to Shawnee County, Kansas, where he resided until the fall of 1864, when he moved back to Abingdon, Knox County, Illinois, engaged in trade as druggist and grocer. In the spring of 1867 he returned to Kansas, settling in Riley County on a farm in Zeandal Township, then a part of Wabaunsee County, where he still resides. During the Rebellion he was in the employ of the Quartermaster's Department of the army for one year. He is a member of the Knights of Honor. He was married July 4, 1860, at Lutheran Parsonage, Auburn, Kansas, to Miss Helen M. THOMAS, who bore him five children. Mrs. FOLTZ died in March, 1866, and he again, August 23, 1877, entered the marriage state, allying himself with Miss Mattie E. WHITNEY, of Riley County. They have one child - Mildred, born March 14, 1882.
- CUTLER'S History of the State of Kansas, Part 8, "Riley County"

Helen M. (THOMAS) FOLTZ was born 20 May 1842, the daughter of Chester and Thursday (STEVENS) THOMAS. Cyrus and Helen M. (THOMAS) FOLTZ were the parents of 6 children:

1) Arthur J. FOLTZ, born 11 Jul 1861; engineer & farmer
    married Dora BELLOMY or BELLONU, parents of 2 children
      1. Nina FOLTZ
      2. Florence FOLTZ

2) Chester C. FOLTZ, born 13 Aug 1866; railroad engineer in Colorado

3) Daniel H. FOLTZ, born 13 Aug 1866; died 1964, interment Wamego Cemetery, Wamego KS
    farmer and stockman
    married Effie E. BAILEY, born 1879; died 1964, interment Wamego Cemetery, Wamego KS
    Child: Cyrus B. FOLTZ, born 1906; died 1973, Wamego KS; married Barbara L. (1916-1992)

4) Olive FOLTZ, born 22 Apr 1869; married Orland McCORMICK; children Lenore & Helen McCORMICK

5) Emma B. FOLTZ, born 14 May 1871; married Joseph McCORMICK; 2 children
    Lillith & Lance McCORMICK

6) Helen Maud FOLTZ, born 12 Mar 1876; died in infancy circa 1877

Cyrus FOLTZ married 2nd Hattie E. WHITNEY, born 13 Apr 18__, a native of Rhode Island. Cyrus and Hattie were the parents of 4 children:

1) Mildred B. FOLTZ, born 14 Mar 1882; married Perle KIMBALL of Ogden Twp., Riley Co. KS

2) Clarence E. FOLTZ, born 10 Aug 1884

American Flag.jpg 3) Lester Lawrence FOLTZ, born 07 Jul 1893, K.I.A. 30 Sep 1918, interred Meuse-Argonne Cemetery, France
Lester worked on a farm in Wakarusa, Shawnee County, Kansas, and was residing with his sister Mildred and her family. He enlisted into Company K of 140th Infantry, 35th Division. During heavy shelling between the town of Exermont and the Montrebeau Woods, Meuse Argonne Offensive, Lester was killed in action. He was interred at the Meuse-Argonne Cemetery, France.

4) Everett Whitney FOLTZ, born 21 Jun 1895

 Moses Abraham FOLTZ, son of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ.

Moses Abraham FOLTZ, Chambersburg [PA], is the seventh son of Christian and Hannah FOLTZ, and was born in Letterkenny Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, July 2, 1837. He had no educational advantages other than those afforded by the common schools until sent to Wilkes Barre [Academy], Pennsylvania, where he obtained a brief academic course.

He returned home in 1854 and after working for one year on the farm entered the office of the Transcript, Chambersburg, in April, 1855. That paper merged into the Repository in December of the same year, in which office Mr. FOLTZ completed his trade in 1858. He was appointed foreman of that office three months before he was free, and continued as such until April, 1859, when he purchased a half interest in the Times with P. Dock FREY.

In the presidential campaign of 1860 the establishment was sold to Messrs. SELLERS & KENNEDY, his services being retained in the capacity of foreman.

In 1861 he was tendered the foremanship and superintendency of the Messenger office, a position he accepted and held until the burning of Chambersburg. While in this establishment he was pressed into the service of the Confederacy for the printing at [General Robert E.] LEE's headquarters during the invasion antedating the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. A year later he was one of the citizens arrested as hostages [and held by General McCAULAND] for the money demand made upon Chambersburg prior to its burning.

In the fall and winter of 1864-65 he was pressman in the Repository office. In the spring of 1865 he formed a second partnership with P. Dock FREY, this time engaging in the hat and shoe business. He retired from that occupation a year later, however, and returning to his old employment, embarking in the job printing business in May, 1866, in connection with which he published a monthly advertising sheet, entitled The Country Merchant.

In July, 1869, he started the Public Opinion, of which he is still editor and proprietor. From this it will be seen that he has been identified for over a quarter of a century with the newspaper business of Chambersburg.

His success has been carved with his own hands, for when he entered Chambersburg in 1855, he had nothing to depend on but what he might earn. The enterprise which he established for himself eleven years later has grown into a flourishing one, and was a success from the start. Its views are widely copied and it is influential wherever it circulates. The business and material interests of Franklin County have always found a warm and zealous advocate in M. A. FOLTZ, through the medium of his paper.

It was for the Opinion to take the initiative in all the recent local railroad enterprises, the erection of the water works in Chambersburg, the reorganization of the Franklin County Agricultural Society, and many other important matters. Of more recent date was its advocacy of the transfer of the Taylor works and Wolf & Hamaker's establishment to Chambersburg. Mr. FOLTZ has sought to make his journal a distinctively county paper, and, whilst Republican in politics, he has never hesitated to assert his independence when the public welfare seemed to demand it.

He has never held office, though he frequently has represented his party in the county, district, and State conventions, and his paper has done good service for the county organization. He married, November 6, 1860, Charlotte Sophia, second daughter of Samuel and Susan ETTER [of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania], and granddaughter of Godfrey GREENAWALT, a union that was blessed with five children: Helen M. (who died in infancy), William E., Emma M., Herbert C. and Edward G.
- History of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, 1887

~ ~ ~ ~

Charlotte Sophia (ETTER) FOLTZ was born November 18, 1841, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and died in 1930. Moses A. FOLTZ died in 1915. Moses A. and Charlotte (ETTER) FOLTZ were interred at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Their sons Herbert and Edward were interred on the same plot, all sharing the same gravestone. Moses Abraham and Charlotte Sophia (ETTER) FOLTZ were the parents of 5 children:

1) Helen M. FOLTZ, born 11 Jan 1862; died 09 March 1862, interment Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chambersburg PA

2) William Etter FOLTZ, born 01 Nov 1863; assistant postmaster of Chambersburg PA; a Mason, member of Knights of Pythias, the Heptasophs and Elks, captain and drill master of Junior Hose and Truck company; married Minnie SCOTT, daughter of George W. and Anna (LEMASTER) SCOTT; child: Herbert Scott FOLTZ, born 30 Aug 1891

 3) Emma May FOLTZ, born 26 Dec 1865; graduated from Wilson College Music Department in 1885; president of Alumnae College of Music 1901-03; married 15 Apr 1891 Charles William CREMER, son of Rev. Dr. William C. & C. M. (GRUEL) CREMER; graduated in 1882 from Franklin & Marshall College; local editor of Valley Spirit, staff of The Philadelphia Times, managing editor of the Record and Blue Ridge Zephyr of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

4) Herbert Christian FOLTZ, born 01 Jan 1869; died 1942; local editor of Public Opinion

5) Edward Greenawalt FOLTZ, born 18 Mar 1872; died 1954; painter for Cumberland Valley Railroad shop

Martin Luther FOLTZ, son of Christian and Hannah (KEEFER) FOLTZ.


Civil War Flags.jpg His span of years greater than the average lifetime has been spent by Martin L. FOLTZ as an active citizen and resident of Kansas. He is one of the few survivors of that epoch when the nation's destiny hung upon the outcome of the conflict in Kansas. He is also one of the survivors of the great Civil war, in which he served almost from the beginning to the end in the Union army. For many years his home has been in Williamsport Township of Shawnee County [Kansas].

Born in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, April 15, 1841, he is a son of Christian and Anna (KEIFER) FOLTZ, who were of Pennsylvania German ancestry. In the family were twelve children, and he was the youngest. In 1857 he and his three brothers, Daniel, Frederick P. and Cyrus, made up a party and set out for Kansas. It was their intention not only to found homes in the newly organized territory, but also do what they could to make Kansas a free state. When they left Pennsylvania they traveled out of Pittsburg on a boat down the Ohio River finally landing at St. Louis, and there took another boat up the Missouri as far as Kansas City. At Kansas City, or rather at Westport, since there was no Kansas City at that day, they outfitted and with wagons and their farming and household utensils came overland to their destination. The brothers settled in what is now a part of Shawnee County. At first they had to buy practically all their forage, paying 2 1/2 cents an ear for unhusked corn to feed their oxen.

The country sixty years ago was an almost unbroken waste of prairie land. Some timber studded the streams, and only here and there did a lonely settler's cabin indicate the oncoming tide of civilization. Some of the bottom land had been taken up, but agriculture was very crude and simple. When the FOLTZ brothers arrived in Kansas the pro-slavery element seemed to predominate.

During his early years in Kansas Martin FOLTZ lived with his brothers Frederick and Daniel, who pre-empted land near where Wakarusa now stands. There he engaged in breaking the prairie sod, and it was necessary to go either to Leavenworth or Atchison to get the plows sharpened. For years it was customary to drive surplus stock to market overland to Kansas City. Good sized hogs brought only $2 apiece, and corn sold at 10 cents a bushel, with other product in proportion.

Of the four FOLTZ brothers Daniel and Martin are the only ones now living. Two of them were soldiers in the Civil war. Daniel was a member of the Eighth Kansas Regiment and in one battle was slightly wounded. He is now living with his children in Montana.

Martin L. FOLTZ was sixteen years of age when he came to Kansas. He was twenty when the war broke out and he enlisted at the first call for 75,000 troops. He was mustered in at Kansas City in an independent cavalry organization attached to the Second Kansas Infantry. His enlistment was for three months, but he really served about eight months. After being mustered out he re-enlisted in August, 1862, in the reorganized Second Kansas Infantry, which had been merged with a cavalry brigade. Practically his entire career in the army Mr. FOLTZ spent on scout duty. He was a soldier in some of those notable campaigns by which the country west of the Mississippi was wrested from the control of the Confederacy. He was slightly wounded in the critical battle of Wilson Creek where the brave General LYON fell. He was also at Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Old Fort Wayne and many skirmishes. During much of his army career he was first duty sergeant, and in the latter part of the war was orderly sergeant. Mr. FOLTZ received an honorable discharge in September, 1865, several months after the close of actual hostilities.

With the conclusion of the war he returned to Kansas and bought eighty acres south of Wakarusa. Since those stirring days of the war his life has been quietly and industriously spent. Farming and stock raising have given him an ample prosperity, and with the aid of his wife he has built up a substantial fortune. He now owns three quarter sections of land.

In 1866, half a century ago he married Rebecca HEBERLING. Three children were born to their marriage, Frederick, who died in infancy; Junius H.; and Nevin M.
-A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, 1918

On other pages of this publication is given an account of the career of one of the oldest citizens of Shawnee County, Martin L. FOLTZ, of a family that has been identified with Kansas since territorial epoch. The two living sons of Mr. Martin FOLTZ are Junius H. and Nevin M. Foltz, both of whom reside in Williamsport Township of Shawnee County, and some reference to their individual careers is also appropriate.

Junius H. FOLTZ was born in Ridgeway, Osage County, Kansas, February 1, 1875. He grew up in his father's home, attended the common schools, and early in life gained that experience which has made him a successful farmer and stock raiser. He is now proprietor of a fine place of 280 acres, and besides its operation he has been a director in the Wakarusa State Bank since it was organized in 1910. He is prominent in the organizations of farmers, particularly the Grange, and served as Master of the Grange one term. He is a republican though not active in party politics and from 1902 to 1908 served as township clerk. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

On February 22, 1899, he married Miss Florence L. TILLMAN at Topeka. Her parents, John and Maria TILLMAN, came from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Kansas in 1880 and for a number of years Mr. TILLMAN was a farmer and real estate broker, but is now living retired at the age of seventy-eight at Oakland, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Junius FOLTZ have three children: Grace, aged fifteen; John, aged twelve; and Olive, aged seven.

Nevin (sic) M. FOLTZ, the younger son of Martin L. FOLTZ, was born at Burlingame, Kansas, October 14, 1879. He now has the important responsibilities of managing the old homestead of 365 acres in Shawnee County. He has helped set the pace in this county as a stock raiser, and is making a specialty of high grade shorthorn cattle.

Like his brother active in local affairs, he is one of the directors of the Wakarusa State Bank, is serving as present township trustee and is also secretary of the Wakarusa Commercial Club. As a voter his support has always gone to the republican ticket.

On December 19, 1914, he married Miss Jessie Lena BURBANK. Her parents Otis and Martha BURBANK now live at Richland, Kansas. Her father came to Kansas in the early days from Illinois, while her mother is of an old Virginia family. Mr. and Mrs. Nevin FOLTZ had one daughter, Mary Helene, who died March 12, 1916, at the age of eight weeks. -A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, 1918

Martin Luther FOLTZ and Rebecca HEBERLING were married February 7, 1866. Rebecca was born 18 Aug 1842, Athens, Ohio, the daughter of Hiram H. (member of 1st Kansas State Legislature) & Catharine (DICKERSON) HEBERLING. Martin died February 28, 1925; Rebecca died in 1925; they were interred at Shawnee Center Cemetery, Wakarusa, Shawnee County, Kansas. Martin Luther and Rebecca (HEBERLING) FOLTZ were the parents of 3 children:

1) Frederick FOLTZ, died in infancy

2) Junius H. FOLTZ, born 01 Feb 1875, Ridgeway KS; died 26 Aug 1964
    interment Shawnee Center Cemetery, Wakarusa KS
    married 22 Feb 1899 Florence TILLMAN, born 04 May 1878, IN; died 27 Nov 1964 KS; 3 children
      1. Grace FOLTZ
      2. John FOLTZ
      3. Olive FOLTZ

3) Neven Martin FOLTZ, born 14 Oct 1879, Burlingame KS; died 1958
    married 19 Dec 1914 Jessie Lena BURBANK (1893-1987)
   Nevin and Jessie interred Shawnee Center Cemetery, Wakarusa, Shawnee County, Kansas
   Child: Mary Helene FOLTZ, born Feb 1916; died 12 Mar 1916
   Child: N. Martin FOLTZ, born 15 Nov 1920; died 05 Mar 2003, inter: Shawnee Center Cem.


American Flag.jpg Martin FOLTZ, 82, Topeka [KS], died Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at his home.

Mr. FOLTZ was a partner in the Oberhelman-Foltz Insurance Agency, later renamed the Foltz-Roepke Insurance Agency. He also was on the board of directors of the Topeka Foundry and Iron Works and was a former board member of the Salvation Army. He served in the Navy aboard the "USS Lexington" in the Coral Sea during World War II.

He was born Dec. 15, 1920, in Wakarusa, to Neven Martin and Jessie Lena BURBANK FOLTZ. He graduated from Highland Park High School and was a lifelong resident of the Topeka and Wakarusa areas.

Mr. FOLTZ was past president of of the Downtown Optimist Club of Topeka, lieutenant governor of the 10th District of Optimist International, past potentate of Arab Shrine, a member of the Greeters Unit, Scottish Rite Bodies and past master of Wakarusa Masonic Lodge.

He married Phyllis FAGER on July 10, 1943, in Topeka. She survives.

Other survivors include two daughters, Mary POSTON, Nashua, N.H., and Becky CARONNA, Keller, Texas; a son, Tom FOLTZ, Topeka; two sisters, Helen McCLENAHAN, Olathe, and Georgia EBERHART, Green Valley, Ariz.; two brothers, Dale FOLTZ, Lincoln, and Gene FOLTZ, Topeka; and six grandchildren.

Memorial services will be at 1:30 p.m. Monday at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Burial will be private. Mr. FOLTZ will lie in state after noon Sunday at Penwell-Gabel Mid-Town Chapel, where visitation will be from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Memorial contributions may be made to Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1275 S.W. Boswell, Topeka, 66604; to Midland Hospice, 200 S.W. Frazier Circle, Topeka, 66606; or to the Arab Shrine Travel Fund, 1305 S. Kansas Ave., Topeka, 66612.

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* Samuel FOLTZ, Jr. Family information submitted by Mrs. Andy (Joyce) JOHNSTON, June of 2009
        Sherri (FOLTZ) LOVE, 2003
        Debra (COHRON) FUDGE
        Cemetery Gravestone Recordings of Ringgold County, IA, Ringgold Co. Historical Society, 2003
        Obituary of Irene (FOLTZ) CULVER (1875-1932)
        Funeral Card for David Lloyd FOLTZ
        Obituary of Kathryn (FOLTZ) MILLER
        Obituary of Florence (SCOTT) FOLTZ
        Obituary of Cleora Kathlynn (FOLTZ) COHRON
        Funeral Card and Obituary of Floretta (FOLTZ) JOHNSTON (1918-1993)

MILLER, COHRON, and JOHNSTON photographs courtesy of Mrs. Andy (Joyce) Johnston
FOLTZ Family Gravestone Photographs courtesy of Mrs. Andy (Joyce) Johnston

James D. COHRON photograph courtesy of

Transcriptions and Compilation by Sharon R. Becker, June of 2009; updated July of 2009

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