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from Biography & Historical Record of Ringgold County, Iowa

Lewis Publishing Company of Chicago, 1887, p. 235


William J[ohnston] MERRITT, deceased, was one of the first pioneers of Ringgold County, and the first settler in Athens Township. He was born in Belmont County, Ohio, September 5, 1803, son of Daniel and Nancy [(JOHNSTON)] MERRITT. He was married [October 5, 1826] in his native county to Maria SNEDAKER, who was born in 1805. After marriage they removed to Morgan County, and later to Jackson County. In 1854 Mr. MERRITT, with wife and ten children, came by team to Iowa and settled all alone in Athens Township. He first built a log cabin on Lott's Creek, and in a few months removed to section 17 [after the rest of the family arrived to Ringgold County], where he build a log cabin with a loft. [The second cabin was located out in the prairie, about two or three miles from the fist cabin.]

W. J. was proprietor of MERRITT Station - as his farm was called - and and furnished food for the hungry traveler and the stage horses. It was called the half-way station between Ottumwa and Nebraska City. [Merrit Station also served as a post office for a time.]

W. J.'s farm consisted 120 acres of prairie and forty acres of timber. The children were - Daniel, Peter, Nancy, A. J., Elizabeth, Jane, John, Ellen, Alice, and William H. Jane died at the age of eighteen years. Mr. MERRITT died in [September 29] 1879, and Mrs. MERRITT, December 10, 1883, Kellerton, Iowa. [William Johnston and Maria C. (SNEDEKER) MERRITT were interred at Merritt Cemetery.]

NOTE: William's father Daniel David MERRITT was born in Washington, Pennsylvania August 15, 1750, and died January 1831, Belmont County, Ohio. William's mother Nancy (JOHNSTON) MERRITT was born in Belmont County, Ohio on February 2, 1762, and died circa 1840, Belmont County, Ohio.

William Johnston MERRITT died September 29, 1879, Ringgold County, Iowa. Maria C. (SNEDAKER) MERRITT was born in Belmont County, Ohio, September 4, 1805, and died December 10, 1883, Ringgold County, Iowa. They were interred at Merritt Cemetery, Ringgold County, Iowa, son of William J. and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born on November 4, 1828, Belmont County, Ohio. He received some of his education in subscription schools of the backwoods of Ohio. On February 23, 1850, Peter was married to Minerva Jane SKINNER who was born June 19, 1829, Perry County, Ohio, the daughter of Samuel and Charity (STRATE) SKINNER. Minerva and Peter's daughter Martha was born in Ohio. They were the parents of other children who died in infancy. Peter, Minerva, and Martha came to Athens Township of Ringgold County, Iowa in the spring of 1855, locating on 120 acres of land where they built a log cabin. In 1879, Peter purchased his father's homestead, MERRITT Station. Peter died at the aged of 73 years on May 4, 1902, Athens Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. Minerva died on May 4, 1902. They were interred at Merritt Cemetery.

Martha MERRITT, daughter of Peter and Minerva J. (SKINNER) MERRITT married Clark LEWIS. Of their children: Byron Peter LEWIS married Daisy DAVIS, later divorced with no children, and later married Frances PARKER but no children from his second marriage; Peter LEWIS married Florence BULLARD who shot and killed him by accident, thinking he was a chicken thief when he returned home at night after sitting up with the sick; John LEWIS married Vina GRAY and they had several children; Dell LEWIS married Ida DAVENPORT and they were the parents of 4 children; Ella LEWIS married Fred KNITTLE and they had two or three children, resided at Shenandoah; Clara LEWIS resided at Shenandoah; Truman LEWIS never married; Grover LEWIS married ____ POWERS.

John Ray MERRITT, son of William J. and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born in Ohio on October 6, 1839. He married Minerva HAMM, daughter of Jessie HAMM on January 5, 1863. Minerva, the daughter of Jesse & Zeilda (BOOTH) HAMM, was born in Missouri on May 16, 1848, and died at the age of 67 years on November 24 1915, Kellerton, Iowa. John died at the age of 74 years on October 9, 1913, Athens Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. John and Minerva were interred at Merritt Cemetery. John and Minerva were the parents of five children: Charlie MERRITT who married Rose SALTZMAN and were the parents of three children; Carroll MERRITT who married Mary MIDDLETON and had three children; Everett MERRITT who married Jennie FOLTZ, no children; and Leonard MERRITT who married unknown.

Sadie MERRITT, daughter of John and Minerva (HAMM) MERRITT, was born in 1879, and died in 1951. She married Sam N. MERRILL who was born in 1863, and died in 1953. Sadie and Sam were interred at Merritt Cemetery. Their son Forrest MERRILL married Lucile McCLARY. Their other son Alfred did not marry.

Pleasy MERRITT, daughter of John and Minerva (HAMM) MERRITT, married Joe REYNOLDS, Jr. and were the parents of Arlene.

Willie MERRITT, son of John and Minerva (HAMM) MERRITT, married Anna HELFLICKER and were the parents of eight children.

Bertha MERRITT, daughter of John and Minerva (HAMM) MERRITT, married Bert McWILLIAMS.

Sarah E. MERRITT, daughter of John and Minerva (HAMM) MERRITT, married Till GALLOWAY and they had two boys, one named Jewell

William R. "Willie" MERRITT, son of John and Minerva (HAMM) MERRITT, married Nancy JACKSON and had five children: Lillie MERRITT married Edd LAIRD and had two children; Edna LAIRD married William TIMBY and had three children: Mary Elaine, Billy, and Martha Jane; Harry married Loraine LYNN; Jane (sic) married Elza LAIRD and had one child, Florence.

William R. "Willie" MERRITT died at the age of 68 years, 6 months and 25 days on February 18, 1920. Lillie Bell (MERRIT) LAIRD died at the age of 23 years, 6 months and 16 days on January 16, 1898. Elza LAIRD was born in 1871, and died in 1945. Josephine (MERRITT) LAIRD died at the age of 35 years, 6 months and 22 days. They were interred at Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Iowa.

Edna Maude (LAIRD) TIMBY was born September 19, 1892, and died May 2, 1922. Mary Elaine TIMBY was born in Mount Ayr, Iowa, on June 14, 1916, and died at the Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, on July 18, 1925, at the age of nine years. They were interred at Rose Hill Cemetery, Mount Ayr.

Finley Poe MERRITT married on June 20, 1891 to Martha Josephine "Mattie" GRINDROD. He died young on December 19, 1892 with no children. He was interred at Merritt Cemetery, Ringgold County, Iowa.

Margaret G. Ellen "Elley" MERRITT, daughter of William J. and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born in Morgan County, Ohio, on January 3, 1842. She died March 7, 1890, at Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas. Interment was at Twin Grove Cemetery, Greenwood County, Kansas. "Elley" was married on July 16, 1860, Mount Ayr, Iowa to William Harvey DWYRE. William, the son of Thomas DWYRE (1795-1846) and Margaret B. (CARTER) DWYRE (1803-1856), was born in Johnson County, Indiana, on May 8, 1837, and died in San Fernadndo County, California, on January 15, 1906. He was interred at Greenway Cemetery in Greenway County, Kansas. William and Elley were the parents of twelve children:

1) John Everett DWYRE, b. 20 Jun 1861, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 23 Nov 1947, Wichita KS
    married Elsie May RECTOR
2) Elonzo R. DWYRE, b. 25 Jul 1863, Ringgold Co. IA; d. circa 1865, Ringgold Co. IA
3) William J. DWYRE, b. 06 Nov 1865, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 22 Jan 1887, Severy KS
4) Melvin Marshall DWYRE, b. 1867, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 03 May 1957, Riverside CA
5) Myria M. DWRE, b. 23 Dec 1869, Kellerton IA; d. 1901, Severy KS
    married Thomas Benton SIMMONS
6) Clementine R. DWYRE, b. 13 Mar 1872, Kellerton IA; d. 1928
    married Johnnie FRANTZ
7) Truman Daniel "Tru" DWYRE, b. 05 May 1874, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 22 Nov 1923, Severy KS
8) Minnie A. DWYRE, b. 02 Oct 1876, Severy KS; d. 26 Jan 1908, Severy KS
    married Bert BLACK
9) Ida Nellie Ellen DWYRE, b. 02 Dec 1878, Severy KS
    married Oscar MORRIS
10) Alice DWYRE, b. 1880, Severy KS
11) Finley Roy DWYRE, b. 25 Mar 1881, Severy KS; d. 06 Jan 1960, Riverside Co. CA
12) Mary Josephine "Josie" DWYRE, b. 09 Jan 1884, Severy KS
      married Albert B. BLACK

  Nancy Jane MERRITT, daughter of William J. and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, on January 30, 1831. Nancy married in Belmont County on February 25, 1849 to Andrew Douglas "Andy" FOSTER. Andy, the son of Andrew FOSTER (1809-1873) and Nancy Ann (SINCLAIR) FOSTER, was born in Belmont County, Ohio on February 3, 1823. married Andrew "Andy" FOSTER. Andy died at the age of 66 years on March 19, 1889, Riley Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. Nancy died at the age of 67 years on April 20, 1898, Albany, Missouri. They were interred at Merritt Cemetery. Nancy and Andy were the parents of nine children:

1) Elizabeth FOSTER, b. 12 May 1826, Ohio; d. 20 Dec 1867, Ringgold Co. IA, aged 41 years
2) Marion Vespucius FOSTER, b. 09 Jul 1850, Belmont Co. OH; d. 01 May 1920, Kellerton IA, 69 yrs
    married Lena Leota JENNINGS, b. 22 Jul 1858; d. 17 Mar 1915
    interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
      1) John E. "Johnie" FOSTER, b. 26 Jan 1877; d. 05 Feb 1878; interment Merritt Cemetery
      2) Laura L. FOSTER, b. 28 Nov 1878; d. 03 Nov 1886; interment Merritt Cemetery
3) Marquis "Lafayette" FOSTER, b. 04 Sep 1852, Belmont Co. OH; d. 17 Mar 1915/18
4) Lyntine Jane FOSTER, b. 11 Sep 1855, Kellerton; d. 20 Jan 1856, Kellerton IA
    interment Merritt Cemetery
5) America "Zerelda" FOSTER, b. 01 Sep 1856, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 06 Apr 1942, Kellerton IA
    married Ephraim Hubble LONGACRE, b. 11 Jul 1851, Monroe Co. IA; d. 09 Feb 1948, Merced CA
    interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
      1) Merrit LONGACRE married Ollie HAMM
          Children: Olive and Ethel LONGACRE
      2) Grace LONGACRE married Fletcher PETERSON
          Children: Ruth, Worth, and Lynn LONGACRE
      3) Webster LONGACRE married Maud MOSIER
          Children: Ida and Daniel LONGACRE
      4) Walter LONGACRE married Myrtle (?)
          Children: Velma and Cleo LONGACRE
      5) Evelyn LONGACRE married Charles PATRICK
          Children: Genevive and a son and 2 children who died young
      6) Ray LONGACRE married Olive REYNOLDS
          Children: Wilma and Findley LONGACRE
      7) Florence LONGACRE married Johnny PATTON
          Children: Richard and Dorothy PATTON
      8) Charlene LONGACRE married Walter PENFOLD; parents of 8 children
      9) Bea Anna LONGACRE married Ray BROWN
6) William Andrew FOSTER
    b. 17 Feb 1860, Athens Twp., Ringgold Co. IA; d. 16 Dec 1950, Kellerton IA, aged 90 years
    married 1882 Ida Mae HOOVER, b. 02 Jul 1861, Putnam Co. IN; d. 05 Mar 1898, Kellerton IA
    interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
      1) Lee FOSTER; married 1st Taca (?), married 2nd to unknown
      2) Roy Lawrence FOSTER married Mary Matilda REYNOLDS
            1) Alice REYNOLDS
            2) Howard REYNOLDS
            3) Arles Louise FOSTER, b. 13 Mar 1912; d. 31 Mar 1912; inter: Merritt Cemetery
      3) Lota FOSTER, b. 02 Oct 1888, IA; d. 25 Mar 1970, Mount Ayr IA
          married 30 Dec 1908 Charles A. MOSBARGER, b. 06 Jun 1888; d. 15 Sep 1958
          interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
            1) Lawrence Wilson MOSBARGER<
                b. 01 Jun 1913, Kellerton IA; d. 23 Dec 1928, St. Joseph MO
                interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
                Lawrence's OBITUARY
            2) Arthur William MOSBARGER, b. 13 Aug 1911; d. 07 Nov 1989
                married 1940 Wilma "Gerata" MOON, b. 1914; d. 1969
                interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
      4) Lena FOSTER married Luther SHARDINE
      5) Ira FOSTER, b. 05 Jul 1880, d. 29 Sep 1950; interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
          married Rebecca E. (?); parents of seven or eight children
7) Almira Ann FOSTER, b. 29 May 1861, Kellerton IA; d. 15 Mar 1862; interment Merritt Cemetery
8) Francis Jackson "Frank" FOSTER
    b. 21 May 1864, Kellerton IA; d. 13 Jan 1928, Kellerton IA, aged 63 years; Frank's Obituary
    married Lucy HARLIN, b. 17 Dec 1866, Keokuk Co. IA; d. 13 Mar 1894, Kellerton IA
    interment Merritt Cemetery
      1) Neal FOSTER, b. 1889, Ringgold Co. IA; d. age 20 years, 16 Oct 1909; inter: Merritt Cemetery
      2) Hugh FOSTER married Lena WALTERS; parents of 3 children
      3) Mura FOSTER, d. 03 Feb 1928; married N. E. MARSHALL; parents of 6 children
9) Julia Maria FOSTER, b. 02 Apr 1867, Kellerton IA; d. 18 Sep 1958, Missouri City TX, aged 91 years
    married Al ROSE; parents of 10 children:
      Esther, Clarence, Guy, Myria, Vera, Clyde, Sylvia, Ralph, Opal, Lucille

A. J. [Andrew Jackson] MERRITT, son of William Johnston and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, on December 16, 1832. Andrew Jackson married on April 5, 1858 to Matilda STRICKLAND, and they spent their married life residing in Riley and Athens Township. Matilda (STRICKLAND) MERRITT was born November 5, 1840, the daughter of Joseph STRICKLAND. Matilda died November 22, 1907, and Andrew lived with his children until his death at age 83 years on May 14, 1916, Athens Township of Ringgold County, Iowa. Andrew and Matilda were interred at Merritt Cemetery. Andrew and Matilda were the parents of four children:

1) Joseph Franklin MERRITT
    b. 25 Jan 1859, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 06 Sep 1920, Ringgold Co. IA, aged 61 years
    married 18 Sep 1883 Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie" MERRILL, b. 1867; d. 13 Feb 1953, Leon IA
    interment Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton IA
      1) Archie Grover MERRITT, b. 26 May 1886, Kellerton IA; d. 25 Oct 1949, Ringgold Co. IA
      2) Maud MERRITT
      3) Earl Jackson MERRITT, b. 1900, Kellerton IA; d. Dec 1973, Osceola IA
      4) Minnie MERRITT married Ralph PAIST and had a son Eugene PAIST
2) Mary Alice MERRITT, b. Jul 1862, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 17 Oct 1870, aged 8 years
    interment Merritt Cemetery
3) Martha Ella MERRITT, b. 17 Jul 1865, Kellerton IA; d. 13 Jul 1936, aged 70 years
    married 06 Jan 1884 Charlie Edwin "Charlie" REYNOLDS
                                   b. 01 Jun 1858, Louisa Co. IA; d. 04 Jan 1940, Torrance CA
      1) Effie REYNOLDS married Rev. Jesse V. WRIGHT
            1) Lila WRIGHT
            2) Floy WRIGHT
            3) Minnie Virtue WRIGHT, b. 22 Dec 1912; d. 04 May 1913; inter: Merritt Cemetery
      2) Minnie A. REYNOLDS, b. 08 Nov 1886; d. 13 Aug 1918; interment Merritt Cemetery
          married 29 Dec 1909 Ora Otis PYLE, b. 10 Mar 1888, MO; d. 12 Jul 1976
          Children: Elvan, Elvin, Marvin, Junior
      3) Mary REYNOLDS married Roy FOSTER
          Children: Alice and Howard FOSTER
      4) Feza M. REYNOLDS
          b. 22 Sep 1892, Kellerton IA; d. 23 Apr 1964, Los Angeles CA; inter: Merritt Cemetery
      5) Merritt REYNOLDS married Hazel DAVIS
4) Andrew Clayton MERRITT, b. 30 Jul 1870, Kellerton IA; d. 1947, Ringgold Co. IA
    married 02 Sep 1894 Kate EGLY, b. 15 Dec 1879, IL; d. 1922
    interment Merritt Cemetery
      1) Mildred MERRITT, b. 12 Jun 1900; d. 15 Jun 1900
      2) Catharine MERRITT, b. 10 Jan 1908; d. 10 Jan 1909
    Andrew Clayton MERRITT family interred at Merritt Cemetery

A great tragedy occurred when Mary Alice MERRITT, who was eight-years-old, along with her sister Martha Ellen and their cousin went to a neighbor's house on an errand. Evidently the neighbor's wife was not mentally stable. She pulled a shot gun out and shot Mary in the head. Mary died about a week later on October 17, 1870.

Elizabeth "Betsy" MERRITT was born June 7, 1835, Morgan County, Ohio, the daughter of William Johnston and Maria C. (SNEDEKER) MERRITT. She married on April 4, 1857, Mount Ayr, Iowa, to John M. PARKER. Elizabeth died at the age of 69 years, Howard County, Nebraska, on November 30, 1904. John M. PARKER was born on April 4, 1829 in New York State, and died at the age of 66 years on October 9, 1895, Cotesfield, Nebraska. Elizabeth "Betsy" and John M. PARKER were the parents of seven children:

1) William Mathias PARKER, b. 04 Aug 1858, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 26 Oct 1936, aged 78 years
    married Mabel C. TUCKER
2) Adolphus P. PARKER, b. 06 Feb 1860, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 07 Sep 1863; interment Merritt Cemetery
3) Thomas Jefferson PARKER, b. 06 Jul 1862, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 03 Feb 1926, Overton NE, 63 yrs
    married 11 Apr 1889, Cotesfield NE Mary Christine Dora HANSEN
                                                        b. 01 Mar 1873, Copenhagen Denmark; d. 24 Nov 1953, NE
      1) Elizabeth M. PARKER, b. 28 Oct 1890, Cotesfield NE; d. 13 Jul 1965, Grand Island NE
          married 22 Mar 1911 Henry DETHLEFS, b. 06 Mar 1886, NE; d. 10 Sep 1954, NE
            1) Florence Irene (DETHLEFS) GLINSMANN, b. 1913; d. 1980
            2) Rowen John Claus DETHLEFS, b. 1920; d. 1944
            3) Owen John DETHLEFS, b. 1920; d. 2006
            4) Betty Mae DETHLEFS, b. 1921; d. 2001
      2) Ida PARKER, b. 10 Oct 1892, Cotesfield NE
          married 1919 William Calvin CUMMINGS
      3) Ethel Lorene PARKER, b. 22 May 1895, Cotesfield NE; d. 26 Sep 1957, East Stanwood WA
          married 1913 Roy MESTON
      4) Cora Myrtle PARKER, b. 15 Aug 1897, Cotesfield NE; d. 11 Jan 1961, WA
          married 1916 Willard Howard CROW
      5) Alvin PARKER, b. 28 Aug 1900, Cotesfield NE; d. 04 Jun 1957, East Stanwood WA
          married 1927 Anna JENSEN
      6) Sylvia Enid PARKER, b. 03 Dec 1902, Cotesfield NE
          married 1930 Orville E. EVANS
      7) Lyman Ira PARKER, b. 08 Jun 1904, Cotesfield NE; d. 15 May 1946, Lewellen NE
          married Fredrica McCORMICK
      8) Eldon PARKER, b. 03 Mar 1907, Cotefield NE; d. 04 Jul 1965, North Platte NE
      9) Anita PARKER, b. 26 Nov 1919, Elm Creek NE; d. 09 Nov 1922, Cotefield NE
4) Edmond D. PARKER, b. 01 Jul 1866, Cotesfield NE; d. 28 Dec 1940, Denver CO
    married Mary L. TUCKER
5) Lemuel or Dell A. PARKER, b. 29 Dec 1868, Cotesfield NE; d. 25 Oct 1940, Cotesfield NE
    married 1899 Inez HILL
6) Anna Maria PARKER, b. 01 Dec 1879, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 18 Apr 1939, Cotesfield NE
    married 1889 Warren HOLMES
7) Irene or Ina F. PARKER, b. 01 Mar 1874, Cotesfield NE; d. 04 Mar 1960, Cotesfield NE
    married 1897 William FLINT

Sarah "Jane" MERRITT, daughter of William J. and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born August 21, 1837, Morgan County, Ohio, and died at the age of fifteen years on October 25, 1855. Sarah Jane was the first interment at MERRITT Cemetery.

Alice Ann "Minnie", daughter of William J. and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born in Morgan County, Ohio, on December 16, 1844. She married in 1862, Athens Township of Ringgold County, Iowa, to George Ennis X. LINT. George was born May 7, 1842 in Ohio, and died at Mount Ayr, Iowa, January 13, 1907, aged 64 years. Alice Ann "Minnie" (MERRITT) LINT died in Mount Ayr on June 2, 1917 at the age of 72 years. Alice Ann and George were the parents of six children:

1) William Merritt LINT, b. 28 May 1863, Ringgold Co. IA; d. 25 Oct 1947, aged 82 years
    married 1894 NE Barbara MESTON, b. Jan 1873, Aberdeen Scotland; d. 22 Dec 1932, aged 59 years
      1) William James LINT, b. 12 Jun 1895, St. Paul NE; d. 01 Oct 1966, Lincoln NE
          married 15 Mar 1920 NE Edna Jane SIMPSON
                                              b. 10 Jul 1898, Dorchester NE; d. 28 Feb 1972, Grand Island NE
          Son: Theodore Fall LINT, b. 12 Nov 1917, Dorchester NE; d. 15 Mar 1995, Medford OR
      2) Roy Adelbert LINT, b. 18 Dec 1896, St. Paul NE; d. 24 Jun 1976, St. Paul NE
          married Ceil Van PELT, b. 10 Jun 1900, St. Paul NE; d. Nov 1979, St. Paul NE
      3) George Dewey "DF" LINT, b. 12 Oct 1898, St. Paul NE; d. circa 1940, Peetz CO
          married circa 1920 NE Eva May BARNES, d. 12 Mar 1982, Ord NE
          3 children, including Barbara Ann (LINT) FRANK WITTA, b. 1938; d. 14 Jun 1978, Denver CO
      4) Grace Isabella LINT, b. 05 Oct 1901, Cotesfield NE; d. 23 Jan 1933, North Platte NE
          married circa 1921 NE Walter LETH, b. 25 Feb 1904, NE; d. 15 Jun 1989, North Platte NE
      5) Myrtle Dell LINT, b. 04 Feb 1903, Cotesfield NE; d. Jul 1986, Grand Island NE
          married 1st circa 1923 NE John GRESS; married 2nd circa 1931 Mr. PATTERSON
      6) Elizabeth Lucinda LINT, b. 03 Sep 1904, Cotesfield NE; d. 14 Jul 1992, Kent WA
          married circa 1925 Nicholas WHALEN, b. 18 Dec 1904, NE; d. Apr 1980, Kent WA
      7) Edna Margaret LINT, b. 16 Feb 1908, Cotesfield NE
          married circa 1930 Lester GRESS
      8) Florence May (LINT) MORELL SOMMERS, b. 22 Jul 1913, Cotesfield NE; d. 1988, NE
2) Minnie LINT, b. 26 Oct 1868, Athens Twp., Ringgold Co. IA; d. 13 Apr 1960, Greely NE
    married Mr. TATLOW or FARLOW; five children
3) Lucinda "Cyndia" LINT, born 1872, Athens Twp., Ringgold Co. IA
    married 1st Adolph EGLEY; four or five children
    married 2nd George McCLOUGHN or McCLELLAND; three children
4) John H. LINT, b. 1876, Athens Twp., Ringgold Co. IA; d. 1880
5) Ernest A. LINT, b. 20 Jun 1883, Athens Twp., Ringgold Co. IA; d. 1885, Athens Twp., Ringgold Co. IA
5) Meta LINT, b. 1886, NE; married Mr. ROSS

Some family records state that William Johnston and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT had a daughter Mary A. MERRITT who was born September 21, 1847 and died April 25, 1848, Belmont County, Ohio.

William H. MERRITT, son of William J. and Maria (SNEDEKER) MERRITT, was born July 23, 1851, Morgan County, Ohio. William married February 27, 1870 to Elizabeth Delan CROUCH. Elizabeth was born in Davis County, Iowa, on August 7, 1853, and died in Kellerton, Iowa, at the age of 50 years on September 16, 1903. and they were the parents of Ira MERRITT. William died at the age of 68 years on February 18, 1920, Kellerton, Iowa. William and Delana were interred at Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Iowa.

Ira Archibald MERRITT, son of William H. and Elizabeth Delan (CROUCH) MERRITT, was born in April of 1871, Ringgold County, Iowa. He married Cora Maude LONG on September 7, 1892. Ira and Cora were the parents of three daughters: Vera MERRITT married Perry STEPHENSON and had three sons; Vesta MERRITT married Mr. ANDERSON; and, Gladys MERRITT married J. W. HALDENE. Ira died at the age of 83 years, Ringgold County, Iowa, in 1955. Cora Maude (LONG) MERRITT was the daughter of Hosea Henry & Rachel (CAVINESS) LONG, born in Iowa on March 21, 1872, and died in 1963. Ira and Cora were interred at Maple Row Cemetery, Kellerton, Iowa.

  • Merritt Cemetery Transcriptions

    SOURCES: Biography & Historical Record of Ringgold County, Iowa, p. 235, 1887

    LESAN, Mrs. B.M. Early History of Ringgold County Pp. 21, 98-100. Blair Publ., Lamoni IA. 1937.

    WPA Grave Survey

    Transcription and note by Sharon R. Becker, January of 2009; updated May of 2010

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