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Poweshiek County, Iowa

Poweshiek County Directory, Smith Directory Company, Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1920

Legend: a=acres p=personal accessible property

Ackley R D, 319p
Akery Pat, (B F Hicks & Co)
Auger A Edward, dentist
Armstrong Ernest, (Bowman & Armstrong)
Barclay Glenn N, cigars
Barclay Newkirk S, cigars
Barclay & Brannian, (Glenn N Barclay Herbert Brannian) grocers
Baren E N, 89p
Barker Alfred H, physician
Barker Sophia, 80p
Barnes J A, 25p
Bartacek Frank, 38p
Bartacek Joe F, 239a 13p
Barron E W Rev (Catholic)
BATES ROY E, (Bates & Godbey) residence Grinnell la
BATES & GODBEY, (Roy E Bates Maunis I Godbey) Drugs and Jewelers
Belland Thomas J, plumber
Bennett Margaret, 80p
Berkham C A, 25p
Bernstein Moris, junk
Berger W F, 192p
Biglow Ida, 80p
Bowman Elmer M, garage
Bowman Wm B, (Bowman & Armstrong)
Bowman & Armstrong, (Wm B Bowman Ernest Armstrong) tailors and cleaners
BRAMER ANDREW, (A Bramer & Son)
BRAMER A & SON, (Andrew and Rex R) Furniture Undertakers and Edison Instruments
BRAMER REX R, (A Bramer & Son)
Brannian Herbert, 25p
Brannian John W, mgr Brooklyn Agricultural Society
BECKENRIDGE ROBERT J, Vice President First Natl Bank (Breckenridge & Co) (C W Ormiston & Co)
BRECKENRIDGE ROBERT W, (Breckenridge & Co)
BRECKENRIDGE & CO, (Robert J and Robert W Breckenridge Edward Grieve) Hardware Stoves Ranges Tinware Pumps Plumbing Heating and Harness
Breniman Edward E, electrician
Breniman Virginia & Marie, 25p
Bridge Mark, (Bridge & Reiche)
Bridge & Reiche, (Mark Bridge, Carl Reiche) meats
Broadway Theatre, Fred C. White head prop
Brooklyn Agricultural Society, John W Brannian, mgr feed shed
BROOKLYN CHRONICLE, M L Gordon & Sons Publishers
Brooklyn Commercial Club, Dr E J Schmitz pres, H A Eaton sec
Brooklyn Creamery Co, E J Kamoos mgr
Brooklyn Mutual Telephone Co, James Craig mgr
Brown Dorothy, 76p
Brush S E, 120a 45p
Buffington George L, veterinarian
Buffington Ida, 89p
Burford Allen L, barber
Burk E W, 875p
Busby Charles D, physician
Bush E & Son, (Eugene) blacksmith
Butts Clifton E, veterinarian
Butts WE, 2Ża 25p
Calderwood Anna, 25p
Carpenter Chas E, 94p
Chapman Chas B, barber
Coleman Lizzie Mrs, millinery
Connor Robert, see Stokely Lumber Co
Coon Estelle, county supt schools
Craig James, mgr Brooklyn Mutual Telephone Co
Crieter Wm D, real estate and insurance
Cronk & Sloan, (Fred W Cronk, Bert W Sloan) insurance
Crusen Emma, osteopath
Crusen Greg H, osteopath
Cummings Carl S, grocer
Cunningham F O, 5a 64p
Davidson Catherine, 50a 478p
Davidson E L, 105 a 781p
Davidson Herbert W, automobiles
Dayton E F, 25p
De Vilder Edward, soft drinks
Doonan John W, mgr Farmers Produce Co
Drake May C, 25p
Drake S L, 304p
Dunlap C J, 165a 25p
Dunton F P, 750p
Eberhart James, 1000p
Ecklund Clarence, (Johnston & Ecklund)
Farmers Produce Co, John W, mgr, eggs and cream
First National Bank, capital $50,000, B M Talbot pres, R J Breckenridge vice-pres, E H Talbot cash
Flynn A W, blacksmith
Franey Joseph, (Franey & Hamilton)
Franey & Hamilton, (Joseph Franey, Alfred Hamilton) restaurant
Fraser W A, 25p
Gallup A L, 32a 74p
Gates F J, 25p
Gloe Otto M, auto repairer
GODBEY MAUNIS I, (Bates & Godbey)
GORDON HERBERT E, (M L Gordon & Sons) Insurance Agent
GORDON MARION L, (M L Gordon & Sons)
GORDON M L & SONS, (Marion L, Herbert E and Wm T) Publishers Brooklyn Chronicle and Job Printers
GORDON WM T, (M L Gordon & Sons)
Gorsuch Lewis C Mrs, 25p
Graham Brownlie, 608p
Graham Dora, 152p
Graham Jeanette, 46p
Graham Sarah, 31p
GRIEVE EDWARD, (Breckenridge & Co)
Hall Sherman, 25p
Hamilton Alfred, (Franey & Hamilton)
Hammell Thomas R, (Hammell & Steffy)
Hammell & Steffy, (Thomas R Hammell, Samuel F Steffy) agricultural implements
Happy Arthur J, (Krouskop & Happy)
Harrison Wm G, jeweler
Henley Eugene, 32p
Hervey Sam, 13p
Hicks Benjamin F, (B F Hicks & Co)
Hicks B F Co, (Benjamin F Hicks Pat Akery) grocers
Hicks John A, 25p
Holler E W F Rev, (Presbyterian)
Holman Alvin, mgr C D Willoughby
Hover C W, 25p
Hulse E J, 75p
Iowa Light Heat and Power Co, Ben York mgr
Irwin Chas C, 42p
Johnston Wm H, (Johnston & Ecklund)
Johnston & Ecklund, (Wm H Johnston Clarence Ecklund) hardware
Jones Ervin W, cash Poweshiek County Savings Bank
Jones Geo J, 25p
Jones J Ioan, 957p
Kamoss E C, mgr Broklyn Creamery Co
Kann Bert L, 292p
Kann C W, 115p
Kann James, 118p
Karr Bros, (Joseph Ira S and Wm K) dry goods
Karr Ira S, (Karr Bros)
Karr Joseph, (Karr Bros)
Karr Wm K, 25p
Kilmer Wm J, 25p
Koons W W, 25p
Korns W O, 25p
Kraft D S, 1213p
Kraft Denis, garage
KRAFT & ODELL, (George Kraft, Elver C Odell) Clothing Men Furnishers and Shoes
Krouskop Clifford C, cigars
Krouskop Clifford C, (Krouskop & Happy)
Krouskop & Happy, (Clifford C Krouskop Arthur J Happy) cigars
Lindsley H A, 25p
McAra Kenneth, lawyer
McConnell J F, 25p
Landis A C, 80a 25p
Landtiser C E, 296p
Lang H T, 128p
Lang J A, 38p
Lang Lou E Mrs, 112p
Latta Otto M, ry exp and tel agt
Light H C, 25p
Light H C & H R, 5000p
Lippincott Wm, 147p
Lippincott James, 25p
McGahey O E, 1000p
Manatt A W, 52p
Manatt Clair, 684p
Manatt Coe H, 240a 62p
Manatt Guy, 684p
Manatt Thursia, 150p
Manhattan Oil Co, Frank Roberts agt
Mason Eugene, real estate
Millgate Sylvester G, veterinarian
Montgomery James, 240a 25p
Montgomery R J, 160p
Montgomery Wm, 207p
Montz R A Rev, (Brethren)
Moore Robt A, 80p
Moris Mary J Mrs, millinery
Mullen Thos, 13p
Murphey W H, 42p
Murrison Andrew S, (Murrison Auto Co)
Murrison Auto Co, (Andrew S and Gordon W Murrison) garage
Murrison Gordon W, (Murrison Auto Co)
Neff Frank L, baker and restaurant
Nelson Estelle, 25p
Newkirk F L Mrs, 25p
Newton R E, 25p
Nisweander Curtis M, mgr Standard Oil Co
Nisewander Perle, mkr Standard Oil Co
ODELL ELVER C, (Kraft & Odell)
Ormiston Charles W, (C W Ormiston & Co)
Ormiston C W & Co, (Charles W Ormiston Robert J Breckenridge S E Koons estate) clothing
Ormiston S B, 35a 92p
Orr R, 2500p
Orr Robert, agricultural implements
Ostrom Ada, 25p
OVERMAN GEORGE E, Manager Skinner House
Phillips Dilla I, 274p
Pierson Wm G, pres Poweshiek County Savings Bank
Pool John W Rev, (Methodist Episcopal)
Poweshiek County Savings Bank, capital $40,000, W G Pierson pres E W Jones cash
PARSONS SAM, Mgr Skinner House Lunch Room
Ranisburg A P Drug Co, Jesse W Strong mgr, drugs and jewelry
Read F R, 13p
Reed U M, lawyer
Reiche Carl, (Bridge & Reiche)
Richman E O, 1000p
Richman, Wm H, garage
Ringena E John, physician
Roberts Frank, agt Manhattan Oil Co
Robey L W, 25p
Roudabush Ernest F, garage
Roudabush R R, 13p
Ryan R T, 13a 13p
Schmitz John, shoes
Schmitz Emil J, dentist
SENTER JAMES F, Mgr Square Self Serve Store
Shannon W W, 64p
Sherwod Nellie, 125p
Shrader F P, 76p
Simeral Fred E, physician
SKINNER HOUSE, G E Overman Manager
Sloan B W, 25p
Smith Florence, 25p
Snyder Jacob M, real estate
Soon Fong F, laundry
SQUARE SELF SERVE STORE, James E Senter Mgr, grocers
Staecker A J, 25p
Standard Oil Co, Perle Niswander mgr Curtis M Niswander mgr, service station
Steffy Samuel F, (Hammell & Steffy)
Stokley Lumber Co, Robert Connor sec
Stone Geo T, 25p
Strong Jesse W, mgr A P Rainsburg Drug Co
Sutphin Charles J, vulcanizer
Swartz W W, 33a 35p
Talbott A B, 456p
TALBOTT BASIL M, (Talbott & Thompson) Pres First National Bank
Talbott Edwin H, cash First Natl Bank
TALBOTT FRANK R, (Talbott & Talbott) County Attorney
TALBOTT JOHN E, (Talbott & Talbott)
Talbott J F, 152p
Talbot Roy E, drayman
Talbott Sarah J, 152p
TALBOTT & TALBOTT, (John E and Frank R) Lawyers
TALBOTT & THOMPSON, (B M Talbott, Ira A Thompson) Fred F Thompson Mgr, Lumber Building Material and Coal
THOMPSON FRED F, Mgr Talbott & Thompson
THOMPSON IRA A, (Talbott & Thompson)
Torrence Thos, 25p
Tripp B H, apiarist
Tyler Oliver A, storage batteries
Vanderwall Wm, tailor and cleaner
Werner Samuel, auctioneer
Whitehead Fred C, prop Broadway
Theatre Willett C C, 406p
Williams John L, shoes
Willoughby Clark D, Alvin Holman mgr variety store
Woods Glenn, 400p
Wollaston J H, 114p
Wylie Alex, 120a 35p
Zier Wm D, barber

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