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Poweshiek County

Kent Cemetery
Poweshiek County, Iowa

A description of the Cemetery, and a photo of Kent Chapel, can be found at the bottom of the page. First, a list of gravestone inscriptions.

Name Born Died Age Notes
Allan, Darlene 1933 1933 dau. of Helen Iota & Marvin L. Allan
Allan, Helen Iota 13-Dec-1907 10-Dec-1947 wife of Marvin L. Allan
Allan, Marvin L. 1909 incomplete husband of Helen Iota Allan
Appleby, Caroline (Houck) 05-Feb-1870 03-Jul-1951
Bacon, Lefa (Kent) 14-Dec-1896 01-Jun-1956 wife of Ray Bacon
Bacon, Leo R. 1915 1976
Bacon, Ray 05-Aug-1890 05-Jun-1957 husband of Lefa (Kent) Bacon
Bagenstos, Clara F. (Kent) 1864 1929 wife of John D. Bagenstos
Bagenstos, Elizabeth (Helman) 08-Nov-1822 07-Nov-1896 wife of John L. Bagenstos
Bagenstos, George Washington 12-Mar-1859 25-Dec-1860 1y 9m 13d son of Henry and Lydia Bagenstos
Bagenstos, Harry 25-Jul-1883 03-Feb-1887
Bagenstos, John D. 1860 1939 husband of Clara F. (Kent) Bagenstos
Bagenstos, John L. 19-Mar-1816 06-Mar-1913 husband of Elizabeth (Helman) Bagenstos
Bagsley, Hattie Eva 01-Jun-1863 1y 2m 27d dau. of J. J. and R. A. Bagsley
Baker, Carrie E. 1880 1927 "Mother"; wife of Oscar O. Baker
Baker, Elizabeth 01-Jun-1888 58y 7m wife of S. Baker
Baker, Iola Marie 1918 1932
Baker, Oscar O. 1878 1952 "Father"; husband of Carrie E. Baker
Banghart, Anna 04-Sep-1869 1y 3m 10d dau of J. S. and M. Banghart
Banghart, Isaac 13-May-1864 26y 5m 7d son of J. & S. D. Banghart
Banghart, John 28-Jan-1872 45y 1m 22d
Bard, Cora E. 27-Nov-1885 16y 8m 15d dau of John and E. J. Bard
Bard, Ralph W. 20-Sep-1872 1y 14d son of John and E. J. Bard
Barnard, Sarah Jane 17-Aug-1862 19y 10m 3d wife of Amor W. Barnard
Beadle, Joan 1881 1970
Beers, John 16-Jan-1881 75y 10m 10d
Beers, Sophia Sowders Aug-1819 1894
Blake, Lewis T. 1823 1912 husband of Mary Blake
Blake, Mary 1884 1920 wife of Lewis T. Blake
Blake, Rosalie 05-Apr-1902 10-Apr-1902 infant dau of A. C. and Edna Blake
Boling, Earl 1877 1892
Boling, Mary S. (Graham) dates buried dau. of R. & S. Graham
Bowman, Elmer M. 1879 1942 husband of Margaret E. Bowman
Bowman, Lloyd 19-Feb-1908 28-Aug-1908 infant son of Elmer M. and Margaret E. Bowman
Bowman, Margaret E. 1885 1954 wife of Elmer M. Bowman
Brimmer, Catherine (McClelland) 1846 1940
Brimmer, George N. 1875 1965
Brimmer, George O. 1845 1928 Father
Brimmer, John 1881 1966
Brimmer, Luetta Hulda (Hilligas) 11-Feb-1887 10-Nov-1968 Mother; wife of Nealy Brimmer
Brimmer, Nealy 1885 1918 Father; husband of Luetta Hulda (Hilligas) Brimmer
Brook, Elaine 1917 1987 wife of Howard L. Brook
Brook, Howard L. 1912 1983 husband of Elaine Brook
Bross, Emma Jane 01-Apr-1877 17y 11m 11d wife of Jas. N. Bross
Brown, Albert 1849 1937 husband of Elizabeth Brown
Brown, Elizabeth 1853 1937 wife of Albert Brown
Brown, Fred R. 17-Mar-1874 14-Jul-1903 29y 3m 27d son of Albert & Elizabeth Brown
Brown, Rosa M. 1887 1921 wife of William J. Brown
Brown, William J. 1879 1958 husband of Rosa M. Brown
Brown, Russell 1903 1931
Casey, Mary Amy "Mamie" (Phelps) 1870 1947 2nd wife of James Austin Casey; mother of Clarence Austin and Roy Allen Casey
Catherman, Emma (Croskey) 1878 1956 wife of Hiram Addison Catherman
Catherman, Genevieve 1904 1918 dau. of Hiram Addison & Emma (Croskey) Catherman
Catherman, Goldie 1908 1928 dau. of Hiram Addison & Emma (Croskey) Catherman
Catherman, Hiram Addison 29-Jun-1867 20-Jan-1943 husband of Emma (Croskey) Catherman
Catherman, Raymond William 22-Jun-1906 10-Sep-1990 husband of Scelora Elmary Bond-Wilder (m. 29-Jun-1963)
Catherman, Sarah 1867
Catherman, Scelora Elmary Bond-Wilder 06-Mar-1916 10-May-1976 wife of Raymond William Catherman (m. 29-Jun-1963)
Close, Lena Catherine 1901 1995 wife of Raymond Lee Close
Close, Raymond Lee 1887 1964 husband of Lena Catherine Close
Coulson, Alida F. 1869 no date wife of Dr. Commodore Perry Coulson
Coulson, Carrie J. 21-Sep-1871 8m 11d dau. of S. and M. Coulson
Coulson, Dr. Commodore Perry 04-Sep-1860 15-Aug-1919 husband of Alida F. Coulson
Coulson, Emelin no dates Co. H 28 IA Inf.; GAR marker
Coulson, Jabez 16-Jul-1836 14-Jul-1910 husband of Mary Ellen (Boyle) Coulson
Coulson, Mary Ellen (Boyle) 23-Mar-1842 16-Jun-1883 wife of Jabez Coulson
Davidson, Elizabeth E. 1833 1915
Davis, Baby Girl 02-Feb-1912 02-Feb-1912
Decker, Eliza (Kent) 05-May-1842 09-Aug-1907 Mother
Decker, James P. 04-Mar-1845 02-Feb-1919 husband of Nancy Ann (Sunner) Decker
Decker, Minnie A. 18-Jul-1868 11-Apr-1963 wife of Ira O. Decker
Decker, Nancy Ann (Sunner) 08-Jan-1848 13-Feb-1917 wife of James P. Decker
Decker, Ozro 19-Aug-1863 11-Apr-1915
Decker, Willie T. 08-Feb-1867 04-Jul-1891
Dee, Adris Gladys 19-May-1896 27-Dec-1896
Dee, Beatrice V. 1885 1931 wife of Clayborn E. Dee (mother of James E. Dee?)
Dee, Clayborn E. 1892 1985 husband of Beatrice V. Dee (father of James E. Dee?)
Dee, Edward W. 1854 1941 husband of Elmira E.
Dee, Elijah 27-Nov-1847 21-Feb-1903 55y 2m 24d
Dee, Eliza C. 18-May-1889
Dee, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Marion Nelson 16-Dec-1889 31-May-1949 wife of John Henry Dee
Dee, Elmira E. 1858 1942 wife of Edward W.
Dee, Franklin Earle 15-Apr-1914 27-Nov-1992
Dee, Henry 27-Jun-1824 8-Dec-1902 husband of Mary A.
Dee, Ivahn W. 17-Dec-1915 21-Sep-1977 Pvt. US Army WW-II
Dee, James E. 1920 1936 (son of Clayborn E. & Beatrice V. Dee?)
Dee, John Henry 08-Apr-1881 17-Jan-1959 husband of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Marion (Nelson) Dee
Dee, Joseph C. 05-Jan-1891
Dee, Lottie A. Feb-1881 Jun-1961
Dee, Mary A. 11-Sep-1896 wife of Henry
Devore, Alphus R. 23-Jan-1852 15-Mar-1912
Devore, Margaret E. 16-Sep-1862 08-Dec-1904
Drake, Donald Fred 2-Oct-1912 21-Apr-2002 m. Lois Irene Fish 21-Aug-1948; father of Danny, Daryl, Robert, Donna, Roger, Richard, Carolyn
Drake, Eva Marie 28-Jul-1883 20-Mar-1976
Drake, John A. 02-Jan-1870 03-Feb-1940 Pvt 52 Iowa Inf
Drake, Lois Irene (Fish) 20-Jun-1920 2-Dec-2001 m. Donald Fred Drake 21-Aug-1948; mother of Danny, Daryl, Robert, Donna, Roger, Richard, Carolyn
Drake, Mary Lou 13-Jan-1909 19-Aug-2002 S Sgt US Army WW-II
Ehrich, Eliza G. 07-May-1889 dau. of H. and L. Ehrich
Ehrich, Eugene 1892 1900
Ehrich, Joseph C. 05-Jan-1891 son of H. and L. Ehrich
Ehrich, Ruth 1899 1908
Ehrich, Walter 1902 1904
Force, Amanda 1868
Force, Bertha May (Phelps) 1878 10-Aug-1900 wife of Noah Force
Force, J(oseph) G(abriel) 11-Apr-1837 02-Oct-1880 Co K 83 IL Inf; husband of Mary Ann (Gaunt) Force
Force, Marion Emory 05-Mar-1902 13-Jul-1923
Force, Martha Elsie (Phelps) 25-Apr-1876 15-Mar-1904 wife of T(homas) C(ornelius) Force
Force, Noah 10-May-1873 1955 husband of Bertha (Phelps) Force
Force, T(homas) C(ornelius) 13-Mar-1872 18-Dec-1943 husband of Martha E. (Phelps) Force
Frank, Silas 19-Sep-1862 11y 9m 19d
Fraser, Alex H. D. 15-Sep-1860 3y 10m 2d son of D. and M. J.
Fraser, Anna (Kent) 15-Aug-1835 25-Jan-1892 wife of John Fraser
Fraser, Duncan 30-Jul-1882 79y husband of Mary Fraser
Fraser, John 10-Apr-1826 10-Jan-1894 husband of Anna (Kent) Fraser; (son of Duncan and Mary?)
Fraser, Mary 06-Mar-1868 64y wife of Duncan Fraser
Fraser, Sally May 13-Oct-1880 14y 4m 18d dau of D. and M. J. Fraser
Fritz, Edward J. 1914 1919
Fritz, Raymond E. 1910 1910
Fuller, Carrie B. 14-Jun-1871 6w dau. of Emma J. Fuller
Gardner, Lois 1902 1998 "Sister"
Gilmore, Edward 10-May-1868 1y 1m 1d son of J. S. and M. G. Gilmore
Gilmore, Grace E. 15-Feb-1875 1y 8m 20d dau of J. S. and M. G. Gilmore
Glasgow, Lester 18-Jun-1910 30-Jun-1996 husband of Ruth (Billings)
Glasgow, Ruth (Billings) 9-May-1912 24-Apr-2006 wife of Lester
Graham, Allen C. Dec-1859 07-Nov-1882 son of R. and S. Graham
Graham, Clara (Wood) 1866 1887
Graham, Elenor R. 18-Sep-1864 9m 13d dau of Robert and Sarah Graham
Graham, H. K. 1849 1884 husband of Clara (Wood) Graham
Graham, Robert 1817 1893 husband of Sarah Graham
Graham, Sarah 1822 1881 wife of Robert Graham
Gray, Charley L. 24-Nov-1887 6y 10m 13d son of M. F. and E. M. Gray
Gray, Emma F. 15-May-1852 01-Jan-1892 wife of M(ahlon) F. Gray
Gray, Evan 09-Sep-1879
Gray, infant 04-Oct-1891 child of E(mma) F. and M(ahlon) F. Gray
Gray, infant son 30-Dec-1889 2d son of M(ahlon) F. and E(mma) F. Gray
Gray, infant son 01-Oct-1899 01-Oct-1899 infant son of Ira and Matilda Gray
Gray, John C. 18-May-1675 26-Mar-1908
Gray, Mahlon F. 25-Jul-1842 16-Sep-1895 Co K 83 IA Inf; husband of Emma F. Gray
Gray, Mahlon G. 24-May-1894 27-Oct-1916 Co. C 101 INF - Killed in France
Gray, Maretta 30-Sep-1870 08-Oct-1891 dau. of E(mma) F. & M(ahlon) F. Gray
Gray, Martha (Collinson) 26-Apr-1855 09-Jan-1943
Gray, Orville 1890 1914
Gray, Rufus W. 07-Nov-1887 7y 9m 15d son of M. F. & E. M. Gray
Green, John M. 23-Feb-1870 16y 9m 23d son of P. S. & L. R. Green
Green, Lovisa R. 25-Jan-1826 11-Dec-1905 wife of P. S. Green
Gregory, Charles M. 29-Sep-1869 10m 29d son of W. T. and S. A. Gregory
Hanson, Catherine 09-May-1817 31-Dec-1895 wife of Fred Hanson
Hanson, F. George 1878 1939 husband of Wilhemina "Minnie" Hanson
Hanson, George W. 29-Oct-1902 3y 3m 6d son of F. George and Wilhelmina "Minnie" Hanson
Hanson, Herman 25-Mar-1889 25-Aug-1889 (twin?) son of Fred and Catherine Hanson
Hanson, Sherman 25-Mar-1889 25-Aug-1889 (twin?) son of Fred and Catherine Hanson
Hanson, Wilhemina "Minnie" 1879 1941 wife of F. George Hanson
Hardwig, Dorothy 1902 1957
Hawkins, Donald 27-Feb-1928 26-Jun-1928
Hawkins, Elmer 23-Mar-1901 20-Feb-1941
Hawkins, Elmer Dean 7-Sep-1933 20-Oct-2000
Hawkins, Josephine 24-Nov-1903 17-Sep-1988 wife of Elmer
Heckman, Clara C. 17-Mar-1865 7m 10d dau. of H. L. and H. E. Heckman
Helman, Daniel 19-Jun-1776 24-Feb-1866 89y 8m 5d Soldier of 1812; 1812 marker
Hilligas, David 1838 1913 Father; husband of Mary A. Hilligas; Amer. Leg. Marker
Hilligas, E. Earnis 25-Jan-1886 05-Jun-1952 Eng 2 US Navy WWI
Hilligas, Mary Ann (Keysor) Force 13-Apr-1846 07-Mar-1911 wife of 1) J(oseph) G(abriel) Force; 2)David Hilligas
Horrigan, Charles E. 24-Nov-1861 21-Nov-1875 son of Sarah A. and Thomas Horrigan; DOB may be 24-Jan-1861
Horrigan, Sarah A. 04-Dec-1890 wife of Thomas Horrigan
Horrigan, Thomas Jan-1817 05-Feb-1901 husband of Sarah A. Horrigan
Houck, Carolyn Hansen 05-Feb-1870 3-Jun-1951
Houck, Jacob S. 20-Apr-1864 24-Aug-1909 I.O.O.F marker
Houck, Synthia (Kent?) 30-Jan-1827 02-Oct-1897 wife of Thomas William Houck
Houck, Thomas William 18-Mar-1833 21-Aug-1908 husband of Synthia Houck
Hubbell, Willard M. 25-Jan-1867 10m 13d son of W(illia)m R. & L. J. Hubbell
Irwin, Chas C. 1865 1928 husband of Kate (McBain) Irwin
Irwin, Clyde C. 1904 1985 husband of Helene
Irwin, Helene 1911 1989 wife of Clyde C.
Irwin, infant daughter 04-Apr-1897 04-Apr-1897 dau. of Chas. C. & Kate (McBain) Irwin
Irwin, infant son 02-Apr-1896 02-Apr-1896 son of Chas. C. & Kate (McBain) Irwin
Irwin, Kate (McBain) 1869 1937 wife of Chas. C.
Johnson, Dessie 12-Dec-1868 29-Mar-1882 dau of Gilbert and J. E. Johnson
Johnson, Gilbert 03-Jun-1825 27-Sep-1907 Father; husband of J. E. Johnson
Johnson, Gilbert M. 17-Feb-1867 09-Jul-1885 son of Gilbert and J. E. Johnson
Johnson, John D. 09-Mar-1872 01-Feb-1891 son of G. and H. A. Johnson
Johnston, Adela 22-Sep-1894 14-Sep-1976 wife of Harlan Johnston
Johnston, Archie A. 08-Mar-1894 37y 11m 20d
Johnston, Beatrice D. (Rupp) 1896 1967 wife of Frank Johnston
Johnston, Charles 1886 1952
Johnston, Earl W. 26-Dec-1920 no date S Sgt US Army AF WWII; American Legion marker
Johnston, Elizabeth 1861 1885 dau. of John G. and Martha A. Johnston
Johnston, Elsie F. 1892 1921
Johnston, Frank 1889 1971 Father; husband of Pearl L. Johnston
Johnston, Freddie 1887 1889
Johnston, Grayce C. 1897 1977 dau of William Duffy and Mary Johnston; American Legion Aux. marker
Johnston, Harlan 26-Jan-1900 22-Dec-1962 husband of Adelia Johnston
Johnston, infant dau 28-May-1891 dau of A. & A. M. Johnston
Johnston, infant son 02-Aug-1892 son of A. & A. M. Johnston
Johnston, John F. 01-Mar-1863 5-Jul-1948 husband of Miriam A. Johnston
Johnston, John G. 1828 1917 husband of Martha A. Johnston
Johnston, Lillian 1900 1901
Johnston, Miriam A. 06-Apr-1863 19-Mar-1942 wife of John F. Johnston
Johnston, Martha A. 1834 1902 wife of John G. Johnston
Johnston, Martha E. 01-Feb-1883 06-Apr-1905 dau of W. D. and M. Johnston
Johnston, Mary 1864 1919 wife of William Duffy Johnston
Johnston, Mary Ann 1857 1917 Mother
Johnston, Minnie Bell 14-Aug-1889 1 yr 2m 28d dau of W. D. and M. Johnston
Johnston, Pearl L. 1889 1935 Mother; wife of Frank Johnston
Johnston, Robert D. 1927 1941
Johnston, William Duffy 1858 1938 husband of Mary Johnston
Johnston, William W. 1878 1942
Jones, Clifton Stanley 25-Jul-1882 26-Dec-1903 died at Marshalltown, IA
Jones, Eva I. 1859 1946 wife of Jacob F. Jones
Jones, Ivan 03-Apr-1884 17-Aug-1884 son of J. E. and E. V. Jones
Jones, Jacob F. 1856 1933 husband of Eva I. Jones
Jones, Maurine 29-Jan-1899 10-Apr-1899 dau of J. E. and E. V. Jones
Jones, Walter 15-Apr-1895 10-Jul-1895 son of J. E. and E. V. Jones
Kadates, Laura 21-Jan-1872 5y 7m 9d dau of L. and P. J.
Kauffman, Lowell E. 30-Sep-1942 22-May-1974 husband of Mary S. Kauffman (m. 15-Dec-1967); father of twins: Jennifer and Jeremy Kauffman
Kent, Adris Gladys 19-Nov-1895 27-Dec-1896 dau of E. W. and E. E. (Dee?) Kent
Kent, Allen G. 27-Aug-1876 son of Hiram and Viretta (Eirp) Kent
Kent, Bailey 01-Sep-1854 07-Jan-1918 husband of Nancy Jane (Brown) Kent
Kent, Dolly (Miller) 02-Mar-1797 30-Dec-1866 wife of Moses Kent (1795-1881)
Kent, Edward W. 1854 1941 husband of Elmira E. Kent
Kent, Eliza(beth) Jane (Enochs) 27-Jan-1837 29-Sep-1890 53y 8m 2d wife of J(oseph) Kent
Kent, Elmira E. 1858 1942 wife of Edward W. Kent
Kent, Flora M. (Jones) 1869 1927 wife of Lewis T. Kent
Kent, Harry A. 1908 1978
Kent, Helen Margaret (Huck) 1912 1973
Kent, Henry 27-Jun-1824 08-Dec-1902 husband of Mary G. Kent
Kent, Hiram 20-Apr-1845 10-May-1920 husband of Viretta (Eirp) Kent
Kent, infant son 17-Apr-1876 Child (son?) of William B. and Mary A. (Mayer) Kent
Kent, Joseph 19-Jul-1830 24-Feb-1896 65y 8m 2d husband of Elizabeth Jane (Enochs) Kent
Kent, Joseph H. 1899 1936
Kent, Keziah "Kezie" (Burke) 04-Jun-1818 07-Jan-1892 wife of Moses Kent (d. 1872)
Kent, Laura L. 17-Mar-1873 07-Aug-1873 dau. of Hiram and E. Viretta (Eirp) Kent
Kent, Lewis T. 21-Feb-1859 30-Jun-1931 husband of Flora M. (Jones) Kent
Kent, Mary A. (Mayer) 1844 1917 wife of William B. Kent; mother of Infant (1876?) and Perry Cornelius Kent (1885-1945)
Kent, Mary G. 11-Sep-1896 65y 2m 28d wife of Henry Kent
Kent, Milan R. 1903 1976
Kent, Moses 15-Feb-1872 52y husband of Keziah (Burke) Kent
Kent, Moses 24-Apr-1795 10-Aug-1881 husband of Dolly (Miller) Kent
Kent, Nancy Jane (Brown) 11-Oct-1876 06-Mar-1909 wife of Bailey Kent
Kent, Oscar C. 02-Aug-1880 2y 4m 24d son of Hiram and Viretta (Eirp) Kent
Kent, Perry C(ornelius) 1885 1945 son of William B. and Mary A.
Kent, Ruth L. 03-Apr-1933 05-Apr-1933
Kent, Samuel P. 28-Oct-1863 23y 1m 28d GAR marker
Kent, Viretta (Eirp) 01-Jan-1845 30-Nov-1910 wife of Hiram Kent
Kent, William B. 1843 29-Dec-1898 husband of Mary A. (Mayer) Kent; father of Infant (1876?) and Perry Cornelius Kent (1885-1945)
Kriegal, Balzer 1857 1927 father
Kriegal, Mary Ann 1874 1951 mother
Leach, James 12-Apr-1814 22-Mar-1887
Lippincott, Grace A. 1916 1983 Beloved Wife of Russell
Lippincott, Russell J. 1910 1983 TEC4 US Army WW-II; husband of Grace A.
Logan, Catherine Christina 1869 1870 "Erected by John Logan in loving memory of his sisters"
Logan, Christina May 1871 1873 "Erected by John Logan in loving memory of his sisters"
Lukehart, Edward L. 1922 1978 husband of Jean D. Lukehart (m. 20-May-1951); father of Gregg E.
Magee, Thelma E. 03-Mar-1922 03-Oct-1973
Mallett, Alice M. 31-Dec-1879 32y 11m 28d wife of J. W. Mallett
Mallett, Infant 23-Jan-1873 child of J. W. and Alice M. Mallett
Mallett, Tillie 19-Mar-1875 16d dau of J. W. and Alice M. Mallett
Mallett, Willie 02-Aug-1877 28d son of J. W. and Alice M. Mallett
Martin, Clara Ann 02-Jan-1864 1y 11m 2d dau of D. N. and Cornelia G. Martin
Martin, Ella Maria 19-Feb-1863 1y 4m 5d dau of D. N. and Cornelia G. Martin
Martin, George 15-Sep-1799 17-Dec-1863 64y 3m 2d
Marvel, Joshua E. 21-Feb-1872 3m 1d
Marvel, Mary Victoria 16-Dec-1864 5y 11m 5d
Marvel, Nettie V. 23-Jan-1873 2y 7m 8d dau. of William M. and A. M. Marvel
Marvel, Walker J. 22-Aug-1860 2y 2m 21d
Mayer, Daniel 28-Feb-1819 07-Jan-1883 63y 9m 9d Father; husband of Marey Mayer
Mayer, infant son 17-Apr1876 son of N. B. and A. Mayer
Mayer, Little Harry 25-Jul-1883 03-Feb-1887
Mayer, Marey 20-Jul-1818 17-May-1875 56y 9m 27d Mother; wife of Daniel Mayer
McBain, Annie F. 18-Mar-1877 3y 3m 14d dau. of R. and A. McBain
McBain, Infant 11-Jan-1891 13d son of D. and H.
McBain, Mary 23-Sep-1868 dau. of R. and A. McBain
McIntosh, Elizabeth 08-Feb-1878 39y 6m wife of Hugh G. McIntosh
McIntosh, Evan 09-Sep-1878 9m
McLennan, Catherine 15-Nov-1815 26-Feb-1901
McLennan, John 31-Dec-1905 70y 1m 19d Cremated at Portland, OR, 03-Jan-1906
Meade, Evelyn M. 1917 1982 wife of William Oscar Meade
Meade, William Oscar 3-Jun-1913 25-Feb-1983 CPL US Army WW-II; husband of Evelyn M. Meade
Melanchthon, Luther 30-Aug-1862 1y 10m 3d
Mix, Nathaniel 13-Oct-1879 79y 3m 22d
Mohrfield, Eleanor 1910 1911 dau. of F. & F. J. Morhfield
Mohrfield, Fred 1866 1911
Morford, Lizzie 12-Sep-1865 11-Apr-1895 wife of B. Morford
Murphy, Marigold L. 11-May-1930 6-Apr-2000 wife of Thomas E. Murphy; mother of Michael, Teresa & Danny
Murphy, Thomas E. 27-Jun-1926 8-Aug-1988 husband of Marigold L. Murphy; father of Michael, Teresa & Danny
Nelson, Anna Marie (Larson) 1853 17-Sep-1926 wife of Carl Edgar Nelson
Nelson, Carl Edgar 1849 1923 husband of Anna Marie (Larson) Nelson
Phelps, Emily H. (Murphy) 25-May-1846 29-Sep-1895 1st wife of Hiram R. Phelps
Phelps, Hiram R. 20-Jan-1846 16-Dec-1933 Co. A 151 IL Inf; husband of Emily H. (Murphy) Phelps; died and interred in the Exira Cemetery, Exira, Audubon Co., IA
Pierce, Lee R. 3-Aug-1935 31-Mar-1994 husband of Phyllis J. Pierce
Rasmussen, J. C. 07-Jun-1675 03-Jun-1897
Razey, Adia A. 13-Sep-1872 3y 20d dau. of A. A. and H. M. Razey
Razey, Asahel 12-Aug-1876 71y 2m 21d
Read, Albert W. 1857 1935 husband of Mary E. Read
Read, Edward 10-May-1868 1y 1m 1d
Read, Grace 16-Feb-1875 1y 8m 20d
Read, Harvey 05-Sep-1855 06-Dec-1899
Read, infant dau. 31-May-1897 31-May-1897 dau. of F. R. & M. A. Read
Read, infant son 31-Mar-1888 son of F. R. & M. A. Read
Read, Jane 16-May-1833 11-Apr-1901 wife of T. Read
Read, Martha E. 10-Nov-1869 10d dau. of T. & J. Read
Read, Mary E. 1866 1925 wife of Albert W. Read
Read, Thomas 24-Jul-1827 31-Oct-1908 "Father"
Reams, Alem B. 24-Jan-1866 81y 5m 18d "A soldier of Co K 84th Regt. Penn Vols."
Reams, Eleanor 14-Oct-1821 13-Mar-1900 wife of John L. Reams
Reams, infant dau. 06-Jul-1903 dau. of J. C. & E. N.
Reams, Jennie T. 13-May-1861 03-Jul-1903 wife of M. B. Reams
Reams, John L. 20-Nov-1825 29-Apr-1900 husband of Eleanor Reams
Reams, Lucy G. 1862 1926 Mother; wife of Preston A. Reams
Reams, M. B. 02-Jul-1856 11-Mar-1901 husband of Jennie T. Reams
Reams, Preston A. 1858 1939 Father; husband of Lucy G. Reams
Renner, Albert F. 23-Feb-1887 10-Oct-1893
Renner, Eli C. 21-May-1838 28-Mar-1900
Renner, Mary 03-Jul-1814 30-Mar-1900
Renner, Mother 13-Aug-1840 11-Jan-1920
Renner, Willis E. 05-Aug-1884 31-Jan-1885
Rich, Sarah 01-Sep-186? 1y dau. Of Joseph M. and Elizabeth B. Rich
Rich, Sarah A. 25-Mar-186? 7m 21d dau. Of Joseph M. and Elizabeth B. Rich
Robeson, Edward 25-Jun-1889 07-Aug-1901 son of O. B. and A. Robeson
Robeson, infant dau. no dates infant dau. of O. B. and A. Robeson
Robeson, Willie L. 25-Jun-1893 14-Apr-1895 son of O. B. and A. Robeson
Rogers, Elias 02-May-1870 74y 2m 6d husband of Harriett E. Rogers
Rogers, Harriett E. 11-Feb-1875 69y 3m 26d wife of Elias Rogers
Roudabush, Charles E. 1855 1927 husband of Dollie Ann (Houck) Roudabush
Roudabush, Clinton F. 30-May-1881 son of C. E. and D. Roudabush
Roudabush, Corda E. 28-May-1883 dau. of C. E. & D. Roudabush
Roudabush, Dolly Ann (Houck) Jan-1861 1944 wife of Charles E. Roudabush
Roudabush, Elizabeth 1862 1922 wife of J. F. Roudabush
Roudabush, Evan James 8-Nov-1945 15-Nov-2005 husband of Kathryn J. Roudabush
Roudabush, Glenn 1900 1978
Roudabush, J. F. 1858 1928 husband of Elizabeth Roudabush
Roudabush, Lettie May 22-Jul-1859 dau. of C. E. and D. Roudabush
Roudabush, William E. 06-Apr-1862 3m 4d son of C. E. and D. Roudabush
Rupp, Ora 04-Jan-1899 14-Aug-1900 son of E. M. & T. E. Rupp
Sage, Harry E. 10-Feb-1879 8y 10m son of W. and E.
Searl, Harry Schuyler 13-Aug-1863 5m 25d son of G. I. and E. L. Searl
Shaffer, Katie (Cambel) 03-Oct-1863 23-Jun-1909 wife of William Shaffer
Shaffer, Mary Esther 1897 1988
Shaffer, William 03-Nov-1862 19-Jan-1956 husband of Katie (Cambel) Shaffer
Shaver, L(evi) C. no dates Co. C. 33rd (remainder buried or missing) IA Inf (from military records)
Smith, Bryon Eugene 04-Jul-1900 26-Jan-1901 infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Smith
Smith, E. E. 05-Mar-1859 14-Feb-1946 husband of Mary Smith
Smith, Florence 1861 1942 wife of Sampson Smith
Smith, Fred H. 22-Apr-1905 03-Aug-1967 Pvt. 103 Signal Co WWII; Amer. Leg. Marker
Smith, Garrett 1851 1924
Smith, Harvey B. 1864 1935 husband of Rosa Smith
Smith, J. B. 1861 1936
Smith, Jennie L. Beadle 1894 1913
Smith, Katie 1889 1938
Smith, Marvin H. 27-Oct-1899 11-Apr-1910 (son of Harvey B. and Rosa Smith?)
Smith, Martin V. 20-May-1837 29-Jan-1902 husband of Sener E. Smith
Smith, Mary 28-Sep-1864 10-Nov-1940 wife of E. E. Smith
Smith, Rickey 1864 1921
Smith, Rosa 1872 1956 wife of Harvey B. Smith
Smith, Sampson 1857 1903 husband of Florence Smith
Smith, Sener E. 18-Apr-1838 27-Jul-1912 wife of Martin V. Smith
Sorensen, Eldon R(aymond) 22-Dec-1928 29-Oct-2003 Cpl US Army Korea
Standbro, Mary H. 21-Jul-1862 20y 9m 27d (wife or dau. of?) (B?)ono D. Standbro
Starr, L(eander) no dates Co B 2 IA Cav
Stines, Clarissa 22-Jan-1867 52y 3m 22d wife of James Stines
Stines, John 16-Mar-1874 74y 8m
Stone, Elmer C. 22-Feb-1890 13-Oct-1893 3y 7m 21d son of G. T. & N. H. Stone
Stone, Owen L. 15-Feb-1887 11m 21d son of G. T. & N. H. Stone
Stotelmyre, Baby no dates
Stotelmyre, Father 1883 1957
Stotelmyre, Mother 1883 1918
Tarr, L. S. "Co. R 2 IA Cav."
Van Voorhis, Jean Kendrick 16-Jan-1936
Vickroy, Albert M. 16-May-1920 2-Aug-1984 SI US Navy WW-II
Weaver, Alma J. 1914 2003 wife of Howard W. Weaver
Weaver, Ernest H. 1886 1976 husband of Mary E. Weaver; father of Marjorie, Jimmie, Howard, Mildred and Viola
Weaver, Howard W. 1914 2001 husband of Alma J. Weaver
Weaver, Jimmie 12-Dec-1912 12-Dec-1912 son of Ernest H. and Mary E. Weaver
Weaver, John William 1861 1925 Father
Weaver, Martha E. 1864 1901 Mother
Weaver, Mary E. 1886 1972 wife of Ernest H. Weaver; mother of Marjorie, Jimmie, Howard, Mildred and Viola
Weiermann, Frances 1915 1977 wife of Will W. Weiermann
Weiermann, Gordon L. 15-Dec-1949 13-Mar-1994 husband of Beverly J. Weiermann
Weiermann, Jeffrey Lynn 1959 1984
Weiermann, Scott Gordon 16-Sep-1974 son of Gordon L. and Beverly J. Weiermann
Weiermann, Will W. 1910 1978 husband of Frances Weiermann
Wessel, Elsie B. 17-Mar-1893 04-Sep-1981 wife of Harlan C. Wessel
Wessel, Harlan C. 10-Aug-1893 04-Jan-1979 husband of Elsie B. Wessel
Wickham, A. R. 23-Aug-1813 08-Dec-1889
Wickham, G. D. 12-Aug-1828 04-May-1885
Wood, Edgar R. 1886 1945
Wood, Francis M. 1913 1916 son of E. R. and E. G. Wood
Wood, Wilfred M. 1917 1919 son of E. R. and E. G. Wood
Young, Zeruiah (Kent) 01-Apr-1863 40y 8m 1d wife of Stephen Young


This listing of Kent Cemetery burials transcribed and formatted by Don Wherry, former Poweshiek County Coordinator, 2012.

Kent Cemetery, Madison Township, Section 23, on the north side of state road V18 just over 4 miles north of Brooklyn, where V18 is coincident with Kent Church Road.  Kent Union Chapel is at the south-east corner of the cemetery. The first burial was Mrs. Coulson in 1859. In 1937 there were 263 graves, many early settlers.  There are just less than 400 identifiable graves, ca. 2010.

Much of the then-current information on this page was previously recorded by the WPA in the late 1930s, and again by Karen and Nicholas Groves, and Elizabeth Ernst in June, 1980. More recent information, and an objective standard for review of older data, is courtesy of Colette Harrison's gravestone photos posted on the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project website.

This cemetery is just south of Holiday Lake, on the north side of state road V18 just over 4 miles north of Brooklyn, where V18 is coincident with Kent Church Road.  This area has been known as Kents' Corner since the earliest days of settlement.  The first school taught in Madison township, in 1854 or 1855, met in a log school house built at Kents' Corner.  Kent cemetery has been in use since 1859, according to the 1880 Poweshiek county history, when a Mrs. (Hervey?) Coulson was buried there.  At the time the 1880 county history was being compiled there were approximately 100 burials in Kent Cemetery.

The Kent school-house was moved eastward about a mile and a half, some time around 1908.  The community decided that a structure was needed near the cemetery for funerals, and the Kent Ladies Aid spearheaded a fund-drive that resulted in the construction of Kent Chapel, dedicated in 1909.  The cemetery is north and west of the white frame Kent Chapel building that's easily visible from the road.  Kent Chapel has always been non-denominaltional.

Parker's 1911 Poweshiek county history ignores the cemetery altogether, but has this photo of the then-new Kent Chapel:

Kent Union Chapel, ca 1910

A community support group for the chapel re-organized after the beginning of the third millenium, and effected a major restoration and renovation of the Chapel for its Centennial in 2009.

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