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Register of Deaths

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- Deaths - Register, 1880 - 1897
- Deaths - Record of Deaths, 1897-1904
- Deaths - Records - 1908-1909
- Deaths - Records - 1919

Partial Listing
Vol II 1880-1897 Council Bluffs, Iowa

Date of Report

Apr 10, 1891 James Buchanan, sex: male, color: white, age 19 years 9 months,
Date of death: March 20, 1891 at 2:30 p.m., single, nationality: Scotch, Born: Scotland,
Place of Death: Neola, Iowa, cause: pneumonia with complications of Pleuritus,
duration: two weeks. Place of Burial: Neola, Iowa.
Attending physician: T. Robbins, Neola, Ia.

Apr 11, 1891 Mary Partel, sex: female, color: white, age 1 day,
Date of Death: Feb 21, 1891 at 2, Born: Neola, Ia, cause: unknown,
Place of Burial: Neola, Ia on Feb 21, 1891. Attending physician: P H. Dassler, Neola, Ia.

Apr 11, 1891 Hattie A L Hood, sex: female, color: white, married, age 42 years, 10 months, 8 days,
Date of Death: Feb 3, 1891 at 11, married, Born in Ill. Place of Death: Neola, Iowa,
cause Puerpal, Convulsions. Place of Burial: Neola, Ia, Feb 5, 1891. Attending
physician: P H Dassler, Neola, Ia.

Mar 1, 1891 Julia A Tooley, sex: female, color: white, widow, age 78 years, 2 months, 13 days,
born Mass. Lived in state 14 years, Place of Death: Carson Twp.,
cause: Apoplexy, duration: 3days. Place of Burial: Carson, date Oct 2, 1891.
Attending physician: S D Toby, Oakland, Ia.

Mar 1, 1891 James Howard, sex: male, color: white, age 59 years, 4 months, 11 days,
occupation: farmer. Date of Death: Feb 11, 1891, Born in NY, lived in state 28 years.
Place of Death: York Twp of Chronic Gastritis. Burial: Rochester, N.Y.
Attending physician: S. D. Toby, Oakland, Ia.

Apr 30, 1891 Lewis, sex: male, color: white, age 1/4 day, Date of Death: Apr 1, 1891 at 1 a.m.
Born: Council Bluffs, Ia. Place of Death: Council Bluffs, Ia, cause: premature birth.
Place of Burial: Potters field, Council Bluffs, Apr 1, 1891.
Attending physician: V L Treynor, Council Bluffs, Ia.

Apr 30, 1891 Ross J. Willford, sex: male, color: white, age: 1 year, 5 months, 17 days.
Died: Apr 3, 1891. Born: Taylor, Ia Place of Death: Taylor, Pott. Co., Ia
cause: convulsions, Place of Burial: Taylor, Ia., Apr 14, 1891.
Attending Physician: S M Johnson, Carson, Ia.

Jun 8, 1891 B R Chambers, sex: male, color: white, age: 65 years, occupation: farmer.
Date of Death: Apr 7, 1891, married. Born: Ohio, Place of Death: Pottawattamie Co,
cause: General Debility, duration: 4 months. Place of Burial: Council Bluffs, Ia.
Attending physician: J M Barstow, Council Bluffs, Ia.

Jul 8, 1891 H E H Hanson, sex: male, color while, age: 67 years, 8 days, occupation: farmer.
Date of Death: June 23, 1891, widower. Nationality: German, Born: Denmark.
In the state: 10 years. Place of Death: Keg Creek Twp., cause: Meningitis, duration: 8 weeks.
Place of Burial: Mineola, Ia, June 24, 1891. Attending physician: F W Dean, Mineola, Ia.

Jul 18, 1891 Ann Nordyke, sex: female, color: white, age: 78 years, 9 months, 8 days
occupations: housewife, widow. Born: Clinton Co., Ohio. In state: 16 years. Place of Death:
Grove Twp, cause: old age with complications of stomach and kidneys. Place of Burial:
Christian Church Cemetery, Apr 28, 1891. Attending physician: S M Johnson, Carson, Ia.

Jul 24, 1891 Thomas Connor, sex: male, color: white, age: 81 years 6 days.
Date of Death: July 13, 1891, widower Born: Ireland. Place of Death: Macedonia, Ia.,
cause: old age. Burial: Buckner Cemetery, July 14, 1891.
Attending physician: A Mitchell, Macedonia, Ia.

Aug 7, 1891 Joseph Alexander, sex: male, color: white, age 56 years, 6 months 5 days.
Date of Death: July 22, 1891, single, Born: Penna, Place of Death: Wheeler, Ia,
cause: Dropsy, duration: 3 weeks. Burial: Carson Cemetery, July 23, 1891.
Attending physician: A Mitchell, Macedonia, Ia.

1897-1904, page 101

Contributed by Erica De Coursey
Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Maritial Status Where Born Cause of Death Place of Burial
Hodgman, Infant M 2 days   3 Sep 1903   Council Bluffs Ia Congenital Hydrocephalus Fairview Cem.
Hughes, Mrs Mary F 73   4 Sep 1903 Widow Ireland Pneumonia St Paul Minn.
Halsted, Infant F 10 days   8 Oct 1903   Co Bluffs Ilio? Colits Fairview Cem.
Higgins, Michael M 50 Laborer 10 Sep 1903 Single   Dysentery Hillside Cem
Hiers, John M 66 Laborer 10 Oct 1903 Married Illinois Congestive Liver Oakland, Ia
Henry, Joseph H M 18   13 Oct 1903 Single Council Bluffs Ia Diptheria Paralysis Fairview Cem
Harl, Lottie M. F 46   20 Oct 1903 Married Indiana Organic Disease of Heart Fairview Cem.
Hill, Wm C. M 64   10 Nov 1903 Single Ohio Cancer of Bladder Walnut Hill
Houghton, Marie A. F 76   29 Oct 1903 Widow New Hampshire Lobar Pneumonia Fairview Cem.
Hass, Emelia F 46   4 Nov 1903 Widow Wis. Dropsy Walnut Hill Cem.
Head, Cecil F 1   7 Nov 1903   Iowa Broncho Pneumonia Walnut Hill Cem.
Hahn, Baby F     27 Nov 1903   Council Bluffs Double twist of Cord in Uteris Fairview Cem.
Huntington, John M 80   30 Nov 1903 Widower   Meningitis Fairview Cem.
Hendrix, Infant W. M. M     27 Dec 1903   Council Bluffs Ia Still Born Fairview Cem.
Harsch, Luesa F 53   3 Dec 1903 Married Germany Tumor Minden Ia
Harman, Edward A. M 2 mo   3? May 1903   Neola City Infamation Neola Ia
Horn, Baby F 6 da   29 Sep 1903   Neola Twp Tetanus Boomer Twp
Hausen, Peter M 67-6-4 Farmer 6 Jun 1904   Denmark Paralysis Boomer Cem.
Hamilton, Margaret F 2-6- Child 1 Jan 1904 single Iowa Membraneous Croup Council Bluffs, Ia
Hurd, John R. M 69-8-3 Retired 4 Jan 1904 married Mass. Apoplexy Omaha, Neb.
Holm, Lena F 36 House wife 26 Jan 1904 married Ia. Heart Failure Council Bluffs, Ia.
Haskins, Francis F 69 House wife 5 Feb 1904 widow Penn. Catarrhal Pneumonia Council Bluffs, Ia.
Holder, Mary A. F 78   27 Feb 1904 widow Ind. Endocarditis Council Bluffs, Ia.
Holder, Mark M 49 Miner 30 Mar 1904 single California Paralysis - Exhaustion Council Bluffs, Ia.
Haskins, Wm M 36 Saloon keeper 12 Apr 1904 married Ia. Drowing Council Bluffs, Ia.
Holst, Lawrence M 48 Clerk 8 Apr 1904 married Germany Pneumonia Council Bluffs, Ia.
Hermes, Edward M 81 Laborer 18 Apr 1904 married Germany Senile Exhaustion Gangreene Council Bluffs, Ia.
Harris, Majorie F 4-8mo   30 Apr 1904 single Ia. Congestion of Lungs Council Bluffs, Ia.
Harrison, Marshall J. M 8mo.   18 May 1904 single Ia. Asthma Council Bluffs, Ia.
Haney, A. F. M 23 Soldier 17 May 1904 single Ia. Hemorrhage of Spinal Chord Council Bluffs, Ia.
Harcourt, Margaret F 80   24 May 1904 widow England Old Age Council Bluffs, Ia.
Hughes, Mary F 69 House wife 4 Jun 1904 married Ireland Paralysis Council Bluffs, Ia.
Harmon, A. S. M 34 Laborer 27 Jun 1904 married Ia. General exhaustion from burns Council Bluffs, Ia.
Harrison, Pheobe F 66 House wife 30 Jun 1904 married Ill. Organic Heart Lesion Council Bluffs, Ia.

Transcript of Deaths for Fiscal Year Ending 30 Jun 1909 (Book 1908-1909), p.11

Contributed by Erica De Coursey, 2003.
Reg'r No. Township, City or Town Name of Decedent Date of Birth Age Maritial Status Birthplace
Name of Father Birthplace of Father Maiden Name of Mother Occupation Informant Date of Death Cause of Death
Attending Physician When Signed Hospital, Institutions Place of Burial Date of Burial Undertaker Undertaker's Address
121 Co. Bluffs Tinnel, Gladis M. 6 Sep 1906 9 days Single Iowa
E. Tinnel Iowa V. Thomas   E. Tinnel 15 Sep 1908 Convulsions
A.S. Beatty 15 Sep 1908   Fairview 16 Sep 1908 L. Cutler Co. Bluffs
122 Co. Bluffs Trembly, Robt E. 1871 37 yrs Married Iowa
      Collector Mrs Trembly 24 Sep 1908 Nephritis
J.H. Cole 28 Sep 1908   Fairview 27 Sep 1908 Woodring Co. Bluffs
123 Co. Bluffs Walker, 13 Jul 1908 2 mo Single Iowa
J. Walker Iowa     J. Walker 27 Sep 1908 Gastro - Enteritis
M.F. Warner     Lewis Tp Cem. 28 Sep 1908 L. Cutler Co. Bluffs
124 Co. Bluffs Walker, Elijah 1-Jul 66 yrs Widower Iowa
M. Walker Iowa     W.H. Walker 24 Sep 1908 Senile Dementia
N.J. Rice 24 Sep 1908 Edmundson Hosp. Winchester, Ia Sep 1908 L. Cutler Co. Bluffs
125 Co. Bluffs Wilder, Mrs. H.M. 25 Oct 1859 50yrs 10mo 6da Married Illinois
Jacob Sporer Germany E. Zrit Housewife W.H. Barnum 4 Sep 1908 Chronic Interstitial Nephitis
F.L. Sybert     Slvan, Ia 7 Sep 1908 W.R. Barnard Slvan
126 Co. Bluffs Ambrose, Elizabeth 1847 60yrs 9mo 18da Married Germany
      Housewife M. Ambrose 14 Oct 1908 Asthma
W.P. Hombach 4 Oct 1908   Magnolia, Ia 16 Oct 1908 E.P. Woodring Co. Bluffs
127 Co. Bluffs Bauerkemper, Ruth L. 15 May 1908 5mo Single Iowa
Herman B- Iowa     H. Bauerkemper 15 Oct 1908 Erysipelas
A.V. Hennessy 15 Oct 1908   Lewis twp 16 Oct 1908 Woodring Co Co. Bluffs
128 Co. Bluffs Blakeman, James 12 Dec 1896 12ys Single Nebraska
M.H. Blakeman Missouri Mary Barrett   M.H. Blakeman 31 Oct 1908 Abscess of liver
F.W. Dean 31 Oct 1908 Edmundson Hosp Omaha, Nebr 1 Nov 1908 L. Cutler Co. Bluffs
129   Bollmeir, 19 Sep 1908     Iowa
F. Bollmeir U.S. Almeta Nixon   S.P. Robinson 19 Sep 1908 Still born
M.E. Shrives 22 Sep 1908   McClelland 20 Sep 1908 F. Aldrick Oakland
130 Washington Twp Ebner, William 25 Mar 1834 74ys 5mo 12da Married Germany
  Germany   Farmer Mrs. W. Ebner 13 Sep 1908 Cancer
R.W. Perkins     Fairview 15 Sep 1908 F. Aldrich Oakland
131 Neola Twp Benbridge, Elizabeth 21 Jun 1827 81ys 4mo 10da Widow England
A. Downs England Sarah Holmes Housewife Mary Porter 31 Oct 1908 Cardiac Failure
G. Seward     Boomer twp Ia 4 Nov 1908 L.B. Johnson Neola
132 Co. Bluffs Denny, Ellen 1843 65ys Widow Indiana
        R.G. Semen 31 Oct 1908 Lobar Pneumonia
F.E. Bellinger 31 Oct 1908 Christian Home Vincennes, Ind 3 Nov 1908 Woodring Co. Bluffs

  Transcript of Deaths for Fiscal Year Ending 30 Jun 1919, p.1

Contributed by Erica De Coursey, 2003.
No. Place of Death: Township, City or Town, No. Street or Ward Name of Decedent Sex Color Maritial Status Date of Birth Age
  Occupation Birthplace Name of Father Birthplace of Father Maiden Name of Mother Birthplace of Mother Informant Informant Address
  Date of Death Cause of Death Attending Physician Pysician's Address Place of Burial, Cremation or Removal Date of Burial Undertaker, Address
1 - , Oakland, - Andress, Stillborn F W   29 Jul 1918 Stillborn
    Oakland, Ia. Charles Andress Iowa Sallie Yorrell Iowa C.D. Andress  
  29 Jul 1918 Stillborn G.C. Giles Oakland Oakland Center 29 Jul 1918 W.A. Venator, Oakland
2 Layton, Walnut, - Boiler, Julia P. F W Widowed 4 Nov 1837 80ys 8mo 15da
  Housewife Mich. Ocran Dickinson Mass. Maranda Gale Mass. C.D. Boiler Walnut, Iowa
  19 Jul 1918 Jaundice cause by Disease Gal Bladder and general Debility from old age. None. F. Hanna Walnut Walnut 20 Jul 1918 J.W. Forbes, Walnut
3 Kane, Co. Bluffs, Mercy Hospt. Calbocatt, Wm M W Married 22 Jul 1850 68ys 0mo 6da
  Farmer Canada Robert Calbacatt England Elizabeth Richison England Matildia Calbacatt Wiggons, Calorada
  28 Jul 1918 Cerebral Thrombosis H.D. Kelly   Fort Morgan 31 Jul 1918 Ben B. King, Co. Bluffs
4 Kane, Co. Bluffs, 2111 Ave. G Conner, Evelyn F W Single 6 Dec 1916 1yr 7mo 14da
    Iowa E.M. Conner Iowa Edna Wilmot Wyoming E.M. Conner Co. Bluffs, Ia
  20 Jul 1918 Bronchial Pneumonia. Pertussis & Measles. C.S. Ericksen, Hul. Co. Bluffs, Ia Fairview 21 Jul 1918 E.P. Woodring, Co. Bluffs
5 Kane, Co. Bluffs, Ia, - Coyne, Mrs. Katherine F W Widowed 10 Jan 1840 78ys 6mo 10da
  None Ireland Hugh Dolen Ireland Ann Tierney Ireland Thomas J. Coyne 530 E. Pierce
  20 July 1918 Carcinoma Gastric Mary L. Tinley Rodgers Bldg. St. Joseph 23 Jul 1918 C.W. Beem, Co. Bluffs
6 Kane, Co. Bluffs, St. Bernard Hospital Dewitt, Geo M W Married 10 Jul 1862 55ys 11mo 21da
  Farmer Iowa Issiac Dewitt New Jersey Elizebeth Longshore Ohio W.R. Dewitt Sioux City, Ia
  1 Jul 1918 Exhaustion following Frenzied Melancholia F.T. Seybert City Sioux City   C.W. Beem, Co. Bluffs
7 Kane, Co. Bluffs, 622 Franklin Ave Dilbon, Infant M W Single 9 Jul 1918 2da
  Non Iowa W.L. Dilbon Iowa Johana Pischel Germany W.L. Dilbon Co. Bluffs
  11 Jul 1918 Premature birth. W.P. Hombach Co. Bluffs, Ia Walnut Hill 12 Jul 1918 Ben B. King, Co. Bluffs
8 Kane, Co. Bluffs, Co. Bluffs Eggelston, Miss Athena F W Single 17 Jul 1882 36ys
  Nurse Ill. E. Eggleston N.Y. C. Frey Ill.    
  29 Jul 1918 Crushed by R.R. train while riding in auto. L.H. Culler, Coroner Co. Bluffs, Ia Forest Lawn Cem, Omaha 31 Jul 1918 L. Cutler & Sons, Co. Bluffs
9 Kane, Council Bluffs, Ia, Edmundson Hospital Forsythe, Laura M. F W Married 13 Jul 1856 62ys
  Housewife Iowa S.B. Fleek Va Mary Dawley ? E.E. Forsythe Council Bluffs, Ia
  31 Jul 1918 Chronic Interstitial nephritis. Uremia. C.T. Nephritis. Jas. Anderson 555 Bdwy Fairview Cemetery 3 Aug 1918 Lewis Cutler & Sons, Co. Bluffs
10 Rockford, Honey Creek, Ia, - French, (Infant) M W Single 22 Jul 1918  
    Iowa Benj. F. French Iowa Mattie Morgan Iowa Benk F. French Honey Creek, Ia
  22 Jul 1918 Asphyxia Pallida Stillborn. J.F. Sigafoos Honey Creek, Ia Grange Cem. 22 Jul 1918 E.P. Woodring, Co. Bluffs, Ia
11 Kane, Council Bluffs, 308 Harrison St. Frohardt, Mrs. Minnie F W Married 17 Dec 1871 46ys
  Housewife Penn A.C. Ranck Penn Mary Ziegler Penn Henry W. Frohardt Council Bluffs, Ia
  2 Jul 1918 Pulmonary infection. Streptococcus hemelgticus. Streptococcus infection of her ear. A.P. Hanchett Co. Bluffs Walnut Hill Cemetery 5 Jul 1918 Lewis Cutler & Sons, Co. Bluffs
12 Kane, Co. Bluffs, 2526 Ave. A Gilmore, Helen Magdalane F W Single 23 Oct 1913 4ys 8mo 18da
    California W.E. Gilmore Iowa Bessie Mehling Iowa Mrs. W.E. Gilmore Co. Bluffs, Ia
  11 Jul 1918 Pneumonia C.B. McColm 2315 W.B. Way Walnut Hill 13 Jul 1918 E.P. Woodring, Co. Bluffs