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1910 Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory

for Pottwattamie County - including the towns of:

Avoca, Bentley, Carson, Council Bluffs, Cresent, Dumfries, Grable, Hancock, Honey Creek, Loveland, McClelland, Macedonia, Minden, Neola, Oakland, Treynor, Underwood, Walnut, and Weston

Population, 1,850. An incorporated town on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway in Pottawattamie County, 42 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the judicial seat, and 101 miles from Des Moines. It is lighted by electricity, has water works, fire department, telephone facilities, churches of the leading religious denominations, 2 find public school buildings, one of which cost $20,000, 3 banks, 3 hotels, a flour mill, 2 grain elevators, a foundry and a weekly newspaper, the Journal-Herald. Ships flour, corn, wheat, oats, fruits, produce and live stock. Telegraph, Western Union Express, U.S. Telephone connection, C. H. Read, postmaster.

Andersen, J. A., general store
Andresen & Bein (Thomas Andresen, Simon Bein), saloon
Avoca Brass Band, Roy Gronel, leader
Avoca Canning Co., J. H. Jenks, proprietor
Avoca Electric Light and Power Co., Gustav Diederich, president
Avoca Hotel, Avoca Hotel Co., proprietors
Avoca Hotel Co. (J. H. Jenks, president, H. Sieffert, secretary) proprietors
Avoca State Bank (Capital $50,000), J. H. Jenks, president, M. Guy Martin, cashier
Barnes & Merritt & Sons (Merritt, Harrie W. and Frank M.), books and jewelry
Barton, Orrin W., real estate
Barton, Roscoe, lawyer
Beymer, Frank M., publisher, Journal-Herald
Blust, Henry, furniture and undertaker
Blust, William, livery
Brandt Brothers (Fred Brandt) photographers
Cambell, W. W., real estate
Centennial Mill Co., L. G. Consigney, president, E. F. Consigney, secretary, flour mill and elevator
Citizen's Savings Bank (capital, $30,000), R. Frost, president, A. C. Meltzen, cashier
Cole, Agnes B., teacher
Cook, Ebenezer, railroad and express agent
Coon, William H., pension agent
Crosier, M. E., city superintendent of schools
Diederich's, G. Sons (Gustav, Gustav Jr., Frank and Carl), general store
Dollen, John, saloon, cigar manufacturing and ice
Emmert, Dorsey F., physician
Fletcher, John, lawyer
Fretz & Fuller, general store
Granel, C. D., baker
Green, H., marshall
Habicht, Fred, live stock
Hagedorn, John, pool [hall]
Hansen, Christ, carpenter
Harlan & Avoca Telephone Co., George Traeger, local manager
Harris & Harris, grocers
Hazen, John T., auctioneer
Healy, Nellie J., teacher
Heller, Walter S., bill poster, cigars, pool and billiards
Hetzel, Fred G., hardware
Hetzel, Roy B., pianos
Hinz, Detlef, shoemaker
Hipsley, Martin, insurance
Hoegeboeck, E., harness
Jackman, Samuel L., livestock
Jacobs Brothers (George, Casper and Adam)., founder and blacksmiths
Joliff, Ephraim, livestock
Journal-Herald, F. M. Beymer, publisher
Kasper, John, general store
Kiefer, C. W. & A. V., clothing and shoes
Kuhl, A. M., veterinary surgeon
Larimore, Maude, music teacher
Larimore, Nellie E., teacher
Leach & Co., meats
Leslie, William, barber
Leslie, William M., carpenter
Loy, L. A. fruit grower
Mandelkow, Gus., dray
Martin, M. Guy, cashier, Avoca State Bank
Maxwell, William A., dentist
Maxwell, William J., drugs
Meggers, Ferdinand, feed
Nebraska Telephone Co., William J. Maxwell, manager
Neumann, Max, barber
Norton, Charles H., farm implements
Norton, Elmer G., barber
Olesen, Andrew, blacksmith
Patrick, Mrs. A. E., millinery
Patterson, Hy, oil
Paulsen, Fred, blacksmith
Peoples Savings Bank, E. J. Karstens, cashier
Pomeroy, Mr., dentist
Pottawattamie County Fair Association, Dominick Gross, president, C. H. Read, secretary
Preston, Arthur L., lawyer
Preston, G. W., clothing
Priester, Henry, supervisor chairman
Read, C. H., postmaster
Roney, George B., harness
Sandiland, Ed., house mover
Sanford, Nelson D., loans
Schenck, Robert E., restaurant
Schilling, W. H. & Son (William H. and Charles T.) grocers
Schmidt Department Store, Charles Schmidt, president, Ed L. Schmidt, secretary and treasurer
Schmidt & Bunge (Charles Schmidt Jr., L. J. Bunge), lumber & artificial stone
Schmidt & Son (William F.), hardware
Seiffert, H. Lumber Co., Herman Seiffert, manager, lumber, coal, and brick manufacturers
Sherrit, Emma, teacher
Simonsen, Carl, book binder
Spaulding, George A., physician
Swartfager, Charles L., insurance
Tamms, Jurgen, saloon
Tanke, Fred, farm implements
Tiessen, Fred, contractor and builder
Tittsworth, William G., livestock
Tittsworth, Mrs. Wm. G., apiarist
Traeger, George, manager Harlan and Avoca Telephone Co.
Turner & Cullison (Frank Turner, George W. Cullison), lawyers
United States Express Co., Ebenezer Cook, agent
Wendt, Albert C., saloon
Wendt & Wald, drugs
Western Union Telegraph Co., A. D. Packard, manager
Whittsitt, N. B., pool and billiard room and bowling alley
Wilcox, Edwin E., jeweler
Wilson, James, livestock
Wilson, L. E., livery
Wineland, Edward, livestock
Wolf, Albert, shoemaker
Wolf, A., harness
Wright, W. H., hotel
Wyant, Bertha V., teacher

Population, 125. On the Chicago, Great Western Railway, in Norwalk Township, Pottawattamie County, 17 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the county seat.  Has a Presbyterian church and a bank. Telegraph, postal [post office].  Express, W. F. & Co. Telephone connection. Elsie Sutton, postmaster

Anderson, H. N., men’s furnishings
Bank of Bentley
Fullerton Lumber Co.
Hausen & Co., general store
Hewitt, C. F., railway express and telegraph agent
Iowa Elevator Co., grain
Matthieusen, C. A., hardware
Sheffler, Fred, barber and pool [hall]
Sutton, Elsie, postmaster

Population, 700. An incorporated town situated on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in Carson Township, Pottawattamie County, 25 miles east of Council Bluffs, the judicial seat, and 117 southwest of Des Moines.  It is lighted by electricity, has Catholic, Christian, Latter Day Saints, Methodist, Presbyterian churches, good schools, 2 banks, an opera house and a weekly newspaper, the Critic.  Telegraph, Western Union Express, Adams and U.S. Telephone connection., J. T. Farrell, postmaster

Alston & Chaloupka (J. W. Alston, J. R. Chaloupka) real estate
Ashby, T. E., carpenter
Bacon, C. E., produce
Bear, W. E., jeweler
Berkhimer, George W. & Co., general store
Bickelhaupt, John, shoes
Braden, George, painter
Bradley, Charles E., mayor
Bradley, J. C., gardener
Carson Critic, F. G. Weeks, publisher
Carson Opera House Co., C. C. Johnson, manager
Carson Telephone Co., Musson Brothers, proprietors
Cassell, J. W., bill poster
Center, Mary, dressmaker
Chaloupka, J. R., cashier, State Savings Bank and farm lands
Chambers, Rev., Methodist
City Hotel, Gart Young, proprietor
Dye, George S., vice-president, State Savings Bank
Farrell, J. T., postmaster
Fenn, Albert, livestock
Forristal, A. B., electrician
Fraser, L. E., physician
Fugate, John A., billiards
Fullerton, Lumber Co., George Stephens, manager
Galloway, Frank, assistant cashier, State Savings Bank
Graham, Charles F., veterinary surgeon
Gray, William P., painter
Griffis, J. W., cement block manufacturer
Hanks, H. G., proprietor, Hotel Bloom
Harding, R. J., hog breeder
Hooker Brothers (Edward and Joseph), machinists
Hooker, C. M., house mover
Hooker, J. D., vet surgeon
Hoone, J. Etta, dressmaker
Hotel Bloom, H. G. Hanks, proprietor
Hotze, W. M., president, State Savings Bank and hardware and furniture
Johnson, Edgar P., general store
Johnson, Harry P., grain elevator
Johnson, R. K. Co. (Edgar P., Elvira L. and Ethel M.), flour mill
Johnson, S. M. & Son (Samuel M. and Clyde), druggists
Kerney, Perry, livestock
Leinard & Starr, millinery
Linville, Z. F., justice
McMillan, Donald, justice
McSweeney, Joseph, produce
Martin, Thomas, livestock
Nebraska Telephone Co., E. S. Johnson, manager
Newell, Jesse, blacksmith
Nishna Drug Co.
Olsen & Clark, tailors
Osler, J. K., livestock
Pierce, Willis F., physician
Pratt, E. F., meats and ice
Putnam & Christy, livestock
Quick, William, restaurant
Ralston, S. C., dentist
Ralston, John, insurance agent
Rankin, William A., hog breeder
Reed, William, carpenter
Reid, J. F., auctioneer
Shaffer, C. J., physician
Sheets, L., implements
Shinn, Frank, lawyer
Shuts, L., lands
Sivers, A. C., hardware and furniture
Sides, C. C., carpenter
State Savings Bank, W. M. Hotze, president, J. R. Chaloupka, cashier
Stitt, F. D., barber
Stitt, Ira R., lawyer
Taylor, Mrs. Charles, music teacher
Taylor, H. P., livery
Weeks, F. G., publisher, Carson Critic
Weeks, O. B., architect
Woodburn, John, restaurant

Population, 35,000. The judicial seat of Pottawattamie County.  It is the chief commercial city of southwest Iowa, celebrated for its fine farming lands, its vineyards, orchards, garden farms and blooded stock.  The Missouri River bonds the city on the west and a fine traction system not only give access to all parts of the city, but connects by means of a terminal bridge with East and South Omaha in Nebraska, thus giving quick access to the largest commercial center of that state.  Council Bluffs has more railways than any other city in Iowa.  It is the terminal point for eight great trunk lines, the Northwestern, Burlington, Rock Island, Union Pacific, Milwaukee, Illinois Central, Wabash and Great Western, with a combined mileage of 60,000 miles.  By reason of its superb railway facilities, passenger and freight traffic originating her may reach almost any part of the United States without transfer to another system.  Its location gives to the city the advantage of being a basing point for through freight rates both east and west.  … Council Bluffs is one of the largest agricultural implement distributing points in the country and by reason of its unexcelled railway facilities, its jobbing trade in all lines is very extensive and constantly growing.  Drugs, groceries, hardware, tobacco, lumber and other wholesale houses are located here.  …There are some seventy factories, large and small, in the city, including the largest candy factory west of Chicago, whose products are sold in nearly every state in the Union; a large carriage factory, motor works, alfalfa meal, apiary supplies, sheet metal, gas engines, overalls, etc.  This city also has the largest greenhouse in the west (owned by Mr.s J. F. Wilcox) with more acres under glass than any other concern of its kind, with one exception in the United States.  Cut flowers and plants are shopped to all the large cities from this point.  Council Bluffs is one of the greatest grain centers in the Missouri Valley.  There are eight large elevators having storage capacity of three and one-half million bushels, and plans.  It has a three national, two state and a private bank.  It has ten good hotels, one of them a seven story structure equipped with all modern conveniences and luxuries.  Besides one large modern theater and several smaller ones, the city has one of the largest auditoriums in the state, with a seating capacity of 5,000.  Council Bluffs has many beautiful churches and all the denominations are well represented, while the Catholics have besides an excellent church building, a find hospital, a home for girls and Saint Francis Academy, a school for girls.  The Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital is one of the best in the west, and St. Bernard’s, for the care of the insane patients is known far and wide for its splendid service. The schools of the city are among the best in the state and have an enviable reputation among educators all over the west.  The State School for the Deaf is located here.  The Christian Home Orphanage, founded in 1882, is one of the best known in the country. Lake Manawa is one of the great summer resorts of the Missouri Valley and is a splendid attraction for pleasure seekers during the summer season.  Fairmount Park is one of great natural beauty and Bayliss Park, in the center of the city is a breathing spot that is the pride of its citizens.

Abstract Title Guaranty Co., J. P. Hess, president, E. E. Smith, sec-treasurer
Adams Express Co., S. F. Shuart, agent
Adkins, George W., real estate
Adkins, John R., farm lands
Etna Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., J. W. Bell, district agent, J. P. Mulqeen, assoc. dist. Agent
Akin, Margaret, teacher
Alexander, C. E., pictures and frames
Alfalfa Meal Co., M. M. Greene, president, J. T. Brooks, treasurer
Allbee, George W., cigars and stationery
Allberry, Mrs. Cora L., carpet weaver
Alleshouse, Perry O., real estate and insurance
Almy, Willard J., painter and decorator
Alworth, Jessie M., teacher
American District Telegraph Co., G. H. Nicoll, manager
American Express Co., H. C. Beebe, agent
Amy, Walter S., tinner
Andersen Brothers Co., J. H. Johnson, president, D. N. King, secretary, N. P. Anderson, treasurer, contractors
Anderson, Robert E., drugs
Anderson, Mrs. Sarah E., nurse
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn., L. Rosenfield Co. agents
Annis & Rohling (Albert Annis, Henry F. Rohling), real estate
Antonius Jones, photographer
Applequist, Otto N., grocer
Appleton Manufacturing Co., R. H. Stimple, manager
Arcade Credit Clothing Co., B. H. Davis, manager
Arkfeld, A. L., saddle and harnessmaker
Arkwright, Blanche, artist
Armstrong, Christopher C., blacksmith
Armstrong, Fred J., blacksmith
Arnd, William, real estate
Arnd, Willliam & Son, grocers
Askwith, Abner W., lawyer
Aspinwall, Edwin, cigar manufacturer
Asquith, B. S., teacher
Associated Charities Creche, Caroline Dodge, president, Mrs. H. A. Quinn, treasurer, Mrs. Frank True, secretary
Aten, Iola, music teacher
Atherton, C. M., president and general manager, Western Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Atlantic Automobile Co. (J. Frank Anderson), I. Frank, manager
Aulabaugh, J. A., fruit grower
Austin, Edward J., agent, Wells Fargo & Co. and Pacific Express
Avery, Minnie, fruit grower
Aylesworth, Egbert E., lawyer
Backhaus, Adolph, grocer
Badollet, Sue L., principal of school
Baetens, Mrs. Francis M., music teacher
Baird, William S., attorney-at-law
Baird & Boland (G. G. Baird, J. P. Boland), undertakers
Baker, Isla, teacher
Baker, J. Chaney, constable
Baker, Mrs. Matilda, dressmaker
Baker, W. F., supervisor
Ballenger & Ballenger (Carrie L. M. and Harvey A.), lawyers
Barclay, Mrs. Belle C., teacher
Barkalow Brothers (D. A. and S. D.) news, United Press Transfer
Barnhart & Klein Co., S. V. Barnhart, president, J. J. Klein, secretary and treasurer, liquors
Barr, L. Grace, music teacher
Barr, Nina M., teacher
Barrett, John W., teacher
Barrett, William J., billposter
Barslow, James M., physician
Bartel & Miller (Matthew L. Bartel, George L. Miller), grocers
Barton, Mrs. Lucy, dressmaker
Baumeister, Max Jr., music teacher
Beasley, Robert S., contractor and builder
Beatty, Alex S., physician
Becher, Henry D. B., expressman
Beck, John, grocer
Beckley & Frickie (Ralph Beckley, C. B. Frickie), druggists
Beebee, Henry C., agent American Express Co.
Belknap, Edward E., optician
Bell, James W., district agent, Aetna Life Insurance Co.
Bell, Maude G., music teacher
Bell & Mulqueen (James W. Bell, James P. Mulqueen), insurance and real estate
Bell & Son (James R. and Andrew H.), dry goods
Bellinger, Frank E., physician
Bellinger, Frederick P., physician
Bellinger, Melvin J., physician
Bellinger, Smith W., physician and surgeon
Bender, Victor E., publisher, the Daily and Weekly Nonpareil
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, George C. Wise, secretary
Benjamin-Fehr Real Estate Co., Fremont Benjamin, president, Verne Benjamin, secretary, Wallace Benjamin, treasurer
Benjamin, Fremont, lawyer
Benjamin, Herman, physician
Benjamin, Verne, lawyer
Benjamin, Wallace, real estate
Bennett, Katheryne, nurse
Bennett Co., W. M. Robinson, manager, pianos and organs
Benninghoff, Edward D., glove manufacturer
Beno, John Company, Charles A. Beno, president, Adolph F. Beno, secretary and treasurer, wholesale and retail dry goods, carpets, clothing, notions, men’s and women’s furnishings, millinery, etc.
Bernhardi, Fritz F., barber
Bertschy Motor Co., F. R. Children, president, H. A. Searle, vice-pres., G. S. Wright, secretary, E. E. Hart, treasurer
Bethers, Nathan, well driller
Betz, Philip, saloon
Bick, Hannah, teacher
Bicknell, F. Eugenia, teacher
Bijou Theatre, J. S. Aronson, proprietor
Binder, H. W. & Co., H. W. Binder, president, August Beresheim, vice-president, Frank H. Binder, secretary, investment bankers, real estate, insurance
Birbills, John & Co., John Birbills, manager, confectioner and cigars
Bixby & Bixby (John A., Helene G. and Hale R.) poultry and dairy
Bloomer Ice and Cold Storage Co., R. H. Bloomer, president, E. C. Smith, vice-president, D. F. Anderson, secretary, A. P. Hanchett, treasurer
Blue Front Grocery, L. N. Green, proprietor
Bluff City Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Dye Works, Wallace & Grout, proprietors
Bluff City Lumber and Coal Co., E. H. Doolittle, proprietor
Bluff House, Mrs. G. C. Stewart, proprietor
Board of Education, Emmet Tinley, president, J. J. Hughes, secretary, G. S. Davis, treasurer
Bockhoff, William A., barber
Boesche, Emma N., teacher
Bokemper, Fred, saloon
Bone, Joseph G., lawyer
Bonfield, Nellie C., teacher
Borwick, Henry, paints and wall paper
Bouricius Piano House, Mar B. L. Bouricius, proprietor, music and musical instruments
Bower, Charles H., physician
Boyer, Charles W., coal and feed
Boysen, August, saloon
Boyles Western Iowa College
Breckett, Lewis C., stationer
Bradley, James G. Electrical Co., James G. Bradley, manager
Bradley, William H., coal, wood and feed
Bradley, Merriam & Smith, J. H. Bradley, president, E. H. Merriam, vice-president and treasurer, R. F. Smith, secretary, agricultural implements
Brandt, Carl R. M., dentist
Branz, John E., cigars
Bratton, George M., barber
Braue, John, baker
Brennan, John, saloon
Bresee, Albert E., furniture manufacturer and dealer
Bresee, Mrs. Emily Wordsworth, biochemist
Briese & Whitehead (W. R. Briese, Burt W. Whitehead), saloon
Brindley, W. A., teacher
Britton, Frederick E., feed
Brockie, Winfred A., collections
Bronson Drug Co., E. O. Bronson, proprietor
Browder, Daniels Co. (Robert E. Daniels, William A. Williamson), grocers
Brown, Albert, meats
Brown, A. Clifford, osteopath
Brown, Curley H. W., blacksmith
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth J., nurse
Brown, George C., dentist
Brown, Harry R., cigars
Brown, Oscar H., drugs and paints
Brown & Dawson (Robert Brown, Edward Dawson), real estate and loans
Brown & Rogers (O. C. Brown, William Rogers Jr.), proprietor, Majestic Theatre
Budler, Nettie, nurse
Burgess, Dolly D., teacher
Burk & Austin (Peter D. Burk, Samuel Austin), horseshoers
Burke, Edward. Barber
Burke, Ella, restaurant
Burright, Cornelius A., saloon
Bushnell, Drayton W., books and stationery
Byford, Mrs. Sarah, grocer
Cady, Theopolus J., veterinary surgeon
Camp, John W., drugs
Canning, Edward, county sheriff
Capell, Frank J., lawyer
Carbon Coal Co., F. P. Wright
Card, Adele D., teacher
Carlson, Christopher, grocer
Carothers, William D., jeweler
Carroll, Eva, dressmaker
Carson, David H., physician
Carson, George, lawyer
Carson, H. Louise, teacher
Casady, Ida, teacher
Casady, J. N. Jr. Company Inc., J. N. Casady Jr., president, Emmet Tinley, vice-president and counsel, investment bankers, real estate and insurance agents
Case, Rev. Frank A. (Baptist)
Casey, James W., saloon
Cassell Brothers, J. F. Cassell, manager, sign painters
Cave, Frank E., meats
Cavers Elevator Co.
Cawelti, Rev. George P. (Evangelical)
Cayer, Filorum P., cigars
Central Calender Co., T. A. Roberts, president and manager
Central Cigar Store, Henry Rittenhouse, manager
Chamberlain, Floy, nurse
Chambers, Hamline J., lawyer
Chambers, Mrs. Ida F., artist
Chapman & Co. (J. A. Chapman, H. M. Brown), druggist
Chernes, Samuel, grocer
Cherniss, Isaac, 2nd hand goods
Cherniss, Lillie, teacher
Cherniss, Louis, 2nd hand goods
Cherniss, Schaie M., grocer
Cherry, Albert V., barber
Cheyne, W. C., country auditor
Chicago Great Western Rail Road Co., J. W. Crotty, city passenger agent
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, C. A. Searight, city ticket agent
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, Walter Hansen, city passenger agent
Chicago & Northwestern Rail Road Co., J. C. Mitchell, city passenger and freight agent
Children’s E. Sons Manufacturing Co., W. C. Children, president, F. R. Children, treasurer, E. G. Anderson, secretary, agricultural implements
Christian Advance, Rev. G. W. Snyder, publisher
Christian Home Orphanage, H. R. Lemen, manager
Christian Home The [publication], H R. Lemen, manager
Christofferson, Niels, grocer
Citizens Gas and Electric Light Companies of Council Bluffs, A. L. English, manager
City Hall
City Jail
City Loan Co., F. C. Hendricks, manager
City National Bank, T. G. Turner, president, J. G. Wadsworth, vice-president, Oscar Kuline, vice-president, C. R. Hanan Jr., cashier
Claar Transfer & Storage Co., L. O. Claar, president and manager
Clarey, John, grocer
Clark, A. A. & Co., real estate
Clark Drug Co. (James A. Clark)
Clark, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner
Clark Implement Co., W. S. Rigdon, president and treasurer, J. F. Socko, secretary, threshing machines
Clark Mortgage Co., C. W. Coker, manager
Clark, William E., barber
Clark, Wilson, proprietor, Emmet Hotel
Clausen, Christian C., painter
Clausen, John H. agricultural implements
Clausen, Josephine, teacher
Clausen & Fackler (Hans Clausen, Bert Fackler), saloon
Clay, Minnie E., teacher
Cleaver, Gean D., physician
Cleaver, J. Harvey, physician and surgeon
Clifton C. C. Co. (Curtis C. Clifton), real estate and insurance
Cockerell, Winifred, teacher
Coggeshall, Mary A., teacher
Cole Brothers Lightning Rod Co., D. B. Morse, manager
Cole, James H., physician
Cole, Nellie M., teacher
Cole, Robert M., cigars
Collins, J. T., real estate
Collins, S. L. Oil Tank Line, R. M. Roberts, superintendent
Columbia Fire Insurance Co., J. H. Foley, manager
Commercial National Bank, J. R. Reed, president, C. E. Price, cashier
Compton, B. W., fruit grower
Confidential Banker, Charles E. Walter, publisher
Conner, Stephen H., contractor
Connor, Kathleen L., teacher
consolidated Construction Co., Calvin Hafer, president, C. H. Hafer, vice-president, W. W. Hafer, secretary, P. I. VanOrder, treasurer, contractors
Continental Furniture and Carpet Co., Julius Unger, president, Julius Rosenfield, secretary
Cook, Andrew N., dairy
Cook, Egbert L., cigar manufacturer
Cook, Ernest E., civil engineer
Cook, Ray, cleaning and dyeing
Cooper, John K., justice
Cooper, William S., real estate
Corner Cigar Store, C. A. Moore, proprietor
Corrigan, Michael G., undertaker
Cory, Mrs. H. C., insurance
Council Bluffs Automobile Co., Benjamin S. Bierer, manager
Council Bluffs Bedding Co., O. B. Anderson, manager
Council Bluffs Box and Basket Co., Liggett Brothers, proprietors
Council Bluffs Brick Co., E. A. Wickham, president, E. E. Hart, secretary and treasurer
Council Bluffs Carpet Cleaning Co., F. A. Bush, manager
Council Bluffs Cereal Mills, Conrad Geise, proprietor
Council Bluffs City Water Works Co., E. W. Hart, general manager
Council Bluffs Coal and Ice Co., C. H. Chisam, president, F. R. Mockler, secretary
Council Bluffs Commercial Club, D. E. Stuart, president, F. H. Keys, 1st vice-president, J. T. Brooks, 2nd vice-president, R. H. Bloomer, treasurer
Council Bluffs Free Public Library
Council Bluffs Grape Growers’ Association, G. W. Reye, manager
Council Bluffs Granite and Marble Works, Sheely & Lane, proprietors
Council Bluffs Green Houses, John F. Wilcox, proprietor
Council Bluffs Hydraulic Brick Co., W. H. Rubel, president, C. W. Hood, secretary and treasurer
Council Bluffs Iron & Wire Works, M. W. VanWormer, manager
Council Bluffs Mutual Building and Loan Association, W. H. Hazelton, president, W. J. Leverett, secretary
Council Bluffs Oxygenor Co., J. N. Paton, manager
Council Bluffs Paint, Oil and Glass Co., S. H. Foster, manager
Council Bluffs Produce Co., J. M. Lininger, manager
Council Bluffs Real Estate and Improvement Co., E. E. Hart, president, J. J. Spindler, secretary
Council Bluffs Remedy Co., C. S. Andrews, manager, manufacturers stock remedies
Council Bluffs Retail Druggists’ Association, J. A. Clark, president, O. H. Brown, secretary
Council Bluffs Savings Bank, August Beresheim, president, Theodore Laskowski, cashier
Council Bluffs Sheet Metal Co., T. N. Peterson, president, W. R. Doval, vice-president, Charles Swaine, secretary and treasurer, manufacturers cornices and heaters, general roofers
Council Bluffs Steam Dye Works and Hat Co., Danielson Brothers, proprietors, cleaning and dyeing all kinds of clothing, old hats made to look like new ones
Council Bluffs Transfer and Stove Storage Co., T. N. Peterson, president, C. F. Mauer, secretary
Covalt, Scott, dentist
Cox, Frederick E., architect
Crabill, Franklin S., saloon
Cramer, Lewis M., violin manufacturer
Crawford, Nelson A., lawyer
Cream Separator Supply Co., E. D. Sharples, manager
Crete Mills, G. D. McDonald, manager
Crippen, Charles M., coal
Crocker, Elizabeth, teacher
Crockwell, James D., stationary
Cronkleton, Charles J., grocer
Crowe, John J., grocer
Culver, June, teacher
Cunningham, Clarence E., jeweler and optician
Curtis, Margaret, teacher
Cutler, Lewis, undertaker
Dachtler, William, feed
Daeges Brothers (Peter H. and Henry J.), barbers
Dailey, Ada M., teacher
Dailey, Mrs. Mary E., librarian, Free Public Library
Damitz Brothers (Henry F. and Albert C.), grocers
Damon Electric Co., Edson S. Damon, proprietor
Damon, Gerald A., cigars
Danielson Brothers (Rasmus M. and Nels P.) proprietors, Steam Dye Works and Hat Co.
Danish Hall
Darnell, Elnora, teacher
Datesman, Jacob I., cigar manufacturer
Daugherty, John, contractor
Davenport, Gertrude, teacher
Davidson, Bessie, teacher
Davidson, James R., real estate
Davis, Antoinette F., proprietor, Davis Hotel
Davis, Fred C., piano tuner
Davis, George S., drugs
Davis Hotel, Antoinette F. Davis, proprietor
Davis, James H., gunsmith
Day, Mrs. Gertrude, furniture rooms
Day & Hess Co., F. J. Day, president, J. P. Hess, secretary and treasurer, real estate and loans
Dean, Frank W., physician
Decker, Josephine, teacher
Deeds, Hugh M., express agent
Deetken, Julius C., dentist
Dege, Marie, teacher
DeGlorgi Brothers (Ferdinand and Frank), seeds
DeHaven, Joseph C., drugs
Deuel, F. E. Investment Co. (F. E. Deuel), collections
DeuPree, George E., grocer
DeVol, P. C. Hardward Co., E. L. Duquette, president, W. R. DeVol, secretary and treasurer
DeWitt, John H., feed
Diamond Theatre, R. E. Bailey, manager
Dickason & Bertelsen (Bertrand L. Dickason, Carl Bertelsen), photographers
Dickerson, William W., watchmaker
Diller, Alfred W., carriage painter
Dillon, Mrs. Margaret, music teacher
Dills, Charles J., dairy
Dingle, Fred N., barber
Diwoky, Adolph, tailor
Dixon, Freda, nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Dodge, Caroline L., lawyer
Dodge, N. P. & Co. (Nathan P. Dodge, Robert B. Wallace), real estate and fire insurance     
Donahue, Patrick, saloon
Dorland, Inez, teacher
Dorr, Thomas C., well driller, pumps and windmills
Doudle, Catherine, dressmaker
Douglas & Pride (A. S. Douglas, George Pride), billiard hall and barbers
Drake, Agnes, teacher
Drodge Brothers (William C. and Henry F.) elevator
Dryden, S. Charlotte, teacher
Dudley, George W., teacher
Dun, R. G. & Co., E. W. Peterson, manager
Duncan Shoe Co., J. J. Duncan, manager
Dunham & Dunham, William E. Trump, manager, tailors
Dunlap, S. Cornelia, teacher
Dunn, John, express agent
Durfee Furniture Co., A. J. Durfee, manager
Durham, Charles, grocer
Eagle Laundry Co., W. L. Douglass, president, William Coppock, secretary-treasurer
Eagles’ Club, J. H. Bryant, secretary
Eagles’ Hall
Eberhart, Christian, coal
Edmundson J. Memorial Hospital
Eldstrom, Hilmer, fuel
Ehle, Rally, repair shop
Elite Theatre, Nicholas Amos, proprietor
Elks’ Club, G. C. Wise, secretary
Ellis, Effa, music teacher
Ellis, Mrs. Nannie E., dressmaker
Elwell, Abner T., agent, U.S. Express Co.
Emerson, Marian M., music teacher
Emlein, Reuben H., dry goods
Empire Ranch & Cattle Co., F. C. Lougee, secretary
Empkie-Shugart-Hill Co., L. C. Empkie, president, F. D. Empkie, secretary, hardware
English, Olive A., teacher
Epperson, John, contracting carpenter
Epstein Brothers (Louis and Samuel), restaurant
Erickson, C. S, physician
Errebo, Fred, restaurant
Ervin Brothers (Millard F. and Thomas C.), cloaks and suits
Evans Laundry Co., D. S. Frank, president, W. H. Treynor, secretary
Evans, L. L. & Co. (Luther E. Evans), real estate and insurance
Eve, Charles R., baker
Evers, John, meats
Everett, Leonard, real estate and lawyer
Evers, Fred H., grocer and meats
Evert, Mrs. Mary M., nurse
Farley, Marie, dressmaker
Farmers’ Realty & Loan Co., M. Solomon, president, P. O. Alleshouse, vice-president and manager, Joseph A. Solomon, secretary and treasurer
Fauble, Louis L., contractor
Faus, C. Olin, contractor
Faxon, William A., billiards
Fehr, Elmer L., lawyer
Fenlon-Wickham Coal Co., G. F. Wickham, manager
Ferguson, Anna Mae, music teacher
Ferguson, John J., court reporter
Ferree, Clara B, dancing teacher
Field, Edith B., teacher
Finlay, Clara L., teacher
Fintel Alice E., teacher
First National Bank Council Bluffs, Ernest E. Hart, president, J. P. Greenshields, vice-president, John J. Spindler, cashier,  G. F. Spooner, assistant cashier
Flickinger Brothers (Albert T. and Isaac N.), lawyers
Flickinger, Edith, teacher
Flower, Clement A., grocer and meats
Folsom, Ward P., real estate
Ford, Maude V., music teacher
Ford & Ervin (George W. Ford, Millard F. Ervin), proprietor, Star Theater
Forsell, Rev. Gust., pastor Swedish Baptist Church
Foster, Eugene N., barber
Foster, Grace, teacher
Frank, Iva M., teacher
Frank, Meyer, grocer
Frank & Campbell (Dexter S. Frank, Edwin N. Campbell), farm machinery
Franklin Printing House, W. B. Fisher, proprietor
Frazer & Rupp (Charles O. Frazer, Robert A. Rupp), cigars
Free Methodist Church
Free Public Library, Dr. F. W. Dean, president, M. F. Rohrer, secretary, Mrs. Mary E. Dailey, librarian, Mrs. Bessie K. Black, Margaret E. Sherman and E. Benvenuta Schoedsack, Assistants
Freiden, Samuel, clothing
Freie, Presse Publishing Co. (Alois Becker), publishers, The Freie Presse
Friedman Brothers (Jacob and Daniel), grocers
Friedman, Philip, pawnbroker
Friedman, Samuel, pawnbroker
Fritz, Mabel, teacher
Frohardt Brothers (William A., George H. and Louis G.), wholesale feed and agricultural implements
Frohardt, Julius E. & Co. (Julius E. Frohardt), grocers
Frohm, Samuel M., meats
Fuller & Johnson Mnfg. Co., agricultural implements
Fry, Mrs. Mary, restaurant
Fry, William T., saloon
Fryer Printing Co. (George B. Fryer)
Gaito, Paul, shoemaker
Gall, William, blacksmith
Gallagher, Mrs. Mary E., hotel
Gallaner, Vesta, teacher
Galvin, John M., attorney-at-law
Gardner, Charles F., barber
Gardner, Edwin R., printer
Gasson, James H., physician
Geise, C. & Son (Conrad Geise), bottlers
Gerner, George Jr., jeweler
Gerspacher, Tony, grocer
Gibson, Walter M., grocer
Gilbert, Andrew G., ice, coal and wood
Gilbert, James M., restaurant
Gilbert, John, plumber
Gilinsky, Abraham, 2nd hand goods
Gilinsky, Abraham J., pawn broker
Gilinsky, Bernard, fruits
Gilinsky, Enoch F., feed
Gilinsky, Isaac, grocer
Gilman, Edwin E., saloon
Glasford, Charles, barber
Gleason, Mrs. Elizabeth, teacher
Glen Avenue City Reservoir
Gliem, James F., contractor
Godsey, Lillian, nurse
Goodrich, W. S., proprietor, Hotel Goodrich
Good Samaritan Sanitarium, Mrs. N. A. Paugle
Gorham & Hawkins (J. A. Gorham, G. W. Hawkins), real estate
Grahl, C. B., manager, Council Bluffs Sheet Metal Co.
Grand Hotel, the Grand Hotel Co., proprietors
Grand Hotel Co., H. W. Binder, president, William Moore, treasurer, E. W. Hart, secretary
Grand Union Tea Co., D. D. Dailey, manager
Grason, Eunice M., teacher
Grason, Jacob C., teacher
Graves, Elizabeth, teacher
Graves, Mrs. Letitia A., hair dressing and manicure parlors
Graves, Stella, teacher
Graves, U. H., chiropodist
Gray, Samuel H., restaurant
Great Western Junk House, Jacob Stein, proprietor, wholesale and retail feed and junk
Green Fuel Co., G. B. Green, manager
Green, Gertrude, teacher
Green, Jessie, teacher
Green, Louis, grocer
Green, Honorable William R., judge district court
Green & Riker (Thomas H. Green, Frank C. Riker), real estate
Greene, Samuel A., justice of peace
Greenshields & Everett Co., J. P. Greenshields, president, Flo F. Everest, vice-president, F. F. Everest, secretary, real estate, loan and fire insurance brokers
Gregory, Arthur E., carpenter contractor
Gregory, C. & Son (Charles and Charles Jr.), horseshoers and veterinary surgeon
Gregory, Mrs. Mary, proprietor, Revere Hotel
Greil, Louis H., meats
Gretzer, Cora M., teacher
Gretzer, J. S., fruit grower
Griffith, Amos E., presiding elder, Methodist Episcopal church
Griffith, Dudley D., teacher
Groneweg, William A., deputy sheriff
Groneweg & Schoentgen Co., William Groneweg, president, E. P. Schoentgen, vice-president, R. H. Nichols, secretary and treasurer, whole grocers
Gross, Charles, barber
Grosvenor, Edna M., teacher
Growers’ Canning Co., William Arnd, president, John Hess, secretary, E. E. Hart, treasurer
Gund, John Brewing Co., Barnhart & Klein distributors
Gunnoude & Zurmuehlen Co., Patrick Gunnoude, president, Louis Zurmuehlen, vice-president and manager, Harry Z. Haas, secretary and treasurer, wholesale and retail tobacco
Haenen Artificial limb Co. (Fred Haenen)
Hafer, C. Lumber Co., C. Hafer, president and general manager, C. H. Hafer, treasurer, Paul I. VanOrder, secretary, lumber, planing mills
Hageman, Mrs. Lucy, nurse
Hager, Charles D., bicycles and sporting goods
Haines, Denna C., barber
Hakenson, Oloff, grocer
Hakes, Mrs. Belle, confectioner
Hamburg, Elizabeth, teacher
Hamilton, Farley S., contractor
Hamilton, Gail W., dentist
Hamilton, George F., shoes
Hanchett, Alfred P., physician
Hannun, Nelson E., billiards
Hansen, George J., jeweler
Hansen, Jens, shoemaker
Hansen, Nels P., dairy
Hansen, Peter P., shoemaker
Hansen, Walter, city pass agent, Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway
Hanson, Anna, dressmaker
Hanson, Margaret, dressmaker
Hanson, Minnie, teacher
Hanson, William, architect and contractor
Hanson, William D., cigar manufacturer
Hardin, Oliver K., saloon
Hardin, Nannie M., teacher
Hardin, William D., city assessor 
Harding, George J., real estate and insurance
Harding, Stella, music teacher
Harding, Zelpha, music teacher
Harding & Christensen (Samuel Harding, J. P. Christensen), clothing
Harl, Olive M., teacher
Harl & Tinley (Charles M. Harl, Emmet Tinley), lawyers
Harle-Haas Drug Co., W. W. Dye (Macedonia, Ia), president, H. Z. Haas, vice-president, T. J. Leary, secretary, A. J. Faul, treasurer, wholesale drugs
Harold, William U., restaurant
Harper, Claude, barber
Harrington Orchestra
Harrison Street School
Harrison Street Store, George E. DeuPree, proprietor, groceries
Harrison, Thomas Q., lawyer
Harrod, Melvina, nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Hart, Ernest E. Incorporated, E. E. Hart, president, Frank Blank, cashier, real estate
Hart, Rolla J., physician
Hart, Sallie, nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Hay Tool Manufacturing Co., N. H. MacColl, manager
Hazelton, Mary G., music teacher
Hazelton, Arthur S. (Mayne & Hazelton), lawyer and postmaster
Hebrew, Cherra, B’Nai Israel Congregational Church
Heede, Rev. Jens P. (Danish Lutheran)
Hemminger, Charlotte M., teacher
Henderson, Elizabeth J., teacher
Henderson, John T. Manufacturing Co., John T. Henderson, proprietor, novelties
Hendricks, Frank C., insurance and loans
Hennessy, Albert V., physician
Hennessy, Mrs. Hattie, cigars
Hepford, Nellie L., teacher
Herman Brothers (Oscar H. and Fred L.), florists
Herman, Fred L. (Herman Brothers), builder
Herman, Henry, barber
Hertle, George, baker
Hess, John J., county attorney
Heuitt, Grace L., teacher
Hewitt, Lena, teacher, Iowa School for the Deaf
Hicks, Escott S., tailor
Higgeson, William, city weighmaster
Hill, Chalmers A., physician
Hinrichs, Gus, meats
Hinrichs, Otto, meats
Hirsch, Benjamin, grocer
Hitchcock, Webster R., contractor
Hoag, E. L. & Co., J. E. Danielson, manager, drugs
Hoagland, George A, F. A. Fox, manager, lumber
Hobbs, Theodocia, teacher
Hober, Adolph, cigar manufacturer
Hochman-Welker Mortgage Co., G. S. Wright, president, Oscar J. Hochman, secretary, M. S. Welker, treasurer, real estate and insurance
Hoff, James, tailor
Hoffman, Emma, teacher
Hoffman, Susie, music teacher
Hollenbeck Brothers Co., J. E. Hollenbeck, president, J. C. Hollenback, vice-president and secretary, house movers
Hollenbeck, Hilda C., teacher
Hollingsworth, Frederick H., veterinary surgeon
Holmes, Grace, teacher
Holst & Spetman (Diedrich Holst, Henry Spetman), proprietors, Kiel Hotel
Hombach, William P., physician
Homer, Anna, teacher
Hood, Charles W., barber
Hooker, Crete E., teacher
Hoon, S. Belle, music teacher
Hospe, A. Co., Oscar O. Over, manager, pianos
Hotel Goodrich, W. S. Goodrich, proprietor
Hotel Kirlin, Mrs. Eva Hansen, proprietor
Hotze, May, nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Houghton, Fred W., physician
Howard, Ada E, teacher
Howarth & Champlin (Jacob Howarth, William H. Champlin), billiards
Howel, Jane, teacher
Howell, William M., horseshoer
Howlette, Bessie, teacher
Hubbard, Elias M., commission merchant
Huber, Albert W., meats
Huber, Charles H., meats
Hudleson, Alves, photographer
Hughes, John J., agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Hughes, Mrs. Julia, teacher
Hungerford, Mary, nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Hunter, A. E. Co., A. E. Hunter, president, dry goods
Hutchinson, D. J. & Co. (David J. and Archibald M.), real estate
Hutchinson, Emma J., teacher
Hutton, Rebecca, teacher
Illinois Central Rail Road, J. A. Hurley, agent
Incandescent Light Manufacturing Co., James Daroy, proprietor
Independent Telephone Co. of Council Bluffs, F. J. Day, president, E. H. Merriam, vice-president, C. A. Beno, secretary, T. G. Turner, treasurer, C. A. Laubach, manager
International Harvester Co. of America, W. J. Pilant, general agent, harvesting machinery
Iowa Butter & Egg Co., R. H. Bloom, president, J. C. Jensen, vice-president, D. F. Anderson, secretary and treasurer, whole butter, eggs and poultry
Iowa Calendar Co., C. M. Ketchum, manager
Iowa Fruit & Produce Co., Fred Peterson, president and treasurer, Niels Peterson, secretary, whole fruits and produce
Iowa Furniture & Carpet Co., D. W. Keller, proprietor
Iowa Liquor Dealers’ Association, J. J. Klein, secretary
Iowa Loan Co., C. B. Fiscel, manager
Iowa-Nebraska Wholesale Grocers’ Association, Samuel Maham (Ottumwa, Ia.) president, John Mehlhop Jr., secretary and treasurer
Iowa School for the Deaf, H. W. Rothert, superintendent
Iowa Security Co., G. Austine, president
Jackson, Daniel, physician
Jackson, E. R., county superintendent of schools
Jacobsen, Frederick R., tailor
Jacoby, James, express agent
Jacquemin, Charles B., George Gerner Jr., manager, jeweler
Jardine, Margaret, teacher
Jarvis Brandy Co., T. C. Jarvis, manager, wholesale liquors
Jefferis, Charles H., dentist
Jenkins & Richards (H. C. Jenkins, W. F. Richards), agricultural implements
Jennings, Avery C., lawyer
Jennings, Henry B., physician
Jennings, Victor, coal and grocer
Jensen Brothers (Lars H. and J. Chris), architects, contractors and builders
Jensen, Chris, blacksmith
Jensen, Christopher, wall paper and paints
Jensen, Gregers, saloon
Jensen Cigar Co., J. C. Jensen, manager, cigar manufacturer
Jensen, Jens C., grocer
Jensen, Nels, contractor
Jensen & Son Grain Co., L. H. Metzger, manager
Jepson, May, teacher
Jessen Liquor Co., H. A. Larson, manager
Johns, T. J., county supervisor
Johnson, Charles S., dentist
Johnson, Christ, cigars
Johnson, Glenn, saloon
Johnson, John D., real estate
Johnson, Mary J., teacher
Johnson, May, teacher
Johnson, Minnie E., teacher
Johnson, Peter A., shoemaker
Johnson Simon & Co. (Simon Johnson, Andrew Norene), tailors
Jones, Albert E., shoemaker
Jones, Henry R., tinner
Jones, Z. T. Transfer Line, Zopher T. Jones, proprietor
Jorgensen, Martin, dairy
Jorgensen, Nels P., ice cream manufacturer
Joseph, Edith G., teacher
Joseph, Ella, teacher
Judson, Flora M., music teacher
Juel, Peter J., manager, Nelson & Juel Co.
Kain, Mrs. Addie, dressmaker
Kaiser, George, cigar manufacturer
Karges, William, coal
Katelman, Julius, junk dealer
Keating, Gordon D., meats
Keeline Brothers (George A., Oscar, William S., and Harry), livestock dealers
Keller, Andrew C., horse collar manufacturer
Keller-Farnsworth Furniture Co., T. S. Farnsworth, president, J. B. Yeager, secretary
Kelly, Anna, nurse
Kelly, Harry D., physician
Kendle, Maude, music teacher
Kendle, Theoan, teacher
Kennedy, Mary, teacher
Keppner, Julius, grocer
Kerney, William L., loans
Kerr, David S., real estate, loans and investments
Keys Brothers (Edwin W., Frank H.), carriage manufacturers
Kiel Hotel, Holst & Spetman, proprietors
Kiester’s Ladies Tailoring College, Mary Crowley, proprietor
Kiger, B. Frank, restaurant
Killpack, William H., lawyer
Kimball Brothers Co., C. E. Kimball, president, W. H. Kimball, secretary and treasurer, manufacturers of elevators and scales, founders and machinists
Kimball & Peterson (C. F. Kimball, Henry Peterson), lawyers
King, Chauncey M., grocer
Kirk, John A., meats
Kirkland, William D., jeweler
Kirsch, Kathleen C., nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Klein, George W., upholsterer
Klein, J. J. Co. (J. J. Klein, S. V. Barnhart), wholesale and retail liquors
Klepfer, Frederic, barber
Knoth Drug Co., William Knoth, manager
Knox Ohio Company (Ohio and Painter Knox), real estate
Knudsen, John J., contractor
Koch and Paulos (Eugene Koch, George Paulos), grocers
Kontinental Kompound Co., M. C. Goodwin, president and treasurer, G. M. Burns, vice-president
Kost, Louis, wagonmaker
Kramer, Adam, merchant tailor
Kramer, Isaac, restaurant
Kramer, Meyer, restaurant
Krasner Brothers (George and Frank M.), dry goods
Krause, Adolph F., blacksmith
Kretchmer Manufacturing Co., Edward Kretchmer, president, J. C. Kretchmer, vice-president, G. A. Smith, secretary, beekeepers’ supply and tank manufacturers
Krettek Brothers (Frank J. and Fred W.), coal and feed
Kroonemeyer, Rev. John, pastor Bethany Chapel
Krug, Fred Brewing Co., C. Geise & Son, agents
Kubitshek, Fred H., baker
Kuchs, Otto, saloon
Lacey, Thomas B., physician
Ladd, Mrs. Bertha, nurse
Ladd, Clara, nurse
Lainson, Frederick L., gardener
Lamson, Rev. Danforth C., pastor Free Methodist Episcopal Church
Larsen, Peter, shoemaker
Larsen, Theodore, contractor
Laustrup, Carlos E., piano tuner
Leahy, William, fruit grower
Lebovitz, Charles, jeweler
Lebovitz, Wolf, clothing
Lee, Martin J., cigar manufacturing
Lee, W. & Sons (Worthy, Harold S., Clarence W.) planing mill
Leffert, Emil H., jeweler
Leibold, Charles, saloon
Lemon, Bert L., cleaner
Leverett, William J., fire insurance
Levin, John, carpet weaver
Levin, Frank R., cigar manufacturer
Lewis, Claude P., dentist
Liggett Brothers (Frank B. and John), proprietors, C. B. Box and Basket Co.
Liles, H. M., contractor
Lincoln House, M. H. Verpoorten, proprietor
Linder, John, agent Schlitz Brewing Co.
Lindsay, J. R. & Co.(John R. Lindsay), hides
Lindsey, J. Elmer, barber
Lindt, John, lawyer
Linsel, Fred, carriage painter, real estate
Lipe, George W. & Co. (George W. Lipe)
Local Machine Works, Albert Griesing, manager
Loftman, Axel, saloon
Lohann, Nannie M., music teacher
Long, John B., wall paper
Long, J. Schuyler, teacher
Lougee, Eldin H., real estate
Lougee, Frank C., real estate
Lovejoy, George W., livery
Lovett, Israel & Co. (Isreal Lovett), electricians
Lowe, Lora, teacher
Luchow, Frederick L, cigar manufacturer
Lueke, George, dry goods
Lukegord, John P., tailor
Lundgard, Anton M., tailor
Lutz, John I., insurance agent
Lyngby, Victor, lawyer
Lyon, Dora, teacher
McAneney, John F., city auditor
McAneney, Jessie V., teacher
McAtee, Stephen T., grocer and baker
McClenahan, William C., restaurant
McCluggage, Joseph J., saloon
McClure, Rev. Marcus P., pastor First Presbyterian Church
McColm, Cyrus B., druggist and physician
McColm, Mrs. C. B., milliner
McConnell, Lotta, teacher
McCrorey, J. G. & Co., C. W. Simmons, manager, notions
McFadden, Alida M., teacher
McFarland, John, saloon
McGee Real Estate Co. (Harry G. McGee)
McKeeman, W. J. & Co. (William J., Roy F. and Guy W. McKeeman), real estate
McKenzie, Robert, fruit grower
McMahon, George E., shoes
McManigill, Ella J., nurse
McManus, O. J. & Co. (Owen J. McManus), real estate
McMillan, Mary, teacher
McMullen, Theodore J., express agent
McNamara, Margaret, teacher
McNamara, William E., restaurant
McNutt, Myrtle, teacher
McPherson, Isabella, teacher
McPherson, Joseph R., real estate
McRobert, James, veterinary surgeon
McSorley, John J., grocer
Macalister & Canning (J. M. Macalister, Edward Canning), lands
MacCall, S. Woodford, dentist
Macrae, Donald, surgeon
Madsen, Jens C., blacksmith
Madsen, Lauritz P., machinist
Magarrell, William W., optometrist
Mahler, May, teacher
Majestic Theatre, Brown & Roper, proprietors
Malm, Augusta, dressmaker
Malone Realty Co. (William Malone, H. C. Westergaard), real estate
Maloney Cigar Co., Thomas Maloney, manager
Manderson, Hazel V., teacher
Manhattan Restaurant & Bar, W. E. Myers, proprietor
Marcus, Mrs. Fannie, grocer
Marcus, Moritz, clothing
Marker, David S., photographer
Markey, Richard T., baker
Markovich, Bennet, shoemaker
Marsh, Bertha, teacher
Martin, Charles R., grocer
Martin & Craig (Fred Martin, Fred Craig), restaurant
Marshall, Daniel D., carriage painter
Martin, W. W., transfer agent
Martin & Martin (Francis E. and John C.), printers
Matheson, William B., barber
Mathiasen, Eline, nurse
Matthews, John M., real estate
Maurer, William A., White China, artrists’ materials, crockery, silver and glassware
Maus, William F., bicycles
Mauthe, Ottillius, jeweler and optician
Maxfield, D. F., barber
May, Seth D., saloon
Mayne, Rev. Charles, pastor, Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church
Mayne, J. H., county surveyor and fruit grower
Mayne & Hazelton (George H. Mayne, Arthur S. Hazelton), lawyers
Meade, James A., teacher
Melroy, John, contractor
Meneray, F. W. Crescent Nursery Co., F. W. Meneray, president, E. D. Meneray, vice-president, Otto Mickle, secretary and treasurer
Meneray, Roscoe C., photographer
Mengawasser, Rev. Herman (Catholic)
Mercy Hospital, in charge of the Sisters of Mercy, opp St. Bernard Hospital
Mergen, John, agent Willow Springs Brewing Co.
Merriam, Nellie, teacher
Merriam, Charles W., proprietor, Importing Tea Co.
Metcalf Co., T. D. Metcalf, president and treasurer, G. S. Wright, vice-president and secretary, clothing
Metropolitan Hotel, W. A. Gray, proprietor
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., J. K. Hullinger, assistant superintendent
Metzger, A. & Co. (Alphonse Metzger, Gus A. Louil), meats
Meyer, Henry J. florist
Meyers, Clara, teacher
Mica Roofing Co., John McMahon, president and manager
Michell, Adda, physician
Michell, Lee H., saloon
Middleton, Angie A., teacher
Mikesell, Anna B., teacher
Miles, Effie M., teacher
Miles, Julia, teacher
Milldale Farm and Live Stock Improvement Co. Limited, C. T. Stewart, secretary
Miller, Franklin W., lawyer
Miller, George J., blacksmith
Miller, Hiram, feed
Minear, James F., osteopath
Mineral Springs Bottling Works, G. H. Johnson, president, L. B. Braunstein, secretary and treasurer
Minnick, Elmer E., livery
Minnick, Isaac N., livery
Mitchell, Julian C., pass and ticket agent
Mitchell, J. W., county treasurer
Mithen, James, saloon
Mohn, Lillie R., music teacher
Monarch Manufacturing Co., E. P. Searle, president, L. W. Kinyon, vice-president, E. D. Judd, treasurer, H. A. Searle, manager, F. H. Searle, superintendent, grease and oil manufacturers
Monarch Printing Co., J. J. Kirley, president, F. W. Mokry, vice-president, F. P. Mokry, secretary and treasurer, G. W. Sancha, manager, printers, publishers and blank book manufacturers
Montgomery & Beatty (Phineas J. Montgomery, Alexander S. Beatty), physicians
Moore, Anna H., milliner
Moore, A. W., pianos
Moore, Charles A., cigars
Moore, Shirley, teacher
Moraine, Alfred, poultry dealer
Morehouse, Marguerite L., music teacher
Morehouse & Co. (Ebenezer A. Morehouse), printers
Morgan, Carl A., upholsterer
Morgan, Frank H., druggist
Morgan, Dell G., druggist
Morris, Catherine, teacher
Morris, Elizabeth, teacher
Morris, Mayme C., teacher
Morris, Van R. J., cigars
Mortensen, Martin, saloon
Mucci, Isidore, confectioner
Mudge, Alden. O., dentist
Murphy, Edward, saloon
Murphy, William E., confectioner
Musselman, Henry A., wall paper
Myers, William E., saloon
Mynster, William A., lawyer
Myrtue Brothers (John J. and Soren J.), contractors
Namen, Samuel L., shoemaker
National Cash Register Co., H. W. McMahon, sale agent
National Horticulturist [monthly publication], F. L. Reed, secretary and manager
National Roofing Co. (formerly A. H. Read Roofing Co.)
National Stock Powder Co. (Loren W. Aldrich)
Nebraska Cycle Co., A. L. Mickel, manager
Nebraska Telephone Co., Frank E. Elgin, manager
Negus, Mrs. Georgia, nurse
Neilsen, Hans J., saloon
Nelson Brothers (August and William), grocers and meats
Nelson, H. P. & Son (Hans P. and Engelbert), blacksmiths
Nelson, Martin, grocer
Nelson, Peter, contractor
Nelson & Juel Co., Peter J. Juel, manager, lightning rod manufacturers
Neumayer Hotel, Neumayer & Mergen, proprietors
Neumayer & Mergen (Lucas Neumayer, Matt Mergen), proprietors, Neumayer Hotel
Nevins’ Livery (James F. Nevins)
New Nonpareil Co., W. P. Hughes, vice-president and editor, P. H. Clark, secretary and business manager, publishers of the Nonpareil [newspaper]
New Specialty Manufacturing Co., F. J. Duerr, president, J. S. Gretzer, secretary, C. E. Woodbury, treasurer
New Tremont Hotel, F. L. Owen, proprietor
New York Plumbing Co., E. W. Hart, manager
Newland, Rev. Eddy C. (Methodis Episcopal church)
Nicholson, Clark R., real estate
Nicolaisen, Walter, wall paper, paints
Nigro, Frank, shoemaker
Niles, Mrs. H. P., art needlework
Noel, Blanche, teacher
Nogg, Morris, grocer
Noiseless Washing Machine Co., O. Linebarger, president, John Freese, vice-president, S. W. Creel, secretary and treasurer, C. A. Linebarger, general manager
Nonpariel (daily and weekly newspaper), New Nonpariel Co. publishers
Norene, Lillie, music teacher
Norene, Mamie C., teacher
Norgaard, C. C. & Son (Chris C. and Elmer E.), general contractors
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., J. J. Hughes, agent
Norton, George M., boarding
Norton, John A., grocer
Nurses’ Training School
O’Connor, James, contractor
O’Connor, Mary C., teacher
O’Keefe, Matthew E., physician
O’Neill Brothers (William T. and Felix S.), coal and feed
Oard, Arthur W., druggist
Officer, Charles T., real estate, loans, insurance and rentals
Officer, Julia E., music teacher
Ogden Hotel, Winn-Manda Co., proprietors
Ohio Cultivator Co., B. L. Banford, manager, agricultural implements
Ohlendorf, Ernest H., insurance
Oldaker, Mrs. Minnie, dressmaker
Olmstead, C. Arthur, produce
Olsen, Max, saloon
Olsen, Max & Son (Max and Leo), grocers
Olsen, Oscar C., barber
Olson, John, grocer
Omaha Bee (branch office, newspaper), H. L. Ducil, manager
Omaha Daily News (branch office, newspaper), R. F. Atkinson, manager
Optimo Land Co., A. R. Kroh, manager
Orcutt Manufacturing Co., D. M. Orcutt, president and general manager, G. E. Fisher, vice-president, W. E. Orcutt, superintendent, William Koehler, secretary and treasurer, scale manufacturers
Orcutt, William E., cigars
Organ, John P. lawyer
Organ, Richard J., lawyer
Orvis, Charles H., grocer
Otis, DeLay W., real estate
Ott, Mrs. Jeanette, teacher
Ouderkirk, George, horseshoer
Ouren & Alberti (Harvey O. Ouren, Leo T. Alberti), real estate
Pabst Brewing Co., C. Geise & Son, agents
Pace, Joel H., meats
Pacific Express Co., E. J. Austin, agent
Paddock-Handschy Hardware Co., Fred Neimann, manager
Palace Grocery, Abe Ganeles, manager
Pappas, George, restaurant
Parker, Edwin, confectioner
Parkinson, Edward, druggist
Parsons, Edith R., teacher
Parsons, Inez E., teacher
Parsons, Isaac N., freight agent
Paschel, Charles F., agent, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.
Patterson, Blanche, teacher
Patterson, James T., lawyer
Patton, Mrs. Lizzie, nurse
Paulsen, Chris, saloon
Paxton Hotel, Henry F. Miller, proprietor
People’s Union Church
Peregory & Moore Co., John W. Peregoy, president, Robert C. Peregoy, vice-president, William Moore, treasurer and manager, A. E. Brock, secretary, wholesale tobacconists
Peru Plow & Implement Co., C. A. Sattley (Peru, Ill.), president, E. B. Hoagland, vice-president, D. E. Ginnaven, secretary treasurer and general manager, wholesale implements
Petersen, Andrew, feed mill
Petersen, Carl, blacksmith
Petersen, Christian, grocer
Petersen, Ingward, shoemaker
Petersen, Jens C., shoemaker
Petersen, Marie, teacher
Petersen, Martin, tailor
Petersen, Nels P., tailor
Petersen, Niels, grocer
Petersen & Schoening Co., T. N. Petersen, president, H. E. Schoening, vice-president, C. R. Evers, secretary, furniture dealers
Peterson-Bondo Co., Frank Peterson, president, Oluf Bondo, secretary and treasurer, general merchandise
Peterson, Christian N., shoes
Peterson, Eugene W., manager, R. G. Dun & Co.
Peterson, Frank, general store
Peterson, Hans, grocer
Peterson, Lewis H., bicycle repairing, gun and locksmith, key fitting, umbrella repairs and covers, machinist and general repairing
Peterson, Peter, contractor
Pfaff, William, saloon
Pfeiffer, Mrs. Minnie, milliner
Pierce, S. A. & Co. (Mrs. Sarah A. and Francis J. Pierce), shoes
Pilant, William J., general agent, International Harvester Co. of America
Pile, Mittie M., teacher
Pill, Israel, grover
Pinnell, Belle, confectioner
Pintsch Compresing Co., L. H. Knoblock, superintendent
Pioneer Implement Co., F. R. Davis, president, T. S. Davis, secretary, J. P. Davis, manager
Poole, Mary E., nurse
Post Office, A. S. Hazelton, postmaster
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co., C. I. Scofield, manager
Poston, Leon L., dentist
Pottawattamie County Abstract Co., E. E. Hart, president, J. W. Squire, vice-president, L. C. Squire, secretary and treasurer, C. V. Battey, manager
Pottawattamie County Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Co., E. H. Ohlendorf, secretary
Price, William, commission merchant
Price, Rev. Edward D, pastor, First Christian Church
Provident Life and Trust Co. of Philadelphia, C. T. Officer, agent
Provident Savings Life Insurance Society of New York, Millard F. Rohrer, general agent
Prudential Insurance Co. of America, J. J. Gardner, agent
Prudential Insurance Co. of Newark, N.J., J. N. Casady Jr., special agent
Puryear’s Commercial College, W. J. Hammill, secretary
Queen City Fire Insurance Co. of Sioux Falls, S. D., C. T. Officer, agent
Quinn, H. A. Lumber Co., Samuel H. Bowman, president (Minneapolis, Minn), Bradley C. Bowman, vice-president, Henry A. Quinn, secretary and general manager, wholesale and retail lumber and building materials
Rafter, M. & Son (Mary and Frank), grocers
Ramsey & Co. (Mrs. Mary A. Ramsey), furniture
Ranch, Peter, contractor
Ranck, Maude B., nurse
Ransom, Mrs. Josephine, restaurant
Rapp Cornice & Roofing Co. (Louis and Max Rapp)
Rapp, Fred, saloon
Rasmussen, Andrew, blacksmith
Rasmussen, Ole, wall paper
Rasmussen, Peter C., barber
Ray, James, dairy
Reece, Mrs. Ezekiel, grocer
Reed, Charles P., confectioner
Reed, C. E.
Reed, Glenn F., dentist
Reed, Kate S. teacher
Reed & Robertson (Joseph R. Reed, Harry L. Robertson), lawyers
Reichenbach, Henry A., physician
Reichenbach, Rev. Henry A., pastor, Danish Baptist Church
Reinhold, Theodore, shoemaker
Reinohl, Charles W., wagonmaker
Revere Hotel, Mrs. Mary Gregory, proprietor
Reynolds, S. W. & Son (Sheldon W. and Arthur C.), planing mill
Rhodes, Daniel S., laundry
Ricard, George A., physician
Rice, Claudia B., teacher
Rice, James R., proprietor, Council Bluffs Nursery
Rice, Jennie C., teacher
Rice, Newton J., physician
Rice, Rose H., physician
Richardson, Hope H., nurse
Riche, Alphard, 2nd hand goods
Richey, George W., hardware
Richmond, George M., city marchal
Rieth, Pauline K., teacher
Riker, Frank C., real estate
Riley, Clarence A., photographer
Riley, Grace E., teacher
Rishton, Bland, grocer
Roberts, Henry L., restaurant
Robinson, Agnes L., teacher
Rockwell, George W., contractor
Roe, LeRoy E, dentist
Rogers, Edward, saloon
Rogers, John H., plumber
Rohrer, L. Diana, nurse
Rohrer, Millard F., real estate, farm property, city property and Texas land, general agent, Savings Life Insurance Society of New York
Rollins, Charles A., physician
Rood, Leslie L., manager, World Herald [newspaper in Omaha, NE]
Rosch, Emil, grocer
Rosenberg, Abraham, cloaks and suits
Rosenfeld Liquor Co., J. L. Rosenfeld, president, Julius Rosenfeld, vice-president, H. B. Rosenfeld, secretary, J. E. Rosenfield, treasurer, wholesale wines and liquors
Rosenfeld, L. Co., wholesale malt dealers, agents, Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association, manufacturers soda water
Ross, Anna Z., teacher
Ross, Dillon L. lawyer
Rothkop, Harry, men’s furniture
Royer, Stella, teacher
Ruggles, Mattie, nurse
Rupp, Minnie B., teacher
St. Bernard’s Hospital and Sanitarium, in charge of the Sisters of Mercy
St. Francis Academy
St. Francis Xavier Church
St. Joe Hotel, Mrs. Laura Lovejay, proprietor
St. Johns’ English Lutheran Church
St. John’s German Evangelical Church
St. Joseph’s Academy
St. Mary’s Home for Young Women, under the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
St. Paul’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Peter’s Catholic Church
St. Peter’s Parochial School
St. Walburga Convent
Saltzman, Harris, coal
Saltzman, Moses, 2nd hand goods
Samsel, Roy W., barber
Sandberg, Dorothy, nurse
Sanders, Mrs. Inno, grocer
Sandwich Manufacturing Co., C. W. McDonald, manager, agriculture implements
Sapp, William F., real estate
Sargent, Burt M., shoes
Saunders & Stuart (Charles G. Saunders, David E. Stuart), attorneys at law, practice in all courts, public notaries, commercial litigation and collections
Scanlon, Charles J., saloon
Scheffler, John N., saloon
Schicketanz, Edward, barber
Schluter Buggy Top Co., F. M. Naylon, manager
Schlitz, Jos. Brewing Co., John Linder, agent
Schmidt, Harry, photographer
Schmidt, Jacob P., barber
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co., Edwin L. Simmons, manager
Schneider, Mrs. Christina, grocer
Schnorr, Fred J., real agent
Schneider, Henry H., dyer and cleaner
Schott, John W. Drug Co. (Albert F. Schott, John A. Chapman), drugs
Schroeder, Charles, proprietor, Twin-City Granite & Marble Works
Schroeder, John D., saloon
Schuh, Henry A., billiards
Schultz & Hill (August H. Schultz, Charles Hill), wagonmakers
Schurz, Emil, lawyer
Schurz, William H. (Lindt & Schurz), lawyer
Scofield, Carl J., manager, Postal Tel-Cable Co.
Scott, George H., lawyer
Scott, John G., furnace and tinner
Scott, Stephen, feed stable
Seabright, Clarence A., city ticket agent
Seiler, Barbara, nurse
Seiler, Elizabeth, nurse
Serviss, Lewis P., veterinary surgeon
Seybert, Frank T., physician
Sharples, Edward D., manager, Cream Separator Supply Co.
Shaw, John & Son (John and Herbert), contractors
Shawler, James W., restaurant
Sheely & Lane (Bert Sheely, Andrew C. Lane), monuments
Sherman & Healy (Myron H. Sherman, Thomas Healy), saloon
Shoemaker, Hiram, real estate
Showalter, Nellie, teacher
Shuart, S. F., agent, Adams Express Co.
Shubert, Leander M., surveyor of customs
Shugart-Ouren  Seed Co., C. G. Ouren, president, F. R. Davis, vice-president, J. P. Davis, secretary, A. P. Schofield, treasurer, dealers in seeds, grain and poultry supplies
Siedentopf, Will F., real estate
Silvers & Gorter (F. E. Silvers, Timothy Gorter), barbers
Simon Brothers (Louis and Max), grocers
Simon, Jacob, meats
Sims, May, teacher
Singer Sewing Machine Co., James A. Cornwell, manager
Sisters of Mercy, in charge of St. Bernard’s and Mercy Hospital and St. Mary’s Home for Young Women
Sixteenth Ave. Meat and Grocery Co., Otto Skodsholm, manager
Slack, Arthur W., transfer
Slade, Carrie, teacher
Slade, E. Land Co., E. Slade, president, A. P. Fair, secretary and treasurer
Smith, Adeline K., cleaning and dyeing
Smith, Alva Co., real estate and insurance
Smith, D. J., fruit grower
Smith, Edith A., music teacher
Smith, Etta, teacher
Smith, Fitch, broom manufacturer
Smith, Forrest, real estate
Smith, George L., saloon
Smith, George W., shoemaker
Smith, H. J., fruit grower
Smith, Joseph & Co. (J. W. Smith, W. E. McConnell), clothing
Smith, M. E. & Co., shirt manufacturers
Smith, Rev. Otterbein O., pastor, First Congregational Church
Smith, Spencer, lawyer
Smith, Walter Coal Co. (Walter Smith)
Smith, Hon. Walter I., lawyer, congressman of ninth district
Smith, Walter L., grocer
Smith, William H., confectioner
Smith, William M., barber
Snyder, Abraham, 2nd hand goods
Snyder, Rev. George W., pastor, St. John’s English Lutheran Church
Snyder, Melancthon B., physician
Snyder, Samuel, pawnbroker
 Snyder, Susan McG., physician
Sollazzo, Dominick T., shoemaker
Solomon, Lawson, restaurant
Sorensen, Ole C., grocer
South Bend Chilled Plow Co.
Southern Express Co., S. G. Shuart, agent
Spare, James F., real estate
Spencer, Charles S., barber
Spencer, Fred A., plumber and tinsmith
Spetman, Antionette M., grocer
Spetman, Dorothea, teacher
Spetman, Ella, teacher
Spetman, Lulu, teacher
Spetman, Vera, teacher
Sprague Foundry & Manufacturing Co., R. M. Sprague, president and manager, architectural iron works
Sprink, Helen J., milliner
Sprink, John F., physician
Squire, James W., real estate
Stafford, Anna, nurse, Mercy Hospital
Standard Fire Insurance Co. of Iowa, J. N. Casady, agent
Standard Manufacturing Co., J. F. Hughes, manager, carriage and wagon manufacturers
Standard Oil Co., George W. Ketchum, agent
Star Theater, Ford & Ervin, proprietors
State Hotel, James Meek, proprietor
State Savings Bank, E. A. Wickham, president, H. L. Tinley, cashier
Stein, Jacob, Great Western Junk House, rags, old iron, metals, barrels, bottles and bones, wholesale and retail feed store, coal and wood
Stein, Nina E., nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Steinberg, George S., grocer
Steinke, Agnes, teacher, Iowa School for the Deaf
Stephan Brothers (Walter F. Stephen), plumbers
Stephens, Fred, restaurant
Stern, Alice, dressmaker
Stern, Morris, grocer
Stewart, Ernest A., real estate and insurance
Stewart, J. J., lawyer
Stewart, R. E., teacher, Iowa School for the Deaf
Stiles & Douglass Co., Henry Peterson, president, novelties
Stillman Adjustment Co., W. S. Stillman, manager, commercial reports and collections
Stillman, Walter S., lawyer
Stockert Carpet Co. (Edward F. and George E. Stockert), carpets
Stodmeister, George W., tailor
Stolz Merchandise Co., Austin H. Stolz, proprietor
Storrs, Florence M., teacher
Straaup, Laurits H., teas and coffee
Stroud, Francis B., barber
Stuart, David E. (Saunders & Stuart), lawyer
Sullivan, Michael T., saloon
Sutton, Moses E., grocer
Swanson, Charles E., lawyer
Swassing, William G., grocer
Sweet, John D., lawyer
Swingle, Elizabeth, nurse, Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Tate, Maud, nurse
Taylor, Elijah D., barber
Taylor, John R., restaurant
Tedesco, Thomas, shoemaker
Tedesco, Carl, shoes
Temple, Marcellus L., district attorney
Terrell, Edgar B., lawyer
Terry, John W., optician
Texas Shallow Well Irrigation Co., A. P. Hanchett, president, W. A. Maurer, vice-president, D. W. Otis, secretary, F. C. Laugee, treasurer
Tholl, Peter, grocer
Thomas, Samuel L., teacher
Thomas, Theodore M. barber
Thompson, Christian, saloon
Thompson, Lars C., dairy
Thompson, N. Chris, contractor
Timberman, John W., barber
Times (weekly newspaper), U. G. Cox, editor and manager, Timothy Kelly, advertising  manager
Tinley, Aurelia, teacher
Tinley, Mary L., physician
Tinley, Mathew A., physician
Tipton, Alexander, real estate
Todd, Alma O., teacher
Toller, Rudolph Co., Mrs. Anna Toller, president, J. R. Toller, vice-president and manager, F. L. Toller, secretary, H. M. Toller, treasurer, grocers, dry goods and shoes
Townsend Cass Hotel
Transfer Hotel
Trans-Mississippi Grain Co., Otto Hoxing, superintendent
Tremont Hotel, F. L. Owen, proprietor
Treynor, Cora P., teacher
Treynor, Katherine, teacher
Treynor, Vernon L., physician
True, Frank T., city treasurer
Trumbull & Huff (Richard Trumbull, Thomas E. Huff), real estate
Trumpore, William E., massage
Tubbs, Ray B., physician
Tulleys, L. W. & Son (Lysander W. and Charles W.), real estate
Turner, George W., carpets
Turner, Timothy G., cashier, First National Bank
Twin City Artificial Limb Co., J. F. Johnson, manager
Twin City Dye Works Co., G. A. Schoedsack, president
Twin City Granite & Marble Works, Charles Schroeder, proprietor
Tyler, Helen A., teacher
Tyson, Charles E., insurance
Underwood, Lafayette W., contractor
Union City Mission, J. M. Langdon, manager
Union Pacific Rail Road Co., J. C. Mitchell, pass ticket agent
Union Pacific Tea Co., Charles Horn, manager
Union Pacific Transfer, C. W. Axtel, general agent
Union Pacific Transfer Hotel, P. N. Loso, manager
U. S. Customs, L. M. Shubert, surveyor
U. S. Express Co., A. T. Elwell, agent
U.S. Navy Recruiting Station, Samuel Canavan, officer in charge
Utterback, Eva S., teacher
Utterback, Thomas H. & Co. (Thomas H. and Wesley C. Utterback), meats
VanBrunt Automobile Co., H. H. VanBrunt, proprietor
VanBrunt, Henry H., carriages
Vien, Ovide, collections
Vincent, Stella, teacher
Vogeleisen, Edward, baker
Vogeler, Otto, harness
Vrooman, William, blacksmith
Wabash Railroad Co., R. H. Morton
Wadsworth, John G. (successor to Walters & Wadsworth), investment banker, real estate and farm loans
Wadsworth, S. B., lawyer
Wahlgren, Peter, fruit grower
Waldmann, Theresa, dressmaker|
Waldron, Claud C., dairy
Walker, Harriet C., teacher
Walker, Julia, teacher
Walker, A. C. & Co. (Albert C. Walker), insurance agent
Walker, Madge B., teacher
Walker Manufacturing Co., T. B. McPherson (Omaha, Neb), president, W. I. Walker, vice-president and manager, agricultural implements
Walker, Maud, teacher
Walkington, J. Franklin, saloon
Wallace, Mary D., teacher
Wallace, Ruth, teacher
Wallace, Walter H., shoemaker
Wallace & Grout (Joseph E. Wallace, Merton B. Grout), proprietors, Bluff City Laundry
Walter, J. F. , physician
Wallwey, Lena, dressmaker
Walters, Charles D., harnessmaker
Walter, Charles E. Co., C. E. Walter, president, C. E. Price, vice-president, C. A. Chapman, secretary and treasurer, bank stock
Ward, Edward C., billiards
Ward, Willis M., cigars
Wardrobe The., Adeline K. Smith, manager
Ware,  William H., lawyer
Warehouse Construction Co.,  E. H. Merriam, president, H. W. Binder, secretary, C. W. McDonald, treasurer
Warner, Charles H., plumber
Warner, Merle F., physician
Warner, Katherine, music teacher
Waterloo Creamery Co., George Monson, manager
Waterman, J. C., physician
Watkins, Margaret H., teacher, Iowa School for the Deaf
Watson, Ethel L., teacher
Waufle, Bert M., restaurant
Weatherbee, Michael E., livery
Webb, Laurence, optician
Webb, Sarah E., dressmaker
Weinberg, Solomon, clothing
Weir, Inah M., teacher
Welch, William Transfer Line (William Welch), coal and wood
Wells Fargo Co. Express, E. J. Austin, agent
Wells, Lucius, real estate
Wendlandt, Charles A., saloon
Wesley, Rachel M., teacher
Wesner, Fred W., druggist
West, Carl H., dentist
West, Howard S., dentist
West Weedless Hook Co. (Howard S. and Carl H. West), fishhook manufacturers
Western Motor Works, A. T. Ricard, manager
Western Junk House, George Whitebook, proprietor
Western Mutual Life Insurance Co., C. M. Atherton, president and general manager
Western Railroad Weighing Association, inspection bureau, U. P. Transfer Depot
Western Steel and Iron Co., C. L. Felt, manager, horseshoe calks
Western Union Telegraph Co., O. T. Welch, manager
Westinghouse Co., G. H. Carey, manager, threshers
Whaley, Samuel E., drugs
Whaley’s Orchestra, S. E. Whaley, leader
Whistler, Margaret M., teacher
Whistler, Minnie C., teacher
Whitaker, John L., cigars
White, Bessie, teacher
White, Willianne, teacher
Whitebook, George, proprietor, Western Junk House, rags, old iron, metals, barrels, rubber, bottles, bones, etc. also hay, grain and feed
Whitebook Iron and Metal Co., Simon Whitebook, manager
Whitebook & Cohen (Herman Whitebook, L. A. Cohen), furniture
Whitney, Fred W., confectioner
Whitsitt, Frank, livery
Wickham Brothers (James and Owen P.) contractors and brick manufacturers
Wickham, E. A. & Co. (Edward A. and Bernard P.) contractors
Widmaier, Charles, baker
Wieant & Petersen (Boude Wieant, Henry Petersen), dry goods
Wilcox, John F., proprietor, Council Bluffs Green Houses, wholesale and retail florists
Wilcoxson, Florence, teacher
Williams, Belle, teacher
Williams, Dal, painter
Williams, James A., court reporter
Williams, John A., real estate
Williams, Ralph H., coal
Williams, Ray O., dentist
Williams, Walter L., photographer
Williams & Bonham (Randall Williams, Algernon J. Bonham), printers
Williamson, Ira N., photographer
Williamson, Samuel M., sewing machines
Wilson, Mrs. Jennie, hairdresser
Wilson & Thompson (Soren Wilson, estate of Jacob Thompson), fuel
Winchester, Bessie B., teacher
Wind, P. H. & Sons (Peter H.,  Andrew M., and Evart H.), general contractors and builders, planing mill, stair work, wood turning and scroll sawing
Windhorst, Fern, teacher
Winer, Henry, 2nd hand goods
Winn-Manda Co. (M. J. Winn, Fred Manda), proprietors, Ogden Hotel
Winter, Myrtle, teacher
Wirt, Eleanor B., teacher
Wolcott, Theodore E., dairy
Wollert, Adolph, shoemaker
Wollert, Herman E., meats
Wood, Arthur C., contractor
Wood, Estelle, teacher
Woodbury, Charles E., dentist
Woodbury, Edmond I., dentist
Woodbury, Herbert A., dentist
Woodford & Ainsworth (Archibald R. Woodford, Frank J. Ainsworth), printers
Woodmancy, Minnie, teacher
Woodring Undertaking Co. (Esty P. Woodring), funeral directors
Woodward, John G. & Co., Harry Cartan, president, George Williamson, vice-president, candy manufacturers
Woolsey, Taylor, restaurant
Woolworth, F. W. & Co., C. E. Sterling, manager, notions
World-Herald [Omaha, NE, newspaper], L. L. Rood, manager
World Publishing Co., L. L. Rood, manager
Wright, Daniel O., confectioners
Wright & Baldwin (George S. Wright), lawyers
Wykert, Henry R., tents and awnings
Young Men’s Christian Association, John G. Wadsworth, president, Henry Peterson, recorder secretary, Robert B. Wallace, treasurer, Finley E. Eastman, general secretary, F. E. Pierson, physical director
Younkerman Seed Co., Oscar Younkerman, president and treasurer, A. F. Grote, vice-president, W. C. Grote, secretary
Zavitson, Samuel, grocer
Zerkowsky, Bertram, music teacher
Zoller, Jacob Mercantile Co., Jacob Zoller, president, G. W. Zoller, vice-president, W. E. Baker, secretary, S. A. Baker, treasurer, grocers, meats and hardware

Population, 300. On the Chicago & Northern Railway, in Crescent Township, Pottawattamie County, 7 miles north of Council Bluffs, the judicial search and banking point. Has Latter Day Saints and Methodist Episcopal churches and a graded public school.  Express, American Telegraph, Western Union Telephone connection.  N. Swanson, postmaster

Butler, D., grocer
Center, G. H., express and telegraph agent
Dutrow, W., auctioneer
Hale, E., grocer
Hough, C. & D., orchestra
Hough, M. A., hotel
Hough, W. A., pool
Hough & Kinney (D. Hough, J. Kinney), nursery
Landon, H., hotel
McMullen, J. H., dairy
Meneray, F. W. & Co., nursery
Pratt & Brewer (J. A. Pratt, J. W. Brewer), grocers
Smith, Rev. C. F. (Methodist)
Swanson, N., general store
Trost, Alexander, blacksmith
Vanderov, L., lumber
William, A., barber

A county postoffice or a Wabash Railroad in Lewis Township, Pottawattamie County, 9 miles south of Council Bluffs, the county seat and banking point. Telephone connection.  H. M. Schultz, postmaster

Kruse, H. F., grain and coal
Schultz, H. M., general store and postmaster

Population 25. On the Illinois Central Railroad and on the Boyer River, in Rockford Township, Pottawattamie County, 15 miles north of Council Bluffs, the county seat, and 6 from Missouri Valley, the nearest banking point.  Telegraph, Western Union Express, Am.

Cochran, T. J., railroad and express agent
Jones, J. general store
Sublet, T., blacksmith

Population 300. An incorporated town on the Nishnabotna River and on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, in Valley Township, Pottawattamie County, 35 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the county seat.  Settled in 1879.  Has Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and a bank. Telegraph, Western Union Express, Am. Telephone connection. John F. Owens, postmaster

Anderson, M. H., lawyer and real estate
Bingham, R., meats
Bingham, J., veterinary surgeon
Birney, J. elevator, H. J. Shaffer, manager
Coe, D. A., mayor
Coe, Mark, real estate
Davis & Cooper, general store
Des Moines Elevator Co., J. C. Lake, manager, coal and lumber
Detherige & Lambert, blacksmiths
Drury, L. C., railroad express and telegraph agent
Fehl, H., livery
Graham, A., drayman
Graham, H., billiards and pool and hotel
Graham, Thomas, barber
Hancock Cornet Band
Hancock Savings Bank (capital $15,000), J. H. Jenks, president, F. J. Boie, cashier
Hary, Rev. W. E. (Methodist)
LeRette, D., grocer
Mapes, L. F., painter
Martin, R. J., agricultural implements
Maxwell, G. C., drugs
Morris, John, jeweler
Pendergast, J., carpenter
Price & McMaster, plasterers
Schmidt Brothers & Co., general store
Seiffert & Weise, lumber
Steadman, A., blacksmith
Stephens, Albert S., physician
Stevens, J. F., physician
Strellner, David, livery
Strellner, D., carpenter
VanBeck & Everhart, implements
Williams, D., harnessmaker

Population 100. On the Chicago & Northwestern Railway, and Honey Creek in Rockford Township, Pottawattamie County, 12 miles north of Council Bluffs, the county seat, and 9 from Missouri Valley, the nearest bank location.  Telegraph, Western Union Express, Am., H. L. Ham, postmaster

Dutrow, C. B., livestock
Frazer, J. W., physician
French, A. C., general store
Ham, H. L., railroad express and telegraph agent
 Jones, A. C., blacksmith
McMullen, A. H., nursery
Quinn, H. A., nursery
Smith, D. D., general store
Southern, William, general store

Population, 150. On the Boyer River and on the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad in Rockford Township, Pottawattamie, 18 miles north of Council Bluffs, the county seat, and 5 south of Missouri Valley, the nearest banking point. Telegraph, Western Unions Express, American Telephone connection, N. M. Haldeman, postmaster
Bailey, D. H., grain elevator
French, M. H., blacksmith
Haldeman & Upchurch, general store
Jones, W. R., livestock
Kelsey, O., carpet weaver
Moss, H. J., grocer
Moss, Joseph, justice of peace
Seabolt, Samuel K., blacksmith
Victor, R. M., grocer

Population 175.  On the Chicago, Great Western Railway in Hardin Township, Pottawattamie County, 13 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the county seat.  Has a Methodist church and a bank. Telegraph, Postal Express, W. F. & Co. Telephone connection

Bolton, L. H., real estate and insurance
Bristol, F., contractor and builder
Burns, J. M., hardware
Craner, P. W., stock buyer
Fisher & Aney, farm implements
Fullerton Lumber Co.
Geiger Mathias, general store
Hartwell, Ira, barber and pool hall
Hatch, T. J., meats
Hendrix Brothers, harnessmakers
Hendrix, C., drayage
Herns, H., blacksmith
Keene, Charles, painter
Kempes, M., saloon
Kempes, Mrs. M. teas and coffee
Larsen, E., blacksmith
Lenocker & Judy, drugs
Lloyd, Fred, painter
Lloyd, R. E., hotel
McClelland Savings Bank (Capital $10,000), William Arnd, president, Roy Maxfield, cashier
Perry & Childs, general store
Quick, George & W., agricultural implements
Shriner, M. E., physician

Population 375. An incorporated town on the Nishnabotna River and on the Burlington route, in Macedonia Township, Pottawattamie County, 26 miles east of Council Bluffs, the county seat, and 126 southwest of Des Moines.  Has Methodist and Presbyterian churches, a graded public school, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Botna Valley News.  Express, Adams Express Co., Telegraph, Western Union, W. P. Dinwiddie, postmaster

Adams Express Co., H. P. Nixon, agent
Aggeson, May, music teacher
Barber, H. T., carpenter
Besore, Walter M., physician
Bolton, C. H., livestock
Bowen, Mildred, teacher
Botna Valley New, H. H. Sheaffer, publisher
Braden, D. W., dray line
Braden, Elmer F., real estate
Braden, H. C., livery
Braden, H. G., dyer and cleaner
Braden, Twinkle, teacher
City Telephone Co., Charles H. McCready, manager
Coons, J. M., livestock
Cottage House, C. P. Culver, proprietor
Crewdson Brothers, meats
Culver, C. P., proprietor, Culver House
Davidson, Ed., justice
Denton & Wigginton (C. W. Wigginton, John B. Denton), furniture and hardward
Dinwiddie, W. P., postmaster
Dye Brothers Co., Willoughby Dye, president, Henry Kennedy, secretary, general store
Dye, Willoughby & Co. (Willoughby and Sylvester Dye), brick manufacturers
Forward, Florence, teacher
Harding, Robert, livestock
Henry, Thomas W., livestock
Hobson, N. Lincoln, livestock
Houser, George, billiards
Koehler, A. R., jeweler
Koehler, G. D., wagonmaker
Koehler, Ina, teacher
Level, Anna, principal
Lewis, William, livestock
Macedonia Implement Co., Charles H. McCready, manager
Macedonia Opera House, Macedonia Opera House Co., proprietors
Macedonia Opera House Co., T. J. Young, president, J. R. Aggeson, secretary
Macedonia State Bank (Capital $50,000), Willoughby Dye, president, Frank Galloway, cashier
Mickelwaite & Young Co., T. J. Young, manager, grain and lumber
Mickey, Charles, blacksmith
Miller, Rev. C. H. (Methodist)
Miller, W. C. & Co. (William C. Miller, Walter M. Besore) drugs
Morgan, Elizabeth, dressmaker
Mancolas, Charles, general store
Nixon, H. P., railroad express and telegraph agent
Osler, Milton, livestock
Park, Harry, barber
Pierce, Emma, teacher
Plumb, H. R., livestock
Plumb, Val, livestock
Price, Charles, livestock
Prince, N. C., physician
Seaburg, A. E., livestock
Smith, Art, automobiles
Smith, Williard, livestock
Stemple, Guido L., physician
Stemple, G. L. & Son (Guido L. and Maximillian A.), drugs
Swan, Grace, teacher
Sykes, Nina, teacher
Twombley, Benjamin, blacksmith
Wigginton, C. W., mayor
Wigginton, Mabel, teacher
Wilson, Henry F., meats

Population 400. An incorporated town on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and the Chicago, Great Western Railways, in Minden Township, Pottawattamie County, 26 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the county seat.  Has a bank and an opera house and a weekly newspaper, the News.  Telephone and telegraph facilities.  Express, U. S. and W. F. & Co., Jacob Geiger, postmaster

Addison, D. D., housemover
Augustine, Grant, physician
Bohren, Hans, painter
Borstedt, August, carpenter
Clock, J. C., dentist
Commercial Hotel, Mrs. J. R. Rice, proprietor
Crow, John W., real estate, insurance and mayor
Dollen, R. H., cigar manufacturer and barber
Dorsher, Mrs. A., proprietor, Minden Hotel
Dutton, H. N., railroad express and telegraph agent
Ehlers, Louis, livery and draying
Ehlers Implement Co., agricultural implements
Ehlers, Peter, grain elevator
Farmers’ Savings Bank (capital $12,000), Peter Langer, president, P. Lander Jr., cashier
Geiger, Jacob, general store and postmaster
Geiger, John, hardware and mayor
German American Bank Incorporated, R. Hannan, president, Aus T. Rohlfs, cashier
Green Bay Lumber Co., Louis Ehlers, manager
Groneweg, George & Co., general store
Gruenau, A. E., billiards
Hempel, G. H., blacksmith
Hesley, F. R., livestock
Hesley, H. J., saloon
Holey, J. C., proprietor, Minden News
Hosike, Paul, painter
Jasper, Henry, barber
Kaven, August, saloon
Kaven, William, contractor and builder
Koch Hardware Co.
Koebel, Max, restaurant
Kundel, Gus, blacksmith
Langer, J. A., notions
Lehman, Max, drugs
Martin & Nurre, proprietors, Minden Canning Co.
Minden Brass Band, Julius Stuhr, leader
Minden Canning Co., Martin & Nurre, proprietors
Minden News, J. C. Holey, proprietor
Opera House, E. D. Otto, proprietor
Otto, E. D., billiards and proprietor, Opera House
Pieper, D. H., meats
Pieper, Henry, livestock
Plank, A. K., principal of schools
Polzin, Carl, harnessmaker
Pries, Fred, saloon
Roost, John, painter
Shultz, Fred, blacksmith
Schwegler, John B., proprietor, Union Hotel
Stuhr Furniture and Pump Co.
Stuhr & Reisy Grain Co.
Thiel, Rev. P. J. (Congregational)
Turk, Adam, shoemaker
Urbohns, A., jewelry
Union Hotel, John B. Schwegler, proprietor
Wolff, Charles, painter

Population, 1,200. An incorporated city, located on Mosquito Creek and on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railways (depots 330 years apart), in Neola Township, Pottawattamie County, 21 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the judicial seat, and 121 west of Des Moines.  Was settled in 1860.  Is lighted by electricity, has water works, fire department, telephone facilities, churches of the Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations, a graded public school, 2 banks, an opera house and a weekly newspaper, the Neola Gazette.  Telegraph, Western Union Express, U.S. and W. F. & Co.  Telephone connection. John G. Bardsley, postmaster

Austin, D. W., contractor
Bardsley, John G., lawyer and postmaster
Barnes, A. T., plasterer
Barnes, R. W., drugs
Beckhart, Rev. A. D. (Methodist)
Bowen, W. C., land agent
Bradenburger, Mrs. May, milliner
Brey, John, poultry breeder
Brown, S. J., painter
Buchanan, John, painter
Carver, A. B., paints
Churchill, R. V., chairman, Cemetery Improvement Association
Clark, Riley, lawyer and justice
Connor, M. O., general store
Cooper, George L., general store
Cooper, J. E., carpenter
Corbett & Sweeney, well borer
Cupp, J. H., carpenter
Davis & Hobbins, saloon
Denbeck, J., wagonmaker
Doyle, Freeman, agent, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad
Doyle, Joseph M., physician
Drexler, Rev. A. J. (Catholic)
Dubuque Malting Co.
Erven & Gunnette (G. Erven, J. Gunnette), livery
Farmers’ Telephone Co.
Farmers’ and Merchants’ State Bank (capital $25.000), E. F. Cotter, president, Ralph Hall, cashier
Feldahn & Lotz, restaurant
Flynn, E. J., grain buyer
Fogerty, J. A., dentist
Freschauf, Frank, barber
Gabriel-Reese Lumber Co.
Garland, J. H. Jr., railroad express and telegraph agent
Geise, G. W., veterinary surgeon
Goeser, Anton, photographer
Green Bay Lumber Co.
Gurney, L. E., dentist
Hain, R. L., drayage
Hamilton & Smith, general store
Hammerand & Duschanek, blacksmith
Hansen, Sorren, plasterer
Hegarty Sisters, milliners
Hicks, T. C., jeweler
Hunter, J. W., agent, Wells-Hord Grain Co.
Jacoby, J. B., music teacher and proprietor, Neola Opera House
Jacoby, J. H., shoes
Johnson, L. B., undertaker
Jungferman Brothers, agent, Dubuque Brewery Co.
Jungferman, H. J., saloon
Lowrey, J. H., physician
McDermott, Thomas W., agricultural implements and blacksmith
McGuire, W., general store
Merrill, L. G., publisher, Neola Gazette
Mitchell, T. A., agent, Hawkeye Insurance Co.
Mitchell & McDermott (F. A. Mitchell, T. W. McDermott), proprietors, Neola Auto Co.
Nebraska Telephone Exchange, J. B. Johnson, manager
Neola Auto Co., Mitchell & McDermott, proprietors
Neola Cement Block and Construction Co. Incorporated, B. G. Ensign, secretary
Neola Cornet Band, Austin Pruitt, secretary
Neola Gazette, L. G. Merrill, publisher
Neola Implement Co.
Neola Opera House, J. B. Jacoby, proprietor
New Clifton, R. W. Zimmer, proprietor
Nuschy, J., blacksmith
O’Connor, John, hotel
Palmer & Co., general store
Pearce, A. E., hardward
Pigeon Valley Telephone Co.
Pogge, H. H., agent, Chicago Elevator Co.
Pruitt, A. W., electrician
Remington, George N., contractor and manufacturer cement blocks
Rolfes, H., drugs
Rudinger, August, tailor
Ryan, Mrs. A. E., confectioner
Schnieder, L. W., lawyer
Sells, D. C., agent, Des Moines Fire Insurance Co.
Seward, Guy, physician
Shelby Telephone Co.
Shierbrock & O’Connor (H. J. Shierbrock, R. J. O’Connor), agricultural implements
Spencer, G. W., supervisor
State Bank of Neola (Capital $30,000), B. G. Ensign, president, J. S. Hermsen, cashier
Steffens & VanHebel, saloon
Sullivan, Mrs. A. C., dressmaker
Sweeney, M. L., harness
Todd, J. F., agent, Standard Oil Co.
Tracy & White, bowling
VanNess, Isaac T., physician
Weber, J. A., general store
Weber, J. H., clothing
Weinland, Rev. R. S. (Presbyterian)
Wells-Hord Grain Co., J. W. Hunter, agent
White, M. J., barber
White, P. J., hardware
Williams Hotel, Mrs. S. Williams, proprietor
Zimmer, R. M., proprietor, New Clifton

Population, 1,000. An incorporated town located on the West Nishnabotna River and on the Chicigo, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, in Belknap Townshp, Pottawattamie County, 28 miles east of Council Bluffs, the judicial seat.  Has Christian, Congregational and Methodist churches, an opera house, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Oakland Acorn. Telegraph, Western Union Express, U.S. Telephone connection. Newton W. Wentz, postmaster

Alexander, Thomas C., physician
Allf, Julius, livestock
Bane, W. O., livestock
Bates, John A., livestock
Baxter, Carlos E., veterinary surgeon
Beezley, John, marshall
Bender, J. E., nurseryman
Bender, John B., auctioneer
Bentley, John B., meats
Busenberg, Rev. D. C. (Evangelical)
Busick, Benjamin R., house mover
Butler, W. K., livestock
Callison, Charles E., barber
Callison, Mattie, milliner
Chase, A. N., carpenter
Cheyne & Haworth, real estate
Chilson, H. D., livestock
Citizens’ State Bank of Oakland (capital $50,000), W. H. Freeman, president, W. W. McRory, cashier
Clark, George B., lawyer
Clark, Mrs. Freda M., physician
Collard, Frank, livestock
Crawford, G. M., photographer
Crowley, Ina, teacher
 Cunneen, L. K., ice
Denton, E. P., livestock
Evans, M. H., notary
Ewoldt, H. F., railroad express and telegraph agent
Freeman, W. H., livestock
Frizzell, J. O., livestock
Fullerton Lumber Co., Charles Drake, manager
Gardner, I. N., mayor
Giles, G. C., physician
Green Bay Lumber Co., F. E. Seeman, manager
Green, Rev. P. H. (Christian)
Hackett, Richard, livestock
Hanley, C. T., livestock
Harlan, W. D., drugs
Harlan & Avoca Telephone Co., Mate Motz, manager
Harris, J. J., stenographer
Heft Brothers, hardware and implements
Hills, Willis C., publisher, Oakland Acorn
Hough, G. D., plumbing and windmills
Howrey, Paris M., wagonmaker
Jackson, Edwin R., teacher
Jacobson, A. E., pianos
Johns, T. J., supervisor
Johnson, Joseph A., livery
Judy, Grace, teacher
Jumper, William, livestock
Kinney & Brubaker, carpenters
Larsen, Chris, tailor
Layton, Judson, restaurant
Lee, Rudolph, shoes
Lenocker, Al A., drugs
Lindsey, John, constable
Logan, Charles C., proprietor, Oakland Hotel
McPherrin Brothers & Co., livestock
McPherrin, J. O. , livestock
Martin, Jens, carpet weaver
Matthews, Rev. A. J. (Methodist)
Morris, Bertha, teacher
Morrison, Fred D., blacksmith
Nichols, D. J., carpenter
Oakland Acorn, Willis C. Hills, publisher
Oakland Flour & Feed Store, E. A. Snapp, manager
Oakland Garage, Hift Brothers, managers
Oakland Grain & Coal Co., J. H. Schmidt, manager
Oakland Hardware Co., C. W. Bruce, manager
Oakland Hotel, Charles C. Logan, proprietor
Oakland Mercantile Co., J. W. Carson, president and secretary, general store
Oakland Opera House, L. K. Cunneen, manager
Oakland Produce Co., A. C. Haworth, manager
Oakland Savings Bank (capital $25,000), W. L. Overman, president, M. H. Evans, cashier
Overman, W. L., insurance
Palmer, Belle, teacher
Palmer, S. S., livestock
Patrick, F. M., blacksmith
Perkins, R. W., physician
Pope, A. W., carpenter
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co., J. H. Rosenberg, manager
Potter & Wolf, cement blocks
Puryear Brothers (Edward E. and Edwin E.), barbers
Ralston, J. T., dentist
Randall, Benjamin S., painter
Rhoades, Rev. B. J. (Congregational)
Sample, C. A., real estate
Setz, Felix, supervisor
Shepard, E. A., jeweler and optician
Simpson, Edward E., painter
Smith, --, principal of schools
Smith, Ralph G., physician
Spalti Brothers (John and H. H.), general store
Spalti, Joshua H. & Son (Joshua H. and Warren C.), general store
Standard Oil Co., C. A. VanMeter, agent
Thompson, Sylvia, carpet weaver
United States Express Co., H. F. Ewoldt, agent
Veith, A. C. & Co. (Albert C. Vieth), hardware and furniture
Walker, Robert F., florist
Ware, A. C., bakery
Wentz, Newton W., postmaster
Whitney & Fetter, milliners
Williams, Orville, harness
Woodruff, J. W., painters

Population, 125.  In Pottawattamie County, 15 miles east of Council Bluffs, the county seat and shipping point.  Has Congregational and Lutheran churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Record.  Telephone exchange. O. O. Buck, postmaster

Altrouck, Charles T., city clerk
Dammrow, August, insurance
Eyeberg, F. J., blacksmith
Fath, Rev. Jacob (German Congregational)
Flood, Charles B., livestock dealer
Flood & Carter, general store
Fox, Michael, marshal
Gayle, T. D., architect
Greenwood Lumber Co.
Hoff, Rev. H. E. (German Lutheran)
Holst, Fred, capitalist
Ingram, A. L., livestock
Kay, Karl, shoemaker
Kunath & Gilday, barbers
Kusgen, Henry, painter
Langerson, L., blacksmith
Len, Hugo, pool [hall]
Meyer, Max, real estate
Noblitt, A. J., restaurant
Rice, J. H. & Co., drugs
Rice & Ruddy, milliners and dressmakers
Sarr, A. E., auto expert
Sarr & Kathermann, undertakers, hardware implements, autos
Scebold, George, hotel
Scebold, Ray, livery
Scebold, R. W., insurance
Schultz, F. H., brick and autos
Silvey, F. G., carpenter and contractor
Sperry, A. C., teacher
Sucksdorf, P. N., livestock
Stephens, R. H., physician
Treynor Mercantile Co., general store
Treynor Record, O. O. Buck, publisher
Treynor Opera House, A. K. Karrer, proprietor
Treynor Savings Bank (capital $25,000), M. Flammand, president, August F., Dammrow, cashier

Population, 300. On the Mosquito River and on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railways (depot 350 yards apart), in Norwalk Township, Pottawattamie County, 16 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the county seat.  Has German Lutheran and Latter Day Saints churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Underwood News.  Telegraph, Western Union Express, W. F. & Co. Telephone connection.  Earl Bundy, postmaster

Bjorkman, J., blacksmith
Cash, W. F., drugs
Cavers Elevator Co., grain
Christianson, M. C., harnessmaker
Fisher, H. R., meats
Grain Valley Machine Co., agricultural implements
Hoffa, Robert, carpenter
Hurd, Benjamin F., marshall
Myer & Schroeder, livestock
O’Connor, James, railroad contractor
Pitkins, W. E., livery
Reed, James, restaurant
Reed & Masters, general store
Rees, Gabriel & Co., lumber and coal
Schmaedecke, Henry, hotel
Schmaedecke, W. F., general store
Sharp, J. H., justice of peace
Shaw, Albert, hardware
Shields Brothers, general store
Tallman, William, railroad express and telegraph agent
Underwood Land & Investment Co.
Underwood News, Earl Bundy, publisher
Underwood Savings Bank (capital $10,000), H. J. Shields, president, J. M. Shaff, cashier
Verpoorten, Joseph, confectioner
Willmott, George W., saloon
Wolff, George, saloon
Wyland, A. O., mayor and physician

Population, 900. An incorporated town located on the main line of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, in Layton Township, Pottawattamie County, 47 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the judicial seat, and 95 miles west of Des Moines.  It has three banks, a weekly newspaper, 4 churches, etc.  Ships grain, livestock and produce.  Telegraph, Western Union Express, U.S. Telephone connection.  A. E. Kincaid, postmaster

Adams, George W., civil engineer
Backus, Andrew, carpenter
Baird, William, drayman
Baker, J. W., painter
Barton, Charles, railroad express and telegraph agent
Benson, Walter, shoemaker
Beyer, William, shoemaker
Bigelow, Roy, barber
Bixby, William, saloon
Boiler, William, hardware
Brandt, William F., dentist
Brindley, John W., drayage
Brindley, Robert, confectioner
Bruce, Oswald M., drugs
Bunker, James L., real estate
Bunton, G. H., coal and grain
Burke Brothers (Charles and Edward), real estate and Shire horses
Burke, William F., grocer
Burmeister, Mrs. D., proprietor, St. Rose Hotel
Burmeister, Hugo, general store
Carey, Lee H., mason
Carstensen, Peter C., blacksmith
Cary, Gustav, baker
Citizens Bank, William F. Burke, president, E. D. Burke, cashier
Coates, Grace, music teacher
Coates, William H., carpenter
Comer, Samuel R., furniture and undertaker
Cottage House, William E. Fraser, proprietor
Cramer, Rev. H. D. (Presbyterian)
Craney, William, livestock
Dunn, Elizabeth T., teacher
Eckert, Adam, livery
Exchange State Bank (capital $25,000), Julius Hector, president, Orris Mosher, cashier
Foote, W. V., well borer
Fraser, William E., proprietor, The Cottage House
Gaffney, Rev. P. Jr. (Catholic)
German Bank, J. F. Ronna & Son, proprietors
Glassburn, Rev. H. B. (Methodist)
Green Bay Lumber Co., Fred Taggert, manager
Griffith, George H., general store
Hanna, Frank, physician
Hansen & Cade, saloon
Hardesty, Sylvester, blacksmith
Hennings, Otto, restaurant
Johansen, John B., real estate and justice
Johnson, Ora E., teacher
Kall, P. & Son (Peter and Henry), farm implements
Keirns, May, teacher
Kincaid, Alfred E., postmaster
Kite, Mrs. Flora, dressmaker
Koll, Harry, veterinary surgeon
Koos, Jurgen, hog breeder
Lampman, R. M., principle of school
Larsen, Jens, artificial stone
Lewis, Frances, teacher
Lewis, Nathan H., harness
Longnecker, Ernest, hog breeder
Longnecker, N. S., poultry dealer
McKee, Laura, dressmaker
Madsen, Minter, general store
Mallicoat, John, general store
Mickel, Eugene E., farm implements
Moore, Morris, physician
Moritz, Herman, meats
Mosher, Orris, lawyer
Mueller, Emil, painter
Murphy, Agnes, teacher
Mutum, Henry, livestock
Nagle, Fred, shoes
Nebraska Telephone Co., Otto Hennings, manager
Neff, Charles, livestock
Neff, Louis J., lawyer and real estate
Nielsen, A. J., saloon
Odd Fellows Opera House, Lee Wayne, manager
Paulsen, Nels, blacksmith
Pedersen, L. C., jeweler
Preuinegar, George, drayage
Ray, Robert L., hog breeder
Reimer, John, painter
Robinson, J. Fred, restaurant
Ronna, J. F. & Son, proprietor, German Bank
Sager, Annie, music teacher
Sager, Christian, carpenter
Sankey, Frank, livery
Sankey, W. S., auctioneer
Sieffert, H. O. Lumber Co., Alfred Stoltenberg, manager
Seville, Ross J., billiards
Spangler, Mrs. Clara, music teacher
Spangler, Ira T., grain and livestock
Spangler, Munro L, real estate
Spangler & Emmons (Ira T. Spangler, William Emmons), farm implements and coal
Taggert, Fred, manager, Green Bay Lumber Co.
Theisen, Jorgen & Son (Jorgen and Henry), saloon
Thompson, E. C., drugs
Thompson, S. J., pumps
United States Express Co., Charles Barton, agent
Verine Band, Roy Bigelow, leader
Voss, Otto R., physician
Walker, Fergus E., barber
Walnut Bureau, J. W. Wayne & Son, publishers
Walnut Milling Co., George W. Eroe, president, J. C. Sangler, secretary, flour mill
Wayne, J. W. & Son (John W. and LeRoy D.), publishers, Walnut Bureau and job printers
Whittie, Kate, milliner
Wolf, Gustave, wagonmaker

Population, 100. On the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railways (depots 60 rods apart), in Hazel Dell Township, Pottawattamie County, 9 ¼ miles northeast of Council Bluffs, the county seat and nearest banking point.  Telegraph, Western Union Express, U.S. & W. F. Co. [telephone connection]

Hubbell, O., railroad express and telegraph agent
Iverson, A., blacksmith
Peterson, P. C., general store and agricultural implements
Quinn, H. A., lumber company
Smith, T. J., general store