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Flint Cemetery
Waveland Township

Flint Cemetery       Flint Cemetery

Flint Cemetery is located three miles west and a half mile south of Griswold. Originally known as the Rhode Island Ridge Burial Grounds, it was established around 1875 on land donated by John Flint and wife Mary Pierson.

Above photographs taken June 29 & July 3, 2002 by Joyce Hickman and Patti Brown.

Copyright (c) 2014 Joyce Hickman and Patti Brown. All rights reserved except permission granted to reproduce or distribute to not-for-profit individuals or organizations.

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Name Dates Remarks
Adams, Dwight Roxy 16 Oct 1941-8 Feb 2002 Married 28 Sep 1962 On back: Children Julie Amy David
Adams, Shirley Joan 8 Dec 1943-no death date Nee Sasse, Wife of Dwight Roxy
Anderson, David A. 1938-1982 American Legion Marker
Anderson, David Adolph 20 Dec 1938-15 Jan 1982 A2C US Air Force [military marker behind larger stone]
Anderson, Mary Lou 1934-1978 Wife of David A.
Apt, Charles M. 1944-1993 "Son"
Apt, Clarence M. 1913-1974 "Father"
Apt, Ella Mae 1922-1998 Wife of Clarence M. Mother
Armstrong, Mary E. 13 Oct 1839-9 Aug 1901 "Mother"
Aulgur, Dora 7 Oct 1874-below sod Daughter of A & E
Bailey, Chester 1896-1984  
Bailey, Mildred 1907-1981 Wife of Chester
Barnes, Betty J. 1933-no death date Wife of Robert L. on back Our Children Carole, Janet, Charles, Peggy
Barnes, Robert L. 1932-no death date  
Barr, Curtis H. 8 Feb 1888 Aged 2y 3m 28d Son of J M & B T
Barr,Ida M. 16 Mar 1883 Aged 1y ?m 10 d Daughter of J M & T
Barr, Irene 2 Apr 1886 Aged 27d Daughter of J M & T
Barr,Talitha I. Pierson 4 Sep 1868-3 Mar 1935 "Mother"
Beerman, Leslie G. 1919-1973 "Together Forever"
Beerman, Myrtle F. 1924-no death date Wife of Leslie G.
Bees, Carl J. 1907-1978  
Bees, Thetis L. 1911-2001 Wife of Carl J.
Bell, Emory N. 27 Aug 1875 Aged 9m 3d Son of W J & E J
Bierbaum, Arthur E. 1 Nov 1898-19 Mar 1990 Married 16 Feb 1924
Bierbaum, Gladys Mae 18 Nov 1898-27 Jan 1991 Wife of Arthur E.
Black, Emma J. 1868-1938  
Black, Frank M. 1889-1924  
Black, Frank M. 11 Mar 1878 Aged 10y 8m 11d son of M P & T E
Black, Jennie 15 Jan 1878 Aged 22y 6m 3d Wife of W W
Black, Leonard 25 Jul 1878 Aged 1y 9m 28d Children of C B & S E Blank marker for Leonard's grave
Black, Leonard E. 1856-1929  
Black, Mary 26 Jul 1879 Aged 7m Children of C B & S E Blank marker for Mary's grave
Black, Milton P. 29 Dec 1820-2 Jul 1895 Aged 74y 6m 4d Company B 10th Iowa Infantry GAR 1861-1865 marker
Black, Talitha B. 15 Jul 1831-1 Jul 1907 Aged 75y 11m 15d Wife of Milton P.
Book, Agnes M. 31 Jul 1908-21 Feb 1916 Daughter of O O & F R
Book, Celia O. 1884-1960 Wife of John Ray "Mother"
Book, Florence 1875-1958 Wife of Orion O.
Book, Infant Son   Son of O O & F R
Book, John 1789-1881 "War of 1812"
Book, John Ray 1880-1956 "Father"
Book, Mary Virginia 1915-no death date Wife of Ralph Owen
Book, Orion O. 1876-1956  
Book, Ralph Owen 1913-1997  
Book, W. H. 1 Oct 1884 Aged 66y 8m 20d
Boyer, Elizabeth 3 Aug 1874 Aged 76y Wife of G
Bradshaw, Gayle L. 10 Aug 1913-no death date Wife of Loren C. on back: Our children Jeanette, Geneva, Larry
Bradshaw, Loren C. 16 Jul 1913-20 Feb 2001 Married 2 Nov 1935 "In Loving Memory"
Brattain, Bob 1929 No death date "Beloved Friends" Plot next to Lorraine Peterson
Brattain, Earl D. 1889-1939 "Father"
Brattain, Earl Jr. 1923-1933  
Brattain, Elma M. 1893-1989 "Mother"
Brattain, Joseph M. 1922-1922 Infant son
Bridger, Gary 11 Nov 1943-no death date Married 26 Oct 1963, Our daughter Angie
Bridger, Marilyn 23 May 1946-29 Mar 1998 Wife of Gary, on back: Little Grandpa Kyle Little Grandma
Brookner, Mary Kinser 1882-1953 "Mother" "Sweet Mother Has Gone To Rest"
Brown, Frankey 20 Apr 1887 Aged 9d Son of Y M & E A
Brown, Roye T. 22 Jul 1880 Aged 1m 22d Son of G E & M H
Bunnell, Eliza 1842-1916  
Burnham, Adelbert L. 1861-1932  
Burnham, Caroline 15 Mar 1832-10 Feb 1923 "His Wife" Wife of Loren A. [Mother stone placed nect to Emory N. Bell in Row 12]
Burnham, Clara B. 1868-1936 Wife of Fred A.
Burnham, Clara J. 1860-1933  
Burnham, Daniel 8 Aug 1956-  
Burnham, Elizabeth 1901-1980 "Mother" Married 21 Oct 1922, Wife of Raymond
Burnham, Ella 1894-1981  
Burnham, F. Raymond 1901-1988 "Father"
Burnham, Florence M. 30 Dec 1871 Aged 6y 8m 13d, daughter of L A & C L
Burnham, Fred A. 1863-1938  
Burnham, Infant Daughter 6 May 1888 Daughter of F A & C B
Burnham, Infant Son 27 Feb 1867 Son of L & C
Burnham, Loren A. 23 Sep 1834-21 Apr 1898 "Father" Stone placed next to Emory N. Bell
Burnham, Neva Helene 15 Jun 1895-4 Aug 1902 Daughter of F A & C B
Burnham, Ralph 11 May 1890 Aged 8d, son of F A & C B
Burnham, Robert M. 1922-1922  
Burnham, Stuart 1892-1989  
Buroughs, Harlan L. 30 Nov 1918-10 Jul 1992 Optimist International marker
Buroughs, Phyllis M. 3 Jun 1921-no death date Wife of Harlan L.
Carey, Polly 29 Aug 1871 81y11m14d
Cary, Clarence E. 11 Feb 1902-17 Aug 1986  
Cary, Darrell M. 1911-1998  
Cary, Mary 1864-1929 "Mother"
Cary, Mercedes H. 1907-no death date Wife of Darrell M.
Caton, Clara M. 1888-1973  
Caton, Dorothy L. 1922-1986 "Daughter"
Caton, Gladys C. 1901-1875 Wife of Joseph R.
Caton, Joseph R. 1895-1978 American Legion marker
Caton, May A. 1875-1943 "Mother" Wife of Richard L.
Caton, Richard L. 22 Feb 1903-13 Oct 1966 Iowa Pvt US Army World War II "US World War I" marker
Caton, Richard L. 1869-1943 "Father"
Caton, William LeRoy 26 Jun 1918-9 Jul 1969 Iowa Pvt Army Air Forces World War II American Legion marker
Christian, Alner B. 1873-1929  
Christian, Alva S. 1868-1868  
Christian, Annie May 1891-1912 "Daughter" Large name stone
Christian, Florence H. 1903-1979 Wife of John E.
Christian, Fredrick F. 6 Aug 1894 Aged 23y3m26d "Go and dwell with Him above, Happy in the Saviours love"
Christian,Jennie E. 1878-1965 Wife of Alner B.
Christian, John E. 1900-1974  
Christian, Jhon F. 1865-1+42 Father
Christian, June Geraldine 1912-no death dates  
Christian, Minnie May 1869-4938 "Mother" Large name stone
Christian, Newton B. 1872-1884  
Christian, Rebecca E. 1840-1921 "Mother"
Christian, Thomas N. 1836-1909 "Father" Company F 35th Missouri Volunteer Infantry
Christian, Weltha 1867-1885  
Clark, Bessie B. 18 Sep 1888-16 Jun 1952 Wife of Roy E.
Clark, Roy E. 28 Dec 1883-24 Apr 1964  
Cocklin, Allen True 1873-1875  
Cocklin, Baby    
Cocklin, Charles W. 22 Oct 1901-6 Sep 1972 Iowa Private US Army World War II
Cocklin, Clinton Tracy 16 Nov 1890-25 Apr 1973  
Cocklin, Donald Lipe 15 Oct 1921-29 Jan 1927 Son of CT & GE
Cocklin, E. Isabel 23 Mar 1872-10 May 1932  
Cocklin, Edythe Patricia "F" 9 May 1922-11 Mar 2000 Wife of Taymond L. nee Dension Married 24 Feb 1943
Cocklin, Eliza Ann 1852-1874 Wife of W.L.
Cocklin, Frank N.   Iowa Private Motor Truck Company 42 OMC
Cocklin, Gladys Ethal 30 Nov 1899-20 Feb 1960 Wife of CT
Cocklin, Guy W. 1880-1957 Spanish War Veteransmarker FLT 100F 480 marker
Cocklin, Harvey Ross 4 Oct 1914-22 Nov 1979 Masonic marker
Cocklin, Ira Ernest 9 Jan 1893-19 Nov 1967 Iowa Private US Army World War I
Cocklin, Irene Marie 26 Aug 1923-no death date Wife of Harvey Ross On Back: Children Von, Roger, Carl, Lynne, Don, Sarah Eastern Star
Cocklin, J.I.   hand-carved stone, no readable inscription
Cocklin, Lewis A. 22 Aug 1878-10 Aug 1940  
Cocklin, Margaret 24 Nov 1876-12 Jul 1962 Wife of Lewis A.
Cocklin, Marjorie Anna 18 Oct 1905-27 Aug 1936 Dau of LA & MB
Cocklin, Mary L. 1884-1951 Wife of Guy W. FLT 100F 480 marker
Cocklin, Melissa 1856-1933 "Mother" Wife of W.L.
Cocklin, Raymond L. 10 Sep 1918-23 Oct 1994  
Cocklin, William Lipe 1844-1919  
Cramer, Sarah A. 6 Jul 1844-16 Jul 1889 Wife of J.C.
Cranston, Athela Faye 7 May 1904  
Cranston, George Clinton 1872-1945  
Cranston, Rhoda D. 1871-1901  
Daniels, R. Curtis 1917-1989  
Davis, Almer 1890-1890 Family name stone
Davis, Calla 1893-1893 Family name stone
Davis, Cena (Melcena C.) 1878-1973 Wife of Eddie T.
Davis, David D. 1961-1937 Family name stone
Davis, E.D. 26 Jun 1884 aged 50y
Davis, Eddie T. 20 Jun 1877-23 Mar 1908  
Davis, Garrett (Mrs.) 14 Jun 1884 aged 38y Wife of E.D.
Davis, Hannah E. 1875-1954 Wife of John M.
Davis, Hazel 20 May 1896 aged 1y9m20d "Dearest children thou has left us And thy loss we deepy feel"
Davis, John M. 1875-1957  
Davis, Lee R. "Pete" 1919-2001 Married 9 Jan 1943
Davis, Louise 1905-1905 Family name stone
Davis, Marcella 1899-1950 Family name stone
Davis, Mary   has a foot stone
Davis, Myrtle 27 Feb 1888 aged 8d "Tis the Lord that hath bereftus Of ones we loved so well"
Davis, Ray 1886-1886 Family name stone
Davis, Sarah L. 1865-1950 Wife of David D. Family name stone
Davis, Susan 15 Oct 1878 aged 42y
Davis, Werdna M. 1924-1997 Wife of Lee R. "Pete" Daughters Marilyn Javet Cathy
Dean, Charlotte 23 Oct 1865 aged 18y2m21d
Dean, Clarinda E. 9 Jul 1890 aged 9y10m18d Dau of HD & MV
Dean, Edward 2 Jul 1892 aged 82y5m24d
Dean, Enola   Dau of BN & HA (no birth or death dates)
Dean, Ida B. 26 Oct 1869-22 May 1917 Wife of W.J. Large name stone in Row 22
Dean, Infant no birth date-no death date Infant of WJ & Ida Large name stone in Row 22
Dean, Lela M. 1896-1981 Wife of Ralph
Dean, Martin B. 19 Apr 1840-16 Jul 1915 "Father" stone GAR Vet marker
Dean, Mary A. West 12 May 1894 aged 84y8m18d Wife of Edward
Dean, Mary V. 5 Nov 1842-3 Jul 1929 "His Wife" "Mother" stone
Dean, Ralph W. 1896-1981  
Dean, Vera   Dau of BN & HA (no birth or death dates)
Dean, William J. 6 Jun 1883-18 Aug 1939 Large name stone in Row 22
DeKay, Charles Lester 1920-1920  
DeKay, Baby Boy 1934-1934  
DeKay, Carl 1898-1977  
DeKay, Lois 1898-1979  
DeKay, Ronda Ann 8 May 1956-8 May 1956  
Dillard, Ella 1855-1929 Wife of Solomon
Dillard, Solomon 1851-1944  
Dodge, Catherine May 24 Feb 1884 aged 10y5m16d Dau of CM & NJ
Dodge, Charles M. (Dr.) no birth date-no death date "Second Battery Light Artillery of Iowa"
Drake, Ruth A. 20 Dec 1914-22 Nov 2001 "Mother"
Eastman, Benjamin F. 1873-1922  
Eastman, Carroll H. 1914-1914  
Eastman, Clarence O. 1908-1909  
Eastman, Frank W. 1 May 1911-9 Nov 1981  
Eastman, Minnie A. 1883-1924 Wife of Benjamin F.
Edwards, Mary A. 22 Apr 1882 aged 32y7m21d Wife of F.M. "Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow gently weep"
Erickson, Gloria F. 1928-no death date Wife of R. Kenneth
Erickson, Leo 1907-1985 American Legion marker
Erickson, Lucy 1906-1996 Wife of Leo
Erickson, R. Kenneth 1925-no death date  
Erickson, Scott A. 1950-2001  
Fechtel, Louis H. 13 Nov 1894 aged 3y3m10d Son of LH & S
Fish, Gertrude 1887-1921 Wife of James R.
Fish, James R. 1878-1956  
Fisher, Edgar H. 1892-1979 "Father" World War I marker
Fisher, Hazel E. 1900-1976 "Mother" Wife of Edgar H.
Flint, Alvin 17 Sep 1867-16 Sep1938  
Flint, Florence 11 Oct 1871 aged 8m20d dau of J & M
Flint, Hamlet M.M. 3 Nov 1882 aged 23y11m28d
Flint, John 28 Aug 1838-2 Mar 1908 "Father" Company B 13th Iowa Infantry
Flint, Mary E. 31 Dec 1844-26 Sep 1910 "Mother" "His Wife" Wife of John
Flint, Warren 11 Nov 1869-17 Oct 1932  
Forsyth, Elsie M. 1891-1989 Wife of George P.
Forsyth, Elva Ada 1 Jun 1876-25 Apr 1912 Wife of H.K.
Forsyth, George P. 1887-1977 Eastern Star marker
Frazeur, I. Darlyne 12 Feb 1917-no death date Wife of Philip A. On Back: Our children Avis, Allen, Sarah
Frazeur, Philip A. 31 May 1914-23 Mar 1996  
Frost, Gladus Book 1907-1965 Wife of Hilton Leander
Frost, Hilton Leander 1908-1954  
Gamble, A.A. 1850-1936  
Gamble, Annie E. 15 Aug 1848-2 Jul 1923 Wife of A.A.
Gamble, Emma 20 Jul 1881 aged 1y9m9d
Gamble, Maggie May 19 Nov 1882 aged 5m25d
Gamble, Phebe A. 20 Nov 1882 aged 23y29d Wife of A.A.
Gibson, Kendall W. 1937-1938 (Mortuary marker behind large "Cary" stone)
Gibson, Marilyn Lee 1942-1942 (Mortuary marker behind large "Cary" stone)
Gibson, Ronald Dale 1943-1944 (Mortuary marker behind large "Cary" stone)
Goessling, Albert H. 1881-1947 "Father"
Goessling, Alverda M. 1885-1966 "Mother"
Goettsch, Elizabeth (Betty) 8 May 1910-no death date "Married Mar 20, 1949" Wife of Randall
Goettsch, Randall 28 Apr 1924-no death date  
Goltry, Darwin W. 18 Dec 1913-7 Mar 1989  
Goltry, Irene R. 1916-1980 Wife of Raymond E.
Goltry, Maxine L. 18 Dec 1910-no death date Wife of Darwin W.
Goltry, Raymond E. 1917-1994  
Goudie, Anna E. 10 Aug 1859-5 Aug 1908 "His Wife" Wife of Melvin C. "At Rest" "Mother" stone
Goudie, Bertha E. Hartnes 1885-1922 Wife of Ross L.
Goudie, Edgar L. 21 Dec 1888 aged 2y4m4d Son of MC & AE
Goudie, Edgar L. 20 Aug 1884-24 Dec 1888 Inscripion on back of Melvin & Anna Goudie's headstone
Goudie, Edna A. 1900-1958 Wife of Ray H.
Goudie, Melvin C. 4 May 1854-2 Jan 1906 "At Rest" "Father" stone
Goudie, Ray H. 1891-1978 American Legion marker
Goudie, Ross L. 1882-1930  
Gould, Ida Grace 10 Jan 1886-28 Feb 1903 aged 17y1m21d Dau of JA & Lizzie name stone Ida Grace
Gould, Martha 14 Jan 1889 aged 69y2m3d
Gray, Mabel 24 Aug 1890 aged 1y1m22d
Gray, Maggie 24 Jul 1890 aged 25y8m11d Wife of C.O.
Green, Cora E. 1 Aug 1876 aged 1y10m3d Daughter of RS & M
Grinyer, Henry P. (Rev.)   large name stone
Grinyer, Henry P. (Rev.) 1870-1941 "Father" FLT 100F 480 markers
Grinyer, Sarah Ann 1862-1938 "Mother"
Gutheil, Betty J. (Lee) 25 Sep 1939-no death date Wife of Merle Eugene
Gutheil, Merle Eugene 6 Jul 1934-9 Apr 2001  
Hamilton, Edwin A. 1902-1979 Eastern Star marker
Hamilton, John E. 3 Dec 1822 aged (illegible) Son of JM & NA
Hamilton, Nancy A. 21 Apr 1829 aged 39y2m10d Wife of J.M.
Hamilton, Nellie M.M. 1898-1987 Wife of Edwin A. Eastern Star marker
Hansen, Andy C. 1872-1962 "Father"
Hansen, Ernest W. 1900-1985  
Hansen, Gerald R. 1926-1926  
Hansen, Grace F. 1901-1979 Wife of Ernest W.
Hansen, Nancy J. 5 Oct 1955-31 Jan 1982 "In Loving Memory"
Hansen, Viola 1875-1947 Wife of Andy C. "Mother"
Harms, Fred W. 1880-1947 "Father"
Harms, Orvel 1918-1932  
Hartness, James W. 1856-1944  
Hartness, Joanna M. 1859-1927 Wife of James W.
Harness, Walter S. 1894-1964  
Heiman, Pearl Virginia 1915-1932  
Hemsted, Samuel B. 1881-1967  
Hemsted, Addie 16 Feb 1886 aged 7m "Addie" name stone
Hemsted, Eva L. 16 Mar 1889 aged 34y3m22d Wife of Dr. J.W.
Hemsted, Nellie I. 1883-1960 Wife of Samuel B.
Hendricks, Gertrude M. 19 Sep 1900-5 Jan 1979 "Mother" Wife of Lemuel C.
Hendricks, Lemuel C. 10 Jun 1881-12 Feb 1949 "Father"
Herbert, Jennie M. 18 Jun 1877-3 Sep 1903 "At Rest"
Hester, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1803-9 Sep 1887 Wife of William
Hiner, Thomas 10 Jun 1826-4 Oct 1904  
Hines, Archie O. 31 Aug 1893 aged 20y3m12d
Hines, Charlie F. 18 Sep 1883 aged 13y11m20d Son of JF & JE
Hines, Georgie 19 Jul 1920 Infant son of EO & EM
Hines, Mary A. 4 Nov 1881 aged 2y1m25d Dau of IF & JE
Humphrey, Glynn 4 Jan 1893-22 Nov 1906  
Humphrey, Leroy M. 17 Jul 1890 aged 9m14d Son of JE & M stone behind Roye T. Brown's stone
Ireland, Byrde E. (Hanson) 13 Jul 1933-no death date Wife of Lloyd V. On back: Our Children: Vernon L. Joyce M. granddaughters Emily A. Jessica R.
Ireland, Dale LeRoy 1920-1982  
Ireland, Doris E. 1920-2002 Wife of Hershel B. "In Memoriam"
Ireland, George V. 1883-1950 "Father"
Ireland, Hershel B. 1913-1968 "In Memoriam"
Ireland, Lloyd V. 20 Feb 1927-12 Mar 1999 Married 27 Nov 1957 World War II Army
Ireland, Lora 1887-1970 Wife of George V. "Mother"
Ireland, Margie Arlene 1922-1966 Wife of Dale LeRoy
Ireland, Vernon L. 3 Jan 1964-18 Aug 1993 "Love Always" Photo of Vern on stone On back: My dayghter Emily Ann
Ireland, Wayne LeRoy 1943-1970  
Johnson, Alva E. 1908-1985 "Son" "World War II" "In Loving Memory" American Legion marker
Johnson, Charles A. 1923-1999 "Dad" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Johnson, Charles A. 1923-1999 Private US Army World War II (military marker behind large stone)
Johnson, Frances Brown 24 Oct 1891-20 Nov 1913  
Johnson, Laura B. 1885-1974 Wife of Oscar C.
Johnson, Marie L. 1921-1986 "Mom" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Johnson, Oscar C. 1880-1955  
Johnson, Pearl A. 1885-1927 "Father"
Johnson, Rufus W. 1906-1978 "Son" "World War II" "In Loving Memory"
Johnson, Susie O. Peters 1887-1965 "Mother" wife of Pearl A.
Kinser, Dillan J. 7 Jun 1980-29 Jul 1989 "Our Son"
Kinser, Eligah 1880-1959  
Kinser, Fred Alan 11 Oct 1967-3 Dec 1998 Father of Kirk Alex Beth
Kinser, Gary E. 26 Dec 1945-no death date  
Kinser, Harold "Jack" 4 Jun 1921-3 May 1994 Married 18 Jul 1942
Kinser, John J. 1853-1938 "Father"
Kinser, Pearl L. 1889-1975 Wife of W. Austin
Kinser, Phyllis M. 12 Feb 1921-23 May 1997 Wife of Harold "Jack" On back: Our Children Jim, Gary, Linda
Kinser, Ruby J. 1922-no death date Wife of W.E. "Estell"
Kinser, Sherry L. 29 May 1956-26 Jul 1989 Wife of Gary E. On back: Gary & Sherry parents of Tabitha, Dillan, Lance
Kinser, W. Austin 1883-1968  
Kinser, W.E. "Estell" 1914-1983 Married 2 Sep 1941
Larsen, Paul A. 1891-1978  
Larsen, Vera E. 1898-1986 Wife of Paul A.
Laverty, Carl F. Riepe 26 Jan 1927-no death date Wed 26 Apr 1947 World War II marker
Laverty, Ruth Frieda (Motz) 4 Jun 1927-23 Jun 1998 Wife of Carl On vack: Our Children Michael, Carol, Carleene, Christine
Lee, Kermit M. 1907-1983  
Lee, Nadene 1918-1973 Wife of Kermit M.
Leonard, Joseph Henry 24 Nov 1874-28 Nov 1970  
Leonard, Stanley W. (PFC) 14 Jan 1914-16 Sep 1944 "Gave HIs Life in Germany" US World Wars Veteran marker
Leonard, Susan Jane 20 Jan 1890-17 Feb 1978 Wife of Joseph Henry
Lewman, Cena R. 1866-1945  
Lewman, N. Jasper 1859-1948  
Limbaugh, Howard 1903-1992  
Limbaugh, Larry Keith 28 May 1936-29 May 1936  
Limbaugh/Osler   large name headstone
Loomis, L. Loren 1904-1934  
Loomis, Ruth Mae 13 Feb 1912-6 Sep 2001 "nee Leonard" Wife of L. Loren
MacKay, John A. 1877-1926 "Father"
Martens, Jack Allen 1965-no death date Son of Kenneth & Letha
Martens, Kenneth D. 12 Jan 1925-13 Aug 1979  
Martens, Letha J. 17 Aug 1925-16 Jan 2001 Wife of Kenneth D.
Max, Jacob 30 May 1888 Aged 62y7m16d Husband of Eva
McBeath, John 23 May 1893 Aged 37y6m28d
McCaskey, Delia A. 11 Jul 1865-11 Jul 1949  
McCaskey, Gladys W. 1905-1975 Wife of Russell R.
McCaskey, Russell R. 1902-1982  
McCluskey, Hazel G. 1888-1970 Wife of Leo F. FLT 100F 480 marker
McCluskey, Leo F. 1887-1949  
McDuffie, James J. 11 Feb 1923-17 Jan 1995 1st Sergeant US Army World War II Korea
McGinnis, Juseph B. 1885-1967  
McGinnis, Nellie B. 1886-1968 Wife of Joseph B.
McKay, Annie 1850-1930 "Mother" Family name stone
McKay, Edwin 1880-1962 Family name stone
McKay, IIene 19 Jun 1909-22 Jun 1909 Dau of JD & M Twin sister of Ione
McKay, Ione 19 Jun 1909-22 Jun 1909 Dau of JD & M Twin sister of IIene
McKay, John 1846-1921 "Father" Family name stone
McKay, John D. 1882-1961 Family name stone
McKay, Katie 19 Sep 1889 Aged 2y1m1d Dau of J & A
McKay, Mary Loraine 28 Oct 1906-30 Oct 1906 Dau of JD & M
McKay, Stella 1887-1985 FLT marker Family name stone
McKenzie, Alxander M. 16 Jun 1887 aged 18y3m12d
McMillen, John J. 20 Dec 1837 aged 1y19d Son of JC & ME
McMillen, Margaret 26 May 1861 aged 20y7m(?)18d Daughter of J & Mary Wilson
McMillen, Theodore 12 Sep 1837 aged 2y5m Son of JC & ME
Mewhirter, Elisabeth 3 Dec 1861 aged 37y9m15d Wife of William
Mewhirter, Joseph   -19 Aug 1879 aged 1m12d Twin of Josephine Children of William
Mewhirter, Josephine   -30 Aug 1879 aged 1m23d Twin of Joseph Children of William
Mewhirter, Margaret 1842-13 Jul 1879 37y3m6d "Mother" Wife of William
Miller, Hazel I. 1916-no death date  
Miller, Laura M. 1888-1967 Wife of Viggo
Miller, Ronald 1920-1974 USA Air Force World War II
Miller, Viggo 1884-1954  
Moore, James P. 14 Jun 1875-13 Sep 1950  
Moore, Joseph L. 12 May 1827-16 Mar 1900  
Moore, Lenora H. 6 Aug 1881-13 Sep 1957 Wife of James P.
Moore, Mary J. 7 Jun 1827-27 Sep 1906 "Mother" stone inscription on side of Joseph L. Moore's stone
Munro, Beatrice 1922-1942  
Munro, Duncan 1852-1930 "Father"
Munro, Johanna 1858-1938 "Mother" wife of Duncan
Munro, Margaretta 1887-1941  
Munro, Roderick D. 15 Aug 1884-21 May 1968 American Legion marker
Munro, Will F. 1884-1934  
Munro, Zeo V. 11 Jul 1894-2 Jul 1981 Wife of Roderick D.
Myers, Martha E. 1865-1948 "Mother"
Neeley, John 1873-1960  
Neely, C.C. 1834-1908 "Father" stone
Neely, Edwin C. 3 Dec 1894 aged 24y3m23d Son of CC & SE
Neely, Sarah E. 1839-1918 "His wife" "Mother" stone
O'Dell, Geraldine J. 14 Jul 1941-no death date Wife of Raymond L. On back: Our three sons William Charles, Patrick Shannon, Ryan Shane
O'Dell, Raymond L. 28 Aug 1935-4 Jun 1990 Hilliard Wed Apr 29,1963 O'Dell Korean War marker
O'Dell, Ryan S. 28 Apr 1967-no death date  
Oglesbee, Lettie M. 28 May 1894 aged 3m10d Daughter of AB & SB
Osler, Berkeley K. 5 Nov 1873-16 Jun 1954  
Osler, Delia D. 1884-1976  
Osler, Ernest L. 1897-1976 Masonic marker
Osler, Ethel B. 1897-1990 Wife of Ernest L. Eastern Star marker FLT 100F 480 marker
Osler, Lela 1906-1974 Wife of Howard Limbaugh
Osler, Lon 1880-1952  
Owens, Leta K. 1888-1972  
Pace, Benjanim A. 1891-1990  
Pace, George B. 27 Jun 1928-26 Oct 1946  
Pace, Mary E. 1904-1983 Wife of Benjamin A.
Pace, Ronald D. 8 Aug 1948-8 Aug 1948  
Page, George H. 1856-1948 Mortuary marker set in cement
Page, Jos P. -no death date Company F. 101st IL. Infantry Post 9 GAR marker
Parker, Harry A. 21 Oct 1945-no death date  
Parker, Kathleen A. 31 Mar 1948-9 Apr 1994 Wife of Harry A. On back: Our daughters Kyla R., Laura M., Sarah B.
Parks, Dewey L. 9 Feb 1898-27 Nov 1990  
Parrott, Eva Evelin 30 Sep 1918-no death date Wife of Virgil LeRoy Parents of Dinnis
Parrott, Virgil LeRoy 4 Feb 1913-30 May 1989 Married 6 Jan 1938
Pearce, Arlie H. 1883-1954  
Pearce, George G. 11 Jul 1877-6 Jun 1961  
Pearce, Mary M. 1883-1964 Wife of Arlie H.
Peterson, Lorraine 1924-1999 "Beloved Friencs" Buried next to Bob Braittain plot
Pierson, Alice E. 1893-1983 "Mother" Wife of Carlos F. "In Loving Memory"
Pierson, Allie M. 16 Sep 1914-14 Jun 1982 Wife of Floyd E. Eastern Star marker
Pierson, Carlos F. 1883-1943 "Father" "In Loving Memory"
Pierson, Delia B. 5 Feb 1863 aged ?y?m17d (illegible) Dau of J & S
Pierson, Donald H. 11 Mar 1917-10 Oct 1989 Married 21 Nov 1937 World War II marker Wterans of Foreign Wars marker
Pierson, Elisabeth S. 3 Dec 1831-11 Apr 1926 "Mother" stone Wife of Granville
Pierson, Floyd E. 14 Dec 1913-6 Fub 1997 Married 17 Aug 1931 Masonic marker
Pierson, Granville 14 Jul 1828-1 Feb 1908 Company E. 5th IN Inf Vol Inf Mexican War ~ Company I 23rd IA Vol Inf Civil War "Father" stone
Pierson, Henry L. 8 Mar 1862-2 Feb 1894 "Father" stone
Pierson, Ida A. 21 Feb 1878 aged 17y5m7d
Pierson, Infant No birth date-No death date Dau of MP & OL (Inscription on Odia Pierson stone)
Pierson, Infant 18 Feb 1882 aged 24d Infant of ER & RB
Pierson, Joseph 23 Mar 1886 aged 66y8d
Pierson, June (Pope) 5 Aug 1918-20 Mar 1997 Wife of Donald H. On back: Our daughter Ann E. Newman
Pierson, Lyle J. 30 Aug 1928-8 Jan 1965 "Father"
Pierson, Milton P. 1856-1937  
Pierson, Odia L. 14 Apr 1890 aged 28y9m Wife of M.P.
Pierson, Rosa B. 27 Aug 1886 aged 24y7m17d Wife of E.R.
Pierson, Sarah 25 Jul 1907 aged 86y6d Wife of Joseph
Potter, Caroline 23 Jan 1823-17 Sep 1903 "Mother" Wife of Hiram C.
Potter, Clark M. 14 Apr 1845-23 Jun 1911 "Clark" name stone
Potter, Doris Irene 28 Sep 1925-24 Jul 1990 Dau of Arthur W. & Edith A. Parker Plumb Mother of Dale, Max, Bruce, Charles, Glenn, Carol, Lee
Potter, Gladys P. 25 Jun 1893-29 Dec 1978 Wifeo of Ira C.
Potter, Gleen Ira 8 Jul 1956-11 May 1974 "Loved by Everyone"
Potter, Hiram C. 17 Jul 1816-24 Oct 1897 "Father"
Potter, Homer 13 Sep 1898 "Son" Son of William & Mary
Potter, Ira C. 20 Mar 1891-6 Oct 1975 American Legion marker
Potter, Jeffrey Ray 22 Jul 1971-25 Jul 2000 Son of Max & Mary Sue "A inspiration to all who knew him" John 11:25
Potter, Mary 7 Jan 1858-24 Aug 1939 Wife of William
Potter, Neil K. 15 May 1924-no death date "In Loving Memory"
Potter, Nellie   no other information "Nellie" name stone
Potter, Ruby Mae 17 May 1927-4 Oct 1988 Wife of Neil K. FLT 100F 480 marker
Potter, Tamar P. 4 Feb 1852-16 May 1919 "Tamar" name stone
Potter, William 3 Feb 1857-9 May 1916  
Prince, Frances 1858-1937  
Quick, Augustus W. 11 Nov 1871 Son of AK & SA
Quick, J.K. (Sgt) 30 Apr 1843-30 Apr 1882 Company C 8th Ohio Infantry "Sacred to the memory of" Family name stone
Quick, Leonard B. 23 Oct 1882 aged 1y2m22d Son of JK & RA
Quick, Maude 31 Jul 1889 aged (below sod) Dau of JK & RA
Quick, Ross A. 17 Jun 1850-12 Jun 1930 Wife of B. Family name stone Small stone "Ross A Mother"
Quick, Talitha E. 7 ? 1875 aged 1y9m8d Dau of JK & RA
Railsback, Florence 1883-1965 Wife of Samuel H.
Railsback, Sadie A. 1883-1972 Wife of Wm Bert
Railsback, Samuel H. 1879-1971  
Railsback, Wm Bert 1877-1954  
Rasmussen, Doris 1835-no death date  
Rasmussen, Irene 1903-1962 "Mother" Wife of John
Rasmussen, John 1892-1958 "Father"
Redding, Alma M. 26 Dec 1881 aged 7m3d Daughter of JW & ME
Redding, Alta C. 1874-1939 "Wife"
Redding, C.G. 18 Jan 1889 aged 25y1m16d Wife of H.W.
Redding, Garrett 26 Aug 1829-7 Jun 1895 "Father" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Redding, H.W. 1859-1953  
Redding, Jane 10 Nov 1836-18 Oct 1913 "Mother" Wife of Garret "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Redding, John W. 1863-1934  
Redding, Margaret E. 1936-1946 Wife of John W.
Redding, Murlen I. 12 Aug 1889 aged 7m25d Son of HW & CG
Riepe, Arlene M. 1916-no death date Wife of Merle L.
Riepe, Merle L. 1914-1988  
Roberts, Harry E. 21 Oct 1898 aged 1m8d Son of EE & MA
Roberts, Harry L. 1911-1992 "Son"
Roberts, Howard L. 1918-1940 "Son"
Roberts, Maria A. 28 Sep 1893 aged 29y8d Wife of E.E.
Roberts, Mary E. 1890-1985 Wife of William J.
Roberts, Ruth Wynona 10 May 1902 aged 24y1m15d Dau of GA & E
Roberts, William J. 1887-1971  
Robinson, Abner 1869-1944  
Robinson, Abner 1834-1918 Company M 1st Wisconsin
Robinson, Alice M. 1899-1999 Wife of W. Fay
Robinson, Chas A> 1891-1957 World War I marker
Robinson, Elisabeth 1841-1907 Mortuary marker set in concrete
Robinson, Fayette 1875-1895 Mortuary marker set in concrete
Robinson, Goldie G. 1894-1977 Wife of CHas A FLT 100F 480 marker
Robinson, Lillie F. 1871-1952 Wife of Abner
Robinson, W. Fay 1896-1973  
Robinson, William 1866-1943  
Sasse, Arthur F. 1890-1953 Family name stone
Sasse, Bertha M. 1892-1966 Wife of Arthur F. Family name stone
Sasse, Earl L. 4 Apr 1915-4 May 1998 US Army World War II Married 14 Feb 1942
Sasse, Elsie Lenora 14 Sep 1909-23 Jun 1988 Wife of Lawrence Arthur On back of stone: Our Family Dennis, Denise, Paul, Elsa
Sasse, Lawrence Arthur 9 Jul 1913-24 Mar 1988 Married 15 Jun 1939 On vack of stone: Our Family Dennis, Denise, Paul, Elsa
Sasse, Vera L. 22 Aug 1921-no death date nee Anderson Married 14 Feb 1942 Wif of Earl L.
Schaag, Helen 1904-1982  
Scofield, Ralph W. 11 Aug 1894 aged 1y18d Son of WA & EE
Selders, John Willis 1889-1957  
Selders, Maude Lee 1890-1987 Wife of John Willis
Shellberg, Flora M. 1901-1983 Wife of John A.
Shellberg, John A. 1900-1993  
Shultz, Quentin W. 7 Aug 1918-7 Aug 1999 Lt Col US Air Corp World War UU 7 th Bomb Group CPI 51 Missions American Legion marker
Shultz, Wanda M. 20 Sep 1923-29 Jun 1972 Legion Auxiliary Dau of OW & Pearl Kinser On back: Our Children Bill, Karla Wife of Quentin W.
Shultz, William J. "Bill" 12 Nov 1945-4 Jun 1995 On back: Viet Nam Veteran Spec 5 US Army June 1966 June 1969 Recipient of Soldiers Medal
Shultz, William J. "Bill" 12 Nov 1945-4 Jun 1995 On back Part 2: My children Joshua, Thomas, Hillary My Loving Wife Barbara (Nam marker)
Smith, Edward H. 1893-1948 large name headstone
Smith, Emma A. 1893-1966 Wife of Edward H.
SMith, George Raymond 1886-1975  
Smith, George W. 1865-1941  
Smith, Gertrude 1884-1959  
Smith, Iva Charity 1896-1975 Wife of George Raymond
Smith, Madeline Renee 29 Sep 2001-5 Oct 2001 Daughter of Mike & Jess
Smith, Ross 1878-1962  
Solomon, Clara 21 Jul 1881 aged 11m19d Dau of M & EC
Solomon, George W. 21 Mar 1891 aged 12y2m27d Son of JR & L
Solomon, J.R. 11 Oct 1819-18 Sep 1904 "Father"
Solomon, Laru 7 Nov 1824-17 Mar 1916 "Mother" Wife of J.R.
Spencer   No other markings of information Family name stone
Spencer, Mrs. Hattie 5 Apr 1874-18 Mar 1910 Born in Smith Co. Kansas April 5, 1874 died in Griswold Iowa March 18 1910
Spiker, Coral Emma 1903-1988 Mortuary marker only
Spiker, Edith Cary 1896-1926  
Spiker, Marie Garnet 1914-1932  
Talbot, Charles H. 1858-1931  
Talbot, Emma J. 1869-1952 Wife of Charles H.
Thomas, Galen Dean 21 Feb 1932-25 Feb 1988  
Thomas, Henry E. 1902-1982  
Thomas, James G. 1932-1932 Son of JB & Vera
Thomas, James G. 1900-1973  
Thomas, Leona M. 1908-1999 Wife of Henry E. On back: Our children Robert, Galen, Beverly
Thomas, Max Norman 25 Oct 1922-22 Jul 1988 Staff Sergeant US Army Air Corps World War II (Military marker)
Thomas, Robert Ross 1928-1971  
Thomas, Vera P. 1906-1987 Wife of James G.
Thompson, Earl E. 1923-1997  
Thompson, Earl E. 9 Mar 1923-28 Jan 1997 Sergeant US Army World War II (Military marker)
Thompson, Ruby C. 1923-no death date Wife of Earl E.
Thulin, Christina P. 1872-1961 FLT marker
Thulin, Elna Person 1844-1933  
Thulin, Father 1836-1922 No first name given
Thulin, Mother 1835-1897 No first name given Wife of Father
Todd, Bessie B. 5 Nov 1886-21 Apr 1889 "Bessie B. 1886-1889" on side of Mother's stone has smaller separate stone
Todd, Mary O. 1843-1930 "Mother" stone
Tomlinson, Edna Flint 23 Mar 1883-28 Apr 1978  
Turner, Beverly M. 2 Nov 1933-18 Jul 1997 Wife of Merle N. Our children Randy, Deborah, Lori
Turner, Merle N. 6 Mar 1930-no death date  
Tuttle, Josiah T. 31 Aug 1886 aged 64y6m20d
Twining, Eva F. 13 Jun 1883 aged 1y10m Daughter of JW & ME
Van, Daniel 1828-1905 Company E 15 th Regular IA Infantry GAR 1861-1865 marker
Van, Esther A. 1848-1922 "Mother"
Van, Eva J. 1861-1944 "Mother" FLT marker Family name stone
Van, Harley H. 1878-1944  
Van, Lemuel Ray 1885-1926 Family name stone
Van, Nellie M. 16 Jan 1884-13 Jan 1944 Wife of Walter S.
Van, Robert M. 1879-1879 Family name stone
Van, Ruth E. 1885-1946 Wife of Harley H.
Van, S.F. 1851-1912 "Father" Family name stone
Van, Walter S. 25 Jun 1882-13 Jan 1944  
Van, William H. 1843-1916 "Father" Company K 24th IA Inf Broken post 9 GAR marker Big Stone "Company K"
Whipple, Jane S. 17 Aug 1892 Wife of Otis C. aged 74y
Whipple, Otis C. 8 Nov 1870 aged 56y3m1d
Willoughby, Dale Clifford 1919-1961  
Willoughby, Inez D. 1900-1980 Wife of Jennings B.
Willoughby, Jennings B. 1896-1968  
Wilson, E. Jane 1852-1918  
Wilson, Henry 1885-1885  
Wilson, Ida 1876-1898  
Wilson, John 22 Sep 1832 aged 79y1m28d
Wilson, John 1878-1879  
Wilson, John Jr. 1844-1921 Company I 23rd Iowa Infantry
Wilson, Mary 1869-1869  
Wilson, Olive 1872-1873  
Wilson, Sammy 1870-1890  
Wilson, Zena S. 1881-1888  
Winger, Leo D. 1902-1973 "Rest Is THine and Sweet Remembrance Ours"
Winger, Leta M. 1916-2001 Wife of Leo D.
Winterstein, Augusta H. 7 Oct 1847-1 Apr 1920 "His Wife" Wife of Jerome W.
Winterstein, George S. 21 Feb 1875 aged 1y8m21d Son of JW & AA "Our Loved One"
Winterstein, Jerome W. 12 Oct 1845-no death date  
Woodruff, Harriet S. Dodge 16 Sep 1859-26 Jul 1892 Wife of Dr AC Woodruff small name stone
Woodruff, Mary 10 Aug 1881 aged 11m1d Dau of AC & HS
Wooley, Hyla A. 1903-1966 "Mother" Wife of Martin A.
Wooley, Joseph Elery 1872-1943  
Wooley, Martin A. 1899-1970 "Father"
Wooley, Mary Jane 1874-1938 Wife of Joseph Elery
Worth, Florence J. 15 Feb 1881 aged ?y3m?d Dauof TB & MJ
Worth, Infant No birth date-No death date Infant Dau of TB & MJ "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
Walked by Joyce Hickman, transcribed by Katie Dahl. Copyright Joyce Hickman, Katie Dahl. All rights reserved except permission granted to reproduce or distribute to not-for-profit individuals or organizations.