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1880 Census Saylor Township
Poor Farm & Insane Asylum

Poor Farm, Polk County, Iowa

(1.) Name (2.) Race (3.) Sex (4.) Age (5.) Description (6.) Birthplace

 (7.) Birthplace of Father (8.) Birthplace of Mother

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
Hamilton, Potter W M 90 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland
Johnson, William W M 85 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland
Weese, Jesse W M 30 Pauper Iowa Dont Know
Carr, Stephen W M 25 Pauper Mass Ireland Ireland
Farrell, Edward W M 70 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland
Bennett, Leander W M 67 Pauper Maryland Maryland Maryland
Sokol, Louis W M 45 Pauper Austria Austria Austria
Smith, Edward W M 57 Pauper N.Y. N.Y. N.Y.
Polly, Rebecca W F 85 Pauper Ky Pa Pa
McCormack, Ida W F 70 Pauper Dont Know  
Reeves, Mary W F 50 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland
Irby, Nancy W F 46 Pauper Ohio Ohio VA
Smith, Polina W F 29 Pauper Illinois Dont Know
Wegan ?, Mary W F 61 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland
Caughlin, Mike W M 8 Pauper Iowa Ireland Ireland
Stockwell, Sarah W F 30 Pauper Ind. Dont Know
Day, Maria W F 32 Pauper Canada Canada Canada
Schneider, Geo W. W M 27 Pauper Iowa Dont Know
Evans, Maria W F 45 Pauper Ohio Ohio Ohio
Wolfe, Charlotte W F 76 Pauper England England England
Brein, Margaret W F 15 Pauper N.Y. N.Y. N.Y

Cooper, Henrietta

W F 35 Pauper Lamburg Lamburg Lamburg

Cooper, Amelia

W F 5 Pauper Ill. Lamburg Lamburg

Cahill, Owen

W M 56 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland

Pust (?), Anna

W F 3 Pauper ? Don't Know

Vanevey, J?

W M 54 Pauper Ohio N.J. N.J.

Withey, Wm.

W M 40 Pauper ? ? ?

McCabe, Tom

W M 60 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland

Edmundson, Arthur

W M 2 Pauper Don't Know  

Edmundson, Nette

W F 40 Pauper Don't Know  

Jordan, Anthony

W M 40 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland

Breedlove, Lafe

W M 10 Pauper Iowa    

McCracken, John

W M 35 Pauper Ireland Ireland Ireland

Iowa Insane Asylum, Polk County, Iowa

John McLean, Steward

Joseph McLean, Asst. Steward

Lida Richards, Asst. Matron    

Mary Bartroff, Servant

(1.) Name (2.) Race (3.) Sex (4.) Age (5.) Description (6.) Birthplace

 (7.) Birthplace of Father (8.) Birthplace of Mother

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Mackly, Frederica

W F 45   Don't Know  

Sampson, Letitia

W F 28   Indiana Don't Know

Cartright, Rebecca

W F 35   Indiana    

Bedford, Angie

W F 50   Ill. Ohio Ohio

Cains ?, Anna

W F 40   Don't Know  

Knoblet, Anna

W F 45   England England England

Washburn, Anna

W F 60   Ohio Don't Know

Ruff, Catherine

W F 50   Don't Know  

Dunkel, Mary

W F 54   Pa Pa Pa

Patton, Ellen

W F 37   Ireland Ireland Ireland

Lyce, Jemima

B F 35   Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana

Caglin, Mary

W F 30   Ireland Ireland Ireland

Wilson, Nancy

W F 25   Iowa Don't Know

Gooden, Daniel

W M 22   Iowa Iowa Iowa

Heiss, Wilbran

W M 44   Germany Don't Know

Johnson, Charles

W M 40   Sweden Sweden Sweden

McCoy, C. J.

W M 38   Va Va. Va.

Clippore, Mike

W M 40   Ireland Ireland Ireland

Allan, Charles E.

W M 35   Pa. Pa. Pa.

Thode ?, Catharine

W F 55   Don't Know  

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