Polk County Veterans
Buried in
Iowa Veterans Cemetery (Dallas Co.)

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Located Van Meter Twp., Section 22, Dallas Co. View Map
GPS: 1.54532oN  93.95190oW

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SurnameFirst NameBirthDeathNotes
AbbasRaymond FSeptember 10, 1958July 23, 2016SP4 US Army
AbbottRussell E SrApril 15, 1905July 5, 1905A3C USAF Korea
AbeltinsJohn RJune 23, 1935March 5, 2012SGT USA Marine Corps
AbrahamsonLyle E19322020SGT USA Korea
AchesonDavid J19412019A1C USAF Vietnam
AchesonJudy A19422021nee Umphress; w/o David J (USAF)
AckelsonJohn E19242006CPL USA Korea
AckelsonLois J25 Mar 192731 Jan 2014w/o Roy E (US Navy)
AckelsonJohn E19242006CPL USA Korea
AckelsonRoy E21 Sep 192831 May 2021S1 US Navy WWII
AckerVere HMarch 24, 1932May 4, 2015PFC US Army Korea
AckerlyEugene RDecember 13, 1944February 14, 2009SSG US Army Vietnam
ActonThomas GJune 20, 1946November 26, 2020MSGT US Air Force Vietnam; AFCM & 2 OLC
AdamsJerry R19622016SP4 USA
AdamsonDavid W SrDecember 25, 1934June 19, 20171st LT US Army
AdamsonO EdwardAugust 24, 1918January 21, 20091st LT USAAF 1st LT USAF WWII Korea; DFC & 1 OLC; AM & 3 OLC
AddisonGeorge E19242019SGT USMC Korea
AdlerMary PMay 7, 1957October 27, 2011w/o Ralph B (US Army)
AdlerRalph BFebruary 9, 1953March 15, 2010PV1 US Army
AganCharles TNovember 12, 1924December 19, 2018S2 US Navy WWII
AganRoma GJune 16, 1928October 14, 2018nee Shawler; w/o Charles Thurman (US Navy)
AikenDixie RJanuary 18, 1931November 10, 2015nee Riley; w/o Frederick A (US Navy)
AikenFrederick ASeptember 26, 192719 Feb 2019 S2 US Navy WWII
AkersAlice A19242021nee Marousek; w/o Beebe L Jr (USN)
AlberElizabeth M19292019nee McDougal; w/o Charles A (USN)
AlbersGene A19332022RD2 USN Korea
AlbersSteven C19442016CPT USA Vietnam; Bronze Star; AM & 2OLC
AlbertMichael LSeptember 20, 1947July 25, 2022SP5 US Army Vietnam; Bronze Star, Air Medal, ARCOM
AlbrightWilliam FFebruary 25, 1928December 21, 2011CPL US Army Korea
AldrichMarilyn A19322021nee Mahedy; w/o Stewart M (USN)
AlexanderEllen JOctober 25, 1935August 28, 2022nee Garrett; w/o Gerald (US Army)
AlexanderGary JNovember 22, 1950February 9, 2013SGT US Air Force Vietnam
AlexanderL LouiseAugust 29, 1923November 29, 2020nee Ferree; w/o Delbert L (USAAF)
AlexanderRobert EOctober 16, 1921October 23, 2011CPL US Army WWII
AlinghGerald J19302021SGT USMC Korea
AllbeeLarry RMay 22, 1938September 4, 2011SN US Navy
AllenAnthony WJuly 25, 1951February 21, 2010SN US Navy Vietnam
AllenClifford L19462015SGT USAF Vietnam
AllenDavid WMay 21, 1933June 18, 2011CPL US Army Korea
AllenEdward V19322019PFC USA Korea
AllenM Craig19392020YN3 USN
AllenSandra I TOctober 2, 1945November 30, 2018nee Griggs; w/o Frank G Jr (US Army)
AllerHarold RJune 23, 1927May 28, 2012PFC US Army WWII
AllerJames ESeptember 9, 1934December 27, 2022PFC US Army
AllerKatherine AnnOctober 12, 1931May 5, 2019nee Kleber; w/o Harold R (US Army)
AllisonJames S JrJune 21, 1968January 29, 2015IT3 US Navy Persian Gulf
AllisonThelma DSeptember 9, 1937March 5, 2021nee Schmidt; w/o Howard E (US Army)
AllynJeffrey NApril 23, 1966March 18, 2012SRA US Air Force
AlthausDouglas JSeptember 18, 1953October 18, 2013SA US Navy Vietnam
AlthausShelly RJuly 22, 1953January 7, 1998nee Overton; w/o Douglas J (US Navy)
AltmanJoe D19302019PFC USA Korea
AmickRichard FJuly 22, 1927September 7, 2010S1 US Navy WWII
AmsdenDaniel K Sr19492015AB USAF
AmundsonChristopher JosephNovember 29, 1972February 8, 2020SSGT US Air Force Persian Gulf
AndersonAmelia MaeApril 19, 2021April 19, 2021d/o Christina & Andrew L (US Marine Corps)
AndersonCarol DJanuary 30, 1941January 4, 2021nee Schreckhise; w/o Richard (US Navy)
AllerJames ESeptember 9, 1934December 27, 2022PFC US Army
AndersenDennis WJanuary 29, 1943January 12, 2010A3C US Air Force Vietnam
AndersonAlan BruceOctober 24, 1946November 3, 2014SSGT US Air Force Vietnam
AndersonCarl ESeptember 19, 1925February 26, 2016SSGT USAF Y3 USN WWII Korea
AndersonDonald AFebruary 17, 1925December 25, 2016LCDR US Navy WWII
AndersonEarl LApril 5, 1926April 26, 2016S2 US Navy WWII
AndersonEloise MMarch 19, 1924July 19, 2015nee Anonsen; w/o Donald A (US Navy)
AndersonJames LJanuary 4, 1937July 30, 2016SP4 US Army Vietnam
AndersonKathleen EMay 2, 1952May 21, 2021nee Landwehr; w/o Daniel L (US Army)
AndersonKathryn INovember 19, 1923November 28, 2014nee Gustafson; w/o Lehman E (USAAF)
AndersonKevin RFebruary 27, 1950November 25, 2017PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam
AndersonLawrence AJune 19, 1922March 15, 2012RM1 US Coast Guard WWII
AndersonLehman EJanuary 23, 1918January 8, 2013M SGT USAAF WWII; Pearl Harbor Survivor
AndersonMargaret AJanuary 13, 1930December 10, 2021nee Mulstay; w/o Carl E (US Air Force)
AndersonMark RJanuary 1, 1955April 11, 2017SGT US Air Force
AndersonMaxine LMarch 14, 1935February 12, 2022nee Sturtz; w/o Laverne R (US Army)
AndersonRichard LMarch 15, 1941January 14, 2017ML1 US Navy Vietnam
AndersonRobert WJune 27, 1928April 23, 2013HM3 US Navy WWII
AndersonSusan BDecember 8, 1948May 23, 2009w/o LTC Bruce G (US Army)
AndersonVerl F19232002AS USN WWII
AndreasRicky D31 Mar 196007 Dec 2020PV1 US Army
AndreasenVelma LFebruary 11, 1940February 18, 2013nee McKinney; w/o Gerald R (US Army)
AndreskiArlen SFebruary 14, 1928February 13, 2014nee Crawford; w/o Harvey T (US Navy)
AndrewLarry LAugust 8, 1941September 30, 2015LCPL US Marine Corps
AndrusDavid ROctober 14, 1959October 29, 2016PV1 US Army
AngeloLeo W19272019SP2 USA Korea
AnglickThomas JAugust 19, 1945November 1, 2018SP4 US Army Vietnam; Purple Heart
AppledornDennis LNovember 14, 1946September 14, 2021SP4 US Army Vietnam
ArbsFranklin D19332020CPL USA Korea
ArbtinCarol MMay 13, 1928July 4, 2012nee Meek; w/o Emil Jr (US Army)
ArbtinEmil JrMarch 17, 1928May 13, 2011CPL US Army WWII
ArcherDonald E JrSeptember 3, 1956April 30, 2020SP4 US Army Vietnam
ArcherJohn LJuly 18, 1937July 30, 2018SP4 US Army
ArchibaldMichael CFebruary 17, 1941December 31, 2010COL USA Vietnam; BSM & 1 OLC; MSM; ARCOM & 1 OLC
AregesJames DJune 14, 1931March 10, 2015SGT US Army Korea
ArndtMaurice WFebruary 14, 1931September 24, 2017CPL US Marine Corps Korea
ArnettRita EApril 29, 1923February 7, 2014nee Wiederholt; w/o Roy (US Navy)
ArnettRoy GApril 3, 1925December 1, 2013Y3 US Navy WWII; Purple Heart
ArnoldRobert LOctober 17, 1933January 20, 2021SP4 US Army
AshRichard R19462017SP4 USA Vietnam
AshbyDouglas L Sr19512015SGT USAF Vietnam
AtchesonAlvin LOctober 27, 1941October 27, 2022SP4 US Army Vietnam
AtkinsLenettaOctober 22, 1934January 29, 2017nee Braddy; w/o Reginald (US Army)
AtkinsReginaldJune 8, 1933May 9, 2020CPL US Army Korea
AtkinsonRandy LJune 17, 1950January 8, 2022SA US Navy Vietnam
AultMyrtle C19322010w/o Earl C (USAF) of 58 yrs
AunkstHelen IDecember 24, 1927August 9, 2008nee McPhearson; CPL US Army Korea
AunanBernard GJune 13, 1927January 28, 2022CM3 US Navy WWII
AustinBeal FJune 13, 1928June 21, 2010FA US Navy
AustinDale W Sr19572021PV2 USA Vietnam
AustinLeota ASeptember 2, 1926May 9, 2014nee Carter; w/o Beal (US Navy)
AvittLeslie AAugust 2, 1954November 8, 2009SGT US Air Force Vietnam
AyalaAngeline C19252020nee Quijano; w/o Salvador A (USN)
AyalaSalvador A19222017COX USN WWII; USS Burns
AyresJames EMay 6, 1947June 18, 2013SGT US Marine Corps Vietnam; PH & GS; NAM W/V
BabberlMarvel JAugust 1, 1928October 15, 2012S2 US Navy WWII
BabcockCatherine ISeptember 9, 1937January 26, 2012nee Nelson; w/o Richard W (US Air Force)
BabcockJoyce AMarch 10, 1961August 15, 2015nee Wright; w/o Wilbert P (US Army)
BabcockPhillip BMay 20, 1925November 8, 2009CPL US Army WWII
BabcockWilbert P JrMay 12, 1954March 9, 2022SPC US Army
BabowitchDeborah K19552019nee Lundeen; SP4 USA Vietnam; w/o Pete
BachlerGerald Jerome19572018PFC USA
BaedkeJames D19502022SSGT USAF Vietnam
BagattiJames J10 Aug 192527 Jun 2019PHM3 US Navy WWII
BaileyAnthony BarrFebruary 17, 1922December 24, 2019SGT USAAF WWII
BaileyRandall EFebruary 25, 1956December 6, 2014AR US Navy
BaileyRaymond James19352023CPL USMC Korea
BaileyRoberta P19402018w/o Roger K (USA)
BaileyRoger K19292015CPL USA Korea
BairdJohn KApril 6, 1934October 3, 2014MSGT US Marine Corps Korea Vietnam; JSCM; f/o 5
BairdLester JMay 23, 1945October 3, 2009SP5 US Army Vietnam; ARCOM
BakerCarl DNovember 12, 1934December 22, 2016SN US Navy Korea
BakerCarl W19302023A2C USAF Korea
BakerDavid R19442019PFC USA Vietnam, Purple Heart
BakerDwight LSeptember 4, 1918October 17, 2009SSGT US Army WWII; BSM; Purple Heart
BakerMichael19542015PV2 USA Vietnam
BakerWillard K19292017MAJ USAF PFC USA WWII KO VN; DFC; AM & 5 OLC; AFCM & OLC
BakerinkJames ENovember 29, 1946November 23, 2020ADJ3 US Navy Vietnam
BakkeRicky HOctober 12, 1964October 18, 2015SGM USA Persian Gulf; MSM & 3 OLC; JSCM; ARCOM & 2 OLC; AAM & 2 OLC
BakkenElwood D19372012SGT USMC
BakkieKaren MFebruary 20, 1943May 30, 2011nee Peterson; w/o Robert M (US Army)
BakkieRobert MSeptember 27, 1928January 6, 2023CSM US Army; Legion of Merit, MSM & OLC, ARCOM
BalesBrian D19592010PFC USMC
BalesBrian GMay 6, 1956July 1, 2021PV1 US Army Vietnam
BalesDonald E19452012SGT USMC
BalesJordan TJune 2, 1982February 17, 2018SPC US Army Iraq; ARCOM, CAB
BalesTimi M19482020nee Rodgers; w/o Donald E (USMC)
BalkoJames W19192009S SGT AF WWII
BalkoMary Lee19252020nee Barsalou; w/o James W (USAAF)
BallEugene LJanuary 6, 1934February 16, 2014A1C US Air Force Korea
BallardIla JAugust 15, 1931April 11, 2012nee Wood; w/o Louis Laverne (USAAF)
BallardLouis LMarch 28, 1928July 3, 2009SGT USAAF WWII
BallentineMichael MJanuary 17, 1944March 14, 2014PFC US Army Vietnam
BaneJerry L19332016A1C USAF Korea
BanghartJack W19272022RM3 USCG WWII
BanghartJoann N19272020w/o Jack W (USCG)
BanwellNellie SSeptember 19, 1967July 20, 2016w/o Shane R (US Air Force)
BaraibarMalcolm ScottOctober 8, 1984March 1, 20161LT US Army Afghanistan; Bronze Star, MSM, ARCOM, AAM
BarbeeOrville LMay 7, 1932November 28, 2017SGT US Army Korea
BargerDiana L19492012nee Kirk; SA USN Vietnam; w/o Donald
BargerDonald L19452010BM1 USN Vietnam
BarillasMario GNovember 11, 1924March 10, 2012SGT USAAF WWII
BarlowDavid EJuly 27, 1953June 9, 2019SN US Navy Vietnam
BarlowRichelle KOctober 31, 1968February 11, 2010nee Thompson; w/o SGT Kenneth H (US Army)
BarnardMelvin J19472019PFC USA Vietnam
BarnesJeffry R19462019SP5 USA Vietnam
BarnesJoann H19332014w/o Lloyd V (USN)
BarnesLloyd V19302016HM3 USN Korea
BarnesNorman R19312017FA USN Korea
BarnettPaul L SrNovember 14, 1930September 6, 2013PVT US Army Korea
BarryWilliam CJune 30, 1946November 2, 2011SP5 US Army Vietnam; ARCOM
BartonJoseph E IIOctober 21, 1933June 19, 2021CPL US Marine Corps Korea
BatesDavid VMay 7, 1931January 12, 2012CPL US Army Korea
BatesMargueriteAugust 18, 1930November 27, 2012nee Deerling
BattaniEugene R19332014CPL USMC Korea
BattenJean MMarch 23, 1922November 14, 2015nee VanNausdle; w/o Joe D (US Marine Corps)
BattenJoe DApril 30, 1925February 20, 2006PFC US Marine Corps WWII
BattlesMyrna JanetteFebruary 24, 1939November 8, 2021nee Farver; w/o Robert J (US Army)
BattlesRobert JNovember 24, 1935July 19, 2006SP3 US Army Korea
BauerAndrew EJanuary 26, 1985August 12, 2016SGT US Army Iraq PG; ARCOM AAM
BauerMichael MMay 22, 1938September 30, 2020SP5 US Army
BauerSandra JOctober 12, 1939August 23, 2022nee Schroeder; w/o Michael M (US Army)
BaumJacqueline KAugust 1, 1932June 25, 2016SGT US Marine Corps Korea
BaumanDavid LMay 8, 1950October 5, 2019SP4 US Army Vietnam
BaumgartenEarl E JrFebruary 22, 1960January 4, 2014SP4 US Army
BaxendaleMargaret19492021w/o Michael R (USMC)
BaxendaleMichael R19502020CPL USMC Vietnam
BaysdenRoger L SrDecember 21, 1948July 15, 2014SGT US Army Vietnam; ARCOM
BealsGolda MJanuary 3, 1934December 25, 2014nee McConnell; w/o Bruce A (US Air Force)
BeatyClarence LAugust 5, 1922January 16, 2018TSGT US Air Force WWII Korea Vietnam
BeatyPatricia LJuly 1, 1928May 6, 2015nee Mendenhall; w/o Clarence (US Air Force)
BeckElmer ANovember 16, 1924September 17, 2011AERMI US Coast Guard WWII
BeckerRaymond CApril 8, 1905July 6, 1905TEC5 USA WWII
BeckleyDorothy HSeptember 26, 1925November 10, 2021nee Ackerman; w/o Russell (US Navy)
BeckwithRobert WJanuary 12, 1920October 4, 2014FLT O USAAF WWII
BeebeGeorge Franklin JrSeptember 30, 1939March 5, 2017PC2 US Navy Vietnam
BeermannMerle R19362017SP5 USA
BerleenClarence O19482020SP4 USA Vietnam; AM ARCOM
BiermannMildred LeaJune 19, 1931July 30, 2018nee Hensley; w/o William A (US Navy)
BiermannWilliam AOctober 17, 1930August 20, 2020EM2 US Navy Korea
BellDonald W19322012EN2 USN Korea
BellJerry EJanuary 9, 1936June 6, 2009HMCS US Navy Korea, Vietnam; NAM
BellMarie CMarch 20, 1926May 30, 2016nee Oswald; w/o Max J (US Navy)
BellMax JFebruary 19, 1926December 21, 2014WT3 US Navy WWII
BellPaul T19432017A1C USAF Vietnam
BellSharon L19422011nee Signs; w/o Paul T (USAF)
BendigRaymond H15 Aug 193623 Apr 2021A2C US Air Force
BendixenLance V19492011PFC USMC Vietnam
BengfortRichard JJuly 10, 1932March 9, 2022PFC US Army Korea
BengfortYvonne MNovember 29, 1938February 13, 2019nee Marcotte; w/o Richard J (US Army)
BenhamDenny JFebruary 7, 1952April 19, 2015PVT US Marine Corps
BenoitVictor Marc19462018SP5 USA Vietnam
BensonDonald D19282011CDR USN Korea
BentleyJerry LFebruary 5, 1947June 27, 2011PVT US Marine Corps Vietnam
BergJohn A19272009SC3 USN WWII
BergO Richard192320112nd LT USAAF WWII
BergoJordis S19392016nee Kro; w/o Alfred T (USN)
BerkleyMillard EJune 18, 1933June 26, 2012PFC US Army Korea
BernalLino GDecember 20, 1967January 18, 2014MSG USA Persian Gulf; MSM & OLC; ARCOM & 3 OLC; AAM & 3 OLC
BertrandJerry LDecember 27, 1959July 3, 2019AB US Air Force
BerryJimmy D19612022A1C USAF; AFAM
BerryPaul GOctober 27, 1948March 22, 2021LT US Navy Vietnam; Nurse Corps
BestR Steve19562017PV1 USA
BettertonJohnnie L19402020CPT USA
BettsGregory W19532020PNSA USN Vietnam
BevelHenry JMarch 9, 1934October 14, 2018SFC US Army Korea
BeverridgeGeorge R JrAugust 9, 1935May 22, 2015SP2 US Army Korea
BevisPeter SAugust 12, 1945August 13, 2020HM3 US Navy Vietnam
BeyerHerbert J19332010SGT USA Korea
BeyerPauline J19362010nee Marohn; w/o Herbert J (USA)
BiceR Lorrene19382020nee Sandeen; w/o Harry E (USA)
BickellAnne P13 Nov 193830 Mar 2020w/o James R (US Air Force)
BickellJames RJuly 31, 1936July 20, 20091st LT US Air Force Vietnam
BieggerMargaret AOctober 23, 1932July 2, 2020nee Leonhardt; w/o Joseph D (US Army)
BieggerWilliam JOctober 12, 1941November 7, 2022A2C US Air Force
BiggsRita KNovember 1, 1946May 26, 2022nee Harris; w/o Barry D (US Army)
BillingsAngela MNovember 7, 1963September 1, 2021nee Luna; w/o Michael E (US Army)
BillingsDoris AApril 4, 19052007nee Rohde; w/o Howard E (USAAF)
BillingsHoward EApril 4, 190520191st LT WWII, DFC, AM & 3 OLC
BillsGary EJuly 31, 1934June 18, 2013AB US Air Force Korea
BindelPaul EDecember 20, 1947May 2, 2015EO3 US Navy Vietnam
BingamanPhilip RDecember 5, 1947January 9, 2021RM2 US Navy Vietnam
BircherNeil W19532022A1C USAF Vietnam
BirdJames LNovember 20, 1933May 26, 2012SN US Navy Korea
BirkinbineWayne SApril 23, 1955September 18, 2018CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
BisherDona JJuly 2, 1932September 13, 2009nee Ansley; w/o CPL Leonard L (US Army)
BisherLeonard LMarch 23, 1930December 4, 2022CPL US Army Korea
BishopCarl L19412020CPL USMC
BishopWilliam NJanuary 23, 1947January 7, 2021FN US Navy Vietnam
BisomKenneth PMarch 17, 1930August 11, 2015SGT US Army Korea
BivansJacob R III19562019SPC USA; ARCOM
BlachleyW Paul Jr19372012SP4 USA Vietnam
BlackColleen RFebruary 26, 1931May 21, 2019nee Daniels; w/o Richard L (US Navy)
BlackJohn B19472011SP4 USA Vietnam; WARDZ K9
BlackRichard LJuly 17, 1925June 26, 2016HA2 US Navy WWII
BlackRuth E19262008nee Wilson; w/o Robert B (USA)
BlackburnJeanne MJuly 1, 1921August 20, 2018nee Morgan; w/o Robert R (USAAF)
BlackburnRobert RNovember 12, 1916December 11, 1998SGT USAAF WWII
BlackfordJerry L19442013A2C USAF Vietnam
BlackfordJohn S JrOctober 26, 1933August 11, 2008SSGT US Air Force Korea
BlacksmithRichard D195020091STSGT USMC Vietnam, Persian Gulf
BlackwellShirley A19352017nee Adams; w/o Phillip D (USN)
BladesRonald DAugust 2, 1945June 14, 2020PVT US Army
BlaessDarrell LAugust 2, 1937August 7, 2012SP4 US Army
BlakleyDarrilyn JJuly 26, 1934March 13, 2016nee Williams; w/o Jerry L (US Army)
BlakleyJerry LMay 30, 1947September 18, 2016SP4 US Army Vietnam
BlessumRaymond JJanuary 21, 1925October 15, 2021PFC US Army WWII; Bronze Star, Purple Heart
BlixtJohn Alan19512020SGT USA Vietnam
BlodgettJoel E19372021CPL USMC
BloemMarcella MJuly 30, 1938June 17, 2018nee Kix; w/o John R (US Navy)
BlubaughJeryle ESeptember 22, 1931April 26, 2020CPL US Army Korea
BlubaughJoann MJune 15, 1931March 27, 2015w/o Jeryle E (US Army)
BlueMerlyn JJune 25, 1933March 26, 2017PFC US Army Korea
BlueSandra SAugust 18, 1939July 22, 2013nee Kramer; w/o Merlyn J (US Army)
BlytheDonald W19472021PFC USA Vietnam; h/o Bonnie K Garner
BlytheJackie L19522015RMSN USN Vietnam
BoatwrightMary EOctober 11, 1938December 16, 2010nee Davis; w/o Walter R (US Army)
BoatwrightWalter RMarch 29, 1934July 14, 2014SGT US Army Korea
BoccellaH JJanuary 4, 1920September 1, 2013T SGT USAAF MAJ USA WWII KO VN; ARCOM: Pearl Harbor Survivor
BoccellaMary AOctober 14, 1927March 17, 2011nee Dooley; PFC US Army Korea
BockovenBruce EJune 18, 1949August 25, 2015PVT US Army
BoeckholtDonald EJuly 16, 1924July 8, 2012CPL US Army WWII
BoelmanLarry W19522022SRA USAF
BoersmaDale JFebruary 5, 1940February 19, 2019A1C US Air Force
BogardStephen GJuly 11, 1945August 30, 2010CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
BoggsE Aileen19182018nee Frazier; w/o R Mel (USAF)
BoggsR Mel19182009CAPT USA AF, CAPT USAF, WWII, Korea; DFC; AM & 3 OLC
BoggsRichard AJanuary 28, 1944August 28, 2021CMA3 US Navy Vietnam
BohemannFrederick A19472017SP5 USA Vietnam; ARCOM
BohnerNeil EJune 23, 1921September 4, 20201LT US Army WWII Korea
BohnerSara AOctober 23, 1922May 20, 2013nee Arthur; w/o Neil E (US Army)
BoitnottMonty JoeApril 23, 1921April 12, 2014CPL US Army TSGT US Air Force WWII Korea; BSM & OLC; Combat Infantry; B17 Tail Gunner
BolandCharlene AJanuary 21, 1948January 21, 2023nee Kleven; w/o John C (US Coast Guard)
BooRobert FJanuary 29, 1917August 2, 1943EM3 US Navy WWII; PH MIA
BookerJames A19282021TSGT USAF Korea Vietnam
BookerRaye AJanuary 25, 1953August 13, 2022SH3 US Navy Vietnam
BoothDavid M19532021SP4 USA
BoothroydRobert DJune 20, 1950April 17, 2015SP4 US Army Vietnam
BootsPaul H19402017SKC USN Vietnam
BorchardtJoseph DSeptember 19, 1978February 23, 20171st LT USAF Kosovo Iraq Afghanistan; AM & 2 OLC; AERAM & 2 OLC; AFCM
BorgenDavid G19352021CPT USA
BorlandBetty JMarch 3, 1931October 9, 2022w/o William L (US Navy)
BorlandWilliam LJune 21, 1927February 14, 2019S1 US Navy WWII
BornJon JMay 24, 1943May 22, 2013CW5 US Army Vietnam; MSM; ARCOM & 2 OLC; AAM & 1 OLC; PHD MIL Science
BorresonDavid LFebruary 13, 1942March 22, 2023SSGT US Air Force Vietnam
BorresonKay ANovember 13, 1941April 17, 2021nee Olson; w/o David L (US Air Force)
BorstJames LAugust 22, 1945October 5, 2014TSGT US Air Force; AFAM
BosiljevacCathlyne AJanuary 27, 1950March 17, 2012nee Sandvig; w/o Nicholas Jr (US Air Force)
BosovichMikeFebruary 4, 1919September 8, 2003PFC US Army WWII; POW 1943-1945, Hammerstein GE
BoughRichard LApril 21, 1905July 11, 1905A2C USAF
BougherBrandon LDecember 17, 1994April 21, 2020s/o Travis (MSG US Army) & Nancy
BougherThomas E19472010SP4 USA Vietnam
BowenDavid AJune 6, 1955September 29, 2008SGT US Army Vietnam; DMPD Lieutenant
BowersHerbert H SrDecember 19, 1929January 9, 2018TSGT US Air Force Korea Vietnam
BowlbyByron R19502021SP4 USA Vietnam; ARCOM
BowlesLarry L19422013A2C USAF Vietnam
BowmanGloria A19241977w/o James E (USA AF)
BowmanJames E19222014FLT O USAAF WWII
BoydDorothy JOctober 27, 1927March 5, 2018w/o Roy E (USCG)
BoydRoy ENovember 16, 1926November 6, 2020CRO USCG MM WWII
BoyumArnold EApril 5, 1905July 2, 1905CPL USA WWII
BoyumC BerniceApril 5, 1905July 7, 1905nee Larson; SK2 USN WWII ; w/o Arne
BracewellGary Lee19382017A1C USAF; h/o Marlis
BrackettDonald LSeptember 23, 1921October 21, 2009CPL US Army WWII, Purple Heart
BrackettMargaret AAugust 14, 1921November 8, 2010nee Cameron; w/o Donald L (US Army)
BraggErie FAugust 14, 1948June 19, 2015SP4 US Army Vietnam
BraggJames L19382008MSG USA
BrammerMary AnnNovember 11, 1938September 10, 2011nee Cartwright; w/o John F (US Army)
BrandowLarry EJanuary 12, 1947May 29, 2021LCPL USMC Vietnam; Purple Heart
BrandsfieldRobert JMay 19, 1950August 6, 2017SP4 US Army Vietnam; Purple Heart, Air Medal
BrandtLeroy H JrFebruary 22, 1944January 18, 2019TSGT US Air Force; AFCM, AFEM (Korea)
BraschDonald L19382016SGT USA
BraswellJames A III06 Oct 194507 Apr 2021SP5 US Army Vietnam; Bronze Star
BratcherDebra SMarch 19, 1956July 8, 2011nee Horton; PFC US Army Vietnam
BrazeltonJohn JApril 29, 1925October 31, 2104CM3 US Coast Guard WWII
BrazeltonRose MarieOctober 17, 1926December 8, 2010nee McGavran; w/o John J (US Coast Guard)
BreedenDarlene MAugust 23, 1924January 8, 2016nee Walsh; w/o Gary L (US Army)
BreenElizabeth MJuly 6, 1934March 22, 2005nee Young; w/o Francis W (US Navy)
BreenFrancis WMay 11, 1927July 27, 2009S1 US Navy WWII
BreeseArthur TSeptember 30, 1933May 23, 2018SN US Navy Korea
BreeseDavid LJuly 19, 1924November 11, 2015PFC US Army WWII
BreeseLorraine MMarch 11, 1922February 9, 2011w/o David L (US Army)
BretthauerTerry D19412020PFC USA Vietnam
BrewtonWilliam CDecember 28, 1926December 28, 2020CPL US Army Korea
BridgewaterEarl FMay 1, 1930June 11, 2022CPL US Army Korea
BriggsEdwin D19402019MSGT USMC Vietnam
BriggsMary C19392017nee Plummer; w/o Edwin D (USMC)
BrightCledith RDecember 18, 1937March 28, 2009FT2 US Navy
BrightDixie LFebruary 25, 1945January 4, 2022nee Parsons; w/o Cledith R (US Navy)
BrightJames H JrOctober 21, 1924January 10, 2014CPL US Marine Corps WWII
BrightKyle LJune 4, 1967February 16, 2019SN US Navy
BrillLinda Jo19462013nee Kreiss; w/o Wayne S (USN)
BrillWayne S19472021FN USN Vietnam
BringBetty G08 Feb 192723 Oct 2016w/o Thomas E (US Air Force)
BringLarry RSeptember 6, 1936July 18, 2012A2C US Air Force
BringleDonald KDecember 4, 1946January 6, 2016SGT US Army Vietnam
BringleKathy MOctober 7, 1949November 16, 2019nee Landgraf; w/o Donald K (US Army)
BristowClyde MJune 2, 1926July 28, 2017COX US Navy WWII
BrockmanDiane LJanuary 29, 1959May 7, 2020nee Green; w/o Furn O III
BrockmanDonald ANovember 30, 1950January 10, 2016SGT US Air Force Vietnam
BrodiePhyllis JApril 26, 1939February 22, 2014nee Leto; w/o John W (US Army)
BrodieStephen CMarch 28, 1947March 28, 2010SP4 US Army Vietnam
BrooksDebra KFebruary 5, 1954December 26, 2020nee Hawkins; w/o Julius (US Army)
BrooksMelvin EugeneNovember 7, 1927December 27, 2019PVT 2 CL US Army WWII Korea
BrookshireKatharina M19382020nee Kohler; w/o Richard L (USA)
BrookshireRichard L19372009SFC USA Vietnam
BroonerDavid EOctober 22, 1942September 11, 2015SP5 US Army Vietnam
BrownBenjamin F SrOctober 15, 1938October 7, 2016PVT US Army
BrownDaniel AMarch 10, 1927June 6, 2011PFC USA AF WWII
BrownDavid MSeptember 24, 1954May 20, 2015SP4 US Army Vietnam
BrownDonna LDecember 4, 1940August 8, 2011nee Burns; w/o Richard C
BrownEdward EDecember 5, 1925January 11, 2019ENS US Navy WWII
BrownEvelynJuly 23, 1935May 13, 2017nee White; w/o Howard (US Navy)
BrownFrances LDecember 14, 1939January 29, 2012w/o Stanley L Jr
BrownFrancis JOctober 29, 1946September 11, 2014PV1 US Army Vietnam
BrownHenry JrJune 22, 1927December 13, 2008A3C US Air Force Korea
BrownHowardJanuary 13, 1934July 30, 2013HM3 US Navy
BrownJane B19252017SSGT USAF SFC USA WWII Korea; ARCOM
BrownMarilyn LSeptember 24, 1938March 3, 2018nee Wurm; w/o Edward E (US Navy)
BrownMarvinOctober 20, 1927October 15, 2021CPL US Army Korea
BrownMary Kay19342022w/o Wendell E (USA)
BrownMichael D19462022SGT USA Vietnam; Purple Heart, ARCOM W/V & 2 OLC
BrownPeter J19702012SPC USA Afghanistan; ARCOM AAM
BrownPhilip MAugust 20, 1931May 8, 2014RMNSN US Navy Korea
BrownRichard L19452020PFC USA Vietnam
BrownRoy W Jr19422020PFC USA
BrownShirley AJanuary 23, 1936September 15, 2021nee Eubanks; w/o Marvin Sr. (US Army)
BrownTerry KMarch 19, 1958January 12, 2022CPL US Marine Corps
BrownellDonald G19322019CPL USA Korea
BruceBilly R Jr19512019SR USN Vietnam
BruchGuenter H19322017SGT USA
BruchIrene E19302021nee Mertke; w/o Guenter H (USA)
BruderClarence L19252017PFC USA WWII
BruderMarjorie H19282020nee Hoag; w/o Clarence L (USA)
BrundageWayne GSeptember 2, 1941June 24, 2022SGT US Army
BrunellTimothy L19582023PFC USA
BrunerWilliam CJuly 15, 1940October 3, 2017SP4 US Army
BryanJoshua T19792014SPC USA Afghanistan; ARCOM AAM
BryantDonald DAugust 28, 1925May 7, 2015SGT US Army Korea
BryantWilliam K Sr19502016SP5 USA Vietnam
BubanyEmery C JrMarch 2, 1933May 23, 2009ET3 US Navy Korea
BuckleyJoe WNovember 5, 1946January 27, 2022SGT US Marine Corps Vietnam
BuckleyJohn NOctober 29, 1926February 27, 2017EM3 US Navy WWII
BuckmanRamon D19262010PFC USAAF WWII
BuckmanSharonn K19362019nee Wagoner; w/o Ramon D (USAAF)
BudnikAnthonyDecember 11, 1939October 2, 2019SSGT US Air Force Vietnam
BuechlerPatricia E19282015nee Lund; w/o Raymond D (USA)
BuechlerRaymond D19281995CPL USA WWII; 1OSNE1
BuefordSequoiyah Jr19442021AB USAF
BuelowCharles FMarch 22, 1923January 25, 2015AMM3 US Navy WWII
BuelowPearl FJanuary 17, 1927November 16, 2010nee Jones; w/o Charles F (US Navy)
BuentingJohn J19452008A2C USAF Vietnam
BumbusWillie J Jr19282019PFC USA WWII
BundyHerbert E19322022A2C USAF Korea
BurdenKent WMay 3, 1957August 21, 2015SR US Navy
BurgerGerald EDecember 30, 1937June 18, 2012COL US Army Vietnam
BurkeCasey RNovember 17, 1949January 30, 2011PV1 US Army Vietnam
BurkeWilliam L19352020SP3 USA
BurkhardtDale R19602015SGT USAF Persian Gulf; AAM
BurkumGayle IJanuary 15, 1928April 14, 2009CPL US Army Korea
BurnettDonald WApril 30, 1905October 21, 1954LCPL USMC Vietnam
BurnettRaymond M19332023CMSGT USAF Korea
BurnetteFrank L II19402011CAPT USN Vietnam
BurnhamCourtland R Jr19212016S SGT USAAF WWII
BurnhamRuth Ann19252020nee Martin; w/o Courtland R Jr (USAAF)
BurnsJohnny CApril 25, 1930April 10, 2020CPL US Army Korea
BurnsPaul D19392013YN3 USN Vietnam
BurnsRichard E19492016SSG USA Vietnam
BurnsRick D19502021TMSA USN Vietnam
BurrJames G193920141LT USA
Burr-McKeeKaren M19352020w/o James G (USA)
BurragePatricia J14 Jul 194923 Jul 2021nee Weber; w/o Albert A (US Army)
BurtonFrank E13 Aug 192824 Jan 2021SSGT US Air Force Korea
BurtonShumaine KNovember 18, 1980July 10, 2022s/o Lovella M Neighbors & Larry Burton, step s/o Cammie Neighbors (US Navy)
BurzacottMarilyn J19392020nee James; w/o Jack L (USMC)
BuschCarl LSeptember 24, 1949June 22, 2012CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
BuschJoyce JJune 1, 1952December 4, 2021nee Fagen; w/o Carl L (US Marine Corps)
BushLeslie DMay 22, 1941October 22, 2017SP4 US Army
ButcherLandis LJune 6, 1928August 5, 2010PFC US Army Korea
ButlerKenneth RJune 12, 1925December 29, 2012TEC3, US Army WWII
ButterfieldSharon KAugust 22, 1945January 16, 2020nee Milford; w/o Darrel D (US Army)
ButtsWilliam L19542014CPL USMC Vietnam
ButtzMerle LDecember 11, 1958June 30, 2013LCPL US Marine Corps
BuxtonBarbara SueAugust 7, 1951July 19, 1957d/o TEC 4 Bernard F & Patricia; US Army
BuxtonMillie FMarch 24, 1935May 7, 2013nee Hammock; w/o Joseph A (US Army)
BuxtonBernard FJune 14, 1927February 9, 2012TEC 4 US Army WWII
ByrgeMarthaAugust 6, 1948March 10, 2022nee Freeman; w/o Cholatus E (US Navy)
ByrkettDavid A JrJanuary 2, 1948October 19, 2020LCPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
ByrkettCarolyn DOctober 2, 1950March 17, 2022nee Aswegan; w/o David A Jr (US Marine Corps)
CadwellGlen LAugust 21, 1925August 9, 2021ENS US Navy WWII, Naval Aviator
CadyAllon BMay 2, 1943December 24, 2014HMCS US Navy Vietnam; also served as a proud Marine Corpsman
CahailThomas EJanuary 14, 1965December 28, 2016AMS3 US Navy
CalhounLouis T JrNovember 27, 1947September 12, 2019PVT US Army Vietnam
CalisterDavid19232015PFC USA WWII
CallaghanWilliam JFebruary 1, 1947November 16, 2015SP5 US Army Vietnam; ARCOM
CamosSamuel SrJuly 7, 1933September 3, 2021PFC US Army
CampHarry H SrFebruary 27, 1921September 6, 2009TEC5 US Army WWII
CampJanice V19342021nee Voss; w/o Lawrence D Jr (USA)
CampJohn M19492019PVT USA Vietnam
CampLilla EliseMarch 23, 1918April 22, 2014PVT US Army WWII; nee Trezevant
CampbellCromwell BNovember 4, 1928July 26, 2022CAPT US Navy
CampbellDavid AJanuary 23, 1939October 9, 2013SFC US Army Vietnam; Bronze Star; MSM; ARCOM & OLC
CampbellDavid L19492021MAJ USA Vietnam; ARCOM, AAM & 2 OLC
CampbellJames A19322010FN USN Korea
CampbellL Corrine19342017nee Sloan; w/o James A (USN)
CampbellMaria ENovember 18, 1958December 10, 2021w/o Stuart W Jr (US Air Force)
CampbellMarySeptember 11, 1929July 26, 2021nee Gilbertson; w/o Cromwell B (US Navy)
CampbellRichard AApril 16, 1905July 6, 1905CPL USA Korea
CampbellStuart W JrJune 17, 1942December 17, 2018TSGT US Air Force Vietnam, Air Medal, AFCM & OLC
CampbellWilliam E IIIOctober 26, 1950September 2, 2022SGT US Marine Corps Vietnam
CamposDolores T19412018nee Renteria; w/o Victor Sr (USA)
CanfieldJerry BJuly 31, 1944February 27, 2011CS3 US Navy Vietnam
CannadySteven PJune 28, 1947August 18, 2015AB US Air Force
CannavoLeonard JrFebruary 9, 1946March 18, 2020MSG US Army Vietnam; ARCOM
CappsSheri K19502017nee Reynolds; w/o Earl (USA)
CarderEdward J SrMarch 19, 1957July 19, 2021FR US Navy
CardinesMarcusMarch 15, 1920November 21, 2010PFC US Army WWII
CardinesMarty LAugust 8, 1947October 27, 2017PVT US Army Vietnam; BSM W/V & OLC, Purple Heart
CardinesVivian HMarch 6, 1927January 10, 2011w/o Marcus (US Army)
CardwellCurt MMay 6, 1965January 7, 2021SP4 US Army
CareyFaye JMay 7, 1935October 8, 2021nee Spindler; w/o Edwin Tom Jr (US Marine Corps)
CareyRichard W19282022MSGT USA WWII Korea; SS BSM & OLC
CaricoLinda KApril 24, 1947March 10, 2023nee Rheuport; w/o Marvin W (US Army)
CarlinLarry J19522022AB USAF
CarlisleJaneene AApril 7, 1938May 8, 2022nee Miller; w/o Larry C (US Air Force)
CarlisleLarry CAugust 6, 1937November 18, 2014A1C US Air Force
CarlsenSteven R19512019SK2 USN Vietnam, Persian Gulf
CarlsonJames LMay 27, 1948September 26, 2013SP5 US Army Vietnam; ARCOM
CarlsonJohn L19382022A1C USAF Vietnam
CarperBetty J19262023nee Recher; w/o Robert G Jr (USMC)
CarperRobert G Jr19252013CPL USMC WWII
CarrCloteal MApril 4, 1954December 18, 2021nee Head; w/o Larry Sr (US Navy)
CarrDennis LJune 11, 1955January 1, 2011AMN US Air Force
CarrLarry SrMarch 1, 1953January 9, 2011AA US Navy Vietnam
CarrRobert N SrOctober 19, 1924May 27, 2009PFC US Army WWII; Bronze Star, Purple Heart
CarrollDaniel LJanuary 19, 1950December 31, 2018SP4 US Army Vietnam
CarrollThomas EAugust 4, 1942August 29, 2018LCPL US Marine Corps; 1st RECON BN
CarronJack CSeptember 20, 1924July 17, 2015PFC USAAF WWII
CarsonCraig E19512016PFC USMC Vietnam
CarterAaron B JrJuly 24, 1940July 7, 2011SP4 US Army Vietnam
CarterDarrell J19482022SP4 USA
CarterJames E SrNovember 21, 1943May 16, 2017PFC US Army Vietnam
CarterSteven LJuly 29, 1953August 14, 2016LCPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
CarverDale LApril 24, 1905July 14, 1905YN1 USN Vietnam
CasberCarmela EAugust 10, 1941October 17, 2019nee Leo; w/o Robert L (US Army)
CasberRobert LDecember 22, 1932February 25, 2021SGT US Army Korea
CaseGeorge N19482015SGT USAF Vietnam
CasonArmand RalphJuly 25, 1927September 2, 2019SGT USAF WWII
CaspersonDaniel LJanuary 14, 1946January 3, 20111LT US Army Vietnam
CastellanoLouis MSeptember 29, 1959June 6, 2018GYSGT US Marine Corps Persian Gulf; *N & MCCM & GS; ** & MCAM & GS
CasterineNellie MNovember 9, 1932August 10, 2019nee Breuklander; w/o Jack R (US Air Force); m/o Jackie & Fay
CastleberryJeanette MJanuary 5, 1971April 30, 2010nee Boelsen; w/o 1LT Douglas A (US Army)
CastroAngelo J19282016PFC USA WWII
CastroCatherine A19292018nee Brennan; w/o Angelo J (USA)
CaswellCurtis LJuly 8, 1962November 1, 2016PV2 US Army
CateronStephen MAugust 21, 1955January 21, 2011GYSGT US Marine Corps Vietnam PG; NCM
CaudillDorothy MMay 24, 1920December 12, 2012nee Swendsen; LTJG US Navy WWII
CaulkinsSteve KFebruary 27, 1959July 18, 2020PH3 US Navy
CerrettiRichard J19352015SGT USMC
CerrettiWillean J19412009P Harbor Baby; w/o Richard J (USMC)
ChaffeeJeanette BSeptember 21, 1920December 24, 2014nee Anderson; w/o Duane G (US Army)
ChaffinDavid RMay 25, 1955February 25, 20201LT US Army
ChambersDavid M19562022PFC USA
ChaneyStanley CDecember 11, 1928April 2, 2018MSG US Army Korea; BSM & OLC, PH & OLC, ARCOM
ChapmanWayne A19292015EN2 (SS) USN Korea; USS Caiman
ChartrandMark E19452021SA USN Vietnam
ChaseGretchen ANovember 8, 1933August 14, 2013nee Stoneburner; w/o John E (US Army)
ChaseJohn ESeptember 18, 1931October 18, 2010SGT US Army Korea
ChaseJohn LNovember 20, 1942March 25, 2022BMSN US  Navy
CheatomDonald A19592021PVT USA
CheevesLarry WJuly 7, 1931June 28, 2021CAPT US Air Force
CherryWilbur EDecember 15, 1939February 19, 2020PFC US Army
ChesneyMelburn H19222014PFC USMC WWII
ChiesaMary L19472018nee Schoonover; w/o Ronold J (USA)
ChildsSherrinell19562015nee Graven; w/o Glenn D (USAF)
ChiltonDavid LAugust 21, 1943October 15, 2022A2C US Air Force Vietnam
ChittendenMildred CNovember 18, 1928October 28, 2018nee Creelman; w/o Eldon F (US Navy)
ChopardHarry FAugust 26, 1930March 16, 2012AB US Air Force Korea
ChristensenDavid L19502022SP4 USA Vietnam
ChristensenMargaret K19482023nee Wild; w/o Darell L (USN)
ChristensenNeil AOctober 14, 1948June 13, 2013CS2 US Navy Vietnam
ChristensenRobert EAugust 17, 1951June 15, 2018SP4 US Army Vietnam
ChristophersonDavid DJuly 21, 1943November 25, 2021SOG3 US Navy Vietnam
ChrystalJoyce LMay 21, 1929March 9, 2008nee Wicks; w/o Alton B (US Navy)
ChumbleyRoger LApril 30, 1949March 4, 2022PFC US Army Vietnam
CierzanDyann R19332019nee Schneider; w/o Raymond A (USAF)
CierzanRaymond A19292021SSGT USAF Korea
ClarkCharles JerrySeptember 30, 1936February 28, 2015SP4 US Army
ClarkChristopher M19532021A1C USAF Vietnam
ClarkCraig D SrDecember 4, 1953April 26, 2022SA US Navy Vietnam
ClarkDeanna FJanuary 17, 1948May 3, 2017nee Dooley; w/o Terry L (US Army)
ClarkDonald B19272022TEC4 USA
ClarkDwight J SrJanuary 28, 1938October 4, 2015SSG US Army
ClarkHerman LNovember 15, 1927January 24, 2021SGT US Army Korea
ClarkJeffory AMay 3, 1969May 7, 2009SGT US Army; ARCOM & 1 OLC; AAM & 2 OLC
ClarkJeffrey SSeptember 13, 1963July 29, 2020SSG US Army
ClarkJohn D19512014SP5 USA Vietnam
ClarkJudith JSeptember 1, 1938May 3, 2020nee Thomas; w/o Dwight J Sr (US Army)
ClarkMariann LJanuary 23, 1929March 15, 2022nee Seim; w/o Robert H Jr (US Army)
ClarkMichael L19602021CAPT USAF Persian Gulf; MSM, AFCM & 3 OLC
ClarkShirley MJanuary 13, 1935August 3, 2017nee Cousins; w/o Hilster G (US Army)
ClarkTodd BJune 12, 1960November 21, 2016LCPL US Marine Corps
ClarksonCharles CMarch 31, 1937August 13, 2014SSG US Army Persian Gulf
ClasonRoger L19372022SP4 USA
ClausenCarl DMarch 8, 1950July 30, 2021PVT US Marine Corps Vietnam
ClaussenAlbert J19222021PFC USAAF WWII
ClaussenFrank JamesDecember 16, 1947January 12, 2016SP4 US Army Vietnam
ClayJames AMarch 23, 1931September 30, 2017PVT US Army Korea, BSM
ClayKathryn LSeptember 25, 1932September 12, 2011w/o James A (US Army)
CleghornColleen R19612015nee Moreland; w/o Clark D (USA)
ClergyPaul HNovember 12, 1942November 12, 2022WO1 US Army Vietnam, Purple Heart
ClerkinHelen L19202014nee Boldon; w/o Leonard (USMC)
ClerkinLeonard19212008CPL USMC WWII
CliftJames LA ALMay 25, 1934December 20, 2019SP4 US Army
CliftonBetty A19302021nee Hawley; w/o Douglas L (USAF)
ClineM CharleneSeptember 23, 1951May 7, 2020nee Calder; w/o William O (US Marine Corps)
ClineWilliam OFebruary 13, 1950September 16, 2021CPL USMC Vietnam, Purple Heart
CoadyJames PJune 26, 1952January 3, 2011FR US Navy Vietnam
CoadyVicki CAugust 30, 1948March 26, 2015nee Boudon; w/o James P (US Navy)
CochranDarrell B19262022PFC USA WWII; BSM
CochranGene WApril 30, 1943December 20, 2010SP4 US Army Vietnam
CocksDouglas LFebruary 10, 1942September 27, 2017CAPT US Air Force Vietnam
CoffeySylvia AMarch 30, 1945June 14, 2021w/o George L Elliott (US Air Force)
ColdironBarbara JApril 16, 1937February 6, 2019nee Barton; w/o Robert M (US Marine Corps)
ColdironRobert MJune 16, 1938September 7, 2014CPL US Marine Corps
ColeClaire GApril 27, 1928November 20, 2020nee Anderson; w/o Richard Jr (US Navy)
ColeEldon RMay 25, 1945October 13, 2022SP6 US Army Vietnam
ColeIrene HFebruary 20, 1930September 25, 2013nee Korfe; w/o Eldon F (US Army)
ColeLee E19572017SP4 USA Vietnam
ColeMarc AOctober 2, 1955February 25, 2022SP4 US Army Vietnam
ColeRichard JrMarch 16, 1925January 19, 2010ENS US Navy WWII
ColeTerri AAugust 13, 1952May 19, 2009PVT US Army
ColemanDanny DMarch 11, 1949December 12, 2016SP4 US Army Vietnam
CollettJudith AFebruary 10, 1937January 12, 2014CPL US Marine Corps
CollinsGerald DOctober 21, 1931December 16, 2009MM3 US Navy Korea
CollinsJulia MFebruary 15, 1920May 21, 2015nee Hall; w/o Marvin L (US Navy)
CollinsMarvin LDecember 14, 1912October 14, 1980SP2 US Navy WWII
CollinsRonald GNovember 23, 1954October 11, 2014YN2 US Navy
ColosimoDominic SMarch 9, 1932January 11, 2019SN US Navy Korea
ColtonCarolyn S19432017nee Cheers; SP5 USA Vietnam
CombsRichard L19472011SP4 USA Vietnam; BSM, ARCOM W/V
ComstockGary ADecember 2, 1968February 23, 2018SFC US Army Iraq Afghanistan; ARCOM & OLC, AAM & 2 OLC
CondonJoyce AJune 13, 1945November 16, 2021nee Wormer; w/o Robert G Jr (US Navy)
CondonRobert G JrOctober 25, 1945February 8, 2013AO1 US Navy Vietnam; Air Medal
ConeLeRoy B Sr19392017EN3 USN Vietnam
ConklinRobert J19322018A1C USAF Korea
ConleyGerald LJune 25, 1931December 17, 2020TE1 US Navy Korea
ConnRobert EAugust 29, 195503 Oct 2016CPL US Army Vietnam
ConnWilliam DFebruary 19, 1943July 10, 2013A1C US Air Force Vietnam
ConnerEdward AFebruary 8, 1957December 4, 2008SP4 US Army Vietnam
ConnerEdward EOctober 7, 1932October 9, 2008AA US Navy, PFC US Marine Corps, Korea
ConnerHarriet JoyFebruary 2, 1937March 2, 2016nee Fisher; w/o Edward E (US Marine Corps)
ConnorsJohn H19222009AS USCG MM WWII
ConnorsMarge I19262017nee Leonard; w/o John H (USCG)
ConwayJohn B19262008TEC 5 USA WWII
CookDonald C Jr19472019YN3 USN Vietnam
CookGordon WApril 1, 1928June 18, 2014S1 US Navy WWII
CookLester B19222020MSGT USA WWII Korea; SS & OLC, SM, PH; Darby's Ranger, Paratrooper, Grn Beret
CookMildredJuly 4, 1919July 7, 2013nee Fenton; w/o Gordon W (US Navy)
CookRileyMarch 11, 1939November 4, 2009LCPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
CookWilliam E JrNovember 27, 1946October 3, 2013A2C US Air Force Vietnam
CooleyFrank PJuly 6, 1945December 1, 2018SP4 US Army Vietnam
CooperBeryl C19282001nee Carlson; w/o Hugh E Jr (USAAF)
CooperBrian S19502015DC3 USN Vietnam
CooperClarence DJanuary 3, 1932April 3, 2012BMSN US Navy Korea
CooperHugh E Jr192520192nd LT USAAF WWII
CooperKenneth R04 Jun 195124 Aug 2021SP4 US Army Vietnam; Bronze Star, Air Medal, ARCOM
CooperLarry AJanuary 22, 1943January 3, 2021SFC US Army Vietnam
CooperPhyllis JNovember 4, 1933November 20, 2020nee Beeson; w/o Clarence D (US Navy)
CooperRobert JSeptember 19, 1958April 5, 2010EM3 US Navy
CopeJerry LJune 29, 1939October 21, 2019A1C US Air Force Vietnam
CopeMarilyn LJuly 7, 1946September 28, 2019w/o Jerry L (US Air Force)
CopelandRobert DMay 19, 1931December 13, 2014TSGT USAF AK3 USN Korea Vietnam; AFCM
CopicRobert LJune 4, 1942November 27, 2020SGT US Marine Corps Vietnam
CoppickRonald D JrJanuary 10, 1960December 28, 2015CPL US Marine Corps
CorlisTravis J WJuly 6, 1988January 27, 2021IC3 US Navy Persian Gulf
CornettJohn BOctober 9, 1927April 9, 2018TEC 4 US Army WWII
CornwellHarriett M19302020nee Little; w/o Jay D (USA)
CornwellJay D19221990S SGT USA WWII
CornwellThomas E20 Sep 193213 Jul 2019PFC US Army Korea
CorriganJames F19422018SK3 USN
CorriveauRoger L Jr19552019PFC USMC
CortezMichael JJune 23, 1961November 10, 2016SP4 US Army
CosgroveMaurice WJanuary 12, 1917March 19, 2007TEC 4 US Army WWII
CoslerFred L19482016SFC USA EN3 USN Vietnam
CosnerEugene W SrMay 16, 1940January 17, 2020AO3 US Navy
CottonCharles F19332009CPL USA Korea
CoulsonJames W19472017SP4 USA Vietnam
CoulsonRose MOctober 16, 1933April 1, 2022nee Frederick; w/o William A (US Army)
CoulsonWilliam A28 Nov 192921 Jun 2021SFC US Army Korea
CountrymanJoyce AJuly 20, 1958October 12, 2016nee Kline; w/o Roger E (US Army)
CourtneyKeith A19352016PFC USMC
CourtneyRodney E Jr10 Dec 194502 Oct 2020TM2 US Navy SFC US Army Vietnam Persian Gulf; MSM
CourtneyRonald R23 Nov 194928 Nov 2021CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
CoutureStephen HOctober 10, 1949May 24, 2010SFC US Army Vietnam; ARCOM & 1 OLC; AAM
CowdenD CharleneOctober 11, 1932August 19, 2014nee La Plant; w/o James L (US Air Force)
CowdenJames LOctober 14, 1930June 15, 2018A2C US Air Force Korea
CowlingMarion DAugust 8, 1946April 13, 2018SP5 US Army; md 06 Mar 1971
CoxBette Jo19512014SRA USAF; d/o SSGT Roger Ray USAF & Martha Ann Cox
CoxHoward M19222012T SGT USA AF WWII
CoxJack L16 Jul 193629 Sep 2021TSGT US Air Force Vietnam
CoxKathryn A19432019nee Downey; w/o James L (USAF)
CoxNorman RDecember 18, 1925February 24, 2013S2 US Navy WWII
CoxPhyllis MSeptember 24, 1930August 1, 2020nee Harden; w/o William B (US Air Force)
CoxSidney WJuly 19, 1921February 26, 2018S SGT US Army WWII
CoxWeldon EMay 24, 1932August 9, 2011CPL US Marine Corps Korea
CoxWilliam BNovember 19, 1931December 20, 2015MSGT US Air Force Korea Vietnam
CoyneGisela EFebruary 16, 1936February 28, 2011w/o Harold E Jr (USAAF)
CraddockRobert SJuly 15, 1947June 26, 2018SP4 US Army PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam
CraftCurtis RJanuary 2, 1950September 14, 2016SP4 US Army Vietnam; ARCOM & OLC
CraigGary PJanuary 6, 1950January 11, 2021SFC US Army Vietnam Persian Gulf; MSM, ARCOM & OLC, AAM & OLC
CraigJerry DJanuary 5, 1951February 9, 2021SP4 US Army Vietnam
CraigSandy LJuly 2, 1956January 2, 2020nee Truss; w/o Jerry D (US Army)
CraigSteven L19472020SK2 USN Vietnam
CraigWalter DFebruary 5, 1944October 10, 2019SP5 US Army Vietnam
CramerDaniel EFebruary 17, 1950July 15, 2018FN US Navy Vietnam
CramerJudith M19412022nee Young; w/o Charles L (USN)
CramerKathren LFebruary 1, 1940June 23, 2021nee Ward; w/o Daniel E (US Navy)
CrawfordDennis H19412011A1C USAF Vietnam
CrawfordRuth VJanuary 1, 1924June 10, 2011Y2 US Navy WWII
CregeenMargaret L19332012w/o Robert O; nee McNeil
CrewChristine ADecember 25, 1946October 7, 2011nee Girmsheid; w/o Larry F (US Army)
CritchlowMichelle R19612008SP4 USA
CroninConnie JApril 3, 1950August 15, 2021nee Pettit; w/o Jerry L (US Navy)
CroninJerry LOctober 14, 1947January 1, 2019SW2 US Navy Vietnam
CronkMargaret EJune 4, 1936February 7, 2013nee Porter; w/o WF, Jr (US Marine Corps)
CronkW F JrOctober 14, 1935November 5, 2019SGT US Marine Corps Korea
CrookBill19462022AN USN Vietnam
CrooksGerald B19432018PFC USMC
CrossDarrell R19452019SP5 USA Vietnam
CrouseRonald E19402023SP5 USA Vietnam
CroweJoni LJuly 26, 1956November 6, 2015w/o Samuel F Jr (US Navy)
CroweRay W SrNovember 21, 1959January 16, 2023PV1 US Army; AAM
CroweSamuel F JrJuly 20, 1955January 28, 2015FA US Navy Vietnam
CroweSusan LJuly 15, 1956March 26, 2021nee Yenzer; w/o Ray W (US Army)
CummingsJanetAugust 22, 1929March 18, 2019nee Berkey; CPL US Army Korea
CummingsNorwin H19372018ADJ3 USN
CunninghamDewitt J JrFebruary 1, 1927March 22, 2012MM3 US Navy WWII
CunninghamDonald WDecember 31, 1932April 23, 2012CPL US Marine Corps Korea
CunninghamEdward HJanuary 5, 1923June 11, 2016SSGT US Army WWII
CunninghamHenry EAugust 12, 1925August 13, 2014OMS3 US Navy WWII Korea; h/o June
CunninghamJuneJune 15, 1919November 29, 2006SKVa US Navy WWII; nee Sewell; w/o Henry E (US Navy)
CunninghamMary LindaSeptember 23, 1944January 2, 2023nee Maldonado; w/o Edward H (US Army)
CurryRichard EMay 8, 1955February 5, 2017SSG US Army; ARCOM & OLC, AAM
CustardDale DNovember 16, 1953August 28, 2019FA US Navy Vietnam
CutlerDaniel CJanuary 16, 1951November 16, 2012SP5 US Army Vietnam; ARCOM
CutterAnnette B19592020nee Marshall; w/o Homer L (USA)
CyrGeorge E19612016AMS3 USN

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